Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Capabilities through Complacently,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 47-65 (This material is protected by copyright)


capabilities (5): A0027/06; A0097/20; A0710/13; B1275/16; B1329/32

capability (1): A0216/07

capable (19): A0027/22; A0295/09; A0318/02; A0436/32; A0478/21; A0706/27; A0707/01; B0835/18; B1071/27; B1160/43; B1271/29; B1272/02; C0128/29; C0141/40; C0163/07; C0182/20; C0185/21; C0423/24; C0532/31

capacious (3): A0321/13; A0429/12; A0443/12

capacities (5): A0098/19; A0458/19; B1015/V; B1036/03; C0390/33

capacity (21): A0097/14; A0123/18; A0126/08; A0128/03; A0398/08; A0527/V; A0529/20; A0545/28; A0600/03; A0710/34; B0879/03; B0988/17; B0989/21; B1072/20; B1139/10; B1214/12; B1275/34; B1317/25; C0425/28; C0530/24; C0535/14

caparisoned (1): B0945/16

Cape (10): A0655/23; B1021/11; C0148/20; C0148/24; C0149/11; C0150/12; C0151/28; C0156/06; C0156/17; C0525/25

Cape/Clear (1): B1077/21

Cape/Francois (1): C0150/35

Cape/Hatteras (1): B0930/07

Cape/Horn (1): A0655/22

Cape/Madeira (1): C0137/21

Cape/St./Rogue (1): C0148/27

Cape/Verd (3): C0088/39; C0093/13; C0148/14

Cape/Verds (4): C0099/39; C0101/23; C0103/12; C0148/16

capered (2): A0348/14; A0371/12

capers (1): A0345/13

capital (35): A0267/34; A0338/08; A0339/25; A0344/04; A0383/09; A0387/20; A0388/10; A0388/15; A0483/16; A0483/17; A0483/25; A0489/09; A0490/03; A0583/34; A0650/28; B0874/23; B0910/V; B0957/26; B1012/25; B1019/29; B1020/22; B1021/33; B1058/29; B1114/23; B1153/15; B1155/V; B1178/09; B1183/02; B1184/V; B1311/30; B1346/12; B1349/35; B1350/13; C0531/28; C0535/03

capital-0 (1): B1372/26

capital/S (2): B1372/18; B1372/19

capitally (1): A0487/23

capitals (8): A0267/28; A0272/32; A0277/13; A0285/03; A0622/15; B0925/24; B1068/09; B1131/30

Capitol (1): B1192/09

Capitols (1): B1192/30

capon (1): A0345/13

caprice (4): A0248/21; A0311/08; B0825/19; C0100/32

caprices (5): A0427/24; A0484/04; A0499/13; B1018/02; B1370/35

capricious (2): A0514/27; C0093/05

Capricornutc (2): A0177/04; A0177/09

Capricornutti (1): A0182/36

caprioles (1): A0652/24

caps (3): B1078/14; B1129/29; B1345/19

capsising (1): C0559/29

capsize (1): B0931/33

capsized (3): C0101/35; C0146/38; C0533/39

capsizing (2): C0105/40; C0114/39

Capt (7): A0655/03; A0655/10; A0655/V; A0656/V; A0656/V; A0656/V; A0656/V

Captain (95)

captain (34): A0071/29; A0136/28; A0136/34; A0137/25; A0144/07; A0384/27; A0384/29; A0384/31; B0873/10; B0873/27; B0874/11; B0874/14; B0923/26; B0924/03; B0928/12; B0931/21; B0931/36; B0932/09; B1292/25; C0057/14; C0061/24; C0061/37; C0062/37; C0067/37; C0088/10; C0099/05; C0146/36; C0147/22; C0153/32; C0156/34; C0159/26; C0170/31; C0190/30; C0527/25

captain’s (3): A0142/01; B1300/31; C0110/08

Captains (4): C0160/04; C0548/07; C0551/22; C0566/39

captains (1): C0527/16

captious (1): B1380/32

captivated (1): B0924/25

captivating (1): B1141/22

captive (6): A0564/24; C0200/24; C0201/25; C0202/29; C0203/31; C0208/18

captives (2): B1346/30; C0086/34

captivity (2): C0065/19; C0185/29

capture (5): A0561/01; B1351/13; C0053/T; C0141/16; C0186/01

captured (4): A0564/21; C0100/26; C0191/15; C0562/34

capturing (1): C0187/03

Capuletti (1): B0905/15

caput (1): B0810/12

car (1): B0987/01

car (64)

carabine (1): C0555/40

Caraccas (1): B1161/34

caracols (1): B0824/14

Carathis (1): B0969/13

Caravaggio (2): A0175/22; A0181/20

carboy (3): C0137/20; C0142/02; C0146/07

carboys (2): A0253/28; C0535/04

carbuncle-nosed (1): B1185/02

carcase (1): A0056/18

carcases (2): A0057/01; A0567/08

carcass (15): A0021/V; A0070/22; A0111/15; A0128/10; A0244/05; A0415/20; B0853/27; B1058/23; B1102/27; C0165/11; C0167/13; C0190/28; C0190/37; C0208/17; C0396/02

carcasses (4): A0021/30; A0066/28; B1162/20; C0568/03

card (7): A0037/19; A0176/20; A0182/23; A0388/V; A0465/29; A0530/19; B1135/05

card-rack (3): B0990/35; B0992/15; B0993/16

card-table (1): A0384/15

carded (1): B0922/16

cards (15): A0037/15; A0177/V; A0183/08; A0438/28; A0441/12; A0441/22; A0443/21; A0443/25; A0464/01; A0530/10; A0530/25; A0623/11; A0671/V; B0991/02; B1006/14

care (69)

cared (4): B1328/11; C0396/01; C0553/35; C0564/08

career (13): A0020/V; A0027/V; A0029/09; A0296/V; A0354/02; A0515/12; A0566/09; A0703/11; B0866/10; B1126/07; B1144/30; B1268/10; C0067/29

careered (2): A0589/21; A0604/11

careering (2): A0412/25; C0559/26

careful (17): A0124/03; A0284/12; A0296/V; A0343/24; A0441/12; A0474/04; A0552/25; A0685/22; B0821/26; B0956/31; B1009/31; B1090/37; B1383/30; C0097/07; C0140/04; C0192/10; C0547/03

carefully (76)

careless (7): A0213/16; A0272/30; A0440/34; B0934/06; B1045/07; C0097/09; C0108/17

carelessly (5): A0210/26; A0578/07; B0959/13; B0991/08; B1363/06

carelessness (3): A0080/39; A0530/19; C0089/05

Careme (1): A0653/20

cares (6): A0712/06; B0870/19; B1277/11; B1293/19; C0126/22; C0399/10

caressed (1): B0832/09

caresses (9): A0152/22; A0154/19; B0809/22; B0854/19; B0855/11; B0957/33; C0073/11; C0073/25; C0076/16

caressing (1): B0850/13

Carey (1): A0277/33

Carey, Matthew (1): A0277/29

cargo (22): A0139/20; A0251/20; A0252/01; B0930/36; C0097/13; C0097/15; C0097/19; C0097/30; C0097/37; C0098/03; C0098/10; C0098/15; C0098/16; C0098/33; C0098/38; C0098/38; C0099/04; C0099/08; C0116/11; C0116/14; C0146/34; C0148/07

cargoes (3): C0098/21; C0098/40; C0179/17

caricature (1): A0435/06

Carlyle (3): A0035/V; A0625/04; A0627/19

Carlyle-ism (1): B1114/29

Carnac (3): B1192/21; B1192/33; B1193/13

carnal-minded (1): B1044/06

Carne (1): A0213/06

Carnival (1): A0446/20

carnival (3): B1257/16; B1257/26; B1340/03

carnivorous (3): C0125/18; C0151/31; C0174/04

carols (1): C0544/08

carousal (1): A0438/22

carousals (2): A0296/14; B0906/17

carouse (1): C0086/30

carousing (2): B0760/04; C0109/28

Carpaccio (2): A0175/22; A0181/19

carped (1): A0158/05

carpenter (1): B0930/32

carpenters (1): A0554/11

carpet (23): A0322/10; A0325/08; A0325/19; A0466/26; A0497/29; A0497/31; A0498/09; A0501/24; A0501/V; A0640/31; A0643/07; A0672/04; A0674/09; A0676/25; B0981/12; B1008/24; B1339/28; C0068/05; C0068/23; C0068/28; C0068/34; C0175/04; C0535/10

carpet-bags (1): B1073/26

carpeted (2): A0639/33; C0543/13

carpets (1): B0980/17

carpets (6): A0165/24; A0320/24; A0497/27; A0498/01; A0498/15; B0981/11

carriage (15): A0380/11; A0508/26; B0863/07; B0897/20; B0898/12; B0908/22; B0909/15; B0909/23; B1090/17; B1090/23; B1092/09; C0151/17; C0174/26; C0526/28; C0533/33

carriage-road (1): B0864/18

carriage-track (1): B1329/08

carriages (1): C0118/18

carried (54)

carrier-pigeons (1): C0430/47

carriers (1): B1090/16

carries (5): A0369/01; A0493/08; B0870/28; B1072/13; C0448/V

carronades (1): C0147/18

carrot (1): C0534/24

carrots (1): C0558/17

carry (29): A0145/31; A0342/09; A0488/V; A0494/08; B0724/21; B0764/27; B0765/17; B0765/24; B0818/19; B0911/21; B0961/29; B0965/10; B1072/22; B1155/24; B1292/22; B1321/23; C0056/23; C0102/15; C0110/25; C0138/08; C0151/17; C0182/33; C0404/27; C0430/48; C0532/39; C0533/02; C0533/40; C0546/41; C0557/15

carrying (15): A0055/26; A0295/04; A0534/32; B0816/29; B1053/23; B1089/13; B1089/14; B1293/14; B1325/06; C0104/38; C0105/39; C0152/26; C0162/36; C0190/24; C0396/21

cars (1): B1299/02

Carson, John (1): C0179/30

cart (7): A0058/05; A0058/09; A0058/18; A0068/27; A0069/03; B0924/31; B1094/03

carted (1): B1363/28

cartel (2): A0302/02; B1140/14

cartes (1): A0037/10

Carthaginian (1): A0430/34

cartilaginous (1): B1235/24

carts (1): A0347/30

carve (1): A0367/18

carved (9): A0036/16; A0087/20; A0373/25; A0502/12; B0945/11; B1193/21; B1282/25; C0534/02; C0573/19

