Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-A through Appliances,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 1-17 (This material is protected by copyright)


a (56) [[extended entry]]

a (10861) [[even in the extended printout, entries are not listed for this common article]]

a [[A./M.]] (6): B0879/12; B1069/15; B1081/09; B1195/10; C0417/39; C0417/40

A.D. (1): B1304/18

A— (3): A0112/20; A0113/01; A0113/V

a-kimbo (5): A0625/23; B0871/11; B0911/15; B1009/V; C0425/12

a-piece (1): A0491/04

a-svigging (1): B1375/20

A/Goose (1): A0465/31

a’s (1): A0267/06

Aaraaf (2): A0195/V; B1384/33

ab (5): B1103/33; B1103/33; B1103/34; B1103/34; B1103/34

aback (3): A0585/16; B1374/05; C0105/37

abandon (19): A0351/02; A0403/17; A0408/10; A0515/15; A0532/28; A0556/11; B0807/29; B0898/16; B0978/20; B1270/28; B1277/23; C0071/38; C0083/08; C0094/41; C0096/23; C0124/26; C0132/17; C0132/32; C0187/19

abandoned (32): A0226/08; A0230/05; A0323/19; A0350/32; A0426/06; A0427/30; A0440/28; A0441/21; A0442/24; A0490/06; A0514/32; A0556/13; A0556/31; A0609/06; A0624/25; A0662/07; B0770/25; B0856/14; B0896/04; B0933/28; B1313/26; C0066/11; C0090/02; C0103/12; C0108/09; C0129/04; C0147/36; C0156/04; C0406/39; C0430/44; C0550/10; C0571/28

abandoning (3): A0567/23; A0643/20; B1369/10

abandonment (3): A0073/20; A0317/24; A0320/14

abandonnement (1): B1114/18

abased (1): A0444/12

abasement (1): A0432/14

abashed (1): B1014/07

abated (7): A0436/08; A0514/09; C0099/16; C0114/19; C0118/06; C0140/27; C0142/17

abatement (2): A0667/49; B0890/26

abating (4): B0930/27; C0066/06; C0114/20; C0115/18

Abbe (1): A0037/02

abbey (5): A0320/09; A0320/16; A0321/13; A0327/13; A0671/03

abbeys (1): A0670/14

abbreviation (2): B0746/31; B0746/34

abdication (1): B1126/05

abdomen (4): A0097/22; B0960/09; B1182/18; B1250/26

abductor (1): B1182/14

Abel-Phittim (7): A0043/01; A0043/10; A0044/05; A0044/21; A0046/29; A0047/07; A0047/18

Abel-Shittim (1): A0043/V

Abernethy (4): B0982/23; B0982/24; B0982/27; B0982/33

aberration (1): B0817/05

abet (1): B1354/16

abetting (1): B1183/17

abeyance (7): A0067/25; A0402/22; A0613/09; B0963/20; B1037/25; B1187/17; B1242/28

abhor (3): A0228/18; A0232/23; A0240/M

abhorrence (2): A0403/15; B0955/10

abide (3): A0301/18; A0626/01; B0757/08

abiding (1): A0615/34

abilities (7): A0205/05; A0489/25; B0725/08; B0904/25; B1059/21; B1142/11; C0055/24

ability (28): A0071/26; A0295/17; A0298/V; A0365/12; A0528/04; A0531/07; A0533/11; B0731/25; B0748/08; B0906/05; B0934/03; B0962/34; B1133/24; B1139/36; B1140/35; B1168/10; B1297/06; B1297/19; B1314/10; B1314/15; B1315/22; B1315/34; B1390/15; C0392/28; C0429/44; C0430/12; C0524/07; C0579/14

Abingdon (1): C0522/27

abject (4): A0509/33; A0644/17; B0769/01; C0134/24

able (97) [[extended entry]]

able-bodied (1): C0532/30

abnormal (8): A0213/19; A0613/03; B0742/01; B1030/01; B1031/34; B1162/30; B1246/20; B1273/36

abnormally (2): B0923/01; B0940/16

aboard (1): C0531/14

abode (2): A0081/38; C0522/27

abolish (1): A0203/03

abolished (1): A0072/15

abominable (8): A0053/01; A0062/06; A0122/11; A0174/20; A0179/35; A0374/05; A0374/V; A0386/23

abomination (1): A0498/12

abominations (1): A0499/14

aboriginal (1): B1303/11

aborigines (1): A0055/34

abortion (2): A0092/10; A0111/23

abortions (2): A0070/28; B1128/15

abortive (2): A0704/28; B1269/27

abound (4): A0550/12; B0760/06; C0151/08; C0155/19

abounded (6): A0297/02; A0298/V; B0945/11; C0170/16; C0559/40; C0566/18

abounding (6): A0296/V; B0749/21; B1162/24; C0536/40; C0547/40; C0570/14

abounds (5): A0266/01; B0960/05; B0989/12; C0155/31; C0576/12

about (939)

above (186)

above-ground (1): B1137/24

above-menticned (2): B1184/14; C0400/09

above-named (1): A0542/04

aboveboard (1): C0070/14

abreast (2): C0181/08; C0573/41

abridgment (1): C0523/36

abroad (10): A0018/01; A0189/09; A0242/25; A0417/04; A0671/12; B0728/06; B0750/07; B0969/02; B1278/22; C0153/08

abrupt (10): A0211/14; A0266/18; A0276/33; A0281/17; A0298/V; A0402/23; B0865/01; B1300/14; C0181/02; C0413/35

abruptly (16): A0025/06; A0160/09; A0165/09; A0166/06; A0273/14; A0347/11; A0409/15; A0412/13; A0414/26; A0443/16; B0896/08; B1017/10; B1330/20; C0396/34; C0573/14; C0575/15

abruptness (2): A0274/33; A0281/22

absconded (1): B1258/21

absence (49): A0028/22; A0054/30; A0063/31; A0430/06; A0547/19; A0557/01; A0625/30; A0626/11; A0654/22; A0709/29; A0710/18; B0726/07; B0727/12; B0734/01; B0753/11; B0753/15; B0756/02; B0756/14; B0756/20; B0763/30; B0769/08; B0771/10; B0833/18; B0857/31; B0877/10; B0900/08; B0926/33; B0942/21; B0967/24; B1038/16; B1070/13; B1123/18; B1123/19; B1274/31; B1275/21; C0070/12; C0071/30; C0083/38; C0085/06; C0092/35; C0095/03; C0110/33; C0128/10; C0171/12; C0177/38; C0180/16; C0422/25; C0429/01; C0575/34

absences (1): B0988/24

absent (16): A0313/V; A0508/11; A0655/03; A0655/08; A0655/V; A0689/V; B0769/12; B0796/26; B0816/17; B0967/28; B0978/13; B1347/31; B1348/04; C0055/11; C0153/06; C0544/10

absented (1): B0733/04

absolute (61)

absolutely (85)

absolved (2): A0645/08; B1154/10

absorbed (33): A0063/18; A0088/15; A0102/27; A0146/13; A0211/31; A0215/32; A0352/34; A0353/12; A0440/04; A0458/17; A0507/29; A0511/13; A0515/27; A0534/04; A0581/28; A0582/06; A0592/10; A0592/17; A0592/23; A0592/30; A0602/21; A0603/30; A0605/02; B0728/05; B0811/05; B0814/20; B0863/26; B0894/22; B1057/22; B1077/17; B1371/26; C0392/15; C0422/19

absorbing (5): A0022/19; B0727/01; B0897/15; C0126/22; C0178/16

absorptive (1): B1322/25

abstains (1): B1207/15

absterrebitur (1): B0870/21

abstract (13): A0071/01; A0079/34; A0499/30; A0507/31; A0529/03; A0533/18; A0548/22; A0615/07; A0615/13; B0869/07; B0987/19; B1178/03; B1335/22

abstracted (3): A0297/08; B0811/04; B1053/24

abstractedly (2): A0496/V; B1348/26

abstraction (8): A0079/15; A0162/01; A0214/08; A0405/29; A0610/15; A0695/16; B0724/28; B0843/05

abstractions (3): A0405/24; B1031/21; B1031/23

abstractly (2): A0496/14; B0987/14

abstruse (6): A0097/02; A0214/10; A0315/21; A0478/35; A0548/01; B0835/19

abstruseness (1): B0835/24

abstrusities (1): A0086/01

absurd (27): A0078/43; A0262/14; A0303/21; A0341/26; A0342/V; A0440/14; A0444/18; A0486/20; A0556/03; A0583/13; B0816/14; B0875/09; B0915/02; B1013/25; B1018/28; B1130/27; B1167/18; B1295/28; B1296/30; B1299/37; B1311/25; B1313/31; C0078/07; C0130/20; C0134/28; C0389/18; C0432/41

Absurdities (2): A0158/21; A0158/V

absurdities (4): A0078/41; A0295/30; A0320/27; B1017/25

absurdity (10): A0018/10; A0055/05; A0064/08; A0108/02; B1034/29; B1036/28; B1131/14; B1181/27; B1207/32; B1299/28

absurdly (2): A0529/11; B0759/24

absurdum (1): B1006/05

abundance (10): A0122/11; A0583/31; B1021/28; B1079/27; C0155/36; C0171/02; C0174/05; C0176/11; C0540/05; C0576/05

abundant (16): B0764/21; C0093/32; C0150/25; C0154/08; C0156/24; C0159/17; C0160/08; C0177/07; C0198/40; C0534/32; C0560/02; C0563/35; C0566/20; C0567/06; C0571/15; C0572/06

abundantly (3): B0768/06; B1077/34; C0178/10

abuse (5): A0341/24; A0342/V; A0539/16; B1139/32; B1381/01

abused (2): A0490/28; A0710/02

abuses (1): B1275/06

abusing (1): B0854/30

abutting (1): B0865/26

abxut (1): B1374/20

abysmal (1): B1212/15

abyss (27): A0046/27; A0143/31; A0152/14; A0227/15; A0232/02; A0582/20; A0583/04; A0583/14; A0588/17; A0590/06; A0590/27; A0591/15; A0687/08; A0690/31; A0697/10; B0943/25; B1161/07; B1213/26; B1222/26; B1223/20; B1382/17; C0185/22; C0193/09; C0198/05; C0198/26; C0417/03; C0443/V

abysses (5): A0139/29; A0687/31; C0405/29; C0412/33; C0438/V

Academie/Pergcla (1): A0079/08

academies (1): A0160/08

Academy (4): A0034/15; A0037/V; A0086/18; A0096/18

academy (12): A0315/21; A0342/V; A0429/02; A0430/20; A0432/22; A0434/08; A0436/06; A0437/28; A0437/34; A0440/02; B1364/02; C0057/13

acanthus (1): A0154/23

accede (1): B1236/22

accelerate (1): A0399/25

accelerated (4): B1281/13; C0402/37; C0406/11; C0423/01

accelerating (3): A0594/V; C0403/26; C0442/V

acceleration (3): C0144/02; C0403/05; C0412/13

accent (1): A0436/15

accents (4): A0191/16; A0562/22; B1157/29; C0072/23

accentuation (3): A0055/29; A0065/09; A0681/04

accept (5): A0263/20; A0271/12; B0908/01; B0965/24; B1130/09

acceptable (3): A0265/36; B0906/V; C0569/40

acceptance (1): A0642/21

acceptation (2): A0706/15; B1271/18

accepted (11): A0054/16; A0155/23; A0300/24; B0725/30; B0728/22; B0729/13; B1134/17; B1246/02; B1313/29; C0531/29; C0569/38

