Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Complain through Cylindrical,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 65-81 (This material is protected by copyright)


complain (8): A0246/10; A0277/23; B0739/28; B0811/20; B1091/09; B1208/01; B1297/21; C0411/29

complained (3): B0990/25; B1080/04; C0141/08

complaining (1): C0561/10

complains (1): B1091/09

complaint (3): A0085/05; B0900/26; C0130/12

complaisance (1): B0816/31

complate> (1): A0470/V

complately> (1): A0467/24

Complete (1): B1141/07

complete (40): A0088/09; A0351/10; A0427/28; A0470/01; A0553/25; A0586/02; A0591/20; A0600/04; A0613/08; B0809/18; B0825/23; B0852/33; B0905/17; B0941/31; B0977/23; B1035/29; B1037/05; B1070/24; B1129/13; B1179/15; B1242/31; B1351/09; B1354/20; B1380/12; C0069/06; C0075/06; C0115/07; C0115/12; C0117/18; C0124/06; C0189/23; C0208/16; C0389/28; C0402/27; C0409/22; C0529/02; C0533/06; C0543/18; C0569/27; C0573/20

completed (30): A0102/24; A0104/19; A0105/16; A0141/09; A0217/02; A0299/16; A0691/26; B0773/25; B0815/23; B0818/08; B0831/31; B0913/26; B0980/18; B1071/16; B1081/32; B1105/25; B1143/23; B1178/12; B1262/33; C0091/26; C0092/39; C0188/14; C0190/40; C0203/05; C0207/03; C0394/37; C0411/17; C0416/06; C0523/06; C0575/40

completely (57)

completeness (1): C0190/15

completes (1): B1208/15

completing (1): A0686/02

completion (1): C0393/10

complex (6): A0294/12; A0528/25; B0907/04; B1039/08; B1072/12; B1164/31

complexion (16): A0246/33; A0401/30; A0509/19; B0735/23; B0736/04; B0768/31; B0768/31; B0769/08; B0769/09; B0770/14; B0940/10; B1114/07; B1360/24; C0168/14; C0169/09; C0533/11

complexity (1): B1039/13

compliance (4): A0107/27; A0264/36; A0441/32; B0818/23

complicate (1): B1317/04

complicated (1): B1072/16

complied (1): B1057/02

compliment (6): A0108/11; A0159/24; B0728/16; B0728/21; B1136/25; B1381/08

complimented (2): B1380/05; B1380/33

compliments (5): A0270/26; B1049/13; B1133/20; B1381/04; B1381/09

comply (6): A0074/11; A0074/22; A0285/24; A0441/33; B1110/05; C0555/27

complying (3): A0278/25; A0653/27; C0055/25

component (2): A0707/29; B1272/29

compose (4): A0338/17; A0473/12; B0899/28; B1208/12

composed (24): A0069/19; A0318/05; A0340/02; A0588/25; A0681/M; B0723/18; B0811/02; B0823/07; B0944/03; B1037/13; B1037/16; B1073/03; B1105/23; B1133/35; B1144/02; B1179/24; B1192/24; B1292/29; B1301/29; C0183/35; C0388/20; C0572/11; C0573/08; C0578/26

composedly (1): B1372/11

composing (4): A0340/22; B1130/23; B1134/07; B1371/13

composite (1): B1013/02

composition (24): A0204/08; A0278/17; A0280/34; A0281/05; A0281/23; A0282/08; A0338/34; A0707/33; A0708/24; A0709/28; B0840/15; B0905/20; B1128/11; B1128/29; B1131/21; B1132/21; B1133/23; B1137/18; B1141/26; B1272/34; B1273/19; B1273/23; B1330/11; B1371/26

compositions (8): A0266/15; A0272/11; A0275/16; A0474/03; B1133/08; B1137/40; B1138/08; B1139/11

composure (8): A0024/25; A0092/28; A0112/03; A0249/34; A0444/01; B0894/27; B0932/04; B1277/27

compound (5): A0460/24; B0869/27; B0922/12; B1154/24; C0403/15

comprehend (49): A0069/01; A0262/22; A0378/12; A0388/34; A0514/12; A0535/05; A0555/26; A0559/30; A0583/11; A0609/03; A0624/24; A0683/31; A0696/13; B0736/26; B0752/09; B0761/24; B0855/09; B0922/22; B0927/32; B0939/05; B1010/11; B1035/25; B1037/01; B1039/28; B1105/07; B1108/24; B1115/26; B1131/26; B1134/13; B1135/13; B1137/32; B1158/31; B1185/01; B1190/16; B1191/10; B1213/15; B1220/16; B1233/12; B1260/19; B1291/03; B1293/36; B1294/11; B1301/08; B1339/04; C0063/30; C0176/36; C0190/36; C0392/28; C0537/29

comprehended (13): A0096/19; A0302/16; A0383/18; A0593/19; A0706/04; B0986/13; B1035/33; B1194/35; B1208/11; B1240/21; B1271/07; C0170/14; C0388/01

comprehending (2): A0058/13; B0748/17

comprehensible (3): A0529/29; B1220/25; B1313/15

comprehension (19): A0080/31; A0086/07; A0096/20; A0112/07; A0217/09; A0252/29; A0389/15; A0529/22; A0534/08; A0545/28; A0555/26; B0975/13; B1037/33; B1038/02; B1130/26; B1138/29; B1222/13; B1302/01; C0427/14

comprehensive (6): A0086/15; A0611/33; B0752/28; B0990/17; B1294/18; C0178/04

comprehind> (1): A0466/06

compressed (3): B0853/25; B0967/13; B0980/03

compressing (1): C0397/39

compression (4): A0509/20; C0400/40; C0401/41; C0404/10

comprising (3): A0430/04; C0053/T; C0152/11

compromised (1): A0487/26

comptant (1): B1135/18

compting-house (1): A0276/03

comptoir (1): B0753/08

compulsory (1): A0022/22

computation (1): A0138/12

computations (1): B1186/17

computed (1): C0423/19

comrades (1): C0563/18

Comus (1): A0347/26

con (1): A0621/01

con (2): B1144/22; C0065/01

concated> (1): A0468/V

concave (3): B1080/13; B1336/11; C0418/30

concavity (4): B1080/35; C0408/02; C0408/16; C0412/05

conceal (23): A0053/17; A0055/20; A0062/24; A0065/03; A0127/11; A0150/V; A0163/24; A0326/01; A0564/07; A0567/V; A0568/11; B0906/10; B0977/05; B0979/30; B0985/31; B0990/16; B0990/18; C0087/13; C0091/15; C0092/35; C0094/07; C0100/06; C0185/30

concealed (31): A0054/33; A0063/34; A0296/V; A0434/22; A0552/22; A0675/10; B0759/14; B0769/V; B0834/07; B0834/15; B0842/24; B0889/29; B0899/05; B0906/09; B0906/21; B0978/24; B0978/27; B0986/03; B0988/32; B1337/08; B1374/24; C0068/35; C0072/19; C0080/28; C0105/05; C0523/30; C0536/32; C0542/33; C0548/39; C0571/07; C0575/41

concealing (8): A0163/19; A0567/13; B0856/29; B0901/27; B0958/05; B1052/12; B1182/05; C0068/10