Carver (1): C0525/13

Carver, Jonathan (1): C0525/04

Carver’s (1): C0525/32

carvers (1): A0367/17

carving (2): A0367/15; C0165/35

carving-knife (2): C0082/12; C0083/14

carvings (4): A0140/07; A0157/22; A0320/23; A0400/28

Caryatides (2): B1351/34; B1353/09

cascade (2): B1335/06; C0171/34

Case (2): B1233/T; B1380/09

case (172)

case-knives (1): C0129/29

casement (6): A0413/05; A0552/20; A0553/03; A0554/07; A0567/20; B0992/14

casements (3): A0412/16; A0414/10; A0671/33

Caserta (1): B1161/28

cases (37): A0136/04; A0300/06; A0339/24; A0478/09; A0487/32; A0528/30; B0725/12; B0737/01; B0742/01; B0757/08; B0773/07; B0817/26; B0828/17; B0835/32; B0840/19; B0956/02; B0986/02; B1039/20; B1051/24; B1057/01; B1160/39; B1213/22; B1237/21; B1315/26; B1345/34; B1373/32; B1382/09; B1385/24; C0058/03; C0111/30; C0111/37; C0122/24; C0158/07; C0171/38; C0197/35; C0398/29; C0438/V

cash (2): A0094/12; B0870/04

Cask (1): B1256/T

cask (9): A0590/01; A0593/14; A0593/23; A0594/01; C0099/33; C0394/21; C0394/27; C0394/29; C0395/24

casks (5): B1260/05; C0091/34; C0393/29; C0394/17; C0396/17

Casneau (2): C0146/35; C0146/41

cassimere (1): A0439/V

Cassini (1): C0423/32

cassock (1): B0916/17

cast (24): A0068/18; A0122/16; A0142/06; A0142/21; A0191/05; A0247/32; A0310/06; A0442/24; A0487/28; A0502/04; A0610/08; A0690/10; A0706/09; B0771/21; B0771/24; B0873/30; B0874/11; B0874/14; B0983/15; B1030/01; B1160/31; C0199/16; C0432/46; C0533/10

cast-off (1): A0508/29

castas (1): A0621/03

caste (1): C0569/17

castellated (3): A0321/12; A0670/14; B0862/12

casting (11): A0102/21; A0139/34; A0343/12; A0511/06; A0536/10; B0744/31; B0856/35; B0873/19; C0058/36; C0131/38; C0430/07

Castle (3): A0019/17; A0021/15; A0023/27

castle (6): A0022/V; A0024/04; A0415/21; A0568/16; B0841/06; B0841/11

castles (3): A0020/20; B1313/22; C0395/11

castor (1): B1141/19

casual (17): A0144/09; A0267/04; A0270/20; A0283/23; A0530/18; A0651/31; A0689/28; B0810/27; B0840/05; B0974/06; B1002/07; B1225/16; B1360/28; C0087/26; C0151/21; C0439/V; C0524/19

casually (2): A0432/27; B0939/02

Cat (3): A0477/T; B0849/T; B1097/06

cat (53)

Cat-Act (1): A0491/03

cat-aplasm (1): B1095/13

cat-au-rabbit (1): B1011/14

Cat-Crowing (1): A0490/31

cat-egory (1): B1095/13

cat-erect (1): B1095/10

cat-heads (1): A0491/04

cat-like (1): B1225/V

cat-nip (1): B1096/02

cat-peltries (1): B1293/25

cat-worshippers (1): B1095/03

cat’s (2): B0850/35; C0167/19

catacombs (9): A0191/09; B1186/20; B1188/20; B1258/32; B1260/06; B1261/06; B1261/15; B1262/28; B1263/23

Catalani (3): A0057/26; A0068/09; B0993/09

catalepsy (5): B0962/05; B0962/22; B0965/12; B0966/25; B1187/05

cataleptic (2): B0964/02; B0969/09

cataleptical (2): A0404/19; A0410/23

catalogue (2): A0440/17; B0955/15

catalpa (1): B1332/10

catalpas (1): B1337/08

catamites (1): A0124/V

catapult (2): A0128/06; B1182/21

cataract (11): A0145/19; A0195/22; A0580/34; A0582/36; B1095/10; B1280/25; C0205/24; C0205/32; C0206/04; C0417/04; C0444/V

cataracts (3): A0087/33; A0158/03; A0581/25

catastrophe (5): A0457/07; B1021/03; C0059/36; C0065/03; C0189/35

catch (8): A0374/09; B1225/06; B1225/V; C0135/39; C0145/15; C0406/16; C0547/16; C0578/12

catch-word (1): A0366/18

catching (10): A0072/22; A0623/12; A0685/06; B0911/29; B1095/06; C0139/19; C0141/36; C0146/08; C0191/16; C0199/08

catechism (2): B0879/21; B1032/12

category (5): B0743/21; B1296/05; B1296/05; B1312/06; B1312/06

caterpillar (2): B1163/15; B1207/35

caterpillars (2): B1159/32; C0178/17

caterwauled (1): A0347/31

caterwauling (1): A0374/03

cathead (1): C0124/40

cathedral (4): A0087/10; A0349/22; A0349/27; A0353/29

catholic (2): A0227/30; A0232/V

Catholicue (2): A0104/11; A0106/02

Cato (1): B1275/32

Catone (1): A0043/M

Cats (1): B1095/T

cats (23): A0057/24; A0068/07; A0294/V; A0347/31; A0373/30; A0479/11; A0479/12; A0490/34; B0850/31; B1095/01; B1095/06; B1096/06; B1096/09; B1096/23; B1096/25; B1096/28; B1096/37; B1096/37; B1097/02; B1097/03; B1158/05; B1168/11; C0413/28

Catskills (1): B0862/09

cattymount (1): B0968/05

Catullus (4): A0086/14; A0091/19; A0099/01; A0110/22

caught (48): A0023/25; A0027/16; A0035/24; A0072/23; A0073/05; A0078/33; A0092/08; A0093/14; A0111/19; A0112/25; A0177/01; A0249/32; A0299/19; A0353/24; A0415/12; A0446/31; A0512/04; A0552/30; A0560/26; A0568/06; A0580/02; A0582/04; A0623/11; A0630/28; A0697/10; B0796/14; B0825/12; B0825/32; B0832/12; B0895/02; B0898/07; B1081/31; B1145/29; B1181/19; B1299/01; B1362/15; C0120/39; C0141/39; C0145/16; C0183/02; C0189/27; C0198/17; C0547/12; C0547/14; C0547/24; C0553/08; C0566/33; C0570/32

cauliflowers (3): A0175/19; A0181/08; B1007/24

Caus, Solomon de (1): B1194/22

causality (3): A0298/V; A0527/V; B1220/04

cause (72)

caused (33): A0028/01; A0214/23; A0410/10; A0440/01; A0547/11; A0627/06; A0663/03; A0689/30; B0753/06; B0794/24; B0830/09; B0854/07; B0857/08; B0890/32; B0950/10; B0956/33; B0964/25; B1008/12; B1109/13; B1155/34; B1158/07; B1261/02; B1292/25; B1329/35; B1352/05; C0095/41; C0139/15; C0150/24; C0167/05; C0405/23; C0416/12; C0562/23; C0578/37

causeless (3): A0411/26; B0794/16; C0569/12

causes (14): A0019/13; A0104/24; A0225/16; A0324/11; A0338/02; A0611/28; B0742/28; B0747/32; B0850/07; B0956/01; B0962/07; B1215/03; C0055/25; C0106/12

causeway (4): A0400/21; A0417/05; A0535/24; B1331/32

causeways (1): B1193/08

causing (8): A0071/18; A0248/20; A0673/29; B0756/15; B1134/23; B1278/27; B1321/28; C0128/39

caustic (1): B1370/07

caution (27): A0511/21; A0513/19; A0686/23; B0740/02; B0748/20; B0770/23; B0789/19; B0830/10; B0832/12; B0976/04; B1004/30; B1259/20; C0067/34; C0077/20; C0079/24; C0100/30; C0105/14; C0119/16; C0140/38; C0184/25; C0192/05; C0393/13; C0398/02; C0531/12; C0549/29; C0549/42; C0577/15

cautioned (1): B0928/13

cautious (13): A0341/V; A0342/19; A0350/31; A0365/13; A0695/01; B0793/19; B0877/35; B0929/10; B1004/20; B1258/30; C0098/03; C0137/12; C0548/22

cautiously (17): A0366/08; A0511/32; A0685/05; A0685/10; B0793/07; B0793/08; B0793/08; B0818/25; B0842/08; B0866/12; B0895/06; B0929/01; B0990/27; B1304/29; C0079/40; C0199/10; C0575/39

cavalier (2): B1019/05; B1102/31

cavalierly (1): A0100/17

cavalry (1): C0118/14

cave (5): B1160/08; C0537/33; C0537/34; C0537/39; C0538/05

caved (2): C0182/22; C0567/33

cavern (9): B0969/14; B1162/31; B1240/19; B1259/03; C0199/12; C0537/37; C0537/41; C0538/35; C0564/24

cavernous (1): B0967/07

caverns (6): B0943/27; B1162/16; B1162/22; C0173/15; C0173/18; C0195/25

caves (2): A0195/M; B1163/22

cavilled (1): B1314/21

caving (1): C0183/25

cavities (5): B0741/33; B0742/09; B0742/28; B0742/35; C0194/02

cavity (6): A0196/30; B0979/32; B0979/34; B1054/04; B1304/01; C0194/03

Cayley, George (2): B1069/33; B1070/15

Cayley’s, George (2): B1070/30; B1070/34

ce (9): A0033/19; A0033/20; A0431/08; A0506/M; A0568/24; A0568/25; A0654/05; B1114/02; C0430/38

cease (6): A0121/12; A0327/08; A0351/03; B0747/33; C0076/21; C0395/25

ceased (46): A0026/10; A0059/33; A0089/01; A0190/21; A0198/03; A0198/06; A0212/04; A0328/14; A0329/07; A0440/03; A0508/10; A0531/20; A0532/23; A0537/15; A0537/19; A0540/04; A0590/13; A0594/V; A0612/35; A0615/02; A0615/29; A0644/11; A0672/30; A0673/02; A0674/15; A0695/07; B0725/10; B0795/31; B0896/19; B0948/06; B0956/20; B0965/02; B1013/12; B1090/35; B1105/32; B1110/06; B1155/11; B1237/15; B1262/17; B1352/04; C0060/41; C0132/21; C0204/26; C0406/15; C0414/10; C0428/36

ceaseless (1): A0061/03

ceases (3): B0747/34; B1081/19; C0432/25

ceasing (4): A0140/22; A0443/15; A0515/26; C0546/06

Cecil (1): B1051/16

cedar (2): B1180/05; C0559/17

Cedar/Lake (1): C0526/39

ceder (1): A0611/04

ceiling (23): A0035/06; A0087/18; A0087/19; A0094/22; A0101/V; A0114/17; A0157/V; A0248/14; A0248/19; A0321/20; A0344/03; A0351/22; A0401/13; A0430/02; A0501/19; A0503/10; A0672/03; A0689/23; A0695/08; B1354/23; C0068/06; C0069/06; C0429/37

ceilings (2): A0400/28; A0551/12

celebrated (23): A0059/02; A0160/07; A0337/11; A0338/15; B0864/03; B0890/19; B0892/10; B0909/30; B0914/15; B0915/09; B1016/32; B1017/05; B1017/12; B1136/13; B1136/34; B1137/31; B1138/28; B1144/04; B1245/04; C0176/21; C0178/09; C0428/02; C0448/V

celebration (2): A0128/12; A0128/29

celebrity (4): A0101/V; A0342/04; B1278/29; B1310/25

celery (3): C0138/12; C0176/37; C0177/01

celeste (1): A0087/05

cell (10): A0478/31; A0478/33; A0478/37; A0690/02; A0695/19; A0696/08; A0696/20; B0855/20; B1006/27; B1224/01

