Text: Burton R. Pollin, “The Broadway Journal: Index to Notes (M-Z),” The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe — Vol. IV: Broadway Journal (Annotations) (1986), pp. 266-279 (This material is protected by copyright)



The following index items refer solely to the text, by Poe, in the First Part of this section of his Collected Writings, that is, volume 3, and not to any of the material in the Annotations (volume 4). The following letter-symbols are attached to the page-numbers to indicate the nature and scope of the material being indexed, as follows:

a: an article, no matter how short, on the subject

c: a comment, usually one sentence or shorter

m: a mere mention by Poe of the subject indexed

p: a passage, often of a few sentences, on the subject

r: a review, often very brief, of the book

q: a quoted remark or article on the subject

s: a magazine survey by Poe, in a BJ column, usually summarizing the articles in an issue of a given magazine

Combinations are possible, such as “47q+c” or a quotation from an author plus a comment by Poe on him; “344pq” or a quoted passage on p. 344; “268rp” or a review of passage-length. Occasionally the line pertaining to an entry is added after a slash, to aid quick finding, as “Ide: 341/58c.” Authors are given in parentheses after the book title and also alphabetically. Occasionally, Poe’s error in a name is corrected via a cross reference (see Pinckney).

Scroll down, or select letter:


Macaulay, Thomas B.: 19m, 58m, 92m, 100p, 107m, 137c, 168m, 174c, 212c, 224pq, 274m, 283m, 356c

McHenry, James: 226-27a

Machiavelli, Niccoló: Florentine Histories, 232r

McLane (American diplomat): 263c

Macleod, C. Donald (ed.): 18-21r, 35c

McNevin, Thomas: 233rc

McPherson, J. (artist): 352c

McVicar, John: 346rc

magazine literature: 25p, 136-37p

Mahon, Lord (Condé): 319-320rp

Manchester Athenaeum: 247c

Mancur, John (Palais Royal): 71rc

Mangum, Willie: 87m

(A) Manual of Ancient and Modern History (W. C. Taylor): 26-27r

Manual of Orthopedic Surgery (Bigelow): 144rc

Manzoni, Alessandro (The Betrothed): 291m, 294r

Mapes, James J.: his “Address,” 43a

“Marginalia” (Poe): article on poetry, 48mq

Marmontel, J. F.: 205c

Marsh, George P.: 107rc

Marshall, Emily (ed.): 345rc

Marshall, Josiah T: (Farmer’s Hand-Book): 92m, 101rc

Martin Faber (Simms): 265c

Martineau, Harriet: 70c, 219cq

Martinet (of Paris): 215c

Martin’s Illustrated Family Bible: 43rc, 243rc, 259c; see also “Bible”

Marvell, Andrew: 114-15q+c

Mathews, Cornelius: 149c, 162m, 171-73q, 193-95rq, 238c, 257-58r, 285-86r, 321c, 324p