concealment (18): A0018/V; A0141/02; A0141/10; A0141/33; A0530/20; A0564/07; B0796/05; B0858/12; B0986/01; B0986/03; B0986/13; B0988/35; B1053/26; B1057/36; C0069/12; C0186/32; C0189/04; C0199/09

concealments (1): B0756/29

conceals (1): B1018/07

conceded (1): A0458/02

conceit (2): A0079/39; B1114/18

conceited (1): A0483/V

conceits (1): B0865/23

conceivable (7): A0295/13; A0379/11; B1074/20; B1214/13; B1299/31; B1315/08; C0201/15

conceive (44): A0073/03; A0136/25; A0145/20; A0275/25; A0294/12; A0374/06; A0381/18; A0432/16; A0482/04; A0579/01; A0710/31; B0762/21; B0764/05; B0764/05; B0855/23; B0864/37; B0962/19; B1034/01; B1034/24; B1034/33; B1035/01; B1078/29; B1194/07; B1275/33; B1297/06; B1297/17; B1297/19; B1302/22; B1314/10; B1314/15; B1315/18; B1315/22; B1315/26; B1315/27; B1315/35; B1332/36; B1333/10; B1340/13; B1350/22; C0059/39; C0063/07; C0143/23; C0182/10; C0427/14

conceived (42): A0053/21; A0096/15; A0226/24; A0230/23; A0353/25; A0402/30; A0473/33; A0592/21; A0615/19; A0667/63; A0704/22; A0705/26; B0789/09; B0904/20; B0960/34; B0966/V; B0982/26; B1070/27; B1101/13; B1129/07; B1130/25; B1269/21; B1270/24; B1274/06; B1297/10; B1337/34; B1358/08; B1363/26; B1374/23; C0087/23; C0127/19; C0145/02; C0182/35; C0185/27; C0196/25; C0197/16; C0398/29; C0402/20; C0404/12; C0421/33; C0425/24; C0432/43

conceiving (2): B0807/32; B1037/36

concentrate (1): B0751/30

concentrated (1): A0546/02

concentration (3): A0406/15; A0707/16; B1272/14

concentrations (1): A0499/V

concentrative (2): A0528/31; A0529/27

concentric (1): A0146/02

conception (33): A0071/01; A0079/34; A0104/05; A0158/12; A0276/36; A0293/03; A0555/24; A0581/09; A0615/05; A0707/02; B0829/35; B0869/10; B0895/14; B1034/18; B1035/02; B1038/01; B1039/30; B1115/35; B1115/36; B1160/29; B1213/30; B1239/34; B1248/09; B1277/14; B1301/33; B1315/30; B1315/31; B1322/20; C0124/10; C0182/02; C0185/10; C0404/20; C0573/30

conceptions (9): A0078/18; A0141/26; A0141/27; A0234/03; A0405/28; A0673/13; C0073/17; C0078/12; C0197/33

concern (6): A0085/09; B0756/30; B0948/10; C0055/08; C0190/36; C0538/32

concerned (9): A0234/15; B0728/13; B0836/02; B0993/02; B1184/24; B1233/04; C0086/18; C0092/29; C0528/06

concerning (16): A0263/07; A0275/23; A0301/11; B0734/18; B0890/17; B0988/31; B1031/02; B1129/16; B1189/24; B1190/23; B1303/10; C0205/06; C0207/36; C0389/02; C0395/20; C0413/16

concerns (9): A0250/19; A0250/19; A0286/10; A0428/12; A0434/11; A0445/03; B0877/15; B1357/09; C0093/04

concert (3): A0355/15; B1015/03; B1046/V

concerted (3): A0094/20; A0355/18; C0151/41

concerto (1): B1015/05

concessions (1): A0555/29

concetto (1): A0161/03

concierge (1): A0546/20

conciliate (1): C0393/07

conciliation (1): B0866/18

concise (2): A0386/25; A0654/V

concision (1): A0402/22

conclave (1): B1127/12

conclude (6): A0075/05; A0109/19; A0150/V; B0819/29; B0879/19; C0082/40

concluded (50): A0054/02; A0063/11; A0107/15; A0323/25; A0414/02; A0631/01; B0728/16; B0822/35; B0828/22; B0844/18; B0892/28; B0899/13; B0913/18; B0915/07; B0991/11; B1005/21; B1052/02; B1056/06; B1076/09; B1102/11; B1106/19; B1115/31; B1135/07; B1135/24; B1140/06; B1157/12; B1178/07; B1193/14; B1239/18; B1248/05; C0056/21; C0076/10; C0076/25; C0077/29; C0084/21; C0092/14; C0092/30; C0117/31; C0118/02; C0126/06; C0141/32; C0159/26; C0168/22; C0172/26; C0174/15; C0184/09; C0425/31; C0539/11; C0539/26; C0558/21

concludes (1): B0772/08

concluding (15): A0299/05; A0319/30; A0356/11; B0724/10; B1114/29; B1139/15; B1185/14; B1226/14; B1240/05; B1318/03; B1331/05; C0080/13; C0129/35; C0175/27; C0429/28

conclusion (53)

conclusions (7): A0212/21; A0402/18; A0535/13; A0709/11; B0991/26; C0208/13; C0439/V

conclusive (12): A0150/V; A0553/14; A0583/12; B0732/29; B0738/03; B0738/04; B1054/32; B1136/01; C0207/31; C0429/48; C0546/10; C0546/23

conclusively (1): B0751/V

concocted (4): A0433/22; B0915/19; B1194/06; B1219/17

concocting (1): B0916/29

concoctor (1): B1101/30

Concord (2): B1371/31; B1372/03

concordance (1): B0815/V

concrete (1): A0405/27

concretely (1): B1178/04

concubines (2): A0126/17; A0127/22

concur (1): C0162/08

concurred (1): A0491/06

concurrence (2): A0655/15; A0708/24

concussion (8): A0079/17; C0115/27; C0181/41; C0184/09; C0184/27; C0190/05; C0396/34; C0446/V

concussions (1): B1080/20

Condamnes (1): A0106/05

condemn (1): C0134/41

condemnation (1): A0252/11

condemned (4): A0204/34; A0684/24; A0684/29; B1224/02

condemning (1): C0095/01

condensation (7): A0408/20; C0394/33; C0401/41; C0410/38; C0420/18; C0424/33; C0535/41

condense (2): C0402/22; C0419/32

condensed (6): B1236/24; B1321/02; B1321/04; B1321/14; C0402/13; C0409/15

condenser (9): C0407/06; C0409/09; C0409/14; C0410/34; C0411/07; C0416/11; C0420/39; C0424/07; C0424/12

condensing (4): C0396/09; C0405/15; C0407/30; C0424/39

condescended (5): A0251/02; A0625/23; B1109/06; B1208/18; C0188/15

condescends (1): B1381/03

condescension (1): A0045/27

condiment (1): B1178/06

condition (122)

conditionally (1): C0394/06

conditioned (1): B0887/14

conditions (20): A0252/05; A0408/08; A0408/12; A0638/17; A0687/29; A0703/17; B0742/21; B0757/04; B0890/30; B1037/06; B1090/13; B1207/11; B1213/17; B1214/06; B1220/30; B1268/16; B1268/28; C0097/31; C0099/28; C0134/14

