Text: Burton R. Pollin, “The Broadway Journal: Index to Notes (A-L),” The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. IV: Broadway Journal (Annotations) (1986), pp. 266-279 (This material is protected by copyright)



The following index items refer solely to the text, by Poe, in the First Part of this section of his Collected Writings, that is, volume 3, and not to any of the material in the Annotations (volume 4). The following letter-symbols are attached to the page-numbers to indicate the nature and scope of the material being indexed, as follows:

a: an article, no matter how short, on the subject

c: a comment, usually one sentence or shorter

m: a mere mention by Poe of the subject indexed

p: a passage, often of a few sentences, on the subject

r: a review, often very brief, of the book

q: a quoted remark or article on the subject

s: a magazine survey by Poe, in a BJ column, usually summarizing the articles in an issue of a given magazine

Combinations are possible, such as “47q+c” or a quotation from an author plus a comment by Poe on him; “344pq” or a quoted passage on p. 344; “268rp” or a review of passage-length. Occasionally the line pertaining to an entry is added after a slash, to aid quick finding, as “Ide: 341/58c.” Authors are given in parentheses after the book title and also alphabetically. Occasionally, Poe’s error in a name is corrected via a cross reference (see Pinckney).

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A.M.J. (for A.M.I.): see Ide

Abercrombie, John: 214rc

aborigines: American Indians, 56m

“Achilles’ Wrath” (Poe): 96-98a

Acton, Eliza: Modern Cookery in all its branches, 242rc

actor: as elocutionist, 105p; as respectable and useful, 176p

actors: in Fashion listed, 68p; as elocutionists, 105p

Adam: 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 81m

Addison, Joseph: 19m

Adee, Daniel: 334p

Adler, J. G. (German instruction book): 280-81r

Adventures of a Guinea (Ch. Johnstone): 352c

aeronaut in Wales: 227c

Aeschylus: 3m, 6qm, 89m

(The) Age of Elizabeth: by Wm. Howitt, 157r; by Wm. Hazlitt, 173-75r

Agnes Serle (Pickering): 248r

Ainsworth, Wm. H: 20m

Akerly, J.: 352r

“Al Aaraaf” (Poe): 125q, 300m

Albany Evening Journal: 219cq

Albany Female Academy: 80m

Albion (NY weekly): 119-21q+c

Aldrich, James: his plagiarism, 28c, 29q, 30c, 31m, 32m, 40c, 41c, 46-48m, 50m, 51q, 52-53p, 73-74c

Alfieri: 295rp

Alice Ray (Hale): 291m, 292-94r

Allegania: as new name for America, 80; see also “Appalachia,” 242p

Alleghania: see Allegania; also Appalachia, 80, 242c

allegory: to be kept hidden, 165c

Allen, Paul: 31m, 45m

Allison, Archibald: 92m, 168m

Alpers, W.: his funeral, 112p

(The) Alps and the Rhine (Headley): 300c, 325c, 351r

Alroy (Holcroft): 142m

Alsopps: brewers of ale, 112p

(The) Ambuscade (Whitney): 333rc

America: see United States of America; also Allegania

America and the American People (Raumer): 317-19r

American Art-Union: 24c, 107m

American Facts (Putnam): 107r

“American Humor” (W. Jones): 250-51a

“American Poetry” (Poe): 360c

“American Prose Writers”: no. 2 on Willis, 16-18a

American Review (“Whig Magazine”): 2m, 23m, 31m, 46m, 87-88s, 146s, 168-69s, 170-71q, 211c, 217m, 220m, 251s, 304r

“American series” (published by Wiley & Putnam): 92m

Americanism (Mathews): 321cq

A.M.I.: see Ide

Anacharsis (for Travels of ——— by Barthélemy): 128m, 133c

Anastasis (Bush, G.): 44c

anastatic printing: 24m, 83-86a, 107/70m, 135-36aq

Anaxagoras: 133m

(“The) Ancient Mariner” (Coleridge): 31q, 46-47q, 113m

André (see notes): 33m

Anne, Queen: 27m

Anthon, Chas.: his Dictionary, 81r; Grammar, 83rp; Iliad, 110r; System of Latin Versification, 157c, 167-68rc

Anthon, Charles Edward: Pilgrimage to Treves, 155-56r

Antigone (Sophocles): 89-91r, 96-97p

Apalachia: see Appalachia

Appalachia: new name for America, 55-56aq; also see “Allegania”

“Appleton’s Historical Library”: 92m

Arago, François: 198c

Archer, Wm.: 87m

architecture: 43c

Aristidean (T. D. English, ed.): 69c, 108s, 220c, 270-71s, 272m, 304s, 322-23s, 359-60s

Aristotle: 4m, 8q

Arnold, Thomas: 92m, 231r, 261r, 334rc

Arrilla, Mr.: 235m

art: in connection with drama, 77-78, 90c; Hunt’s critical principles 99-101a; Hazlitt’s essays, 101c; old English muse, 113-14c