Maturin, Charles: 352m

Maturin, Edward: 300c, 352rc

Maunder, Samuel: 192rm, 233c, 269c, 334-35c

Mayer, Brantz (Mexico as it was): 107c

(The) May-Flower (Hamilton): 209c, 247m, 260rp, 345rp

Mazeppa: play in Chatham St. Theatre, 235c

Mechanics’ Institute (New York): 43c

Medici Series of Italian Prose: 205m, 219c

Meek, A. B: 236c

Melmoth (Maturin): 352m

Melvill, Henry (Sermons): 262m, 268rc

memory: a new system of promoting, 83a, 101r, 111q

Mendelssohn, Felix (Antigone music): 91c

merchants: their morals discussed, 89c

“Mesmeric Revelation” (Poe): 254a

mesmerism: 69-70r, 219pq, 355p

meter (in poetry): 21c, 37c, 46-47c, 53c, 57c

Michelet, Jules: 92m, 282m

Middleton, Henry, Jr.: 208c, 242m

“Midnight Mass for the Dying Year” (Longfellow): 60-61q+c, 64q

Miller, Joseph: 33m

Mills, Clark: 305pq

Milnes, Mon[c]kton: 307m, 321rp

Milton, John: 4-5m, 51m, 64q, 100q, 114c, 149m, 236c, 256-57r, 258m, 306m

Minor, B. B. (SLM): 54m

Minstrelsy Ancient and Modern (Motherwell): 61-62q

Miserrimus (F. Reynolds): 265c

(New York) Mirror: 23a, 24c, 28-33q, 46m, 107m, 112m, 185m, 224c+q, 283-84c, 320c, 324q

“Miss Kilmansegg” (Hood): 203-204q+c

Mrs. Caudle’s Curtain Lectures (Jerrold): 109ra, 191c

(The) Missionary Memorial (Saunders, ed.): 209c, 247m, 311c, 323c, 344-45s

Mitchell, J. K: 210m

Mitchell, William: 90m

(The) Modern British Essayists: 92m, 168rc

Modern Cookery (Eliza Acton): 242rp

Montezuma (Maturin): 300c, 352rp

Montgomery, James: 236c

Monthly Rose (of the Albany Female Academy): 80c

Moore, Thomas: 16-17p, 18m, 200c, 327c

“Morals for Merchants” (Dymond’s essays): 89p, 115r

Morehead, James: 87m

Morning Chronicle: 195cq

Morning Post: 119-21q, 195cq

Morrell, L. A.: American Shepherd, 248r

Morris, “General” George Pope: 79a+q, 320rc

Morris, Robert: 78c, 79p, 270c

Morse’s Aerographic Maps: 290r

Motherwell, Wm.: 61-62q+c

Mowatt, Anna C: Fashion (her play), 65-69r, 76-78r; other works and performances: her novel (Fortune-Hunter), 189-90rc+q; acting, 176-78a, 192-93p, 234-35p, 335c; 79m

Molder, Gerardus T.: 83rm

Murder Will Out (Simms): 265m, 266-67pq

Murdoch, James E. (elocution and acting): 105p, 112c, 175rp, 235c, 247m, 252c, 296c, 300m, 354p

Murray, Lindley: 146m

music: 77m, 91p, 105c

“My Early Love” (Tennyson): 134-35q

(The) Mysteries of Berlin: 145c, 182c, 213m

(The) Mysteries of London (tr. by Deming): 101-102rc

(The) Mysteries of Tobacco (Lane): 295rc

My Uncle Hobson (Jones): 246rp

Nägelsbach: 110m

namby-pambyism: 36p, 108

“Nameless River” (Ide): 322q

Napoleon: 107m, 276c

Nassau Monthly (of Princeton): 325q

National Gallery (Rotunda): 224c

“National Nomenclature”: new name for America, 55-56a, 80c, 109c

Neal, John: 31c, 45cq, 165c, 250m, 356c

Neal, Joseph C.: 210c

Neele, Henry: 16m

Neumann, Prof.: 299c

New Bowery Theatre: 216-17p

“New Castalia” (W. W. Lord): 126c

New England Society of the City of New York: 107m

New Monthly Magazine: 92-93pq

New Orleans as I Found It (Didimus): 71-72rc

New World: 44s, 102pq

“New Year Address” (R. S. Nichols): 57p+q

New York Evangelist (periodical): 327aq

New York Evening Gazette: 217-18a

“(A) New York Ghost”: sketch by “Fidelius Bathos,” 220c

New York Historical Society: 55-56p, 80p, 107m, 109p, 112p

New York Tribune: 219pq

New York Turf Register: 102m

Newell, R. H.: 300c

Newnham, Wm.: Human Magnetism, 69-70r, 132m

Ney, Marshall: 89m

Niblo’s Theatre: 23pq, 112r, 192m

Nichol, Dr. John Pringle: 88m, 154c

Nichols, Mrs. R. S.: her poem, 57q, 69c, 211m

Nichols, Thomas L.: 71rm

Night: a Poem (Ralph Hoyt): 98-99r

Noah, Mordecai: 151q, 291-98c

Norman, B. B.: 281rp

Norman’s New Orleans: 281rp

North American Review: 107m, 149m, 318/34c, 342c

North, Christopher (see also John Wilson): 9m, 12m, 70-71c, 111m, 240c, 269c, 283c