accepting (2): B0888/07; B1152/32

accepts (1): B1152/30

access (8): B1003/06; B1005/16; B1336/34; C0136/37; C0152/20; C0173/25; C0192/13; C0521/12

accessible (3): A0479/15; A0652/23; B0874/25

accession (2): A0120/03; B0940/18

accessory (2): A0405/33; A0600/15

accident (79)

accidental (8): A0441/13; A0514/25; A0530/18; A0652/18; B0741/25; B0752/10; B1054/11; C0573/23

accidentally (16): A0055/11; A0064/26; A0104/09; A0155/12; A0350/06; B0758/01; B0764/11; B0872/30; B0956/35; B1188/23; B1224/12; C0117/04; C0126/13; C0202/30; C0204/23; C0397/05

accidents (14): A0478/26; A0690/28; A0706/24; B0762/15; B0833/27; B0943/02; B1101/30; B1101/33; B1102/03; B1104/31; B1105/27; B1271/26; C0097/10; C0099/01

acclamation (1): B0758/14

accommodate (2): A0601/11; C0152/18

accommodated (4): A0057/14; A0067/32; A0090/21; A0601/12

accommodating (1): A0436/33

accommodation (4): A0100/35; A0249/14; B1038/34; C0069/20

accommodations (1): C0070/26

accompanied (32): A0079/35; A0406/13; A0537/14; A0541/20; B0735/23; B0807/27; B0816/26; B0856/17; B0897/22; B0905/01; B0959/33; B0968/10; B1072/32; B1080/21; B1157/24; B1241/32; B1242/10; B1282/15; B1379/22; C0093/08; C0102/25; C0125/31; C0128/20; C0139/31; C0158/28; C0161/28; C0164/32; C0176/13; C0403/33; C0411/27; C0561/04; C0568/15

accompanies (2): A0226/33; A0231/07

accompany (16): B0755/28; B0814/05; B0817/10; B0841/09; B0854/20; B0858/13; B1277/34; B1390/18; C0171/05; C0176/09; C0200/05; C0529/25; C0532/29; C0539/04; C0542/03; C0566/08

accompanying (7): A0265/31; A0520/19; A0546/33; B0916/02; B1130/03; B1322/12; C0180/28

accomplice (3): B0727/23; B0875/14; B1354/26

accomplices (1): B0768/19

accomplish (17): A0566/10; A0650/05; A0692/04; B0762/30; B1069/03; B1072/14; B1187/03; B1234/17; B1277/15; B1392/06; C0064/30; C0080/35; C0106/38; C0136/35; C0185/15; C0398/10; C0398/30

accomplished (50): A0056/04; A0263/32; A0295/V; A0296/V; A0479/25; A0553/21; A0555/10; A0555/13; A0710/33; B0755/03; B0755/03; B0819/03; B0822/03; B0853/27; B0856/28; B0871/17; B0895/31; B0914/V; B0931/02; B0933/20; B0958/23; B1005/02; B1014/23; B1069/04; B1072/10; B1081/16; B1082/09; B1104/08; B1142/05; B1169/06; B1179/33; B1237/31; B1250/05; B1275/34; C0066/09; C0097/09; C0097/19; C0104/19; C0105/36; C0115/05; C0398/11; C0398/31; C0400/16; C0410/12; C0411/04; C0411/23; C0425/23; C0523/04; C0546/04; C0567/06

accomplishes (1): A0479/19

accomplishing (7): A0343/10; B0949/08; C0122/19; C0133/14; C0199/20; C0408/33; C0414/31

accomplishment (8): A0435/15; A0711/02; B0923/23; B1051/27; B1090/15; B1224/09; B1276/04; C0133/28

accomplishments (3): B1096/09; B1123/06; B1345/04

accord (7): A0554/01; B0741/12; B1020/15; B1380/01; C0138/24; C0152/15; C0429/04

accordance (15): A0025/22; A0252/04; A0275/16; A0559/26; A0671/28; B0752/21; B0984/36; B0991/25; B1032/01; B1054/18; C0202/08; C0403/37; C0426/11; C0429/08; C0442/V

accorded (1): A0027/02

according (28): A0079/43; A0173/19; A0178/28; A0251/09; A0270/36; A0353/16; A0483/02; B0733/33; B0747/32; B0747/33; B0810/08; B0831/24; B0869/16; B0879/26; B0929/31; B0981/03; B1091/28; B1095/02; B1164/30; B1237/04; B1299/14; B1321/02; C0106/13; C0167/36; C0178/38; C0548/20; C0551/39; C0574/40

accordingly (41): A0028/V; A0057/03; A0066/29; A0073/30; A0089/20; A0090/10; A0156/29; A0242/10; A0265/01; A0298/V; A0338/16; A0340/14; A0347/11; A0353/05; A0384/15; A0398/27; B0744/16; B0841/02; B1052/04; B1054/02; B1092/22; B1108/05; B1152/27; B1182/27; B1187/06; B1351/04; C0107/31; C0110/33; C0121/21; C0127/10; C0158/16; C0170/37; C0172/27; C0177/30; C0181/40; C0390/34; C0396/32; C0398/22; C0424/38; C0432/34; C0565/22

accorto (1): A0344/31

accost (1): B0949/06

accosted (10): A0401/04; A0652/19; B0749/12; B0871/34; B0891/16; B0901/10; B1003/27; B1107/34; B1257/16; C0108/14

account (188)

accounted (7): A0218/11; A0240/20; A0406/11; B0756/16; B0853/29; B0979/23; B1346/12

accounting (8): A0293/19; B0731/17; B0844/13; B1018/02; B1382/33; C0123/27; C0401/36; C0419/27

accounts (10): A0484/13; A0581/07; B0955/05; B0955/08; B1293/13; B1370/15; C0387/01; C0525/11; C0550/07; C0565/05

accoutred (1): B1007/33

accoutrements (2): C0395/14; C0532/39

accredited (2): A0399/11; B0862/19

accruing (4): B1051/26; B1185/11; B1224/28; C0393/17

accumulate (2): A0704/23; B1269/22

accumulating (2): A0694/21; C0398/38

accumulation (1): B1322/27

accumulations (3): A0704/30; B0834/21; B1269/29

accumulative (2): B0746/15; B1035/30

accuracy (17): A0078/16; A0089/16; A0278/18; A0483/06; A0486/29; B0742/20; B0829/10; B0853/15; B0925/03; B0949/13; B0985/06; B1168/07; C0152/17; C0167/38; C0203/38; C0417/37; C0536/12

accurate (13): A0104/28; A0164/V; A0250/23; B0948/31; B0979/24; B0981/05; B0981/26; B1069/22; B1090/06; C0193/06; C0195/22; C0416/28; C0418/14

accurately (14): A0027/07; A0406/23; A0457/29; A0590/28; A0601/09; A0615/15; B0827/26; B0984/36; B1180/08; B1214/09; B1248/29; B1250/31; C0172/13; C0388/14

accurse (1): A0074/01

accursed (9): A0045/25; A0163/10; A0195/V; A0198/03; A0320/28; A0351/07; A0447/09; B0771/15; B1386/01

accusation (4): A0473/17; B1207/21; B1208/04; C0427/15

accusations (2): A0622/12; B1381/15

accuse (4): A0044/17; A0263/23; B0902/03; B1006/08

accused (8): A0090/10; A0295/11; B0906/26; B1053/15; B1053/20; B1054/03; B1054/12; B1369/04

accusing (3): A0055/04; A0064/07; C0071/18

accustomed (21): A0139/02; A0400/31; A0459/31; A0491/16; A0565/10; A0693/32; B0728/28; B0749/26; B0830/10; B0878/11; B0940/28; B0985/30; B1008/36; B1133/29; B1213/02; B1224/26; B1292/19; B1294/07; B1373/36; C0068/39; C0571/14

acetous (1): B0742/27

ached (2): B0797/01; C0071/11

achieved (6): C0521/T; C0529/T; C0540/T; C0550/T; C0560/T; C0571/T

achievement (2): B0819/04; C0399/39

achievements (1): A0120/11

achieves (1): B1126/12

Achilles (2): A0433/25; A0527/M

Achilles (2): B1128/32; B1130/20

aching (1): A0510/29

achlus (Gr.) (1): A0507/11

acid (6): A0081/08; B1168/25; B1169/28; B1169/30; C0393/33; C0395/25

acknowledge (16): A0057/06; A0079/01; A0122/10; A0304/05; A0400/32; A0435/28; A0610/10; B0907/27; B1007/15; B1017/04; B1017/13; B1052/23; B1109/31; B1133/V; C0428/13; C0578/40

acknowledged (7): A0389/13; A0432/04; A0676/33; B1054/11; B1129/27; B1133/12; B1188/12

acknowledgement (1): A0356/07

acknowledging (2): A0535/18; B0924/15

acknowledgment (2): A0159/20; C0087/27

acme (2): B1315/04; C0169/34

acquaint (3): B0909/10; C0089/08; C0133/10

acquaintance (52)

acquaintances (8): A0065/33; A0107/31; A0382/13; A0654/21; B0749/28; B0750/03; B0922/08; B1081/23

acquainted (27): A0027/V; A0089/35; A0099/16; A0146/11; A0163/17; A0310/02; A0433/V; A0436/21; A0513/14; A0531/16; A0540/24; A0540/V; A0549/28; B0843/10; B0900/V; B0924/13; B0941/33; B0993/23; B1017/15; B1234/20; C0084/34; C0104/14; C0126/12; C0147/24; C0173/01; C0202/26; C0528/07

acquainting (3): B1155/22; C0077/04; C0090/03

acquiescence (5): A0112/07; A0650/13; B0966/V; B1006/12; B1031/29

acquintance) (2): A0465/V; A0467/05

acquired (18): A0298/01; A0441/02; A0580/08; A0610/11; A0667/15; B0725/08; B0956/21; B0969/02; B0969/02; B0986/18; B1037/20; B1070/10; B1322/01; C0170/34; C0391/25; C0398/21; C0418/43; C0529/07

acquirement (2): B1072/25; B1324/02

acquirements (3): A0090/22; A0099/32; A0163/19

acquires (1): C0402/33

acquisition (3): B1212/07; B1269/10; C0525/12

acquisitions (1): A0315/28

acquit (1): B0906/04

acquitted (1): C0104/20

acre (1): B1335/16

acres (4): C0152/12; C0156/01; C0540/20; C0543/17

acrid (2): A0691/06; C0150/30

acrimonious (1): A0069/11

across (67)

