Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Acknowledgments,” Dictionary of Names and Titles in Poe’s Collected Works, (1968), xxxiv-xxxvi (This material is protected by copyright)


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Many individuals in various areas of academic educational establishments have given generously of time, effort, encouraging advice, and general materials and facilities. The author cannot do justice either through a proportionate extent of space, adequate specification of assistance, or order of listing in the following acknowledgments. He merely wishes inadequately to express his considerable gratitude for enabling this book to appear to the following:

The office of Administration of Bronx Community College whose Dean lent his very active encouragement by providing some of my student aides, materials for filing and recording all of the cards, permission to xerox many pages in successive stages of the typescript for changes and proofreading, typing assistance from a corps of secretaries, among whom Mrs. Ida Mellor-Lumb deserves particular mention, and space in which to work undisturbed for several weeks with my student aides and extensive materials;

The library of the Bronx Community College, which lent me biographical reference works and gladly looked up difficult facts for me, through the good offices of Mr. Edward Terry, Mrs. Jean Kolliner, and Miss Joan Baum;

The reference library of Columbia University, which cheerfully responded to urgent telephoned messages with skilled advice about little known persons and titles;

Professor Thomas Ollive Mabbott, always a fount of wisdom and information about Poe, who initially cleared up at least a hundred difficult entries in several conferences and then graciously volunteered to read the entire typescript through — for emendation of at least one [page xxxv:] hundred more — and who placed at my disposal the materials from his forthcoming Belknap edition (Harvard University) of Poe’s works;

The group of aides who zealously transcribed, verified, checked, proofread, and worked over the ten thousand cards and the resulting typescripts, ably headed by Mr. Redmond Burke, graduate student in English at The City College of New York, whose good training, here and abroad, and zeal made him indispensable (the group consisting of Sol Tylim of City College, and, at the Bronx Community College, Sylvia Waters, Jeffrey Turner, Sal Trentino, and Agnes Naughton);

The Institute for Computer Research in the Humanities at New York University, whose Director, Professor Jack Heller, gave invaluable assistance through expert advice and provision of computer time and materials as well as through his enabling Mr. Gary Berlind, deserving of my special thanks, to execute the programs of the text, and also to the Research Coordinator of the ICRH, Professor Alice Pollin, who patiently suffered through the gradual development of an index which kept me from home, toiling at my cards and materials day and night, weekdays and weekends for the duration of the project, and who gave invaluable advice and proofreading aid;

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York for a Distinguished Research Fellowship, starting in February, 1968, the prospect of which gave me the month of January for intensive work on the Poe index;

The editor of The POE NEWSLETTER, at Washington State University in Pullman, [page xxxvi:] Washington, Professor G. Richard Thompson, whose initial encouragement of the project led to its continuing development;

Mr. Anthony Drago, who most graciously volunteered to make the final copy of Mr. Berlind’s diagram;

Mrs. Judith Berlind, whose care and skill in using G. M. Berns’s helpful FORMAT program and whose assiduous devotion made the neat appearance and accurate presentation of this Introduction possible;

Mr. Gary Berlind, of the ICRH, New York University, whose skill, knowledge, and unfailing zeal and cooperation in programming all the computer aspects of the text made this phase of the procedure a brief and memorable pleasure.





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