Text: Morton McMichael , “[Notice of Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque,” Godey's Lady' Book (Philadelpia, PA), January 1840, 20:46, col. 1


[page 46, continued:]

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. By Edgar A. Poe: 2 vols. — Philadelphia: Lea & Blanchard.

Mr. Poe is a writer of rare and various abilities. He possesses a fine perception of the ludicrous, and his humorous stories are instinct with the principle of mirth. He possesses also a mind of unusual grasp — a vigorous power of analysis, and an acuteness of perception which have given to him high celebrity as a critic. These same faculties, moreover, aided by an unusually active imagination, and directed by familiar study of metaphysical writings, have led him to produce some of the most vivid scenes of the wild and wonderful which can be found in English literature. The volumes now published, contain favourable specimens of Mr. Poe's powers, and cannot fail to impress all who read them, with a conviction of his genius.



Although unsigned, the review is presumed to be the work of Morton McMichael.


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