Text: Orville James Victor (?), “The Poe Monument,” Cosmopolitan Art Journal (New York, NY), vol. 1, no. 5, September 1857, p. 150, cols. 2-3


[page 150, column 2, continued:]



IN several numbers of this Journal, we have agitated the question of a monument to cover the remains of the late EDGAR ALLAN POE, which it was proposed to remove from Baltimore to Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia. The responses to our propositions have been numerous — some well-timed and some otherwise, though we failed not to discover the great hold which the deceased poet and critic has upon American minds by the general sympathy expressed in his behalf. The plan of action was to submit the whole to a committee named, who were to give the “Monument Association” shape, and open the way for active operations in the matter; and the announcement was to be made, in this present number of the Journal, of the steps taken. [column 3:]

We have now to say, that all efforts in the direction proposed are forestalled by the relatives of the poet; who, it is understood, have erected a stone over his remains — thus signifying the wish that they should remain in their present burial place.

There is, therefore, no propriety in further action, at present, and we may consider the question of the removal ,of the remains and the erection of a monument as withdrawn from the public. What we have done in the matter was from patriotic motives, as, we are conscious, was the case with those of our correspondents who took an active interest in the movement; and we can but express regret that it was not permitted the proposed steps to be taken. But, since it is decreed otherwise, it is not for us to question or demur; and we can only say, that, if in future it shall be decided upon to give the poet a resting-place in Laurel Hill, and to erect a proper monument to his memory, we shall most cheerfully lend our sympathy and aid in the matter.




Although unsigned, the article is probably the work of Orville James Victor (1827-1910), the editor of the magazine.



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