condor (2): A0152/04; A0318/20

Condorcet (5): A0109/32; A0176/09; A0180/30; A0703/05; B1268/05

conduct (44): A0021/07; A0026/18; A0151/10; A0248/29; A0300/02; A0386/18; A0432/19; A0442/19; B0747/26; B0810/35; B0812/14; B0843/34; B0894/15; B0895/29; B0899/11; B0926/05; B1014/01; B1032/12; B1054/19; B1116/03; B1183/12; B1183/23; B1207/12; B1221/07; C0059/30; C0066/12; C0076/23; C0080/32; C0081/23; C0093/06; C0100/31; C0101/04; C0123/25; C0128/13; C0129/01; C0131/19; C0131/32; C0134/34; C0169/12; C0177/16; C0555/29; C0566/36; C0569/09; C0569/18

conducted (9): A0104/21; A0296/V; A0400/23; B0731/25; B1007/26; B1059/02; B1329/07; C0139/23; C0175/05

conducting (1): A0508/20

conductor (1): B1127/10

conduit (2): A0053/14; A0062/21

cone (4): A0122/30; C0154/35; C0154/36; C0388/29

cones (1): B1092/17

confectioner (2): A0543/01; A0560/06

confederacy (1): B1299/29

confederation (1): A0204/03

confer (1): B0874/01

conference (7): A0024/24; A0045/10; A0339/17; A0339/19; B0925/07; B1128/07; C0066/23

conferred (2): B1152/19; B1346/05

confess (33): A0163/21; A0205/02; A0251/29; A0324/26; A0355/33; A0366/04; A0388/25; A0533/13; A0564/08; B0809/27; B0840/04; B0851/06; B0855/16; B0908/08; B0923/02; B0924/15; B0926/28; B0932/32; B0993/12; B1017/07; B1017/18; B1101/06; B1104/13; B1133/11; B1190/18; B1191/09; B1225/17; B1271/04; B1310/08; B1358/23; B1382/32; C0166/25; C0415/01

confessed (9): A0106/01; A0145/26; A0166/V; A0583/11; B0907/21; B1359/04; B1375/10; C0064/36; C0569/12

confessing (1): A0166/12

confession (12): A0058/28; B0724/21; B0772/V; B0887/05; B0906/13; B0906/24; B0906/25; B1057/28; B1058/11; B1225/11; B1225/V; B1363/33

Confessions (1): A0339/29

confessions (2): A0317/20; B0723/22

confessor (1): B1154/12

confessors (1): A0506/04

confide (2): B0816/07; C0563/38

confided (2): A0532/10; B0976/07

confidence (23): A0037/11; A0075/12; A0205/04; A0301/17; A0316/02; A0350/04; A0389/10; A0446/29; B0748/26; B0755/12; B0764/22; B0765/10; B0765/10; B0796/29; B0941/15; B0983/25; B1006/18; B1142/07; B1313/19; C0091/25; C0172/27; C0404/15; C0416/07

confident (6): A0297/V; A0350/10; A0384/14; B1369/17; C0095/36; C0166/17

confidential (2): A0303/08; C0527/20

confidentially (1): B1092/27

confidently (6): A0667/67; B0730/20; B1059/20; B1360/32; C0088/02; C0402/25

confiding (3): B0906/10; C0094/37; C0199/22

configuration (1): A0215/V

confine (9): A0069/18; A0247/33; A0352/18; B0752/03; B1038/19; B1297/26; B1316/10; C0198/03; C0536/24

confined (29): A0070/31; A0079/39; A0081/05; A0144/02; A0173/07; A0178/12; A0248/19; A0330/14; A0406/08; A0565/03; A0601/18; A0616/08; B0749/20; B0811/25; B1004/23; B1006/24; B1089/14; B1090/16; B1295/31; B1311/28; C0071/26; C0081/39; C0084/36; C0112/04; C0402/10; C0410/41; C0418/09; C0552/30; C0562/29

confinement (7): B1004/15; B1016/34; B1163/38; C0094/16; C0095/14; C0095/22; C0096/14

confines (4): A0530/06; A0582/35; C0182/32; C0399/41

confining (5): A0056/05; A0065/28; A0496/20; B1163/06; C0090/19

confirm (4): B0946/07; B1052/07; C0208/10; C0413/15

confirmation (8): A0064/15; A0536/09; B0822/28; B1049/30; C0208/05; C0407/19; C0423/25; C0439/V

confirmed (15): A0059/24; A0684/13; A0689/33; A0708/23; B0723/23; B0837/24; B0842/01; B0916/06; B1030/24; B1058/28; B1234/21; B1273/18; B1349/23; C0094/18; C0192/12

conflagraticn (3): A0027/16; A0123/29; B0852/33

conflict (3): B1314/25; C0186/32; C0579/03

conflicting (7): A0157/25; A0298/V; A0414/35; A0580/13; B0747/18; B1189/14; C0157/17

conformation (10): A0103/33; A0104/31; A0216/04; A0293/09; A0298/V; A0379/32; A0402/19; A0460/18; B1247/29; B1249/27

conformity (1): B1055/15

confound (6): A0437/24; A0496/28; A0705/17; B0982/04; B1139/11; B1270/16

confounded (21): A0212/13; A0245/21; A0262/27; A0410/V; A0434/13; A0499/30; A0530/28; A0547/19; A0613/03; A0650/15; A0664/23; A0690/11; B0737/05; B0894/28; B0914/05; B0987/20; B1114/30; B1144/01; B1178/03; B1207/35; B1247/18

confounding (2): A0547/31; B1138/08

confounds (2): A0581/11; A0600/02

confront (1): B0894/25

confronted (4): A0330/02; A0676/23; B0894/33; B1225/18

confronting (3): A0299/23; B0911/14; B1102/22

confronts (1): B1280/30

Confucius (1): A0089/27

confused (19): A0078/12; A0151/15; A0217/05; A0354/04; A0436/17; A0590/28; A0608/09; A0673/01; B0826/15; B0826/34; B0873/13; B0908/08; B1096/19; C0059/35; C0063/39; C0068/37; C0070/37; C0077/06; C0116/15

confusedly (6): A0046/22; A0511/20; B0961/01; B0990/30; B1283/10; B1328/05

confusion (43): A0078/13; A0079/12; A0079/13; A0140/28; A0280/03; A0280/09; A0281/24; A0347/28; A0374/05; A0447/30; A0508/14; A0515/21; A0589/14; A0599/V; A0626/02; A0686/30; A0688/23; B0726/05; B0744/25; B0839/10; B0839/V; B0894/06; B0907/01; B0908/23; B0930/35; B0945/18; B0977/11; B1020/09; B1033/33; B1036/16; B1076/19; B1325/04; B1350/20; C0073/18; C0089/16; C0110/27; C0116/22; C0165/01; C0166/36; C0198/20; C0422/09; C0429/07; C0557/34

