Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Fictional Characters in Poe's Works,” Dictionary of Names and Titles in Poe's Collected Works, (1968), 183-190 (This material is protected by copyright)


[[Fictional Characters in Poe's Works]]

[[Extracted from Index I]]

Abel-Phittim: 2.214f

Abel-Shittim: 2.378f

Ada: 7.138f

Agathos: 6.139f

Al Aaraaf: 7.39f

Alessandra: 7.59f

Allamistakeo (sic), Count: 6.118f

Allen, William: 3.76f

Allen, Wilson: 3.202f

Ana-Pest, Arch Duchess: 2.180f

Angel of the Odd: 6.107f

Angelo (AL AARAAF): 7.31-9f

Annabel Lee: 7.117f

Annie (“Landor's Cottage”): 6.269f

Annie (“For Annie”): 7.113f

Baal-Zebub: 2.198f, 217m, 362m; 11.186m

Bag (the attorney): 4.128f

Baldazzar, Duke of Surrey: 7.67f

Barnard, Augustus: 3.5f

Barnard, Captain: 3.5f

Bas-Bleu, Miss: 2.37f; 3.267f

Bas-Bleu, Mrs.: 2.37f

Beauvais, Monsieur: 5.9f

Bedloe, Augustus:5.1631

Belial: 2.198f, 217m

Berenice: 2.18f

Berlifitzing, Count Wilhelm: 2.186f

Bird, William:4.1611

Bless-my-soul, Duchess of (sic): 2.37f

Block, Captain E. T. V.: 3.11f

Bluddennuff, Elector of (sic): 2.41f

Bob, Thingum (son): 6.3f

Bob, Thomas, Esq. (father): 6.2f

Bobby: 4.228f

Bon-Bon, Pierre: 2.125f

Bonner, Jim: 3.76f

Boullard (but cf. A. M. H. Boulard or M. Boulard): 6.66f

Bransby, Reverend Dr.: 3.303f

Broglio, Di (character in “Politian”): 7.60f

Buzi-Ben-Levi: 2.214f

Capricornutti, Count: 2.41f

Carson, John (“A. G. Pym”): 3.199f

Castiglione (“Politian”): 7.59f

Charmion (cf. Charmian in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA): 4.1f; 7.63fq; 12.99fq

Chiponchipino: 3.261f

Cognoscenti, Arabella: 3.265f

Cognoscenti, Miranda: 3.265f

Corinnos: 2.148f

Crab, Mr.: 6.10f

Croissart, Mademoiselle: 5.178f

D—, Minister: 6.31f

Dammit, Toby: 4.215f

De Kock, Monsieur: 6.62f

De Vere, Guy: 7.53f

Dee, Doctor Dubble L. (sic): 4.230f

D’Elormie: 7.81f

Deluc, Madame: 5.16f

Demon: 2.220f

Devil (“Bon-Bon”): 2.133f

Devil (Teufel in “Devil in the Belfry”): 3.256f

Di Broglio (character in “Politian”; see Broglie): 7.60f

Diana (dog in “A Blackwood Article”): 2.282f

Diana (dog in “A Predicament”): 2.284f

Drummummupp, Doctor: 3.264f

Dubourg, Pauline: 4.158f

Duc De L’Omelette: 2.197f

Dumas, Paul: 4.164f

Dupin, C. Auguste: 4.150f; 5.3f; 6.28f

Duval, Henry: 4.160f

Edmunds: 3.20f

Eiros (cf. Iras in ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA): 4.1f; 7.63m; 12.99fq

