Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Applicability through Beings,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 17-32 (This material is protected by copyright)


applicability (4): B0987/08; B0987/31; B1214/14; B1312/30

applicable (9): A0161/10; A0301/13; A0495/V; B0723/17; B0764/03; B1051/24; B1162/29; B1240/11; C0394/35

application (21): A0105/19; A0345/03; A0346/13; A0381/V; A0690/33; B0835/28; B0879/11; B0960/11; B0962/14; B0985/27; B0987/05; B1030/31; B1070/19; B1072/16; B1119/17; B1181/17; B1208/23; B1209/08; B1238/11; C0402/26; C0433/09

applicationes (3): A0301/12; A0302/19; A0303/04

applications (1): A0279/04

applied (33): A0056/34; A0066/24; A0071/18; A0142/30; A0161/09; A0246/20; A0312/08; A0482/06; A0536/04; A0546/06; A0609/13; A0609/34; A0611/19; A0705/34; B0724/05; B0910/22; B0950/04; B0959/23; B0981/06; B0987/17; B1008/26; B1070/04; B1070/21; B1130/18; B1137/15; B1139/28; B1182/15; B1185/27; B1214/15; B1270/33; C0187/41; C0393/35; C0544/33

applies (5): A0345/30; A0710/27; B1097/04; B1275/30; C0429/28

apply (11): A0044/07; A0059/33; A0065/23; A0280/24; A0341/04; A0356/04; A0459/31; B0879/07; B1096/36; B1130/08; C0536/08

applying (6): A0625/20; B0891/27; B0960/19; B1239/06; C0073/36; C0096/20

appoint (1): A0301/26

appointed (7): A0027/12; A0204/11; B0755/32; B1105/29; B1163/07; B1347/08; C0065/36

appointment (6): A0204/33; B0897/04; B1105/13; B1105/34; B1237/04; B1390/13

appointments (1): A0673/23

apposite (1): B1050/18

appreciable (7): A0560/17; A0691/03; A0705/05; B0836/07; B1037/19; B1270/05; B1363/32

appreciate (10): A0126/08; A0338/32; A0527/02; A0600/05; A0695/14; A0696/21; B0757/28; B1039/35; B1317/35; C0091/04

appreciated (5): A0613/15; A0613/31; A0616/03; B0738/14; B0895/27

appreciatinc (1): A0614/30

appreciation (10): A0159/23; A0383/26; A0495/06; A0545/25; A0682/12; A0709/15; B0926/32; B1135/28; B1209/11; B1274/19

apprehend (5): A0585/15; A0686/30; B1234/26; C0067/39; C0159/37

apprehended (14): A0092/23; A0111/33; A0138/04; A0458/27; A0710/27; B0763/10; B0958/23; B0960/33; B1015/07; B1082/01; B1275/29; C0097/38; C0160/36; C0548/21

apprehending (2): A0136/34; C0550/06

apprehension (17): A0138/08; A0141/04; A0387/V; A0457/34; A0459/06; A0528/09; A0710/20; A0710/34; B0823/14; B1246/19; B1275/23; B1275/34; B1292/25; B1364/16; C0143/15; C0421/05; C0548/27

apprehensions (12): A0056/27; A0066/16; A0145/07; A0561/22; B0969/08; B1008/20; C0094/18; C0095/36; C0167/09; C0172/25; C0424/11; C0549/27

apprehensive (4): A0542/28; C0096/13; C0146/26; C0189/02

apprentices (3): A0338/21; B1101/11; B1127/12

apprize (1): C0186/08

approach (33): A0066/12; A0099/17; A0103/18; A0124/08; A0214/11; A0458/12; A0676/05; A0708/07; B0769/V; B0852/02; B1092/35; B1192/23; B1223/13; B1246/11; B1273/06; B1278/32; B1282/09; C0161/33; C0167/30; C0169/35; C0170/10; C0175/35; C0178/29; C0180/16; C0180/21; C0190/38; C0389/35; C0424/24; C0424/25; C0535/14; C0544/28; C0567/08; C0572/25

approached (41): A0179/31; A0232/16; A0415/20; A0437/13; A0459/20; A0511/31; A0567/20; A0589/28; A0627/12; A0676/20; B0744/34; B0818/06; B0853/13; B0854/08; B0862/31; B0866/15; B0889/25; B0897/20; B0966/10; B0968/12; B1141/23; B1156/28; B1188/16; B1238/07; B1238/14; B1279/03; B1281/19; B1338/29; C0127/39; C0133/17; C0140/21; C0162/37; C0169/03; C0169/32; C0173/24; C0174/16; C0186/38; C0200/40; C0201/03; C0545/33; C0568/36

approaches (7): A0128/06; A0427/04; B0767/31; B0767/32; B0875/32; B1282/34; C0401/38

approaching (35): A0080/11; A0127/06; A0214/15; A0314/03; A0314/04; A0341/V; A0342/17; A0403/35; A0489/14; A0588/26; A0614/25; A0650/08; B0794/21; B1019/34; B1076/20; B1155/35; B1179/19; B1194/33; B1225/V; B1234/22; B1236/08; B1298/28; C0094/23; C0108/17; C0134/20; C0144/24; C0150/21; C0165/26; C0205/34; C0417/17; C0420/31; C0421/31; C0423/32; C0446/V; C0557/39

approbation (3): B1137/13; B1138/10; C0569/33

approbatory (1): A0035/17

appropriate (5): A0098/33; A0245/12; B0933/05; B1137/16; B1304/13

appropriated (1): A0435/01

appropriately (1): B0865/31

appropriating (1): A0044/17

approval (1): C0079/16

approved (3): A0675/13; B0870/04; B1152/26

appurtenance (2): A0093/21; A0112/32

appurtenances (2): A0496/15; A0496/16

April (47): A0204/24; B1075/33; B1291/13; B1293/32; B1294/15; B1298/25; B1299/24; B1300/30; B1302/16; B1302/25; C0155/26; C0212/V; C0212/V; C0213/V; C0214/V; C0395/18; C0416/16; C0416/38; C0417/12; C0417/21; C0417/33; C0417/39; C0418/01; C0418/40; C0419/14; C0419/18; C0419/29; C0419/35; C0420/03; C0420/11; C0420/19; C0420/34; C0421/07; C0422/41; C0424/10; C0560/18; C0560/27; C0560/29; C0561/18; C0563/32; C0563/32; C0563/32; C0563/32; C0565/12; C0565/16; C0565/16; C0565/25

apron (3): A0628/04; A0630/01; A0630/28

aproposisms (1): B1050/19

apsides (1): C0420/13

apt (9): A0026/16; A0092/01; A0111/13; B0840/16; B1018/06; C0078/09; C0106/33; C0151/20; C0555/36

Apuleius (1): B0890/01

aqua (1): B0832/20

aqueduct (1): A0127/12

aquiline (2): A0298/V; A0312/17

Arab (1): C0551/13

Arabella (2): A0383/13; A0383/18

Arabesque (9): A0087/23; A0092/26; A0157/V; A0320/V; A0321/V; A0402/12; A0498/16; A0502/02; B1386/08

arabesque (9): A0088/36; A0166/03; A0322/15; A0322/17; A0473/01; A0473/13; A0662/13; A0673/22; B1280/34

Arabian (3): A0336/07; A0349/13; B1333/06

ArabianPiights (3): B1152/05; B1223/01; C0542/05

Arabian/Tales (1): B0945/03

Arabic (5): A0344/10; B1091/30; B1155/13; C0171/39; C0208/05

Arago (2): B1357/01; B1363/37

arbitrary (5): A0431/26; A0446/10; A0708/19; B1273/14; C0100/32

Arcadians (1): A0124/15

Arch (5): A0250/14; A0250/16; A0253/02; A0254/06; B1092/32

arch (12): A0053/24; A0062/28; A0127/11; A0150/V; A0153/17; A0190/33; A0209/03; A0630/29; A0631/10; B1334/07; C0150/38; C0194/15

arch-angel (1): A0244/V

Arch-enemy (1): A0021/26

arch-enemy (2): A0445/33; A0626/09

arch-fiend (1): B1223/25

Arch-Fiend (1): B0858/33

arch-way (1): A0626/27

Archangel (1): B0943/33

Archangels (2): A0055/13; A0064/27

archbishop (1): B1105/08

arched (2): A0023/02; A0630/12

arches (2): B1261/01; C0207/41

Archilochus (1): A0111/06

Archimedean (2): B1070/28; B1071/V

Archimedes (4): A0593/35; B1382/35; B1383/06; B1383/08

Archipelago (2): A0135/25; A0136/09

architect (5): A0044/27; A0150/V; A0478/21; A0486/11; A0611/14

architects (2): B1278/12; C0544/27

architectural (2): A0165/22; A0705/11

architecture (1): B1335/18

architecture (13): A0153/11; A0157/16; A0158/13; A0321/04; A0352/22; A0367/07; A0495/01; A0663/01; A0710/02; B1192/04; B1275/05; B1283/11; B1337/29

archives (2): A0089/18; A0369/31

archway (9): A0151/13; A0349/28; A0349/32; A0400/23; A0410/08; A0416/14; B1258/28; B1382/19; C0184/24

Archytas (2): A0341/23; A0342/V

Arctic (5): C0164/35; C0165/16; C0166/20; C0417/29; C0418/10

Arctic/ocean (1): C0525/31

Arctic/Ocean (3): C0202/16; C0524/27; C0524/35

ardency (1): A0431/V

ardent (12): A0210/10; A0212/15; A0644/17; B0888/27; B1158/31; B1182/24; B1298/16; B1316/26; C0065/05; C0073/26; C0093/35; C0569/06

ardently (1): A0653/23

ardor (8): A0028/07; A0297/12; A0323/17; A0328/10; A0431/10; A0440/12; A0638/01; A0665/26

ardour (1): A0328/V

arduous (1): A0347/22

are (1162)

area (12): A0686/22; B1303/01; C0152/31; C0159/21; C0199/03; C0387/25; C0404/38; C0405/04; C0411/40; C0414/06; C0418/42; C0438/V

areas (2): A0315/26; B0862/30

Aregan (1): C0574/30

aren t (1): A0651/07

arena (1): B1189/14

Argand (2): A0499/06; A0503/08

Argelais (1): A0126/18

argent (1): B1135/18

Argostino (2): A0175/22; A0181/19

argue (2): A0209/25; B0732/19

argued (3): B0797/12; B1119/M; C0401/17

argues (3): A0123/25; B0892/09; B0987/30

argument (18): A0099/03; A0109/18; A0601/13; B0723/16; B0734/29; B0738/19; B0739/18; B0740/27; B0740/32; B0743/34; B0745/11; B0745/18; B0745/19; B0902/21; B0989/15; B1006/04; C0132/16; C0132/34

argumentation (2): B0902/V; B1315/24

argumentative (1): B0902/13

arguments (8): B0737/31; B0753/34; B0754/04; B0764/02; B0768/14; B1031/15; C0132/20; C0401/18

argumentum (1): B1006/V

aria (1): B1004/05

Arianus (2): A0175/15; A0181/05

Arickara (1): C0528/14

aridity (1): A0135/10

Ariel (4): C0057/26; C0063/22; C0064/11; C0064/34

Ariel’s (2): C0063/16; C0065/29

Aries (6): A0189/14; B1296/05; B1310/19; B1311/10; B1311/12; B1312/06

Aries/Tottle (5): B1293/28; B1295/06; B1295/11; B1295/19; B1311/04

Aries/Tottle’s (1): B1295/17

aright (10): A0191/02; A0226/03; A0436/11; A0457/09; A0535/20; A0600/17; A0663/30; B0985/05; B1017/10; B1056/07

