Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Titles of Poe's Articles,” Dictionary of Names and Titles in Poe’s Collected Works, (1968), 197-198 (This material is protected by copyright)


[[Titles of Poe’s Articles]]

[[Extracted from Index II]]

About Critics and Criticism: 13.193-202a

Achilles’ Wrath (about Dinneford): 12.135-9a

Addendum to “A Few words on Secret Writing”: 14.133-7a

American Drama, The: 13.33-73a

American Prose Writers No. 2. N.P. Willis: 12.36-40a

Anastatic Printing: 14.153-9a

Appendix of Autographs, An: 15.246-61a

Autography: 15.139-74a

Boston and the Bostonians. Editorial Miscellany: 13.1-9a, 9-13a

Brook Farm: 13.27-32a

Byron and Miss Chaworth: 14.150-52a

Chapter of Suggestions, A: 14.186-92a

Chapter on Autography: 11.132c; 15.175-208a, 209-61a


Few Words on Secret Writing, A: 14.114-32a

Fifty Suggestions: 14.170-85a

HARBINGER, THE (Brook Farm): 13.27aj

Hudson, Mr. (Henry N. Hudson): 13.26-7a

Literary Small Talk: 14.90-100a

Literati of New York City. With Poe’s Introduction, The: 15.1-137a

Maelzel’s Chess-Player: 14.6-37a

Marginalia (in 14 sections): 16.1-178a

Mr. Griswold and the Poets: 11.147-60a

National Melodies of America (G. P. Morris): 10.41-5a

Notices of the MESSENGER: 8.333-40a

Our Amateur Poets, no. I. Flaccus: 11.160-74a

Our Amateur Poets, no. III. William Ellery Channing: 11.174-90a

Our Contributors, no. VIII. Fitz-Greene Halleck: 11.190-204a

Outis Papers: 12.41-106a

Philosophy of Composition, The: 14.193-208a

Philosophy of Furniture, The: 14.101-109a

Pinakidia: 14.38-72a

Poe’s Notes to Tamerlane — Edition of 1827: 7.139-42a

Poetic Principle, The: 14.266-92a

Postscript to “A Reply to Outis”: 12.104-106a

Preface to the Poems (Edition of 1845): 7.xlvii a

Rationale of Verse: 14.209-65a; 16.124c

Secret Writing: 14.137cq, 138-40a, 140-49a

Some Account of Stonehenge, The Giant’s Dance, A Druidical Ruin in England: 14.110-13a

Some Secrets of the Magazine Prison-House: 14.160-63a

Street Paving: 14.164-9a





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