Eleonora: 4.237f

Ellison: 4.259f; 6.176f

Ellison, Mr. Seabright: 4.261f; 6.178f

Ermenqarde: 4.243f

Ethelred: 3.292f

Ethix, Aestheticus: 2.38f

Etienne, Alexandre: 4.165f

Eulalia: 7.91f

Fether, Professor: 6.71f

Fortunato: 6.167f

Fricassee: 2.39f

Froissart, Monsieur (of Paris): 5.178f

Froissart, Napoleon Bonaparte (also Simpson): 5.205f

G—, Lieutenant (“Gold-Bug”): 5.105f

G—, Monsieur (“Purloined Letter”): 6.28f

Garcio, Alfonzo: 4.163f

Glendinning: 3.316f

Gliddon, Mr. (cf. George Robins Gliddon): 6.118f

Goodfellow, Charles: 5.291f

Greely (“A. G. Pym”): 3.76f

Greely, Frank (“Julius Rodman”): 4.25f

Greely, John (“Julius Rodman”): 4.25f

Greely, Meredith (“Julius Rodman”): 4.25f

Greely, Poindexter (“Julius Rodman”): 4.25f

Greely, Robert (“Julius Rodman”): 4.25f

Grenouille, Prince de (sic): 2.41f

Gruff: 4.128f

Guy, Captain: 3.147f

Hardy, Captain: 5.274f

Harris, Alfred: 3.199f

Helen (Poe's poem): 7.46f

Helen (“The Valley Nis”): 7.190f

Henderson (first-mate): 3.12f

Hermann, Johann: 4.106f

Hicks, Absalom: 3.76f

Hop-Frog: 6.217f

Hunt, John: 3.76f

Ianthe (Poe's poem): 7.37f

Irene (“The Sleeper”): 7.51f

Isabel (Poe's poem): 7.169f

Jacinta: 7.62f; 12.98f

Jones: 3.76f

Jones, Robert: 2.35f

Joyeuse, Madame: 6.66f

Jules, the Canadian: 4.66f

Juniper: 2.273f

Junot, M. Pierre (cf. Androche Junot): 4.22f

Jupiter (servant): 5.96f

Kate (“Three Sundays”): 4.228f

Kissam, Mr. (probably George W. Eveleth of Brunswick, Maine): 6.246f

Lalage (“Politian,” cf. Horace): 7.60f; 12.98f

Lalande, Stephanie: 5.205f

Landor, Mr. (“Landor's Cottage”): 6.269f

Laplace, Mam'selle: 6.63f

Lauzanne, Jacques (cf. Governor Jean de Lauzan of New France): 4.38f

Le Blanc, Monsieur: 5.4f

Le Bon, Adolphe: 4.161f, 165f

Legrand, William: 5.95f

Legs: 2.169f

Leicester, Earl of (Politian): 7.61f

Lenore (Poe's poem): 7.53f

Lenore (“The Raven”): 7.94f; 14.202f

L’Espanaye, Madame: 4.156f ;5.3f

L’Espanaye, Mademoiselle Camille: 4.156f

Ligeia (cf. Poe's tale, also the Nereid Ligea in “Georgic” IV): 2.48f; 7.33-4f

Little Snake: 4.71f

L’Omelette, Duc de: 2.197f

Luchesi (“Amontillado”): 6.168f

Maillard, Monsieur: 6.54f

Maiter-di-dauns, Mounseer (sic): 4.117f

Mann, Captain: 3.267f

Marx, Issacher (cf. Issachar in Genesis 49.14): 6.155f

Mentoni, Marchesa Aphrodite di: 2.111f

Mentoni, Marchese di: 2.111f

Metzengerstein, Baron Frederick: 2.187f

Metzenqerstein, Lady Mary: 2.187f

Miquaud, Jules: 4.161f

Moissart, Mademoiselle: 5.178f

Moneypenny, Dr. (in “A Blackwood Article”): 2.270f

Moneypenny, Dr. (in “A Predicament”): 2.285f

Monk (character in “Politian”): 7.65f; 12.100f

Monos: 4.200f

Montani, Alberto: 4.163f

Montresor (“Amontillado”): 6.169f

Moreau, Pierre: 4.159f

Morella: 2.27f

Morphine, Dr. (“A Predicament”): 2.394f

Muset, Isidore: 4.159f

Neptune (the dog): 4.45f

Nesace (in AL AARAAF): 7.23f, 27f, 31f

Nu-Nu: 3.239f

O’Bumper, Bibulus (sic): 2.39f

Odenheimer: 4.160f

O’Grandison, Sir Pathrick (sic): 4.114f

Oinos: 2.147f; 6.139f

Old Nick: 3.257f; 14.138mq

Ollapod, Dr.: 2.291f

Oppodeldoc: 6.4f

O’Trump, Mrs. Kathleen: 3.266f

Paradox, Sir Positive (sic): 2.38f

Parker, Richard: 3.76f

Pas Seul, Mademoiselle (sic): 2.327f

Patterson, Mr.: 3.157f

Pedro: 4.245f

Pendulum, Peter: 4.285f

Pennifeather, Mr.: 5.294f

Pest, Queen: 2.179f

Pest-Iferous, Arch Duke: 2.180f

Pest-Ilential, The Duke: 2.180f

Pest the First, King: 2.179f

Peters, Dirk: 3.51f

Peterson (native of London): 3.199f

Peterson, Mr. (Gordon Pym's grandfather): 3.20f

