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An Index of Authors in “Autography”

This list includes all of the authors treated in Poe's "Autography" series, comprised of the following installments:
  • "Autography" (Southern Literary Messenger, February and August 1836)
  • "A Chapter on Autography" (Graham's Magazine, November and December 1841)
  • "An Appendix of Autographs" (Graham's Magazine, January 1842)

Authors in "Autography"

The authors are listed alphabetically by last name.

  • Esling, Miss (see Waterman, C. H.)
  • Forrester, Frank (see Herbert, W. H.)
  • Landor, William (see Wallace, H. B.)


Many of these names, although unfamiliar to modern readers, would have been recognized by Poe's contemporaries from contributions to various periodicals of the day. A good number of these authors are documented in the extremely useful Dictionary of Literary Biography, and are so noted with a comment of DLB.

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