Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Bejewelled through Cap,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 27-47 (This material is protected by copyright)


bejewelled (1): A0510/10

Bekker (1): A0283/36

bel-esprit-ism (1): A0343/14

belabor (1): A0123/06

belave> (1): A0469/20

belaved> (1): A0469/12

belay (2): A0251/26; A0251/28

beldame (1): A0510/11

Belfry (1): A0365/T

belfry (7): A0350/34; A0351/09; A0351/13; A0369/19; A0372/01; A0372/09; A0374/10

belfry-man (5): A0369/27; A0370/09; A0372/02; A0372/07; A0374/10

Belgium (1): A0296/V

Belial (2): A0034/22; A0046/13

belied (3): A0156/07; A0388/20; B0899/21

belief (23): A0018/04; A0209/20; A0316/28; A0408/10; A0431/24; A0436/20; A0527/V; A0582/24; B0733/08; B0745/17; B0748/08; B0748/13; B0833/25; B0849/02; B0902/31; B1219/07; B1247/06; B1247/07; C0055/20; C0107/25; C0111/40; C0125/20; C0125/41

believe (140)

believed (33): A0066/23; A0075/11; A0078/08; A0086/12; A0086/12; A0097/11; A0097/12; A0163/17; A0216/10; A0233/20; A0304/03; A0340/04; A0483/13; A0539/03; A0540/13; A0587/34; A0612/11; A0653/V; B0733/02; B0808/20; B0987/34; B0988/02; B1031/28; B1091/34; C0103/30; C0169/10; C0402/09; C0405/16; C0412/18; C0414/29; C0438/V; C0529/06; C0557/08

believes (3): A0550/02; A0708/18; B1273/13

believing (10): A0138/06; A0548/20; A0601/24; A0612/12; B0748/30; B0761/29; B0887/19; B0942/33; B1302/09; C0179/11

Bell (1): A0340/10

Bell (23): A0059/19; A0067/10; A0086/20; A0340/13; A0340/28; A0351/18; A0370/01; A0372/14; A0372/20; A0372/27; A0372/30; A0372/35; A0373/04; A0674/18; B0796/16; B0872/14; B0965/36; B1103/11; B1178/13; B1186/07; B1244/06; B1338/25; C0396/07

bell-metal (1): A0056/20

Bell-ringers (5): B1119/01; B1119/03; B1119/13; B1119/T; B1119/M

bell-rope (4): A0374/12; B0967/22; B1134/32; B1140/10

bell-tones (1): A0614/13

belle (3): A0602/07; A0602/08; B0913/05

Belles (1): C0430/36

belles (3): A0337/13; A0337/26; A0652/08

Bellies (1): C0568/22

belligerents (2): A0057/35; A0068/18

Bellini (2): B0905/26; B1004/05

bellowed (3): A0087/35; A0347/31; B1017/26

bellowing (1): A0146/07

Bellowings (1): A0582/02

bellows (5): A0054/24; A0252/14; C0391/02; C0391/12; C0391/26

bellows-maker (1): A0071/10

bellows-mender (1): C0438/V

bells (8): A0078/09; B1120/02; B1257/19; B1258/33; B1259/26; B1260/03; B1263/22; B1345/20

belly (5): A0367/V; A0370/V; A0374/V; B1156/14; B1165/02

belong (3): A0123/04; A0322/24; C0430/03

belonged (10): A0023/27; A0044/11; A0508/15; A0561/11; B0866/22; B0904/V; C0102/11; C0173/02; C0398/04; C0523/24

belonging (27): A0022/08; A0079/19; A0240/02; A0323/07; A0509/07; A0554/27; A0560/29; A0561/04; A0561/13; A0638/18; B0809/21; B1017/05; B1052/15; B1304/05; C0065/35; C0090/38; C0102/16; C0103/33; C0104/11; C0128/04; C0146/30; C0146/37; C0156/35; C0202/04; C0409/09; C0532/07; C0532/11

belongs (2): C0394/05; C0524/37

beloved (25): A0218/V; A0234/16; A0253/09; A0310/05; A0313/01; A0313/21; A0317/21; A0321/08; A0323/09; A0326/20; A0357/02; A0404/01; A0608/02; A0642/34; A0666/04; B0890/25; B0907/17; B0909/08; B0910/15; B0926/35; B0957/17; B0957/31; B1215/31; B1259/13; C0531/24

below (104)

Belphegor (1): A0408/30

belt (9): A0447/05; A0578/31; A0580/28; A0588/15; A0589/11; A0589/20; A0590/14; A0591/15; B1180/23

belted (1): C0425/18

Belus (1): A0045/13

Ben-Levi (5): A0044/05; A0045/18; A0047/03; A0047/15; A0047/V

Ben/Nevis (1): A0241/21

Benares (1): B0949/14

benches (2): A0429/14; A0430/12

bend (5): C0173/13; C0183/14; C0183/31; C0194/17; C0550/01

bended (1): A0251/07

bending (4): A0143/20; A0416/02; B1015/29; C0528/16

Bendis (2): A0175/28; A0181/23

bends (2): B1282/15; C0145/17

beneath (121)

beneficial (1): C0129/10

benefit (18): A0365/05; B0941/05; B1051/23; B1051/26; B1089/25; B1195/11; B1346/36; B1347/32; C0095/09; C0129/21; C0141/11; C0142/04; C0145/21; C0177/02; C0186/07; C0200/04; C0411/24; C0564/11

benefits (4): A0297/10; B1185/11; B1358/31; C0145/26

Benevenuta (2): A0087/09; A0100/19

benevolence (1): A0650/10

benevolent (1): A0059/23

Bengal (1): A0490/19

Bengalee (1): B0949/22

benighted (1): A0316/15

benign (2): A0428/33; B1135/03

benignity (4): A0053/24; A0062/29; A0078/38; A0629/05

benignly (1): A0348/0!

Benjamin (2): A0043/05; A0045/0:

Bennet’s/Islet (2): C0166/0; C0204/06

Bennett’s (1): B1141/V

Bennett’s/Islet (1): C0203/1:

bent (22): A0142/14; A0143/1; A0153/V; A0166/06; A0298/V; A0316/01; A0319/29; A0369/05; A0415/31; B0730/07; B0896/11; B0942/27; B0948/16; B1080/1!; C0088/37; C0090/13; C0093/22; C0118/3!; C0170/24; C0187/03; C0197/31; C0567/2!

Bentham (3): B1113/11; B1297/04; B1314/09

Bentham, Jeremy (1): B0869/0:

Benthams (1): A0498/2:

Bentinck’s (1): B1069/11

Bentley (1): A0179/1!

Benton (1): B1304/36

benumbed (2): C0060/17; C0118/36

bepuffed (2): A0053/22; A0062/27

bequeath (1): B1142/1

bequeathed (4): A0056/0f; A0653/01; A0704/24; B1269/23

bequest (4): A0704/21; B0887/14; B1126/06; B1269/26

Beranger (1): A0397/M

bereavement (3): A0026/21; A0055/20; A0055/20

bereft (1): A0347/2f

Berenice (16): A0209/T; A0210/21; A0210/28; A0210/29; A0211/07; A0213/18; A0213/30; A0214/06; A0214/0; A0214/20; A0215/12; A0216/09; A0216/2; A0217/07; A0217/V; A0217/V

Beresina (1): B0955/05

Bergerac (1): C0432/37

Berlifitzing (13): A0019/0!; A0019/11; A0019/17; A0019/V; A0020/0; A0021/15; A0022/05; A0023/14; A0023/2; A0024/11; A0024/30; A0026/10; A0027/11

Berlifitzing, Wilhelm Von (1): A0024/02

Berlifitzings (1): A0019/21

Berlin (2): A0445/06; C0392/1

Bermuda (1): C0088/31

berries (3): C0167/13; C0535/03; C0547/40

berry (10): B0811/18; B0811/22; B0811/27; B0812/10; B0812/17; B0812/21; B0819/32; B0820/14; B0820/17; B0821/05

berth (22): B0928/28; B0929/20; B0929/22; C0068/15; C0089/30; C0089/33; C0090/02; C0090/23; C0090/30; C0091/14; C0092/37; C0093/03; C0094/06; C0095/05; C0099/35; C0100/02; C0100/13; C0100/38; C0101/11; C0101/32; C0109/31; C0136/26

berths (9): B0922/19; B0922/20; B0968/16; B0968/17; C0068/04; C0069/17; C0093/40; C0109/27; C0136/14

Berwick (1): C0156/10

beseamed (1): A0430/14

beseech (3): A0072/18; A0128/22; A0264/12

beseechingly (1): A0510/01

beset (8): A0427/25; A0627/05; A0644/13; A0654/07; B0760/10; B1163/27; C0122/18; C0564/18

besets (1): B1169/08

beside (9): A0218/07; A0404/V; A0510/24; A0566/18; A0665/29; A0686/08; A0692/20; C0058/13; C0415/05

besides (67)

besieged (3): A0653/18; C0143/08; C0391/33

besieging (2): A0044/06; A0045/10

besmeared (2): A0537/28; B1053/30

besotted (1): A0441/16

besought (2): B0901/21; B0907/09

bespeak (1): A0144/09

bespotted (1): C0552/17

besprinkled (4): A0036/01; A0640/02; A0675/16; C0387/13

Bess (1): B1103/24

Bessarion (1): A0097/12

Bessop (1): B0840/35

Bessop’s/Castle (1): B0841/05

best (131)

best-hearted (1): C0529/14

bestir (1): A0531/20

bestow (6): A0554/25; A0711/13; B0815/06; B0910/05; B1276/14; C0390/30

bestowed (7): A0317/24; A0530/11; B0958/04; B1133/28; B1158/27; B1182/19; B1346/16

bestowing (2): A0705/13; B1270/12

bestows (1): B0978/01

bestrode (1): A0026/01

bestudded (2): A0087/07; A0100/16

bet (12): A0621/T; A0623/29; A0624/05; A0624/12; A0624/12; A0624/13; A0624/13; A0624/14; A0624/26; A0626/03_; A0626/31; A0627/23

betaken (1): A0404/21

Bete (1): A0183/11

bete (1): A0177/16

bethinking (1): A0415/18

bethought (7): A0667/12; B0766/29; B0891/27; B0914/18; B1003/05; B1102/21; C0071/03

betook (14): A0057/27; A0068/10; A0079/44; A0101/20; A0328/10; A0625/10; B0830/03; B1101/08; B1105/29; B1108/14; B1128/08; C0087/19; C0416/07; C0416/34

betray (6): A0105/32; A0298/V; A0509/12; C0059/09; C0208/24; C0413/14

betrayal (1): B0768/21

betrayed (8): A0047/28; A0099/17; A0626/03; B0754/22; B0768/19; B0768/22; B1183/31; C0429/32

betrayer’s (1): B0754/24

betrays (1): B0768/21

betrothed (6): A0311/04; A0654/21; B0729/15; B0736/12; B0908/20; B1107/24

bets (1): A0623/18

Betsey (1): C0155/34

better (140)

betting (3): A0624/10; A0624/22; B0773/22

Betty/Martin (1): C0388/30

betwane> (1): A0468/11

between (212)

between-decks (1): C0092/16

betwixt (1): B1164/37

beverage (1): B1045/33

bevy (1): B1015/04

beware (1): A0046/15

bewilder (2): A0413/02; B0764/31

bewildered (23): A0150/01; A0153/V; A0166/20; A0243/27; A0329/20; A0403/01; A0456/05; A0466/33; A0644/07; A0683/05; A0705/04; B0764/24; B0947/14; B1107/31; B1247/18; B1261/24; B1270/04; B1279/36; B1281/16; B1330/02; B1348/26; C0073/09; C0563/04

bewildering (6): A0234/27; A0411/20; A0581/11; A0590/22; B0765/13; C0060/06

bewilderment (4): A0470/01; B0895/16; B0963/18; B1134/26

bewinged (1): A0318/09

bewitched (2): A0373/26; B0913/15

bewitching (1): A0385/05

bewitchingly (1): B0901/14

beyond (167)