cellar (7): B0856/18; B0856/34; B0857/02; B0857/04; B0857/09; B0858/15; B0858/17

cellars (4): A0243/04; A0248/V; B0981/16; B1019/21

cells (5): A0684/29; B1018/25; B1019/04; B1021/25; B1164/23

cellular (3): B0730/05; B0742/08; B0742/34

Cemeteries (1): A0034/23

cemeteries (1): B0958/28

cemetery (3): A0081/01; B0958/29; B0959/17

censer (6): A0165/18; A0321/25; A0325/05; A0325/09; A0326/10; A0326/12

censers (7): A0036/05; A0157/26; A0165/14; A0166/03; A0642/30; A0643/25; B0828/08

cent (10): A0485/26; A0486/16; A0705/18; B0872/02; B0874/28; B1094/03; B1138/31; B1270/17; B1364/33; B1364/34

centigrade (1): C0396/24

centime (1): B0982/V

central (8): A0138/26; A0321/23; A0489/09; B1301/12; B1301/13; B1301/18; B1301/21; C0395/24

centre (50): A0101/25; A0137/06; A0212/27; A0245/13; A0253/17; A0367/02; A0369/06; A0582/18; A0583/03; A0601/21; A0640/09; A0689/09; A0696/08; A0696/36; B0822/13; B0842/10; B0962/14; B1071/05; B1120/04; B1160/41; B1239/25; B1301/02; B1301/03; B1301/24; B1301/26; B1301/36; B1302/15; B1303/31; B1321/05; B1321/24; B1321/28; B1322/28; B1351/19; B1351/30; B1352/26; B1353/10; C0139/23; C0152/01; C0152/35; C0154/34; C0157/04; C0174/35; C0394/20; C0400/07; C0403/06; C0418/30; C0418/36; C0430/24; C0438/V; C0543/33

centres (4): A0676/10; B1030/31; B1164/31; C0400/02

centrifugal (4): B1322/01; B1322/24; B1382/05; C0401/33

centripetal (1): C0401/33

cents (1): A0018/12

cents (13): A0484/32; A0485/08; A0487/27; A0487/29; A0487/30; A0487/32; A0494/03; B1092/15; B1092/24; B1136/18; B1136/39; B1137/36; B1138/33

centuries (16): A0019/06; A0144/31; A0150/V; A0189/02; A0399/13; A0408/22; A0609/14; A0640/26; B0986/31; B1092/06; B1188/34; B1190/13; B1215/30; B1299/20; B1311/32; B1317/06

centurion (1): A0046/06

century (18): A0059/13; A0062/02; A0101/24; A0103/24; A0121/17; A0612/14; A0612/17; A0704/23; B0899/17; B1079/10; B1079/12; B1164/28; B1195/14; B1263/26; B1269/22; B1300/35; B1318/05; B1321/01

Cerberus (2): A0091/18; A0110/20

cerebral (1): B1165/35

cerement (1): A0217/V

cerements (2): A0330/13; A0676/30

ceremonial (1): B0733/19

ceremonies (1): B1304/13

ceremony (8): A0235/12; A0253/09; B0909/15; B0968/06; B1010/19; B1056/33; B1154/04; B1185/24

certain (181)

certainly (69)

certainty (20): A0022/18; A0027/19; A0105/V; A0242/31; A0302/16; A0429/24; A0459/27; A0530/14; B0752/V; B0753/38; B0834/24; B1296/11; B1312/15; B1312/16; B1313/18; C0065/02; C0080/35; C0092/07; C0094/25; C0537/21

certum (1): A0213/08

Cervantes, Miguel de (1): A0344/26

Cervantes, Miguel De (1): A0354/29

ces (2): A0019/04; A0036/06

cessation (5): A0138/05; A0589/09; A0609/05; A0674/17; A0694/11

cessations (2): B0955/28; B0955/29

cet (1): A0034/01

cette (1): C0430/37

Chabert (1): B1167/27

Chacun (1): A0119/M

chafed (7): A0058/33; A0078/35; A0328/11; A0543/23; A0592/12; B0730/10; B0992/01

chaff (1): B1316/32

chafing (4): A0078/01; A0102/16; C0061/07; C0119/34

chagrin (7): A0381/12; A0435/21; A0530/14; A0568/11; B0756/04; B0915/15; C0545/02

chagrined (2): A0037/22; C0397/30

chain (42): A0035/09; A0087/22; A0094/21; A0101/V; A0114/16; A0321/24; A0503/10; A0535/08; A0553/11; B0831/05; B0833/06; B0853/03; B0942/13; B1054/28; B1160/21; B1248/27; B1261/27; B1262/15; B1281/20; B1351/05; B1351/11; B1351/19; B1352/20; B1352/26; B1352/29; B1353/12; B1353/17; B1353/20; B1354/09; B1384/09; B1385/21; C0075/40; C0127/15; C0127/27; C0172/16; C0180/36; C0183/34; C0208/16; C0521/05; C0528/01; C0547/19; C0547/26

chain-bridle (1): A0027/18

chain-cable (3): C0076/10; C0089/20; C0107/15

Chained (2): B1345/V; B1350/07

chained (4): A0124/26; B0759/33; B1262/24; B1350/23

chaining (1): B1351/08

chains (14): A0509/03; A0509/16; A0610/08; B0828/06; B0903/09; B1226/18; B1350/20; B1352/05; B1354/21; C0127/01; C0127/12; C0136/10; C0143/34; C0187/40

chair (46): A0063/18; A0089/20; A0091/31; A0102/08; A0102/21; A0105/17; A0108/19; A0174/15; A0179/30; A0214/28; A0294/V; A0354/23; A0368/29; A0415/07; A0415/30; A0493/08; A0537/28; A0544/02; A0656/15; B0797/17; B0832/06; B0855/10; B0910/24; B0913/01; B0913/15; B0913/24; B0947/31; B0975/16; B0976/03; B0979/25; B0980/05; B0980/08; B0981/34; B1013/13; B1017/09; B1057/25; B1105/02; B1128/10; B1135/04; B1186/07; B1188/11; B1249/22; B1250/30; C0068/18; C0392/08; C0415/05

chair-leg (2): B0985/32; B0985/35

chairs (9): A0367/22; A0369/23; A0502/22; A0502/V; B0796/29; B0841/21; B0980/06; B1340/08; B1340/10

chaise (1): B0904/31

chaise-longue (1): A0166/V

Chaldaea (1): A0190/32

Chaldaean (1): B1051/17

chalice (1): B1379/27

chalk (4): A0241/32; A0498/10; B1392/09; C0109/05

Chalk-Farm (1): A0183/09

chalky (1): C0107/38

challenge (1): A0122/V

challenged (1): B1139/03

chamber (105)

Chamberlaine’s (1): A0426/V

Chamberlayne’s (1): A0426/M

chambermaid (1): A0263/29

chambermaids (2): A0263/03; A0263/06

chambers (13): A0301/24; A0436/27; A0438/22; A0441/08; A0444/11; A0672/11; A0673/18; A0673/27; A0676/18; B0724/30; B0829/34; B0967/34; C0207/42

Chambers/Street (1): B0925/34

Chambertin (6): A0099/04; A0101/V; A0108/25; A0109/19; A0110/10; A0181/12

Chamfort (1): B0986/33

champagne (6): A0487/24; B1011/26; B1011/32; B1015/V; B1020/28; B1209/03

champion (2): A0414/13; A0415/17

Champollion (2): B1298/04; B1317/05

chance (49): A0046/16; A0072/25; A0142/08; A0152/01; A0195/V; A0341/22; A0342/V; A0347/26; A0353/23; A0371/27; A0384/33; A0386/24; A0427/02; A0510/02; A0630/24; B0724/02; B0752/14; B0752/17; B0756/10; B0773/27; B0817/07; B0823/08; B0870/15; B1017/32; B1114/09; B1155/25; B1208/14; B1224/09; B1244/06; B1292/17; B1299/01; B1373/06; C0056/01; C0060/26; C0070/12; C0084/07; C0089/14; C0090/05; C0116/12; C0134/08; C0135/07; C0143/35; C0175/18; C0186/05; C0199/32; C0200/34; C0403/16; C0407/12; C0563/28

chanced (4): A0602/12; B0734/31; C0392/07; C0398/27

chances (10): A0037/04; A0037/04; A0528/29; B0754/27; B0876/35; C0122/23; C0134/21; C0135/10; C0430/45; C0548/29

chandelier (5): B1351/19; B1351/26; B1351/31; B1352/21; B1352/31

chandelier-chain (1): B1352/33

chandeliers (1): A0499/25

change (63)

changeable (4): A0270/19; A0314/18; A0322/20; C0172/02

changed (21): A0198/10; A0215/12; A0594/23; A0689/12; B0964/34; B1006/31; B1015/17; B1015/19; B1015/21; B1015/V; B1015/V; B1015/V; B1015/V; B1090/12; B1237/19; B1382/05; C0072/24; C0130/07; C0200/38; C0423/33; C0526/27

changes (5): A0213/29; A0556/08; A0641/17; A0641/V; B1119/08

changing (7): A0106/03; A0216/20; A0567/02; A0580/07; B0830/26; B1074/22; B1119/07

channel (27): A0020/V; A0152/03; A0268/29; A0433/18; A0582/17; A0583/03; A0584/01; A0584/12; A0586/33; A0594/14; A0639/29; B0758/23; B1279/03; B1279/14; B1279/37; B1282/17; B1282/34; C0184/32; C0192/29; C0521/19; C0531/40; C0533/38; C0542/24; C0559/16; C0559/21; C0576/26; C0576/30

channels (6): A0461/11; A0580/13; B1030/07; C0399/01; C0552/38; C0577/06

Channing (1): A0278/06

Channing, W. E. (1): A0278/09

Channing’s (3): A0278/14; A0278/17; A0342/11

chanticleer-note (1): B1222/23

Chantilly (8): A0534/13; A0534/17; A0535/02; A0535/08; A0536/14; A0536/23; A0536/28; A0537/01

chanting (1): A0297/21

chaos (10): A0145/12; A0158/V; A0159/03; A0280/04; A0594/01; A0614/35; B1121/02; C0069/06; C0190/04; C0205/36

chaotic (6): A0029/19; A0316/03; B1382/17; C0184/33; C0198/36; C0577/11

chap (5): A0372/03; A0374/V; A0466/16; A0470/13; B1373/24

chapeau-de-bras (2): A0371/10; A0372/04

chapel (2): A0294/V; C0530/06

Chapman (1): A0502/06

Chapman’s (1): A0164/26

Chapter (1): B1089/T

chapter (4): A0301/15; A0302/19; A0303/20; B1193/25

chapters (4): A0078/25; A0301/11; C0207/03; C0207/16

character (207)

characteristic (6): A0027/11; A0142/34; A0213/02; A0240/16; B1220/23; B1240/16

characteristically (1): A0435/12

characteristics (4): A0065/27; A0216/03; A0269/07; A0284/05

characterization (1): A0246/16

characterize (2): A0098/31; B0960/13

characterized (6): A0275/35; A0293/29; A0337/35; A0411/03; A0484/12; A0560/06

characterizes (2): A0269/24; C0126/11

characters (51)

charadrai (Gr.) (1): A0195/M

charcoal (6): A0248/24; B0834/32; B1092/29; B1185/02; C0071/26; C0405/24

charge (33): A0097/24; A0097/25; A0242/03; A0262/17; A0262/17; A0311/06; A0473/16; A0485/16; A0485/21; A0494/03; A0546/27; A0622/05; B0733/05; B0733/14; B0764/33; B0771/15; B0816/33; B0874/02; B0925/27; B1015/08; B1143/04; B1240/06; B1293/32; B1314/13; B1329/05; B1332/19; C0534/17; C0535/16; C0535/17; C0539/32; C0544/09; C0557/38; C0562/19

chargeable (1): B1207/20

charged (4): A0564/09; B0769/18; B1092/24; C0066/33

chargee (1): B1090/05

charger (1): A0026/29

charges (2): A0561/01; B0873/12

chariot-wheels (1): A0080/02

charicted (1): A0045/29

charitable (4): A0026/18; A0056/08; B0748/17; B1305/06

Charite (1): C0538/23

charities (1): B1271/01

charity (9): A0399/02; A0509/35; A0652/06; A0682/03; A0705/14; B0878/07; B1048/02; B1096/30; B1270/13

charlatanerie (1): A0535/04

Charles (5): A0037/12; B1031/12; B1045/01; B1045/08; B1045/17

Charles/the/Twelfth (1): B0870/32

Charleston (9): B0806/06; B0807/07; B0808/05; B0811/12; B0922/01; B1068/03; B1068/13; B1069/13; B1082/03

