Text: Mary E. Phillips, “Poe Plan of Richmond, Virginia,” Edgar Allan Poe: The Man (1926), inside front cover of vol. I


Poe Plan of Richmond

Poe Plan of Richmond, Virginia


This “Poe Plan of Richmond, VA” appears on the inner front cover of volume 1, where it is printed in dark blue ink (to match the color of the outer covers). Because this electronic reproduction is necessarily somewhat smaller, the list of places identified has been repeated below (with a few of her abbreviations expanded). A grid has also been added, with letters on the top and number to the right, to supplement Miss Phillips’ scheme of identifying locations by number. Imaginary vertical grid lines run directly through the middle of the space between the letters, and horizontal ones run directly through the middle of the space between numbers. In some cases, locations fall very close to these imaginary boundards, and grid assignments are thus necessarily imprecise. The following list is taken from the block in the lower left corner:

1. 1799 site of Pryor’s, or Haymarket Gardens, was on Petersburg R. R. Station: location, Byrd & 7th Sts.

2. Temporary Theatre, 1802-03: Cary & 7th Sts.

3. On site of Placide & Company’s houses, Aug. to Nov., 1810, now stands Hotel Richmond, successor of Old St. Claire Hotel: 9th & Grace Sts.

4. Actors’ Boarding House: N. side of Main St., between 22nd & 23rd Sts.

5. Where Poe’s mother died. The side rear building: back of No. 2220 Main St.

6. Old St. John’s Burial Ground: Broad & Grace, 24th & 27th Sts. + Poe’s mother’s grave.

7. Richmond Theatre: Broad St.. between 13th & 14th Sts.

8. Monumental Church: Broad St., between 13th & 14th Sts.

9. Allan 1811 home: corner 14th St. & Tobacco Alley.

10. Mackenzie 1811 home: Grace St., between 5th & 6th Sts.

11. William Galt’s commission house: S. side Franklin St., between 14th & 15th Sts.

12. William Galt’s real estate: N. W. corner Main & 14th Sts.

13. Ellis & Allan first business house: N. E. corner 14th & Cary.

14. Ellis & Allan second business house: E. side of 15th St., near Main St.

15. Elizabeth Miller’s school and cmrden: N. side of Main St., near 7th St.

16. William Ewing’s school: E. side of 7th St., between Franklin & Main Sts.

17. Charles Ellis’ home: S. W. corner 2nd & Franklin Sts.

18. Poe’s “Garden Enchanted”: N. W. corner 2nd & Franklin Sts., Linden Square.

19. Sarah Elmira Royster’s home: W. side of 2nd St., near Main.

20. Allan 1821 home: E. side of 5th St., between Clay & Marshall Sts.

21. Prof. Clarke’s Academy: N. side of Broad St., near 5th St.

22. Vacant lot playground: in rear, S. W. corner of 5th & Marshall Sts.

23. Elmira’s School: N. W. corner 5th & Marshall Sts.

24. Miss Mackenzie’s first school: N. side Main St., near 14th.

25. Miss Mackenzie’s second school: S. W. corner 5th & Main Sts.

26. Miss Mackenzie’s third school: N. side of Franklin St., No. 506, between 5th & 6th Sts.

27. Hermitage Woods: Broad St. extended, beyond Davis St.

28. Judge Stanard’s home Capitol Square & 9th St.

29. Prof. William P. Burke’s School (in 1823): corner Marshall & 10th Sts.

30. R. D. Sanxey’s Book Store: N. side of Main St., near 14th St.

31. Allan 1825 home, S. E. corner 5th & Main Sts.

32. The Thespian Society. N. E. corner 6th & Marshall Sts.

33. Poe’s Debating Society: Harris Building, S. W. corner of Main & 11th Sts.

34. Mayo’s Bridge, whence started from Ludlam’s Wharf Poe’s famous swim, of six miles, to Warwick Wharf.

35. Poe’s swimming-pool: Shockoe Creek, near Balding & 12th Sts. & Victor’s Mill.

36. Chief Justice Marshall’s home: N. W. corner Marshall 9th Sts.

37. Mrs. E. C. Richardson’s Inn: N. W. corner Main & 11th Sts., whence Poe & Burling went to sea, in 1827.

38. Ebenezer Burling’s second home: E. side of 11th St., near Broad St.

39. Southern Literary Messenger office, 1834-43: S. E. corner Main & 15th Sts.

40. Mrs. Poore’s: Bank St., near 9th St., where Poe first: boarded in 1835.

41. Mrs. Yarrington’s (Burling’s former home), where Poe was married and lived to spring of 1837.

42. Petersburg R. R. Station: 7th & Byrd Sts.

43. Shockoe Hill Burying Ground: between Bates, Hospital, 2nd & 4th Sts.

44. Southern Literary Messenger office from 1843: N. E. corner Capitol St. & Franklin St.

45. Richmond Whig office, 1843-49: N. W. corner Governor & Franklin Sts.

46. Richmond Examiner office, 1848-49: N. side Main St., near 11 th St.

47. Our Home Restaurant, or The Alhambra Saloon of Charlie Thompson and Billy Anderson, in 1848: 12th St., near Main.

48. J. W. Randolph’s Book Store (successor of R. D Sanxey): N. side of Main St., near 14th St.

49. Stucco house on S. side of Clay St., between 9th & 10th Sts., where Col. John Montague noted Poe as living, during summer of 1848.

50. Robert M. Sully’s 1849 Studio: S. W. corner Main & 9th Sts.

51. Poe’s Marble-yard vista opposite: N. W. corner Main & 9th Sts.

52. Exchange Hotel: corner of Franklin & 14th Sts.

53. Swan Tavern: N. W. corner Broad & 9th Sts.

54. Mrs. Shelton’s home: S. side of Grace St., near 25th St.

55. Dr. Carter’s office, 1849: 17 Broad St., near Foushee St.

56. Sadler’s Restaurant: opposite Main & 16th Sts. R. R. Depot.

57. Pratt’s Daguerreotype Gallery: S. side of Main St., near 11th St.

58. Duncan Lodge home of the Mackenzies: Broad St. extended, between Meadow & Davis Sts.

59. Talevera home of Mrs. Susan A. Talley Weiss,: S. side W. Grace St., between Davis & Addison Sts.

60. Miss Susan A. Talley’s Richmond 1849 home: corner 7th & Main Sts.

61. The Hermitage, old Mayo home in 1849 and later site of Richmond College: Broad St. extended, Grace, Franklin & Lombard Sts.

62. Sons of Temperance Building, 1849: S. side of Broad St., opposite Brook Road.

63. Baltimore Boat Wharf, 1849: below Rockets.

64. “Edgar Allan Poe Shrine”: 1916 E. Main St.

Poe-points supplied by Mr. James H. Whitty, 1400 Brook Road, and Mr. Edward V. Valentine, 109 N. 6th St., Richmond, Va.




Many of these locations have changed greatly, even since 1926.

In the books, the various Poe Plans are used as flyleaves, so that the middle is folded against the hinge of the cover. To make the scan of the present image, it was necessary to sacrifice the binding of a copy of the set so that the map could be flattened.


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