Text: Eugene L. Didier, “Life of Edgar A. Poe [Preface],” New York: W. J. Widdleton, 1877, pp. 9-10


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DURING the twenty-seven years that have passed since Edgar A. Poe’s death, his fame has been steadily increasing and extending, but the world has remained in ignorance of the true story of the poet’s life. The present memoir is as full and complete as it is possible to make it. Every person accessible to the writer, who possessed any information upon the subject, has been approached, and seldom in vain. Much fresh and interesting information has been obtained; many false statements, heretofore accepted without question, have been corrected.

The cordial thanks of the author are heartily tendered to Mrs. Sarah Helen Whitman, for her valuable Introductory Letter, and for extracts from Poe’s letters; to William J. McClellan, Esq., who, with characteristic generosity, placed at my disposal his entire collection of Poeana; to Professor Joseph H. Clarke, for his interesting sketch of ­[page 10:] Edgar A. Poe, when his pupil at the Richmond Academy; to Colonel John T. L. Preston, of the Virginia Military Institute, and Andrew Johnston, Esq., of Richmond, for their reminiscences of Poe as a schoolboy; to Mr. William Wertenbaker, Librarian of the University of Virginia, and to Neilson Poe, Esq., for details of family history and personal recollections of the poet.


BALTIMORE, August 1, 1876.





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