Charley (18): B1045/22; B1045/25; B1045/27; B1046/02; B1047/08; B1047/27; B1048/01; B1048/18; B1048/23; B1048/25; B1049/13; B1050/24; B1051/06; B1054/18; B1056/12; B1056/22; B1056/29; B1058/18

Charley’s (2): B1045/32; B1047/19

Charlottesville (7): B0939/01; B0942/14; B0942/27; B0949/29; B0949/32; B0950/11; C0524/18

charm (4): A0711/12; B0760/03; B1276/13; B1277/26

charming (1): B0902/02

Charmion (15): A0455/03; A0455/05; A0455/08; A0455/T; A0456/05; A0456/07; A0456/15; A0456/18; A0456/21; A0456/31; A0457/02; A0457/05; A0461/04; A0461/18; B1322/31

charms (4): B0726/03; B0915/05; B1277/26; B1385/37

charnal (2): B0963/22; B0969/08

charnel (3): A0236/12; A0329/15; A0689/02

charnel-house (2): A0228/16; A0232/V

Charon (1): A0096/M

Charonian (1): A0191/10

chart (5): B0989/31; B0989/35; C0418/07; C0422/22; C0429/05

Chartreuse (1): A0408/29

charts (2): A0141/18; A0144/22

chas’d (1): A0318/V

chase (6): A0020/09; A0027/V; A0565/18; B0896/10; C0546/06; C0566/31

chased (6): A0087/25; A0318/24; A0628/31; B0828/09; B0907/05; B1096/23

chasing (1): B1096/22

chasm (28): A0139/33; A0246/24; A0687/09; B1279/26; B1280/07; B1330/35; B1331/07; C0184/16; C0185/31; C0188/18; C0189/08; C0192/11; C0192/27; C0192/32; C0193/07; C0193/22; C0194/01; C0194/16; C0194/21; C0194/24; C0194/27; C0195/04; C0195/07; C0196/03; C0196/08; C0196/23; C0197/24; C0206/05

chasm-like (2): B1280/31; B1282/11

chasms (7): C0207/25; C0207/27; C0207/29; C0207/40; C0208/23; C0208/24; C0405/31

chassez (2): A0371/30; B1330/34

chastened (1): B1122/08

chastise (1): B0813/23

chastisements (1): A0622/35

chastity (2): A0165/23; B0733/05

Chateau (3): A0019/V; A0293/06; B1055/32

Chateau (1): B1045/33

chateau (4): B1003/20; B1008/28; B1019/21; B1021/32

chateau (10): A0023/V; A0024/V; A0025/V; A0025/V; A0028/V; A0029/V; A0662/01; A0663/01; A0667/06; B1014/25

Chateau-Margaux (7): B1055/18; B1055/29; B1055/V; B1056/V; B1056/V; B1059/07; B1059/V

Chateau/Margaux (3): B1046/06; B1056/07; B1056/20

Chateaubriand (1): B1144/31

chatted (4): B0796/35; B0797/02; B0797/20; B1017/24

chatter (1): B0964/17

chattered (2): B0947/32; C0421/21

chattering (1): B0945/22

chatty (2): B0926/13; B0926/13

Chaucer (1): B1095/10

Chaussee (1): A0033/05

Chaworth (2): B1121/T; B1123/05

Chaworth, Mary (2): B1122/10; B1122/31

Chayenne (3): B1160/20; C0551/23; C0551/25

che (3): A0161/04; A0344/31; A0356/13

cheap (3): A0491/10; B1141/06; B1169/21

cheat (1): A0675/12

cheats (1): B0869/22

check (10): A0180/22; A0427/27; A0608/15; B0982/11; B0983/02; B0983/10; B0983/19; B0988/16; B1074/12; B1223/18

check-book (1): B0983/02

checked (1): A0541/15

checking (1): B1003/22

cheek (16): A0053/25; A0062/29; A0196/28; A0227/10; A0231/24; A0241/30; A0298/V; A0327/19; A0328/08; A0641/V; B0893/14; B0906/29; B0962/14; B1011/29; B1239/25; C0551/40

cheek-bones (2): A0241/02; B1235/14

cheeks (11): A0247/11; A0327/05; A0330/07; A0330/08; A0442/23; A0640/11; A0665/29; B1242/19; C0142/11; C0389/22; C0406/03

cheer (3): B0931/09; B1009/17; B1281/07

cheered (2): C0117/26; C0125/25

cheerful (4): A0562/15; B1004/04; B1030/33; C0123/36

cheerfully (2): B0908/12; B0910/08

cheerfulness (1): A0398/24

cheerily (2): B0796/34; B0963/10

cheering (2): A0405/03; C0127/20

cheerless (4): A0510/04; C0072/04; C0162/31; C0571/13

cheers (3): B1049/13; B1077/08; B1078/13

cheese (1): B1011/20

chef (3): A0160/V; A0160/V; A0568/V

chef-d’oeuvres (1): A0160/V

chefs (1): A0160/06

chemical (4): B0742/23; B0832/17; B1362/16; C0429/24

chemically (2): C0404/07; C0413/22

chemin (2): A0053/13; A0062/21

chemise (1): B1185/34

chemist (2): B1358/08; B1359/09

chemist’s (1): B1363/02

chemistry (1): B0987/25

Chenes (1): C0522/35

Cheops (1): A0045/12

chequered (2): C0436/V; C0573/17

cher (2): B0906/29; B0910/01

cherished (1): B0850/16

cherishing (1): A0665/04

cherry (1): C0543/30

cherub (2): A0165/11; B0967/20

chesnut (1): C0549/25

chess (5): A0528/17; A0528/24; A0529/16; A0529/19; B1166/18

chess-board (1): A0367/10

Chess-player (2): B1120/03; B1166/34

chess-player (4): A0528/16; A0529/18; A0529/27; B1361/04

chest (17): A0566/16; B0730/07; B0826/01; B0826/07; B0827/05; B0827/19; B0828/02; B0828/18; B1046/23; B1054/04; B1057/12; B1080/05; C0081/18; C0089/22; C0093/03; C0404/11; C0407/29

Chestnut (2): B1092/32; B1093/17

chestnut (1): B1339/09

chestnuts (1): B1332/04

cheval (1): A0019/03

Chevalier (3): B0724/14; B0724/26; B0772/07

Chevalier’s (1): B0725/07

chew (2): C0130/41; C0131/02

chewing (1): C0128/33

chez (2): C0430/30; C0430/31

Chian (1): A0189/18

chibouc (1): B1167/09

chicanery (1): C0111/33

Chichester (2): A0150/M; A0166/09

Chickasaw (2): A0344/10; B1051/17

chicken (6): A0344/19; A0345/11; B0869/13; B0869/15; B1006/10; B1103/30

chicken-bone (6): A0344/21; A0344/30; A0345/05; A0345/22; A0346/16; A0347/02

chicken-cock (1): B1013/29

chickens (4): B0869/19; B1006/06; B1166/13; C0151/29

chided (1): B0879/28

Chief (2): A0274/28; A0274/31

chief (61)

chiefly (33): A0123/15; A0225/16; A0296/V; A0380/23; A0485/15; A0502/04; A0549/03; A0555/11; B0725/27; B0750/11; B0754/15; B0763/18; B0855/16; B0904/19; B0904/29; B0905/11; B0962/09; B0978/15; B0983/23; B1035/11; B1128/09; B1185/11; C0068/18; C0071/19; C0097/37; C0123/15; C0135/26; C0138/11; C0149/09; C0156/16; C0413/12; C0544/09; C0552/36

chiefs (3): C0550/04; C0554/10; C0555/41

chieftain’s (1): C0552/24

chien (2): A0019/03; A0033/17

Chienne (1): B1160/20

child (38): A0020/V; A0078/23; A0152/08; A0152/20; A0153/09; A0153/21; A0154/03; A0154/10; A0154/18; A0228/21; A0228/21; A0228/33; A0228/35; A0233/02; A0233/03; A0233/15; A0233/17; A0233/23; A0234/03; A0234/20; A0235/04; A0235/25; A0270/21; A0316/14; A0510/11; A0622/30; A0642/21; A0653/02; A0691/11; B0859/01; B0888/01; B1091/09; B1215/17; C0082/32; C0086/03; C0094/32; C0123/07; C0130/38

child-like (2): A0316/02; A0320/17

child’s (1): B0725/19

Childe (1): B1122/09

childhood (7): A0020/V; A0141/19; A0320/19; A0430/22; A0430/32; B1225/V; C0130/18

childish (4): A0399/21; A0539/18; A0610/11; B0856/21

childishly (2): B0740/30; C0079/06

childlike (1): C0145/10

children (19): A0058/29; A0128/V; A0347/29; A0427/30; A0498/21; A0499/22; B0878/11; B0914/18; B0931/22; B0992/21; B1091/10; B1096/23; B1096/23; B1122/35; B1129/17; C0145/01; C0174/24; C0391/29; C0522/28

Chili (1): A0158/06

chill (2): A0214/26; B1225/12

chilled (4): A0329/26; A0694/24; B0795/03; C0060/33

chillily (1): A0080/23

chilliness (4): A0328/16; A0428/04; B0808/02; B0964/18

chilling (2): A0413/05; A0441/V

chills (1): B1223/04

chilly (6): B0809/18; B0832/03; B0963/03; B1100/01; C0571/23; C0579/08

chimaeras (1): B0855/22

chime (5): A0483/07; A0652/24; A0673/33; A0674/22; B0865/31

chimed (2): A0534/05; B1015/21

chimera (5): A0703/07; A0708/16; B1268/06; B1273/11; B1363/36

chimerical (3): A0459/27; B1077/25; B1318/11

Chimerigue (1): A0430/27

chimes (1): A0672/31

chiming (3): A0673/05; A0673/08; B0822/32

chimney (16): A0102/01; A0340/30; A0538/09; A0543/15; A0543/22; A0547/26; A0549/05; A0557/04; A0557/06; A0567/17; B0794/18; B0832/06; B0857/08; B1110/13; B1330/29; B1336/18

chimneys (4): A0542/17; A0543/08; A0543/11; A0551/17

chimpanzees (2): B1021/10; B1351/13

chin (23): A0156/11; A0176/V; A0182/19; A0241/03; A0246/28; A0298/V; A0298/V; A0312/24; A0330/09; A0368/31; A0370/15; A0401/34; A0512/33; A0543/24; A0641/V; A0686/33; A0687/01; B0734/25; B0750/19; B0766/04; B1013/04; C0121/16; C0389/21

