Text: Anonymous, [Review of Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine for March], New-York Tribune (New York, NY), vol. I, no. 276, February 26, 1842, p. 2, col. 3


[page 2, column 3, continued:]

GRAHAM'S LADY'S AND GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE: March 1842. Israel Post, 88 Bowery.

‘The Young Widow’ is the title of an exquisite steel engraving in this number. ‘The Crowning of Powhatan,’ though slightly inferior to the other, is a splendid plate. We have already said, and we repeat that the engravings alone in these periodicals are well worth the subscription price. Among the Literary Contents we notice a fine poem by A. B. Street, entitled ‘The Fresher,’ and articles from the pens of LONGFELLOW, who contributes a fine notice of Heinrich Heine, with translations, William Wallace, Frances Osgood, H. W. Herbert, Park Benjamin, James R. Lowell, and other well known writers. The Literary notices by E. A. Poe evince high ability, and though in our judgement often mistaken, are always interesting. This Magazine has enlisted in its support some of the first writers in this country.

KING & Co., 199 Broadway, have also received this Magazine.





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