Bi-chloride (2): B0742/25; B0826/03

bi-part (2): A0175/12; A0181/02

Bi-Part (1): A0533/22

Bianca (2): A0152/V; A0166/V

bias (6): A0550/V; A0652/18; A0706/10; B0835/25; B0968/24; B1271/14

Bias, Fanny (1): A0079/09

Bible (3): B0878/27; B0880/09; C0541/20

bible (1): C0427/25

biblical (1): A0458/34

bibliographical (2): A0337/13; A0337/26

Bibliotheca/Forensica (1): B1234/03

bibliothegue (1): A0101/05

bicheLdeLmer (10): C0170/17; C0170/36; C0176/10; C0176/20; C0177/22; C0177/37; C0177/40; C0178/36; C0179/10; C0179/24

Bichloride (1): B1186/31

bickering (1): B1047/26

bid (10): A0264/19; A0352/09; A0655/06; A0671/04; B0756/17; B0756/18; B0756/23; B0964/13; C0088/22; C0530/34

bidden (3): B1236/04; B1281/06; B1317/24

bidding (9): A0034/15; A0155/15; A0212/09; A0318/18; A0675/V; B0875/V; B1181/28; C0068/32; C0074/18

bids (1): B0875/17

bien (5): A0035/05; A0037/V; B0907/07; B0907/08; B1154/22

bienseance (2): A0158/10; A0158/V

big (49): A0173/05; A0174/08; A0179/23; A0205/30; A0337/15; A0339/08; A0340/28; A0341/22; A0342/10; A0342/V; A0367/11; A0367/V; A0368/20; A0368/31; A0369/09; A0369/32; A0371/11; A0372/04; A0372/06; A0372/27; A0372/33; A0373/04; A0374/14; A0388/15; A0464/15; A0468/08; A0468/22; A0468/23; A0469/25; A0483/V; A0490/21; A0627/09; A0685/03; B0812/08; B0818/18; B0819/19; B0821/06; B0875/18; B0911/11; B0913/04; B0913/04; B1012/02; B1021/11; B1046/05; B1056/23; B1102/11; B1164/07; B1372/33; C0535/08

big-horn (1): C0572/07

Big/Devils (1): C0551/33

bigger (8): A0045/20; A0348/24; A0368/34; A0369/10; A0370/14; B1096/24; B1164/21; B1166/09

biggest (1): B1164/21

bight (1): C0186/36

bigness (1): C0432/17

bignonia (1): B1337/11

bigoted (3): B1294/35; B1298/09; B1316/14

bigots (2): B1313/03; B1317/08

bijou (2): B1137/05; B1137/17

bilge-water (2): A0251/24; C0059/27

bill (19): A0056/36; A0059/16; A0066/26; A0067/06; A0484/28; A0485/15; A0491/08; A0631/22; B0872/03; B0872/22; B0873/12; B0873/15; B0878/14; B0878/18; B0879/26; B1349/19; C0125/02; C0151/16; C0178/19

billet (1): A0559/13

billet-doux (1): A0055/08

billets (1): B0916/30

billets (1): C0109/19

billets-doux (1): A0064/14

billiard-ball (1): B1090/18

Billingsgate (1): B1141/08

billow (2): A0139/17; A0163/11

billows (2): A0143/31; B1156/16

bills (1): B0889/02

Billy (1): B1245/04

bin (5): A0414/19; B0812/16; B0812/21; B0821/01; B1373/02

binary (2): B1300/36; B1302/14

bind (4): A0625/31; A0642/10; C0537/24; C0564/02

binder (1): B0981/10

binding (3): A0088/16; A0090/09; A0100/14

bindings (1): B0981/07

biography (1): A0483/12

Biot (1): C0401/06

biped (1): B0869/15

bipeds (1): A0056/16

Bipont (1): A0283/35

birch (3): B1333/34; C0532/41; C0540/04

birch-bark (1): C0534/17

bird (19): A0033/07; A0100/21; A0152/V; B1108/11; B1164/35; B1164/36; B1165/09; B1292/21; B1337/14; C0125/04; C0125/19; C0126/16; C0151/39; C0153/08; C0164/04; C0174/03; C0188/27; C0191/10; C0409/04

Bird, Robert (1): A0273/37

Bird, Robert M. (2): A0273/35; A0274/02

Bird, William (1): A0541/26

bird’s (3): A0035/03; A0274/06; C0178/13

birds (38): A0033/15; A0509/25; A0640/34; A0643/13; B0809/07; B0850/25; B0862/36; B1127/35; B1163/10; B1164/05; B1164/09; B1164/18; B1166/06; B1283/07; B1292/12; C0118/18; C0151/17; C0151/26; C0151/38; C0152/08; C0152/15; C0152/19; C0153/03; C0153/15; C0155/21; C0158/35; C0159/17; C0160/23; C0164/03; C0164/27; C0173/36; C0205/41; C0208/20; C0428/30; C0430/47; C0431/02; C0432/22; C0543/01

Birds, Robert (1): A0273/38

birds’ (1): C0177/08

birth (11): A0164/07; A0233/16; A0378/19; A0406/09; A0603/29; A0613/34; B0834/17; B0957/17; B1166/13; B1168/12; B1215/32

birth-day (2): A0704/31; B1269/31

birthday (1): B1348/03

biscuit (3): C0081/12; C0534/29; C0542/28

bisected (1): B1182/15

Bishop (5): A0150/M; A0166/09; A0172/M; A0178/M; A0388/04

bishop (1): A0346/10

bishop’s (2): B0839/31; B0840/03

Bishop’s/hostel (1): B0840/21

Bishop’s/Hostel (1): B0840/34

Bishop’s/Hotel (3): B0840/30; B0842/26; B0843/03

bismuth (1): B1364/02

bison (1): C0428/39

bit (33): A0176/24; A0182/26; A0249/26; A0299/06; A0339/32; A0355/22; A0464/20; A0465/27; A0466/06; A0468/15; A0469/17; A0469/28; A0469/V; A0470/05; A0470/06; A0483/16; A0483/17; A0483/25; A0486/13; B0809/02; B0810/11; B0812/21; B0813/02; B0817/02; B0821/02; B0821/22; B0844/06; B0927/26; B1046/13; B1185/02; B1373/12; B1373/13; C0541/20

bite (5): B0812/27; B0812/33; B0812/33; B0830/09; C0539/30

bits (1): B1363/13

bitten (6): A0029/13; A0341/06; A0347/03; A0543/27; B0806/M; B0812/32

bitter (27): A0020/01; A0151/06; A0225/04; A0227/21; A0229/04; A0232/09; A0236/11; A0326/19; A0348/05; A0385/25; A0397/17; A0410/29; A0416/28; A0444/09; A0445/19; A0536/13; A0593/22; B0825/19; B1130/11; B1131/30; B1348/05; B1369/34; B1379/27; B1380/31; C0143/11; C0150/29; C0565/09

bitterest (5): B0823/29; B0852/22; B1106/18; C0134/12; C0391/36

bitterly (11): A0139/11; A0213/24; A0214/12; A0405/02; A0435/35; A0446/10; A0642/20; A0696/17; B1158/22; C0146/06; C0411/20

bittern (3): C0188/27; C0191/12; C0204/11

bitterness (10): A0152/21; A0158/V; A0190/18; A0404/03; A0461/06; A0645/02; A0685/17; B0854/28; B1129/20; C0197/38

bitther> (1): A0468/04

bituminous (1): C0571/18

bivalve (1): B0808/18

bivouac (1): B1329/03

bizarre (2): B1009/12; B1141/26

bizarre (7): A0273/24; A0296/V; A0528/24; A0654/07; A0663/01; A0671/21; A0673/25

bizarrerie (1): A0532/27

bizarreries (1): A0338/30

Blab (2): A0072/24; A0072/26

Black (3): A0366/17; A0477/T; B0849/T

black (147)

black-looking (4): A0367/23; C0573/33; C0574/13; C0577/21

black-robed (1): A0681/10

black-striped (1): C0543/01

black-tailed (1): C0559/41

black-walnut (1): C0549/24

Black/Bear (1): C0527/01

Black/Hills (3): B1160/21; C0087/03; C0572/21

Black/Hole (1): B0955/08

Black/Strap (3): A0251/06; A0251/25; A0252/22

blackamoor (1): C0569/11

blackberries (1): A0380/05

blacken (1): B1142/34

blackened (3): A0166/24; B1239/32; B1354/21

blacker (3): A0330/16; A0604/08; C0444/V

blackest (1): A0603/16

blackfish (1): C0174/06

blackguard (4): B0750/27; B0760/13; B0766/07; C0067/23

blackguards (7): B0735/21; B0754/02; B0757/03; B0760/04; B0765/11; B0765/11; B0767/28

blacking (2): A0489/10; A0489/17

blackish (1): C0576/19

blackness (17): A0145/11; A0273/17; A0400/29; A0604/29; A0605/02; A0616/11; A0674/07; A0682/15; A0684/14; A0685/07; B0950/12; B0961/23; B1156/11; B1234/10; C0182/29; C0397/23; C0418/35

blacksmith (1): A0482/34

Blackwood (21): A0061/T; A0174/06; A0179/21; A0336/T; A0338/13; A0338/13; A0338/18; A0338/21; A0338/24; A0338/33; A0340/04; A0340/20; A0340/23; A0343/15; A0346/07; A0346/18; A0346/20; A0346/21; A0347/13; A0347/23; A0354/06

Blackwood, Blackwood (1): A0205/23

Blackwood’s (1): A0339/01

bladders (1): A0247/12

blade (12): A0685/30; B0825/25; B0943/15; B1052/16; C0076/10; C0165/08; C0168/05; C0172/10; C0172/13; C0192/23; C0406/36; C0543/23

blades (1): A0603/22

blame (5): A0074/16; A0151/10; A0622/24; B0815/18; B1152/07

blandest (3): A0303/05; A0650/09; A0703/01

blandly (2): A0299/13; B1135/14

blank (8): A0265/01; A0683/27; B0838/17; B0993/19; B0993/24; B1336/31; C0078/23; C0192/32

blanket (2): C0129/30; C0552/08

blankets (6): B1078/26; C0069/22; C0082/19; C0082/25; C0101/29; C0534/25

blanks (2): B0875/01; B0875/02

blarney (1): B0870/31

Blas, Gil (1): C0430/42

blasphemer (1): A0046/08

blasphemies (1): A0150/V

blaspheming (1): A0044/16

blasphemous (1): A0675/24

blasphemy (1): A0053/27

blast (6): A0137/09; A0138/03; A0145/08; A0697/08; C0106/09; C0115/21

blaze (7): A0106/06; A0514/36; B0808/23; B0832/12; B1106/28; C0562/18; C0562/28

blazed (4): A0157/10; A0316/20; A0587/11; B1004/04

blazing (7): A0101/22; B0808/10; B0832/04; B0852/31; B1354/05; C0396/28; C0563/03

blazoned (1): A0150/V

bleak (2): A0397/13; C0552/41

bleak-looking (1): A0579/08

bleating (1): A0047/19

bled (2): B0928/09; B0958/24

bleed (1): C0407/25

bleeding (6): A0028/V; A0670/04; B0950/03; C0115/02; C0403/33; C0406/17

Bleitziz (2): A0366/10; A0366/10

blemish (3): A0502/10; A0709/05; B1274/10

blemishes (1): B1381/11

blend (2): B0769/05; B1212/20

blende (1): A0182/08

blended (5): A0209/04; A0602/30; B1122/15; B1133/16; C0542/08

bless (14): A0124/19; A0173/26; A0179/08; A0371/14; A0380/32; A0382/28; A0383/20; A0384/03; A0384/26; A0386/10; A0387/08; B0874/09; B1305/08; C0067/17