Ariosto (2): A0344/33; A0356/12

Aripao (1): B1161/36

arise (19): A0080/08; A0162/20; A0322/25; A0402/14; A0432/17; A0459/14; B0752/14; B0774/01; B0887/03; B0964/05; B0964/13; B0964/13; B0976/18; B0984/37; B1168/19; B1281/02; B1281/20; C0080/01; C0205/05

arisen (18): A0020/V; A0157/12; A0614/36; B0758/24; B0859/04; B0891/09; B0941/20; B1050/10; B1103/21; B1105/16; C0097/11; C0175/11; C0184/18; C0204/35; C0205/23; C0392/30; C0399/24; C0423/18

arises (7): A0550/26; A0703/12; B0752/05; B0794/08; B1268/11; C0154/35; C0573/04

arising (29): A0056/23; A0066/13; A0088/35; A0094/08; A0103/15; A0114/V; A0136/23; A0160/01; A0249/12; A0329/18; A0408/01; A0433/27; A0530/V; A0531/23; A0561/01; B0757/05; B0767/03; B0767/04; B0824/15; B0854/24; B0916/01; B0944/29; B1247/10; B1292/32; B1330/13; C0084/35; C0097/29; C0392/32; C0392/38

Aristaeus (1): A0061/07

aristocracy (9): A0025/24; A0029/V; A0247/23; A0496/06; A0496/08; A0496/25; A0500/23; B1092/28; B1094/06

aristocratic (1): A0496/26

Aristoeus (1): A0059/11

Aristolochia (1): B1163/25

Aristophanes (3): A0078/28; A0091/16; A0110/18

Aristotelian (4): A0086/08; A0097/05; B1295/22; B1311/18

Aristotelians (2): A0079/02; B1313/21

Aristotle (5): A0107/31; A0108/05; A0111/02; A0173/02; B1310/20

arithmetic (1): B0773/09

arithmetical (1): B0746/15

Arkansas (1): C0527/32

arm (94)

arm-chair (8): A0101/22; A0261/06; A0370/25; A0372/23; A0387/12; B0728/29; B1103/20; B1250/13

arm-chairs (2): A0373/21; C0397/41

arm-chests (1): C0147/19

arm-holes (1): A0248/09

arm-pits (2): C0559/27; C0572/31

armchair (1): B0808/11

armed (15): A0055/34; A0065/17; A0142/17; A0368/29; B0827/09; B1119/04; C0147/17; C0147/23; C0164/36; C0167/15; C0167/31; C0168/03; C0171/09; C0174/32; C0180/24

armful (1): B1325/06

arming (1): B0946/31

armorial (2): A0400/30; A0662/11

armory (2): A0209/17; B1119/07

arms (78)

army (3): A0045/11; A0697/11; B1021/10

Arnheim (6): A0210/33; B1267/T; B1278/28; B1278/32; B1283/04; B1328/T

Arnoldi (1): B1162/36

arointed (1): B1207/29

aromatic (2): B1180/06; B1334/21

arose (107)

Arouet (1): A0113/31

Arouet, Francois Marie (1): A0093/24

around (183)

arouse (11): A0166/20; A0412/02; B0811/06; B0826/29; B0944/10; B0968/07; B1050/V; B1101/07; B1246/20; C0073/04; C0129/09

aroused (37): A0057/31; A0058/12; A0068/16; A0069/01; A0297/09; A0314/11; A0327/25; A0353/01; A0354/27; A0372/12; A0458/19; A0511/24; A0537/07; A0626/08; A0704/29; B0755/31; B0796/21; B0852/30; B0866/08; B0946/08; B0957/32; B0964/07; B1005/14; B1101/18; B1221/16; B1269/28; C0063/31; C0081/36; C0112/37; C0126/26; C0143/39; C0190/18; C0415/09; C0416/09; C0419/18; C0560/10; C0579/03

arousing (13): A0056/27; A0066/17; A0329/06; A0682/23; A0688/01; A0688/29; B0853/24; B1050/29; C0081/21; C0183/02; C0414/41; C0563/16; C0579/02

ArpinĀ° (2): A0175/22; A0181/19

arrange (9): A0301/25; B0839/10; B0922/05; B1120/02; B1135/21; C0094/05; C0110/29; C0134/37; C0549/20

arranged (34): A0074/13; A0264/34; A0500/10; A0532/10; A0601/12; B0737/20; B0834/35; B0837/20; B0904/17; B0910/21; B0933/29; B0979/29; B1048/21; B1059/15; B1073/23; B1155/15; B1156/23; B1180/21; B1181/20; B1186/05; B1234/34; B1273/29; B1339/16; C0060/32; C0066/01; C0069/11; C0099/37; C0108/12; C0109/04; C0152/15; C0177/31; C0189/05; C0393/14; C0415/37

arrangement (35): A0074/29; A0107/29; A0398/06; A0408/14; A0408/17; A0478/23; A0497/16; A0530/21; A0622/16; A0707/30; A0708/25; B0734/22; B0761/31; B0761/35; B0762/02; B0827/21; B0838/13; B0838/25; B0838/35; B0908/V; B0909/13; B0941/06; B0991/33; B1071/V; B1272/30; B1274/04; B1335/27; B1351/08; C0134/14; C0169/02; C0190/40; C0531/29; C0535/20; C0548/32; C0562/20

arrangements (33): A0055/17; A0065/01; A0090/24; A0409/29; A0447/29; A0708/19; A0708/31; B0837/21; B0856/36; B0862/24; B0878/21; B0908/19; B0949/07; B0960/03; B0965/29; B1008/36; B1072/34; B1090/26; B1143/19; B1220/07; B1273/14; B1273/20; B1273/25; B1330/04; B1339/21; B1351/23; C0066/22; C0092/39; C0136/41; C0152/40; C0203/05; C0411/17; C0416/06

arranges (1): B0747/32

arranging (8): A0566/16; B0910/V; B1311/09; B1347/06; C0066/08; C0076/13; C0085/07; C0139/33

arrant (5): A0482/22; A0483/10; B0765/11; B0765/11; B0984/14

array (4): A0101/02; A0101/15; A0152/26; B1274/20

arrest (9): A0676/16; A0692/06; A0692/22; A0692/23; B0725/17; B0957/04; B1049/36; B1187/12; C0429/34

arrested (46): A0138/23; A0244/06; A0405/21; A0410/15; A0412/05; A0414/09; A0444/15; A0511/13; A0537/05; A0544/22; A0565/21; A0610/26; A0674/24; A0683/06; A0686/32; A0691/17; B0731/13; B0753/40; B0842/08; B0856/24; B0889/11; B0914/24; B0943/29; B0957/30; B1052/04; B1106/06; B1109/16; B1115/10; B1136/26; B1212/18; B1225/08; B1233/23; B1241/27; B1261/24; B1277/21; B1335/05; B1335/06; B1340/05; B1362/02; C0062/31; C0076/19; C0085/14; C0159/37; C0191/29; C0403/22; C0526/26

arresting (2): A0027/17; B1187/17

arrests (2): B0727/33; B0876/04

arrival (18): A0138/29; A0404/22; A0409/26; A0434/07; A0437/28; A0584/12; B0808/12; B0904/15; B0924/33; B1068/03; B1155/25; B1236/15; B1239/03; B1247/14; B1369/30; C0153/30; C0155/30; C0156/19

arrivals (1): C0401/24

arrive (21): A0067/30; A0138/30; A0173/06; A0178/11; A0403/17; A0548/06; A0548/16; A0694/35; B0815/07; B0838/07; B0899/29; B0988/29; B1007/05; B1033/25; B1034/25; B1056/20; B1312/13; C0401/15; C0403/26; C0417/24; C0422/05

arrived (74)

arrives (9): A0127/05; A0621/28; B0871/33; B0872/06; B0877/34; B1222/14; C0152/08; C0402/34; C0432/02

arriving (9): A0537/20; B0875/04; C0160/21; C0166/17; C0193/17; C0199/35; C0417/29; C0419/09; C0567/10

arrogance (3): A0436/03; A0478/04; B1219/06

arrogated (1): A0609/33

arronde (1): A0443/V

arrondees (1): A0443/24

arrow (4): A0128/05; B0948/07; B0949/21; B1182/20

arrowhead (1): C0194/26

arrowheads (1): C0194/11

arrows (4): B0947/18; C0554/09; C0555/41; C0557/25

arrowy (2): A0144/01; B0862/13

Art (3): B1044/T; B1141/07; C0542/07

art (1): A0295/17

art (70)

art-scarred (1): A0611/24

Artemis (2): A0175/29; A0181/24

arter (1): B0812/09

artery (2): A0615/03; B0950/08

artesian (1): B1193/15

arth) (1): A0468/28

Arthur (1): C0083/20

Article (1): A0336/T

article (69)

articles (48): A0205/24; A0338/19; A0338/29; A0339/23; A0388/15; A0389/09; A0473/33; A0538/02; A0556/02; A0556/04; A0591/26; A0592/11; B0728/07; B0736/05; B0751/14; B0758/27; B0758/29; B0759/09; B0759/23; B0759/26; B0760/22; B0760/27; B0760/29; B0761/05; B0761/07; B0761/08; B0761/24; B0761/32; B0762/01; B0764/09; B0827/01; B0828/11; B0980/01; B0988/32; B1073/29; C0056/13; C0077/11; C0098/02; C0099/28; C0102/36; C0129/31; C0140/12; C0144/21; C0148/11; C0170/13; C0393/20; C0394/31; C0395/15

articles (1): B0763/08

articulate (5): A0324/V; A0623/11; C0088/12; C0123/02; C0184/13

articulaticr (1): B1102/12

articulo (1): B1233/18

artificers (1): C0525/37

artifices (2): A0441/23; B1224/16

artificial (27): A0158/04; A0283/25; A0322/27; A0406/02; A0406/16; A0709/22; A0709/31; A0710/03; A0711/04; B0761/31; B0841/13; B1274/25; B1274/34; B1275/06; B1276/06; B1281/24; B1335/02; B1338/31; C0422/31; C0430/02; C0430/13; C0430/14; C0540/24; C0543/36; C0573/06; C0574/02; C0577/06

artificialities (1): A0611/17

artificiality (1): A0276/35

artificially (1): C0184/34

artillery (2): B0958/19; C0156/12

artisan (1): A0189/21

artist (31): A0071/32; A0174/11; A0174/16; A0174/21; A0179/26; A0179/31; A0179/36; A0180/03; A0285/03; A0497/05; A0707/30; A0708/18; A0708/27; B0809/35; B0828/34; B0862/17; B0922/09; B0924/08; B0924/18; B0925/05; B0925/22; B0927/07; B0932/04; B0932/19; B0933/18; B1248/31; B1272/30; B1273/13; B1273/21; B1330/03; B1337/35

artist’s (1): B0925/30

artista (1): A0161/03

artistic (3): A0500/11; B0929/33; B1335/27

artistical (4): A0500/V; A0707/32; B0925/15; B1272/32

artists (2): A0499/02; B0929/13

artizan (1): C0391/02

artizans (2): A0510/27; C0544/41

artless (1): A0641/13

Arts (1): A0337/18

arts (9): A0263/22; A0381/31; A0440/21; A0610/08; A0611/15; A0652/08; B0915/05; B1303/16; C0547/08