“Art-Singing and Heart-Singing” (W. Whitman): 315c

Arthur, T. S.: 105m, 209c, 220c, 247m

Arthur’s Magazine: 234c, 296s

(The) Artist, the Merchant and the Statesman (Lester): 287c+q, 301r, 308-10r, 333r

Art-Union: 24c

“Aspirations” (Osgood): 330-31q+c

“Astarte” (Hirst’s sonnet): 167c+q

asterisk: Poe objects to anonymous newspaper columns, 283-84a

Astor House (hotel): 27m, 96c, 97m

(The) Author’s Daughter (Howitt): 302rc

“Autumn” (Longfellow): 64q

Autun, Bishop of: see Talleyrand

Aylmere (Conrad’s play): 195c

Bacon, Francis (Lord Verulam): 14q, 84q, 100m, 101q, 149m, 154c, 257c, 271c

Bailey, P. J. (Festus): 225m, 240-41r, 327rm

Baldwin, Governor R. S.: 239c

Balzac, J. L. Guez de: 6cq

Baretti, Guiseppe: 205c

Barnard, D. D.: 282m

Barrett, E. B.: 1-15r, 88c (in SLM), 117p (in SLM), 126m (in SLM), 168mq, 274m, 307m, 358m

Barritt, Charles L: 43c

Barry, Littleton and Edgar A. Poe (sic): 276/26m

Barry, Mr. and Mrs: in Fashion, 68-69c, 78c

Barthélemi (for Barth´elemy): 128m, 133-34c

Bayley, Haynes (for Bayly): 32cq

Beattie, James: 307m

beauty: its nature, 17c, 84c; in poetry, 99c

Beecher, Catherine: 231rc

Beersheba: 2m

Bell, John: 299m

“Ben Bolt” (English): 272-73q, 291c

Benjamin, Park: review of “Infatuation,” 36-37r

Benné, Victor G.: 92m

Bentley’s Miscellany (Br. periodical): 237c

Berlin: theatrical production, 89c

(The) Betrothed (Manzoni): 291m, 294r

Bhagvat Geeta (sic): 251m

Bible: 41m, 43rc; see also Devotional Family Bible or Martin’s Illustrated . . . and Harper’s Illuminated . . .

Bibliotheca Americana, No. l (Denton, reprint by Gowans): 249r

Big Abel and The Little Manhattan (Mathews): 238c, 257-58r, 285-86r

(The) Big Bear of Arkansas (Porter): 127-28rp

Bigelow, Dr. Henry J.: 144rc

Biographia Americana (Griswold): 118m

Bird, Robert, M.: 237c

“Bird of the Dream” (?): 31pq

birds: Fauvel-Gouraud, 111pq

Bisco, J.: 24m, 54m, 160cq

Blackwell, Miss (song lyrist): 353c

Blackwood’s Magazine: 6-9q, 12m, 70-71s, 108m, 111s, 134m, 191c, 213m, 233s, 269s, 274m, 296c, 359s

Blake, Alexander V.: 98-99r

Blanchard, Samuel Laman: 92-93p, 109c

(The) Blind Girl (Embury): 157rp

Blitz, Signor: 41m

(“The) Boatman’s Revenge”: 26c

Bodmer, G. (?), artist: 210m

Bolles, Wm. (Dictionary): 144p, 145m, 148-49r, 244p

(“The) Bonnie George Campbell” (Motherwell): 62c

(The) Book of Christmas (Hervey): 300m

Book of Common Prayer: 73rc, 92m

(The) Book of Gems (ed., Hall): 112-15r

(The) Book of the Army (Frost): 72-73rc

(The) Book of the Navy (Frost): 73m

(The) Bosom Friend (Grey, E. C.): 248rc

Boston, Poe’s views of: 297-99a, 312-15a+aq

Boston Notion (periodical): 237c

Boston Post: 105pq, 356-57aq

Boston Courier: 357aq

Bourcicault, Dion: 68c

Bourne, Wm.: 128rc

Bowles, Caroline: 300m

Boyle: 149m

Brain, J.: 43c

Brawner, Miss: 105m

(The) Breach of Promise: 191rc

Bremer, Frederica: 191rc, 197c, 238c, 255c

Brewster, Sir David: 319c

Bride of Lammermoor (Walter Scott): as a drama, 183p; see Mrs. Mowatt’s performances

“Bridge of Sighs” (Hood): 201c, 223p, 226c, 246q

Bridges: actor in Fashion, 68m

Briggs, Charles F. (Harry Franco): 29c, 211c, 250c

Bristed, Charles: 134c

(The) Britannia: 24m

British Critic: 195aq, 196m, 299m

Britton, John: 238c

(The) Broken Vow (Edmund): 277-78r

Brook-Farm movement: 336p

Brooks, Maria: 328m, 340aq+p, 357aq

Brooks, Nathan C.: 233rc, 268-69r

Brougham, Henry P.: 92m, 105m, 145-46rc, 351m

Brown, Charles Brockden: 206m

Brown University: 238p

Browne, Miss: 105m

Bryant, Wm. Cullen: 28m, 31m, 45m, 64q+c, 166m, 211c, 219c, 232m, 236m, 274m, 350m