Norton, Carolyn: 168m, 215m, 334rc, 358m

Nott, E.: 346rc

novelty: principle element in beauty, 17m, 84c

(The) Nun (Diderot): 27m

Ocean Work (Wright): 157rp

“Ode to Melancholy” (Hood): 201q+c

“Ode to the Muses” (Pierpont): 323q

Oedipus: 3m

“Old” (Hoyt’s poem): 180-82c+q

Old Man of the Mountains: 274m

“(An) Old Man’s Recollections” [Reminiscences] (A. Durand): 180c

Ollendorf’s New Method (Adler): 280-81r

Onderdonk, Henry M.: 175rm

(The) Opal (Keese): 209c, 247m, 349s

opium eating: 111c

Oracles from the Poets (Gilman): 278rp

(The) Oracles of Shakespeare (Hamilton): 243rc

Orthophony (Murdoch and Russell): 175rc

Osborn, Laughton: Vision of Rubeta, 36-37m, 276m, 255/9c, 264/15m

Osgood, Frances S.: 26c, 54m, 57m [“Ellen”], 78c, 105q, 118q+p, 209c, 210m [“Ida Grey”], 219m, 249-250pq, 270c+q; see also Kate Carol (pseud.)

O’Sullivan (Democratic Review): 35m, 210/32c

Outis (Poe’s reply): 23-33q, 37-41a, 45-53q, 58-60q, 65q, 73-74p

Owen, Robert Dale: 237q+c

P.P.C. (for Philip P. Cooke): see Cooke

painting: 77m, 107c, 116a

(The) Palais Royal (Mancur): 71rp

Palmo’s theater: Antigone produced, 89-91r; manager responds to criticism, 96-97a; performances, 112p

