Text: William Doyle Hull II, “Abbreviations,” A Canon of the Critical Works of Edgar Allan Poe (1941), p. ix


[page ix:]



AMAmerican Metropolitan.

Am.Lit.American Literature.

Am. Mus.American Museum.

AWRAmerican Whig Review.

BJBroadway Journal.

BGMBurton’s Gentleman’s Magazine.

BMBoston Miscellany.

Cas. — Casket.

CHAL. — Cambridge History of American Literature.

CCSLM — D. K. Jackson. Contributors and Contributions to the Southern Literary Messenger.

DNBDictionary of National Biography.

DRDemocratic Review.

EMNew York Evening Mirror.

GMGraham’s Magazine.

GLBGodey’s Lady’s Book.

Gr. MSS. — Griswold Manuscripts..

H — The Harrison edition of the complete works of Poe.

LEPittsburg Literary Examiner.

MLNModern Language Notes.

NWNew World.

NYRNew York Quarterly Review.

PMLAPublications of the Modern Language Association.

PSLM — D. K. Jackson, Poe and the Southern Literary Messenger.

SEPSaturday waning Post.

SLMSouthern Literary Messenger.

TQHGMTyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine.

UVL — Alderman Library, University of Virginia.

WMNew York Weekly Mirror.


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