Text: John H. Ingram, “Biographical Data,” Edgar Allan Poe: Life, Letters, and Opinions (1886), pp. vi-vii


[page vi, unnumbered:]



January 19,   1809.   Born at Boston, Massachusetts.
December 8,   1811   His mother died at Richmond, Virginia.
       ”   [Edgar Poe adopted by Mr. John Allan.]
    1816.   Brought to Europe, and placed at school to Stoke Newington.
    1821.   Returns to the United States.
    1822.   Placed at school in Richmond, Virginia.
February 1,   1826.   Enters University of Virginia.
[Signs matriculation book, 14th February 1836.]
December 15,   1826.   Leaves University of Virginia.
    1827.   “Tamerlane and Other Poems” printed at Boston.
June?   1827.   Departs for Europe.
March,   1829.   Returns to Richmond, Virginia.
       ”   Publishes “Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems,” at Baltimore.
July 1,   1830.   Admitted as cadet to West Point Military Academy.
March 6,   1831.   Dismissed the Military Academy.
     ”   Publishes “Poems,” New York.
Autumn,   1833.   Gains prize from Saturday Visiter (Baltimore).
December,   1835.   Editor of the Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond, Virginia).
May 16,   1836.   Married to his cousin, Virginia Clemm, at Richmond. [Virginia C. born August 13th, 1822.]
January,   1837.   Resigns editorship of Southern Literary Messenger.
  1837-8.   Resides in New York.
July,   1838.   “Arthur Gordon Pym” published, New York and London.
Autumn,   1838.   Removes to Philadelphia.
July,   1839.   Editor of the Gentleman’s Magazine, Philadelphia. [page vii:]
July,   1840.   “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque” published, Philadelphia.
    1840.   “The Conchologist’s Book” published, First Philadelphia.
June,      ”   Resigns editorship of Gentleman’s Magazine.
January,   1841.   Editor of Graham’s Magazine, Philadelphia.
April,   1842.   Resigns editorship of Graham’s Magazine.
Spring,   1843.   Gains $100 prize for “The Gold Bug.”
Autumn,   1844.   Sub-editor of the Evening Mirror, New York.
January 29,   1845.   “The Raven” published in Evening Mirror.
February 28,   1845.   Lectures in New York Historical Society’s room.
March 8,      ”   Joint-editor of the Broadway Journal.
July,      ”   “Tales” published, New York and London.
     ”   Sole-editor of the Broadway Journal.
November 1,      ”   Proprietor of Broadway Journal.
     ”   “The Raven and Other Poems” published, New York and London.
Winter,      ”   Lectures at Boston Lyceum.
December,      ”   Broadway Journal disposed of.
February,   1846.   “The Literati” begun in Godey’s Lady’s Book.
June 23,      ”   Evening Mirror publishes libel.
28,      ”   “Reply” to libel in Philadelphia Saturday Gazette.
Summer,      ”   Removes to Fordham.
January 30,   1847.   His wife dies.
February 17,      ”   Gains libel suit against Evening Mirror.
February 3,   1848.   Lectures in New York Historical Society’s room.
Summer,      ”   “Eureka” published, New York.
     ”   Richmond, Virginia, revisited.
     ”   Lectures at Lowell, Mass., and Providence, R.I.
October,      ”   Betrothed to Mrs. Whitman.
December,      ”   Engagement with Mrs. Whitman broken off.
June 30,   1849.   Departs for the South.
Autumn,      ”   In Richmond and neighbourhood.
October 17,      ”   Dies at Baltimore, Maryland.
November 17,   1875.   Monument Inaugurated, Baltimore.





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