Text: Edward H. N. Patterson to Edgar Allan Poe — August 21, 1849


Oquawka, Ill., Aug. 21, 1849.  

My Dear Sir, — yours of the 7th inst. was received last night, and I hasten to reply. I am truly glad to hear that you are recovering your health, and trust that it will soon be fully restored. You cannot enter into the joint publication of a $3 Mag. with “your heart in the work.” Well, what say you to this?

In publishing a $5 magazine, of 96 pp., monthly, page same size as Graham’s — in bourgeois or brevier (instead of long primer and brevier, as first proposed), it would be necessary for me to make an outlay of at least $1,100 (this amount including a supply of paper for three months for 2,000 copies). Now, if you are sure that, as you before thought, 1,000 subscribers can be obtained who will pay upon receipt of the first number, then you may consider me pledged to be with you in the undertaking.

If this proposition meets your approval, you may immediately commence your journey to St. Louis — making easy stages through the South and operating on your way — so as to reach that city by the middle of October (say the 15th), keeping me advised of your progress, as you proceed, by letter, say every two weeks. I will meet you at St. Louis, by the time mentioned, at which time I shall be more at leisure than before, and can then settle on arrangements. You may associate my name with your own in the matter, the same as if I had met you in person.

Adopt your own title. I leave this matter to you as belonging peculiarly to your department. (Remember, however, published simultaneously at New York and St. Louis.) The first number can be issued in July — it is now too late to do it in January, and it would not be advisable to commence at any time other than the beginning or the middle of the year. I will try to be in St. Louis on the 15 of October, if your answer to this be favorable; until which time I bid you God-speed, and beg leave to sign myself,

Most truly yours,
Ed. H. N. Patterson.

P. S. — I send this via St. Louis and Vincennes, and will make a duplicate via Chicago to-morrow.

E. H. N. P.

Edgar A. Poe, Esq.





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