as (2): A0034/01; A0034/02

as (3934)

asafoetida (2): A0092/07; A0111/19

asbestic (1): B1362/26

ascend (22): A0120/29; A0123/32; A0349/25; A0351/01; A0541/28; A0543/02; A0566/V; B0818/27; B1074/12; B1074/31; B1076/10; B1294/15; B1391/23; C0085/09; C0183/36; C0198/23; C0199/35; C0401/15; C0567/17; C0567/21; C0575/08; C0577/13

ascendancy (7): A0431/12; A0511/01; A0611/06; B0976/30; B0976/32; B0977/23; B1017/28

ascended (19): A0057/30; A0071/02; A0350/24; A0428/31; A0551/10; A0566/07; A0580/01; B0858/23; B1079/25; C0400/28; C0401/13; C0404/24; C0408/04; C0414/15; C0416/32; C0417/36; C0538/08; C0565/37; C0568/21

ascendency (3): A0211/19; A0216/19; A0296/V

ascendere (1): A0043/m

ascending (20): A0547/25; B0817/14; B0819/09; B0905/20; B1070/24; B1074/06; B1074/15; B1076/06; B1079/22; B1135/05; B1294/27; C0086/16; C0127/17; C0189/25; C0399/15; C0403/11; C0541/35; C0545/28; C0569/35; C0571/24

ascension (9): A0085/06; B0818/33; C0394/14; C0401/10; C0401/12; C0402/38; C0407/03; C0407/13; C0407/31

ascensions (3): C0400/25; C0402/29; C0403/30

ascent (20): A0429/26; B1074/12; B1074/29; B1076/08; B1077/34; B1126/13; B1281/25; B1336/32; B1353/24; C0183/39; C0402/39; C0403/17; C0405/21; C0406/11; C0407/22; C0412/12; C0415/16; C0416/21; C0419/01; C0567/34

ascertain (30): A0053/15; A0062/23; A0094/20; A0106/21; A0114/V; A0137/05; A0429/31; A0534/11; B0751/20; B0752/25; B0756/24; B0770/12; B0836/19; B1044/28; B1045/32; B1304/31; C0076/06; C0080/15; C0083/17; C0094/26; C0099/41; C0127/17; C0153/34; C0170/12; C0173/20; C0182/36; C0428/22; C0524/15; C0525/15; C0539/09

ascertained (27): A0114/15; A0460/31; A0560/28; A0582/15; B0729/23; B0729/27; B0751/13; B0754/32; B0759/08; B0934/05; B0940/02; B0965/13; B1035/08; B1082/04; B1132/30; B1168/35; B1233/23; B1362/17; B1362/30; C0093/14; C0201/25; C0415/36; C0416/29; C0418/35; C0429/14; C0538/30; C0546/25

ascertaining (10): A0103/33; A0439/34; A0586/08; A0685/24; A0687/05; C0079/30; C0156/37; C0400/36; C0412/20; C0574/26

ascribed (1): C0546/16

ash (1): C0549/25

ashamed (16): A0145/07; A0298/V; A0385/10; A0622/10; A0628/11; B0855/19; B0855/20; B1003/23; B1017/07; B1017/19; B1104/13; B1165/24; B1188/V; B1300/07; C0059/08; C0393/15

ashes (7): A0226/12; A0230/10; A0615/21; B1110/18; B1161/08; B1161/29; C0204/41

Ashimah (4): A0046/11; A0124/10; A0124/13; A0124/17

ashore (4): B0729/32; B0731/03; C0115/27; C0569/25

Ashtophet (1): A0311/13

ashy (2): C0205/21; C0205/31

Asia/Minor (1): A0205/30

Asiatic (1): A0550/11

Asiatic (1): B1160/43

Asiatics (1): A0550/11

aside (22): A0044/25; A0164/11; A0225/18; A0410/13; A0508/25; A0704/27; B0866/13; B0893/09; B0893/V; B1002/08; B1106/16; B1181/09; B1184/01; B1235/21; B1262/05; B1269/26; C0069/15; C0132/12; C0199/16; C0564/25; C0564/29; C0564/41

ask (28): A0033/V; A0264/19; A0283/38; A0466/17; A0486/17; A0486/17; A0608/29; B0732/11; B0755/15; B0763/29; B0771/29; B0831/07; B0950/17; B0975/05; B1013/24; B1032/33; B1047/21; B1078/31; B1104/03; B1189/34; B1212/02; B1294/03; B1296/34; B1297/15; B1315/15; B1379/16; C0388/17; C0569/04

askance (1): C0078/02

askant (1): C0425/11

asked (60)

asking (9): A0465/17; B1091/25; C0066/31; C0070/08; C0117/29; C0127/38; C0133/18; C0539/04; C0540/06

asks (4): A0630/10; B0873/08; B0873/32; B0984/15

aslant (1): A0211/32

asleep (24): A0036/V; A0056/18; A0058/07; A0066/08; A0068/29; A0091/31; A0415/11; A0428/09; A0437/12; A0500/30; B0830/03; B1032/18; B1090/33; B1106/14; B1238/22; B1238/29; B1239/13; C0077/07; C0081/16; C0084/29; C0084/39; C0109/24; C0130/39; C0415/03

aspect (33): A0145/23; A0189/11; A0234/23; A0320/12; A0322/20; A0325/10; A0329/01; A0385/27; A0400/05; A0433/19; A0459/27; A0513/35; A0582/31; A0594/V; A0603/24; A0627/31; A0682/03; A0688/09; A0695/30; B0757/36; B0840/05; B0942/32; B1003/21; B1049/29; B1223/29; C0072/14; C0155/11; C0174/13; C0198/33; C0550/14; C0552/40; C0572/13; C0573/07

aspects (3): A0603/05; A0689/03; C0524/02

asphaltum (3): B1180/32; B1186/26; B1186/28

asphodel (4): A0213/15; A0640/03; A0640/33; A0641/V

Asphodel-interspersed (1): A0603/08

asphodels (1): A0643/08

asphyctic (1): B0959/07

aspirations (2): A0317/12; A0426/08

aspires (1): A0365/14

aspiring (1): B1329/12

asquint (2): A0056/03; A0065/25

ass (5): A0177/21; A0183/14; A0482/22; A0483/02; B1134/03

assailants (1): C0199/18

assailed (2): A0407/26; B1106/27

assassin (6): A0553/30; B0727/20; B0737/19; B0771/01; B0772/V; B0773/03

assassinated (4): A0547/23; B0744/29; B0757/18; B0769/13

assassination (6): B0725/21; B0739/30; B0758/05; B0763/20; B0858/09; B0975/18

assassinations (1): B0738/34

assassins (12): A0078/30; A0551/08; A0552/32; A0557/04; B0727/21; B0728/12; B0737/19; B0739/26; B0744/20; B0769/15; B0769/25; B0769/31

assault (5): A0486/25; B0870/28; B1104/11; B1143/05; C0082/19

assaulting (1): B0947/03

assemblage (5): B0841/11; B0944/03; B1329/15; C0152/03; C0557/20

assemble (1): C0152/08

assembled (13): A0190/04; A0191/03; A0204/09; A0205/02; A0441/11; B0904/19; B1007/27; B1178/30; B1194/05; C0112/11; C0152/19; C0387/09; C0544/05

assembly (13): A0056/36; A0078/38; A0248/28; A0252/31; A0490/36; A0673/02; A0674/30; A0676/09; B1048/19; B1353/15; C0190/40; C0387/16; C0388/36

assent (6): A0339/17; B1031/26; B1077/29; B1109/28; B1116/05; B1178/19

assented (5): A0339/19; A0372/34; A0583/07; B1135/07; C0427/08

assert (16): A0018/06; A0028/12; A0096/17; A0113/20; A0341/V; A0342/15; A0528/21; B0750/V; B0862/15; B0940/30; B0941/25; B1036/06; B1047/24; B1069/02; B1192/29; B1299/10

asserted (6): A0240/22; A0558/26; B0733/19; B0961/18; B1294/24; C0063/02

asserting (3): A0053/33; A0063/05; B0748/02

assertion (12): A0056/32; A0066/25; A0156/07; A0458/07; A0495/V; A0621/07; B0740/20; B0740/21; B0748/28; B0828/30; B0957/11; C0207/30

assertions (9): A0431/24; A0533/16; A0623/18; B0740/13; B0743/02; B0763/18; C0055/18; C0131/30; C0403/36

asserts (6): A0123/20; B0960/36; B1299/19; B1315/14; B1383/04; C0156/36

asses (2): A0482/22; B1378/M

asseveration. (1): B0958/35

asseverations (2): A0055/04; A0064/07

assiduity (1): A0059/33

assiduously (1): A0063/26

assign (6): A0366/30; A0426/14; A0500/15; B0742/20; B1069/04; B1223/29

assignable (1): A0366/01

Assignation (1): A0150/T

assigned (9): A0216/06; A0409/19; A0429/32; A0531/03; A0654/V; A0657/24; B0773/34; B1219/23; B1238/20

assimilate (1): A0611/32

Assiniboin (2): C0551/31; C0568/15

Assiniboins (7): C0551/30; C0551/32; C0568/30; C0568/41; C0569/21; C0569/35; C0572/01

assist (6): A0033/03; A0274/21; B0822/25; B1003/13; C0114/11; C0568/08

assistance (36): A0046/19; A0054/16; A0137/27; A0350/32; A0584/29; A0628/12; A0631/02; A0667/11; B0808/19; B0815/24; B0844/17; B0875/14; B0909/13; B0928/07; B1140/06; B1347/07; B1348/17; B1354/07; C0113/05; C0114/31; C0120/37; C0127/20; C0129/03; C0144/33; C0177/24; C0196/19; C0202/41; C0391/27; C0393/11; C0395/09; C0425/10; C0533/40; C0538/21; C0565/10; C0569/40; C0579/20

assistant (2): B0906/30; C0069/12

assistants (1): B1016/16

assisted (3): B0725/23; C0059/36; C0138/30

assisting (1): C0190/16

assists (1): A0340/33

associate (3): A0600/28; B0768/30; B0768/30

associated (1): A0296/05

associates (11): A0045/08; A0240/22; A0248/12; A0353/34; A0398/29; A0432/05; A0440/28; A0442/11; A0532/22; B0834/03; C0389/08