China (3): A0367/29; A0611/13; C0525/24

Chinese (8): A0097/21; A0344/06; A0344/09; A0348/19; A0495/07; B1101/13; C0178/11; C0179/10

chins (2): A0369/09; C0568/22

chip (1): B1329/22

Chiponchipino (1): A0380/01

chirography (9): A0274/06; A0276/17; A0277/12; A0278/18; A0278/36; A0281/19; A0283/26; A0284/12; A0285/35

Chiromancy (1): A0409/02

chirp (1): B0794/19

Chirurgical/Journal (1): B0958/15

chisel (3): A0367/20; B0929/14; B1057/04

chiseled (1): B1303/33

chiselled (2): B0893/10; B1281/35

chiselling (1): A0209/16

chisels (1): C0148/09

chit-chat (1): B1114/10

chivalrous (4): A0240/02; A0279/12; A0303/10; B1054/19

chivalry (1): B1371/03

cho-o-ose (1): A0386/05

chocolate (1): A0494/02

Choctaw (1): B1128/30

Choctaws (1): B1144/21

choice (8): A0036/23; A0583/29; A0687/21; B0904/21; B0989/06; B1014/03; B1277/19; C0546/27

chokeberries (1): C0576/05

choked (6): A0244/01; A0344/20; A0345/05; A0347/02; B0930/34; C0194/25

choking (3): A0166/17; A0345/22; A0347/30

Cholera (1): B1246/01

cholera (2): A0092/09; A0111/20

cholic (1): B1097/02

choose (8): A0026/V; A0091/35; A0111/11; A0292/V; A0338/06; A0366/13; B0732/04; B1079/31

chooses (2): B1207/34; B1364/04

chopped (1): B0925/36

chopping (3): A0580/06; A0586/05; C0149/17

chops (1): B0821/15

chords (1): A0675/03

Chorum (1): A0409/11

chorus (2): A0105/28; B1350/13

chorused (1): B1348/20

chose (3): A0033/20; A0602/07; A0602/08

chose (6): A0337/15; B1107/30; B1139/33; C0088/14; C0091/14; C0189/12

chosen (7): A0160/04; A0204/31; A0497/21; B0831/18; C0065/34; C0142/01; C0152/13

choses (1): A0036/06

Christ (1): A0120/05

Christchurch-steeple (1): B1092/11

Christendom (4): A0498/14; A0529/18; B1370/35; C0058/10

christened (2): B1045/17; B1127/25

Christi (1): A0213/06

Christian (6): A0266/01; A0431/15; B0725/16; B0887/15; B0887/16; B1048/02

Christmas (2): A0429/20; B1093/08

Christmas/Harbour (4): C0150/09; C0150/33; C0153/30; C0154/18

chronic (2): A0324/08; B0906/19

chronicle (1): A0625/07

chronicled (1): B0862/19

Chronicles (1): B0887/21

chronicles (1): A0142/26

Chronology, Chronologos (1): A0205/29

chronometer (2): C0085/28; C0416/10

chronometers (1): C0157/02

chrysalis (3): A0314/15; A0711/01; B1276/02

chucking (1): A0176/V

chuckle (2): A0435/11; B0823/20

chuckled (4): A0252/18; B0793/25; B0794/13; B0925/13

chuckling (2): A0533/14; C0397/34

chum (1): A0298/V

chums (1): A0296/V

church (9): A0340/13; A0349/22; A0352/21; A0382/18; A0409/11; A0428/28; A0428/29; B0750/12; B1303/22

church-bell (1): A0428/07

church-yards (1): B0969/06

churches (1): B1303/19

Cicero (1): B1013/02

Cicero (1): A0109/31

cigar (3): A0071/11; A0507/16; C0396/14

cigar-girl (1): B0725/18

cigars (1): B1186/08

Cimabue (4): A0160/03; A0160/03; A0175/22; A0181/19

cipher (9): B0835/17; B0835/33; B0836/06; B0837/08; B0837/29; B0838/23; B0991/06; B0991/15; B0992/18

ciphers (2): B0836/01; B0839/26

circle (32): A0314/07; A0318/26; A0580/26; B0822/13; B0823/26; B0825/04; B0904/27; B1279/09; B1293/31; B1301/29; B1301/30; B1302/04; B1351/10; B1351/12; B1352/30; B1370/15; C0159/05; C0160/37; C0161/06; C0162/17; C0163/05; C0164/06; C0190/39; C0388/29; C0394/19; C0394/20; C0417/30; C0418/07; C0418/10; C0543/21; C0562/20; C0575/35

circled (1): C0543/32

circles (7): A0146/03; A0146/06; B1092/17; B1242/03; B1242/19; B1301/34; C0557/23

circonscriva (1): A0161/04

circuit (19): A0021/03; A0243/16; A0513/02; A0589/20; A0591/20; A0605/03; A0672/24; A0685/25; A0686/02; A0686/17; A0688/10; A0688/20; A0688/22; B0990/34; B1192/27; B1283/03; B1301/06; B1302/01; C0559/10

circuitous (2): B0946/26; B0948/12

circular (30): A0366/27; A0367/04; A0368/31; A0498/11; A0502/18; A0587/10; A0590/24; A0602/28; A0687/05; A0689/09; B0730/08; B0822/02; B0842/09; B0842/30; B0842/33; B1092/01; B1239/24; B1280/03; B1335/14; B1339/29; B1351/16; C0154/24; C0190/02; C0389/15; C0398/16; C0410/17; C0410/29; C0418/30; C0418/36; C0423/33

circulate (7): B1383/32; B1383/33; B1383/35; B1383/35; B1384/01; B1384/02; C0119/13

circulated (2): B0731/19; B1378/01

circulation (6): A0107/04; A0265/10; B1136/14; B1136/36; B1137/32; B1138/29

circumambient (2): A0461/V; B1214/05

circumference (20): A0085/05; A0366/26; A0559/13; A0590/20; A0656/28; A0656/V; A0656/V; B1159/30; B1192/22; B1302/03; B1302/05; B1322/28; B1381/32; C0154/30; C0155/10; C0161/14; C0165/25; C0196/07; C0418/36; C0420/37

circumgyratcry (2): A0070/29; C0390/29

circumjacent (1): C0410/36

circumlocution (1): B1221/24

circumnavigating (2): B1159/06; C0160/05

circumscribed (3): B1275/28; C0157/37; C0550/32

circumscribing (1): B1261/16

circumscription (1): B1114/25

circumstance (56)

circumstanced (1): B0741/19

circumstances (130)

circumstantial (7): A0024/21; A0564/V; A0581/09; B0752/02; B0758/31; B1054/29; C0546/09

circumvallatory (1): A0044/30

circumvents (1): B0870/24

circumvolutions (1): C0390/18

citadel (1): A0159/02

citation (1): B0740/21

cited (2): A0499/27; B1325/11

cities (8): A0059/07; A0078/24; A0120/17; A0509/08; A0610/22; B0727/30; B1076/20; C0407/39

citing (1): B0740/16

citizen (4): A0705/08; B1270/07; C0391/15; C0394/05

citizens (14): A0087/34; A0126/01; A0128/23; B0727/25; B0949/32; B0956/12; B1044/10; B1052/02; B1055/02; B1058/19; B1370/08; C0388/35; C0390/25; C0414/13

citizenship (1): C0153/15

cito (1): A0072/30

City (3): A0213/05; A0409/04; B1385/01

city (109)

City/Fathers (1): B1092/21

City/Museum (1): B1178/19

civil (4): A0387/01; A0387/05; B1294/04; B1339/19

civilities (2): B1338/24; C0569/38

civility (7): A0056/25; A0066/14; A0155/23; A0339/02; A0346/27; B1107/35; C0566/07

civilization (3): A0609/13; A0611/12; C0565/03

civilize (2): A0337/14; A0337/27

civilized (14): A0495/V; B1350/33; C0171/17; C0174/26; C0202/26; C0521/T; C0524/30; C0528/32; C0529/T; C0540/T; C0550/T; C0560/T; C0564/37; C0571/T

clad (2): A0349/02; B0946/28

claim (12): A0070/10; A0474/01; B0854/18; B0873/14; B0958/11; B0958/11; B0977/18; B1358/21; C0056/27; C0393/09; C0432/32; C0528/40

claimant (1): B0873/29

claimed (3): A0023/25; B0897/11; C0156/13

claiming (1): A0561/32

claims (2): A0478/09; B0760/12

clairvoyance (1): B1234/17

clamber (6): A0243/23; A0351/29; B0855/13; C0075/03; C0096/27; C0143/41

clambered (15): A0138/19; A0321/19; A0565/24; A0603/25; B0817/30; B0823/29; B0841/14; B0862/11; B0945/21; B1337/20; B1353/12; B1354/22; C0095/30; C0196/22; C0542/13

clambering (4): A0567/21; B0864/23; C0096/01; C0545/03

clamminess (2): A0327/22; A0694/24

clammy (2): A0079/42; A0687/02

clamor (2): A0124/01; B0945/18

clamored (1): B1262/29

clamorer (1): B1262/31

clamorous (1): B1049/35

clamorously (1): B0877/20

clandestinely (2): B0988/06; B1114/27

clang (1): A0672/23

clanging (1): A0088/03

clangor (2): A0416/12; A0644/06

clangorous (1): A0415/28

clanking (1): B1262/18

clans (1): C0551/02

clap (1): B1090/35

clapped (3): A0372/04; A0465/11; A0486/22

clapper (2): A0340/13; A0370/03

clapping (2): C0131/22; C0168/36

claret (1): B1058/29

Clarke (11): C0070/33; C0523/04; C0523/21; C0524/12; C0527/16; C0527/27; C0528/37; C0548/08; C0551/23; C0566/39; C0574/40