Act (1): B1131/33

act (48): A0022/06; A0162/06; A0325/20; A0372/11; A0438/28; A0589/32; A0608/15; A0623/34; A0704/30; B0771/12; B0829/05; B0832/07; B0875/07; B0888/06; B0891/14; B0898/31; B0901/02; B0957/30; B0977/19; B0993/02; B1038/32; B1072/06; B1134/24; B1135/01; B1140/13; B1213/31; B1220/25; B1220/27; B1225/09; B1269/28; B1269/29; B1296/26; B1313/27; C0093/24; C0096/18; C0107/31; C0109/14; C0109/34; C0110/13; C0113/14; C0113/17; C0125/33; C0146/27; C0199/19; C0527/17; C0531/06; C0535/14; C0561/21

acted (7): A0226/05; A0230/02; A0436/13; B1059/08; B1294/11; B1359/01; C0529/17

acting (7): A0398/08; A0478/12; A0478/18; A0478/28; A0478/28; B0840/19; B1010/13

action (63)

actions (15): A0161/15; A0196/21; A0197/02; A0197/10; A0197/19; A0197/29; A0427/32; A0434/33; A0445/18; A0484/12; A0514/13; B1006/18; B1144/34; B1223/21; C0395/04

active (8): A0244/16; A0272/37; A0325/27; A0613/01; B1009/04; B1383/15; C0125/31; C0533/08

actively (1): A0508/19

activity (12): A0156/08; A0270/15; A0513/11; A0515/19; A0528/05; A0545/09; A0554/30; A0555/08; A0555/16; A0555/19; A0559/21; B1143/22

actors (1): A0557/09

acts (4): A0078/V; B1221/06; B1361/10; C0131/23

actual (33): A0034/09; A0080/27; A0157/04; A0244/25; A0340/32; A0457/34; A0527/V; A0693/04; A0705/15; B0736/30; B0833/24; B0949/15; B0962/02; B0962/07; B0968/33; B1081/30; B1097/03; B1123/15; B1209/07; B1270/14; B1299/10; B1304/26; C0112/17; C0144/29; C0169/29; C0192/19; C0400/01; C0400/13; C0424/32; C0433/10; C0438/V; C0525/11; C0543/12

actually (65)

actuated (9): A0073/13; A0105/13; A0432/11; B1093/04; B1213/36; C0082/30; C0104/21; C0152/16; C0545/32

acumen (10): A0278/16; A0296/V; A0296/V; A0528/09; A0529/03; A0545/02; A0547/30; B0925/13; B0986/06; B1115/31

acumine (2): A0568/V; B0974/M

acute (27): A0019/01; A0059/10; A0068/32; A0246/19; A0339/31; A0346/V; A0366/05; A0398/21; A0416/08; A0528/31; A0621/20; A0696/26; B0749/02; B0789/04; B0941/13; B1030/22; B1030/28; B1303/17; B1350/04; C0072/24; C0141/09; C0389/21; C0419/39; C0428/40; C0428/43; C0532/02; C0567/27

acutely (2): B0758/23; B1047/18

acuteness (3): A0055/28; A0403/04; B0795/08

ad (5): A0072/30; A0072/31; A0296/V; B1006/05; B1193/34

ad (1): B0913/08

adage (1): A0336/13

Adam (3): B0736/37; B0871/25; B1095/06

Adam (1): B1190/24

Adam’s (1): B1093/24

adamant (2): B0958/03; B1035/14

Adams, J. Q. (1): A0277/07

adaptation (8): A0400/11; A0478/23; A0497/15; A0707/17; A0707/20; B1039/32; B1272/15; B1272/21

adapted (34): A0098/27; A0240/12; A0263/31; A0310/13; A0347/17; A0486/V; A0501/11; A0545/05; A0601/07; B0831/13; B0838/03; B0857/04; B0871/35; B0901/19; B0908/04; B0916/13; B0961/19; B0986/01; B0988/17; B1037/14; B1037/32; B1054/06; B1081/26; B1240/17; B1274/04; B1337/04; C0065/13; C0181/09; C0182/28; C0202/22; C0394/35; C0410/30; C0549/17; C0560/21

adapting (4): A0709/23; B1070/16; B1274/26; C0402/25

adapts (1): B0984/03

add (22): A0294/V; A0337/24; A0341/27; A0382/01; A0382/02; A0500/11; A0568/03; B0746/16; B0768/14; B0887/06; B0907/12; B0916/12; B0930/33; B1022/03; B1305/10; C0074/08; C0081/13; C0095/20; C0112/14; C0114/32; C0143/02; C0430/01

added (26): A0021/17; A0024/09; A0045/18; A0105/10; A0141/29; A0402/33; A0408/21; A0438/20; A0440/16; A0446/06; A0580/09; A0666/V; B0746/24; B0854/35; B1003/11; B1101/34; B1154/23; B1328/11; C0058/15; C0066/06; C0087/18; C0110/06; C0399/02; C0423/07; C0535/37; C0553/39

addenda (1): B1320/03

adders (1): A0161/16

addicted (3): A0086/01; A0210/25; A0427/24

adding (4): B0916/09; B1135/07; B1236/32; C0132/27

Addison (2): A0710/23; B1275/26_

addition (13): A0128/27; A0433/14; A0558/05; B0727/26; B0746/07; B0748/03; B0813/26; B0888/26; B0965/33; C0141/22; C0407/10; C0423/08; C0535/02

additional (13): A0538/27; B0741/24; B0810/20; B0942/06; B1054/29; B1074/30; B1082/05; B1163/31; B1190/16; B1208/23; B1351/31; C0098/21; C0401/12

addle-headed (1): A0500/V

addling (1): B0988/04

address (19): A0074/02; A0159/22; A0264/30; A0264/31; A0264/31; B0872/03; B0876/25; B0877/01; B0899/02; B0925/31; B0977/07; B0977/11; B0991/16; B1055/18; B1188/30; B1361/08; C0056/20; C0105/28; C0108/18

addressed (26): A0240/16; A0267/17; A0273/34; A0279/13; A0286/03; A0345/22; A0548/23; A0625/09; A0628/15; A0628/27; B0894/18; B0977/12; B0991/07; B1010/15; B1012/06; B1014/04; B1059/15; B1157/28; B1183/02; B1241/04; B1241/13; C0142/26; C0174/33; C0175/22; C0390/32; C0523/19

addresses (2): B0873/35; B1221/29

addressing (6): A0265/06; A0299/32; B1010/20; B1015/30; B1040/16; B1310/13

adds (5): A0710/04; A0711/06; B1275/07; B1276/08; B1311/20

adduce (1): B0740/22

adduced (8): A0098/19; B0724/18; B0740/31; B0741/13; B0748/06; B0759/23; B0763/15; B0763/16

Adelaide (1): B1070/07

Adelaide/Gallery (2): B1070/33; B1072/09

Adelaide s/Island (1): C0162/01

ademptum (1): B1010/25

adept (4): A0440/22; A0510/12; B0989/33; B1009/15

adequate (6): A0211/24; A0347/16; B1169/10; C0397/08; C0421/18; C0424/29

adequately (3): A0447/25; B0905/09; C0182/25

adhered (3): B1145/20; B1301/11; B1354/19

adherence (2): A0484/11; B0747/17

adhesion (2): B1235/28; B1235/32

adieu (7): A0155/15; A0264/20; B0726/18; B0875/17; C0530/34; C0560/32; C0566/10

adjacent (3): A0631/07; B0853/20; B1048/11

adjective (3): B1294/02; B1295/24; B1311/21

adjoining (10): A0043/04; A0412/05; A0447/11; A0486/10; A0551/10; A0565/02; B0980/23; B0980/25; B1336/06; B1346/27

adjust (3): A0352/27; B0746/34; C0409/08

adjusted (11): A0058/22; A0069/12; A0388/33; A0508/05; A0615/09; B0893/17; B0911/02; B0911/V; B1048/02; C0068/26; C0410/16

adjusting (6): A0056/23; A0066/13; B0842/12; B0910/23; B1186/04; C0079/40

adjustment (4): A0497/12; A0497/25; A0501/05; B0746/35

admeasured (1): B0985/06

admeasurement (3): B0981/05; B0984/13; C0165/13

administer (1): B1031/01

administered (1): A0429/01

administration (3): A0020/17; B0949/03; B1005/04

admirable (19): A0059/03; A0069/V; A0070/03; A0102/14; A0174/28; A0180/14; A0302/23; A0348/18; A0664/11; B0890/09; B0890/22; B0908/02; B1121/02; B1133/04; B1138/05; B1270/37; B1279/11; B1300/28; B1304/32

admirably (5): A0379/26; A0434/33; B0857/V; B1081/26; B1081/V

admirari (3): A0091/27; A0110/28; B1009/15

admiration (28): A0053/28; A0125/21; A0135/07; A0203/09; A0354/22; A0484/20; A0590/17; A0630/21; A0711/02; B0863/26; B0890/31; B0893/26; B0902/16; B0984/07; B1004/12; B1012/14; B1068/09; B1079/18; B1133/17; B1276/04; B1295/18; B1311/11; B1330/02; B1345/11; C0426/37; C0537/09; C0556/33; C0569/31

admire (4): A0064/17; A0107/14; A0214/08; A0611/31

admired (12): A0150/V; A0205/25; A0205/27; A0205/29; A0315/20; B0869/03; B0916/06; B1259/13; B1292/34; B1346/35; B1384/37; C0388/01

admirer (1): B0888/28

admirers (2): A0021/10; B0726/04

admires (1): A0204/34

admiring (2): A0125/32; A0533/09

admissible (4): A0498/07; B0902/30; B1315/36; B1315/37

admission (6): A0410/02; A0413/23; A0537/12; B0831/24; B0965/29; B1244/02

admit (48): A0141/22; A0302/07; A0347/11; A0352/26; A0401/28; A0473/18; A0478/08; A0543/09; A0551/19; A0557/07; B0754/20; B0764/V; B0797/28; B0961/12; B0965/26; B1034/27; B1108/16; B1126/09; B1136/33; B1140/15; B1153/10; B1178/04; B1192/34; B1220/20; B1221/04; B1234/33; B1250/34; B1274/02; B1292/18; B1298/23; B1314/13; B1315/22; B1316/34; B1369/33; B1380/09; C0076/12; C0091/28; C0105/39; C0136/36; C0169/01; C0171/12; C0183/32; C0189/09; C0202/20; C0409/26; C0418/14; C0432/24; C0439/V

admits (2): B0743/20; B1359/02

admittance (2): A0087/35; A0539/34

admitted (48): A0059/12; A0159/18; A0251/09; A0302/08; A0351/26; A0379/28; A0398/19; A0403/32; A0405/01; A0439/05; A0532/21; A0546/26; A0593/22; A0600/12; A0665/25; A0703/29; A0708/27; B0744/35; B0752/17; B0758/17; B0828/32; B0842/17; B0959/15; B0974/14; B1019/11; B1029/02; B1035/23; B1044/03; B1053/18; B1072/33; B1138/15; B1168/15; B1183/27; B1237/33; B1268/27; B1273/22; B1296/28; B1297/19; B1297/32; B1313/25; B1314/27; B1317/11; B1375/01; C0169/23; C0170/04; C0195/08; C0401/08; C0411/14

admitting (6): A0686/15; B0740/26; B0841/27; B1207/32; B1301/20; B1313/17

admixture (1): A0433/11

admonisher (1): A0445/30

admonition (3): A0439/20; C0080/16; C0080/17

ado (3): B0878/10; B1010/02; B1338/12

Adommin (1): A0045/17

Adonai (1): A0044/01

Adoni-Bezek (1): A0045/09

adopt (6): A0488/08; B0817/07; B0904/23; C0195/16; C0415/19; C0548/17

adopted (19): A0025/02; A0126/14; A0204/02; A0329/18; A0369/13; A0499/09; B0773/02; B0887/12; B0958/25; B0983/29; B0986/02; B1016/31; B1257/08; B1312/12; B1351/12; B1373/30; C0402/18; C0427/02; C0535/12

adopting (3): B0748/16; B0759/01; C0076/30

adoration (4): A0152/17; A0644/20; B0902/V; B1107/14

adore (4): A0228/19; A0232/23; A0234/14; B1096/23

adored (5): A0122/22; A0122/27; A0458/25; B0909/24; B0933/25

adorn (1): B1122/16

adorned (6): A0045/01; A0093/08; A0112/20; B1192/12; B1340/21; C0552/15

Adramalech (1): A0046/12

Adriatic (1): A0087/27

adrift (8): B0771/24; C0061/24; C0088/07; C0088/13; C0088/25; C0089/14; C0092/28; C0100/24

