Text: Anonymous, “[Notice of Poe's Eureka],” United States Magazine and Democratic Review (Washington, DC), vol. XXIII, whole no 122, August 1848, p. 192


[page 192:]


[[. . .]]

EUREKA: A PROSE POEM, Or the Physical and Metaphysical Universe. By Edgar A. Poe, Esq Handsomely printed, 12mo., cloth. 75 cts. G. P. Putnam

Mr. Poe is too well and favorably known. not only to the reading public of this country but of England to make an extended notice of his peculiar excellence at all necesary [[necessary]] here. The work now published by Mr. Putnam will doubtless be readily sought, as well by the admirers of Mr. Poe as by the public at large.

Text: Anonymous, “Mr. Poe's Lecture,” Literary World: A Journal of American and Foreign Literature, Science, and Art (New York, NY), vol. III, no. 2, February 12, 1848, p. 30, cols. 1-2







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