Paradise Lost (Milton): 4-5c, 51m, 100q, 314m

Paris: 89c, 107m

Paris, Royal Printing Office (its numerous type fonts): 227p

Park Theater: 68a, 78a, 112m

Parker: engraver, 117m

Parker, R. G.: 333rc

parody of “Raven”: in New World, 102q; “Gazelle” (C. C. Cooke), 112c

(The) Parting Spirit’s Address to his Mother (W. E. Wyatt): 206rm

(The) Patriot (of Charleston): Simms on Poe’s lecture, 312aq

Paul, Jean (see Richter): 225c

Paul Pry: 88m

Paul V, Pope (mosaic portrait): 276c

Paulding, J. K.: 118m, 157r, 250m, 319m

Payne, John Howard: 233m

Peabody, Joseph: 208p

Peel, Sir Robert: 227m

Pelham (Bulwer): 125c, 150/5m

Penfeather, Amabel (pseud.): 345r

Pentateuch (Bible): 41m

Peter Snook (Dalton): 137-43r

Petrarch: 13m

Phelps, Annabella S. (“Tablet of Love”): 210c, 226c

Philadelphia: 93c, 105m

Philharmonic Society: Mr. Alper’s funeral, 112m

Phillips, Austin: 264m

Phillips, Henry (singer): at Niblo’s Saloon, 112r

philosophy: 70m

(The) Philosophy of Mystery (Dendy): 319r

Philothea (Child): 128-34r

Phreno-Mnemotechny (Fauvel-Gouraud): 83rp, 101r, 103m, 111q

Pickering, Ellen: 248rp, 281rc

Pickering, Timothy: 280pq

Pictorial History of the World (Frost): 191c, 215c, 262c, 281c

Pierpont, John: 301-302rc, 323aq

Pike, Albert: 243m

(A) Pilgrimage to Treves (Anthon, C. E.): 155-56r

Pinckney, Edward (Poe’s regular error for Pinkney, q.v. in M208): 31m

Pinkney, Edward (see Pinckney): 31m

plagiarism: Poe’s reply to Outis, 30-33q, 37-41a, 45-53a, 58-65a, 73-74a; by the Emporium, 57p; 89m; Snapp accused, 107c; by W. W. Lord, 125-26p, 222p; Whittier’s, 252-53p+q and Wheeler’s, 253c+q

(A) Plain System of Elocution (Vandenhoff): 82rp

Planché (dramatist): 192c

Plato Contra Atheos (Lewis): 153-55r

Poe, Edgar A.: his “Raven,” 23pq, 97c, l12c; editorship announced, 24c; “Outis” affair, 28-33, 37-41, 45-53, 58-65, 73-74; lecture on poetry, 35a, 42c; as editor, 54c; and the Aristidean, 69c; letter to him, 96-97a; poem praising him, 102q; “Impromptu,” 105q; Lord’s plagiarism from him, 125-26p; Tales, 167r; other refs.: 24c, 31q, 69c, 160m, 217c, 238c, 244c, 276p, 283aq, 297c, 299-300rpq, 312-15aq+c, 325aq, 337-38rq