confutation (2): A0067/29; A0074/33

confute (1): A0067/16

confuted (1): B0740/26

congeal (1): A0218/V

congealed (1): A0218/17

congealing (1): C0060/41

congenial (1): A0025/24

congeniality (1): A0433/07

conger (1): C0174/06

conglomeration (2): B1038/22; B1191/04

congratulate (3): B1179/18; C0115/10; C0129/14

congratulated (6): A0382/21; A0413/19; A0687/16; B0909/12; C0070/22; C0189/10

congratulating (1): C0188/35

congregated (2): B1332/36; C0549/04

congregation (1): C0562/26

Congress (3): A0623/34; B0956/13; C0527/20

conic (2): A0176/02; A0182/01

conical (6): A0086/28; A0100/04; B1257/19; C0415/31; C0422/31; C0576/29

conjecture (5): A0445/15; A0527/M; A0667/44; A0695/17; C0208/13

conjectures (3): B0923/03; C0073/23; C0126/16

conjoined (3): A0189/14; A0432/19; C0207/39

conjoining (1): B1123/02

conjointly (2): B0859/05; B1283/13

conjunction (2): B1298/25; C0392/18

conjured (2): A0414/31; A0683/12

conjurer (1): C0427/18

conjuror (2): B0817/03; B1166/25

conjurors (2): B1166/16; B1169/06

Connaught (3): A0465/05; A0467/26; A0468/22

connect (2): A0402/11; C0073/19

connected (37): A0209/21; A0320/13; A0329/24; A0408/11; A0427/33; A0428/16; A0432/25; A0478/31; A0536/20; B0754/05; B0828/26; B0830/28; B0835/29; B1047/23; B1069/29; B1071/13; B1137/11; B1138/06; B1139/09; B1180/13; B1248/26; B1334/03; B1361/02; B1362/19; C0055/13; C0065/30; C0075/40; C0079/29; C0085/08; C0087/04; C0118/22; C0193/10; C0207/01; C0207/11; C0392/27; C0394/25; C0409/38

connecting (4): B1071/21; B1077/12; B1159/02; C0071/07

connection (18): A0079/11; A0097/20; A0262/01; A0282/16; A0296/19; A0315/02; A0486/24; B0754/20; B0771/22; B0816/11; B0831/07; B1301/27; B1352/35; B1364/08; C0207/35; C0425/28; C0426/03; C0426/05

connections (3): A0704/22; B0902/06; B1269/21

connexion (15): A0315/V; A0436/04; B0731/28; B0751/08; B0757/26; B0770/32; B0770/33; B0829/23; B0831/04; B0831/23; B0833/07; C0064/12; C0101/06; C0208/14; C0208/16

connexions (1): A0539/27

connings (1): A0431/03

connivance (2): A0295/16; B0733/03

connoisseur (1): A0379/27

connoisseurship (1): B1257/07

conoissance (1): C0430/36

conquer (2): B0907/19; B0907/26

conquered (4): A0155/15; A0155/17; A0319/22; A0448/13

Conqueror (2): A0319/18; B0961/24

conqueror (2): A0319/22; A0414/19

conquerors (1): A0046/01

conquers (2): A0528/31; B0870/28

consated> (1): A0468/25

Conscience (1): A0426/M

conscience (18): A0021/13; A0108/17; A0490/27; A0507/02; A0568/15; A0626/18; A0629/27; B0853/30; B1045/05; B1059/21; B1153/15; B1169/26; B1178/09; B1185/20; B1207/13; B1271/01; C0107/21; C0558/41

conscientiously (8): A0065/16; A0386/09; A0474/01; A0627/17; B0871/06; B0873/33; B1050/13; B1192/34

conscientiousness (1): B1054/30

conscious (14): A0081/10; A0091/28; A0105/05; A0110/30; A0227/08; A0231/19; A0231/20; A0379/23; A0567/12; B0830/29; B0894/11; B0959/12; B1372/11; C0198/22

consciousness (26): A0022/14; A0079/29; A0080/10; A0166/24; A0226/32; A0226/33; A0231/06; A0399/24; A0406/20; A0612/31; A0615/33; A0616/01; A0616/17; A0663/V; A0682/19; A0683/29; B0944/10; B0948/01; B0961/27; B0962/36; B1279/02; B1317/24; C0063/33; C0130/21; C0397/12; C0397/32

consecrated (3): A0044/18; A0123/21; B1089/19

consecutive (2): B0928/33; B1104/11

consekvence (1): B1375/20

consent (9): A0651/12; A0653/12; A0653/13; B0901/21; B1096/01; B1107/13; B1346/06; C0135/33; C0141/37

consented (13): A0243/07; B0841/09; B0907/31; B0908/07; B0941/08; B0963/31; B1032/13; B1185/08; B1295/03; B1310/16; C0056/08; C0128/03; C0171/06

consenting (2): B0755/27; B0830/23

consequence (1): B1114/03

consequence (46): A0142/32; A0209/07; A0240/19; A0274/12; A0295/21; A0296/01; A0351/06; A0483/17; A0488/11; A0538/06; A0592/35; A0601/01; A0629/16; A0651/26; A0690/13; B0736/09; B0761/04; B0930/16; B0969/10; B1005/10; B1045/18; B1046/01 °; B1074/24; B1105/13; B1143/21; B1163/40; B1234/11; B1296/18; B1301/27; B1321/17; B1321/18; B1352/34; C0064/21; C0092/13; C0094/19; C0392/30; C0405/36; C0410/26; C0416/04; C0417/20; C0420/01; C0424/03; C0446/V; C0542/27; C0547/35; C0549/14

consequences (29): A0019/14; A0053/30; A0063/01; A0227/02; A0231/13; A0249/21; A0542/28; A0567/22; A0625/20 ; A0706/33; B0723/M; B0765/05; B0849/08; B1214/23; B1222/05; B1233/25; B1271/34; B1300/09; B1364/28; C0097/29; C0098/07; C0131/05; C0137/07; C0162/34; C0390/26; C0396/31; C0406/30; C0414/27; C0424/20

consequent (17): A0286/08; A0399/14; A0499/03; B0735/17; B0752/34; B0806/04; B0962/22; B0989/V; B1074/29; B1081/01; C0097/35; C0098/01; C0145/12; C0404/04; C0410/24; C0426/01; C0556/06

consequently (39): A0035/27; A0072/26; A0109/03; A0136/04; A0140/23; A0152/02; A0266/27; A0276/25; A0280/26; A0337/07; A0343/01; A0459/16; A0696/26; B0851/17; B0863/27; B0887/02; B0926/02; B1052/13; B1075/03; B1314/24; B1369/15; C0056/10; C0056/24; C0061/12; C0070/41; C0084/32; C0088/31; C0090/12; C0128/41; C0133/06; C0136/34; C0148/04; C0182/23; C0402/34; C0411/40; C0415/16; C0420/16; C0430/10; C0535/41

conservatione (1): A0638/M

conservatories (1): B1007/18

considdeble (1): B1373/21

consider (27): A0034/08; A0097/02; A0300/08; A0340/25; A0341/08; A0491/18; B0727/29; B0756/V; B0758/04; B0765/19; B0819/03; B0842/14; B0890/20; B0965/18; B0979/02; B0985/12; B1007/34; B1040/04; B1040/05; B1107/30; B1183/32; B1233/01; B1301/31; B1329/05; C0179/10; C0407/18; C0521/01

considerable (21): A0103/30; A0138/01; A0263/16; A0441/05; A0538/11; B0874/03; B1054/03; B1179/02; B1280/03; B1282/31; B1334/25; B1361/34; B1379/34; C0079/14; C0095/40; C0148/02; C0169/14; C0188/38; C0394/34; C0403/31; C0419/30

considerably (18): A0278/34; A0589/11; B0903/05; B0928/25; B1073/35; B1079/16; B1179/34; B1331/27; B1336/06; C0123/20; C0140/01; C0398/22; C0418/44; C0424/14; C0535/20; C0540/19; C0572/09; C0576/15

considerate (4): A0352/10; A0650/10; B0897/03; B1104/25

consideration (67)

considerations (21): A0398/05; A0458/08; A0547/27; B0961/29; B0990/04; B0993/01; B1032/06; B1096/35; B1214/18; B1302/13; C0074/12; C0095/20; C0112/15; C0126/22; C0161/20; C0166/15; C0182/31; C0399/38; C0400/21; C0402/14; C0404/18