Bless-my-soul (3): A0174/12; A0174/17; A0176/16

Bless-my-Soul (2): A0179/27; A0182/17

blessed (12): A0078/38; A0317/20; A0464/12; A0642/13; A0667/52; B0812/07; B0898/14; B1039/23; B1212/09; B1375/20; C0117/26; C0146/05

blessing (1): B0856/03

blessings (1): A0071/23

blew (15): A0138/21; A0487/20; A0584/12; A0584/37; A0585/31; A0603/12; A0624/05; C0058/33; C0118/27; C0120/02; C0162/25; C0162/32; C0203/18; C0536/29; C0548/41

blieve (1): B0814/17

blind (22): A0078/27; A0107/17; A0125/26; A0157/05; A0160/21; A0487/06; A0501/15; A0589/15; A0610/28; B0747/35; B0896/03; B1107/28; B1109/31; B1128/29; B1128/33; B1129/01; B1132/04; B1226/08; B1294/12; B1296/23; B1313/19; B1313/24

blinded (5): A0667/58; B1296/16; B1312/19; C0126/04; C0145/25

blindfold (1): B1372/20

blindly (6): A0499/13; A0644/V; A0707/05; B0856/14; B1038/34; C0181/16

blindness (2): A0432/05; A0703/15

blink (1): A0355/15

blinking (2): A0355/09; A0469/V

bliss (12): A0209/08; A0608/15; A0640/28; A0703/10; A0703/30; B0898/20; B0901/23; B0901/24; B1039/25; B1268/09; B1268/29; B1385/32

bliss> (1): A0464/24

blissful (4): A0610/01; A0612/07; B0857/30; B1274/04

Blitzen (2): A0177/13; A0373/19

Blitzen (2): A0183/07; A0366/11

bloated (1): A0070/23

Block (3): C0061/29; C0061/39; C0063/06

block (4): A0160/24; B1303/33; C0074/10; C0074/32

Block, E. T. V. (1): C0061/24

blockading (1): C0186/24

blocked (5): C0075/09; C0094/29; C0164/01; C0170/32; C0549/18

blockhead (1): B0810/05

blocks (5): A0536/01; B0734/12; B0749/07; B0749/11; C0198/40

blood (74)

blood-bedewed (1): A0676/35

blood-chilling (3): A0243/12; B0765/04; B1058/05

blood-colored (1): A0674/07

blood-red (6): A0035/09; A0319/05; A0417/08; B1156/13; B1156/24; C0389/28

blood-spot (1): B0796/13

blood-stained (1): B1052/26

blood-thirstiness (1): A0511/22

blood-thirsty (2): A0034/V; C0086/41

blood-tinted (1): A0672/17

blood-vessels (1): C0404/05

bloodless (2): A0613/08; B0940/11

bloodshed (1): C0095/21

bloodthirsty (3): A0021/V; C0180/11; C0201/17

bloody (14): A0021/V; A0382/30; A0387/23; A0469/26; A0560/11; A0567/13; B1046/21; B1052/17; B1057/07; B1058/27; C0086/26; C0111/11; C0133/10; C0166/29

bloody-minded (1): A0058/26

bloom (5): A0163/02; A0503/01; A0503/V; B1333/37; C0543/28

bloomed (1): A0407/30

blooming (2): A0613/07; B1280/16

Bloomsbury (1): A0464/04

blossoming (1): B1334/22

blossoms (4): B1332/36; B1333/04; B1337/11; C0542/10

blossomy (1): B1329/35

blot (1): A0644/04

blotted (3): A0162/09; B1161/08; B1168/13

blotting (1): B1039/01

blow (25): A0553/22; A0622/32; B0855/14; B0856/22; B0856/24; B0930/08; B0930/28; B1048/02; B1226/V; C0085/18; C0086/01; C0086/04; C0089/11; C0112/33; C0113/25; C0113/29; C0115/1!; C0116/12; C0119/39; C0149/25; C0149/3E; C0165/09; C0199/12; C0199/26; C0547/11

blowing (14): A0180/08; A0487/0; A0579/16; B1080/18; C0058/21; C0062/41; C0071/29; C0102/24; C0113/36; C0117/1(; C0118/07; C0149/19; C0162/35; C0392/01

blown (7): A0138/01; A0562/04; B1101/23; B1154/29; B1156/31; C0201/26; C0566/15

blowpipe (1): B1161/3E

blows (5): A0413/31; A0544/05; B0730/16; B0844/19; B0858/31

Bluddennuff (3): A0183/0; A0183/05; A0183/22

Bludenuff (2): A0177/05; A0177/2°

Bludenuff, Baron (1): A0177/16

bludgeon (1): C0073/3!

Blue (1): A0409/0:

blue (49): A0088/11; A0106/23; A0121/V; A0227/10; A0231/21; A0249/28; A0267/11; A0269/08; A0316/2; A0348/22; A0368/04; A0447/04; A0587/11; A0610/01; A0644/V; A0671/30; A0671/3(; A0675/27; A0676/01; A0676/13; A0702/M; B0789/13; B0795/02; B0862/13; B0864/3; B0990/36; B1153/30; B1165/32; B1192/0!; B1267/M; B1361/06; C0108/39; C0151/2; C0164/04; C0174/06; C0175/28; C0177/1; C0177/39; C0184/05; C0189/07; C0387/1!; C0387/26; C0388/31; C0407/34; C0416/4(; C0542/10; C0543/28; C0577/01; C0578/2°

blue-eyed (2): A0321/02; A0330/01

blueish (1): A0280/0!

bluff (4): C0537/3!; C0541/03; C0541/03; C0574/13

bluffs (8): C0538/2!; C0559/15; C0567/11; C0571/16; C0572/1(; C0572/11; C0573/26; C0576/19

bluish (4): A0268/11; A0269/37; A0275/17; A0276/01

blunder (4): A0107/3; B1383/16; C0075/07; C0079/03

blunderbuss (1): C0392/0:

blunderbusses (1): C0147/1!

Blunderbuzzard (1): A0366/16

blundering (1): A0556/1!

blunders (3): B1050/1!; B1381/20; C0432/31

blunt (1): A0339/0!

Blunt’s/Lunar/Chart (1): C0429/01

blurred (3): A0089/0!; A0689/07; A0695/27

blush (12): A0035/21; A0056/20; A0066/09; A0155/03; A0379/2; A0410/23; A0487/18; B0851/06; B0851/2!; B0893/14; B0901/28; B0906/27

blushed (7): A0407/36; A0588/33; A0603/06; B0895/05; B1014/0(; B1107/15; B1195/04

blushes (1): B1384/2:

blushing (2): A0155/09; B1300/1:

bluster (1): A0345/2E

blustering (1): C0550/12

Boanerges (2): A0048/V; A0048/V

boar (3): A0026/06; B1142/15; B1248/16

board (95)

board-bill (1): B1119/M

boarded (1): B0732/38

boarding (3): B0878/10; C0125/29; C0187/41

boarding-nettings (2): C0171/10; C0180/17

boards (6): B0796/11; B0797/18; B0980/15; B0981/13; C0075/22; C0098/19

boast (1): B0862/14

boasted (8): A0160/22; A0315/21; A0350/17; A0477/02; A0533/13; A0547/30; B1312/21; B1317/03

boasting (1): A0588/29

boat (116)

boating (2): B1246/05; C0539/24

boatman (1): C0532/02

boatmen (3): C0530/38; C0536/07; C0537/39

boats (34): A0581/35; B0735/21; B0767/30; B0931/07; B1158/19; C0153/31; C0155/04; C0164/32; C0165/29; C0167/30; C0168/25; C0168/30; C0168/40; C0201/29; C0202/24; C0204/03; C0532/40; C0535/20; C0539/36; C0540/05; C0548/16; C0548/39; C0549/16; C0555/21; C0557/39; C0558/24; C0563/24; C0563/30; C0565/22; C0568/16; C0568/30; C0569/19; C0572/24; C0576/15

Bob (16): B1126/T; B1132/15; B1133/05; B1135/05; B1135/06; B1135/17; B1135/22; B1142/30; B1373/05; B1373/08; B1373/14; B1373/15; B1373/20; B1373/24; B1373/34; B1375/14

Bob, Thingun (9): B1137/10; B1138/03; B1139/12; B1143/27; B1144/03; B1145/13; B1145/13; B1145/13; B1145/14

Bob, Thomas (5): B1127/01; B1127/16; B1137/12; B1138/04; B1142/33

Bob’s (1): B1138/05

bobbing (3): A0246/25; A0253/09; C0553/24

Bobby (3): A0651/03; A0651/07; A0657/27

bobby (2): A0651/V; A0656/20

Bobby’s (1): A0656/V

bobolink (1): B1337/15

bobtail (1): A0485/05

boded (1): B0814/03

bodies (48): A0457/22; A0489/05; A0540/15; A0543/19; A0544/10; A0545/21; A0546/32; A0592/25; A0601/08; A0601/09; B0732/07; B0732/07; B0740/08; B0740/08; B0740/16; B0740/17; B0740/23; B0741/06; B0741/11; B0743/03; B0743/03; B0743/11; B0743/18; B0743/18; B0964/28; B1035/07; B1035/10; B1037/05; B1038/23; B1038/27; B1089/23; B1162/27; B1168/25; B1212/20; C0114/09; C0114/21; C0124/20; C0126/09; C0137/37; C0192/09; C0199/29; C0418/50; C0424/32; C0429/13; C0429/14; C0429/41; C0438/V; C0539/35

bodiless (1): B1037/03

bodily (35): A0020/07; A0085/05; A0101/V; A0136/29; A0145/32; A0212/06; A0233/24; A0298/V; A0329/21; A0380/09; A0398/21; A0426/15; A0438/20; A0582/28; A0616/05; B0859/10; B0928/10; B0932/23; B0948/05; B0961/19; B1030/34; B1031/02; B1089/04; C0082/24; C0099/19; C0129/37; C0142/37; C0182/28; C0399/06; C0404/29; C0529/15; C0532/04; C0532/32; C0546/17; C0573/22

boding (1): A0189/25

body (260)

body-snatchers (1): B0960/04

body’s (1): A0028/10

bog (3): A0465/22; B1160/37; B1372/03

bog-throthing> (1): A0464/09

bog-throtting> (1): A0469/26

Boggs (3): B0879/13; B0879/17; B0879/24

boggy (1): C0578/13

Bogs (1): B1055/22

bogs (1): A0467/26

bogthrotter> (1): A0468/21

boiled (3): C0083/34; C0178/41; C0179/02

boiling (5): A0580/14; B1166/02; B1166/11; C0534/40; C0535/34

boilings (1): A0085/09

Bois (2): A0560/26; A0561/24

Bois-Brules (1): C0551/19

boisterous (10): A0087/35; A0102/18; A0296/14; A0581/24; A0581/33; A0584/13; B0928/03; C0161/34; C0532/34; C0541/09