Bubbles from the Brunnen of Nassau (Head): 267-68r

Buckingham, James Silk: 3m

Buckingham, Joseph: 225p

Bulwer, Sir Edward: 18-21r, 35c, 77m, 125c, 133c, 177m, 209m, 241q, 243m, 252-53q, 275c

Burdett, Charles: 261r, 352r

Burke, Edmund: 325c

Burney, Fanny: 19m

Burns, Robert: 239-40p

Burton, Wm. E.: 235m

Bush, George: 44m, 296c

Bushness, Wm. H.: 253q

(The) Bustle: 144-45rc

Butler, Caroline: 104m, 105m, 118m

Butler, Samuel (Hudibras): 37m

Buttman (for Buttmann): 110m

Byron, Lord Gordon: 187m, 189q, 198q, 325q, 334m, 351c

Calculus of Probabilities: 52c

Calhoun, John C.: 305c

Cambridge Observatory: 227c

“Cameos” (Hewitt): 289-90q

Campbell, Thomas (the poet): 119c, 182m, 196pq, 227m, 307m

Carey & Hart: 92m

Carlyle, Thomas: 92m, 197m, 306m, 346c, 358-59r

Carol, Kate (pseud. of Frances Osgood): 69m, 75q, 105m; see also Frances Osgood

(“The) Carolinas during the Revolution”: 88m

“Carry Carlisle” (Osgood): 26c

Carey, Henry: 92m, 290-91r

Cass, General: 89m

Casserly, P. S.: 301r

Castlereagh, Lord: 120pq

Catlin, George: 88m

Ceba, Ansaldo (Citizen of a Republic): 258-59r

Cecil (Gore): 150c

Cellini, Benvenuto: 294r, 303c, 310c

(The) Challenge of Barletta (D’Azeglio): 205-206r

Chambersburg Times (of Penn.): on “Lenore”: 247a

Chamisso, A. Von: Peter Schlemihl: 278m

Champollion, J. F.: 333m

(A) Chance Medley of Light Matter (Grattan): 215c

Chances and Changes (Burdett): 352rp

Chandler: 118m

Channing, William E.: 36c

Chapman, John Gadsby: 296m, 349/21m

(The) Characters of Shakespeare (Hazlitt): 212r

Charleston Mercury: 152aq

(A) Chaunt of Life (Hoyt): 179-82r

Cheever, George B.: 282m, 310a, 359rc

(The) Chemistry of Animal and Vegetable Physiology (Mulder): 83rm

Cheops, King: 27m

Child, David L.: 71rc

Child, Lydia (Philothea): 31m, 54m, 128-36r, 214m, 255c

“Child of the Islands” (Norton): 168m, 215m, 233m

China: 27m

Chippendale, Mr.: in Fashion, 68c, 78c

Chivers, Thomas Holley: 187-89r, 255c, 264m, 296c

Chubbock, Emily S.: see Fanny Forrester

Church, P. E: 92m

Churchman (periodical) on Cheever: 258m, 310a

Cicero: 125c

Cincinnati Courier: 210c

Cincinnati Gazette: 238c, 245m

Circe (Homer): 78m

Cist, Lewis J.: 226a, 238/52c, 245/9, 255c, 342-43r

(The) Citizen of a Republic (Ceba): 258-59r

Clapp, Eliza Thayer: 246rc

Clarendon, Miss (actress): 90c

Clarissa Harlowe (Richardson): 177m

Clark, Lewis Gaylord (Clarke, to Poe), ed. of Knickerbocker Magazine: 304c, 307a; see Knickerbocker

Clay, Henry: 80m, 89m, 219m

Clayton, John: 87m

Cleomenes: 90m

Clevenger, S. (sculptor): 80m

Cline, John (acrobat): 193c

Clootz, Anarcharsis: 220m

Cobbett, William: 107c, 120m

Coit, Thomas W. (Puritanism): 258r

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor: 14m, 16q, 31q, 46-47q+c, 100q, 113c, 174m, 187m, 231m, 232m

Collyer, Robert H. (also Collier): 355-56a

Colman, Samuel: 219m

Colton (ed.): 87c

Columbia: as name for our continent, 55-56c

Columbian Magazine: 54s, 105s, 296s, 321-22r, 353s

Combe, George: 154c

combination (element in art): 17p

comedy (Fashion): 65-69r, 76-78r

(The) Comic English Grammar: 146m

(The) Coming of the Mammoth, (Hirst): 118m, 162-67r

“Coming from the Bath”: 247p; see “Sortie du Bain”