Considered (1): B0869/T

considered (93)

considering (2): A0544/29; B1273/36

considers (2): A0530/09; B1281/09

consigned (9): A0092/23; A0111/33; B0831/12; B0859/14; B0962/29; B1132/31; B1186/20; B1226/14; C0098/26

consignee (1): C0098/25

consigning (3): B0771/12; B0897/01; B1240/05

consist (4): A0226/30; A0231/04; B0864/28; B1280/13

consisted (25): A0087/28; A0211/20; A0245/25; A0293/21; A0296/18; B0732/27; B0826/12; B0841/11; B0889/08; B0984/33; B1187/16; B1192/21; B1333/25; B1340/07; C0093/01; C0168/18; C0173/03; C0173/15; C0174/40; C0175/33; C0180/23; C0530/36; C0534/22; C0542/11; C0548/14

consistency (15): A0080/11; B0843/26; B0843/29; B1276/26; B1298/10; B1298/12; B1298/22; B1298/23; B1316/21; B1316/34; B1316/34; B1316/35; C0171/39; C0204/14; C0535/36

consistent (2): B1301/13; B1316/19

consisting (10): A0100/28; A0136/31; A0246/27; A0262/36; A0262/37; A0263/01; A0611/27; C0098/21; C0546/36; C0551/03

Consistory (1): B1390/14

consists (15): A0161/08; A0341/12; A0342/06; A0582/08; A0710/24; B0806/07; B1071/10; B1160/15; B1163/28; B1169/17; B1275/27; C0151/14; C0152/38; C0154/24; C0577/21

consolation (7): A0435/07; A0510/02; B0900/26; B0965/24; B1170/02; B1346/10; C0145/01

consolations (1): B0900/14

consolatory (3): A0054/12; A0063/19; C0100/25

console (3): B0898/11; C0088/32; C0120/18

consoled (1): A0385/03

consoles (1): B0873/05

consolidation (1): B1194/09

consoling (4): A0057/22; A0068/05; B0896/11; C0076/17

consort (1): A0250/12

conspicuous (8): A0178/10; A0240/14; A0247/22; A0382/V; B0850/09; B0861/08; B0864/31; C0423/32

conspicuously (3): A0104/08; B0764/15; B0991/07

conspiracy (2): B1018/35; B1092/19

conspire (1): B0865/09

conspired (1): B0726/29

constables (3): B0879/31; B1053/20; B1053/27

constant (19): A0225/21; A0229/18; A0415/14; A0612/13; A0613/34; A0623/12; B0949/08; B0989/21; B1078/19; B1278/16; B1278/17; B1279/12; C0084/04; C0089/13; C0121/25; C0138/08; C0167/04; C0425/36; C0576/11

Constantinople (1): A0667/14

constantly (24): A0368/01; A0434/10; A0500/09; A0579/18; A0582/10; B0928/24; B1126/08; B1136/16; C0055/06; C0089/12; C0095/20; C0114/14; C0117/09; C0123/37; C0141/18; C0157/38; C0180/17; C0203/18; C0203/23; C0401/14; C0401/34; C0403/24; C0416/20; C0548/25

consternation (2): A0053/11; A0062/17

constituent (4): A0271/04; A0273/16; A0527/V; C0393/36

constitute (7): A0631/10; A0708/19; A0708/20; B1273/14; B1273/15; C0173/35; C0207/43

constituted (10): A0141/24; A0429/12; A0431/22; B0724/16; B0747/25; B0765/12; B0769/10; B0854/05; B0855/25; B1021/28

constitutes (3): A0638/21; A0654/18; B0869/20

constituting (1): A0496/19

constitution (13): A0059/05; A0204/02; A0324/09; A0486/27; A0704/17; B1034/18; B1034/21; B1034/32; B1194/06; B1234/15; B1269/16; C0130/15; C0404/16

constitutional (7): A0402/31; A0427/25; A0433/27; A0435/01; A0440/11; B0900/27; B1346/11

constitutionally (1): A0378/10

constrained (7): A0099/22; A0106/29; A0401/22; A0672/28; B1139/05; B1381/10; C0406/34

constraint (1): A0380/15

constriction (2): A0460/16; B1080/04

construct (3): B0835/27; B1072/19; B1132/09

constructed (20): A0046/19; A0689/24; B0836/20; B0857/05; B0858/26; B0858/28; B1074/16; B1132/17; B1166/20; B1168/03; B1261/13; B1292/35; B1300/02; B1337/25; C0151/41; C0152/35; C0174/36; C0430/21; C0547/16; C0576/01

constructing (3): B0835/19; B1164/23; C0394/08

construction (19): A0081/37; A0100/35; A0143/18; A0298/V; A0479/16; B0889/24; B0889/V; B0895/29; B1034/V; B1069/26; B1072/29; B1383/31; C0106/14; C0147/16; C0393/21; C0411/38; C0425/40; C0540/24; C0552/32

constructionem (3): A0301/12; A0302/19; A0303/04

constructive (1): A0530/30

constructiveness (2): B0870/23; B1220/04

constructs (1): C0432/45

construed (2): A0159/23; B1105/04

consubstantialism (2): A0175/15; A0181/05

consul (1): A0294/V

consult (7): A0059/20; A0067/11; A0366/18; B0817/18; B0975/05; B1151/02; B1191/27

consultation (1): C0088/25

Consultations (1): C0430/32

consulting (2): B1257/28; C0537/26

consults (1): B1221/19

consumed (15): A0323/22; A0353/10; A0688/02; A0689/20; B0890/25; B0898/11; B1133/09; B1145/20; C0081/11; C0135/32; C0141/32; C0188/20; C0191/18; C0198/02; C0569/07

consuming (8): A0214/27; A0226/10; A0227/16; A0232/03; A0235/01; A0323/17; A0329/10; B1371/26

consummate (4): A0295/17; A0432/17; B0852/18; B1195/05

consummated (4): B0732/02; B0738/28; B1100/01; B1144/27

consummation (5): A0263/22; A0461/08; B1226/04; C0135/25; C0181/09

consumption (2): A0020/V; A0247/01

consumptive (1): A0249/17

contact (21): A0457/28; A0457/28; A0458/05; A0458/27; A0459/14; A0510/05; A0615/32; A0631/15; A0693/04; B0960/21; B1057/26; B1107/15; B1168/29; B1181/26; B1182/18; B1182/30; B1352/26; C0061/15; C0113/19; C0144/29; C0410/42

contagion (1): A0671/05

contain (13): A0079/32; A0373/27; B0793/22; B0925/08; B1302/27; B1381/13; C0128/06; C0131/14; C0207/17; C0390/35; C0393/29; C0394/38; C0533/17