Poe-Longfellow “War”: 28-33, 37-41, 45-53, 58-65, 73-74

Poems (Wm. W. Lord): 121-27r

Poems (A. Tennyson): 321rc

Poems of Many Years (Milnes): 321rc

Poems on Man (Mathews): 193-95rq

poetic sentiment: 122c

(The) Poetry of Europe (Longfellow): 151rc

“Poets and Poetry of America” (Poe’s lecture): 35p, 42pq

“Politian” (Poe): 63-64q+c

politics: article derided, 87-88

Polk, James: 87m

Polo, Marco: 299m

Pompeii: 94p, 227c

Pope, A.: 37m, 71m, 305q

(A) Popular Treatise, on the Science of Astrology: 271rc

Porter, E. J.: 105m

Porter, Jane: 19m, 80m

Porter, W. T.: 127-28rp

Portland vase: 225c

“Portrait of a Distinguished Authoress” (M. Fuller): 34a

Posselwhite: engraver, 117m

Potter, John: 81m

Poussin, Nicolas: 107c

Powers, Hiram: 287aq, 301a, 304m, 308-309a

Praise and Principle (M. J. McIntosh): 191rc

Prandi, Fortunato: 299m

Preble, Edward: 104c

Prescott, Wm. H.: 274m, 318c, 342r, 350c

Preston, Wm. C.: 340c

(The) Prime Minister (Zschokke): 128rp

(The) Prince (Machiavelli): 232m

(The) Prince and the Pedler (Pickering): 281rc

Princeton College: 121m, 126m

(The) Principles of the Chronothermal System of Medicine (Turner): 115rc

printing: article reprinted, 24p; anastatic printing explained, 83-86a

Prior, James: 301m

(The) Prisoners of Perote (Stapp): 106-107r

prisons: debtors in New York, 89m

Procter, Bryan Waller (“Barry Cornwall”): 16m, 126m, 166m

(The) Progress of Passion (Sweetser): 145rp+q

Prometheus: 14m

Pronouncing Dictionary (Bolles): 144p

Prose and Verse (Hood): 190-91r, 198-205r, 223r, 228-30r

Prose Works of Milton (Griswold): 256-57r

publicity notices: property to be signed, 354p

publishing: new printing method’s effect, 85-86

Puckle, Sir James: 1q

“Pugsley Papers” (Hood): 201c

Punch: 109c, 128m, 186c, 274m

puns: in the Boston Post, 105q

Puritanism (Coit): 258rp

Putnam, George P.: American Facts, 107r

pyramid: see Cheops, 27m

Quaker “church”: history of, 70rc

(The) Quaker City (Lippard): 145rc

Quinneford (derisive for Dinneford): 97p

Raffaelle (for Raffaello Sanzio): 116c

Raffaelle, Giacomo: 276c

Raumer, Frederick von: 238c, 255c, 311m, 317-19r

“(The) Raven” (Poe): 23q+m, 31q+m, 45-51p, 97m, 102p, 112m, 126q, 244m

(The) Raven and Other Poems: 337-38rq

Read, J. B.: 117c

Reed, Henry: 92m, 231c

Reed, T. Mayne: 322c

Regenerator (periodical): 254a

Reid, Alexander: 92m, 175rc

Rejected Addresses (H. Smith): 144m

Remarks [anon.] on an Address ... (by Marsh): 107rc

Reynolds, Frederick M. (Miserrimus): 265c

(The) Rhine (Hugo): 319rp

Richards, H. B.: 227c

Richardsiana: 144rc

Richardson, Samuel: 100mq, 176m

Richter, Jean Paul: 225c

Rimini (Hunt): 99c

Ripa, Father: 299m

“(The) Rivulet’s Dream” (Kate Carol [Osgood]): 75q+c

road-making: see street-paving

Robinson Crusoe (Defoe): 19m, 321m

Rocchietti, Joseph: 21-22r

Rogers, Professor: 41m

Roman Pontiff: 183rm

Roman: street-paving, 94-95a

Rose, or Affection’s Gift: 345rc

Ross, James: 233rc(2x), 268-69r

Rotunda — National Gallery: 224c

Rowley, R. S. “Epicedium”: 341c

Royal Corporation of the Literary Fund: 109p

Royale, Anne: 1m

Rusehenberger, W. S. W.: Elements of Entomology, 73rc, 302rc

Russell, H.: 219c

Russell, Wm. (elocutionist): 175rp, 225m, 242rc, 261-62rc

Sadd (engraver): 104c, 353m

(The) Sale of a Distillery (Bourne): 128rc

Samuda, Joseph: 195cq

Sand, George (Mme. Dudevant): 197c

sarcasm or wit: 17c

Sargent, Epes: 281rc, 321c

Saroni, Herman W.: 105c, 360m

Sartain, John (artist): 344c, 352c

satire: 36-37a

“Satirical Poems” (“Infatuation”): 36-37a

Saul (Coxe): 92m, 244c, 323m

Saunders (Missionary Memorial): 209c, 247m, 344rc

Scenes from “Politian” (Poe): 63-64q

Schiller: 169m, 174p, 287m, 307m, 311m

Schlegel, Augustus W.: 89m

Schnell Post (of N.Y.; a newspaper pub. as Deutsche Sehnellpost): 169m, 236c

Schoolcraft, Henry: 80m

Scott, J. M. (impresario and actor): 235c+m

Scott, Sir Walter: 19m, 92m, 150m, 191m, 206m, 224m, 302c, 324m

sculpture: 77m, 80c, 90c

Sears, David: 227c

“Sea-Weed” (Longfellow): 58-59p

Sedgwick, Catherine: 26c, 237c

Sedgwick, Misses: their boarding house, 237c

Self (Gore): 150r

Senefelder, Alois: 84m

Sewell, Elizabeth M. (Gertrude): 241-42r

Seymour, Agnes: 198m

Shakespeare, William (“Shakspeare” to Poe): 23q, 61m, 78m, 102m, 120q, 122q, 125q, 149m, 177m, 192-93p, 197c, 212p, 232m, 232r, 243c, 268q, 296c, 348pq, 354c

