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Four Supporters of Poe in Our Times
Richard and Lynn Hart
Al and Mary Rose



Several works to which repeated citations are made, or from which quotations are frequently drawn, will be indicated in these abbreviations throughout this book.

  H = The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe, ed. James A. Harrison. 17 vols. (New York, 1902; rpr. New York, 1965, 1979).
  M = Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe, ed. Thomas Ollive Mabbott. 3 vols. (Cambridge, MA. 1969-1978).
  O = The Letters of Edgar Allan Poe, ed. John Ward Ostrom, rev. ed., 2 vols. (New York, 1966).




First, and foremost, I thank Al Rose for his encouragement as regards putting together this book and his support of the project. A like debt is owed to Louis J. Budd and Erma P. Whittington, of the Jay B. Hubbell Center for American Literary Historiography, Duke University, for permission to publish the sketches of Killis Campbell and Thomas Ollive Mabbott. Maureen Cobb Mabbott, who saw to completion her husband’s edition of Poe’s Tales and Sketches — and who, despite any disclaimers on her part, is a Poe scholar in her own right, as well as an authority on Leonardo da Vinci, and a poet — has continued generous in assisting the work of younger scholars. I am also conscious of the examples set, long ago, by these former teachers: Sadie V. Shoener, Edna M. Rarick, Ethel M. Kimmel, Calvin D. Yost, Jr., and Arlin Turner. Finally, the contributors to Poe and Our Times have evinced memorable cooperation in this venture, and I thank them one and all.

19 JANUARY 1986



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