contained (16): A0057/10; A0067/04; A0267/32; A0556/05; B0931/20; B1071/01; B1128/25; B1160/09; B1322/14; C0069/17; C0095/12; C0396/10; C0414/02; C0424/30; C0524/17; C0535/37

containing (18): A0240/T; A0264/27; A0367/27; A0537/33; B0950/05; B1004/02; B1010/24; B1011/03; B1073/04; B1073/25; B1135/35; B1304/01; B1362/30; C0068/17; C0082/11; C0137/20; C0394/22; C0415/20

contains (2): B1096/07; B1163/28

contaminated (1): C0180/11

contemns (1): A0601/27

contemplate (1): A0611/38

contemplated (7): A0105/08; A0440/04; A0441/13; A0602/16; C0522/37; C0523/03; C0536/22

contemplating (1): B0809/26

contemplation (38): A0029/03; A0104/13; A0140/16; A0166/01; A0211/27; A0215/10; A0215/32; A0314/14; A0348/02; A0352/34; A0397/22; A0405/26; A0435/21; A0486/09; A0507/29; A0515/27; A0545/20; A0600/16; A0663/09; A0696/36; A0705/33; B0756/21; B0763/19; B0772/25; B0862/11; B0929/05; B1057/23; B1128/13; B1157/20; B1192/08; B1269/36; C0130/33; C0199/30; C0391/32; C0422/10; C0422/21; C0438/V; C0537/15

contemplations (1): A0353/10

contemplative (4): A0135/04; A0610/33; B0976/03; B1102/01

contemporaries (2): B1136/30; B1293/22

contemporary (2): A0101/10; B1310/14

contempt (20): A0068/18; A0297/17; A0355/06; A0444/01; A0652/09; A0681/14; A0704/03; A0706/18; A0712/02; B1105/04; B1106/18; B1269/03; B1271/20; B1277/05; B1298/01; B1298/32; B1317/35; B1371/11; C0175/30; C0425/12

contemptible (12): A0055/09; A0064/12; A0487/03; B0975/01; B1101/28; B1137/06; B1138/06; B1138/12; B1138/13; B1191/19; B1370/32; C0432/48

contemptuous (2): B1165/24; C0557/24

contemptuously (5): B0855/37; B0991/09; B1162/21; B1191/23; B1363/28

contend (3): B1207/24; C0149/14; C0401/21

contended (2): A0101/V; A0297/16

contending (2): A0609/16; B1247/10

content (12): A0639/26; A0703/14; B0747/11; B0862/07; B0871/29; B0888/25; B0948/23; B1032/29; B1268/13; B1278/10; C0073/23; C0537/05

contented (4): A0340/31; B0817/01; C0071/15; C0140/06

contentedly (2): A0706/22; B1271/24

contenting (3): B0981/03; B1304/27; B1311/15

contention (11): A0068/10; A0537/16; A0540/07; A0541/28; A0542/21; A0542/29; A0547/22; A0548/27; A0549/09; A0560/01; B0946/27

contento (1): B0905/24

contents (36): A0209/19; A0245/12; A0273/03; A0273/35; A0277/26; A0300/31; A0302/V; A0356/05; A0530/24; A0538/05; A0566/18; A0694/02; B0826/35; B0827/20; B0828/18; B0925/32; B0977/08; B0983/16; B1053/24; B1056/26; B1073/17; B1136/32; B1310/09; B1340/21; B1349/03; B1362/26; B1363/17; C0056/13; C0080/15; C0140/32; C0390/12; C0392/15; C0403/19; C0409/41; C0410/05; C0579/32

Contes (1): A0599/01

contest (7): A0356/16; A0447/17; A0589/34; B0822/26; B1222/20; C0187/07; C0579/27

contested (1): C0201/01

context (5): B0833/19; B1115/20; B1115/21; B1115/27; B1359/21

contiguous (1): A0019/15

continent (20): A0444/32; B1075/15; B1165/13; B1165/19; B1298/35; B1299/23; B1303/13; C0150/15; C0159/28; C0166/24; C0407/38; C0419/03; C0521/14; C0524/24; C0524/27; C0525/05; C0525/16; C0526/11; C0526/32; C0527/35

continental (1): B1345/18

continents (3): A0478/21; B1299/21; C0420/19

contingencies (1): B0772/19

continual (16): A0161/14; A0321/27; A0322/27; A0348/04; A0373/28; A0432/31; B0727/12; B0963/24; B1241/34; C0071/40; C0142/19; C0146/05; C0167/36; C0203/10; C0388/30; C0540/30

continually (28): A0026/01; A0026/V; A0080/32; A0143/30; A0191/05; A0195/16; A0246/25; A0270/16; A0296/03; A0479/03; A0545/11; B0797/19; B0940/26; B0987/35; B1104/31; B1119/06; B1375/19; C0089/03; C0102/26; C0148/22; C0153/21; C0163/39; C0203/19; C0205/21; C0391/35; C0444/V; C0538/19; C0562/14

continuance (3): C0141/07; C0142/13; C0565/16

continuation (2): B1334/08; C0194/05

continue (11): A0064/11; A0142/03; A0630/23; A0686/21; B0732/23; B0825/30; B0852/18; B1220/02; C0399/35; C0403/14; C0408/35

continued (141)

continues (5): B0744/21; B1312/11; B1316/04; B1317/37; C0418/18

continuing (6): A0533/05; B0724/29; B0825/01; B1162/24; C0123/40; C0439/V

continuity (1): C0546/34

continuous (21): A0348/05; A0350/05; A0366/33; A0500/04; A0507/24; A0614/17; A0702/02; A0704/07; A0711/36; B0834/V; B0859/02; B0944/29; B0967/35; B1020/32; B1106/22; B1115/04; B1212/18; B1269/07; B1281/32; C0162/04; C0185/16

continuously (6): A0602/24; A0614/12; B0834/05; B1127/07; C0205/41; C0414/18

contortions (2): A0059/27; A0067/17

contour (11): A0023/13; A0215/02; A0234/27; A0294/07; A0312/07; A0312/26; A0434/19; A0437/27; B0746/08; B0893/10; B0914/09

contra-distinction (1): A0611/37

contract (2): B0879/20; C0401/38

contracted (4): A0623/17; B0806/01; B0950/02; C0193/15

contraction (1): B0940/18

contradicted (3): B0986/30; B1006/01; C0207/20

contradiction (4): A0433/01; A0651/27; A0651/V; B1220/26

contradictions (3): A0432/15; B0738/11; B1315/05

contradictories (2): B1297/12; B1297/17

contradictory (1): B0731/18

contradistinction (3): B1301/32; B1338/31; C0149/08

contralto/D (1): B0905/17

contraries (1): B1183/27

contrary (32): A0022/15; A0045/04; A0078/20; A0080/05; A0087/04; A0204/14; A0263/30; A0460/29; A0528/32; A0657/17; A0667/66; B0888/10; B0903/04; B1006/02; B1092/16; B1096/02; B1300/25; B1382/26; B1383/05; C0056/21; C0065/04; C0072/09; C0115/04; C0131/33; C0148/21; C0390/17; C0402/12; C0423/06; C0538/33; C0557/19; C0564/01; C0568/17