Shakespeare (Harper’s Illustrated ed.): 296m

Sharpe, John: 65m

“She Loves Him Yet” (Osgood): 330q+c

Shea, J. Augustus: 226p, 262c

Shedd, Wm.: 236c

Shelley, Percy Bysshe: 14-15p, 100-101q, 126m, 170m, 187m, 348c, 349rp+q, 351c

Shelley’s Grave (Tomlin): 82rc+q

Sheridan, Thomas B.: 148p

Short Patent Sermons (Dow Jr. = E. G. Paige): 246rc

Siborne, W.: 279rp

(The) Sibyl’s Book of Fate: 146m

(The) Sibyl’s Wreath: 320-21r

Sidney, Philip: 64q+c

Sigourney, Lydia H.: 78m, 220c

Simms, Wm. Gilmore: 26c, 137m, 149c, 218-19aq, 231-32r, 237m, 238c, 245m, 250c, 254-55m, 265-67r, 269-70s+q, 277c (see note; also see Gibson), 283aq, 284c, 296c, 300p, 307c, 312aq, 326q

Simm’s Magazine: 231s, 255-56p, 296s, 307rp

Simpson, Mr.: 78m, 354m

“Sir Oracle”: 87-88p+q

Skerrett: in Fashion, 68-69c

Sketches of Modern Literature (Gilfillan): 351r

Skinner, John S.: Farmer’s ... Journal, 213s

slander of BJ by “R. C.”: 93c

Smillie, James (artist): 117m, 210m, 234m, 352m

Smith, Elizabeth Oakes: 221-22rc, 242-43rc

Smith, Horace (Horatio): 144/56m, 346rc

Smith, Seba: 78m, 80m, 104m, 118m, 219m, 221-22r; see also Elizabeth Oakes Smith

Smith, Sydney: 92m, 168m, 197q

Smith, Wm. (ed.): 81m

Smith’s Weekly Volume: 144s

Smollett: 19m

Snapp (see Stapp): 106-107r

(The) Snow-Flake (Arthur): 220c, 247m

Socrates: 153m

“Some Words with a Mummy” (Poe): 87m

“Song of the Shirt” (Hood): 223p

(The) Songs and Ballads (Morris): 320rc

(The) Songs of our Land (Hewitt): 282c, 288-90r

Sophocles: 3m, 7mq, 89-91r, 96-97c

“(La) Sortie du Bain” (sculpture): 247a, 282c, 297a

South American: 96m

Southern Literary Messenger: 54a, 59m, 60m, 63m, 88s, 116-17s, 212-13s, 219c, 221m, 281c, 307m, 347c

Southern Monthly Magazine: 307m

Southern Quarterly Review: 105rc, 300c

Southey, Mrs.: 300m

Southey, Robert (The Doctor): 150/27m

(The) Spanish Student (Longfellow): 62-63q+c

Sparhawk, E. V. (SLM): 54m

Specimens of American Poetry (Kettell): 219/23+41m

Spenser: 13m

“Spirit of Poetry” (Osgood): 329-30q+c

“Spirit of the Age” for New Spirit of the Age (Horne): 105c

Spitzner: 110c

Stable Table and Table Talk (Hieover): 333rp

Stadelmann: 110m

Stapp, William P.: 106-107r+q

“(The) Star of Love” (G. P.): 79q+c

States: nicknames of, 109a

Stephens, Ann S.: 104c, 118m

Stoddard, Richard Henry: 186/14c, 198/16c

Street, Alfred B.: 118m, 219m, 270m, 347m, 350r

“Street Paving” (Poe): 94-96a; also street paving in London, 185-86c

Studies in Religion (Clapp): 246rc

Suard, Jean: 33m (see notes)

Sue, Eugene (see Wandering Jew and De Rohan): 128m, 157rc, 191r, 215rc, 247m, 248rm, 259c, 271c, 295rc, 321c, 333c, 346rc