Association (1): B1305/06

association (12): A0203/08; A0204/06; A0204/20; A0337/14; A0337/27; A0337/32; A0510/12; A0681/07; B1123/14; B1249/10; B1304/20; B1349/30

assoilzie (1): A0252/24

assorted (1): B0827/22

assorting (1): A0530/10

assuaging (1): C0081/09

assume (20): A0071/19; A0080/11; A0099/08; A0299/22; A0339/12; A0428/16; A0675/14; A0711/29; B0739/05; B0826/21; B0837/16; B0837/22; B0969/12; B1276/33; B1347/14; C0094/25; C0205/23; C0443/V; C0555/38; C0566/13

assumed (30): A0022/15; A0029/V; A0081/02; A0153/22; A0211/17; A0385/27; A0408/07; A0410/34; A0435/23; A0445/20; A0527/M; A0555/V; A0580/25; A0695/28; B0736/33; B0739/28; B0740/05; B0772/16; B0835/19; B0836/11; B0855/30; B0887/18; B0956/18; B1239/22; C0058/41; C0133/04; C0419/15; C0432/33; C0535/36; C0550/14

assumes (3): A0580/17; B0908/V; B1222/30

assuming (10): A0023/12; A0212/24; A0432/17; A0433/19; A0536/16; A0613/01; A0695/28; B0837/10; B1296/19; C0067/19

assumption (4): B0738/26; B0739/03; B0739/27; B1312/22

assumptions (6): A0251/12; A0317/11; A0446/07; A0527/V; A0676/06; B1191/13

assunder (1): C0097/32

assurance (8): A0044/V; B0858/21; B0899/09; B1003/33; B1130/30; B1220/31; C0084/34; C0089/31

assure (19): A0053/18; A0263/22; A0277/24; A0284/16; A0303/10; A0347/04; A0352/09; A0381/33; A0389/11; A0487/33; A0601/03; B0813/29; B0907/22; B1181/30; B1292/13; B1295/26; B1311/23; B1379/10; C0400/37

assured (38): A0037/24; A0054/30; A0063/31; A0302/22; A0336/03; A0337/03; A0338/13; A0340/04; A0340/36; A0341/V; A0342/22; A0437/12; A0536/13; A0562/29; A0652/13; B0822/24; B0836/18; B0839/27; B0896/01; B0899/09; B0901/12; B0902/23; B1010/26; B1058/16; B1092/27; B1134/05; B1140/27; B1140/32; B1371/23; C0065/23; C0066/36; C0079/28; C0084/09; C0104/07; C0176/09; C0521/21; C0558/15; C0560/31

assuredly (13): A0415/05; A0432/15; A0432/26; A0437/26; A0443/18; A0559/V; B0771/24; B0892/16; B0907/24; B0910/18; B1016/18; B1238/17; C0538/31

assurement (1): A0654/05

assures (4): A0683/13; B0839/08; B1293/22; B1314/05

assuring (1): C0175/26

assurity (1): A0044/07

Assyria (1): A0611/14

Ast (1): A0283/36

Astarte (1): A0035/25

astern (4): A0585/21; A0590/01; B0932/14; C0088/24

asteroids (1): B1302/17

asthma (1): B1030/30

astonish (5): A0264/31; A0432/12; A0534/28; B1005/23; B1012/26

astonished (41): A0028/28; A0062/31; A0106/18; A0158/11; A0158/16; A0163/20; A0240/05; A0251/26; A0356/10; A0513/03; A0532/05; A0535/15; A0630/30; A0706/02; B0810/35; B0824/03; B0924/16; B1012/30; B1014/04; B1080/08; B1152/03; B1162/14; B1169/30; B1186/14; B1188/10; B1270/32; B1350/17; B1353/24; B1359/08; B1363/10; B1379/11; C0058/11; C0104/10; C0123/15; C0159/32; C0170/15; C0390/02; C0397/33; C0408/01; C0416/38; C0420/22

astonishing (5): B0850/28; B0898/04; B1104/32; C0153/26; C0181/04

astonishingly (2): A0298/V; B0897/26

astonishment (75)

Astor’s (1): C0528/05

Astor’s, John Jacob (1): C0527/37

Astoreth (1): A0035/25

Astoria (1): C0525/04

astound (1): A0157/17

astounded (6): B0893/20; B0893/20; B0983/05; B1103/21; B1261/29; B1280/28

astounding (8): A0027/08; A0316/01; A0558/07; B0877/14; B0943/34; B1068/01; B1358/04; B1364/22

astoundingly (1): B1137/34

astral (3): A0499/05; A0499/05; B1340/15

astride (1): C0431/06

astrologer (1): A0611/14

astrologers (1): A0313/24

astrology (1): C0432/29

astronomer (3): A0473/22; B1301/18; C0429/25

Astronomers (3): C0390/38; C0425/29; C0427/33

astronomers (10): A0457/15; A0457/35; A0458/04; A0459/26; B1035/24; B1302/09; B1317/13; C0427/17; C0427/35; C0429/11

astronomical (11): A0457/20; A0458/11; A0459/33; B1035/19; B1191/25; B1302/11; B1302/16; C0428/20; C0429/13; C0432/32; C0439/V

astronomically (1): C0448/V

Astronomy (3): C0390/34; C0392/11; C0393/02

astronomy (5): A0473/23; C0387/06; C0432/41; C0433/07; C0447/V

astute (2): A0346/09; B0978/21

astuteness (1): B0984/13

asunder (7): A0217/V; A0413/34; A0417/14; B1053/05; C0182/04; C0187/31; C0396/35

asylum (1): B1009/30

at (3614)

Atalanta (1): B1081/07

Atalantic (1): B1294/01

ate (7): A0686/10; B0735/30; B0767/19; B0942/11; B1166/11; C0137/12; C0145/38

Athenaeum (5): A0262/09; A0262/16; A0262/24; A0262/31; B1358/18

Athenian (3): A0160/V; A0160/V; A0312/28

Athenians (1): A0611/33

Athens (3): A0075/14; A0108/14; A0108/19

athwart (5): A0145/02; A0693/09; C0064/06; C0131/09; C0172/10

Atlantic (13): B0834/03; B1068/01; B1069/08; B1077/19; B1079/03; B1080/07; B1081/16; B1081/30; B1294/02; B1294/V; C0147/32; C0407/36; C0525/06

atmosphere (89)

atmospheric (15): B1161/39; C0394/33; C0400/27; C0402/32; C0402/34; C0403/08; C0404/04; C0404/07; C0404/13; C0404/28; C0407/14; C0411/31; C0413/16; C0419/33; C0424/33

atom (2): B1034/19; B1214/04

atomic (3): B1034/18; B1034/21; B1034/32

atomies (1): A0536/06

atoms (5): A0175/12; A0181/01; B1034/27; B1034/30; C0424/05

Atree (1): B0993/28

Atrevida (4): C0156/37; C0156/40; C0157/06; C0157/15

atrocious (7): A0026/20; A0298/V; A0557/02; B0736/21; B0753/21; C0053/T; C0062/39

atrocities (6): A0021/11; A0058/30; A0063/24; A0563/28; B0727/30; C0089/10

atrocity (18): A0547/09; A0547/20; A0560/21; B0723/19; B0725/15; B0726/27; B0736/27; B0753/33; B0757/22; B0757/29; B0844/14; B0851/29; B0853/02; B1052/01; B1207/07; C0061/36; C0133/13; C0556/38

attach (5): A0482/07; B0744/32; B0766/27; B1034/14; B1034/15

attached (27): A0246/16; A0594/01; A0623/27; B0730/13; B0730/32; B0744/31; B0766/28; B0771/09; B0817/02; B0888/08; B0949/02; B1050/28; B1162/34; B1336/03; C0057/07; C0063/18; C0144/36; C0160/01; C0185/05; C0185/06; C0185/19; C0202/39; C0396/04; C0409/21; C0409/28; C0411/13; C0554/11

attaching (2): A0225/09; A0229/09

attachment (6): A0026/28; A0026/29; A0296/02; B0957/25; B1122/19; C0090/31

attack (22): A0272/22; A0272/24; A0324/04; A0372/12; B0962/28; B0965/18; B1140/26; B1193/24; B1249/22; B1370/24; C0082/03; C0093/13; C0109/36; C0113/25; C0186/14; C0533/21; C0549/27; C0550/07; C0553/08; C0555/33; C0557/26; C0569/20

attacked (8): A0072/26; A0323/21; B1101/11; B1134/07; C0103/28; C0107/23; C0545/41; C0554/07

attacking (1): C0164/36

attacks (8): A0213/13; A0433/17; A0652/03; B0940/31; B0962/04; B0963/06; B1225/16; C0546/20

attaghan-maker (1): A0086/34

attain (6): A0026/29; A0271/25; B1360/30; C0159/33; C0186/25; C0574/33

attainable (9): A0667/03; A0703/32; B0747/19; B0766/35; B0767/04; B0843/01; B1268/31; B1269/04; B1299/07

attained (48): A0212/29; A0459/24; A0535/13; A0545/07; A0568/23; A0676/22; A0682/12; A0707/31; A0711/11; B0723/25; B0725/24; B0768/27; B0819/23; B0822/12; B0836/05; B0941/27; B0948/13; B0977/25; B0986/22; B1126/17; B1166/31; B1189/07; B1272/31; B1276/12; B1294/27; B1296/02; B1296/09; B1297/31; B1302/35; B1312/03; B1317/17; B1333/10; B1337/23; B1360/30; C0189/15; C0201/01; C0396/25; C0401/05; C0403/05; C0403/22; C0403/34; C0404/22; C0405/38; C0407/20; C0411/37; C0415/15; C0416/14; C0575/10

attaining (8): B0747/19; B0769/32; B0863/15; C0063/32; C0160/20; C0164/25; C0189/17; C0401/34

attainment (8): A0073/19; A0145/25; A0704/10; A0704/14; A0704/19; B1269/13; B1295/04; B1297/25

attainments (1): B1361/15

attains (2): B0807/12; B1317/03

attempt (137)

attempted (27): A0075/15; A0261/13; A0496/22; A0534/18; A0549/22; A0552/21; A0684/18; A0692/22; A0692/23; B0861/08; B0911/20; B1030/32; B1080/24; B1082/10; B1240/31; C0074/41; C0075/12; C0075/39; C0080/16; C0109/23; C0133/09; C0142/29; C0143/06; C0183/03; C0200/02; C0203/04; C0432/23

attempting (30): A0071/10; A0102/10; A0373/V; A0398/23; A0565/05; A0582/03; B0822/23; B0825/20; B0911/22; B0931/26; B0990/18; B1103/15; B1242/01; B1363/07; C0072/38; C0082/41; C0088/19; C0090/11; C0104/06; C0119/08; C0125/36; C0132/19; C0145/01; C0161/18; C0183/36; C0186/05; C0406/29; C0407/13; C0572/35; C0578/36

attempts (35): A0067/24; A0070/28; A0097/08; A0241/06; A0479/23; A0535/14; A0582/29; A0587/15; A0610/19; A0704/27; B0773/31; B0834/17; B0836/04; B0836/09; B0923/05; B1031/09; B1073/14; B1128/11; B1138/26; B1164/33; B1269/26; B1313/08; B1362/32; C0119/05; C0126/27; C0129/29; C0139/17; C0141/16; C0143/21; C0158/26; C0162/14; C0197/10; C0389/02; C0539/27; C0567/03

attend (18): A0026/07; A0026/V; A0123/18; A0279/32; A0286/09; A0369/02; A0369/27; A0372/19; B0732/34; B0733/11; B0736/34; B0819/16; B1134/09; B1372/10; C0133/30; C0171/08; C0399/10; C0412/25

attendance (13): A0056/12; A0066/01; A0386/29; A0484/04; B0725/29; B0770/21; B0807/30; B0901/11; B1009/04; B1091/12; B1235/20; B1236/11; B1334/28

attendant (8): A0142/33; A0352/27; A0500/12; A0667/05; B0924/06; B1281/06; C0097/12; C0097/30

attendants (10): A0080/34; A0081/04; A0325/02; A0615/10; B0947/06; B0959/34; B0992/31; B1258/21; C0171/27; C0175/32

attended (32): A0099/05; A0139/05; A0145/08; A0311/11; A0343/05; A0347/19; A0349/19; A0378/07; A0428/24; A0446/20; B0733/18; B0843/03; B0851/01; B0891/16; B0894/18; B0901/06; B0904/09; B0914/28; B0941/02; B0942/12; B0950/02; B0957/10; B1018/25; B1108/17; B1390/15; C0081/18; C0098/09; C0162/27; C0204/39; C0400/02; C0407/28; C0544/16

attending (25): A0020/17; A0053/30; A0063/01; A0103/07; A0368/03; A0368/16; A0380/13; A0381/17; A0482/02; A0552/25; A0686/30; B0723/12; B0733/14; B0875/16; B0887/22; B0974/12; C0066/21; C0390/27; C0399/30; C0403/31; C0407/16; C0411/30; C0413/24; C0424/21; C0531/02

attention (184)

attentions (3): B0813/21; B1241/34; B1261/34

attentive (5): A0211/22; A0212/32; A0286/18; A0535/28; B1352/19

attentively (8): A0136/14; A0529/26; A0552/28; A0689/31; B0894/14; B0925/01; C0059/16; C0545/33