Complete Evangelist: 145m

Comté, Achille: 73m

Comus (Milton): 64q

Condé (Mahon): 319-20rc

“Confessions of an English Opium Eater” (De Quincey): 111c

Conrad, Robert Taylor: 195c

“Conversations with the Old Poets” (Lowell): 26c

cook books: 101m

Cooke, C. C: 112c

Cooke, Philip P. (also P. P. C.): 42pq, 57/63m, 264m, 341/52c, 353/10c, 356c

Cooley, Arnold J: 206rc, 248rc, 269c, 282m

Cooper, J. F.: 24m, 104c, 118m, 255c, 283m, 345r

copyright: 23m, 86m, 104p, 305-306p, 324aq

Corbet, Richard: 114m

Corbould, Miss: 80m

Cornwall, Barry (also see Procter): 166m

(Boston) Courier: 313pq

(NY) Courier: 102m

Cooley, Abraham: 113c

Cox, Arthur C. (for Coxe): 92m, 244c, 323m

Cranch, Christopher Pearse: 117m

(The) Crescent and the Cross (Warburton): 145rc, 219m

Crichton, James: 20m

Crisp, W. H.: in Fashion, 68c, 78c, 235c

(The) Crock of Gold (Tupper): 214-15rp, 305m

Cromwell, Oliver: 358-59r

Cruikshank, G.: 43rp, 93m, 146m

Cruikshank’s Omnibus: 43rc, 93m

(“La) Cubana” (by the Poor Scholar): 103m

Curiosities of Literature (I. D’Israeli): 33m

Curran, John: 20m

Cushing, Caleb: 298c, 313c

Cuyper, de: see “Sortie du Bain,” 297a

“Dacota Woman and Assiniboin Girl” (picture): 25c

daguerreotype: new panorama type, 197p, 215p

Dallam, I. Willmer: 223rc

Dalton (Peter Snook): 137-43r

Dan (bible): 2m

Dana, Richard H.: 28m, 31m, 45m, 236m, 359c

Danbridge, Sarah B.: 93c

Dante: 8m, 92m, 118m, 247c, 290-91r

Danube: weather conditions, 112c

Darley, F. O. C. (artist): 117m, 127-28p, 145c

Dashes at Life (Willis): 136c, 223r

Davezac (for Auguste D’Avezac): 43c

Davy, Humphry (an implied attribution): 346rc

D’Azeglio, Massimo: 205-206r, 224cq

“Death of the Old Year” (Tennyson): 61q+c

De Bar (actor): 90c

Defoe, Daniel: Robinson Crusoe, 19m

deformity in art: 17c

Deming, Henry C.: 101-102rp

(Columbus, [Mississippi]) Democrat: 93pq

Democratic Review: 2q, 8q, 43s, 48m, 88-89s, 136m, 146s, 210c, 211s, 232m, 249-51s

Dendy, W. C. (Philosophy of Mystery): 319r

Denton, Daniel: 249r

De Quincey, Thomas: 111c; Confessions, Part 2, 191c

De Rohan (Sue): 157r

Destruction of Jerusalem (Kaulbach): 103-104p

Deutsche Schnellpost: (see Schnell Post)

De Vere (Ward, R.): 19m

Devit, Vincenzo: 225-26c

De Walden: actor in Fashion, 68m

Diadem (gift-book or annual): 344s

Dick, A. L. (engraver): 80c

Dickens, Charles: 19m, 137m, 247m, 299c, 338c, 356cq

dictionaries, reviewed and mentioned: see Anthon (classical), Bolles, Samuel Johnson, Alexander Reid, R. B. Sheridan, John Walker

Dictionary, Explanatory and Pronouncing (Bolles): 144r, 148r

(A) Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities (Anthon): 81r

Dictionary of the English Language (A. Reid): 175rc

Dilke, Charles W.: 274m

Didimus, H. (pseud): 71-72rc

Dinneford, W.: 90m, 96-98q+p

D’Israeli, Benjamin: 19m, 150/5m, 206m

D’Israeli, Isaac: 33m

Ditson, George: 242m

(The) Doctor (Southey): 150/27m

Donizetti (Lucia): 184m

Donne, John: 113c

(The) Dossay Portraits (for “Dossay”?): 128rc

Dow, Jesse E.: 307aq

Dow, Jr. (pseudonym for E. G. Paige): 246rc

Downing, A. J.: 356p

drama: 23pq; American, 77-78c; Greek, 89-91a; Murdoch on, 96-97a, 105c, 112c; see also drama reviews