adroitness (1): A0295/28

Aduanturier (1): C0430/29

adult (1): A0234/04

advance (20): A0128/30; A0250/27; A0322/21; A0478/26; A0609/20; A0657/14; B0748/08; B0878/32; B0956/22; B1050/22; B1052/08; B1075/03; B1136/30; B1140/20; B1330/16; B1335/05; B1347/14; C0187/24; C0414/07; C0570/37

advanced (24): A0329/21; A0427/21; A0437/11; A0448/03; A0531/13; A0562/09; A0686/26; B0866/17; B0965/22; B1189/04; B1214/15; B1314/26; B1320/02; B1338/26; B1348/33; C0071/31; C0135/04; C0161/08; C0166/04; C0168/29; C0183/04; C0199/17; C0200/03; C0566/14

advancement (2): B1214/14; B1294/33

advances (6): B0754/24; B0962/23; B1281/12; B1295/30; B1311/27; B1348/02

advancing (2): C0183/09; C0200/30

advantage (25): A0074/12; A0094/16; A0098/05; A0114/11; A0379/21; A0433/32; A0502/15; A0529/23; A0583/37; A0654/15; A0707/19; B0931/08; B0978/12; B1051/22; B1077/26; B1114/26; B1168/31; B1272/17; B1294/13; B1315/03; B1338/02; C0128/10; C0177/28; C0540/15; C0570/31

advantageous (4): A0706/11; B0733/17; B1271/14; C0555/06

advantages (11): A0073/18; A0121/11; A0529/02; A0711/18; B0725/28; B0728/22; B1005/26; B1193/33; B1224/28; B1276/19; C0096/36

advent (6): A0293/15; A0294/02; A0429/18; A0533/04; B1295/12; B1311/04

adventitious (5): A0120/03; A0267/10; A0281/20; A0428/16; C0399/30

Adventure (2): C0158/29; C0387/T

adventure (31): A0156/27; A0242/32; A0304/01; A0352/19; A0486/26; B0829/36; B0843/09; B0866/08; B0947/26; B0968/10; B1072/35; B1076/09; B1078/30; B1165/13; C0055/02; C0062/39; C0067/02; C0078/39; C0084/13; C0102/02; C0104/18; C0165/02; C0176/28; C0193/25; C0197/23; C0422/02; C0424/04; C0563/33; C0565/29; C0569/16; C0574/34

adventurer (6): B0864/19; B0943/04; B0943/04; C0432/44; C0528/30; C0537/03

adventurers (6): A0638/14; B0725/27; B1075/16; C0536/21; C0544/22; C0550/18

adventures (22): A0293/06; A0347/16; A0347/16; B1154/34; B1158/23; B1159/13; B1170/06; C0053/7; C0056/06; C0056/16; C0057/19; C0057/32; C0065/05; C0425/24; C0430/42; C0441/V; C0521/22; C0524/39; C0528/26; C0532/19; C0541/12; C0560/17

adventuring (1): B1364/16

adventurous (2): B0864/12; C0532/17

advert (3): A0549/09; B0985/13; B1381/27

adverted (3): A0294/V; A0567/V; B0901/28

advertise (1): B0878/29

Advertisement (1): A0484/V

advertisement (10): A0560/21; A0561/14; A0561/19; A0562/03; B0770/27; B0770/31; B0876/23; B0876/24; B0877/07; B0879/16

advertisements (2): A0507/18; B0878/32

advertiser (2): A0488/13; A0561/30

advertisers (2): B0878/34; B0879/08

advertising (1): B0874/03

advice (22): A0121/24; A0179/11; A0347/14; A0435/25; A0435/25; A0625/26; A0626/19; A0650/22; B0816/23; B0892/19; B0928/12; B0981/25; B0982/33; B0982/35; B1142/09; B1143/07; B1153/03; B1182/27; B1352/01; C0115/04; C0131/02; C0166/30

advisable (9): B0727/14; B0753/36; B0772/05; B0879/06; B1142/34; B1177/08; B1193/23; B1239/02; C0179/36

advise (4): A0267/16; A0650/V; B0864/19; B0981/21

advised (7): A0075/16; A0489/20; B0924/17; B1031/10; C0055/31; C0119/11; C0130/41

advisedly (1): B1137/28

advisers (1): C0055/26

advising (1): B1371/06

advocated (1): B0886/03

advocates (1): B1163/11

adzes (1): C0148/09

Aedepol (1): A0045/30

Aeolus (2): A0641/04; A0643/16

aerial (4): A0036/V; A0210/01; B1070/01; B1072/14

aerienne (1): B0889/29

aeriforms (2): A0175/V; A0182/05

Aeris (3): A0344/01; A0351/20; B1162/33

aerolites (1): B1322/20

aeronaut (6): B1072/04; B1080/32; B1108/27; B1294/25; C0390/06; C0408/13

aeronautic (1): C0401/05

aeronauts (2): B1069/18; C0403/36

aerostation (3): B1072/26; B1073/10; B1074/03

Aeschylus (3): A0078/27; A0175/31; A0181/31

aethera (1): A0603/35

Aetna (1): B1278/04

afar (8): A0079/12; A0088/12; A0154/21; A0190/21; A0197/14; A0198/17; B1274/16; C0405/29

aff (5): A0464/09; A0465/19; A0466/25; A0469/V; A0470/08

affability (2): A0245/28; A0383/12

affair (40): A0025/V; A0074/25; A0382/29; A0383/31; A0384/20; A0385/33; A0386/09; A0439/31; A0493/06; A0538/30; A0544/25; A0558/02; A0563/V; A0564/15; A0630/23; B0724/27; B0725/06; B0726/16; B0729/03; B0752/33; B0753/11; B0757/02; B0770/02; B0830/04; B0834/11; B0901/04; B0974/11; B0975/25; B0976/05; B1058/22; B1090/05; B1119/22; B1129/18; B1208/31; B1233/05; B1361/23; B1371/05; B1374/31; B1375/08; C0089/35

affaire (1): A0538/30

affairs (32): A0019/15; A0056/07; A0065/31; A0105/04; A0107/20; A0342/07; A0374/17; A0382/23; A0389/15; A0432/23; A0433/16; A0458/16; A0508/19; A0530/23; A0544/16; A0568/11; B0725/23; B0733/28; B0810/22; B0977/16; B0978/29; B0979/16; B1005/05; B1135/21; B1178/03; B1299/35; B1302/14; C0065/01; C0077/04; C0122/12; C0412/18; C0422/01

affect (6): A0442/08; A0615/14; A0712/03; C0105/23; C0179/09; C0203/02

affectation (12): A0160/20; A0380/15; A0445/28; A0509/04; A0509/04; B0888/23; B0904/31; B0907/26; B0916/11; B1109/08; B1114/31; B1273/11

affectations (1): A0708/16

affected (32): A0022/04; A0053/16I; A0062/24; A0093/02; A0112/14; A0210/16; A0298/V; A0444/01; A0460/18; A0592/06; A0611/10; A0613/05; A0614/05; A0615/13; A0615/29; A0626/34; B0963/13; B1006/15; B1014/26; B1016/06; B1046/19; B1143/06; B1240/31; B1246/17; C0123/03; C0128/01; C0128/38; C0131/18; C0131/32; C0169/21; C0204/23; C0392/23

affectedly (3): A0536/04; B1295/16; B1311/09

affecting (2): A0211/V; A0399/04

affection (21): A0028/07; A0108/12; A0225/01; A0228/20; A0229/01; A0233/01; A0233/21; A0235/05; A0311/07; A0317/17; A0350/04; A0402/33; A0642/12; B0850/16; B0851/15; B0906/10; B1052/31; B1122/30; B1123/21; C0073/08; C0073/26

affectionate (1): A0539/02

affectionately (1): A0262/26

affectionateness (3): A0297/13; A0432/16; C0523/40

affections (4): A0055/21; A0065/05; A0404/18; B0887/02

affects (1): A0496/21

affianced (1): B0755/31

afficiantur (1): A0622/19

affidavit (1): B0751/22

affidavits (6): B0731/16; B0751/21; B0751/26; B0752/26; B0752/33; B1119/M

affinity (7): A0175/12; A0181/02; A0399/35; A0493/06; B1038/12; B1073/16; C0429/24

affirm (2): A0027/19; A0319/16

affirmative (3): B0895/20; B1109/23; C0101/15

affixed (7): A0056/07; B1076/31; B1192/20; C0056/12; C0062/23; C0197/13; C0409/33

afflatus (3): A0173/27; A0179/09; B1127/18

afflict (1): B1032/25

afflicted (4): A0248/04; A0403/33; B1258/13; B1303/18

afflicting (1): C0191/20

affluence (1): B0899/15

afford (49): A0105/12; A0141/07; A0159/15; A0213/18; A0270/05; A0274/20; A0343/08; A0346/18; A0402/29; A0486/15; A0491/10; A0530/22; A0533/08; A0546/05; A0581/20; A0589/31; A0707/13; A0708/16; B0752/30; B0757/24; B0831/29; B0872/12; B0988/26; B1009/09; B1142/08; B1164/26; B1184/20; B1206/16; B1212/26; B1270/15; B1272/12; B1273/11; B1315/02; B1318/05; C0129/03; C0185/10; C0190/26; C0192/19; C0205/08; C0207/15; C0207/23; C0208/04; C0407/11; C0422/34; C0428/13; C0438/V; C0547/29; C0553/13; C0574/27

afforded (51)

affording (12): A0036/08; A0501/04; A0554/16; B0765/23; B0864/36; B1179/05; B1278/03; B1333/37; B1337/02; C0069/11; C0080/29; C0432/32

affords (5): A0478/20; B0916/25; B1113/03; B1113/10; B1208/14

affray (1): A0667/09

affright (5): A0568/01; B1057/17; B1157/35; B1352/11; C0562/30

affrighted (1): C0208/16

affront (4): A0300/06; A0302/10; B0869/13; B1313/11

affronted (4): A0356/28; A0711/01; B1107/30; B1276/03

afloat (7): A0021/07; A0432/21; B0731/34; B0732/15; B0834/02; B0931/21; B1361/23

afoot (1): A0486/08

afore (1): C0470/19

aforesaid (3): A0054/04; A0381/08; B1093/23

afraid (14): B0818/18; B1019/13; B1045/05; B1359/32; B1379/09; C0070/19; C0139/01; C0140/3R; C0169/11; C0169/40; C0555/18; C0556/21; C0561/15; C0575/02

Afrasiab (1): B0969/16

Africa (3): B0870/28; B1294/04; C0407/38

African (3): A0409/07; A0550/11; A0623/04

Africans (1): C0550/12

aft (9): A0137/08; A0137/23; A0140/20; A0589/V; B0930/32; C0061/39; C0106/24; C0110/37; C0124/15

after (521)

after-cabin (1): B0928/22

after-dream (1): A0397/16

after-sails (1): C0106/18

afterlife (1): B1129/08

afternoon (34): A0214/16; A0347/21; A0347/27; A0355/26; A0428/24; A0440/02; A0507/18; A0546/14; A0585/02; A0649/02; A0654/25; B0728/09; B0729/16; B0735/22; B0755/27; B0758/33; B0814/24; B0872/28; B0930/28; B1046/09; B1053/06; B1100/01; B1115/03; B1138/18; B1152/21; B1241/22; B1391/16; C0100/01; C0115/20; C0140/35; C0163/27; C0561/09; C0565/13; C0568/09

aftersail (1): B0930/17

afterward (58)

afterwards (83)

afterwords (1): B0866/12

afther (9): A0466/07; A0466/17; A0468/01; A0468/05; A0469/03; A0469/29; A0470/07; A0470/17; A0470/20

ag (1): B0912/01

again (347)

against (151)