Atticus, Herodes (1): A0441/01

attired (4): A0447/03; A0614/03; B1004/10; B1008/10

attitude (7): A0216/03; A0298/V; A0411/09; A0603/19; A0604/20; A0604/30; B0865/34

attorney (3): A0487/11; B0959/29; C0057/03

attorneys (1): A0508/17

attract (5): A0298/V; A0511/32; A0562/02; A0564/26; B0941/21

attracted (17): A0028/20; A0098/13; A0136/17; A0325/06; A0370/23; A0531/05; A0593/15; A0690/03; B0725/25; B0729/22; B0731/20; B0894/03; B0929/10; B0984/07; B1353/27; B1380/01; C0181/29

attracting (5): A0142/09; A0513/20; A0556/21; B0758/32; B1139/04

attraction (9): A0581/27; A0582/27; B0889/02; B1321/24; C0401/34; C0403/27; C0422/05; C0422/06; C0432/45

attractions (1): C0401/26

attractive (2): B0989/26; C0547/21

attributable (2): A0119/02; B0863/23

attribute (7): A0043/14; A0144/03; B0813/08; B1038/17; B1191/05; C0396/36; C0546/15

attributed (24): A0026/18; A0059/29; A0067/19; A0099/21; A0140/28; A0226/02; A0229/19; A0243/09; A0266/19; A0434/30; A0560/03; A0566/22; B0853/09; B0985/02; B1036/04; B1123/14; B1234/18; B1334/17; C0062/07; C0098/15; C0111/37; C0411/33; C0419/23; C0430/01

attributes (1): A0459/32

attributing (4): A0104/22; A0624/20; B1070/29; C0413/11

Atys (1): A0135/M

au (15): A0019/03; A0034/29; A0096/M; A0096/M; A0268/30; A0340/22; A0378/M; A0561/02; A0611/04; B0974/04; B0978/09; B0987/01; C0430/28; C0430/31; C0430/31

au-chat (3): B1011/07; B1011/09; B1011/14

auburn (2): A0641/V; A0644/V

aucticn (1): B1141/05

audacious (4): A0371/17; B0870/27; C0140/20; C0404/20

audacities (1): A0027/02

audacity (9): A0022/06; B0796/31; B0870/01; B0870/27; B0900/27; B1052/23; B1129/22; B1348/37; C0522/06

audible (6): A0235/26; B0948/05; B1238/28; B1238/34; B1239/30; C0083/04

audibly (1): B1236/31

audience (12): A0514/06; A0514/11; B0889/08; B0890/32; B0894/05; B0894/26; B0895/01; B0896/07; B1050/27; B1156/09; B1244/05; B1245/02

Audiguier (1): A0301/03

auditory (1): A0406/05

Aug. (5): A0485/05; A0485/07; A0485/10; A0485/12; A0485/13

aught (1): A0397/20

augment (1): B0746/18

augmentation (1): A0500/08

augmented (3): B1282/22; C0421/16; C0555/05

augmenting (1): B1074/06

augos (Gr.) (3): A0108/21; A0108/V; A0108/V

August (22): A0240/V; A0279/18; A0301/32; A0302/29; C0142/13; C0142/36; C0143/26; C0143/38; C0145/35; C0146/05; C0146/13; C0148/16; C0155/26; C0539/20; C0539/38; C0540/14; C0541/01; C0541/24; C0542/01; C0542/23; C0542/30; C0543/03

august (14): A0090/12; A0296/06; A0323/09; A0456/20; A0601/20; A0610/01; A0670/16; A0706/04; B0955/12; B1127/07; B1133/07; B1188/15; B1271/08; B1272/18

Augustus (128)

Augustus’s (6): C0100/38; C0101/11; C0114/11; C0127/08; C0136/31; C0141/07

aujourd’huy (1): C0430/36

aulos (Gr.) (2): A0108/20; A0108/V

aunt (6): B0729/09; B0731/27; B0749/33; B0755/22; B0756/13; B0756/27

aunt’s (1): B0729/17

auram (1): A0072/31

Aurelian (1): A0125/35

auricle (1): A0246/25

auricula (1): A0349/15

auriculas (3): A0336/09; A0339/06; A0347/06

auriculas (1): A0349/33

Aurora (2): C0156/34; C0157/40

Aurora/Borealis (1): C0203/26

Auroras (4): C0156/31; C0157/13; C0157/40; C0158/10

auspices (2): B1304/19; B1305/05

Aussi (1): A0344/15

aussi (1): A0344/21

austere (2): A0627/05; A0665/01

austerity (1): A0433/23

Austrian (1): B1257/10

authentic (1): B1069/22

authenticated (2): B0956/07; B1361/27

authenticity (3): A0281/32; C0056/23; C0448/V

author (47): A0033/18; A0034/14; A0069/17; A0088/06; A0098/20; A0163/17; A0172/02; A0175/01; A0178/02; A0204/09; A0272/22; A0280/34; A0283/06; A0284/01; A0473/23; A0621/05; B0723/14; B0887/20; B1051/16; B1069/19; B1122/09; B1139/12; B1139/28; B1143/24; B1143/28; B1144/04; B1151/05; B1189/19; B1207/14; B1207/26; B1208/07; B1208/11; B1234/04; B1276/16; B1297/02; B1314/06; B1379/32; B1381/28; B1384/25; C0207/19; C0428/05; C0428/39; C0430/43; C0431/02; C0431/14; C0448/V; C0522/34

author’s (4): A0272/11; A0276/34; A0711/04; B1276/06

authorities (4): A0018/11; A0365/13; B1094/04; B1325/11

authority (13): A0242/26; A0445/20; A0527/V; B0873/30; B0950/19; B0950/22; B0958/14; B0958/16; B1003/31; B1137/35; B1158/26; B1295/27; C0388/21

authorized (1): B1047/24

authors (9): A0096/16; A0173/17; A0173/V; A0178/25; A0621/24; B0761/10; B1140/31; B1207/04; B1379/25

authorship (2): B1359/14; C0055/35

auto (Gr.) (2): A0225/M; A0229/M

auto-biography (1): A0483/12

Autobiographists (1): A0195/V

autocrat (1): A0021/25

autocrats (2): A0126/06; A0617/02

autograph (5): A0262/34; A0275/04; A0279/05; A0284/34; A0366/19

autographical (1): A0262/15

autographs (7): A0262/06; A0262/29; A0263/19; A0263/19; A0263/35; A0263/35; A0279/26

Autography (1): A0261/T

Automaton (3): B1119/15; B1120/03; B1166/34

automaton (1): B1119/M

automaton-chess-player (1): B1361/03

autor (1): A0621/01

autos (Gr.) (1): A0089/30

autos-da-fe (1): A0684/24

autremet (1): C0430/29

autres (2): A0600/01; C0430/38

autumn (7): A0397/02; A0437/V; A0507/05; A0531/V; B0974/01; B1002/01; C0561/36

autumnal (3): A0020/V; A0227/24; A0232/11

auyos (Gr.) (1): A0089/31

av (1): B0913/07

avail (7): A0127/18; A0276/11; B0901/01; C0142/18; C0145/27; C0430/14; C0555/30

availability (3): B0978/31; B0987/13; B1270/03

available (3): A0705/04; B0968/15; B1316/18

availed (6): A0059/02; A0069/V; A0070/02; B0723/20; B0733/07; C0185/14

availing (1): B0771/02

avails (1): B0966/03

avait (1): A0036/21

avalanche (1): A0692/23

avarice (4): A0044/21; A0073/23; A0445/33; A0511/22

avaricious (2): A0098/03; A0489/19

avast (2): A0249/25; A0249/25

avatar (1): A0670/02

ave (7): B0899/29; B0900/02; B0911/28; B0912/16; B0913/06; B1109/19; B1109/29

ave (1): A0464/16

avec (1): A0037/V

aven (1): A0467/15

avenged (1): B1256/04

avenger (1): B1256/09

avenging (2): A0034/28; B1058/02

avenue (10): A0025/04; A0029/05; A0514/02; B0877/09; B0877/12; B0946/19; B1107/25; B1192/24; B1330/01; C0192/26

avenues (6): A0428/05; A0709/34; B1101/20; B1275/02; B1295/23; B1311/19

average (9): B0749/25; B1190/01; C0098/07; C0193/12; C0203/26; C0400/02; C0400/04; C0400/14; C0400/20

averaged (1): C0181/02

Averni (1): B0993/08

averred (2): A0301/13; C0104/21

averse (3): B0733/34; B0747/16; C0568/14

aversion (5): A0434/04; B0748/19; B0825/08; B0855/07; B0871/08

avert (2): B0766/09; B0893/15

averted (5): A0447/28; A0697/06; B0893/V; B0895/05; B1122/05

aves (1): A0500/V

avidity (6): A0686/10; B1127/06; C0076/28; C0083/35; C0137/04; C0165/18

avis (1): B1345/09

avoid (25): A0272/01; A0415/02; A0486/23; A0536/10; A0561/32; B0738/19; B0806/04; B0839/10; B0839/V; B0915/20; B1036/16; B1140/28; B1278/22; C0061/15; C0108/07; C0134/29; C0148/21; C0166/36; C0411/03; C0523/20; C0531/09; C0531/13; C0550/08; C0555/39; C0559/21

avoidance (2): A0710/28; B1275/27

avoided (15): A0436/10; A0499/24; A0502/V; A0510/06; A0564/04; A0687/18; A0690/27; B0851/21; B0854/28; B0927/02; B0928/11; B1004/15; B1234/23; B1371/17; C0563/10

avoiding (4): A0436/10; A0694/19; A0710/24; C0199/33

avoids (1): A0496/21

avoirdupois (1): B0828/12

avowed (5): A0204/03; B1044/14; B1049/35; B1053/12; B1349/25

avowedly (1): B1137/14

await (6): A0684/26; B1054/35; B1155/25; C0070/24; C0085/09; C0426/25

awaited (16): A0140/20; A0387/12; A0458/12; A0508/11; A0685/16; A0687/25; A0690/32; B0757/23; B0808/12; B0899/16; B0956/27; B1132/32; B1143/30; B1165/08; B1370/10; C0139/28

awaiting (9): A0043/08; A0548/09; A0548/10; B0814/24; B0835/11; B1178/31; B1263/10; C0135/05; C0186/03