boisterously (2): B0735/29; B0767/19

bold (33): A0143/08; A0162/V; A0265/19; A0272/37; A0273/17; A0276/33; A0278/14; A0279/12; A0281/17; A0348/11; A0385/05; A0628/33; A0672/19; A0673/13; A0675/29; A0690/25; A0693/30; B0870/27; B0874/24; B0893/21; B0977/01; B0988/19; B0991/18; B1077/29; B1182/08; B1260/07; C0155/02; C0399/40; C0536/35; C0549/05; C0550/11; C0555/38; C0568/17

bolder (5): A0226/09; A0284/26; A0510/34; C0531/17; C0559/05

boldest (2): A0694/14; B0865/36

boldly (13): A0555/03; A0609/16; B0793/13; B0899/05; B0944/10; B1114/17; C0058/32; C0110/37; C0136/25; C0162/20; C0163/20; C0202/13; C0557/36

boldness (3): A0278/18; A0281/22; A0564/12

Bolingbroke (1): A0096/V

Bologna (2): C0069/23; C0071/21

bolsters (1): B1169/20

bolt (6): A0242/12; A0586/15; A0590/01; B0910/24; B0911/V; C0062/33

bolted (5): A0057/16; A0067/34; A0068/33; A0540/02; C0068/13

bolts (5): A0243/04; A0429/05; A0671/01; B0826/12; C0189/30

bomb (1): A0628/25

bombarded (1): A0294/V

bombast (1): B1131/05

Bombay (1): A0136/01

bombshell (1): B1370/08

bon (6): A0033/17; A0096/M; A0431/08; A0508/28; A0652/11; B1105/09

Bon-Bon (37): A0096/12; A0096/T; A0097/02; A0097/03; A0097/09; A0097/09; A0097/12; A0098/15; A0098/27; A0099/07; A0099/12; A0099/14; A0099/28; A0102/30; A0102/V; A0105/22; A0106/07; A0106/18; A0107/03; A0107/11; A0107/20; A0107/23; A0108/13; A0108/26; A0109/01; A0109/18; A0109/22; A0110/12; A0110/28; A0111/08; A0111/09; A0111/22; A0112/25; A0112/V; A0113/05; A0113/14; A0113/V

Bon-Bon (3): A0096/10; A0100/30; A0101/12

Bon-Bon, Pierre (12): A0096/01; A0096/04; A0097/26; A0097/27; A0100/20; A0101/17; A0101/19; A0104/25; A0106/26; A0107/06; A0108/02; A0112/04

Bon-Bon’s (1): A0103/V

Bon-Bonist (1): A0097/13

bona (1): A0062/16

bona (2): A0034/V; A0053/10

bond (3): A0093/21; A0654/12; B1057/34

Bond, Peter (1): C0526/08

bonds (3): A0691/21; B0878/06; C0537/28

bone (5): B1166/09; C0074/04; C0137/09; C0570/26; C0577/40

Bones (1): A0071/27

bones (23): A0252/25; A0298/V; A0356/30; A0443/04; A0543/32; A0616/29; B0741/06; B0742/01; B0743/32; B0795/03; B0825/23; B1166/02; B1223/05; B1260/05; B1260/10; B1261/08; B1261/11; B1262/04; B1262/17; B1263/25; C0090/20; C0389/03; C0551/40

Bonfanti’s (1): A0389/08

bonfire (1): A0123/31

bonheur (1): B1105/09

Bonhomme (1): C0538/08

Bonhomme/Island (1): C0548/06

bonhommie (1): B1361/09

bonne (2): B0875/03; C0566/24

Bonner, Jim (2): C0102/10; C0102/11

bonnet (6): A0245/26; B0730/32; B0730/33; B0730/34; B0747/05; B0747/05

bonnet-ribbcn (1): B0768/32

Bonnet/Lake (1): C0526/38

Bonneville (2): C0528/24; C0546/12

Bono (6): B1051/09; B1051/14; B1051/20; B1051/21; B1051/23; B1051/28

bonum (1): A0622/20

bonus (1): A0486/15

Book (1): A0461/03

book (65)

book-case (1): B1250/09

book-closet (1): B0974/04

book-cover (1): B0981/05

book-stall (1): B1128/19

booked (2): A0487/24; B0747/16

books (44): A0078/25; A0087/29; A0102/26; A0210/11; A0212/34; A0278/23; A0280/08; A0314/22; A0401/15; A0408/26; A0408/26; A0430/13; A0486/3; A0503/07; A0531/26; A0621/06; B0807/21; B0900/13; B0962/32; B0969/04; B0980/3; B0990/32; B1004/03; B1006/15; B1113/01; B1115/13; B1123/01; B1132/01; B1141/11; B1164/07; B1246/06; B1247/03; B1321/01; B1325/06; B1329/33; B1340/14; C0068/1(; C0068/18; C0069/21; C0070/32; C0071/2; C0415/03; C0417/11; C0543/38

bookseller (3): B0958/16; B1128/21; C0399/32

bookseller’s (4): A0269/11; C0392/08; C0392/39; C0395/05

booksellers (1): B1206/0:

bookshelves (1): A0300/2!

bookworm (1): A0343/01

boomed (1): C0060/2:

booming (1): C0420/21

booms (1): A0143/2:

boon (4): A0398/16; B0760/19; B0907/13; B0916/16

boosed (1): B0826/21

Booshoh (1): A0047/16

Booshoh/he (2): A0047/13; A0047/16

boot (3): B0825/3; B1115/22; C0552/21

boot-black (1): A0489/11

boot-blacks (1): A0263/06

boots (7): A0489/16; A0508/24; A0691/01; B1090/29; B1093/2(; B1185/35; C0425/02

booty (3): B0827/1; C0093/15; C0189/33

boquets (1): B1340/V

Bordeaux (1): A0101/V

border (4): A0191/16; A0501/V; C0425/16; C0563/25

bordered (2): A0354/12; A0531/01

bordering (6): A0099/31; A0444/2; C0064/17; C0074/24; C0078/25; C0564/4

borders (5): A0055/3; A0065/14; A0146/03; A0195/03; C0536/3

bore (59)

bored (4): B0985/3; B0985/35; C0415/30; C0533/20

boredom (1): B1131/21

boring (3): B0985/21; B1093/07; B1298/07

born (25): A0078/2; A0172/03; A0178/03; A0209/07; A0209/2.; A0210/06; A0339/28; A0383/02; A0432/21; A0539/11; A0608/01; A0608/02; A0611/2; A0703/04; B0750/30; B1046/04; B1108/01; B1122/27; B1131/07; B1183/08; B1268/01; B1299/31; B1360/35; C0057/02; C0413/23

borne (28): A0154/21; A0177/10; A0183/04; A0189/34; A0294/V; A0404/20; A0406/V; A0582/04; A0588/19; A0591/23; A0594/14; B0734/06; B0766/21; B0865/24; B0947/13; B1079/02; B1195/06; B1256/01; B1280/33; B1332/14; C0064/2; C0161/24; C0188/02; C0400/05; C0431/06; C0436/V; C0567/28; C0579/05

Borneo (2): A0564/20; B1351/14

bornese (1): A0560/2f

borough (18): A0365/02; A0365/1; A0366/24; A0369/12; A0369/21; A0370/0; A0370/11; A0371/27; A0374/19; B1044/11; B1044/22; B1045/14; B1048/34; B1052/0; B1054/07; B1054/20; B1055/02; B1056/15

borrow (1): C0393/11

borrowed (1): B0875/2

borrows (1): B0871/1:

bosky (1): B1283/0

bosom (60)

bosoms (5): A0295/27; A0459/29; A0533/15; A0608/17; B1008/0:

bossarion (2): A0086/12; A0342/V

Bossuet (1): B0958/0!

Bossuet, Julien (1): B0957/11

Boston (7): A0035/16; A0267/15; A0271/09; A0272/20; A0278/02; C0146/31; C0146/33

Bostonians (1): B1193/26

botanical (2): A0343/34; C0523/0:

botanically (1): B1293/0

botanist (1): C0522/3/

botany (1): B1163/4:

Botany/Bay (1): A0490/1

bote (1): B0912/15

both (183)

botheration (3): A0467/1!; A0468/17; A0470/01

bothered (1): B0869/17

bothnia (1): A0583/05

bottle (2): A0135/T; A0146/16

bottle (42): A0055/11; A0064/2; A0092/11; A0092/37; A0094/21; A0098/2!; A0100/29; A0108/24; A0109/19; A0110/1(; A0112/V; A0114/16; A0142/06; A0206/0; A0487/24; A0547/V; B1011/26; B1015/V; B1020/29; B1077/08; B1109/12; B1109/2; B1222/31; B1259/22; B1260/16; B1305/15; B1310/05; B1340/14; C0082/11; C0082/3; C0083/28; C0093/40; C0094/33; C0095/2(; C0127/18; C0127/24; C0128/11; C0130/01; C0137/06; C0138/33; C0153/36; C0427/16

bottle-nosed (1): B1208/11

bottles (23): A0101/1!; A0105/16; A0110/29; A0245/11; A0245/11; A0248/V; A0253/30; B1017/30; B1020/1(; B1055/29; B1056/28; B1081/03; B1101/0; B1102/28; B1103/20; B1104/22; B1104/2; B1106/22; B1110/21; B1178/05; C0069/21; C0142/41; C0571/06

bottom (99)

bottoms (2): B0979/32; C0168/26

bouche (3): B0875/0; C0178/08; C0566/24

boudoir (5): A0062/3; A0064/30; A0155/05; A0500/24; B0977/0:

boudoir (2): A0053/29; A0055/1!

bought (8): A0172/01; B0865/21; B1141/05; B1143/17; B1143/21; B1257/13; C0439/V; C0529/12

Bougive (1): B0985/V

bould> (1): A0467/21

bouleversement (2): B1144/1!; C0422/02

Boullard (2): B1013/15; B1013/23

Boulogne (2): A0560/26; A0561/24

bounced (1): A0371/29

Bound (1): A0710/31

bound (31): A0123/01; A0136/10; A0204/15; A0217/V; A0225/01; A0301/07; A0330/12; A0503/07; A0564/0E; A0586/31; A0624/11; A0689/14; B0734/15; B0866/02; B0967/11; B0968/30; B1091/0:; B1158/20; B1291/19; C0061/05; C0065/26; C0072/27; C0086/20; C0103/26; C0114/11; C0147/06; C0147/26; C0148/19; C0186/11; C0562/17; C0562/22

boundaries (5): A0079/35; B0955/25; B1329/25; B1333/18; B1334/31

boundary (10): A0021/02; A0195/141; A0195/14; A0477/03; A0479/33; B1302/3; B1334/37; C0418/08; C0429/15; C0429/1E

boundary-line (1): C0412/35

bounded (11): A0028/15; A0029/17; A0219/02; A0461/10; B0865/21; B1226/02; B1338/19; C0113/06; C0160/E; C0173/17; C0566/36

bounden (3): A0320/2!; A0403/09; B1189/22

bounding (1): C0562/35

boundless (2): B1128/05; C0407/3:

bounds (10): A0437/30; A0675/0; B0752/03; B0901/03; B1010/03; B1214/1; B1295/30; C0062/02; C0169/24; C0565/0:

bouquets (1): B1340/21

Bourdeaux (1): A0554/1:

Bourdon (3): A0034/16; A0034/24; A0079/03

bout (10): B0811/27; B0811/3; B0811/V; B0812/22; B0813/02; B0813/0; B0813/V; B0821/14; B0912/13; B1373/0:

Bovis (1): A0353/01

bow (27): A0142/2; A0160/V; A0461/17; A0465/18; A0466/01; A0507/06; A0586/03; A0586/10; B0895/01; B0915/03; B0924/15; B1105/07; B1119/2; B1339/17; C0106/26; C0123/33; C0131/0(; C0164/30; C0165/21; C0200/37; C0201/0!; C0202/36; C0203/08; C0533/28; C0533/3(; C0536/05; C0569/15

bow-knot (1): C0389/31

bow-legs (2): A0241/10; A0348/3!

bow-wow-wow (2): A0353/32; B1372/0!

bowed (23): A0037/2; A0087/26; A0089/21; A0094/19; A0114/11; A0144/23; A0159/20; A0263/33; A0297/V; A0302/01; A0389/11; A0458/24; A0508/1; A0541/24; A0562/21; A0644/16; B0866/14; B1010/18; B1107/15; B1195/08; B1258/21; C0087/10; C0533/10

bowels (8): A0146/1; B1158/02; B1160/09; B1187/29; B1187/3; B1322/22; C0190/01; C0191/21

Bowen, Walter G. (1): B1378/T

bower (3): A0165/26; B0762/04; C0151/04

Bowie (3): C0180/21; C0184/02; C0188/34

bowing (3): A0034/36; A0381/03; B1145/24

bowl (4): A0253/10; A0667/22; B0955/34; B1372/08

Bowling-Green (2): B1192/07; B1193/01

bows (16): A0140/14; A0371/09; B0872/05; B0875/16; B1107/26; C0060/10; C0060/20; C0098/05; C0103/05; C0103/14; C0106/25; C0147/09; C0163/36; C0200/18; C0534/08; C0554/08

bowsprit (4): C0115/07; C0123/34; C0124/31; C0124/40

bowstring (2): B1154/29; B1170/02

bowstringing (1): B1154/03

bowstrung (1): B1153/21

Box (1): B0922/T

box (90)

boxed (1): C0534/07

boxes (8): A0430/08; A0542/14; A0591/27; B0889/12; B1157/10; B1363/03; C0074/35; C0095/39

Boy (1): A0018/15

boy (16): A0078/23; A0482/11; A0483/24; A0650/14; A0651/07; A0657/29; B0872/29; B0873/03; B0984/11; B0984/31; B1097/06; B1127/28; B1331/04; B1373/01; B1373/06; C0543/12

boyhood (5): A0210/11; A0398/16; A0401/29; A0431/28; B1122/35

boyish (3): A0402/18; B0761/23; B1122/06

boys (20): A0368/15; A0368/16; A0368/32; A0372/25; A0373/14; A0398/29; A0483/29; A0490/09; A0584/29; B0734/30; B0758/34; B0759/09; B0759/09; B0761/06; B0761/07; B0761/17; B0761/20; B0761/23; B0770/13; B1096/24

Boz (1): B1138/02

brace (2): A0631/10; A0631/13

bracelet (1): B0890/10

bracelets (1): B1008/01

brackets (1): B1133/03

braggadocio (3): A0627/21; B1136/12; B1136/33

bragging (1): B1194/08

brain (49): A0035/08; A0058/34; A0063/22; A0078/02; A0195/V; A0215/18; A0217/V; A0236/02; A0317/10; A0327/V; A0328/V; A0329/25; A0417/14; A0430/22; A0437/25; A0466/33; A0600/32; A0613/27; A0615/04; A0643/02; A0644/08; A0663/V; A0683/05; A0693/24; B0739/08; B0789/08; B0814/01; B0856/26; B0895/12; B0927/33; B0963/25; B1009/29; B1037/36; B1038/05; B1038/05; B1038/13; B1128/17; B1181/07; B1221/V; B1322/09; B1340/12; B1348/11; C0073/01; C0078/07; C0083/12; C0198/12; C0413/01; C0440/V; C0579/32

brain-scattering (1): B1115/08

brains (25): A0253/21; A0459/35; A0488/12; A0488/16; A0494/09; A0499/01; A0556/16; A0624/23; B0870/32; B0988/04; B1006/02; B1090/24; B1109/14; B1127/30; B1165/27; B1166/26; B1187/29; B1187/32; B1207/34; B1300/21; B1363/24; C0113/17; C0199/25; C0392/01; C0577/39

brambles (9): B0734/31; B0817/31; B0822/11; B0827/02; B1049/01; B1057/34; B1059/04; C0194/10; C0194/2!

bran (1): A0485/0:

branch (23): A0074/21; A0097/18; A0399/07; A0528/13; B0724/01; B0724/10; B0773/05; B0773/12; B0819/01; B0839/33; B0840/23; B0842/15; B1250/01; B1279/33; C0191/29; C0528/02; C0528/11; C0544/28; C0544/34; C0545/01; C0547/21; C0551/15; C0575/29

branches (17): A0429/21; A0602/15; B0758/11; B0818/02; B0818/31; B0821/34; B1160/38; B1332/05; C0173/11; C0174/38; C0207/41; C0426/19; C0525/31; C0545/05; C0546/04; C0546/40; C0551/1

brand (1): A0215/2

branded (1): A0024/0

branding (1): B1312/0

brandish (1): B1167/21

brandished (1): B0913/11

brandishing (1): C0557/21

Brandreth’s (2): A0341/02; B1195/0:

brands (2): C0563/03; C0563/1!

brandy (6): B0767/16; B0876/0; B0876/02; B0876/05; B0876/07; B0876/01

brandy-saturated (1): B1108/0!

Bransby (2): A0430/05; A0436/3:

Bransby’s (4): A0432/21; A0438/03; A0440/02; A0446/01

brant (1): C0560/0:

Brantome’s (2): A0301/04; A0301/V

bras (1): A0096/M

brass (19): A0140/01; A0189/21; A0190/29; A0414/18; A0415/21; A0494/08; A0690/21; B0990/36; B1071/11; B1071/18; B1166/17; B1363/13; B1363/11; B1363/24; B1363/27; C0147/19; C0177/1; C0410/30; C0533/33

brat (1): C0110/01

brats (1): B1128/21

bravado (3): A0431/3; B0858/30; C0550/18

brave (6): A0244/10; B0756/0!; B0789/M; C0058/24; C0096/04; C0532/0:

bravo (3): A0126/2/; A0126/28; A0128/04

brawling (1): C0173/26

brawny (1): C0168/11

braying (1): B1020/3

brazen (5): A0087/2!; A0190/33; A0415/18; A0672/25; B1017/26

brazier (1): A0672/1

Brazil (1): C0148/11

breach (3): C0115/12; C0149/38; C0544/35

breaches (1): A0137/32

bread (10): A0341/V; A0341/V; A0341/V; A0341/V; A0342/15; A0342/17; A0342/19; A0342/20; B0992/18; B1021/28

breadth (28): A0035/05; A0081/38; A0156/14; A0312/25; A0312/V; A0352/30; A0401/33; A0443/28; A0501/04; A0554/22; A0554/23; A0558/02; A0631/11; B0806/08; B0925/01; B1164/13; B1164/38; B1167/02; B1302/35; B1303/01; B1331/14; B1345/12; C0183/32; C0193/12; C0202/23; C0421/09; C0525/15; C0531/21

break (12): A0654/V; A0682/24; B0820/18; B0820/22; B0840/15; B0870/19; B0908/22; B0929/02; B1169/25; B1281/14; B1383/17; C0202/36

breakbones (1): C0151/32

breakers (2): A0137/18; B1076/29

breakfast (10): B0896/27; B0909/21; B0909/24; B0942/10; B1045/30; C0064/26; C0140/06; C0561/02; C0563/31; C0577/13

breakfasted (1): C0538/14

breaking (22): A0057/05; A0066/31; A0070/20; A0081/41; A0162/V; A0415/19; A0416/11; A0428/07; A0542/21; A0567/15; A0568/04; B0818/21; B0899/01; B1010/V; B1015/06; C0107/13; C0121/39; C0191/36; C0397/15; C0526/01; C0534/38; C0546/40

breaks (2): B1091/16; B1154/11

breast (24): A0262/19; A0351/07; A0415/11; A0437/18; A0460/16; A0512/34; A0514/09; A0564/17; A0642/20; A0693/18; B0765/11; B0854/13; B0855/14; B1156/04; B1238/33; B1248/29; B1248/32; B1262/20; C0112/36; C0151/16; C0168/36; C0389/16; C0408/31; C0579/07

breast-pocket (1): A0104/07

breasts (1): C0567/27

breath (1): A0061/T

breath (83)

breathe (12): A0052/M; A0061/M; A0217/V; A0235/19; A0507/14; B0741/30; B0981/24; B1220/31; C0064/02; C0081/17; C0142/06; C0414/25

breathed (24): A0228/34; A0228/34; A0233/16; A0233/16; A0236/08; A0319/28; A0401/17; A0460/03; A0612/34; A0640/27; A0642/29; A0685/08; A0696/01; B0795/13; B0858/02; B0969/03; B1030/29; B1127/17; B1163/04; C0060/25; C0073/03; C0205/20; C0407/27; C0411/24

breathes (3): A0315/25; A0318/12; A0710/26

breathing (27): A0154/10; A0214/06; A0218/27; A0326/14; A0330/06; A0437/12; A0614/26; A0708/07; B0943/17; B1032/14; B1080/03; B1237/10; B1237/15; B1238/10; B1273/07; C0094/16; C0094/20; C0096/20; C0096/36; C0128/21; C0404/06; C0404/11; C0404/29; C0405/10; C0407/04; C0413/12; C0413/18

breathings (2): A0081/04; A0324/27

breathless (8): A0053/33; A0053/33; A0063/04; A0063/05; A0214/28; A0609/07; A0612/25; B0906/08

breathlessly (1): A0694/09

bred (2): A0280/05; B1104/02

breeched (2): A0172/07; A0178/08

breeches (7): A0087/04; A0100/14; A0104/34; A0253/06; B1110/02; C0389/25; C0397/28

breeches’ (1): B1184/02

breed (3): A0345/13; C0079/12; C0137/22

breeding (6): A0354/20; A0378/19; B0893/25; B0895/31; B1007/29; C0151/39

breeze (31): A0585/03; A0585/16; A0585/24; B0814/21; B0923/36; B0928/24; B0944/29; B1076/04; B1079/14; B1079/23; B1330/23; C0058/10; C0071/41; C0102/13; C0103/07; C0118/27; C0120/02; C0120/22; C0123/14; C0131/41; C0133/39; C0139/02; C0139/31; C0140/01; C0145/35; C0160/33; C0165/22; C0166/10; C0204/20; C0536/29; C0540/14

breezes (5): C0099/11; C0136/05; C0148/32; C0159/03; C0559/04

Bremen (3): B1361/17; B1361/30; B1363/27

brethren (3): A0088/12; A0478/28; B1273/19

breve (1): A0033/03

Brevet (9): A0378/02; A0380/02; A0381/10; A0382/13; A0382/23; A0382/31; A0385/01; A0388/23; A0389/16

brevity (1): B0738/21

brewing (1): B1018/22

Brewster (1): C0430/01

briar-bushes (1): C0578/09

bribing (1): C0562/25

brick (6): A0078/21; A0428/21; B0871/08; B0980/29; B1166/10; C0391/08

brick-work (2): B0857/18; B0858/31

bricks (8): A0367/09; B0857/10; B0857/14; B0980/30; B1336/18; B1336/19; C0573/39; C0574/04

bridal (3): A0321/05; A0322/02; A0323/01

bride (9): A0321/06; A0326/06; A0665/02; A0665/09; A0665/16; A0704/12; B0924/08; B0926/26; B1269/12

bridge (16): A0321/01; A0591/09; A0626/25; A0627/12; A0627/30; A0629/02; A0629/26; A0630/12; A0630/19; A0631/08; B0874/26; B0874/26; B0923/28; B1334/04; B1338/06; B1338/16

