Text: Michael J. Deas, “[Figure 12],” The Portraits and Daguerreotypes of Edgar Allan Poe (1989), p. 33 (This material is protected by copyright)


Daly Daguerreotype of Poe

12 · The “Daly” Daguerreotype *

1847(?); whereabouts of original unknown

Reproduced from a carte-de-visite copy photograph by Napoleon Sarony, dated 1878

Courtesy of the Historical Photographs and Special Visual Collections Department, Fine Arts Library, Harvard University



This image is laterally reversed. For the sake of reference, this image may also be seen in the corrected orientation.

In 1989, when this book was originally published, the credit line read “Courtesy of the Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University,” which was correct at that time. The Fogg Museum was absorbed into the Harvard Art Museums in 2014, and the new entity requested a change in the credit line, as now shown above.


[S:1 - PDEAP, 1989] - Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore - Bookshelf - The Portraits and Daguerreotypes of Edgar Allan Poe (M. J. Deas) (Figure 12)