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THE following account of the bibliography of Edgar Allan Poe is scarcely likely to prove complete, or exhaustive, although no efforts have been spared to make it both. Doubtless translations have appeared, and disappeared, without leaving any discoverable traces in the somewhat imperfectly-kept book registers of the past, whilst even distinct native publications — anonymous and pseudonymous — as well as various editions of Poe’s known works, may no longer be recognisable. Separate book publications only are referred to here; magazine, newspaper, and other ephemeral issues, have been ignored. A full account having been given in this “Life” of the volumes published during his lifetime, only a bare recital of their titles is now furnished. It may be mentioned that the poet’s name and works are well known in Poland, Hungary, and Russia, but whether by means of native or foreign versions, or by journals, or books, is unknown to us; in France and Spain Poe’s tales have been frequently published in the journals, ere feuilleton.


Tamerlane and Other Poems. Boston. 1827. 16mo. 40 pp.

Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. Baltimore. 1829. 16mo. 66 pp.

Poems (Second edition.) New York. 1831. 16mo. 124 pp. [page 475:]

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. New York. 1838. 12 mo. 252 pp.

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. Philadelphia. 1840. (1839.) 12mo. 2 vols, 243, 228 pp.

The Conchologist’s First Book. Philadelphia. 1840. (1839.) 16mo. 166 pp.

The Conchologist’s First Book. (Second edition.) Philadelphia. 1840. 12mo. 166 pp.

Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. (Second edition.) New York. 1845. 16mo. 2 vols. [[this entry is an error]]

Tales. New York. 1845. 12mo. 228 pp.

The Raven and Other Poems. New York. 1845. 12mo. 92 pp.

Eureka. A Prose Poem. New York. 1848. 8vo. 144 pp. (A second edition is stated to have been issued.) [[no second edition was issued]]

The Works. Tales, Poems, &c. New York. 1850. 12mo. 2 vols. pp. xx., 484, xxvi., 496.

The Literati (with Memoir by R. W. Griswold). New York. 1850. 12mo. pp. iv., 6o8. (This book was issued as vol. iii of the Works.)

The Works. New edition. New York. 1850. 12mo. 3 vols.

The Works. New edition. New York. 1853, 12mo. 4 vols. (This “4 vol. edition” included “Arthur Gordon Pym,” and other hitherto unedited tales.) [[actually, vol. 4 was not printed until 1856]]

The Works. Fifteenth edition. New York. 1858. 12mo. 4 vols. (All later editions of The Works were only reprints of this collection until 1876, when additional pieces from the Edinburgh 1874-75 collection were included.)

The Poetical Works (with Memoir). New York. 1858. large 8vo. (This Memoir, founded on Griswold’s, is ascribed to C. Briggs.)

The Poetical Works (with Memoir). New York, 1859. 32mo.

Editions of the Poetical Works, in all shapes and sizes, with or without memoir, illustrated or not, continued to issue from the press; the contents being as published in the first 1850 posthumous edition, unaltered and unadded to, until a collection in 1875, when the early lines “To Helen” were omitted, and eight of the juvenile, long-neglected pieces of the 1831 edition were added. In the “Memorial Edition” of 1876, (Memoir by J. H. Ingram,) “To Helen” reappeared; whilst seven of [page 476:] the 1831 pieces were again omitted: other slight variations occur in various editions now in circulation.


The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. London. 1838. 8vo. (A reprint, apparently, of the New York edition, and issued by the London branch of the New York firm.)

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. London. 1841. 4to. (In the “Novelist’s Newspaper.”)

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. London. 1859. 8vo,

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. London. 1861. 8vo. (No. 3 of “The Shilling Series.[[”]])

Several other editions of this romance have appeared in England, but cannot be traced.

Tales. London. 1845. 8vo. (Reprint of New York Edition.)

Tales and Sketches. London. 1852. 8vo.

Tales of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour. London. 1852. 8vo. 2 vols. Illustrated. (Two series, being vols. i. and ix. of the “Readable Books” library.)

Tales of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour. London. 1853. 8vo. 2 vols.

Tales of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour. Halifax 1855. 16mo (As a vol. of “The Cottage Library.”) Various [page 477:] editions of this collection appeared in 1856 and subsequently, in London and elsewhere.

Tales of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour. London. 1864. 12mo.

The Works. London. 1872. 8vo. (This so-called edition of “The Works” does not contain more than about one-third of the Edinburgh collection: it is believed to have had a very large sale.)

The Complete Works. (Edited, with Memoir by J. H. Ingram.) Edinburgh. 1874-75. 8vo. 4 vo1s. (This has passed through various editions.)

The Mystery of Marie Roget, and Other Stories. Illustrated. London. No date. 8vo.

Tales of Mystery and Imagination. London. 1883. 8vo. (“Sixpenny Novels” Series.)

The Tales and Poems. Including “The Journal of Julius Rodman.” (Edited, with Essays, by J. H. Ingram. Illustrated with original etchings, &c.) London. 1884. 8vo. 4 vols. (150 Large paper copies printed.)

