Text: Mary E. Phillips, “Poe Plan of New York City, New York,” Edgar Allan Poe: The Man (1926), inside back cover of vol. II


Poe Plan of New York City

Poe Plan of New York City, New York


This “Poe Plan of New York City, NY” appears on the inner back cover of volume 2, where it is printed in dark blue ink (to match the color of the outer covers). Because this electronic reproduction is necessarily somewhat smaller, the list of places identified has been repeated below (with a few of her abbreviations expanded). A grid has also been added, with letters on the top and number to the right, to supplement Miss Phillips’ scheme of identifying locations by number. Imaginary vertical grid lines run directly through the middle of the space between the letters, and horizontal ones run directly through the middle of the space between numbers. In some cases, locations fall very close to these imaginary boundards, and grid assignments are thus necessarily imprecise. The following list is taken from the block in the lower left corner:

1. Old John St. Theatre, 1797: John St., N. side, between Broadway & Nassau.

2. Vauxhall Garden: Bowery, between 4th & 8th Sts. & Lafayette Place.

3. Charleston, S. Car., Pier No. 3: foot of Morris St. & N. River.

4. Park Theatre, 1798 to 1849: E. side of Broadway, opposite City Hail Park.

5. Elam Bliss’ 1831 home: 28 Dey St., N. side, between Broadway & Greenwich.

6. Elam Bliss’ business place, 1831: 111 Broadway, W. side, corner Pine.

7. Henry Inman's 1831 Studio: No. 49 Vesey St., S. side, between Church & Greenwich

8. Wm. Gowan's 1837 Book Shop: Long room, 169 Broadway, W. side, near Cortlandt.

9. Wm. Gowan's and Poe-family first abode: Sixth Ave., near Waverley Place.

10. Wm. Gowan's and Poe-family second home: 113 1/2 Carmine St., W. side, N. of Varriek.

11. Northern Dispensary: corner Waverley Place, Christopher & Factory Sts.

12. Old St. John's Burying Ground: E. side of Hudson Sq.

13. Harper Brothers: 82 Cliff St., E. side, between Ferry & Frankfort.

14. South Amboy, Phila., 1844 Pier: N. River, between Battery Pl. & Morris St.

15a. 130 Greenwich St. Boarding House: W. side, S. of Cedar.

15b. Mrs. Fosters: No. 4 Ann St.

16. N. Y. Sun office: Nassau St., S. W. corner Fulton.

17. The Brennan home: 84th St., near Bloomingdale Rd. (Broadway, now Amsterdam Ave.).

18. Stryker's Tavern: foot of 96th St. & N. River.

19. Mt. Tom: foot of 83rd St. & N. River.

20. 15 Amity St. (now 3rd) home of Poe: N. side, W. corner of Mercer.

21. “Sandy Welch's Cellar” Lunch: 85 Nassau St., W. side, between John & Fulton.

22. Evening Mirror office: S. W. corner Ann & Nassau Sts.

23. Astor House, where Willis lived: Broadway, between Vesey & Barclay Sts.

24. Later home of N. P. Willis: 198 W. Fourth St., S. side, between Washington Sq. & Macdougall.

25. Poe's 195 E. Broadway home: S. side, between Jefferson & Clinton.

26. American Whig Review office: 18 Nassau St., E. side, between Pine & Cedar.

27. Broadway Journal office: 135 Nassau St., N. W. corner of Beekman.

28. Broadway Journal office: 153 Broadway, W. side, between Liberty & Cortlandt.

29. Broadway Journal office: 304 Broadway, N. E. corner of Duane.

30. Chas. F. Briggs’ address: No. 1 Nassau St.

31. The Duyckinck's home: 20 Clinton Place, S. side (now 8th St.), between Mercer & Green.

32. John A. McDougall's studio, 1845-46: 386 Broadway, E. side of Walker.

33. Literary World: 154 Broadway, E. side, between Liberty & Maiden Lane.

34. Wiley & Putnam's Publishing House: 155 Broadway, W. side, between Liberty & Cortlandt.

35. Gabriel Harrison's Tea Store: 568 Broadway, S. E. corner of Prince.

36. Fitz-Greene Halleck; J. J. Astor's office: 87 Prince St., N. side, W. of Broadway.

37. Dr. Orville Dewey's home: 254 Mercer St., E. side, between Washington & Waverley Pls.

38. Miss Anne C. Lynch's home: 116 Waverley Place, S. side, below Macdougall.

39. Miss Anne C. Lynch's home: 109 Clinton Place, 1848.

40. Poe's 85 Amity St. home: N. side, between Thompson & Sullivan.

41. N. Y. Society Library: 348 Broadway, S. E. corner Leonard St.

42. Ruter's St. Church: N. W. corner Rutger & Henry Sts.

43. Frank's Place: No. 5 Barclay St., N. side, near Broadway.

44. Mercantile Library: Clinton Hall, N. W. corner Nassau & Beekman.

45. United States Hotel: S. W. side Fulton, between Water & Pearl Sts.

46. U. S. Post Office: corner Liberty, Nassau & Cedar Sts.

47. Dr. John W. Francis’ home: No. 1 Bond St., S. E. corner Broadway.

48. Mrs. M. L. Shew's 47 Bond St. home: S. side, near Bowery.

49. Mrs. M. L. Shew's 51 Tenth St. home: N. side, near Fifth Ave.

50. First Presbyterian Church: Bleeker St., facing Crosby.

51. St. Bartholomew's Church: Lafayette Place, E. corner of Great Jones St.

52. Home of Mr. & Mrs. S. S. Osgood: 18 E. 14 th St., near Fifth Ave.

53. Home of Dt. R. W. Griswold : 22 W. 23rd St., S. side, near Fifth Ave.

54. Home Journal office: 107 Fulton St., N. side, between William & Nassau.

55. Dr. Thos. Dunn English's home and office: 304 Broadway, N. E. corner Duane.

56. Thos. H. Lane's home & office: 304 Broadway, N. E. corner Duane.

57. Dr. Valentine Mott's home: 1 Depau Row, N. E. corner Bleeker & Thompson.

58. Columbian Magazine printed: 140 Nassau, E. side, above Beekman.

59. Astor Library: Lafayette Place, near Broadway.

Poe points verified by Mr. Alexander J. Wall, N. Y. Historical Society, and Mr. Thomas Ollive Mabbott, New York City.




Many of these locations have changed greatly, even since 1926.

In the books, the various Poe Plans are used as flyleaves, so that the middle is folded against the hinge of the cover. To make the scan of the present image, it was necessary to sacrifice the binding of a copy of the set so that the map could be flattened.


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