Clarke, Lewis C. (1): B1141/08

Clarke’s, Lewis (1): B1141/31

clashing (2): A0591/11; C0142/33

clasp (3): A0019/V; B0745/32; B0746/28

clasp-garter (1): B0746/33

clasped (5): A0628/01; A0644/V; A0696/30; B0890/11; B1215/30

clasping (1): A0104/15

clasps (2): A0093/13; A0104/09

class (24): A0100/06; A0150/V; A0431/23; A0484/34; A0485/01; A0508/06; A0508/30; A0556/22; A0559/V; A0703/34; A0709/13; B0750/24; B0869/21; B0946/13; B1034/16; B1163/11; B1163/12; B1250/19; B1268/33; B1274/15; B1314/34; B1332/07; C0178/34; C0420/32

classes (10): A0293/29; A0432/22; A0508/15; B0758/24; B0759/19; B1006/15; B1037/30; B1037/31; B1278/28; C0546/25

classic (3): A0101/03; A0312/02; A0352/18

classical (11): A0087/30; A0098/29; A0152/27; A0311/28; A0315/17; A0348/16; A0354/01; A0430/10; B0880/04; B1370/07; B1385/17

classically (1): A0156/16

classics (1): B1385/25

classification (1): B0747/35

classify (2): B1220/12; B1220/13

classifying (2): B1295/15; B1311/08

clatter (1): A0374/13

clattering (2): A0029/14; C0387/16

Claude (3): A0707/26; A0707/V; B1272/27

clause (2): A0204/01; A0491/05

claws (10): B0812/24; B0825/22; B0855/13; B1292/22; C0167/16; C0167/21; C0190/29; C0578/04; C0579/17; C0579/34

clay (12): A0227/18; A0232/05; C0151/03; C0173/08; C0567/19; C0572/27; C0576/19; C0577/01; C0577/03; C0578/20; C0578/27; C0579/34

clayey (1): C0576/31

clean (9): A0267/35; A0286/17; A0488/25; A0543/11; A0564/17; A0627/33; B1046/22; B1279/35; B1333/02

cleanest (2): A0485/18; B0829/30

cleanly (2): B1331/29; C0545/15

cleanness (1): B1281/21

clear (89)

clear-sighted (1): B1138/10

cleared (11): A0388/28; B0822/02; B1157/26; B1298/21; B1316/32; C0146/37; C0156/01; C0550/14; C0563/02; C0567/10; C0570/30

clearer (4): A0381/05; B1299/19; B1333/24; C0571/20

clearest (1): A0440/29

clearing (3): A0029/16; B0822/11; C0179/21

clearly (36): A0021/03; A0298/09; A0315/28; A0370/V; A0388/22; A0461/07; A0539/05; A0557/29; A0600/08; A0601/19; A0622/03; A0675/29; A0687/15; B0842/04; B0869/15; B0886/V; B0928/34; B0976/16; B0978/36; B1034/04; B1057/10; B1058/21; B1058/26; B1078/22; B1106/27; B1139/20; B1178/03; B1212/22; B1298/09; B1315/21; B1329/20; C0142/20; C0146/22; C0161/30; C0184/08; C0536/30

clearness (3): A0273/17; A0379/12; A0545/14

cleft (2): B1331/29; C0183/36

clefts (1): C0571/25

clematis (1): B1282/02

Clematitis (1): B1163/25

clenched (4): A0299/31; A0588/06; B0730/08; B0824/06

Cleomenes (3): A0160/V; A0160/V; A0312/27

clergyman (3): A0509/17; B0908/26; B0916/15

clerically (1): A0428/33

clerk (5): A0104/06; A0541/17; A0541/19; B0879/07; C0088/07

clerk’s (1): A0272/13

clerks (4): A0508/22; A0508/23; A0508/31; B0879/01

clever (11): A0089/23; A0093/25; A0107/25; A0107/28; A0113/04; A0176/14; A0179/16; A0182/15; A0621/07; B0876/20; B0923/20

cleverest (2): B1297/01; B1314/05

cleverly (6): A0585/33; A0587/31; B0796/11; B1116/09; B1209/02; C0062/01

cleverness (1): C0397/35

clew (9): A0242/08; A0538/26; A0544/17; A0553/16; A0561/27; B0772/04; C0079/27; C0125/38; C0388/06

click-clack (3): A0354/13; A0354/14; A0354/14

cliff (26): A0045/06; A0578/06; A0578/07; A0578/10; A0579/04; B0841/19; B0865/26; B0865/29; B1331/22; B1332/06; B1334/36; C0185/20; C0189/16; C0197/19; C0197/32; C0198/03; C0198/18; C0198/36; C0199/33; C0538/01; C0554/16; C0567/34; C0578/12; C0578/29; C0579/09; C0579/26

cliffs (20): B0841/12; B0864/35; B1076/07; B1332/15; B1334/30; B1338/15; C0193/12; C0536/36; C0537/40; C0541/38; C0549/23; C0567/17; C0572/32; C0572/41; C0573/06; C0573/16; C0577/02; C0577/30; C0578/09; C0578/17

Climah (1): A0047/V

climate (11): A0055/18; A0065/02; A0092/19; A0111/29; A0459/16; B1161/20; B1183/15; C0093/31; C0156/15; C0202/15; C0425/33

climates (1): C0171/23

Climax (2): A0383/14; A0384/08

climax (2): B1021/03; C0569/32

climb (5): B0818/04; B0818/09; B1346/19; B1354/09; C0074/37

climber (1): B0819/05

climbing (2): B0993/09; C0544/23

clime (2): A0033/M; A0163/14

clinched (1): C0115/36

cling (1): A0154/18

clinging (3): B0961/21; B1353/20; C0425/04

clip (1): B1311/31

cliverly) (1): A0468/10

cloak (17): A0048/V; A0087/05; A0100/15; A0154/07; A0154/12; A0246/03; A0442/32; A0444/04; A0444/06; A0444/15; A0444/27; A0447/04; A0448/07; B1260/32; C0067/12; C0067/18; C0082/13

cloaks (2): B1073/25; B1078/26

clock (36): A0033/12; A0151/20; A0352/24; A0352/27; A0353/20; A0354/14; A0369/20; A0369/24; A0369/28; A0370/27; A0372/18; A0372/21; A0430/18; A0493/06; A0513/27; A0533/03; A0615/10; A0672/22; A0672/25; A0672/32; A0673/05; A0673/08; A0673/30; A0673/32; A0674/09; A0674/15; A0674/18; A0676/29; A0677/02; B0896/19; B1104/10; B1105/18; B1105/32; B1106/02; B1222/22; B1352/04

clocks (5): A0369/17; A0370/02; A0370/07; A0373/25; A0689/29

clockwork (1): B1153/33

clod (1): A0601/26

cloister (1): A0210/24

Clos (2): B1007/24; B1016/28

Clos/de/Vougeot (2): A0099/03; A0181/15

close (118)

close-fitting (1): B0890/05

close-hauled (1): C0399/21

close-reefed (2): C0104/34; C0106/21

close-veiled (1): B0945/V

closed (51)

closely (45): A0278/07; A0278/15; A0416/02; A0442/32; A0511/31; A0512/26; A0514/16; A0628/03; A0672/02; A0691/06; A0709/07; B0761/17; B0818/34; B0829/14; B0829/20; B0854/10; B0915/26; B0924/14; B0957/22; B0967/13; B1030/02; B1160/35; B1258/19; B1274/13; B1296/16; B1300/34; B1312/19; B1332/36; B1352/27; B1354/02; C0069/06; C0074/34; C0076/05; C0082/13; C0084/36; C0091/13; C0096/20; C0124/31; C0158/33; C0175/11; C0175/18; C0181/23; C0190/38; C0416/33; C0431/06

closely-buttoned (1): A0512/03

closely-interlocking (1): C0543/19

closeness (2): B0944/18; C0094/14

closer (14): A0102/V; A0404/32; A0405/01; A0532/01; A0676/05; B0833/02; B0896/09; B1010/26; B1322/14; C0076/38; C0090/16; C0167/24; C0418/49; C0432/19

closes (1): A0479/15

closest (3): A0675/11; B0962/17; C0117/30

closet (15): A0054/33; A0055/06; A0055/06; A0064/01; A0064/23; A0064/24; A0108/24; A0437/10; A0565/02; A0565/07; B0871/18; B1362/15; B1362/17; B1362/35; C0068/16

closets (2): A0436/32; B0989/02

closing (14): A0216/28; A0324/16; A0404/21; A0507/05; A0515/09; A0650/08; A0687/12; A0697/01; C0085/01; C0086/09; C0110/38; C0410/24; C0411/12; C0411/36

cloth (20): A0087/05; A0100/09; A0103/22; A0158/05; A0165/V; A0205/31; A0322/14; A0322/16; A0484/34; A0692/09; B1157/07; C0177/13; C0177/39; C0409/30; C0409/32; C0409/33; C0409/37; C0410/19; C0410/25; C0552/07

clothe (1): A0612/02

clothed (11): A0246/01; A0510/18; B0864/28; B1279/04; B1280/09; B1334/34; B1337/10; C0150/23; C0154/36; C0168/15; C0174/31

clothes (20): A0411/33; A0484/16; A0508/05; A0511/35; A0539/06; A0566/15; A0685/29; B0731/09; B0736/11; B0871/19; B0931/25; B1014/15; B1019/20; B1048/02; B1108/06; B1183/15; C0058/27; C0120/09; C0121/06; C0140/36

clothing (3): B1003/18; C0108/39; C0138/39

cloths (1): A0498/18

clotted (4): A0218/28; A0557/20; B0859/11; C0125/08

cloud (26): A0029/23; A0136/12; A0426/08; A0439/29; A0457/03; A0585/22; A0641/05; A0643/20; B1157/25; B1161/29; B1222/29; B1222/30; B1223/01; B1280/24; B1391/22; C0119/38; C0143/21; C0145/31; C0387/14; C0387/24; C0390/23; C0405/14; C0405/17; C0405/22; C0405/33; C0412/06

clouded (2): C0063/39; C0425/17

clouds (16): A0035/07; A0138/20; A0195/22; A0198/05; A0228/07; A0233/22; A0397/02; A0412/23; A0590/24; B0931/07; B1161/25; C0154/37; C0159/19; C0412/39; C0418/46; C0432/11

cloudy (3): A0578/29; B0865/06; C0542/31

Club (2): A0203/13; A0681/M

club (7): A0204/12; A0204/21; A0205/33; A0544/02; B1250/26; C0199/12; C0199/24

Club/Vingt-un (1): A0037/07

club’s (1): A0204/30

clubs (5): A0123/06; B1089/09; C0168/18; C0174/32; C0186/37

clue (6): A0544/V; A0553/V; A0561/V; B0727/13; B0993/23; B1224/23

clump (3): B1334/21; C0562/16; C0577/34

clumps (2): B1329/26; C0570/21

clumsily (4): A0136/04; A0497/17; B1193/06; C0099/25

clumsy (2): C0120/40; C0174/28

clung (8): A0227/18; A0232/05; A0578/15; A0581/01; A0586/15; A0694/17; B0945/23; C0062/19

cluster (4): A0579/12; B1301/17; C0416/18; C0543/34

clustered (2): A0152/26; B1340/22

clutch (1): B1372/22

clutched (4): A0510/22; A0558/22; C0198/06; C0406/28

clutches (3): C0073/30; C0391/37; C0561/41

clutching (1): C0399/06

Co. (4): B0879/13; B1055/22; B1361/32; C0058/29

co-exist (1): B1297/13

co-mates (1): A0617/07

coach (12): A0056/13; A0056/36; A0057/03; A0066/02; A0066/30; A0069/26; A0077/03; B1090/25; B1090/27; B1090/27; B1090/32; B1091/23

coachman (2): A0278/04; A0493/09

coadjutor (1): A0557/27

coadjutors (1): B0844/20

coal (5): B1073/05; B1073/08; C0552/05; C0570/27; C0571/17

coal-gas (1): B1073/17

coal-heavers (1): A0510/25

coalesce (1): B1034/31

coalescence (2): B1035/06; B1035/11

coals (1): A0683/02

coarse (3): A0685/30; C0150/27; C0165/15

coarser (1): C0543/21

coast (38): A0136/07; A0138/16; A0578/27; A0580/12; A0582/13; A0583/36; A0592/09; A0594/15; B0830/07; B0834/03; B0834/19; B0926/01; B1076/29; B1077/28; B1078/06; B1079/02; B1079/02; B1081/13; B1081/15; B1081/21; B1161/14; C0063/11; C0088/35; C0148/17; C0148/22; C0154/01; C0154/08; C0155/03; C0157/35; C0158/11; C0161/33; C0165/24; C0165/39; C0167/29; C0170/41; C0176/09; C0525/17; C0526/39