Sullivan, Arabella: 19m

Sully, Robert: 215cq, 233c

Sun (London paper): 195pq

(Philadelphia) Sun: 24c

Suspiria de Profundis (De Quincey): 111c

(The) Swedenborg Library (Bush): 296c

Sweetser, Henry W.: 145rp+q

Switzerland: 109m

T.H.C.; see Chivers

Table-Talk (Hazlitt): 107r, 278-79r

Taglioni, Maria: 197c

Tait’s Magazine: 193-95aq

(The) Taking of Naboth’s Vineyard (D. L. Child): 71rc

Tales (Poe): 167r

Talfourd, Sir Thomas Noon: 335p

Talleyrand (Bishop of Autun): 41c

Taming of the Shrew (see also Katherine and Petruchio): 183m, 193p

Tayler, Chas.: 262m, 268rc

Taylor, Emily (ed.): 301rc

Taylor, W. C.: 26-27r

Tellkampf, Adolphus: 356m

Tellkampf, T. L.: 356c

temperance: new journal reviewed, 80c

Tennyson, Alfred: 8m, 12m, 13m, 14-15m, 60-61q, 117m, 126m, 134p, 134-35pq, 164m, 166m, 168m, 170-71p+q, 187m, 232m, 307m, 321r

Texas: 27m, 43m, 71c, 108c

“Thanatopsis” (Bryant): 64q+c

theater: see drama, also individual names of theaters: Park, Palmo’s, etc.

Thierry, Augustin: 92m

Thiers, M. A.: 87m, 302c

Thiodolf the Icelander (Fouqué): 300m

Thomas, F. W.: 196c, 236c, 341/53

Thomson, Mrs. (Lady of Milan): 359rc

Tieck, J. L.: 197p

(Boston) Times: 299c

Titian: “Venus” shown, 116a, 304m

Tobin, John: The Honeymoon, 83p

Tomlin, John: 82rc+q

Townshend, Chauncey H.: 70c, 132m

Transcript (Boston) and Lyceum lecture: 297-98a

translation: H. Deming praised, 101-102c; on rights of authors to select translators, 196-97a

Travels in North America (Lyell): 215rc

(The) Treasury of History (Mauner): 233m, 334-35p

Tremaine (Ward, R.): 19cq

(The) Trials of Margaret Lindsay (Wilson): 168rc

Trippings in Authorland (Forrester): 320r

(The) True Child (Smith): 242-43rc

Trumbull, John: 36m, 37m

truth: in art, 17c

Tucker, Beverly (George Balcombe): 276m

Tuckerman, Henry: 104m, 105m, 118m, 218m, 249m

Tupper, Martin F.: 214-15rp, 305-306p

Turner, Wm., M.D.: 115rp

Turner, Wm. W. (tr. of Raumer’s book): 317-19q

Two Letters on Slavery: 183c

Tyler, John: 27m, 43m, 87m, 226m

typographical errors: in E. Barrett’s book, 2c

United States of America: name for, 55-56aq, 80p, 109c (see Allegania)

