Text: Dwight R. Thomas, “Bibliography: 1841,” Poe in Philadelphia, 1838-1844 (1978), pp. 998-1015


[page 998:]


Works dealing primarily with Poe's Philadelphia associates are cited in the directory, as are the many reminiscences of him. For ease of reference the sources listed here have been classified under seven major headings: (1) Writings of Edgar Allan Poe; (2) Sources of Biographical Information on Poe; (3) Sources of Biographical Information on Poe's Contemporaries; (4) Histories; (5) Magazines and Newspapers; (6) Directories, Guidebooks, Maps, and Contemporary Descriptions of Philadelphia and Other Cities; and (7) Manuscript Collections.


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a. Biographical Dictionaries

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b. Sources of Information on Philadelphians

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c. Sources of Information on Authors

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d. Sources of Information on Artists

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e. Guides to Genealogies and Obituaries

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a. Period Histories

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b. City Histories

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c. Literary Histories

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d. Histories of Magazines and Publishing Houses

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a. Magazines

(1) Bibliography and Union List [page 1009:]

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(2) Magazines of Philadelphia and Other Cities

[Variant titles, subtitles, years of publication, and other bibliographical information may be found in the Union List of Serials.]

American Museum (Baltimore)

Arcturus (New York)

The Aristidean (New York)

Baltimore Phoenix &Budget

Brother Jonathan (New York; quarto edition)

Burton's Gentleman's Magazine (Philadelphia)

The Casket (Philadelphia)

The Cold Water Magazine (Philadelphia)

Foreign Quarterly Review (London)

Godey's Lady's Book (Philadelphia)

Graham's Magazine (Philadelphia)

The Guardian (Columbia, Tennessee)

Knickerbocker Magazine (New York)

[Snowden's] Ladies’ Companion (New York)

[Peterson's] Lady's World of Fashion (Philadelphia)

The Magnolia (Charleston, S. C.)

Metcalfe's Miscellany (Philadelphia)

The New World (New York; quarto edition)

The New-Yorker (New York)

New York Mirror [page 1010:]

New York Review

North American Review (Boston)

The Pioneer (Boston)

Sargent's New Monthly Magazine (New York)

Sartain's Union Magazine (Philadelphia)

Southern Literary Messenger (Richmond)

United States Magazine and Democratic Review (Washington; New York)

b. Newspapers

(1) Bibliographies and Union Lists

A Checklist of Pennsylvania Newspapers, Volume I: Philadelphia County. Harrisburg , Pa.: Pennsylvania Historical Commission, 1944.

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(2) Newspapers of Philadelphia and Other Cities

[Variant titles, subtitles, years of publication, and other bibliographical information may be found in Winifred Gregory's American Newspapers. ]

(a) Philadelphia Daily Newspapers

American Sentinel

Daily Chronicle

Daily Forum

Democratic Argus

National Gazette [page 1011:]

North American

Pennsylvania Inquirer

The Pennsylvanian

Philadelphia Gazette

Poulson's American Dais Advertiser

Public Ledger

The Spirit of the Times

United States Gazette

(b) Philadelphia Weekly Newspapers

Alexander's Weekly Messenger

The Citizen Soldier

Germantown Telegraph

Pennsylvania Freeman

Philadelphia Saturday Museum

Saturday Courier

Saturday Evening Post Weekly

Spirit of the Times

(c) Newspapers of Other Cities The American (Baltimore)

Baltimore Clipper

Baltimore Patriot

Baltimore Republican

Baltimore Saturday Visiter [page 1012:]

Daily National Intelligencer (Washington)

Delaware Gazette (Wilmington, Delaware)

Delaware State Journal (Wilmington, Delaware)

Evening Post (New York)

Evening Star (New York)

The Globe (Washington)

The Independent (Washington)

The Index (Alexandria, Va.; Washington)

New York American (For the Country)

New York Daily Tribune

The Sun (Baltimore)


a. City Directories

(1) Bibliography

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(2) Directories

The Augusta Directory and City Advertiser for 1841. Augusta, Ga.: E. Woodward,1841.

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Matchett's Baltimore Directory, or Register of Householders, Corrected Up to June, 1842. Baltimore: Baltimore Director Office, 1842.

McElroy, A[rchibald], comp. McElroy's Philadelphia Directory. Philadelphia: 1837, 1839-45. [Title and publisher vary slightly from year to year; no directory was issued in 1838. More detailed bibliographic information may be found in Dorothea N. Spear's American Directories. ]

The New York City Directory, for 1842 and 1843. New York: John Doggett, Jr., 1842.

The New York City Directory, for 1844 &1845. New York: John Doggett, Jr., 1844.

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Shaffer, David Henry, comp. The Cincinnati, Covington, Newport and Fulton Directory, for 1840. Cincinnati: J. B. &R. P. Donogh, 1839.

b. Guidebooks

Every Philadelphian's Book. Philadelphia: Gillis &Walker, 1845.

A Guide to the Lions of Philadelphia; Comprising a Description of the Places of Amusement, Exhibitions, Public Buildings, Public Squares,&c. in the City. Philadelphia: Thomas T. Ash, 1837.

Tanner, Henry S. A New Picture of Philadelphia, or the Stranger's Guide to the City and Adjoining Districts. Philadelphia: H. Tanner, Jun’r, 18 0.

c. Maps

Bradford, T. G. “Philadelphia.” n. p., n. p., 1838. [Unbound map, Philadelphia Free Library] [page 1014:]

“Map of Philadelphia about 1840.” [Illustration, in Ellis P. Oberholtzer's Philadelphia, A History, Vol. 2, after p. 196]

“A Map of Philadelphia and Adjacent Country: 1840.” Fold-out map, in Henry S. Tanner's New Picture of Philadelphia (1840)]

“Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple, Looking West, 1838.”[Illustration, in Ellis P. Oberholtzer's Philadelphia, A History, Vol. 2, after p. 250]

“Philadelphia, 1840: Tanner's Universal Atlas.” [Unbound map, Historical Society of Pennsylvania]

“Poe-Plan of Philadelphia.” [Illustration, inside front cover of Mary E. Phillips’ Poe, Vol. 2]

Simons, J. “Map of the City of Philadelphia.” n. p., C. P. Fessenden, n. d. [Fold-out map, in A Guide to the Lions of Philadelphia (1837)]

d. Contemporary Descriptions

Dana, Richard Henry, Jr. The Journal of Richard Henry Dana, Jr. Ed. Robert F. Lucid. 3 vols. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1968.

Dickens, Charles. American Notes for General Circulation. 2 vols. London: Chapman and Hall, 1842.

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Marryat, Captain Frederick. Diary in America. Ed. Jules Zanger. 1839; rpt. Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, 1960. [page 1015:]


a. Collections

Richard Gimbel Collection, Rare Book Department, Philadelphia Free Library

Rufus W. Griswold Collection, Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library

John H. Ingram Collection, Alderman Library, University of Virginia

Joseph Jackson Collection, Manuscript Department, Historical Society of Pennsylvania

William H. Koester Collection, Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin

Mary E. Phillips Collection, Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Boston Public Library

b. Guides to Collections

Gimbel, Richard. “‘Quoth the Raven’: A Catalogue of the Exhibition.” Yale University Library Gazette, 33 (1959), 139-89.

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Moldenhauer, Joseph J., comp. A Descriptive Catalog of Edgar Allan Poe Manuscripts in the Humanities Research Center Library, The University of Texas at Austin. Austin, Tex.: University of Texas at Austin, 1973.





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