Agathos (22): B1211/01; B1211/03; B1212/07; B1212/11; B1212/15; B1212/24; B1212/34; B1213/04; B1213/06; B1213/11; B1213/13; B1213/22; B1213/28; B1213/29; B1214/17; B1214/18; B1215/08; B1215/13; B1215/17; B1215/21; B1215/24; B1215/29

age (76)

aged (12): A0029/05; A0093/20; A0112/31; A0314/17; A0321/19; A0322/06; A0446/28; A0513/12; A0643/V; A0672/33; B0841/04; B0909/09

agencies (2): B0742/15; B0742/32

agency (14): A0243/10; A0295/16; A0457/19; A0457/30; A0459/03; B0762/17; B0762/29; B0762/35; B0763/04; B0770/31; B0831/34; B1214/10; B1224/12; B1352/33

agent (10): A0460/29; B0832/15; B0977/32; B0979/20; B1069/12; B1069/25; B1069/29; B1383/26; C0561/03; C0561/08

agents (6): A0546/27; A0547/30; A0690/24; B0737/04; C0529/06; C0530/13

ages (17): A0018/01; A0124/17; A0128/16; A0142/26; A0160/V; A0398/33; A0400/07; A0510/07; A0611/26; A0691/04; B0857/02; B1090/13; B1281/35; B1294/33; B1296/10; B1312/14; B1321/27

aggravated (4): A0211/V; A0500/07; C0083/29; C0183/40

aggregate (3): A0507/33; A0704/25; B1269/24

aggregated (1): B0987/25

aghast (14): A0078/27; A0125/21; A0145/09; A0153/21; A0162/25; A0191/12; A0234/11; A0294/V; A0417/03; A0567/21; A0644/12; A0666/02; A0684/11; B0913/24

agile (2): A0210/23; C0563/09

agility (8): A0128/26; A0555/12; A0556/34; A0558/07; A0565/24; B1353/11; C0165/06; C0201/02

agin (1): B0912/25

agin> (1): A0467/V

agir (1): A0036/18

agitated (24): A0024/24; A0153/24; A0195/16; A0227/03; A0231/14; A0235/13; A0411/05; A0412/30; A0413/14; B0728/03; B0733/10; B0873/22; B1238/25; C0059/01; C0060/12; C0060/33; C0078/07; C0110/12; C0111/15; C0144/18; C0389/37; C0397/09; C0554/25; C0555/19

agitating (1): A0560/13

agitation (31): A0155/21; A0378/13; A0398/20; A0402/16; A0403/14; A0404/23; A0456/23; A0457/36; A0514/20; A0542/28; A0567/14; A0581/02; A0664/26; A0687/34; B0725/09; B0894/24; B0944/24; B0947/02; B1079/05; B1362/11; C0083/24; C0095/35; C0104/04; C0187/13; C0204/38; C0387/16; C0405/07; C0406/23; C0419/28; C0420/37; C0556/06

agitations (1): C0204/17

ago (78)

agog (1): C0391/14

agonies (14): A0209/08; A0344/30; A0448/06; A0498/08; A0687/21; A0691/19; A0696/04; B0959/09; B0964/21; B0966/05; B0966/05; C0063/17; C0083/12; C0145/31

agonizing (2): A0234/15; B0961/32

Agony (1): B0855/35

agony (40): A0029/03; A0029/10; A0079/33; A0326/24; A0328/26; A0353/26; A0354/28; A0444/33; A0514/08; A0540/05; A0567/14; A0580/35; A0589/30; A0681/01; A0685/04; A0690/33; A0695/11; A0697/04; B0764/32; B0797/24; B0859/05; B0899/16; B0913/23; B0955/20; B0967/36; B0983/14; B1057/19; B1079/09; B1106/23; B1237/07; C0060/39; C0072/24; C0082/40; C0119/39; C0124/24; C0143/35; C0149/05; C0182/25; C0397/19; C0567/41

agraffas (2): A0336/08; A0339/05

agraffas (1): A0349/14

agree (6): A0544/29; A0555/22; B0837/14; B1047/09; B1145/17; C0157/41

agreeable (12): A0055/14; A0064/28; A0090/20; A0651/01; B0850/25; B0904/20; B0905/V; B0926/12; B1016/35; B1113/03; B1206/18; C0068/08

agreeably (2): B1055/12; C0411/25

agreed (31): A0300/22; A0350/14; A0457/16; A0549/12; A0549/19; A0583/12; A0630/02; B0908/12; B0910/09; B0962/05; B1105/16; B1181/13; B1193/11; B1235/04; B1236/06; B1239/17; B1390/02; C0066/30; C0067/10; C0096/34; C0104/14; C0104/37; C0111/10; C0121/21; C0134/09; C0134/40; C0152/03; C0179/34; C0526/20; C0529/26; C0539/15

agreeing (5): A0240/09; B1021/32; B1241/25; C0093/12; C0555/37

agreement (9): A0093/11; A0112/23; A0112/32; B0737/20; B0815/20; B0862/26; B0910/03; C0177/30; C0179/19

agreements (1): B1113/04

agrees (1): B1011/01

agressi (1): A0638/14

aground (1): C0201/07

ague (7): A0437/23; A0586/29; A0696/19; B1046/26; C0074/07; C0128/37; C0397/09

ah (2): A0033/17; B0905/23

ah (61)

aha (1): A0629/15

ahead (10): A0588/02; B0925/36; B1091/31; C0105/39; C0151/04; C0533/29; C0560/32; C0561/16; C0566/21; C0576/25

ahem (13): A0387/01; A0387/05; A0627/28; A0628/07; A0628/14; A0628/20; A0628/29; A0628/34; A0629/10; A0629/13; A0629/14; A0629/15; A0629/23

Ahmateaza (1): C0574/21

Ahnahaways (2): C0565/30; C0565/38

ai (2): C0430/35; C0430/37

aid (69)

aided (13): A0409/29; A0478/27; B1078/20; B1104/26; B1262/30; B1337/30; C0103/05; C0108/37; C0160/13; C0550/19; C0554/06; C0561/19; C0573/30

Aidenn (5): A0456/12; A0456/14; A0456/16; A0461/14; B1212/24

aides-de-camp (1): C0395/13

aiding (4): B1070/23; B1183/16; C0117/38; C0179/40

aids (1): B0988/26

aiei (Gr.) (2): A0225/M; A0229/M

aight (1): A0372/31

aigrette (1): B0890/11

ailment (1): B1031/02

ails (2): B0811/31; C0059/19

aim (8): A0387/V; A0512/25; A0513/16; B0738/21; B0869/25; B1104/08; C0433/04; C0546/14

aimable (1): A0100/15

aime (1): B1122/01

aimed (3): B0856/22; B1379/01; B1380/30

aiming (2): A0705/10; B1270/09

aimless (1): A0320/08

aims (3): A0270/14; A0706/04; B1271/08

Ainsworth (11): B1051/20; B1072/32; B1075/27; B1075/29; B1076/23; B1077/23; B1078/28; B1079/34; B1080/24; B1081/09; B1081/20

Ainsworth, Harrison (3): B1068/04; B1069/18; B1069/24

Ainsworth’s (1): B1081/14

aint (9): B0809/01; B0811/26; B0811/26; B0811/33; B0812/16; B0821/11; B0821/22; B0824/09; B0826/27

air (2): A0037/V; A0378/18

air (213)

air-boxes (1): C0063/10

air-bubble (1): A0588/20

air-tight (1): C0409/17

airing (1): C0540/03

airs (5): A0303/V; A0355/08; A0432/18; A0603/12; B1012/07

airy (3): A0196/V; A0311/25; A0501/17

aisles (1): A0235/22

aisy (1): A0468/09

ajar (2): A0542/14; A0542/V

akimbo (1): B0912/V

akin (6): A0427/26; A0527/V; A0600/31; A0614/30; A0711/28; B1276/31

Al (1): A0195/V

al (1): B0905/24

Al/ (1): B1384/33

alabaster (5): A0088/01; A0088/21; A0090/05; B1145/24; B1280/14

alacrity (1): C0179/40

Aladdin’s (1): B1361/24

alarm (18): A0161/25; A0411/26; B0823/13; B0853/20; B1019/09; B1044/20; B1226/03; B1353/01; C0061/02; C0129/02; C0143/19; C0167/06; C0188/32; C0204/29; C0406/09; C0423/02; C0553/20; C0562/34

alarmed (28): A0353/15; A0625/20; B0726/21; B0814/26; B0857/28; B0942/20; B1040/09; B1080/20; B1103/30; B1182/01; B1182/02; B1249/20; C0059/05; C0061/16; C0071/19; C0093/06; C0094/14; C0121/30; C0122/30; C0140/20; C0146/25; C0182/08; C0188/26; C0199/32; C0419/23; C0420/03; C0561/30; C0577/27

alarmedly (1): A0694/11

alarming (9): A0324/05; A0324/06; A0563/24; A0667/31; B0756/01; B1134/31; B1259/20; C0092/11; C0553/33

alarmingly (2): C0141/02; C0424/26

alarummed (1): A0413/35

alas (49): A0077/03; A0080/43; A0152/13; A0152/V; A0154/19; A0162/26; A0162/26; A0163/10; A0190/12; A0211/05; A0214/29; A0215/18; A0317/24; A0320/21; A0322/07; A0347/33; A0350/17; A0350/29; A0351/17; A0353/18; A0356/28; A0357/07; A0357/12; A0365/02; A0370/17; A0428/12; A0507/01; A0608/19; A0610/05; A0610/33; A0610/34; A0610/35; B0856/03; B0856/15; B0900/07; B0903/02; B0907/02; B0907/18; B0956/26; B0964/29; B0966/02; B0969/14; B1154/19; B1222/25; B1225/23; B1317/20; B1385/36; C0125/33; C0417/36

Albano (2): A0175/23; A0181/20

Albany (2): B0925/26; B0925/29

albatross (16): A0139/26; C0151/30; C0151/31; C0151/37; C0152/01; C0152/06; C0152/35; C0152/37; C0152/39; C0153/13; C0153/20; C0159/17; C0163/23; C0167/12; C0173/36; C0177/07

albatrosses (2): C0152/36; C0164/03

albeit (1): A0599/M

Albert (1): A0079/08

albuginea (1): B1181/33

Alceus (1): A0349/V

alchemy (1): A0036/13

Alcmaeon (2): A0341/23; A0342/V

Alcman (1): A0195/M

Alcohol (1): B0851/16

alcun (1): A0161/03

Alcyone (1): B1301/04

ale (5): A0242/10; A0253/09; A0253/22; B0767/25; B0767/25

ale-house (2): A0240/06; A0240/07

Aleph (1): A0045/19

alert (3): C0105/26; C0109/24; C0165/22

ales (2): A0250/26; A0251/18

Alex— (1): B1369/25

Alexan (1): B1369/30

Alexander (6): A0037/23; A0037/23; A0120/22; B0870/25; B1096/25; C0160/05

Alexander-etc.-nopolis (4): B1369/11; B1369/19; B1369/20; B1369/22

Alexandria, (1): A0270/02

Alfred (1): A0349/34

Algae (1): B1163/12

algebra (3): B0987/06; B0987/08; B0987/19

algebraic (4): A0365/22; B1214/10; B1214/21; B1358/17

algebraists (2): B0987/12; B0988/01

alien (2): A0558/09; B1107/18

alienation (2): A0231/21; A0321/01

alight (2): B1003/28; B1075/13

alighted (2): B1370/07; C0191/15

alighting (3): A0057/07; A0057/26; A0068/09

alike (11): A0267/07; A0317/06; A0322/10; A0324/06; A0367/05; A0367/21; A0432/09; A0434/19; B1156/33; B1313/04; C0200/37

aliment (1): B1068/12

alimentiveness (1): B1219/24

aliquantulum (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

Aliquibus (1): A0515/34

alit (3): A0058/09; A0068/31; B1110/13

aliteque (3): A0301/10; A0302/20; A0303/17

Alive (1): A0339/25

alive (52)