coasting (2): C0097/12; C0098/39

coastmen (1): A0583/25

coasts (3): C0160/25; C0178/10; C0407/36

coat (23): A0104/08; A0104/34; A0106/16; A0205/17; A0262/19; A0349/06; A0371/06; A0371/22; A0563/V; A0629/10; B0810/37; B0823/31; B0872/19; B0916/18; B1052/12; B1108/14; B1185/32; B1354/02; B1362/30; C0068/40; C0404/31; C0407/07; C0425/02

coat-pocket (5): B0910/V; B1052/V; C0092/21; C0101/17; C0204/21

coat-tail (1): A0370/12

coat-tails (1): B1194/29

coated (1): B1180/12

coating (4): B0834/28; B1351/04; B1351/05; C0394/11

coatings (1): C0533/19

coats (8): A0368/20; A0369/10; A0508/24; A0508/33; A0509/29; B0869/22; B1248/14; C0394/41

cobalt (1): B0832/22

Cobbett (1): B1115/02

Cobbett’s (1): B1141/06

cobbler (1): A0534/17

cobbler’s (2): A0536/15; A0536/25

cobler (1): A0087/03

Cocaigne (1): B1101/30

cock (2): B1021/V; B1372/04

cock-a-doodle (2): B1015/V; B1021/V

cock-a-doodle-de-doo (2): B1015/V; B1016/01

cock-a-doodle-de-doo-doo (1): B1013/32

cock-a-doodle-de-d000000h (1): B1021/02

cock-a-doodle-doo (2): B1013/32; B1013/32

cock-a-doodleing (1): B1021/04

cock-crowing (1): B1153/11

Cock-neighs (1): B1158/36

Cock/Robin (1): A0621/22

cock’s (1): A0498/10

cocked (3): A0247/V; A0368/18; A0482/15

cocking (1): C0436/V

cocks (2): A0175/05; A0181/26

cocoa (1): B0945/29

cocoa-nuts (1): A0136/03

cod (2): C0155/06; C0174/06

code (1): A0297/11

codfish (1): A0568/22

codicil (1): A0056/07

coeur (3): A0096/M; A0397/M; B1122/01

coexist (2): A0527/V; B1315/06

coffee (3): B0942/11; B1073/27; B1195/16

coffee-plant (1): C0156/02

coffee-warmer (1): B1073/27

Coffee-House (1): A0507/06

coffer (1): B0826/10

coffin (35): A0020/V; A0034/21; A0070/16; A0080/34; A0080/37; A0081/08; A0081/23; A0217/V; A0217/V; A0217/V; A0248/07; A0248/V; A0249/16; A0249/20; A0252/17; A0253/04; A0254/01; A0339/29; A0410/14; A0416/09; A0416/13; A0614/03; A0615/26; A0616/08; A0616/30; B0956/33; B0957/03; B0957/29; B0959/04; B0965/31; B0965/31; B0966/01; B0967/18; B0967/31; B1179/13

coffin-shaped (3): B1179/21; B1179/34; B1180/04

coffin-tressels (1): A0245/17

coffins (4): A0070/19; A0081/40; A0248/25; B1183/15

cognizance (8): A0561/29; A0600/31; A0600/31; A0690/23; B0770/21; B0770/34; B0961/13; B1030/04

cognizant (14): A0550/05; A0560/09; A0561/17; A0561/28; A0638/07; B0837/31; B0966/23; B1034/09; B1037/11; B1038/31; B1047/22; B1138/32; B1212/05; B1212/05

cognomen (2): A0122/25; A0150/V

Cognoscenti (1): A0384/10

Cognoscenti, Miranda (1): A0383/13

coherence (1): A0558/20

cohesion (2): C0172/08; C0172/14

cohort (1): B0985/09

coin (4): A0045/25; B0825/27; B0827/24; B1363/04

coinage (1): B1363/31

coincide (3): B0723/M; B0928/12; B1187/30

coincided (1): C0549/12

coincidence (19): A0414/08; A0414/35; A0432/29; A0432/V; A0434/12; A0556/28; A0655/07; A0655/13; B0758/01; B0829/16; B0829/21; B0829/27; B0887/22; B0888/V; B0974/13; B1044/26; B1135/27; B1144/17; B1350/05

coincidences (10): A0556/18; A0556/21; B0723/03; B0723/04; B0724/09; B0772/10; B0772/21; B0829/22; B0833/27; B1144/17

coincident (5): A0366/08; B0738/08; B0739/35; B0757/30; C0527/27

coins (5): A0496/25; B0827/30; B1303/09; B1304/02; B1304/07

coir (1): A0136/03

Col. (1): B0740/33

Col—e (1): A0035/V

cold (47): A0079/42; A0092/08; A0111/20; A0138/17; A0151/01; A0226/11; A0230/09; A0243/31; A0312/08; A0353/13; A0444/05; A0685/03; A0685/22; A0694/22; B0742/16; B0789/14; B0950/01; B0964/10; B1076/24; B1080/02; B1183/15; B1185/31; B1238/12; B1258/12; B1258/15; C0058/22; C0058/34; C0064/04; C0069/23; C0071/03; C0083/34; C0094/01; C0120/03; C0159/01; C0159/16; C0163/21; C0163/38; C0185/33; C0187/04; C0416/32; C0417/09; C0425/34; C0559/09; C0563/35; C0565/12; C0565/17; C0570/22

colder (1): C0560/07

coldly (1): A0235/29

coldness (3): A0327/22; B1040/13; B1237/17

Coleridegy (1): A0495/V

Coleridge (4): A0079/07; A0297/22; A0340/01; A0625/03

collapsed (2): B1305/08; C0396/40

collar (8): A0447/03; A0485/03; A0627/33; B0824/03; B1180/20; B1180/23; B1184/04; C0062/33

collars (1): B1157/15

collate (1): B0760/29

collated (3): B0863/18; C0428/10; C0448/V

collateral (7): A0399/14; A0709/12; B0752/02; B0752/10; B0752/21; B0757/13; B1369/01

collaterally (1): C0524/19

collation (4): A0365/13; B0836/15; B1191/19; B1315/11

collect (5): A0586/21; B0964/10; C0182/05; C0406/32; C0530/24

collected (18): A0172/07; A0535/24; A0540/21; A0625/10; A0693/05; B0736/07; B0853/10; B1322/08; C0188/23; C0188/40; C0389/20; C0398/02; C0532/15; C0536/21; C0552/26; C0570/06; C0575/32; C0577/24

collectedly (1): B0763/06

collectedness (1): A0406/14

collecting (13): A0705/12; B0751/02; B0968/25; B1239/10; B1270/10; C0078/16; C0139/21; C0155/27; C0156/16; C0172/05; C0177/24; C0539/27; C0564/20

collection (4): A0027/10; B0807/25; B0873/17; C0172/31

collectively (1): B0747/07

collector (1): B0873/16

College (1): C0427/33

college (5): A0071/27; A0293/16; A0294/V; A0294/V; B0906/16

colleges (2): C0427/34; C0427/35

collision (4): A0582/33; A0601/08; C0549/13; C0550/09

collocation (2): A0408/13; B0837/18

collocations (1): A0708/31

colloquialism (1): B1140/28

Colloquy (1): A0608/T

colloquy (4): B0821/29; B1030/19; B1059/05; B1188/17

Cologne (1): A0301/05

Colonial (1): B1162/28

colonnades (1): A0122/17

colony (2): B1159/31; C0152/24

color (52)

color-grouping (1): B1273/33

colored (5): A0022/08; A0280/29; A0325/23; A0349/14; B1250/21

coloring (5): A0320/26; A0441/11; B0814/31; B1163/21; C0538/35

colorless (3): A0500/05; A0563/V; B1104/21

colors (18): A0181/20; A0495/03; A0497/14; A0497/28; A0501/22; A0628/31; A0673/11; A0689/07; A0695/27; A0695/28; A0706/03; B0832/23; B1165/04; B1180/02; B1273/02; B1340/17; C0532/24; C0542/08

colossal (9): A0027/02; A0029/24; A0035/21; A0066/05; A0144/01; A0297/V; A0380/18; A0600/26; B1261/14

colour (11): A0312/V; A0313/V; A0328/V; C0065/09; C0151/15; C0167/23; C0171/21; C0171/41; C0193/19; C0203/30; C0204/13

colouring (1): A0320/V

colourless (1): C0171/41

Colquhoun (1): C0155/34

Columbia (6): C0070/34; C0525/20; C0527/26; C0527/39; C0528/02; C0528/19

Columbia/River (1): C0527/24

Columbiad (2): B1101/05; B1275/V

column (2): B1101/09; B1101/10

columnar (2): B1180/17; B1333/02

columns (10): A0075/01; A0145/04; A0195/V; B0734/09; B1101/10; B1143/31; B1192/12; B1192/21; B1385/16; C0577/09

com’d (2): B1103/07; B1103/09

com’d> (2): A0465/05; A0469/12

Combat (1): A0301/01

combat (1): A0356/14

combat (4): A0303/30; A0345/01; A0356/15; B0740/15

combating (1): B0734/08

combativeness (4): B1220/04; B1221/08; B1221/09; B1221/14

combats (1): B0949/14

combattendo (1): A0344/32

Combe (1): A0507/V

combed (2): A0086/27; A0100/04

combination (9): A0294/12; A0580/23; A0707/11; B0837/28; B0838/12; B0838/29; B0839/04; B1272/10; B1272/24

combinations (6): A0398/03; A0707/24; A0708/06; B0838/23; B1272/V; B1273/05

combine (3): A0536/22; A0536/23; A0558/07

combined (4): A0711/25; B1134/20; B1276/28; B1335/20

combing (2): A0566/26; C0060/16

combings (1): C0067/37

combining (4): A0531/01; A0707/10; B1145/03; B1272/09

combustibility (1): B1354/18

combustible (1): A0410/06

combustion (2): A0460/27; A0460/35

come (168)

come-at-able (1): A0653/14

comedies (1): B0878/06

comers (1): C0174/20

comes (17): A0085/11; A0124/27; A0125/23; A0143/04; A0252/23; A0319/14; A0581/27; A0674/09; A0683/19; B0733/24; B0769/07; B1091/18; B1091/29; B1091/33; B1163/18; C0430/04; C0543/06

comet (11): A0457/35; A0458/12; A0459/10; A0459/24; A0460/04; A0461/05; B0870/11; C0401/24; C0401/30; C0401/35; C0423/09

comet’s (5): A0458/30; C0401/28; C0401/32; C0401/37; C0402/10

cometary (1): A0458/18

cometh (2): A0195/12; A0383/03

comets (5): A0457/21; A0457/29; A0459/05; B1035/21; B1214/35

comfort (14): A0642/24; B0794/20; B0878/01; C0069/18; C0073/25; C0083/36; C0120/09; C0120/13; C0127/22; C0138/40; C0140/37; C0141/12; C0145/23; C0561/21