Bridge/of/Sighs (3): A0151/17; A0152/05; A0156/09

brief (79)

briefer (1): B1035/23

briefly (4): A0473/05; B0736/16; C0092/26; C0415/36

brig (82)

brig’s (4): C0085/33; C0088/16; C0103/03; C0117/06

Brigadier (10): A0378/02; A0380/02; A0381/11; A0382/13; A0382/23; A0382/32; A0385/02; A0386/06; A0388/24; A0389/17

bright (33): A0046/03; A0087/01; A0100/11; A0162/19; A0262/04; A0328/02; A0437/15; A0489/14; A0494/02; A0508/24; A0587/11; A0602/03; A0603/09; A0642/18; A0644/21; B0865/11; B0895/18; B0895/19; B0940/20; B1016/20; B1040/10; B1123/27; B1144/33; C0065/18; C0080/09; C0136/08; C0149/22; C0149/33; C0151/16; C0389/27; C0543/28; C0562/11; C0573/26

brighten (1): B1347/34

brightened (2): A0053/19; A0536/02

brighter (3): A0379/04; A0639/19; A0642/18

brightest (6): A0153/05; A0213/32; B0865/07; B0887/04; B1078/23; B1097/05

brightly (2): A0585/03; C0062/12

brilliancy (15): A0139/34; A0150/01; A0205/03; A0312/22; A0313/14; A0345/27; A0461/22; A0695/29; B0827/35; B1004/22; B1138/17; B1281/26; C0080/07; C0208/06; C0418/43

brilliant (37): A0087/17; A0100/13; A0103/27; A0156/13; A0164/23; A0298/V; A0313/10; A0325/23; A0459/21; A0502/08; A0513/35; A0640/12; A0640/29; B0808/32; B0809/09; B0897/26; B1050/01; B1127/10; B1132/08; B1144/29; B1168/04; B1215/27; B1215/32; B1340/19; B1369/33; C0150/24; C0151/13; C0164/04; C0167/16; C0167/20; C0389/21; C0416/22; C0425/16; C0432/14; C0543/14; C0543/27; C0559/36

brilliantly (8): A0157/13; A0379/10; A0512/32; B1180/30; B1331/02; B1333/25; C0123/37; C0416/20

brilliantly-plumed (1): B1334/27

brim (6): B0827/19; B1185/35; B1362/22; B1363/12; C0388/32; C0415/35

brimful (1): A0244/10

brimfull (1): B1182/24

brimming (1): B1349/03

bring (88)

Bringhurst, Everard (3): B1069/16; B1072/23; B1072/30

bringing (35): A0102/15; A0295/20; A0436/17; A0457/24; A0484/21; A0528/07; A0629/13; A0709/25; A0710/14; A0711/18; B0730/12; B0832/15; B0930/18; B1274/28; B1275/17; B1276/19; B1383/26; C0075/08; C0079/14; C0084/23; C0088/14; C0090/35; C0092/40; C0101/07; C0105/33; C0106/10; C0118/21; C0129/29; C0135/27; C0137/01; C0171/25; C0186/06; C0399/20; C0407/12; C0529/26

brings (6): A0612/15; B0751/V; B0765/28; B1364/14; C0402/27; C0430/46

brink (17): A0143/30; A0398/09; A0555/27; A0578/14; A0589/28; A0687/04; A0696/10; A0697/06; B0739/31; B0764/32; B0766/34; B1222/26; B1223/12; B1281/V; C0121/02; C0191/33; C0196/18

brinks (1): A0639/V

Briscoe (2): C0161/26; C0162/08

brisk (5): A0382/26; B1186/17; C0141/34; C0146/05; C0548/36

briskly (3): B0944/11; C0181/35; C0200/01

Brisky> (1): A0464/15

bristles (1): A0582/07

bristly (2): A0043/M; B0807/08

Bristol/Channel (2): B1076/05; B1076/28

Britain (1): C0407/36

Britannia-ware (1): B1009/31

Britannica (1): A0583/02

British (21): A0261/25; A0261/28; A0261/28; A0499/32; A0500/24; B0861/08; B0946/29; B0949/19; B1206/11; B1257/10; B1317/12; C0053/T; C0147/04; C0156/05; C0156/08; C0156/12; C0157/12; C0160/16; C0399/21; C0525/24; C0571/07

British/Channel (2): B1072/22; B1075/12

broach (5): A0381/19; A0653/28; C0060/11; C0066/05; C0133/23

broached (1): C0523/17

broaching (1): B1056/03

Broad (1): B1093/18

broad (38): A0035/V; A0044/29; A0121/03; A0121/07; A0152/14; A0157/02; A0278/35; A0298/V; A0501/17; A0502/11; A0508/34; A0544/02; A0554/17; A0580/28; A0675/15; A0690/20; B0826/04; B0878/27; B0880/09; B0940/10; B1079/03; B1208/17; B1226/10; B1226/V; B1281/25; B1334/04; B1336/01; B1337/26; C0087/09; C0099/36; C0151/15; C0168/12; C0388/33; C0389/17; C0389/22; C0405/25; C0416/35; C0533/18

broad-leaved (1): C0577/19

broadcloth (1): A0485/02

broader (2): A0501/V; B0864/02

broadest (4): A0352/30; B1316/17; C0525/16; C0526/11

broadside (4): C0106/40; C0187/10; C0187/21; C0187/24

Broadway (3): A0512/29; B0933/15; B1384/08

Brobdingnag (1): B0870/10

brocade (2): B1010/09; B1185/34

brochures (1): C0433/04

Broglio, Duke Di (1): A0446/21

broils (2): A0431/04; A0431/24

broke (37): A0056/23; A0066/12; A0080/24; A0139/30; A0151/26; A0216/21; A0382/34; A0440/12; A0447/10; A0533/34; A0613/36; A0695/25; B0728/23; B0793/13; B0931/07; B1020/15; B1106/28; B1153/18; B1154/01; B1242/22; B1260/14; C0058/05; C0100/41; C0102/37; C0108/23; C0114/19; C0114/35; C0115/39; C0117/15; C0118/05; C0120/32; C0124/30; C0138/33; C0184/27; C0194/16; C0540/12; C0557/22

broken (57)

brooded (1): A0405/15

brook (9): B0863/31; B0864/26; B0865/23; B0866/05; B1335/11; B1337/07; B1338/07; B1339/25; C0171/26

Brooks (2): A0276/33; A0285/19

Brooks, James (1): A0276/29

broom (1): A0488/20

broomstick (1): C0431/06

broth (2): A0466/04; A0470/21

brother (17): A0404/12; A0404/22; A0409/20; A0410/15; A0416/32; A0584/28; A0585/35; A0586/07; A0586/22; A0587/15; A0589/25; A0593/34; B0875/18; B1045/23; B1046/25; C0426/40; C0531/27

brother-in-law (1): B1379/19

Brother/Jonathan (1): B0731/38

brother’s (1): A0593/16

brotherhood (1): B1260/21

brothers (12): A0432/22; A0432/26; A0583/20; A0585/06; B0986/21; C0180/33; C0444/V; C0531/16; C0531/24; C0531/33; C0537/26; C0564/01

Brougham (2): A0337/28; B1013/04

Brougham’s (2): A0337/22; B1141/06

brought (154)

brow (11): A0196/26; A0511/10; A0536/V; A0614/27; A0643/28; A0675/16; A0675/22; B0823/25; B1040/13; B1330/24; B1338/08

brow-beatinc (1): B1140/30

brown (8): A0087/20; A0265/25; A0508/33; B1160/33; B1279/34; C0176/37; C0577/32; C0578/02

Brown/Stout (2): B1178/05; B1182/03

Browne, Thomas (4): A0173/03; A0176/12; A0527/M; B1114/19

Brownson (2): B1031/12; B1369/06

brows (6): A0128/27; A0313/11; A0508/03; A0512/35; A0628/17; A0672/33

Bruges (1): C0427/21

bruin (1): C0579/33

bruise (2): A0543/28; C0121/22

bruised (5): A0510/16; A0543/21; A0543/34; B1057/07; C0580/04

bruises (6): A0057/20; A0538/15; A0557/25; A0558/29; B0730/06; B0730/15

bruited (1): A0426/05

Brunswick (1): B1358/22

brush (4): A0142/14; A0665/31; A0665/33; B1335/29

brushed (2): A0510/20; B1292/24

brushes (5): A0489/10; A0489/18; A0543/12; A0665/05; B1163/38

brushing (2): A0535/23; B0762/06

brushwood (1): C0189/05

brusquerie (1): B0813/15

Brussels (2): A0498/07; B1008/08

brutal (3): A0557/25; A0558/08; B0730/21

brutality (1): C0089/02

brutally (1): B0753/28

brute (15): A0028/V; A0447/21; A0477/01; A0561/25; A0566/02; A0566/V; A0568/02; B0850/19; B0852/19; B0855/37; B0856/01; B1170/04; B1351/03; C0165/09; C0188/01

brute’s (2): A0026/V; B0823/18

Brutii (1): A0286/06

Brutus (2): A0074/08; A0379/03

Bryant (1): B0987/32

Bubastis (2): A0175/28; A0181/23

bubbled (1): C0543/33

bubbles (1): C0577/23

Buchan (1): B0969/05

buck (3): C0538/14; C0539/12; C0566/32

buck-wheat (2): A0341/V; A0342/17

bucket (2): A0430/17; C0169/19

Buckholm (1): A0579/26

Buckhurst’s (1): A0240/M

Buckingham (12): B1183/01; B1184/04; B1184/09; B1184/11; B1184/15; B1184/26; B1185/06; B1186/12; B1186/22; B1186/28; B1188/01; B1371/19

Buckingham, Silk (2): B1182/07; B1190/33

buckle (6): C0388/34; C0398/04; C0398/05; C0398/07; C0398/12; C0398/15

buckles (3): A0103/27; A0368/20; C0389/26

buckskin (3): A0368/19; A0489/31; B1009/32

Buds (1): C0576/08

Buffalo (1): C0527/01

buffalo (13): C0536/23; C0540/11; C0548/03; C0552/09; C0552/19; C0552/31; C0552/33; C0553/04; C0558/33; C0562/17; C0568/02; C0572/07; C0575/43

buffaloes (7): A0580/05; B1248/14; C0550/22; C0559/41; C0567/07; C0567/09; C0575/12

buffon (2): A0494/06; B1145/17

Buffoon (1): B1133/34

buffooneries (1): A0295/14

buffoonery (1): A0337/35

Buffoons (1): A0671/07

Bug (1): B1380/06

Bug (31): B0808/28; B0808/32; B0809/02; B0809/02; B0809/04; B0810/11; B0812/19; B0812/21; B0812/25; B0812/28; B0814/18; B0814/20; B0815/01; B0815/03; B0815/09; B0815/10; B0815/25; B0816/21; B0816/32; B0818/15; B0818/15; B0818/16; B0818/24; B0818/24; B0820/17; B0820/17; B0821/27; B0822/30; B0833/26; B0843/12; B0844/02