contrast (7): A0315/14; A0626/28; B1039/20; B1050/02; B1122/11; B1234/10; B1350/26

contrasted (1): B0861/01

contrasting (1): A0692/13

contre (1): B1104/V

contre-temps (2): B1005/10; B1050/19

contree (1): B0899/29

contretemps (1): B1104/30

contribute (1): A0206/01

contributed (6): A0205/05; A0400/26; A0446/25; B0928/16; C0145/23; C0406/25

contribution (1): B1135/11

contributions (10): B1132/30; B1134/17; B1136/10; B1136/16; B1136/38; B1137/34; B1138/32; B1138/37; B1206/16; B1208/28

contributors (3): B1136/19; B1137/01; B1137/38

contrivance (5): A0322/18; B0817/19; C0120/40; C0410/23; C0428/40

contrivances (4): A0382/03; B1037/29; B1157/13; C0098/34

contrive (8): A0141/05; B1292/09; C0066/35; C0069/39; C0107/14; C0119/02; C0400/08; C0414/40

contrived (39): A0295/29; A0297/26; A0321/26; A0405/25; A0433/03; A0441/04; A0441/11; A0445/26; A0651/26; A0655/01; B0807/33; B0843/06; B0914/12; B0965/34; B0966/04; B1039/09; B1058/03; B1059/06; B1073/27; B1119/14; B1120/06; B1153/08; B1206/09; C0060/29; C0101/30; C0111/10; C0129/10; C0135/39; C0142/15; C0143/40; C0146/09; C0196/18; C0198/26; C0202/33; C0393/14; C0395/35; C0415/38; C0431/03; C0561/35

control (11): A0427/08; A0446/13; A0609/19; B0772/14; B0890/30; B0907/24; B1018/14; B1069/10; B1234/16; B1277/28; C0156/14

controversy (3): A0057/28; A0075/02; B1311/17

controvert (3): B0773/31; B1122/24; C0132/19

contusion (1): B0958/21

conundrums (1): A0528/07

convalescent (2): A0324/01; A0507/07

convenience (5): A0057/13; A0248/11; A0301/23; B1321/07; C0547/24

conveniences (2): A0485/22; A0563/01

conveniency (1): B1207/31

convenient (20): A0141/07; A0347/01; A0581/21; A0650/23; B0813/27; B0923/33; B0965/30; B0988/11; B1048/04; B1069/08; B1107/05; B1298/27; C0068/04; C0068/16; C0150/33; C0165/30; C0179/23; C0391/31; C0553/13; C0565/21

conveniently (2): A0340/29; C0156/26

convention (1): B0986/34

conventional (3): B0899/23; B0903/13; B1009/14

conventionalities (1): B0760/15

convenu (1): B0987/01

converge (1): B1163/37

conversant (7): A0484/26; A0549/26; B1005/31; B1074/03; B1158/36; B1359/14; C0171/18

Conversation (1): B1322/31

conversation (67)

conversational (1): A0382/09

conversations (4): A0592/31; A0612/09; C0064/36; C0065/10

converse (11): A0241/08; A0456/27; A0507/09; A0549/26; A0641/22; B0959/31; B1075/11; B1158/30; C0537/12; C0555/14; C0574/04

conversed (10): A0527/V; A0536/17; A0540/27; A0543/07; A0550/03; B0950/27; B1007/17; B1360/29; B1361/13; C0574/31

converses (1): B0977/16

conversible (1): B1299/25

conversing (5): A0533/03; B0897/14; B1008/19; C0129/18; C0182/20

convert (2): B0941/11; B0941/17

converted (9): A0296/11; A0303/02; A0567/11; A0604/14; B0890/15; B1013/17; B1044/05; B1160/30; B1189/13

convertible (1): B1339/06,

converting (1): B1167/11

convex (4): A0443/24; A0443/25; B1080/12; C0404/39

convexity (6): B1080/38; C0408/03; C0416/17; C0417/01; C0443/V; C0444/V

convey (29): A0145/09; A0211/23; A0212/04; A0296/V; A0317/01; A0402/06; A0405/08; A0405/33; A0533/29; A0555/V; A0615/04; A0711/17; B0733/20; B0739/23; B0753/24; B0835/17; B0940/23; B1115/34; B1155/26; B1185/06; B1240/17; B1240/33; B1248/08; B1276/18; B1276/30; B1293/35; B1333/01; C0080/17; C0094/06

conveyance (2): B1089/12; C0447/V

conveyed (17): A0033/07; A0403/25; A0511/20; A0603/20; A0613/33; A0622/17; A0681/06; B0865/03; B0869/07; B0916/18; B0933/31; B0959/06; B1006/26; B1158/20; B1181/21; B1193/08; C0394/31

conveying (6): A0294/13; A0581/16; B1184/31; B1277/14; C0393/28; C0567/36

conveys (4): A0538/31; B0870/07; B0987/08; B1038/05

convict (2): B1224/23; B1313/35

convicted (1): B0772/V

conviction (23): A0225/05; A0229/05; A0459/04; B0727/20; B0727/21; B0737/19; B0752/33; B0829/26; B0843/22; B0905/11; B0961/36; B0967/33; B0978/03; B0988/28; B0988/29; B1031/08; B1220/V; B1226/17; B1236/20; B1317/22; C0056/21; C0171/15; C0555/27

convictions (2): A0226/04; A0230/01

convince (18): A0053/04; A0062/10; A0107/08; A0209/26; A0302/22; A0500/02; A0583/18; B0728/31; B0773/20; B0823/01; B0839/25; B1048/20; B1129/09; B1299/27; B1359/28; B1369/06; C0130/37; C0183/05

convinced (39): A0073/04; A0209/25; A0356/02; A0378/06; A0401/23; A0540/26; A0550/06; A0552/23; B0737/32; B0745/O1; B0796/33; B0842/32; B0894/13; B0902/03; B0927/31; B0946/05; B0977/28; B1013/05; B1031/20; B1031/21; B1048/19; B1079/24; B1119/13; B1132/01; B1183/34; B1195/14; B1248/02; B1351/02; B1359/33; C0071/29; C0073/38; C0080/19; C0096/20; C0107/07; C0107/17; C0118/23; C0160/34; C0195/16; C0432/22

convinces (1): B1031/34

convincing (6): B0902/17; B1031/17; B1031/V; B1053/03; B1247/33; B1371/08

convolute (1): A0157/25

convolutions (2): A0294/V; A0689/15

convulsed (5): A0235/24; A0675/21; B1353/16; C0081/38; C0087/26

convulsion (6): A0506/05; A0580/14; B1303/35; C0182/22; C0185/11; C0195/20

convulsions (7): A0058/36; A0069/28; A0069/V; B0989/11; C0107/32; C0142/22; C0204/24

convulsive (14): A0023/18; A0029/10; A0080/40; A0089/01; A0155/10; A0195/07; A0317/07; A0328/V; A0459/11; A0616/V; B0960/14; C0072/27; C0135/14; C0441/V

convulsively (9): A0103/17; A0217/V; A0415/V; A0684/34; A0692/25; B0967/06; C0083/01; C0198/06; C0397/09