All (1): B0806/M

all (1958)

all-absorbing (2): A0515/16; B0954/01

all-devouring (1): A0460/35

all-engrossing (1): A0297/07

all-fervid (1): A0461/22

all-important (1): B1194/26

all-pervading (1): A0294/V

all-sufficient (1): A0610/35

All/for/Love (1): A0033/V

Allah (2): A0198/27; B1155/03

Allamistakeo (5): B1185/14; B1185/20; B1185/30; B1190/14; B1190/34

Allamistakeo (1): B1179/31

Allamistakeo’s (1): B1186/11

allay (3): A0019/20; A0458/33; B1212/26

allayed (3): B0816/09; B0858/24; C0561/24

allaying (2): A0458/21; B1273/34

Allbreath (1): A0071/31

alleged (2): B1047/32; C0546/13

allegorical (1): A0242/08

allegorically (1): B1010/01

allegory (1): A0240/T

Allen (9): C0102/40; C0105/16; C0108/11; C0108/32; C0110/33; C0112/11; C0181/37; C0181/40; C0183/23

Allen, Bolonel Ethan (1): A0018/14

Allen, William (1): C0102/21

Allen, Wilson (1): C0181/26

alleviate (1): A0404/30

alleviating (2): A0320/18; B0941/13

alleviation (6): A0053/36; A0063/08; A0218/V; A0398/24; B1208/08; C0128/32

alley (10): A0058/12; A0068/34; A0124/06; A0242/15; A0243/20; A0535/33; A0546/21; A0565/20; B1362/09; C0391/09

alleys (8): A0242/23; A0244/05; B0945/08; B0946/30; B0949/21; C0153/24; C0542/18; C0542/19

alliance (1): C0208/24

allied (1): A0296/V

allies (2): B1119/M; C0557/13

allotted (5): A0065/10; A0098/32; A0455/12; B0871/17; C0182/33

allow (32): A0044/03; A0064/06; A0099/23; A0107/19; A0126/15; A0240/M; A0299/08; A0300/02; A0427/11; A0485/20; A0629/28; B0732/32; B0739/05; B0815/33; B1010/20; B1010/21; B1013/24; B1128/01; B1153/05; B1193/02; B1381/27; C0056/05; C0068/09; C0068/27; C0071/31; C0097/15; C0105/13; C0108/05; C0119/12; C0144/03; C0181/07; C0196/33

allowance (5): B0941/08; C0093/01; C0136/01; C0139/01; C0141/13

allowances (1): B0752/13

allowed (18): A0252/30; A0347/12; A0348/06; A0398/27; A0489/20; A0589/18; B0764/15; B0821/34; B0863/16; B0895/17; B1021/27; B1142/09; B1168/32; C0095/07; C0102/06; C0134/20; C0166/30; C0420/40

allowing (8): A0161/08; A0427/11; B0732/33; B0742/34; C0062/03; C0069/19; C0172/05; C0389/10

alloy (2): B1363/32; C0544/02

allude (14): A0120/18; A0266/26; A0275/26; A0277/06; A0280/33; A0294/V; A0343/05; B0764/16; B0842/03; B0984/11; B0987/03; B1191/11; C0207/25; C0522/01

alluded (20): A0099/06; A0263/04; A0270/28; A0324/15; A0380/06; A0406/15; A0693/23; B0725/V; B0731/24; B0754/18; B0841/22; B0899/06; B0902/26; B0968/25; B1050/03; B1234/24; C0194/07; C0424/36; C0524/13; C0524/14

alludes (5): A0269/16; A0313/02; A0336/06; A0344/16; B1119/11

alluding (4): A0108/03; A0262/30; B0940/26; C0146/32

allured (1): A0690/07

allusion (14): A0283/14; A0434/23; A0602/05; A0654/06; B0763/21; B0850/30; B0915/25; B1050/32; B1122/09; B1145/12; B1186/24; B1358/12; C0446/V; C0524/21

allusions (1): A0536/15

alluvia (1): C0536/32

alluvial (1): C0422/29

Alma/Mater (1): A0295/23

Almack’s (2): A0182/18; A0182/27

Almacks (3): A0176/17; A0176/25; A0182/V

Almighty (2): A0601/06; B1276/25

almighty (3): A0139/31; A0711/24; B0797/21

almost (110)

aloft (5): A0126/17; A0319/20; A0676/20; B0930/11; C0431/07

alone (139)

along (97)

alongside (4): C0165/20; C0168/25; C0168/35; C0176/24

aloud (21): A0093/17; A0112/28; A0218/05; A0300/31; A0303/20; A0323/15; A0330/18; A0348/15; A0461/13; A0629/16; B0944/11; B0967/10; B0967/34; B0981/28; B1127/12; B1225/09; B1225/22; B1225/V; B1263/16; C0116/07; C0145/01

alow (1): B0930/11

Alpha/Lyrae (3): B1300/30; B1300/33; B1302/15

alphabet (3): B0837/11; B0838/03; B0838/07

alphabetical (2): C0195/15; C0207/29

Alpheus (1): A0343/26

Alraschid, Haroun (1): B1166/19

already (135)

also (230)

altar (9): A0044/03; A0044/08; A0044/23; A0159/07; A0225/07; A0229/07; A0321/01; B0888/03; C0574/39

alter (8): A0369/14; A0488/08; A0510/32; A0704/17; B1051/36; B1269/16; C0523/34; C0538/20

alteration (28): A0025/19; A0026/18; A0159/08; A0213/17; A0216/05; A0299/24; A0320/17; A0415/05; A0457/24; A0458/16; A0580/19; A0629/12; A0695/24; A0696/29; A0709/03; B0851/07; B0866/04; B1069/27; B1235/11; B1333/17; B1370/34; C0081/23; C0203/29; C0394/34; C0418/41; C0419/35; C0423/34; C0424/13

alterations (2): A0412/22; A0459/16

altercation (4): A0353/11; A0389/01; A0436/12; A0437/02

altered (14): A0023/01; A0252/05; A0401/26; A0460/08; B0958/08; B0991/05; B1051/31; B1051/31; B1116/07; B1116/07; B1134/33; C0082/09; C0533/38; C0576/22

alterest (1): A0599/M

altering (4): A0053/21; A0062/26; B1077/02; C0056/18

alternate (4): A0640/10; A0641/V; B0807/21; C0061/08

alternately (8): A0078/27; A0303/28; A0402/20; A0663/08; A0692/15; B1336/18; C0137/18; C0420/35

alternation (2): A0189/12; B1274/09

alternations (1): C0425/34

alternative (5): A0690/31; B0819/28; B0836/03; C0074/38; C0132/23

alternatively (1): C0078/13

althegither (8): A0465/07; A0465/19; A0466/14; A0466/32; A0467/04; A0468/V; A0469/13; A0470/03

although (389)

altitude (19): A0064/21; A0140/05; A0240/19; B1076/14; B1076/24; B1080/29; B1193/09; C0181/03; C0389/13; C0399/16; C0400/32; C0401/06; C0401/11; C0402/34; C0403/34; C0404/22; C0405/41; C0411/39; C0423/33

altitudes (3): C0157/33; C0157/33; C0417/38

alto (2): A0097/32; A0273/28

altogether (209)

aluit (1): A0681/M

alum (1): C0553/02

always (161)

am (331)

amassed (2): A0704/21; B1269/20

Amateaza (1): C0574/39

amativeness (1): B1220/03

Amatory (2): A0621/02; A0621/08

amazed (9): A0159/10; A0303/13; A0414/14; A0513/24; A0534/09; A0690/11; B0829/09; B0865/30; B0866/02

amazement (27): A0089/03; A0089/28; A0103/19; A0106/19; A0139/14; A0159/V; A0163/22; A0163/25; A0248/15; A0328/02; A0414/27; A0439/18; A0515/14; A0535/17; B0826/18; B0895/15; B0943/31; B1105/31; B1181/30; C0073/09; C0169/24; C0169/34; C0421/13; C0421/35; C0554/25; C0568/25; C0569/10

amazing (2): A0585/23; A0588/18

amazingly (1): B1359/05

Ambaaren (1): A0579/25

amber (1): B1162/06

ambiguity (2): A0217/11; C0430/34

ambiguous (4): A0056/16; A0264/22; A0428/17; C0097/02

ambition (18): A0162/V; A0282/05; A0432/09; A0445/05; A0445/31; A0496/19; A0510/13; A0704/03; A0706/18; A0706/21; A0712/02; B0987/09; B1269/03; B1271/20; B1271/23; B1271/V; B1277/05; C0569/34

Ambitious (2): A0176/09; A0180/30

ambitious (4): A0706/20; B0748/25; B1126/05; B1271/22

ambitus (1): B0987/09

ambuscade (1): C0181/09

Amen (1): A0075/13

amenable (1): A0497/09

amending (1): A0491/04

amendment (2): A0491/06; B1143/29

amends (1): C0062/38

amenity (2): A0175/23; A0181/20

amerement (1): A0036/17

America (16): A0389/09; A0496/24; A0628/26; B0861/01; B0862/02; B0862/25; B0863/04; B0864/30; B0874/17; B0914/19; B0941/22; B0942/18; B0958/06; B1126/15; B1234/27; C0525/28

American (29): A0263/19; A0490/07; A0498/25; A0512/31; A0580/05; B0818/29; B0827/31; B0864/04; B0894/03; B0904/12; B0958/16; B1031/12; B1081/13; B1151/05; B1151/05; B1184/19; B1207/02; C0053/T; C0087/16; C0155/34; C0156/03; C0158/06; C0158/07; C0160/29; C0163/34; C0432/38; C0524/13; C0526/02; C0535/38

Americanism (1): B1093/32

Americans (7): A0292/V; A0493/01; A0495/V; A0500/25; B0904/06; C0155/39; C0571/07

