Text: Anonymous, “[Notice of Graham's Magazine for April], Brother Jonathan, vol. I, no. 15, April 9, 1842, p. 409, col. 2


[page 409, column 2:]

GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE for April. New-York. Israel Post.

A good number, tastefully ornamented. Mrs. Stephen's story “The Two Dukes,” increases in interest as it progresses. The other contributors have done well, and Mr. Poe shows in his literary judgements much discrimination, and not quite so hypercriticism as is usual with him. His standards are apt to be “frical” to use a Yankeeism, and his literary code is entirely too much after the precedent of Draco.



The editors were listed as Horatio Hastings Weld, John Neal, George M. Snow, and Edward Stephens.


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