Drama of Exile (Barrett): 1-15r

drama reviews: Fashion by Mowatt, 65-69, 76-78; Antigone, 89-91; 335a; 354a

“Dream of Eugene Aram” (Hood): 202q+c

Dryden, John: 70-71m, 111m

Du Bartas, G: 21m

Dumas, Alexandre: 98a

Dumbleton: 112m

Dunciad (Pope): 37m

Dupré, Giovanni: 208c

Durand, Asher (artist): 180c

Durell, E. H.: see H. Didimus

Durlacher, Lewis: 333rc

(The) Dutchman’s Fireside (Paulding): 157r

(The) Duty of American Women to their Country: 214r

Duyckinck, Evert: 35m, 136m, 263m

Dwight, Joseph H.: 239c

Dymond, Jonathan: 89m, 115rc

Dyott: in Fashion, 68c

E. S. T. G. (pseud. for Poe): 220m

Eames, Charles: as editor, 44p

Edgeworth, Maria: 19m

Edinburgh Review: 233-34s

editorial note: 24p, 27p, 44p, 69p, 93p

Edmond, Amanda E.: 277-78r

Edwards, Milne: 73m

“Egotism” (an essay): 26m

Egypt: 27m, 102m

Elements of Entomology (Ruschenberger): 73rc

Elizabeth, Queen (Age of) by Hazlitt: 173-75r

Ellen Middleton (Fullerton): 19m

Ellen Wareham (Sullivan): 19m

Ellet, E. F.: 105m, 249m, 255c, 281c, 296c, 319m

The Elliott Family (Burdett): 261rp

Ellis, Clara: as actor in Fashion, 68m, 78m

Ellis (engraver): 104c

elocution: Murdoch, 105c; see Mowatt, Hudson, Vandenhoff

Embury, E.: 78m, 79m, 157rp

Emerson, Ralph Waldo: 146m, 219m, 344pq, 351m

(Saturday) Emporium: 35a, 57p, 244c

(An) Encyclopaedia of Domestic Economy (Thomas Webster): 192rc, 234rc, 259rc

English, T. D.: 69m, 108q, 220m, 272-73q, 291p, 322-23q

(The) English Comic Writers (Hazlitt): 301c

English Dictionary (Alexander Reid): 92m

engravings: in Graham’s, 25-26, 79, 104-5, 117; Cruikshank’s 43; in the Bible, 43 (see also Harper’s and Martin’s); in the BJ, 44; in the Columbian, 54, 105; of Morris deprecated, 79; in Godey’s, 80, 103, 117; new printing method, 84

Episcopalian church: 73m, 92m

(L’) Epoque (periodical): 227c

Erben, Henry (organ builder): 239c

Essays (John Abercrombie): 214rc

Essays on the Principles of Morality (Dymond): 115r

Ettore Fieramosca (D’Azeglio): 205-206r

Euripides: 3m, 6q, 89-90m

“European Correspondence” (Gründ): 103q

European Times: 324q

Evans, George: 87m

(New York) Evangelist: 327q

Eve: in E. B. Barrett’s Drama, 2c, 3c, 4c, 5c, 6c, 11e

Eveline Neville: 145rc

Everett, Edward: 210c, 238c, 263c

Excelsior (periodical): 327c

Express (NY newspaper): 307c

Faber, Herr (inventor): 360p

“(A) Fable” (Emerson): 344pq

Fairman, Wm.: 255c, 325m

Falstaff: 235p

Fancy: trait in Willis’ writings, 16-18; in Hunt’s writings, 99

fantasy: in art, 17c

(The) Farmer’s and Emigrant’s Hand-Book (Marshall): 92m, 101rp

(The) Farmer’s Library (periodical by Skinner): 213s

Fashion (Mowatt): 65-69r, 76-78r, 234-35r

Fauvel-Gouraud, F: Phreno-Mnemotechny, 83rp, 101r, 103m, 111q+c

Feinaigle, Gregor von (memory system): 101m

Fénélon: 128m

Festus (Bailey): 225m, 240-41r, 327rq

“Fidelius Bathos” (pseudonym): 220m

Field, David: 56p, 80m, 146m

Field, Joseph M.: 117m, 128p, 263-64p

Field, Thomas Warren: 220m

Fielding, Henry: 19m

First Lessons in . . . (E. Nott, J. Mc Vicar, Davy): 346rc

Fisher, Mr.: in Fashion, 68m, 78c

Flemish painting: 143c

Fletcher, Alexander: 243rc, 259c

“Florence Vane” (Cooke): 42pq, 356m

Flower and Thorn Pieces (Paul): 225c

“Foreign Mysteries” by Gründ (Graham’s): 26c

Foreign Quarterly Review: 168m, 197q(2x), 211-12c, 215c, 299m

Forester, Frank: 102rp

(The) Foresters (Wilson): 168rc

Forrest, Edwin: 195m

Forrester, Fanny (pseud. for Emily Chubbuck): 26c, 78m, 104m, 105m, 118m, 320r

(The) Fortune Hunter (Mowatt): 189-90r

Foster, George G.: his ed. of Shelley: 347c, 349r

Fouqué, Friedrich de la Motte: 300m

France: 102m, 116m

Franco, Harry: see Briggs

Fremont, J. C.: 321rp

Frogpond (Boston): 313c, 314-15a, 324c, 325a

Frost, John: 72-73rc, 191c, 215c, 262c, 281c, 346m

Fuller, Margaret: satire and picture, 34a; satiric verses (headnote), 220p; 276pq