Amerique (1): B0913/06

ami (8): B0906/29; B0907/07; B0907/08; B0907/19; B0909/33; B0910/01; B1010/20; B1012/30

amiability (2): B0957/15; B1010/V

amiable (3): B0923/19; B0949/31; B1054/19

amicable (1): A0303/14

amicably (1): C0177/18

amicae (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

amid (71)

amid-ships (1): C0102/32

amidships (1): C0118/29

amiss (1): C0152/06

amity (3): B1338/21; C0558/15; C0568/41

ammonia (1): B0853/27

Ammonites (1): A0044/01

ammunition (6): C0085/31; C0530/22; C0530/32; C0534/12; C0535/10; C0549/32

among (286)

amongst (1): B1160/36

Amontillado (18): A0181/16; B1256/T; B1257/24; B1257/25; B1257/28; B1257/30; B1257/32; B1257/34; B1258/03; B1258/15; B1258/17; B1260/31; B1260/34; B1261/20; B1262/01; B1262/03; B1263/08; B1263/09

amount (35): A0276/26; A0379/17; A0441/27; A0487/26; A0601/10; A0652/04; A0653/14; A0704/25; A0705/06; A0712/06; B0727/26; B0733/03; B0862/24; B0873/34; B0874/03; B0874/22; B0979/23; B0983/03; B0984/18; B0989/V; B1045/30; B1054/17; B1073/18; B1209/01; B1269/24; B1270/05; B1277/11; B1296/09; B1312/13; B1329/34; B1373/26; C0135/41; C0403/23; C0429/48; C0521/15

amounted (8): A0296/V; A0317/19; A0705/19; B1031/08; B1154/24; B1270/17; C0065/22; C0123/17

amounting (6): A0282/04; B0834/24; B1073/21; C0141/26; C0400/06; C0412/01

amounts (4): B0739/03; B0745/33; B0879/04; B0986/08

amour (1): B0754/26

amphitheatre (8): A0128/09; A0146/03; B1283/01; B1331/29; B1332/22; B1333/07; B1334/31; B1335/34

ample (9): A0241/25; A0704/13; B0879/01; B1056/22; B1078/25; B1110/13; B1113/01; B1269/13; C0080/10

amplification (1): A0405/13

Amplitudine (1): A0213/04

amply (4): A0671/03; B0747/02; B0872/15; C0065/07

Amriccan (5): B1297/01; B1302/28; B1303/19; B1304/05; B1304/30

Amriccans (3): B1296/13; B1299/27; B1305/12

Amsterdam (1): A0541/01

amuse (4): A0205/34; A0430/23; B0927/05; B1031/23

amused (19): A0354/11; A0354/11; A0533/22; A0535/12; B0889/08; B0916/21; B0926/16; B0926/16; B0928/02; B0975/35; B1105/02; B1115/11; B1194/02; B1329/04; B1348/14; C0069/16; C0070/34; C0169/12; C0532/17

amusement (19): A0070/05; A0070/18; A0091/20; A0110/24; A0204/04; A0484/17; A0546/05; A0591/32; B0822/17; B0898/19; B1246/04; B1294/15; B1304/08; B1305/15; B1346/09; C0093/28; C0428/14; C0564/29; C0564/30

amusements (3): B0807/23; B1006/13; B1302/16

amusing (4): A0507/17; B0745/16; B1009/24; B1302/19

an (1): A0353/09

an (1811)

an> (2): A0469/22; A0470/16

Ana-Pest (3): A0250/16; A0253/02; A0254/06

Anacharsis (1): A0081/17

Anacreon (1): A0190/08

Anakim (1): B1008/33

analogical (2): C0401/04; C0429/47

analogically (1): A0601/22

analogies (3): A0314/07; B0989/13; B1300/25

analogist (1): B1114/20

analogous (16): A0387/16; A0457/14; A0489/07; A0497/02; A0531/09; B0757/06; B0877/04; B0987/33; B0990/03; B1168/23; B1168/23; B1296/14; B1312/17; B1359/19; B1359/24; C0426/05

analogy (14): A0298/V; A0478/15; A0478/17; A0609/25; A0610/17; B1095/11; B1300/26; B1301/10; B1301/12; B1301/20; B1301/25; C0428/18; C0429/47; C0439/V

analyse (1): A0528/16

analysis (35): A0097/07; A0141/22; A0212/10; A0296/V; A0303/V; A0398/04; A0511/19; A0527/02; A0527/V; A0528/15; A0529/18; A0530/30; A0708/22; B0751/28; B0751/V; B0768/27; B0770/V; B0836/15; B0984/28; B0987/05; B0987/08; B1039/20; B1114/35; B1114/35; B1214/10; B1214/12; B1214/21; B1221/04; B1273/16; B1322/14; B1358/10; B1364/04; B1364/15; B1380/09; B1380/19

analyst (5): A0528/05; A0529/08; A0530/01; A0530/29; B1115/01

analytic (5): A0531/06; A0531/11; A0533/11; B1215/01; B1380/24

analytical (7): A0478/35; A0496/V; A0527/01; A0530/28; B0725/08; B1092/34; B1143/32

analyze (3): A0214/09; A0250/24; A0314/12

analyzed (2): B1133/23; B1362/34

analyzing (4): A0078/18; B1295/15; B1311/08; B1362/32

Anamalech (1): A0046/12

Anamoo-moo (3): C0168/08; C0168/32; C0174/18

Anamoo-moos (1): C0175/24

anarchy (1): A0108/28

anatomical (2): A0559/19; B1114/20

anatomists (1): B0763/25

Anaxagoras (2): A0054/37; A0064/08

ancestor (4): A0022/09; A0704/32; B0912/15; B1269/31

ancestors (5): A0021/24; B0841/21; B1092/19; B1126/19; C0391/10

ancestral (2): A0234/V; A0235/27

anchor (15): A0136/30; A0240/04; A0584/09; A0584/16; B0968/14; C0150/09; C0156/24; C0167/28; C0170/39; C0171/05; C0176/15; C0180/20; C0186/02; C0555/21; C0565/13

anchorage (5): A0584/02; A0585/21; C0150/39; C0150/41; C0151/03

anchored (1): C0538/04

anchors (2): C0147/20; C0557/35

ancient (35): A0019/08; A0019/21; A0075/10; A0286/06; A0310/12; A0374/19; A0398/31; A0404/04; A0428/02; A0430/12; A0497/27; A0509/03; A0609/35; B0806/02; B0841/01; B0850/30; B0865/18; B0871/04; B1049/35; B1294/02; B1294/09; B1294/32; B1295/31; B1296/11; B1297/01; B1297/29; B1299/13; B1299/27; B1302/08; B1303/19; B1303/30; B1311/28; B1314/05; B1317/34; C0540/29

ancients (4): A0089/08; A0104/07; B1297/21; B1316/04

ancles (2): C0122/07; C0552/29

and (1): A0356/14

and (13921)

andava (1): A0344/32

Anderson (1): B0725/32

Andromache (2): A0033/V; A0455/M

Andromache (1): A0033/01

Andronicus (1): A0110/21

anecdcte (4): A0296/V; B1001/21; B1014/35; B1361/26

anecdotes (5): A0582/24; B1191/16; C0087/29; C0087/30; C0541/12

anemonae (1): A0345/26

anemone (2): A0345/26; A0345/27

anenonoe (1): A0345/V

aner (Gr.) (1): A0346/03

aneurism (1): B1235/34

anew (2): A0428/06; A0612/02

Anfangsgrunde (3): A0342/01; A0342/V; A0342/V

Angel (20): B1100/T; B1103/25; B1103/35; B1104/10; B1104/15; B1104/20; B1104/25; B1105/03; B1106/04; B1106/15; B1107/02; B1107/34; B1108/34; B1109/17; B1109/25; B1109/29; B1109/34; B1110/04; B1110/08; B1110/22

angel (16): A0318/09; A0349/29; A0356/30; A0385/06; A0466/30; A0467/09; A0467/31; A0483/11; A0644/23; A0682/07; B0897/19; B0909/28; B1103/27; B1103/34; B1104/03; B1104/06

angelic (4): A0325/10; B0892/08; B1040/04; B1215/06

Angelo (1): A0161/01

angels (23): A0175/05; A0181/26; A0310/N; A0314/28; A0319/15; A0319/24; A0320/01; A0349/29; A0406/26; A0461/22; A0642/30; A0643/25; A0682/04; A0711/32; B1039/02; B1040/01; B1122/02; B1128/27; B1130/05; B1212/02; B1213/13; B1276/35; B1316/01

anger (13): A0104/18; A0466/15; A0541/08; A0567/05; A0626/08; B0857/28; B0900/25; B1048/05; B1221/29; B1222/01; C0095/27; C0133/15; C0556/22

anges (2): B1121/01; B1121/03

angle (28): A0248/13; A0429/04; A0430/03; A0479/01; A0580/31; A0590/35; B0842/06; B1075/06; B1075/08; B1075/10; B1080/28; B1185/05; B1280/08; B1300/31; B1332/21; B1337/18; B1338/02; B1340/20; B1381/34; C0173/07; C0183/16; C0398/18; C0418/32; C0419/10; C0419/39; C0420/07; C0421/12; C0567/27

angler (1): B0870/26

angles (33): A0087/21; A0248/20; A0273/14; A0322/03; A0326/08; A0401/12; A0430/08; A0497/17; A0503/02; A0509/23; A0554/19; A0686/01; A0686/17; A0688/27; A0688/29; A0691/30; A0696/26; B0762/19; B1009/V; B1020/25; B1054/09; B1077/05; B1160/25; B1164/26; B1282/28; B1333/19; B1336/07; B1351/12; B1352/30; C0061/13; C0152/33; C0398/07; C0574/02

Anglo-Saxon (1): B1141/27

anglois (1): C0430/38

angrily (2): B0828/36; B1014/01

angry (14): A0177/11; A0183/04; A0197/32; A0262/14; A0353/06; A0434/08; A0441/32; A0537/16; A0540/07; A0579/19; B1104/34; C0061/29; C0079/02; C0579/23

anguish (5): A0209/08; A0317/03; C0124/28; C0129/37; C0143/22

angular (6): A0265/20; A0294/08; A0613/17; B1092/09; C0421/09; C0421/17

anima (1): A0638/M

animadversicn (1): B0767/13

animadversicns (1): A0072/04

Animae (2): A0515/31; A0515/34

animal (88)

animal’s (6): A0026/30; A0125/30; B0853/16; B0866/06; B1046/23; C0546/11

animalculae (2): A0600/32; A0601/02

animalculae (1): B1213/21

Animals (2): B1093/19; B1131/33

animals (36): A0127/16; A0478/02; A0491/16; A0694/10; B0850/11; B1157/04; B1157/14; B1162/15; B1162/19; B1163/01; B1163/11; B1165/31; B1334/29; B1350/31; C0138/06; C0155/22; C0155/32; C0164/35; C0173/28; C0173/33; C0174/12; C0176/24; C0205/14; C0429/33; C0534/33; C0544/21; C0545/07; C0545/18; C0546/25; C0547/11; C0553/04; C0561/34; C0562/28; C0567/01; C0577/34; C0578/12

animate (1): A0600/26

animated (7): A0383/04; A0641/15; B0991/30; B1186/09; B1207/02; B1247/08; B1294/22

animation (6): A0059/19; A0067/10; A0322/28; B0956/02; B0959/28; C0198/27

animaux (1): A0019/04

animosity (5): A0020/01; A0385/26; A0433/12; B0946/25; C0082/02

ankle (5): A0035/22; A0535/26; C0090/28; C0127/01; C0397/32

ankles (7): A0103/26; A0243/33; A0348/34; A0368/09; C0092/38; C0168/18; C0411/28

annales (1): B1335/13

Annals (2): B1097/05; B1114/29

annals (2): A0293/29; C0404/21

annexed (3): A0282/02; B1071/V; C0554/12

Annian (2): C0525/21; C0525/40

Annie (2): B1339/07; B1339/08

annihilate (1): A0398/08

annihilated (3): A0345/25; A0691/28; B1168/38

annihilation (3): B0963/05; B1223/08; C0421/28

anniversary (1): B1304/15

annotations (1): B1189/17

announce (1): B0769/22

announced (4): B0930/32; B1007/26; B1053/31; B1234/36

announcement (8): A0457/34; A0457/35; A0544/27; B1134/15; B1298/14; B1316/23; B1364/22; B1364/30

announcing (2): B0819/22; B0949/30

annoy (1): A0442/08

annoyance (6): A0434/04; A0434/30; B0854/28; B0940/26; B1164/19; C0393/08

annoyances (1): A0589/17

annoyed (10): B0844/04; B0854/27; B0888/16; B0908/V; B0925/19; B0944/15; B1009/07; B1225/01; B1292/05; C0542/22

annoying (2): A0072/14; B0888/08

annoys (1): B0813/21

annual (8): A0243/03; A0440/06; A0705/18; B0941/08; B1134/19; B1270/17; B1321/19; C0561/35

annually (1): C0431/13

anointed (3): A0694/20; B1141/15; B1207/28

anomalies (4): A0294/16; A0313/25; A0413/16; C0170/19

anomalous (9): A0403/09; A0433/16; A0493/01; A0613/15; B0773/17; B0859/03; B0890/28; B0959/33; B1223/V

anomaly (7): A0053/32; A0063/03; A0080/22; A0087/06; A0164/18; A0214/01; B0724/04

anon (8): A0124/11; A0218/02; A0348/01; A0379/17; A0416/16; A0455/09; A0673/30; B1134/25

