Text: Anonymous, “[Notice of The Moral for Authors, by J. E. Tuel,” Daily Morning Post (Pittsburgh, PA), vol. VII, no. 284, June 18, 1849, p. 2, col. 6


[page 3, col. 6, continued:]

“THE MORAL FOR AUTHORS, as contained in the Autobiography of Eureka, a Manuscript Novel and discovered by J. E. TUEL.”

We presume the author of this novel had “nothing else to do,” when it was written. It is a rather good natured attempt to portray in verse, the peculiarities of certain novelists and poets, for whom our author seems to have no particular love. It is written somewhat in the style of Byron's “English Bards and Scottish Reviewers,” but without the sarcasm and irony of that immortal production. The hit at Edgar A. Poe, however, is very good. For sale at J. D. Lockwood, 63, Wood street.





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