Text: William Dinneford to Edgar Allan Poe — April 15, 1845



In your note of the 2d inst. you request of me the favor of being placed on the free list of this theatre, because (as your letter says) you were anxious “to do Justice to ‘Antigone’ on its representation.” Your name was accordingly placed on the free list. Your Critique has appeared, in the Broadway Journal, characterized, much more by ill nature and an illiberal spirit, than by fair and candid, or even just criticism.

In justice therefore to MYSELF, I have withdrawn your name from the free list. I am always prepared to submit; as a catererer [[sic]] for public amusement, to any just remarks, though they may be severe, but I do not feel MYSELF called upon to offer facilities to any one, to do me injury by animadversions evidently marked by ill feeling. I am SIR!

With very great respect,

Your most obt servt

To Edgar Poe Esq. &c &c &cAuthor of THE RAVEN.New York APL 15, 1845. No 8 Astor House.



Poe printed this letter in an article titled “Achilles Wrath” in the Broadway Journal, April 19, 1845, p. 251.


[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - W. Dinneford to Poe (RCL533b)