awake (21): A0022/19; A0189/30; A0433/08; A0687/34; B0794/14; B0928/34; B0946/05; B0959/19; B0968/08; B1032/28; B1033/09; B1040/09; B1153/V; B1178/27; B1385/31; C0057/22; C0072/31; C0415/08; C0422/14; C0541/11; C0574/23

awaken (8): A0625/08; B0959/18; B1153/12; B1153/14; B1241/28; B1242/01; B1242/29; B1242/32

awakened (12): A0217/05; A0324/18; A0326/28; A0340/13; A0348/01; A0612/32; A0643/30; B1178/14; C0081/34; C0100/39; C0148/36; C0414/37

awakening (5): A0431/02; B0966/15; B1241/24; B1242/01; C0421/13

awakes (1): A0501/V

awaking (12): A0028/17; A0210/06; A0616/25; A0638/09; A0686/08; A0688/21; B0963/16; B0963/31; B0966/24; B0968/27; C0070/37; C0071/08

aware (91)

away (169)

awe (31): A0078/27; A0140/32; A0144/11; A0217/V; A0217/V; A0242/24; A0327/07; A0328/03; A0329/10; A0401/25; A0405/26; A0429/06; A0430/09; A0446/04; A0460/34; A0590/17; A0664/24; A0676/06; B0764/22; B0794/09; B0850/06; B0859/09; B0960/27; B0961/35; B1127/05; B1248/33; C0109/11; C0125/23; C0169/33; C0182/34; C0555/34

awe-inspiring (2): C0072/16; C0112/15

awe-stricken (2): A0437/32; B1372/27

awed (1): A0402/09

awful (16): A0028/V; A0058/28; A0072/20; A0080/21; A0145/21; A0248/14; A0490/29; A0541/03; A0591/35; A0623/09; A0630/19; B0959/19; B0967/33; B1157/21; B1371/20; C0134/29

awfulest (1): B1374/02

awfully (4): A0102/02; A0240/V; B1193/28; C0126/10

awhile (6): A0023/12; A0137/12; A0190/28; A0432/28; B1046/31; B1155/32

awkward (7): B0993/07; B1157/08; C0123/18; C0173/32; C0413/27; C0552/28; C0579/12

awkwardly (2): A0436/29; A0562/21

awoke (8): A0081/25; B0963/06; B1105/30; B1106/24; B1135/31; C0084/39; C0128/34; C0392/16

awry (1): B1141/28

axe (14): A0692/31; B0856/21; B0856/26; C0086/01; C0086/21; C0105/08; C0136/13; C0136/15; C0136/27; C0136/31; C0143/20; C0143/30; C0169/14; C0545/16

axes (8): B1160/03; C0085/36; C0107/07; C0114/23; C0136/10; C0148/09; C0189/30; C0534/13

axiom (14): B0987/26; B1296/22; B1296/22; B1314/19; B1314/22; B1314/24; B1314/24; B1314/27; B1314/32; B1314/33; B1314/36; B1315/11; B1315/11; B1315/22

axiomatic (7): B1297/07; B1297/20; B1314/11; B1314/27; B1315/05; B1315/23; B1315/35

axioms (16): B0987/22; B0987/22; B1295/09; B1296/24; B1296/28; B1296/31; B1296/33; B1310/28; B1310/32; B1313/19; B1313/23; B1313/25; B1313/30; B1314/02; B1314/20; B1314/30

axis (13): A0656/29; B1071/10; B1071/18; B1071/20; B1071/21; B1075/07; B1077/16; B1321/04; B1321/04; B1322/11; C0398/06; C0401/28; C0426/12

ay (4): B1370/31; C0110/34; C0110/34; C0559/18

aye (1): B0857/34

Ayesher (1): B1294/05

azimuth (4): C0161/05; C0163/11; C0164/05; C0164/21

Aznac (1): B1192/16

azote (2): B1359/17; C0393/36

Azoth (2): A0059/12; A0061/07

Azrael (2): A0029/V; A0316/25

Azrael’s (1): B1040/14

azure (5): A0702/M; A0702/M; B1259/34; B1267/M; B1267/M

B (1): B0733/27

b (1): C0194/22

B.A.T.C.H. (1): A0338/12

B.L.U.E. (1): A0338/12

B— (3): A0036/21; B0733/25; B0748/21

b—’s (3): B0892/17; B0896/20; C0528/26

B/flat (1): B1012/09

Baal (2): A0043/14; A0498/21

Baal-Peor (1): A0046/13

Baal-Perith (1): A0046/13

Baal-Zebub (2): A0034/20; A0046/13

Baalzebub (1): A0080/20

Babbage’s (1): B1166/35

Babel (1): A0128/18

babies (3): A0622/27; A0623/13; B1131/13

baboon (4): A0124/20; A0177/12; A0183/06; A0340/02

baboons (3): A0303/22; B0912/04; B1021/11

baby (3): A0622/31; A0625/27; B1359/01

Babylon (2): A0068/14; C0198/35

bac (2): A0096/M; A0096/M [[should be (1), entry duplicated]]

Bacchanaliar. (1): B0828/09

Back (1): C0535/33

back (236)

back-ground (1): C0159/25

back-water (1): C0117/12

backed (5): A0297/04; B0862/35; B1261/15; C0164/09; C0399/32

Backing (1): A0623/18

backs (5): B0931/26; C0086/17; C0134/12; C0568/01; C0579/26

backward (4): A0515/06; B1145/22; B1223/19; B1321/18

backwards (7): B0927/16; B1058/07; B1093/22; B1163/38; B1167/15; B1335/14; C0563/04

backwoods (1): C0575/42

Bacon (1): A0311/29

Bacon-engendered (1): B1313/13

Baconian (4): B1295/22; B1295/23; B1311/18; B1311/20

Baconianism (1): B1312/23

Bad (1): A0487/11

bad (32): A0091/08; A0110/14; A0177/10; A0268/14; A0268/14; A0270/22; A0274/06; A0277/27; A0299/05; A0466/09; A0473/16; A0485/13; A0584/21; A0656/03; B0840/01; B1039/19; B1047/14; B1114/31; B1114/31; B1115/01; B1292/19; B1360/07; C0130/14; C0149/30; C0154/13; C0387/12; C0436/V; C0447/V; C0535/09; C0549/21; C0555/12; C0567/02

bade (18): A0105/13; A0108/15; A0318/04; A0562/21; A0663/03; B0726/18; B0796/24; B0796/27; B0858/13; B0902/04; B0992/07; B0992/25; B1003/05; B1109/17; C0395/07; C0395/12; C0560/32; C0566/10

badger (1): A0653/12

Badger, Samuel (1): C0146/42

badges (1): B1157/15

badly (2): C0121/22; C0557/33

baffled (6): A0404/16; B0956/14; C0071/36; C0090/15; C0525/26; C0526/10

baffles (1): B0975/26

baffling (1): C0103/27

Bag (2): A0487/14; A0487/25

bag (15): A0089/09; A0093/12; B1292/26; C0138/07; C0138/23; C0138/31; C0389/36; C0409/17; C0409/17; C0409/19; C0409/21; C0409/31; C0409/34; C0409/39; C0410/10

bag-pipes (1): A0071/29

bagatelle (1): B1015/01

Bagdad (2): B1160/11; B1167/25

baggage (3): B0923/13; B0924/30; B0925/05

bags (8): A0537/33; A0541/22; A0541/23; A0556/14; B1073/23; C0138/11; C0390/10; C0534/41

bah (1): A0035/V

Baiae (1): B0871/05

bail (2): B1054/15; B1054/23

bailed (1): C0058/30

bailing (1): C0534/15

baissee (1): B1145/23

bait (1): C0547/21

bait (1): A0467/12

baize (1): C0062/33

baked (1): A0340/06

balance (4): A0213/11; A0272/31; A0383/08; C0393/10

balanced (1): B0741/22

balancez (1): A0371/30

balancing (1): B1279/10

Balbec (1): A0145/05

balconies (1): B0945/10

bald (3): A0103/29; A0508/35; C0087/13

balderdash (3): B1129/24; B1137/06; B1137/15

bales (2): C0069/08; C0165/28

ball (9): A0671/14; B0992/22; B1054/01; B1058/24; B1093/31; B1238/27; C0146/24; C0415/04; C0579/21

ball-room (2): A0152/26; A0447/11

ballad (3): A0408/01; A0417/V; A0510/26

ballast (28): A0138/03; A0251/18; B1073/23; B1073/30; B1074/08; B1074/09; B1074/25; B1074/32; B1074/35; B1077/35; B1079/26; C0077/13; C0098/15; C0114/36; C0114/39; C0127/13; C0390/10; C0394/41; C0396/22; C0399/13; C0403/23; C0404/25; C0405/19; C0405/35; C0406/10; C0406/22; C0407/24; C0424/39

ballast’s (1): C0097/15

ballet-dancers (1): A0671/08

Balloon (3): B1068/05; B1069/09; B1069/31

balloon (102)

balloon-bag (1): B1294/16

Balloon-Hoax (1): B1068/T

balloon’s (1): C0403/05

balloons (8): B1292/35; B1294/21; B1298/28; C0118/18; C0394/08; C0402/29; C0403/02; C0405/37

balls (5): A0613/09; B1347/06; C0189/30; C0534/04; C0577/41

balm (2): A0696/10; B1107/13

Baltimore (3): A0273/02; A0275/02; B0956/10

Baltimore/Museum (1): A0417/V

balustrade (6): A0710/06; B0890/01; B1275/09; B1336/32; C0121/34; C0121/35

Balzac (1): A0602/33

Balzac (1): A0096/M

bamboozled (1): B1129/09

ban (2): A0242/26; A0670/06

band (12): A0217/V; A0693/10; B0766/19; B1055/18; C0107/41; C0388/33; C0551/07; C0556/40; C0561/02; C0564/03; C0569/19; C0569/39

bandage (19): A0057/33; A0068/17; A0072/05; A0247/28; A0330/05; A0693/07; A0693/15; A0694/07; A0694/20; A0694/26; A0695/02; B0766/11; B0766/13; B0766/23; B0766/30; B0766/35; B0767/01; B0768/31; B0968/29

bandaged (2): A0247/13; B1185/26

bandages (3): A0329/14; B1180/11; C0119/28

banditti (1): A0667/09

bands (7): A0514/32; B0754/01; B0826/05; B1071/14; C0550/02; C0551/26; C0551/35

bandy (1): C0569/30

banish (3): A0081/35; C0197/25; C0197/31

Bank (2): B0874/17; B1053/11

bank (22): A0602/30; B0735/19; B0807/V; B0947/07; B1281/22; B1281/24; B1281/29; B1281/34; B1333/29; C0173/07; C0183/08; C0530/01; C0535/17; C0537/06; C0538/11; C0554/04; C0558/31; C0566/22; C0567/15; C0567/30; C0570/32; C0577/08

bank-notes (1): A0624/23

banked (1): B0862/35

banker (5): A0541/11; A0556/14; B0870/09; B0887/26; B0957/19

banking (1): A0541/13

bankrupt (1): A0486/04

banks (40): A0489/02; A0642/04; B0729/11; B0753/24; B0863/36; B0864/05; B0864/24; B0864/27; B0865/02; B0870/19; B0945/24; B0945/32; B0968/12; B1162/06; B1246/03; B1247/23; B1279/03; B1333/26; B1334/15; C0522/20; C0526/04; C0535/13; C0538/19; C0540/08; C0542/37; C0543/13; C0546/21; C0548/15; C0552/35; C0553/16; C0553/35; C0553/37; C0555/03; C0555/06; C0561/29; C0570/17; C0571/22; C0572/27; C0575/06; C0576/36

banned (1): A0244/V

banners (3): A0406/34; B0945/14; B0945/16

Banquo (1): A0080/33

banter (4): A0433/18; C0428/03; C0443/V; C0448/V

Bantry/Bay (1): C0433/03

baptism (2): A0235/12; B1346/05

baptismal (3): A0209/11; A0235/14; B0887/V

Baptista (1): A0087/03

Baptiste (1): A0033/17

bar (9): A0087/25; A0353/28; A0354/26; A0355/21; A0544/02; A0631/11; A0631/20; B0875/32; B0924/34

