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Selections from Poe Society Publications

    The Poe Society of Baltimore has sponsored an annual commemorative lecture since 1923. As such, it is one of the most prestigious and the longest continuous lecture series devoted to the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe. Over these many decades, the Poe Society has been addressed by nearly all of the most important scholars of this century, including Thomas Ollive Mabbott, Killis Campbell, Arthur Hobson Quinn, John W. Ostrom, Floyd Stovall, Burton R. Pollin and many others. In addition to these lectures, the Poe Society has, from time to time, published other materials, some of which are included here..

    It should be noted that information and views expressed in these publications reflect the research and opinions of the authors.

Publications, In-Print

    A number of our publications are still available in print:

 Publications, Out-of-Print

    This selection is comprised of publications which are now out-of-print. They are listed here alphabetically by title:
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