Pfaal, Hans (variant of Pfaall, q.v.): 2.343f

Pfaall, Grettel: 2.44f

Pfaall, Hans: 2.45f

Pfall, Hans (variant of Pfaall): 2.335f

Pinxit (sic): 2.161f

Pirouette, Mrs.: 3.267f

Pluto (the cat): 5.144f

Politian: 7.60f

Pompey (servant in “Man Used Up”): 3.270f

Pompey (servant in “A Predicament”): 2.284f

Pompey (the dog): 4.131f

Ponnonner, Doctor: 6.117f

Ponto (dog in “Landor's Cottage”): 6.256f

Pratol, Capt. (error for Pratt): 4.233f

Pratt, Capt.: 4.232f

Preston, Mr.: 3.317f

Proffit, Peter (sic): 4.125f

Profit, Peter: 4.129f

Prospero, Prince: 4.250f

Psalemoun (Poe's coinage; also Tsalemon): 3.239f

Psyche (“Ulalume”): 7.102f

Pundit (“Eureka”): 16.192f

Pundit (“Mellonta Tauta”): 6.199f

Pym, Arthur Gordon: 3.5f

Red Death, The: 4.251f

Ricketts, Mr. (teacher): 3.5f

Rodman, James E.: 4.10f

Rodman, Jane: 4.22f

Rodman, Julius: 4.10f

Rogers, Hartman: 3.76f

Roget, Estelle: 5.4f

Roget, Marie: 5.4f; 6.28m

Ronald, Mr. E.: 3.5f

Ross, Mr.: 3.19f

Ross, Emmet: 3.19f

Ross, Robert: 3.19f

Rubadub, Professor (sic): 2.47f

Rumqudgeon: 4.227f

Sabretash, Captain Arthur: 6.117f

St. Eustache, Jacques: 5.8f

Salsafette, Eugenie: 6.67f

Scheherazade (Poe's tale): 6.78f

Scissors (the Whig editor): 2.166f

Seymour (cook): 3.76f

Shuttleworthy, Barnabas: 5.290f

Simeon the Pharisee: 2.214f

Simms (“A. G. Pym”): 3.76f

Simpson, Adolphus: 5.177f

Simpson, Napoleon Buonaparte (also Froissart): 5.177f

Sinivate, Mr. Theodore (cf. Cockney for insinuate): 3.268f

Smith, Brevet Brigadier General A. B. C.: 3.259f

Smith, John (fictional editor): 6.230f

Smith, Thomas (“Lionizing”): 2.323f

Smitherton, Capt.: 4.232f

Snap (“Business Man”): 4.128f

Snobbs, Suky (in a “A Blackwood Article”): 2.269f

Snobbs, Suky (in a “A Predicament”): 2.285f

So-and-So, Marquis of (sic): 2.37f

Stiletto, Don (sic): 2.41f

Stubbs: 5.192f

T., Miss Tabitha: 3.264f

Talbot, Mr.: 5.179f

Tarpaulin, Hugh: 2.172f

Tarr, Doctor: 6.71f

Tattle, Mr.: 3.266f

Tem-Pest, Duke: 2.180f

Templeton, Doctor: 5.164f

Teufel (Devil, q.v.): 3.256f

Theology, Theologus: 2.38f

Thingum: 6.3f

This-and-That, Earl of (sic): 2.37f

Thompson, Mr. (“Man ...Used Up”): 3.263f

Thornton, Andrew (cf. William Thornton, who designed Pavilion VII at University of Virginia): 4.26f

Tiger (dog): 3.29f

Tintontintino, Signor: 2.39f

Toby: 4.26f

Too-wit: 3.182f

Touch-and-go Bullet-head: 6.229f

Touch-me-Not, Royal Highness of (sic): 2.37f

Tracle, Misthress (sic): 4.115f

Trevanion, Lady Rowena of Tremaine (cf. Rowena of IVANHOE): 2.259f

Trippetta (cf. French tripette, trifle, or “trip it as you go”): 6.218f

Trotter, Mrs.: 5.215f

Tsalemon (Poe's coinage): 3.239f

Turnip, Miss Tabitha: 2.269f

Ugo: 7.64f

Ulalume: 7.104f

Una (“Monos and Una”): 4.200f

Unterduk, Mynheer Superbus Von (sic): 2.43f

Usher, Madeline: 3.281f

Usher, Roderick: 3.274f

Valdemar, M. Ernest: 6.154f

Valence: 5.18f

Vankirk, Mr.: 5.242f

Voissart, Victor: 5.178f

Von Jung, Baron Ritzner: 4.102f

Von Kempelen (cf. Kempelen and Maelzel): 6.245f

Vredenburgh, Peter: 3.174f

Wilson (“A. G. Pym”): 3.76f

Wilson, William: 3.299f

Windenhough: 2.154f

Wolf (the Newfoundland dog): 5.127f

Wormley, Alexander: 4.26f

Wyatt, Cornelius (cf. many British Wyatts in the arts): 5.274p

Wyatt, Marian: 5.276-7f

Wyatt, Mr. W.: 4.14f

Zanthe: 7.32f

Zenobia, Signora Psyche (in “A Blackwood Article”): 2.269f

Zenobia, Signora Psyche (in “A Predicament”): 2.285f

Zoilus (“Shadow”): 2.144f





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