Barac (2): A0101/V; A0181/14

Barac (1): A0439/V

barb (2): B0947/21; B1381/05

Barbadoes (1): B1161/30

barbarian (2): A0045/V; C0065/20

barbarians (1): C0202/31

barbaric (2): A0673/13; B1008/33

barbarity (1): C0146/28

barbarous (5): A0034/09; A0100/09; A0301/09; B1346/22; C0180/10

barber (1): A0566/27

barbers (1): B1142/32

Barclay (1): A0071/30

bard (3): A0641/22; B0863/35; B1123/18

bards (1): A0654/16

bare (12): A0103/29; A0152/24; A0369/30; A0551/12; B1008/02; B1045/14; B1181/22; C0066/03; C0072/28; C0125/01; C0413/03; C0531/38

barefooted (1): C0572/28

barely (20): A0099/28; A0164/22; A0327/04; A0351/33; A0400/18; A0557/12; A0653/13; B0978/28; B1235/15; B1238/28; C0077/39; C0079/35; C0081/05; C0091/32; C0144/37; C0183/01; C0183/32; C0394/28; C0425/04; C0559/29

barely-discernible (1): A0417/09

Bargain (1): A0085/T

bargain (9): A0094/06; A0098/02; A0098/04; A0114/01; B0878/08; B1145/04; B1257/29; C0177/30; C0394/41

bargaining (2): A0491/18; B0923/16

bargains (2): A0098/18; A0102/14

barge (2): B0754/07; B0754/09

barge-office (2): B0770/20; B0770/29

bargeman (2): B0770/19; B0770/24

bargemen (2): B0754/05; B0754/07

bark (17): A0603/10; A0604/13; A0640/09; B0761/18; B0818/31; B1160/39; B1279/11; B1281/11; C0061/21; C0202/21; C0202/21; C0532/41; C0545/18; C0545/41; C0546/34; C0546/41; C0547/03

Barlow’s (1): B1101/04

Barnabas (1): B1044/09

barnacles (2): C0145/18; C0145/39

Barnard (14): C0057/14; C0057/15; C0065/36; C0067/37; C0084/16; C0085/06; C0085/31; C0088/08; C0091/21; C0092/27; C0093/16; C0097/06; C0128/05; C0137/23

Barnard, Augustus (1): C0058/25

Barnard’s (2): C0058/02; C0064/25

Barnes (1): B1182/33

barometer (10): B1076/13; C0396/05; C0396/23; C0399/16; C0400/25; C0404/35; C0405/40; C0411/37; C0417/40; C0439/V

barometers (1): B1073/24

Baron (46): A0020/10; A0020/18; A0020/V; A0022/04; A0023/04; A0023/15; A0024/05; A0024/16; A0025/01; A0025/06; A0025/14; A0025/20; A0026/04; A0026/05; A0026/11; A0026/V; A0026/V; A0027/09; A0028/06; A0029/V; A0177/05; A0292/01; A0292/V; A0293/13; A0294/01; A0294/16; A0294/V; A0294/V; A0294/V; A0295/06; A0296/06; A0296/13; A0296/18; A0296/V; A0296/V; A0297/07; A0299/03; A0299/09; A0299/17; A0300/20; A0301/19; A0301/31; A0303/09; A0303/13; A0303/31; C0150/13

baron (2): A0177/12; C0150/17

baron’s (5): A0021/18; A0026/28; A0177/26; A0296/V; A0297/19

baron’s (1): A0294/V

barque-rigged (1): C0147/15

barques (1): B1293/14

barred (2): A0062/01; B1282/24

barrel (10): A0142/13; A0590/09; A0593/08; A0594/V; B1071/28; B1102/10; C0077/26; C0077/32; C0078/17; C0199/15

barrels (6): A0591/27; A0593/17; B1073/25; C0069/08; C0097/21; C0394/29

barren (5): A0579/12; B1160/27; C0153/33; C0154/14; C0154/37

Barrett (1): B1380/16

barricade (2): C0409/12; C0409/14

barricaded (1): B0946/34

barrier (3): A0020/V; A0642/33; C0198/36

Barriere (3): B0726/25; B0734/22; B0737/15

Barriere/du/Raule (15): B0729/30; B0731/34; B0734/11; B0734/16; B0734/21; B0734/31; B0735/19; B0755/14; B0755/26; B0758/05; B0758/26; B0761/03; B0767/11; B0768/07; B0768/29

barriers (7): A0242/29; A0243/04; A0243/18; A0695/13; C0521/05; C0527/09; C0528/39

barring (1): C0055/14

barronissy> (1): A0464/10

Barronit> (2): A0464/V; A0468/V

Barronitt> (8): A0464/03; A0464/13; A0465/14; A0465/23; A0466/14; A0467/04; A0468/14; A0470/17

barroques (1): B0850/02

barrow (1): B1059/19

Barry, Littleton (3): A0037/V; A0304/07; A0470/V

Barry, Lyttleton (1): A0075/18

bars (5): B1008/26; C0438/V; C0538/18; C0559/35; C0576/23

bartas (1): A0303/24

barterings (1): C0177/15

Bartholinus (4): A0173/03; A0173/19; A0176/12; A0178/28

bas (3): B0853/11; B0898/08; B0898/09

Bas-Bleu (8): A0174/01; A0174/08; A0174/09; A0179/22; A0179/2; A0179/24; A0385/16; A0385/19

Bas-Bleus (1): A0385/26

bas-reliefs (1): B1179/08

base (25): A0417/11; A0426/14; A0445/15; A0580/36; A0695/2(; B0752/16; B0755/02; B0817/24; B1003/18; B1080/27; B1080/30; B1080/37; B1163/26; B1280/09; B1334/35; B1337/31; C0061/31; C0163/29; C0199/35; C0204/41; C0388/28; C0408/07; C0408/10; C0408/18; C0567/11

based (6): A0529/28; A0560/16; B0723/09; B0747/31; B0985/28; B1295/11

baseless (4): B0763/21; B0902/09; B1297/22; B1316/06

basement (2): A0045/05; B0725/26

baseness (1): B1131/25

bases (2): B1283/02; B1296/31

basest (2): A0484/24; A0486/36

Bashan (1): A0047/2:

bashfulness (1): B1141/21

basin (4): B1280/0; B1280/12; C0151/02; C0415/04

basin-full (1): C0406/35

basinful (1): C0172/0!

basis (12): A0399/21; A0486/07; B1039/25; B1123/19; B1220/1; B1220/15; B1297/34; B1313/22; B1313/3; B1317/13; B1392/08; C0112/01

basket (12): A0045/2; A0045/24; A0046/20; A0047/09; A0047/21; A0534/33; A0535/22; B1071/08; C0393/15; C0411/09; C0413/32; C0414/02

baskets (2): B1154/14; B1154/2:

basso (1): A0244/16

Batavia (3): A0135/21; A0136/14; C0179/18

batch (1): A0279/26

bate> (1): A0465/11

bath (1): B0826/21

bathe (1): C0145/46

bathed (7): A0328/1; A0351/17; A0406/03; A0643/28; A0687/0; B0944/13; C0064/19

bathing (7): B0945/2!; B1246/06; C0140/37; C0142/17; C0143/01; C0143/13; C0143/35

bathing-places (1): B0945/V

Batrachomyomachia (1): A0621/1:

battalions (1): A0509/21

batten (1): A0586/0:

batter (1): A0488/11

Battery (1): A0059/2

battery (15): A0067/26; A0144/V; A0439/24; A0486/25; A0664/V; A0682/07; B0927/27; B0948/15; B0959/2; B0959/26; B0960/11; B0960/19; B1119/2(; B1181/20; B1182/15

battle (2): A0356/16; A0488/21

battle-lantern (1): C0109/10

battle-lanterns (2): A0140/10; A0145/02

battledoor (1): B1072/01

battlement (1): A0120/29

battlements (4): A0028/23; A0029/24; A0045/20; A0675/26

bauble (1): A0691/12

bawled (4): A0385/16; C0062/14; C0110/33; C0553/14

bawling (1): A0124/23

bay (18): B1280/27; B1281/04; B1282/12; C0155/03; C0165/29; C0170/40; C0171/01; C0176/15; C0179/22; C0186/02; C0186/19; C0186/29; C0186/41; C0189/09; C0190/13; C0201/28; C0201/33; C0525/19

bayonet (1): A0539/35

bazaar (2): A0513/13; A0513/28

bazaars (1): B0945/11

be (2578)

beach (11): A0136/17; B0807/10; B0807/24; B0933/11; B1081/25; C0155/03; C0189/31; C0190/19; C0200/13; C0200/30; C0205/15

beads (8): A0685/03; B1180/21; C0148/08; C0175/28; C0177/12; C0177/39; C0534/25; C0558/18

beak (2): B1281/02; C0125/08

beaker (1): B1348/08

beam (1): B1382/01

beam-ends (8): A0137/07; A0590/36; C0098/06; C0099/18; C0104/27; C0114/36; C0143/33; C0149/37

beaming (3): A0164/17; A0166/22; A0298/V

beams (2): A0158/03; A0244/23

bean (1): C0543/24

beant (1): B1372/33

bear (58)

bear-skins (1): C0535/11

bear’s (2): A0128/09; C0579/20

beard (6): A0044/10; A0044/15; B0945/20; B1152/14; C0531/38; C0560/02

beards (1): A0046/30

bearer (3): A0093/21; A0112/32; C0426/23

bearing (33): A0029/06; A0161/06; A0265/09; A0271/27; A0283/30; A0412/07; A0434/08; A0461/08; A0503/03; A0515/06; A0564/13; A0593/33; A0604/12; A0672/12; A0675/07; A0704/25; B0728/20; B0739/29; B0757/16; B0761/34; B0770/14; B0991/06; B1140/14; B1165/04; B1269/24; B1302/20; C0101/26; C0122/35; C0123/14; C0165/27; C0181/34; C0399/19; C0541/34

bearings (3): A0434/28; B0842/28; C0167/36

bears (21): A0023/30; A0265/26; A0274/08; A0344/01; A0351/20; A0582/25; A0609/26; A0710/01; B0764/25; B1079/15; B1096/02; B1096/10; B1137/05; B1275/04; B1311/03; C0150/11; C0150/28; C0572/07; C0577/32; C0578/08; C0578/22

bearskins (1): C0087/17

beast (37): A0027/21; A0047/10; A0099/23; A0125/30; A0126/0; A0126/10; A0559/30; A0561/25; A0561/31; A0562/03; A0565/01; A0566/20; A0566/V; A0567/10; B0851/28; B0854/35; B0855/17; B0855/26; B0855/37; B0856/01; B0857/2L; B0859/13; B0944/06; B1053/34; B1057/3E; B1156/28; B1157/27; B1158/07; B1158/2(; B1159/08; B1159/19; B1159/28; B1161/1E; B1166/26; C0072/38; C0165/07; C0579/2

beast-like (1): B1350/3E

beastly (1): C0059/2!

