Text: Lawrence Labree, “[Notice of The Raven and Other Poems],” Illustrated Magazine of Literature and Art (New York, NY), vol. I, no. 11, December 6, 1845, p. 192, col. 2



[[. . .]]

Then we have as number eight of the same “Library,” “THE RAVEN and other Poems,” by Edgar A. Poe” It bothers us some how to rate the author; still the contents of this volume are creditable to American Literature. We have but few poets whose works we care to see in “book form,” and Mr. Poe is one of these. His “Raven” is more remarkable for its mechanical construction than for its spirit of poetry, though any one who has read it several times over, as we have, must confess it to have some merit. The public are indebted to Mr. Poe for this offering from his muse.







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