Text: Sara S. Rice, “Preface,” Edgar Allan Poe: A Memorial Volume, Baltimore: Turnbull Brothers, 1877, pp. vii-viii


[page vii, unnumbered:]


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So general an interest has been shown in the erection of the, monument to


that it has been thought that a small volume as a memorial of the occasion would not be unacceptable to admirers of that poet.

It is perhaps not altogether a coincidence that almost at the same time that the poet’s last resting-place was marked by the marble that commemorates his genius, his good name was also cleared from the calumnies that had darkened it for a generation. In his case justice was slow in coming, but it came at last; and no one who feels the power of Poe’s rare, ethereal and pure genius, or is touched by his sad fate, need now grieve to think that his grave is unnoted or his reputation darkened.

To assist in commemorating this double justice, is the object of this volume.

Thanks are due to the various friends who have helped in the work: to Mr. J. H. INGRAM of London (to whose patient labor the world is chiefly indebted for the vindication of the poet’s memory), who modified and adapted for this volume the biographical [page viii:] sketch prepared by him for the International Review; to Col. J. T. L. PRESTON, of Lexington, Virginia, for the interesting reminiscences of Poe’s school-boy life; to the distinguished poets whose tributes to his memory adorn our pages; to Mr. GEORGE W. CHILDS of Philadelphia for generous assistance; to Mr. JOHN T. MORRIS of Baltimore for valuable help and encouragement from first to last; to Dr. WM. HAND BROWNE of Baltimore for literary aid in the preparation of the work; to Mr. THOMAS H. DAVIDSON of Abingdon, Virginia, for permission to copy the unequalled portrait of Poe in his possession; and to all others who have given words of approval and encouragement.

S. S. R.

BALTIMORE, November, 1876.


The annexed certificate from the well-known photographer, Mr. Daniel Bendann, confirms the claim we have made for the likeness of Poe which forms our frontispiece.

“BALTIMORE, Nov. 10, 1875.

The photograph of Edgar Allan Poe accompanying this volume is from the original daguerreotype taken at the old Whitehurst Gallery, Main St., Richmond, (with which establishment I was myself for some time connected), and is, unquestionably, the most faithful likeness of him extant.







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