Beasts (1): A0119/T

beasts (14): A0123/10; A0127/V; A0128/18; A0478/05; B1162/16; B1350/1(; B1352/10; C0200/16; C0562/37; C0567/1; C0567/29; C0567/38; C0578/24; C0579/0t

beat (18): A0069/29; A0197/21; A0327/08; A0372/06; A0459/28; A0483/0E; A0581/29; A0592/05; A0612/35; A0643/27; A0674/13; B0795/29; B0858/16; B0922/11; B1078/08; B1292/12; C0061/01; C0113/17

beaten (6): A0109/18; B0828/0; B0862/27; B1020/06; B1102/10; B1166/11

Beati (1): A0213/01

beating (18): A0078/05; A0078/16; A0372/09; A0416/18; A0622/28; A0683/2; B0789/M; B0795/10; B0795/11; B0795/2; B0797/29; B0812/08; B0943/30; B1021/12; B1077/27; C0061/11; C0062/25; C0075/25

beau (2): A0273/12; B0889/2:

beauccup (2): A0036/06; B1105/0S

beauties (11): A0035/25; A0079/05; A0079/05; A0297/11; A0383/2E; A0399/04; A0603/06; B0864/04; B0914/1; B1381/01; C0564/32

beautiful (97)

beautiful-minded (1): A0611/36

beautifullest> (1): A0466/25

beautifully (5): A0165/V; A0278/15; B1076/12; B1294/05; C0570/3(

beauty (104)

Beauvais (22): B0729/29; B0730/01; B0731/04; B0732/21; B0732/24; B0732/25; B0732/40; B0733/13; B0733/22; B0733/25; B0733/28; B0733/30; B0733/36; B0745/2(; B0745/22; B0745/31; B0746/03; B0747/2; B0747/28; B0748/22; B0748/24; B0755/0E

Beauvais’ (1): B0748/1:

beaver (17): A0478/15; C0388/32; C0536/22; C0543/08; C0544/13; C0544/41; C0546/08; C0546/20; C0546/24; C0546/28; C0547/22; C0547/28; C0558/02; C0564/22; C0566/26; C0570/04; C0572/07

beaver-traps (1): C0535/10

Beaver/Island (1): C0547/35

beavers (8): C0544/19; C0544/26; C0545/06; C0545/34; C0546/34; C0566/22; C0566/23; C0570/32

becalmed (1): A0585/25

became (222)

because (92)

Beckford (1): B1051/18

beckoned (2): A0385/19; B1225/19

beckoning (1): A0318/03

become (76)

becomes (28): A0123/32; A0249/24; A0474/02; A0583/12; A0710/34; B0738/24; B0741/32; B0742/05; B0742/12; B0743/22; B0746/20; B0747/34; B0756/06; B0772/26; B0818/31; B0870/06; B1074/34; B1079/03; B1163/35; B1220/30; B1275/35; B1281/10; C0098/04; C0105/37; C0106/08; C0430/17; C0575/38; C0577/01

becoming (23): A0022/22; A0093/30; A0113/09; A0205/07; A0381/15; A0427/22; A0534/18; A0616/19; B0762/18; B0851/17; B0910/20; B0949/07; B0976/36; B0982/13; B1020/02; B1127/19; B1234/20; C0121/30; C0130/39; C0131/40; C0134/29; C0418/29; C0558/12

becomingly (2): B1008/10; B1349/01

bed (120)

bed-chamber (3): A0024/17; A0217/V; B1339/23

bed-clothes (1): B0980/16

bed-post (1): A0482/15

bed-posts (1): A0663/20

bed-room (3): A0386/28; A0565/02; B1224/16

bed-side (2): A0232/12; B1236/03

bedclothes (4): C0094/05; C0109/02; C0120/39; C0145/14

bedding (2): B0968/18; C0138/38

bedecked (4): A0321/08; A0643/15; A0662/10; B1008/01

bedevilled (1): B1115/13

bedewed (1): A0631/19

bediqht (1): A0318/09

bedizzened (3): A0159/19; A0498/09; A0500/14

Bedlam (1): A0320/24

bedlam (1): A0320/V

Bedlamite (1): B1316/03

bedlamite (1): B1129/16

Bedlo (4): B0949/33; B0950/18; B0950/27; B0950/V

Bedlo, Augustus (1): B0949/31

Bedloe (10): B0941/06; B0941/23; B0942/04; B0942/18; B0946/16; B0947/29; B0947/33; B0948/29; B0949/04; B0950/23

Bedloe, Augustus (1): B0939/03

bedposts (1): B0979/32

bedroom (1): A0437/04

beds (7): A0197/26; A0243/32; A0506/04; A0514/29; A0542/14; B0980/16; B1212/32

bedside (1): B1030/27

bedstead (7): A0537/27; A0538/04; A0543/20; A0551/30; A0553/02; A0557/V; A0567/16

bee (6): A0298/V; A0478/32; A0478/33; B0839/35; B0943/16; C0546/26

bee-line (3): A0254/03; B0840/24; B0842/20

bee’nt (1): C0067/22

beef (1): C0100/35

beefsteak (1): A0352/12

been (1588)

beer (3): A0246/13; A0252/09; A0622/21

bees (7): A0479/0; B1102/06; B1163/10; B1164/04; B1164/0!; B1164/23; B1164/23

beetle (24): B0810/0; B0810/23; B0812/33; B0815/11; B0815/2; B0816/11; B0818/14; B0818/19; B0820/2; B0820/26; B0821/25; B0821/30; B0822/0; B0824/26; B0824/32; B0829/09; B0830/21; B0830/32; B0831/22; B0844/01; B0844/01; B1383/17; B1383/19; B1383/19

beetle’s (1): B0822/3:

beetling (2): A0579/04; A0639/11

befall (1): A0641/21

befallen (3): A0662/V; B0811/14; C0063/30

befell (2): C0072/12; C0122/2:

befitting (1): A0407/1:

before (598)

befriended (1): B0933/0!

befriends (1): B1078/31

befxre (1): B1374/01

beg (18): A0072/16; A0108/1; A0121/29; A0124/16; A0263/21; A0284/11; A0302/16; A0656/06; B0761/31; B0873/31; B1005/03; B1119/M; B1139/11; B1158/3!; B1189/29; B1189/30; B1310/01; C0124/21

began (82)

Begebenheit (1): B0723/M

Begebenheiten (1): B0723/M

begetting (1): C0521/2:

beggar (1): B0963/0!

beggarly (1): A0384/1:

beggars (1): A0509/31

beggary (2): A0055/21; A0065/0!

begged (12): A0303/0!; A0623/32; B0822/15; B0830/23; B0900/1; B0902/06; B1003/01; B1003/28; B1140/2; B1191/33; B1236/27; C0132/32

begging (2): B1133/18; C0132/1!

begin (16): A0072/11; A0099/07; A0204/01; A0262/21; A0345/21; A0608/31; B0771/32; B0976/04; B1033/0; B1178/23; B1317/35; B1353/34; B1379/3; B1381/04; C0152/24; C0197/35

begin’d> (1): A0468/21

beginned> (1): A0467/11

beginning (35): A0204/0; A0276/19; A0614/18; B0737/12; B0739/01; B0823/31; B0837/06; B0838/24; B0839/0; B0843/20; B0912/29; B1031/18; B1033/0; B1033/02; B1033/02; B1033/03; B1101/1; B1101/14; B1128/01; B1128/31; B1169/2!; B1190/21; B1213/06; B1321/V; B1353/0; B1370/16; B1385/18; B1390/06; C0095/11; C0122/31; C0161/37; C0430/02; C0522/01; C0526/05; C0576/08

begins (5): A0345/V; A0612/30; B0955/27; B1074/24; B1163/41

begirdled (1): B1156/11

begirt (2): A0447/04; B1283/0:

begrimed (1): A0160/V

begs (1): B0878/1!

beguile (1): A0136/06

begun (6): A0445/01; B0836/06; B1329/05; C0132/20; C0398/39; C0548/1:

behalf (10): A0067/05; A0070/09; A0079/25; A0357/10; A0365/08; A0704/16; B1050/24; B1055/33; B1269/15; C0065/16

behave (5): A0352/09; B1010/07; B1013/34; B1016/22; C0101/13

behaved (14): A0653/22; B0735/29; B0767/19; B0915/02; B0926/03; B1013/30; B1018/20; B1018/23; B1048/01; C0110/40; C0179/39; C0560/24; C0566/06; C0569/04

behaves (1): B1207/14

behaving (1): A0443/06

behavior (16): A0249/09; A0261/04; A0374/01; A0432/17; A0443/05; A0468/25; A0468/V; A0625/13; B0875/09; B0894/29; B0992/20; B1011/33; B1055/01; B1105/04; B1134/31; C0558/13

behaviour (11): A0021/08; A0025/21; A0026/21; A0303/10; A0355/10; A0513/24; B1183/04; C0062/39; C0076/19; C0081/35; C0092/02

beheld (42): A0035/26; A0085/11; A0121/V; A0139/34; A0190/05; A0195/V; A0195/V; A0198/18; A0215/13; A0215/23; A0236/08; A0298/V; A0312/14; A0316/13; A0326/V; A0371/19; A0379/25; A0381/05; A0411/08; A0578/33; A0590/29; A0605/12; A0665/21; A0695/07; B0853/17; B0889/15; B0891/01; B1158/17; C0087/06; C0089/10; C0112/19; C0124/35; C0130/06; C0149/28; C0404/38; C0405/04; C0417/12; C0417/33; C0418/05; C0420/35; C0422/28; C0425/13

behemoth (1): A0197/16

behild> (1): A0470/16

behind (64)

behold (42): A0053/29; A0062/33; A0078/25; A0099/30; A0107/11; A0122/14; A0123/01; A0125/24; A0150/03; A0154/28; A0160/22; A0165/21; A0191/05; A0245/22; A0250/12; A0253/14; A0263/33; A0318/V; A0357/01; A0383/22; A0412/34; A0545/24; A0600/17; A0600/18; A0601/28; A0706/25; A0707/17; A0707/20; B0858/03; B0863/05; B0864/19; B0892/05; B0910/20; B0964/23; B1141/21; B1195/12; B1272/16; B1272/21; C0124/37; C0128/15; C0135/25; C0414/12

beholder (3): A0029/V; A0581/11; B0991/22

beholding (6): A0511/16; B1157/01; B1250/32; B1384/32; C0169/39; C0556/32

beholds (1): A0683/03

behooved (1): B0826/31

behould> (5): A0464/02; A0465/19; A0468/10; A0468/25; A0470/13

bei (1): B0723/M

being (582)

beings (26): A0123/01; A0161/13; A0191/14; A0226/35; A0231/09; A0313/08; A0709/13; B0768/25; B1036/21; B1038/18; B1038/20; B1038/21; B1038/25; B1039/32; B1040/01; B1051/05; B1119/13; B1165/06; B1274/15; B1276/31; C0130/04; C0145/07; C0146/30; C0153/27; C0180/05; C0564/09





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