Text: Mary E. Phillips, “Illustration,” Edgar Allan Poe: The Man (1926), illustration, vol. I, frontispiece


Photograph of a Discredited Oil Painting of Edgar Allan Poe, Attributed to Henry Inman, 1831

From oil painting by Henry Inman, 1831

From photograph of the original owned by Robert C. Vose Galleries, Boston, Mass. See page 412. Autograph from a letter written by Poe, March 10, 1831, to Col. S. Thayer, Supt. U. S. M. A., West Point, and used by courtesy of the Librarian of the United States Military Academy.



Unfortunately, this image is no longer considered to be of Edgar Allan Poe. See Deas, Portraits and Daguerreotypes of Edgar Allan Poe, 1987, p. 110. The signature, on the other hand, is perfectly authentic.


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