Text: Mary E. Phillips, “Illustration,” Edgar Allan Poe: The Man (1926), illustration, vol. I, p. 3


Section of 1841 Map of Boston Showing Poe Locations

(1) 62 CARVER ST.    (2) HOLLIS ST.    (3) POE SQUARE

[[Section of 1814 “Official Map” of Boston, owned by Samuel B. Doggett]]



In the original printing, this illustration has no caption beyond the listing of the three sites. The caption given above is adapted from the table of illustrations. Although a site numbered “4” appears in the illustration, it is not identified. It may be the 1771 home of Nathaniel Bradlee (1746-1813), who was an ancestor of Samuel Bradlee Doggett (1858-1938) and thus of interest to him but not to Mary Phillips.

This area of Boston is heavily changed from Poe’s day, and it is with considerable difficulty that one can even make out the streets. Except for a small piece, Nassau Street is now Tremont. Hollis Street no longer exists, having been absorbed into the Tufts University School of Medicine and Tufts Medical Center.


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