United States Hotel: advertisement, 93m

“Unseen River” (H. Hirst): 136c

Valdemar (Poe’s tale and character): 340a, 342c, 355-56a

Van Buren, Martin: 87m, 88m

Vandenhoff, G.: 82r, 90c

Varro: 225m

“Venus”: Titian’s, 116p, 304c

Veronica (Zschokke): 150rc

“Verses on the Queen of Bohemia” (Wotton): 113-14p+q

versification: 126c

Verulam, Lord: see Bacon, Francis, 100c

Vestiges of Creation (Chambers): 88m, 234rq, 327c

(The) Vicar of Wakefield (Goldsmith): 301rc

Vinci, Leonardo da: 43c, 276m

Vinet, Alexander: 146rc

“Violet Vane” (Osgood; see note): 69m

(The) Vision (Dante): 290-91rp

Vital Christianity (Vinet): 146rc

Vivian: see Vyvian

Voices of the Night (Longfellow): 101rc, 122m

Voltaire: 22m, 145-46c, 250m

Vyvian, Sir Richard R. (see Vestiges of Creation): 327c

W.D.G.: see W. D. Gallagher

W.G.: see W. Gibson or W. G. Simms

W. W. (Walter Whitman): 315c

Wagstaff, Wm. (history of the Quakers): 70rp

Wakely, Thomas (editor of Lancet): 71m

Walker, John (dictionary maker): 148c

Wallace, Wm.: 168-69pq, 211c, 251q, 304c, 307rq

Walpole, Horace: 265c, 287q, 294q

Walter, Cornelia: 65c, 297-98c, 314-15c

(The) Wandering Jew (Sue): 191c, 215c, 248rm, 259c, 271c, 295rc, 321c, 333c

Wanderings of a Pilgrim (Cheever): 282m

Warburton, Eliot: 145rc

Ward, Robert P: 19cq

(The) Warwick Woods (Forester): 102rc

Washington, Baron Von: 88m

Washington family: 88m

Washington, George: 308-309c

Washington Monument: 308-309p

Watson, H. C. (co-ed. of BJ): 24c, 160m, 264m

(The) Waverley Novels (Scott): 92c, 150rm, 191c, 302c

weather: at the Danube, 112c

Webster, Daniel: 87m, 144m

Webster, J. P.: 273a, 291p

Welby, Amelia: 328m

Wellington, A., Duke of: 119-21q

Wells, Mary G.: 88m

Welsh Congress of Bards: 227c

West, Robert A.: 105m, 303c

Western Clearings (Kirkland): 316-17r

Westminster Review: 102m, 168rc, 281s

Wheeler, Alfred: his plagiarism, 253q

Whewell, Wm.: 262r

Whipple, E. P.: 104m, 168-69p, 170-71q

White, Thomas W.: as editor, 54p

(The) White Slave: 242rc

Whitman, Walt: 315c

Whitney, T. R: 333rc

Whittier, John Greenleaf: 30m, 146m, 252-53q, 264c, 275c

(The) Wigwam and the Cabin (Simms): 265-67r

Wikoff, Henry: 356c

Wiley & Putnam: 70m, 92m, 287a

Wilkes, Chas.: 116-17c+q

Willis, Mrs.: 117c

Willis, Nathaniel: 16-18a, 23pq, 28c, 29c, 30m, 35m, 45p, 136c, 137m, 185-86p, 199-200p, 214c, 223r, 303-304aq, 305c, 320c

Wilmer & Smith’s European Times: 324aq

Wilson, Erasmus (physiologist): 351-52rp

Wilson, John (“Christopher North”): 58m, 71m, 92m, 111c, 168rc, 239-40r, 274-75p, 283c, 295rp, 348m

Wilson, Marcius: 295rc

Wither, George: l l4q+c

Wolf, Friedrich August: 110m

Wolff, O. L. B.: 61-62pq

Wollstonecraft, Mary: 1m

women: writers in Godey’s, 24c, 79c; writers criticized, 34c; as scribes, 86c

Wordsworth: 14m, 92m, 113c, 187m, 211q+c, 219c, 275c

Worthington, Jane Tayloe: 88m, 213m

Wotton, Henry: 113-14c+q

Wright, J. H.: 157rp

Wyatt, Wm. Edward: 206rm

Xxxxxxx xxxxxx: 9999

Yankee: 39m

“Young America” movement (Cornelius Mathews): 171-73c+q

(The) Young Bride’s Book: 146m

(The) Young Man’s Mentor: 269c

“Young Rosalie Lee” (P. P. Cooke): 356m

Zoilus: 1m

Zoist (periodical): 355-56a

(The) Zoology of the English Poets (Newell): 300c

Zschokke, Heinrich: 128rc, 150rp






[S:1 - BRP4J, 1986] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Editions - The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe (B. R. Pollin) (Index M-Z)