Text: Anne C. Lynch to Edgar Allan Poe — July 17, 1845


My dear Mr. Poe,

I was very sorry not to find you at home when I called on Mrs. Poe the other day. I wanted to ask you what I am now going to write, that is, lf you will not come here on Saturday evening, and read your poem or some passages from it. Of course you will say “it is too warm” — but I do not believe it will ever be any cooler so if that is all your objection you must not refuse me. Let me hear your decision so that I may ask a few friends if you consent. Do you know Mr. William Wallace? I should like to make his acquaintance — I like his “Gods of Greece” so much.

Remember me to Mrs. Poe, I hope she is better.

I must tell you how much pleasure I took in reading your Tales and in knowing that they are a selection from seventy, all of which I hope to read. They are un­surpassed by any stories I have ever read in poetry of language and fire of imagination. More of them when I see you.

Truly yours
Anne C. Lynch

Thursday July 17. 116 Waverly Place.





[S:0 - MS, 18xx] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Misc - Letters - A. C. Lynch to Poe (RCL551a)