Fullerton, Lady Georgiana: 19m

Furness, W. H., ed. of Diadem: 344r

Gabriel (angel): 4m

Galignani (Paris publisher): 107m

Gallagher, Wm. D.: 275pq, 358/9c

Gallot: actor in Fashion, 68m

(The) Gambler’s Wife (Grey, E. C.): 157rc

Garrett, Almeida: 339a

Gavarni: 44c

Genius and Character of Burns (Wilson): 239-40r

genius: in poetry, 20-21c

“(A) Gentle Puff”: parody on “Raven,” 102q

George Balcombe (Tucker): 276m

Georgia Scenes (Longstreet): 250c

Germans: opinions on drama, 89c; 90-91m, 102m

Germantown Telegraph (periodical): 236p

Gertrude (Sewell): 241-424rp

Gibson, Wm.: 300c, possibly also W. G. on 277/8

Gifford, Wm.: 19m, 58m

(The) Gift (annual): 209-210c

Gift Books, Annuals, etc.: see Gift, Opal, Snow-Flake, May-Flower, Missionary Memorial, Diadem

Gilfillan, George, Sketches of Modern Literature: 351r:

Gilman, Caroline (game of Oracles): 278rp

Godey’s Lady’s Book: 18m, 24m, 69m, 79-80s, 103-104s, 117s, 208s, 220m, 233s, 250m, 270rs

(The) Godolphin Arabian (Sue): 191rc

Godwin: Wm.: 19m, 206m, 351c

Goethe: 7pq, 175p, 287m

Goldsbury, John: 242rc, 261-62r

Goldsmith, Oliver: 301c

“(The) Good George Campbell” (Motherwell and Wolff): 61-62q+c

Gore, Catherine (Self): 150r

Gothic: kingdom, 27m

Gould, Hannah F.: on her poetry, 80c, 103c

Gouraud: see Fauvel-Gouraud

Gowans, William: his Bibliotheca Americana, No. 1, 249r

Graham’s Magazine: 18m, 24m, 25-26s, 27m, 59m, 62m, 69m, 78-79s, 103m, 104-105s, 117-18s, 210-11s, 222m, 234s, 237q, 250m, 263c, 270s, 276-77c, 291c, 296rs, 327c, 352s

grammar: in E. Barrett examined, 6-10c; in W. W. Lord, 127p

(A) Grammar of the Greek Language (Anthon): 83rp

Grant, Mrs. Anne: 294-95r

Grattan, T. Colley: 215c

“Grave of L. E. L.” (Hawthorne, ed.): 147-48aq

Greek: drama and arts, 89-91a; Iliad, 3m, 110p; tragedy, 2c, 3c; poetry, 6c, 21c

Green, Chas: 186c, 244c

Green, Thomas J.: 259-60r

Grey, Elizabeth Caroline: 157rc, 248rc

Grey, Richard (memory system): 101m

Griswold, Rufus W.: 29m, 112p, 117-18c, 168m, 170m, 220/13pq, 236c+m, 256-57r, 318-19c

Gründ, Francis: 26c, 78m, 79c, 80c, 103pq, 104pq, 117c

Haas, James D.: 92m

Hackett, J. H. (actor): in Falstaff, 235c

Hahn Hahn, Countess: on her novel and American trip, 197c

Hale, Sarah J.: 73rc, 79m, 242rc, 291m, 292-94r, 300c

Hall, Mrs. Anna Maria: 241cq

Hall, S. C.: editor of The Book of Gems, 112-15r

Halleck, Fitz-Greene: 16m, 28m, 36m, 324c

Hamilton, Robert: 209c, 243rp, 247m, 260r, 345rp

Hamlet (Shakespeare): 212p

Harbinger (periodical of the Book Farm movement): 336p

Harper, James (N.Y. mayor): 80c, 93c

Harper’s Illuminated . . . Bible: 213-14r, 224rc, 242rm, 295rc, 321rc, 359m

Harrington, H. F.: 117p

Hart, Joel T. (sculptor): 80c

Harvard University: 210c

“Haunted House” (Hood): 229-30q+c

“Haunted Palace” (Poe): 126q

Hawthorne, Nathaniel: 88-89c, 137m, 147q, 225c, 327c

Hazlitt, Wm.: 107r, 173-75r, 196p, 212r, 278-79q+c, 301c

Head, Francis: 267-68r

Headley, Henry: 65q+c

Headley, Joel T.: 22-23p, 146m, 206-207r, 219m, 300c, 325c, 351r

“(A) Heart-Burst” (English): 108c+q

Heath, James (SLM): 54m

Heber, Reginald: 16m

Helvétius: Claude Adrien: 20cq

Hemans, Felicia: 92m

Henry, Professor C. S: 26-27c

Henry, Dr. (historian): 27m

Henry, Patrick: 93m

Herbert, H. W.: 117m; see also “Frank Forester”

