Text: William Doyle Hull II, “Guide to the Canon,” A Canon of the Critical Works of Edgar Allan Poe (1941), p. xi


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Abbreviations of Bibliographies:

H: Harrison.

C: Campbell.

B: Heartman and Canny.

R: Robertson.

P: University of Pennsylvania Bibliographical Project.

T: Mabbott.

M: B. B.Minor.

J: Jackson.

A question mark after one of these initials indicates that the bibliographer gives the review in question to Poe with a question. These initials are placed in parentheses just after the title to indicate that the bibliographies so listed include the article in question.


Symbols denoting authorship.

All reviews which are numbered I have given to Poe.

All unnumbered reviews are someone else’s.

*: an asterisk before a numbered title indicates that the review is definitely Poe’s.

When an article is listed with a number and with no qualifying question mark, it means that. I am convinced that it is Poe’s; but that there is not evidence conclusive enough to give it t o him with an asterisk.

(?): before a numbered title indicates that the article, I think, is probably Poets.

?: before a numbered title indicates that th- artielf3, I think, may be Poets.

*: before an unnumbered title indicates that the article is definitely not Poets; if the authorship is not certain, the initial of the suspected author is accompanied by a qualifying sign.

Always in the case of reviews not Poe’s the author is indicated by an initial at the end of the entry.

An unnumbered title with no qualifying mark indicates my conviction that Poe is not the author.

(?): occurring at the end of an unnumbered entry indicates a strong probability that doe is not the author.

?: occurring at the end of a an unnumbered entry indicates that Poe in all likelihood is not the author.


Initials denoting other Reviewers:

H: for the Messenger is Heath; for the Mirror, Headley.

T: is Beverley Tucker.

S: Vernon Sparhawk.

M: Lucian Minor.

B: Burton.

CR: an unidentified reviewer who wrote reviews for the Casket in 1839-40.

W: Willis.

Br.: Briggs.



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