Bug-bear (2): A0080/28; B0901/23

Bugaboo (6): A0378/T; A0380/31; A0381/09; A0381/17; A0382/15; A0388/15

bugaboo (1): B0969/06

Bugaboos (3): A0383/31; A0385/09; A0387/24

bugbears (2): A0165/26; C0550/23

build (8): A0142/18; A0548/14; A0710/30; B1275/32; B1303/10; C0123/09; C0125/40; C0570/16

Building (51)

Building-sites (1): B0863/37

buildings (13): A0121/05; A0243/13; A0244/V; A0367/05; B0807/06; B1192/16; B1278/13; B1336/07; B1337/31; B1338/01; B1338/07; C0177/33; C0179/20

builds (1): C0153/02

built (18): A0120/21; A0136/01; A0142/27; A0560/08; A0587/27; B0807/16; B1072/29; B1159/31; B1192/30; B1219/20; B1335/28; B1337/27; C0063/09; C0173/12; C0525/41; C0533/10; C0560/21; C0573/29

Bulk (24): A0099/27; A0143/07; A0143/29; A0601/05; A0601/13; B0741/05; B0741/21; B0742/06; B0742/11; B0743/22; B0979/23; B0980/04; C0097/17; C0097/18; C0097/32; C0165/03; C0191/13; C0387/24; C0396/11; C0423/01; C0423/05; C0535/36; C0535/37; C0535/40

bulkhead (5): C0090/23; C0094/05; C0096/15; C0099/32; C0100/11

bulkheads (3): C0068/12; C0068/16; C0089/31

bulky (3): A0593/04; B1155/24; B1383/03

bull (4): A0056/20; A0066/10; A0123/21; A0347/04

bull-dog (1): A0295/10

bull-roarings (1): A0244/18

bulldog (1): C0165/17

bullet (13): B0842/19; B0842/22; B0843/24; B0844/02; B1054/05; B1054/08; B1054/13; B1058/01; B1058/22; B1058/28; C0122/37; C0412/09; C0577/38

Bullet-head (11): B1369/01; B1369/02; B1369/24; B1370/21; B1370/30; B1370/34; B1371/21; B1371/25; B1374/33; B1375/05; B1375/18

Bullet-head, Touch-and-go (4): B1368/02; B1369/08; B1370/26; B1370/29

Bullet-head’s (2): B1369/36; B1374/25

bullet-headed (1): B1296/01

bullet-proof (1): C0533/19

bullets (2): C0533/32; C0550/17

bullock (1): B1300/20

bullocks (1): C0156/23

bulls (5): A0175/05; A0181/26; A0347/30; B0945/21; B1017/26

bully (1): A0509/15

bulwark (2): C0089/26; C0124/36

bulwarks (9): B0930/21; C0102/32; C0103/16; C0108/19; C0109/16; C0113/41; C0115/14; C0123/12; C0205/30

Bulwer (1): B1051/19

bump (3): A0173/20; A0178/29; A0482/16

bumper (9): A0092/31; A0107/23; A0108/08; A0112/06; A0165/15; A0650/04; A0651/20; B1347/30; B1349/27

bumpers (1): A0092/12

bumpkin (2): A0500/13; B1358/32

bunch (2): A0368/11; B0943/35

bunches (1): A0371/09

bundle (16): A0055/08; A0064/13; A0093/13; A0262/19; A0263/14; A0386/32; A0387/01; A0387/08; A0387/20; A0387/V; A0387/V; A0556/12; B0734/20; B0872/21; B0872/23; B0872/31

bundles (2): B1155/23; B1158/15

bung-hole (1): C0416/10

Bunker-Hill (1): B1138/35

Buonaparte (3): B0887/V; B0914/V; B0914/V

Buonaparte, Napoleon (1): B0887/16

buoy (1): B1076/33

buoyancy (1): A0080/05

buoyant (1): A0592/09

buoyantly (1): B0948/11

buoyed (4): A0078/31; C0063/26; C0134/23; C0398/39

buoys (2): B1076/31; B1077/33

buppy (1): B1104/02

burden (12): A0073/27; A0410/12; A0562/29; A0567/20; A0642/V; B0765/30; B0771/01; B0857/34; B1225/V; B1249/29; C0146/33; C0147/09

burdens (1): C0391/29

bureau (2): A0538/01; A0568/09

bureau (5): A0033/0!; A0155/V; A0556/01; B0749/12; C0523/21

Buren, Vanny (1): A0354/36

burgher (1): A0371/1!

burghers (7): A0370/01; A0371/15; B1048/22; B1049/14; C0388/0; C0388/23; C0427/05

burglars (1): B1093/01

burgomaster (5): C0388/0!; C0390/05; C0390/13; C0427/08; C0437/V

burgomaster’s (1): C0427/0:

burgomasters (1): C0427/11

Burial (1): B0954/T

burial (4): A0057/1; A0217/01; B0961/20; B0963/24

burial-ground (1): A0409/21

buried (52)

buries (1): A0033/1:

burn (6): A0323/12; A0465/1; A0468/28; A0608/27; B0809/07; B0851/2!

burned (12): A0136/2!; A0157/10; A0218/07; A0225/03; A0226/1; A0229/03; A0230/11; A0608/17; A0615/21; A0696/14; B0858/20; B0969/05

burning (31): A0023/21; A0057/32; A0068/16; A0122/17; A0190/0; A0215/02; A0442/23; A0446/17; A0456/2!; A0510/13; A0644/12; A0665/18; A0688/0; A0693/25; A0696/33; B0893/13; B0895/0!; B1106/14; B1360/03; B1371/03; C0066/11; C0070/27; C0071/25; C0072/25; C0073/4(; C0188/20; C0387/M; C0396/28; C0425/3!; C0524/01; C0564/35

burning-glasses (1): B1191/31

burnings (1): B1322/11

burnished (4): A0502/1; B0815/17; B0821/31; B1282/24

burns (1): C0394/0:

burnt (4): A0230/V; B1360/06; C0073/42; C0572/12

burr (1): A0681/01

burst (38): A0047/15; A0057/1; A0068/16; A0151/V; A0157/04; A0166/11; A0219/05; A0245/06; A0249/06; A0253/2; A0417/13; A0443/31; A0460/10; A0461/2; A0514/36; A0580/02; A0580/14; A0587/11; A0587/24; A0590/29; A0640/30; A0665/0; B0795/23; B1053/05; B1057/17; B1135/2; B1213/27; B1226/10; B1354/03; C0072/21; C0123/06; C0128/13; C0130/37; C0189/21; C0396/34; C0421/22; C0421/23; C0562/21

bursting (13): A0078/01; A0245/11; A0248/V; B1243/01; B1262/2; C0099/19; C0110/27; C0115/40; C0122/1; C0135/04; C0166/25; C0198/15; C0419/2

bursts (2): A0614/21; B1283/01

burthen (9): A0047/1; A0141/15; A0507/02; A0583/21; A0642/1!; B0735/01; B0764/27; B0766/25; B1225/0

burthened (1): B0863/0

burthening (1): B0807/1

burthens (1): B0827/1

Burton (1): B1114/2

Bury (1): B0871/0:

bury (3): A0603/21; B0965/21; C0182/08

burying (1): B0826/23

bush (3): B0735/14; C0167/12; C0197/01

bushel (4): A0465/24; A0466/09; C0098/25; C0098/25

bushes (13): B0734/37; B0735/12; B0758/12; B0762/08; B0762/10; B0866/13; C0186/23; C0186/40; C0188/26; C0197/24; C0542/17; C0543/30; C0570/21

bushy (1): C0173/31

busied (27): A0070/20; A0081/37; A0081/41; A0211/26; A0404/29; A0439/28; A0440/35; A0533/02; A0611/V; A0688/15; A0694/19; A0695/16; B0731/19; B0841/16; B0923/02; B0943/20; B0964/09; B1185/24; B1241/02; B1262/04; B1300/12; C0066/10; C0077/10; C0081/03; C0119/34; C0143/28; C0549/30

busies (1): A0683/24

busily (9): A0316/04; A0614/04; C0061/06; C0125/01; C0188/25; C0202/18; C0404/33; C0540/02; C0545/08

business (2): A0481/T; A0481/V

business (93)

business-like (1): A0508/02

buskin (1): A0536/16

bussy (1): A0164/26

bust (2): A0379/19; A0379/19

bustle (11): A0058/13; A0069/01; A0086/22; A0347/28; A0515/19; B0913/16; B0924/06; C0070/06; C0084/04; C0085/14; C0097/12

bustled (1): B0808/15

Busy (11): A0019/16; A0125/28; A0280/08; A0368/03; A0513/13; B0844/20; B1364/10; C0067/36; C0116/21; C0390/08; C0547/09

busy-body (1): B0747/24

busy-bodyisff (1): B0748/15

busying (6): A0705/09; B0834/16; B1270/09; C0073/22; C0181/21; C0412/23

but (2616)

butcheries (1): A0548/11

butchery (9): A0544/V; A0557/02; A0557/V; A0558/08; A0561/24; A0567/23; C0053/T; C0086/20; C0200/36

butefulle (1): B0899/28

Butler (2): A0203/M; B1114/20

buts (2): B0876/16; B0876/18

butt (7): A0058/18; A0388/16; A0388/17; B0927/25; B1057/32; C0196/33; C0201/08

Butt-end (2): A0069/07; B1057/V

butter (8): A0341/V; A0341/V; A0341/V; A0341/V; A0342/15; A0342/17; A0342/19; A0342/21

buttercup (1): A0640/02

butterflies (1): A0603/14

butterfly (3): A0314/14; A0336/05; B1037/06

button (2): C0411/09; C0413/33

button-headed (1): A0483/19

buttons (8): A0368/20; A0509/16; B0825/24; C0409/33; C0409/34; C0409/38; C0410/01; C0410/03

buttresses (2): A0019/18; A0209/16

buy (1): B0911/28

buyers (1): A0513/16

buying (1): B0814/12

Buzi-Ben-Levi (5): A0043/01; A0043/10; A0043/16; A0046/08; A0047/08

buzz (4): A0293/15; A0674/27; B0894/05; B0894/26

buzzard (1): C0174/03

buzzing (1): B1155/31

bxp (1): B1374/16

bxw-wxw-wxw (1): B1374/18

bxwl (1): B1374/21

by (2853)

by-and-by (6): A0072/17; B1105/03; C0059/13; C0059/14; C0116/09; C0190/36

by-gone (2): A0141/23; A0439/23

by-path (3): B1003/17; B1048/35; B1049/08

by-paths (1): A0244/04

by-the-by (5): A0388/18; B1016/30; B1138/06; B1359/02; B1370/18

by-the-bye (1): A0340/11

by/gosh (1): B1046/08

bye (8): A0512/20; A0512/20; B0858/25; B0910/V; B1105/V; B1305/13; B1316/13; C0395/12

bye-street (2): A0513/10; A0541/25

bypaths (1): B0863/04

Byron (2): A0708/08; B1121/T

Byron’s (1): A0385/22

bystanders (2): A0613/35; A0613/37

C (1): B1311/02

c (1): C0194/2:

c.o.r.d.a. (1): A0271/2!