Hertzman, Rudolph: 44c

Hervey, Thomas K.: 300m, 345rc

Hesperian (Gallagher’s periodical): 275q

Hewitt, Mary L.: 209c, 243q, 282c, 288-90r

Heyne: 110m

Hieover, Harry: 333rc

Hinshelwood (artist): 210m

Hippodrome in Paris: 226c

Hirst, Henry B.: 118m, 136m, 162-67r, 270c, 323m

Historical Society, N.Y.: 55m, 80c, 109m, 112m

(The) Historical Studies . . . (Thierry): 92m

history: its principles and values, 26-27c

History of [Fabrics]: 332-33r

(The) History of Germany (Kohlrausch): 92m, 146m

(The) History of Silk, Cotton, Linen, Wool . . .: 332-33r

(A) History of the Society of Friends (Wagstaff): 70rp

History of the U.S. (Wilson, M.): 295c

Hoffman, Charles Fenno: 80m, 117c, 327, 347c

Hofland, Barbara: 93c, 302rc

Holcroft, Thomas (Alroy): 142m

Holland (actor): 90c

Holmes, Edward (Mozart): 334rp

Holmes, Oliver Wendell: 182m

Homer: 5m, 10m, 51m, 110r, 274m

Homer’s Iliad: ed. by Anthon, 110r

Honeymoon (Tobin): 183p

Hood, T.: 28m, 29q, 30c, 31m, 47m, 48m, 50m, 51q, 73-74c, 108m, 186c, 190-91r, 198-205r, 223r, 226m, 228-30r, 246q

Hooker, Herman: 236c, 305-306a

Horn, Kate: in Fashion, 68c, 78c

Horncastle, James Henry and Brother: 253-54p

Horne, Richard Henry: 105c, 241c

Hosmer: 118m

“House of Usher” (Poe): 237c

Howitt, Mary: 302rc

Howitt, Wm.: 109c, 157r

Hoyt, Ralph (Chaunt of Life; also Night): 98-99r,179-82r

Hudibras (J. Butler): 37m

Hudson, H. Norman: 211c, 299/21, 307A, 339a

Hugo, Victor: 319r

Human Magnetism (Newnham): 69m, 69-70r

Humboldt, Alexander von: 169c+q, 234c, 247c, 281m

humor: in art, 17c

Hunt, Freeman: see Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine

Hunt, Leigh: 16m, 99-101r, 174c, 212m, 230-31r, 303-304p, 307m, 333rc, 347-48p

Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine: 89s, 146s, 207-208s, 242s, 303-304r, 353s