Anonymous (1): A0599/M

another (181)

another’s (2): A0154/19; A0154/20

Ansichten (1): B0723/M

answer (57)

answered (19): A0178/19; A0191/08; A0218/05; A0240/22; A0372/31; B0766/14; B0796/34; B0858/06; B0858/35; B1035/16; B1142/29; B1188/28; B1260/28; C0070/11; C0100/21; C0101/15; C0180/31; C0197/26; C0557/31

answering (4): A0268/24; A0583/34; B0767/01; C0554/24

answers (3): A0026/07; A0251/24; A0341/18

ant (1): B1162/32

antagonist (8): A0037/24; A0433/28; A0441/20; A0443/27; A0447/25; A0448/05; A0703/10; B1268/09

antagonistical (2): B0740/31; B1221/17

antagonists (1): C0113/04

Antarctic (12): C0053/T; C0055/29; C0159/04; C0159/13; C0160/37; C0161/06; C0162/17; C0163/05; C0164/05; C0166/24; C0202/09; C0202/16

Antarctic/Ocean (1): C0201/36

Antares (1): B0898/03

ante-chamber (3): A0216/26; A0447/11; B1363/01

antediluvian (2): A0165/23; B1091/30

Antediluvians (1): A0621/21

antelope (9): B1055/18; C0173/32; C0542/41; C0552/16; C0553/05; C0561/27; C0563/23; C0566/33; C0575/13

antelopes (8): C0542/20; C0543/32; C0559/41; C0561/33; C0561/36; C0562/13; C0562/28; C0563/09

antennae (5): B0808/35; B0810/14; B0810/15; B0810/17; B0810/23

antennae (1): B1250/25

Anthon (1): A0283/21

Anthon, Bharles (1): A0283/17

anticipate (19): A0166/15; A0269/25; A0593/29; A0611/19; A0657/06; A0657/09; A0657/10; A0657/12; B0744/10; B0906/04; B0988/21; B0988/22; B1183/11; B1234/15; C0082/07; C0197/35; C0200/33; C0527/37; C0557/27

anticipated (30): A0106/22; A0417/02; A0552/22; B0854/25; B0979/08; B1059/12; B1107/20; B1181/24; B1352/08; B1372/22; C0068/08; C0104/39; C0108/13; C0112/23; C0120/41; C0127/03; C0133/21; C0133/39; C0139/29; C0189/34; C0191/28; C0397/19; C0398/16; C0400/17; C0406/23; C0414/11; C0416/13; C0419/36; C0422/04; C0555/03

anticipating (2): A0127/13; A0441/29

anticipation (3): A0127/06; B1222/10; C0391/38

anticipations (3): B0726/02; B0891/02; C0412/28

anticipative (1): C0111/39

Antigone (1): A0608/M

antimony (2): A0182/10; B1362/31

Antinous (2): A0160/23; A0621/18

Antioch (7): A0120/16; A0120/V; A0121/10; A0121/18; A0121/18; A0123/25; A0128/V

Antiochia/Fpidaphne (1): A0120/19

Antiochus (5): A0120/23; A0126/05; A0126/07; A0127/30; A0128/05

antipathies (1): C0427/17

antipathy (1): A0020/06

antipodes (3): A0241/V; B1296/26; B1313/27

antiquarian (4): A0089/13; B1089/09; B1293/09; B1304/04

antiquarians (2): A0124/21; B1303/08

antiquated (2): A0142/22; B1008/18

antique (16): A0100/34; A0209/17; A0235/V; A0312/30; A0401/15; A0413/08; A0416/23; A0498/17; A0503/03; A0514/25; A0662/10; A0685/23; A0689/29; B0827/27; B1128/20; B1179/16

antiquities (3): A0145/04; B1299/26; B1302/28

antiquity (9): A0122/09; A0292/02; A0322/19; A0366/01; A0367/07; A0369/31; A0400/06; B0871/26; B1186/18

antiquum (1): A0536/18

Antoeus (1): A0079/44

Antony, Mark (1): A0069/18

antro (1): A0681/M

anxieties (2): A0612/20; C0425/19

anxiety (40): A0022/16; A0028/21; A0073/21; A0102/17; A0189/28; A0214/27; A0234/15; A0324/19; A0432/31; A0442/25; A0456/25; A0530/19; A0566/05; A0614/11; B0726/07; B0756/16; B0756/21; B0795/23; B0813/17; B0826/13; B1031/03; B1132/33; B1133/09; B1137/08; B1195/03; B1370/10; C0062/22; C0077/12; C0080/12; C0083/17; C0089/05; C0094/28; C0114/18; C0134/12; C0134/36; C0141/23; C0395/20; C0417/31; C0419/28; C0446/V

anxious (33): A0073/26; A0263/08; A0263/09; A0263/10; A0264/25; A0371/02; A0378/08; A0435/16; A0593/06; A0703/10; B0768/21; B0810/33; B0816/10; B0819/30; B0923/24; B1076/35; B1195/15; B1236/10; B1268/09; B1383/32; B1383/34; B1384/01; C0092/01; C0100/01; C0139/04; C0170/22; C0192/35; C0545/02; C0555/17; C0558/27; C0560/08; C0565/02; C0574/32

anxiously (6): A0350/11; A0446/26; A0513/30; C0114/16; C0143/06; C0408/24

anxther (1): B1374/08

any (897)

anybody (4): A0340/04; A0342/07; A0385/17; B1299/28

anyone (1): B1046/19

anything (93)

anywhere (5): A0631/05; B1279/34; B1347/15; C0088/41; C0101/20

Aoede (1): A0343/21

aorta (1): B1235/34

apart (27): A0142/32; A0161/13; A0267/31; A0313/09; A0327/13; A0355/14; A0400/09; A0500/04; B0742/25; B0773/18; B0955/36; B0956/03; B0963/12; B0987/28; B0992/34; B1137/03; B1192/13; B1192/23; B1332/30; B1351/09; B1384/35; C0185/03; C0197/10; C0415/23; C0430/46; C0542/35; C0572/11

apartment (66)

apartments (15): A0067/08; A0159/11; A0294/02; A0296/11; A0410/27; A0436/34; A0500/25; A0551/11; A0662/08; A0671/21; A0672/07; A0674/11; A0674/12; B0929/04; B0976/12

apathetic (2): A0028/29; B0966/11

apathy (8): A0145/30; A0297/09; A0404/17; B0733/01; B0733/09; B0748/28; B0748/29; C0205/19

ape (7): A0124/19; A0565/15; A0565/V; A0566/V; A0566/V; A0567/20; B0945/21

apeak (1): C0180/20

Apennines (1): A0662/05

aper (1): B1142/15

aperture (23): A0246/25; A0351/25; A0352/01; A0352/07; A0352/23; A0538/11; A0557/11; A0695/23; B1184/13; B1263/20; B1362/21; C0068/35; C0075/21; C0076/05; C0091/28; C0094/08; C0100/06; C0101/32; C0189/06; C0194/14; C0194/23; C0410/21; C0545/21

apes (3): B1351/14; B1353/03; B1353/15

apex (7): A0354/23; A0579/07; B0762/20; B0841/14; B1248/21; B1336/02; C0388/28

aphelion (1): C0401/39

Aphrodite (1): A0166/19

Aphrodite, Marchesa (2): A0152/17; A0164/12

Apicius (1): A0033/03

apocryphal (1): B1358/23

Apollo (6): A0035/16; A0160/20; A0160/22; A0160/V; A0312/27; A0379/24

Apollonius (2): A0176/02; A0182/01

apologetic (1): B0940/27

apologie (1): B0900/01

apologies (2): B1101/02; B1185/22

apologize (2): B1106/01; B1135/27

apologizing (1): B1185/12

apology (9): A0074/10; A0074/10; A0268/23; A0302/11; A0388/31; A0443/05; A0662/V; B0923/28; B1140/01

apostrophising (1): A0345/10

apothecary (6): A0059/20; A0059/24; A0059/30; A0067/11; A0067/15; A0067/20

apothegm (1): A0143/03

apotheosis (2): A0710/23; B1275/26

apout (3): B1103/08; B1103/08; B1104/03

Appallachia (2): A0497/06; A0500/24

appalled (8): A0234/07; A0315/11; A0412/10; A0664/24; B0764/20; B1235/10; B1247/17; C0190/15

appalling (21): A0029/04; A0035/06; A0139/25; A0143/25; A0213/31; A0329/07; A0580/33; B0735/16; B0751/05; B0961/30; B1005/26; C0111/36; C0125/30; C0126/18; C0134/01; C0134/21; C0134/22; C0182/34; C0413/02; C0420/21; C0422/40

appals (1): A0674/08

Apparatus (1): B1167/37

apparatus (18): B1071/04; B1075/09; B1362/16; C0394/33; C0395/27; C0396/09; C0402/21; C0402/25; C0405/15; C0407/30; C0409/09; C0409/09; C0412/24; C0416/31; C0419/24; C0422/17; C0424/15; C0424/39

apparel (4): A0445/25; A0556/02; B1004/19; B1108/12

apparent (97)

apparently (101)

apparition (12): A0329/26; B0853/17; B0866/01; B0890/14; B1249/09; B1249/24; C0109/36; C0111/28; C0111/33; C0111/39; C0112/02; C0112/13

appeal (5): A0374/18; B0932/04; B1221/18; B1338/22; C0541/23

appealing (2): A0155/09; B0773/17

appeals (2): A0710/24; B1275/27

appear (65)

appearance (205)

appearances (10): A0124/15; A0413/02; A0543/23; A0556/01; A0672/15; B0956/17; B1235/29; C0166/19; C0191/28; C0547/28

appeared (200)

appearing (10): B1359/32; B1362/02; B1382/16; B1382/18; B1386/09; C0133/40; C0151/35; C0171/13; C0173/28; C0429/07

appears (56)

appease (2): C0128/30; C0569/08

appeased (2): B1142/06; C0135/32

appellation (15): A0120/17; A0145/16; A0150/V; A0191/08; A0211/16; A0240/16; A0250/07; A0399/17; A0399/18; A0426/02; B1130/17; B1143/23; C0204/07; C0208/23; C0420/33

appellations (3): A0027/11; A0431/18; B0887/17

appendages (3): A0491/17; C0425/41; C0552/23

appended (9): A0265/02; A0622/12; A0690/20; B0723/07; B0727/24; B0730/33; B1073/32; B1075/28; B1136/02

appending (1): B1358/15

appendix (2): A0440/17; C0207/23

Appennine (1): A0667/03

appertain (1): B0833/08

appertaining (5): A0247/20; A0248/25; A0293/29; A0302/14; A0638/20

appertains (5): A0482/05; A0710/22; B0839/28; B1006/10; B1275/25

appetency (1): A0507/10

appetite (7): A0482/18; B1007/22; B1009/17; C0071/03; C0101/04; C0137/11; C0176/02

appetites (1): A0044/17

applause (6): A0177/V; A0435/13; A0710/36; B1139/05; B1276/02; C0569/30

apple (8): A0253/10; B0980/12; B1010/28; B1092/28; B1383/20; B1383/20; B1383/28; B1383/29

apples (1): A0534/33

appliances (4): A0440/11; A0671/07; B0757/35; B1115/22





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-A through Appliances)