Tales. (Edited, with Note, by J. H. Ingram.) Leipzig. (Other editions in London.) 1884. 8vo. (Tauchnitz “Collection of British Authors.”)

Selections. Prose and Poetry. London, &c. 1885. 8vo. (“The Red Library.”)

Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Selected. (Introduction by H. R. Haweis.) London. 1886. 16mo. (“The World Library.”)

Tales and Other Prose Wrirings. Selected. (Introduction by E. Rhys.) London. 1889. 8vo. (“The Camelot” Series.)

Tales of Adventure, Mystery, and Imagination. (Introduction by G. T. Bettany.) London, &c. Illustrated. 1890. 8vo. (“Minerva Library of Famous Books.”)


The Raven and Other Poems. London. 1846. 16mo. (This is a reprint of the New York 1845 edition.)

The Poetical Works. London. 1852. 12mo. [page 478:]

Do. (Life by J. Hannay.) London. 1853. 8vo. Illustrated.

The Poetical Works. London. 1856. 12mo.

Do. (With Poems by Dana!) London.

1857. 12mo. Illustrated.

The Poetical Works. (Memoir by C. Briggs?) London. 1858. (1857.) 8vo.

The Poetical Works. London. 1858. 12mo.

Do. do. 1859. 8vo.

Do. do. 1860. 18mo.

(Many reprints of these editions have been issued, some illustrated, some not, but only those below need be specified.)

The Poetical Works. London. 1866. (With selections of his Sketches and Reviews, and with Life. One vol. of the “Library of Popular Authors.”)

The Poetical Works. Edinburgh. 1869. 8vo. (“Original Memoir,” founded on Griswold.)

The Poetical Works. Edinburgh. 1869. 4to. Illustrated.

The Raven. Glasgow. 1869. 24mo.

The Poetical Works. London. 1871. 8vo. Illustrated.

Do. Edinburgh. 1872. 12mo.

Do. do. 1872. 8vo.

Do. London. (?)

(This last is one of “The Emerald Series;” the thirteenth thousandth was announced some short time ago.[[)]]


Histoires Extraordinaires. Paris. 1856. 12mo.

Nouvelles Histoires Extraordinaires. Paris. 1857. 12mo.

Aventures d’Arthur Gordon Pym. do. 1858. 12mo.

Eureka. Paris. 1863. 12mo.

Histoires Grotesques et Serieuses. Paris. 1865. 12mo.

The above are Baudelaire’s world-famed translations of Poe’s works; they have gone through many editions, and have circulated by thousands; the dates of first publication only are given.

Les Contes d’Edgar Poe.” Paris. 1846?

Nouvelles Choisies. Paris. 1853. 12mo.

Contes Inedits. do. 1862. 12mo.

Mille et Deuxième Nuit. Coulommiers. 1869. 4to. Illustrè.

Le Corbeau. Traduit par S. Mallarmé. Paris. 1875. Large folio. Illustrè par E. Manet.

(To this magnificent édition de luxe of Poe’s poetic chef d’œuvre, the following two works, by the same translator and illustrator, are announced as in preparation, but have not yet been published.)

La Cité en la Mer. Paris. ——

Les Poèmes d’Edgar Poe. Paris. ——


Novellen von E. A. Poe. Illustrated. Leipzig. 1855-58. 2 vo1s. pp. 192, 192. (Issued in the “Familien-Bibliothek.”)

Auagewählte Werke. Leipzig. 1853-58. 3 vo1s. pp. 200, 214, 197. (Issued in the “Amerikanische-Bibliothek,” as vols. xxxvii., xxxviii, and xcix.)

Tales of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour. Leipzig. 1855-56. 2 vols. (Vols. vi. and vii, of “The English Library.”)

Select Works of E. A. Poe. With Memoir. Leipzig. 1854-58. 2 vols. (Vols. xiii, and xiv. of “Dürr’s Collection of American Authors.”) pp. 246, 280.

Unbegreifliche Ereignisse and geheimniszvolle Thaten. Stuttgart. 1861. pp. 580. 8vo.

Erstaunliche Geschichten and unheimdiche Begebenheiten. Stuttgart, 1859. pp. 456.

Unheimliche Geschicken. Jena, 1879. pp. 164. 8vo.

Der Rabe, die Glocken, and Lenore. Philadelphia. 1864. 16mo.

Der Rabe. Mit einer biographischen Skizze. Philadelphia. 1869. 8vo. Illustrated.


Historias Extraordinarias. Noticias por el Doctor Landa. Madrid. 1858.

Historias Extraordinarias. Two Series. Madrid. 1859. 2 vols. (Forming 2 vols of the “Biblioteca de Viaje.”)

Aventuras de Arturo Gordon Pym. Barcelona. 1863. 4to.


Racconti Incredibili. Illustrated. Milan. 1876. 8vo.

Racconti. Milan. 1871 (Forming No. 38 of the “Biblioteca Nuova.”).


Poetical Works. Melbourne. 1868. 8vo.




This form of the bibliography is from the 1891 edition, which contains additional items. (The 1886 bibliography merely repeated the bibliography from the 1880 edition.)


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