Hyperion (Longfellow): 350-51r

I.A.M: see Ide

“Ida Grey” (F. Osgood): 210c

Ide, Abijah M., Jr. [or A. M. I.]: 239/10c, 245c, 265m, 322q, 341/58c

“(The) Ideal” and “The Ideal Found” (Lynch): 151c+q

Iliad (Homer): 51m, 110r

imagination: and fancy, 16-17a

Imagination and Fancy (Hunt): 99-101r

“(The) Imp of the Perverse” (Poe): 325r

“Inaugural Address” (Mapes): 43r

“Incidents at Rome” (Sedgwick): 26c

Index to BJ demanded: 186c

India: 27m

Indians, American: source of new national name, 55-56c

(The) Indicator and Companion (Hunt): 230-31r

“Infatuation” (Benjamin): 36-37r

Inferno (Dante): 16m

Ingersoll, Chas. l.: 271c, 279-80r

Ingersoll, J. R.: 251m

Inman, Henry: 344c

international copyright: see copyright

Ion (Talfourd): 335p

Ireland: 109m

Irving, Washington: 16m, 55-56c, 274m, 283-84c

Isabel (Tuckerman): 218m

Isle of Palms (Wilson): 240c

Italy: 23m, 27m, 107m, 109m, 116m

“(The) Ivory Christ”: 282a

Jackson, A. W.: 216m

Jackson, General Andrew: 80m, 215c, 309m

James, George, P. R.: 71m

Jeffrey, Francis: 19m, 174m, 351m

Jerrold, Douglas: 109a, 191c, 193c, 245m, 302r

Jesuits: their order suppressed, 226c

Jews: 27m, 103pq, 225c

Jocelyn, N.: 239c

Johnson (of National Intelligencer): 146q+c

Johnson, Cave: 281c

Johnson, Dr. Samuel: 149m, 324m

Johnstone, Charles: Adventures of a Guinea, 352c

Jones, Pascal: 246rc

Jones, Wm.: 245m, 250-51a, 263p, 266m, 276-77c

Journal of air African Cruiser (Bridge): 147-48q, 219m

Katherine and Petruchio (Taming . . . Shrew): 193p

Kaulbach, Wilhelm: 103p+q

Kean, Edmund et al.: 354c

Keats, John: 126m, 225m, 307m, 313m

Keeping House and Housekeeping (S. J. Hale): 73rc

Keese, John (ed.): 209c, 221c, 247m, 349rp

Kendall, Amos: 236c

Kennedy, John P.: 236m

Kettell, Samuel: Specimens of American Poetry, 41m, 219/23

King, Chas. (literary critic): 121m

King, Henry: 65q+c

King Lear (Shakespeare): 60c, 61m

Kirkland, Caroline: 300c, 311m, 316-17r

Kirkland, William: 117c

Kitto, John (historian): 346rc

Knickerbocker Magazine: 134s, 169p, 243s, 281c, 304s, 307Ap

Knight, Mrs.: in Fashion, 68-69c, 78c

Knight, Richard P.: 110c

Kohlrausch, F.: 92m, 146m

Kühner, Raphael: 83m

(De) Kuyper: see Cuyper, de: 297p

Kyan, John Howard: 95-96p

L.I.C. (for L.J.C.): see Cist

“Labor” (poem by F. Osgood): 249-50pq

(The) Ladies’ Garland . . . : 80c

Lady Mary (Tayler): 262m, 268rp

Lady of Lyons (Bulwer): 243c

Lady of Milan (Mrs. Thomson): 359rc

Lalande, Joseph: 101m

Lalla Rookh (Moore): 16c

Lamar, M. B. (of Texas): 146m

Lamb, Charles: 16m, 174c, 225m, 245r, 251rc, 358c

(London) Lancet: 70m, 71rc, 92c, 168m, 219m, 302-303c

Landon, Letitia E. (Mrs. McLean): 93m, 147-48aq

Landor (Horace Binney Wallace): 78-79c

Landscape Gardening (Downing): 356-57a

Landseer: 344c

Lane, Benjamin J.: 295rc

Lane, Thomas H: 325c, 341c, 347c, 355c

Langley, Henry G. (publisher): 210m

Lardner, Dionysius: his lectures, 109c

(A) Latin Grammar (Ross): 233r, 268-69r

Lawrence, Abbot: 226c

Lawrence, Sir Thomas: 116m

Laws, The, Book X (Plato): 153-55a

Lays for the Sabbath (Emily Taylor): 301-302r

Lays of Ancient Rome (Macaulay): 100c

Lecture (by Poe) on 2/28/45: 35a, 42c

Lecture on Immigration . . . (Nichols): 71r

Lee, Nat: 11m, 163m

Legaré, H. S.: 238c

Leibnitz, G. W. von: 155pq, 225-26c

“Lenore” (Osgood): 331q+c

“Lenore” (Poe): 125q, 247c

Leslie, Eliza: 79m, 104c, 117c

Lester, C. Edwards: 205c, 219m, 224p, 258-59r, 282m, 287q, 295rp, 301rc, 304m, 308-10r, 333r

Letters from Italy (Headley): 206-207r

Letters on Natural Magic (Brewster): 319c

Lever, John: 101m

Lewis, Tayler (Plato): 153-55r

Lieber, Francis: 219c

Liebig, J: 92m

Life In Dalecarlia (Bremer): 191rc

(The) Life of Mozart (Holmes): 33rp

lighthouse on the Goodwin Sands: 226m

Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life (Wilson): 295rp

“Lines on the Grecian Flute” (Stoddard): 186c, 198c

“Lionizing” (Poe): 44c

Lippard, George: 145rc

(The) Literary Men . . . (Brougham): 92m

Literature and Art in America (Griswold): 236c

literature, Southern: 54p

Littell’s Living Age: 287, 324p

Lives of Men of Letters and Science (Brougham): 145-46rc

Loder, George (conductor): 91c

London Art-Union: 24m, 84m

London Foreign Quarterly Review: 211c

London Quarterly Review: 215c

(The) Lone Star (Dallam): 223rp

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth: 28-33a, 37-41a, 45-53a, 58-65a, 73-74a, 101r, 108c, 118q+c, 122c, 126m, 151rc, 194m, 210-11p, 217-18p, 222p+q, 232m, 234m, 236m, 292c, 298m, 312p, 340-41a, 350-51r

Longstreet, Augustus B.: 250c

Lope de Vega (misspelled as Lopez): 265m

Lord, Wm. W: 92m, 121-27r, 232p, 251m, 275-76p, 281m, 323m

Lorrequer, Harry, (C. Lever): 333m

“Lost Heir” (Hood): 202q+c

(The) Lost Pleiad (Chivers): 187-89r

Louvre: 107m, 116m, 120m

Love and Matrimony (anon.): 295rc

Love and Mesmerism (H. Smith): 342rc

“Love Letter” (plate in Graham’s): 26c

Lover, Samuel: 292q

Lowell, James Russell: 26m, 28m, 104pq, 126m, 194m, 211q+c, 220m, 274c, 327c, 352-53a+q

(The) Lowell Offering (periodical): 213s

Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): 184m; see Bride of Lammermoor

Lucifer: 3m, 4m

“Lucy Dutton” by Fanny Forrester (in Graham’s): 26c

“Lulu” (Osgood): 118q+c

Lyceum lecture at Boston: 291 (d), 292m, 297-99a, 300/48c, 312-15a

Lyell, Charles: 215rc, 249m

Lynch, Anne Charlotte: 151p+q, 326-27q, 349pq

Lytton: see Bulwer



There is an odd inconsistency in the use of a plus sign and the simple listing of multiple letters. There are entries, for example that give a page number followed by cq and others followed by q+c, with no obvious distinction between the two forms.


[S:1 - BRP4J, 1986] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Editions - The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe (B. R. Pollin) (Index A-L)