Text: Mary E. Phillips, “Illustration,” Edgar Allan Poe: The Man (1926), illustration, vol. I, p. 30


Photograph of the grave of David Poe, Westminster Churchyard, Baltimore, MD


From photograph owned by the late Orin [[Orrin]] C. Painter, Esq. who appears in this picture.



Orrin Chalfont Painter (1864-1915) was born in Fairville, PA, but lived most of his life in Baltimore, MD. A prominent businessman and philanthropist, Painter was deeply interested in Edgar Allan Poe and donated generously to various efforts to preserve Poe’s memory. He had gates installed in the wall near Poe’s memorial grave in October 1912, allowing better public access to the memorial. In 1913 he had two tombstones erected in Westminster Churchyard, one for Edgar Allan Poe (to mark his original burial place) and one for David Poe (Edgar’s grandfather), although the marker for Edgar Allan Poe was originally misplaced against a wall rather than in the family lot. This error was corrected in 1921 by Miss May Garrettson Evans, one of the founding members of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore a few years later. Although it was not completed until after Mr. Painter’s death, he was also the primary benefactor of the Poe statue made by Ezekiel Moses that now stands in the Law School Plaza of the University of Baltimore.


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