C— (3): B0888/V; B0909/20; B0922/1:

C’est (1): A0037/26

c’est (2): A0034/08; A0036/0!

c’etait (1): A0109/3:

c’s (1): A0267/01

Cab (1): B1091/2/

cab (14): A0493/05; B1091/21; B1091/31; B1092/07; B1092/09; B1092/1!; B1092/16; B1092/36; B1093/15; B1093/2:; B1093/22; B1093/28; B1093/32; B1093/31

cab-hire (1): B1092/2!

cab-introduction (1): A0494/01

cabalistic-lcokinq (1): A0351/31

cabalistical (2): A0242/02; B1374/2:

cabbage (6): A0367/18; A0367/21; A0367/28; A0368/11; A0496/03; C0150/2!

cabbaged (1): B1373/0:

cabbages (6): A0367/04; A0367/2!; A0368/25; A0369/17; A0373/23; C0155/31

cabin (67)

cabinet (7): A0159/1:; B0813/26; B0871/32; B0872/11; B0978/11; B0979/24; B1347/23

cabinets (2): A0500/27; B0979/2!

cabins (2): A0137/26; B0928/21

cable (3): A0137/2!; C0187/10; C0188/11

cables (1): C0147/20

cabman (5): A0494/05; B1092/35; B1093/01; B1093/08; B1094/02

cabmen (2): B1092/18; B1092/26

caboose (2): B0930/21; C0114/01

cabs (1): B1091/31

cache (4): C0564/22; C0571/03; C0575/41; C0576/02

caches (1): C0575/33

cachinnated (1): A0387/V

cachinnatio (1): A0091/13

cachinnatory (1): A0241/01

cadaverous (2): A0106/V; B1239/23

cadaverous-looking (1): B1011/16

cadaverously (3): A0104/12; A0299/27; A0412/08

cadaverousness (1): A0401/30

cadence (1): A0683/06

cadences (3): A0191/14; A0613/31; B0905/20

Cadet (1): A0033/11

Caesar (2): A0283/30; B1096/25

Cafe (1): A0096/03

Cafe (4): A0099/11; A0100/25; A0101/01; A0101/12

Cafes (1): A0101/V

cage (1): A0033/04

cage-wires (1): B1349/19

caged (1): C0438/V

cages (2): B1038/19; B1337/13

Cain (2): A0093/04; A0112/16

Cairo (1): B1160/24

cajole (1): B1059/06

cajoled (1): B1302/09

cake (2): A0341/V; A0342/18

cakes (6): B0767/16; B0767/25; B0767/25; C0158/33; C0162/33; C0163/37

calamities (5): A0073/27; B0955/13; B1294/08; C0098/32; C0133/06

calamitous (1): A0365/09

calamity (16): A0028/V; A0053/18; A0062/26; A0065/04; A0065/04; A0072/20; A0074/06; A0075/08; A0213/22; A0457/09; A0457/13; A0459/07; B0955/14; C0053/T; C0072/11; C0182/37

calamo (1): A0269/36

Calbrinachus (1): A0056/09

calc (1): A0182/07

calcedony (1): A0182/10

calculate (4): A0381/30; A0528/15; B0752/08; B1191/22

calculated (22): A0019/V; A0055/20; A0065/04; A0093/37; A0099/24; A0102/18; A0458/01; A0478/33; B1240/33; C0095/24; C0115/28; C0133/24; C0144/02; C0153/28; C0176/29; C0201/27; C0394/39; C0400/32; C0404/37; C0418/04; C0430/17; C0439/V

Calculating (1): B1166/35

calculating (3): A0139/12; A0527/V; A0529/14

calculation (5): B0752/18; B0857/13; B1214/02; B1234/33; C0546/15

calculations (5): A0694/29; B1166/22; C0084/29; C0400/38; C0423/05

Calculus (4): B0724/02; B0724/03; B0773/13; B0986/23

Calcutta (1): B0949/01

calcutta (1): B0955/0E

calf (4): A0047/2; A0368/V; A0379/32; B1010/27

calico (1): C0148/11

calicoes (1): C0534/2:

California (4): B1361/2!; B1364/13; B1364/16; B1364/31

Caligula (4): A0021/1/; A0093/05; A0112/17; A0112/27

caliph (3): B1159/V; B1159/V; B1166/19

caliphs (3): B1156/16; B1160/24; B1164/22

call (102)

called (221)

calling (28): A0088/36; A0103/09; A0122/02; A0161/13; A0247/1; A0339/01; A0353/31; A0485/34; A0485/3/; A0545/06; A0599/02; B0740/03; B0755/3:; B0756/23; B0793/14; B0908/15; B0910/1:; B0975/12; B1056/32; B1126/14; B1133/11; B1312/07; C0152/03; C0162/01; C0182/1:; C0529/18; C0558/09; C0564/30

calls (15): A0226/3/; A0320/06; A0336/03; A0337/05; A0337/0!; A0338/30; A0338/31; A0710/06; B0875/0!; B0966/33; B1222/08; B1241/31; B1275/0!; C0178/09; C0526/31

calm (31): A0026/3:; A0029/21; A0053/33; A0063/04; A0087/31; A0136/24; A0214/17; A0315/08; A0507/1(; A0581/31; A0584/09; A0663/27; A0691/1:; B0850/04; B0871/03; B0871/03; B0891/0W; B1081/09; B1081/21; B1391/19; C0097/4:; C0118/28; C0126/29; C0142/13; C0142/3(; C0164/31; C0192/38; C0200/27; C0397/2(; C0421/33; C0432/20

calmer (1): B1351/2!

calmest (3): A0581/2:; A0586/34; B0723/01

calmly (13): A0025/1*; A0088/23; A0094/07; A0103/03; A0114/0:; A0235/29; A0639/04; B0789/06; B0858/1(; B1234/22; B1247/35; C0124/04; C0186/0:

calmness (4): A0693/0!; B1249/25; B1249/30; C0139/28

calms (1): C0148/2!

caloric (4): B0832/2!; B1034/11; B1168/30; B1322/27

calumet (1): C0553/2:

calumny (1): A0086/1!

Calvin, John (1): A0621/11

cambric (7): A0246/2!; A0371/19; A0371/20; B1381/14; C0393/11; C0394/11; C0395/01

Cambyses (1): A0120/0:

came (324)

camel (2): B1166/09; C0138/01

Cameleopard (1): A0128/01

cameleopard (5): A0125/2!; A0126/04; A0126/10; A0127/14; A0127/26

Cameleopards (2): A0127/03; A0128/0:

camelopard (1): A0125/V

cameos (1): B1191/36

camp (13): A0043/06; A0045/11; B0945/31; B1258/14; C0532/18; C0534/13; C0538/14; C0542/39; C0543/07; C0543/39; C0544/05; C0574/21; C0580/03

camp-meeting (1): B0874/24

campaign (1): A0378/T

campaign (2): A0381/09; A0382/15

campanella (2): A0409/04; B0985/03

campanile (1): A0151/22

camphor (1): B1181/01

2ampi/Phlegraei (1): C0422/34

can (1): A0342/12

can (357)

can’t (25): A0264/32; A0337/30; A0341/13; A0341/13; A0345/17; A0378/11; A0385/13; A0388/20; A0486/15; A0487/13; A0489/V; A0490/27; A0562/30; A0656/06; B0812/13; B0873/30; B1019/18; B1103/13; B1103/14; B1103/14; B1169/23; B1208/27; B1372/29; C0070/17; C0541/17

canada (1): B1164/40

canadas (1): C0525/12

canadian (15): C0526/03; C0529/16; C0530/08; C0539/29; C0548/33; C0553/14; C0555/16; C0556/05; C0561/22; C0561/40; C0562/03; C0562/18; C0562/24; C0563/11; C0578/28

canadians (17): C0530/36; C0531/05; C0531/15; C0534/30; C0536/03; C0544/06; C0548/26; C0548/35; C0549/03; C0549/21; C0550/20; C0555/13; C0555/37; C0557/38; C0560/10; C0564/04; C0570/36

canaille (1): B1291/19

canal (5): A0151/19; A0151/25; A0152/10; A0154/09; A0191/11

canaries (1): B1337/16

cancel (1): B0875/10

candelabra (2): A0321/29; B1009/02

candelabrum (5): A0503/03; A0663/05; A0663/14; A0664/25; A0672/08

candid (3): A0271/36; A0507/13; B1140/15

candidly (2): A0355/33; B1194/34

candle (14): A0136/25; A0442/30; A0672/10; B0810/31; B0829/12; B0871/20; B0940/22; B1106/11; B1106/25; B1224/12; B1239/28; C0094/02; C0094/12; C0095/05

candles (7): A0663/18; A0664/01; A0682/03; A0682/14; A0684/V; B1009/02; C0077/30

candlestand (1): B1224/16

candor (5): A0204/28; A0532/04; B0903/07; B0906/11; B0907/23

candy (1): B1096/04

cane (6): A0511/28; B0858/30; B1071/30; B1142/24; B1185/35; B1340/10

canine (1): C0101/06

caning (1): B1142/26

canis (1): B0870/21

canister (2): C0180/18; C0394/22

canisters (3): C0180/19; C0394/24; C0394/26

cannibal (1): C0133/10

cannibals (1): B1305/02

Canning, Launcelot (1): A0413/09

cannister (1): C0550/17

cannister-shot (1): C0557/05

cannon (15): A0140/08; B0732/10; B0740/11; B0742/30; B0743/06; B0743/15; C0189/30; C0394/24; C0533/33; C0533/35; C0534/05; C0550/16; C0553/38; C0555/17; C0556/04

cannot (155)

canoe (31): A0604/19; B1280/34; B1281/08; B1281/18; B1282/33; B1333/34; C0165/35; C0168/24; C0170/17; C0180/20; C0187/15; C0187/25; C0187/38; C0200/28; C0200/34; C0200/37; C0201/05; C0201/14; C0201/20; C0201/37; C0202/17; C0203/06; C0204/15; C0204/39; C0205/01; C0205/31; C0530/31; C0533/13; C0533/39; C0540/04; C0541/07

canoe-load (1): C0176/37

canoe’s (1): B1282/09

canoes (25): C0168/02; C0168/11; C0168/21; C0168/28; C0168/33; C0169/03; C0171/03; C0172/21; C0174/21; C0175/23; C0176/16; C0176/28; C0186/19; C0186/29; C0186/39; C0187/11; C0187/22; C0188/09; C0189/31; C0200/19; C0201/23; C0201/33; C0204/03; C0526/08; C0530/23

canonicals (1): A0294/V

canopy (3): A0101/02; A0322/03; A0322/12

canos (1): A0043/M

Canova (1): A0160/20

canst (2): A0045/18; B0964/19

Cant (1): B1295/11

cant (7): A0338/07; A0338/07; A0568/23; A0601/04; A0610/07; B0976/24; B1132/24

canteen (1): B1102/31

canteens (1): B1102/30

Canton (1): C0179/13

canvas (2): A0405/V; A0663/V

canvas-backs (1): B1209/02

canvass (11): A0142/22; A0143/22; A0145/32; A0405/25; A0664/01; A0665/11; A0665/27; A0665/29; A0707/26; B1272/26; C0389/36

canvass-back (2): C0174/02; C0176/27

caoutchouc (6): A0513/21; B1073/04; B1293/05; B1293/07; C0393/19; C0394/12

cap (14): A0059/27; A0078/34; A0086/28; A0100/05; A0368/04; B0889/29; B0910/23; B0913/19; B1008/08; B1102/31; B1257/19; B1258/33; C0123/38; C0389/27





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