Text: Orville James Victor (?), “[Remains of Edgar A. Poe],” Cosmopolitan Art Journal (New York, NY), vol. 1, no. 1, July 1856, p. 16, col. 3


[page 16, column 3, continued:]

IF the remains of the author of the “RAVEN,” which now lie mouldering, where at any time they may be dug up and removed to where they will never be recognized, are not claimed, nor properly cared for by his family, we think the people of America ought to testify to their appreciation of his genius, and their gratitude for the credit which he has given to our literature, by taking the charge into their own hands.

Because EDGAR A. POE was weak and sinful, miserable and tempted in his life, it is no reason why we should refuse to his resplendent genius the meed of respect and admiration it should have. Because a single glass of wine would overthrow his exquisitely sensitive faculties, and poverty and suffering drove him to that glass, and thence to further excess, we ought to pity, while we condemn. It will be a discredit to this country if she refuses any public acknowledgment of his gifts, or seems to hold a grudge against the dead.

Let the author of “ULLALUME [[ULALUME]],” and “ANNABEL LEE,” and the “BELLS,” have consecrated to his repose some sweet spot, where the spirits which troubled his earthly career will no more vex and madden, and haunt him with their weird ghosts.

Who will be the first to move in this pleasant work? Will not some lady, who has a gentle heart and much leisure, propose the thing to those who will be apt to give it proper consideration?




Although unsigned, the article is probably the work of Orville James Victor (1827-1910), the editor of the magazine.



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