comfortable (17): A0101/03; A0205/03; B0875/15; B0879/27; B0975/16; B1008/21; B1158/22; B1186/07; B1337/03; B1347/26; C0066/37; C0068/02; C0070/09; C0070/26; C0101/30; C0545/25; C0561/13

comfortably (4): A0508/34; C0099/33; C0146/03; C0541/10

comforted (1): B1317/27

comforter (1): B0967/23

comfortless (1): A0401/14

comforts (3): A0101/21; C0066/41; C0068/19

comic (2): A0091/17; A0110/19

comicality (1): A0123/08

coming (77)

command (13): A0654/17; B0901/20; B0944/26; B1077/34; B1348/03; C0065/36; C0074/28; C0095/33; C0103/35; C0146/35; C0182/18; C0200/25; C0528/09

commandant (1): C0539/32

commanded (4): A0447/14; B1167/26; C0537/40; C0568/21

commander (4): C0156/34; C0157/14; C0166/26; C0387/M

commander-in-chief (1): C0554/12

commanding (4): A0312/09; A0349/11; A0378/17; B1247/22

commands (2): C0178/12; C0179/13

comme (2): A0035/05; B1207/06

commemorated (1): A0109/10

commemorates (1): B1304/36

commence (13): A0128/12; A0173/19; A0178/28; A0206/02; A0609/05; A0609/06; B0837/10; B0878/34; B0927/23; B1127/19; B1236/10; C0186/28; C0199/37

commenced (46): A0054/32; A0059/17; A0063/33; A0067/08; A0092/26; A0112/01; A0128/13; A0253/07; A0293/05; A0303/O1; A0382/25; A0444/32; A0479/33; A0674/14; B0836/15; B0898/V; B1004/31; B1020/21; B1075/19; B1075/34; B1076/32; B1144/29; B1178/33; B1236/34; B1277/20; B1333/29; C0070/22; C0073/07; C0077/05; C0091/12; C0108/35; C0126/31; C0136/30; C0168/06; C0169/16; C0176/04; C0187/34; C0191/26; C0193/18; C0406/37; C0536/15; C0536/28; C0554/17; C0554/25; C0567/35; C0568/27

commencement (13): A0161/26; A0278/37; A0323/20; A0348/18; B0737/14; B0754/27; B0837/30; B1270/35; B1372/16; C0113/25; C0130/13; C0204/07; C0428/08

commencements (1): B0837/26

commences (5): A0241/27; B0738/01; B1131/05; B1282/35; C0056/31

commencing (5): A0126/23; A0246/23; B0838/02; B1130/19; C0194/21

commendable (3): A0294/V; A0380/17; B1005/08

commendation (2): B1139/04; B1380/23

commensurate (3): A0577/M; B0989/20; C0421/32

comment (10): A0380/20; A0408/25; A0434/27; B0810/36; B0849/07; B0862/24; B1030/18; B1318/10; C0207/27; C0523/17

commentaries (1): B1115/23

commentary (5): A0499/10; A0531/13; A0621/12; B1091/24; B1115/11

commentators (1): B1189/16

commented (3): B0748/04; B0766/02; B1115/37

commenting (2): A0300/32; A0381/22

comments (10): A0101/18; A0544/26; A0568/09; B0728/25; B0735/03; B0735/04; B0908/28; B0924/19; B1113/05; B1114/09

commerce (4): A0381/31; C0176/22; C0178/01; C0178/07

Commercial/Advertiser (1): B0740/33

commincement> (1): A0468/16

commingle (1): C0172/07

commingled (4): A0414/10; A0568/01; A0662/04; C0444/V

commingling (1): A0614/13

Commire, P. (1): A0603/35

commiseration (4): A0071/16; A0071/21; A0078/37; C0567/32

commission (5): A0144/24; A0483/16; A0483/25; B0747/09; C0539/31

commit (7): A0366/14; B0901/02; B0932/34; B0993/06; B1113/06; B1158/09; B1359/30

commits (1): B1383/16

committal (1): B1054/26

committed (48): A0055/27; A0065/08; A0345/19; A0353/07; A0440/28; A0528/28; A0544/14; A0544/15; A0548/13; A0549/02; A0549/07; A0551/V; A0556/19; A0688/16; B0726/28; B0732/02; B0732/16; B0734/21; B0736/27; B0737/13; B0738/27; B0738/31; B0738/33; B0739/04; B0739/09; B0739/10; B0739/25; B0739/28; B0744/22; B0744/26; B0757/26; B0757/29; B0757/30; B0757/31; B0764/04; B0764/19; B0769/29; B0895/09; B0900/04; B0977/30; B0991/33; B1050/31; B1054/14; B1192/02; C0079/02; C0197/09; C0389/07; C0419/12

committee (1): B0727/25

committing (3): B0852/11; B0852/25; C0399/28

commodious (1): B1298/26

commodities (3): A0073/16; C0097/25; C0179/40

Commodus (1): A0156/17

Common (1): B1092/23

common (98)

common-place (7): A0091/11; A0173/01; A0272/09; A0341/10; A0548/V; B0850/03; B1314/32

common-places (1): A0508/18

common-sense (1): B0843/28

commonalty (1): A0242/01

commoner (1): A0440/31

commonest (5): A0210/16; A0314/06; A0314/V; B0989/02; B1168/10

commonly (5): A0529/31; A0548/24; A0689/26; C0404/11; C0432/26

commotion (10): A0123/25; A0127/13; A0512/11; A0610/07; B0958/33; B1352/28; C0147/03; C0205/03; C0205/15; C0545/36

communicate (6): A0072/12; A0266/30; B1038/04; B1247/19; C0090/09; C0425/33

communicated (12): A0024/22; A0056/28; A0058/16; A0066/17; A0069/05; A0446/29; B1081/20; C0096/11; C0136/17; C0392/19; C0394/06; C0565/06

communicates (2): B1038/09; B1119/20

communicating (2): A0436/27; B1071/24

communication (13): A0054/06; A0063/14; A0267/16; A0268/06; B0926/10; B1130/01; C0112/08; C0207/42; C0390/36; C0391/06; C0525/18; C0525/23; C0527/23

communications (12): B0753/32; B0753/37; B0760/32; B0760/33; B0761/04; B0761/10; B0761/11; B0769/02; B0770/05; B0770/07; B0770/11; C0426/17

communicative (2): A0382/20; C0549/38

communion (7): A0101/04; A0217/V; A0445/10; A0532/01; B1122/33; C0065/27; C0094/38

community (4): A0293/25; C0156/19; C0544/36; C0546/05

compact (5): A0144/13; B0772/07; C0094/13; C0159/09; C0395/32

compactly (1): C0098/17

compacts (1): A0054/15

companies (1): A0498/24

companion (46): A0139/19; A0139/30; A0240/15; A0241/09; A0244/17; A0251/05; A0253/15; A0381/02; A0401/28; A0404/01; A0415/03; A0445/35; A0547/02; A0564/21; A0564/22; A0578/15; B0755/25; B0825/14; B0889/06; B0891/27; B0897/24; B0905/V; B0913/08; B0916/16; B0949/08; B1002/06; B1003/27; B1021/22; C0058/37; C0061/03; C0064/34; C0066/35; C0069/14; C0073/28; C0083/07; C0091/05; C0096/35; C0101/31; C0143/09; C0182/14; C0183/23; C0197/18; C0198/30; C0199/21; C0408/33; C0532/14

companion-hatch (4): C0110/31; C0120/32; C0136/21; C0140/24

companion-ladder (4): A0137/03; C0089/21; C0109/25; C0121/16

companion-way (12): B0932/22; C0085/23; C0088/41; C0090/26; C0105/21; C0108/33; C0109/17; C0111/05; C0111/26; C0115/40; C0122/26; C0129/12

companion’s (4): A0105/17; A0251/27; C0100/21; C0183/27

companionless (1): A0025/26

companions (50): A0056/14; A0066/03; A0190/06; A0218/V; A0245/19; A0295/27; A0348/21; A0398/16; A0431/29; A0432/V; A0433/15; A0530/02; A0589/03; A0594/19; B0760/19; B0850/10; B0891/17; B0947/09; B1353/33; B1363/15; C0110/37; C0111/21; C0116/07; C0116/20; C0118/07; C0118/35; C0124/11; C0126/26; C0127/33; C0128/10; C0128/34; C0129/25; C0130/25; C0131/10; C0131/28; C0134/11; C0134/30; C0135/05; C0136/17; C0181/27; C0184/14; C0185/22; C0186/12; C0187/35; C0191/30; C0205/07; C0388/40; C0530/38; C0545/24; C0569/16

companionship (2): A0712/04; B0768/33

Company (4): B0879/17; B0879/24; C0525/09; C0529/17

company (78)

company’s (1): B1091/15

comparable (1): B0864/07

comparative (6): B0948/06; B1162/30; C0136/02; C0138/40; C0139/16; C0575/07

comparatively (22): A0426/15; A0513/10; A0529/01; B0761/28; B0831/28; B0836/14; B0862/02; B0897/12; B0980/29; B1074/15; B1074/33; B1235/30; C0095/16; C0096/37; C0118/28; C0120/25; C0159/24; C0396/11; C0400/40; C0402/30; C0403/09; C0418/12

compare (7): A0397/15; B0770/05; B0770/07; B0770/10; B1133/08; B1157/25; B1340/03

compared (15): A0356/V; A0553/15; B0898/01; B1011/24; B1071/26; B1080/31; B1191/06; B1193/07; B1280/03; C0387/20; C0401/07; C0402/32; C0408/11; C0433/05; C0531/25

compares (2): B0749/14; B1136/10

comparing (3): A0356/15; A0530/08; C0401/23

comparison (21): A0122/09; A0298/V; A0401/31; A0488/02; A0527/V; A0611/13; A0644/19; A0667/61; B0741/14; B0862/01; B1039/19; B1072/12; B1075/04; B1080/29; B1128/14; B1162/31; B1248/03; B1281/27; B1300/16; C0408/09; C0571/13

comparisons (2): A0081/33; B0863/16

compartment (2): B0853/06; B1336/08

compartments (3): A0081/36; B0980/20; B0991/02

compass (10): A0405/20; B1075/05; C0060/03; C0088/23; C0166/10; C0167/37; C0396/06; C0429/06; C0439/V; C0533/34

compassion (4): A0023/02; A0108/02; B1130/35; C0147/36

compassionating (1): A0071/22

compassless (1): A0638/12

compatible (1): B1164/27

compeers (1): A0708/24

compel (1): B0948/18

compelled (4): A0234/14; B0856/18; B0890/20; B1123/15

compels (3): B0771/28; B1114/26; B1220/01

compendious (1): B0871/30

compendium (1): A0058/29

compensated (1): B1296/11

compensation (3): B0767/26; B1135/10; B1346/16

compete (1): A0431/23

competent (2): A0650/V; B0879/01

competing (1): A0183/25

competition (6): A0432/06; A0488/11; A0708/02; B1136/08; B1138/26; B1273/01

competitors (1): B1311/16

compilation (1): C0056/15

compilations (1): A0283/29

compiled (1): B1082/03

compiler (1): B1234/03

complacent (1): A0241/17

complacently (1): B0944/16





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)