cooing (1): C0408/24

Cook (7): C0150/19; C0158/27; C0158/35; C0159/11; C0159/26; C0159/32; C0526/16

cook (27): B1012/22; B1012/23; C0085/29; C0086/02; C0086/21; C0086/35; C0089/02; C0089/33; C0090/01; C0093/09; C0093/19; C0099/38; C0100/02; C0100/16; C0102/20; C0103/10; C0103/33; C0103/37; C0104/01; C0110/24; C0110/35; C0112/30; C0146/36; C0159/36; C0169/13; C0169/16; C0544/08

cook’s (4): C0102/11; C0102/17; C0102/21; C0103/29

cooked (1): C0151/33

cooking (2): C0535/01; C0562/14

cooks (2): A0263/03; A0263/05

cool (14): A0499/02; A0500/30; A0513/08; B0833/30; B0852/20; B0871/02; B0871/03; B1363/22; B1372/03; B1372/03; B1372/03; C0541/11; C0542/31; C0562/11

cooled (1): C0065/04

cooler (1): A0033/M

coolly (8): A0441/29; B0732/41; B0733/12; B0931/29; B1009/16; B1139/37; C0058/13; C0103/35

coolness (3): A0511/22; A0696/09; C0059/33

cools (1): B0832/24

coop (1): A0589/26

cooped (1): B1291/18

Cooper, J. Fenimore (1): A0268/10

Cooper’s (1): A0268/14

Copernicus (1): C0432/25

copied (8): B0754/15; B0993/24; B1069/23; B1128/23; B1236/25; B1360/18; C0428/10; C0448/V

copies (6): A0264/02; B0876/24; B1129/03; B1141/06; B1166/29; B1167/01

copious (3): C0069/37; C0092/24; C0203/15

copiously (2): C0119/21; C0406/17

copper (9): A0410/09; A0488/25; B1074/34; B1193/22; C0062/30; C0189/30; C0415/04; C0425/14; C0525/29

copper-colored (1): A0585/22

copper-fastened (2): A0136/01; C0062/24

copper-plate (1): A0465/30

copperas (1): C0553/02

coppered (2): A0416/14; C0062/24

coppice (2): B0807/13; B0807/15

copy (24): A0056/09; A0160/21; A0160/V; A0180/11; A0284/17; A0434/34; A0435/17; A0487/01; A0652/14; B0729/02; B0876/28; B0925/09; B0925/09; B1119/M; B1128/02; B1137/22; B1138/20; B1193/24; B1304/07; B1371/22; B1372/14; B1384/11; C0195/23; C0429/20

Copy-Right (1): B1206/01

copying (1): C0085/07

copyist (1): A0435/18

coquet (1): B0926/16

coquetries (1): A0510/13

coquetry (1): A0160/19

coquetted (1): B0748/25

coquettish (2): A0053/24; A0062/28

coral (4): A0157/V; B1282/01; C0167/16; C0178/35

coral-worm (1): A0478/20

coralliferi (1): C0546/26

cord (12): A0344/03; A0351/22; A0501/26; A0693/08; B0955/33; B1339/34; C0069/34; C0070/28; C0090/21; C0396/19; C0397/04; C0398/27

cordage (5): A0351/18; B1073/24; C0119/22; C0139/03; C0188/07

corded (1): C0165/28

cordial (3): A0026/09; B0808/14; B1339/19

cordiality (6): A0155/27; A0158/15; A0205/07; A0401/21; B0811/10; C0110/39

cordially (5): A0104/20; A0435/35; A0629/04; B0909/12; B1003/28

cordials (3): A0245/15; C0069/24; C0081/07

Cordova (1): B1011/20

cords (9): A0502/14; A0503/06; C0185/04; C0185/06; C0185/18; C0185/19; C0389/16; C0393/26; C0562/22

Corinnos (1): A0189/22

corio (1): B0870/21

cork (7): A0248/02; A0387/21; A0388/02; B1011/30; B1305/15; C0127/21; C0138/34

corked (2): B1291/06; B1310/04

corn (8): B1006/11; B1108/10; B1166/03; B1304/35; C0099/05; C0099/09; C0099/18; C0566/03

corned (1): C0576/04

Corneille (1): A0378/M

cornelian (1): A0093/13

corner (57)

corner-stones (1): B1305/07

corners (12): A0035/18; A0044/10; A0044/15; A0104/14; A0469/18; A0629/13; B0831/16; B1048/27; B1336/15; B1337/26; B1370/09; C0387/19

cornice (3): B1336/19; C0573/10; C0573/24

cornices (7): A0153/12; A0158/02; A0161/17; A0320/23; A0367/11; A0501/15; B0945/22

corns (1): B0871/12

Cornwallis (4): B1304/16; B1304/35; B1304/37; B1305/05

corolla (2): B1163/25; B1163/34

coroner’s (1): B1224/18

corporal (2): A0478/18; C0156/12

corporate (2): B1036/23; B1036/29

corporation (2): A0486/04; A0486/18

corporations (3): A0489/04; A0489/04; B1089/20

corpore (2): A0092/34; A0112/11

corporeal (2): A0093/10; A0112/21

corps (1): A0019/03

corps (2): B0960/04; B1127/04

corpse (116)

corpse-like (1): A0676/30

corpses (6): A0244/V; A0539/13; B1014/29; B1167/20; B1354/21; C0126/05

corpulent (4): A0064/18; A0348/31; A0368/23; B1345/06

correct (9): A0067/13; A0078/15; A0267/08; A0299/09; A0374/18; A0552/24; A0557/29; B1119/12; C0208/01

corrected (2): B1298/20; B1316/31

correcting (3): A0078/17; B1154/21; B1189/23

correction (3): A0653/06; B1189/35; B1273/34

corrective (2): A0069/25; A0077/02

correctly (2): A0043/V; A0536/13

correctness (1): C0162/07

correspond (4): A0672/05; B0984/38; B1292/03; C0409/35

corresponded (1): B1054/10

correspondence (3): A0264/27; B0901/01; B0991/19

correspondent (3): B1055/16; B1318/01; C0429/30

correspondents (3): B0753/35; B1129/14; B1143/26

corresponding (7): A0337/11; B0742/11; B0746/04; B0746/21; B1037/06; C0194/03; C0410/20

corridor (1): A0671/26

corridors (2): A0672/11; C0573/23

corroborate (1): A0709/13

corroborated (3): A0541/04; A0544/10; B1160/19

corroborates (2): A0540/19; A0543/06

corroboration (5): A0552/23; B0769/03; B0771/34; B0771/35; C0438/V

corroborative (5): A0556/28; B0746/20; B0751/25; B0771/08; B0991/27

corrosion (1): B0828/17

corrosive (1): A0617/07

corrumpitur (2): A0072/01; A0072/31

corrupted (2): B1310/21; C0550/28

corruption (6): A0336/04; A0337/03; A0500/21; A0612/11; A0616/11; B0742/24

Corsican (1): B1385/11

corslet (1): B1250/29

corty (1): A0356/13

corvette (2): C0156/37; C0156/40

cosmogony (1): A0536/10

cost (12): A0159/15; A0247/18; A0432/03; A0486/16; A0487/29; A0496/29; A0499/10; B1132/07; B1134/19; B1391/23; C0530/28; C0556/29

costliness (1): A0496/21

costly (4): A0444/17; A0496/15; B1073/09; C0536/25

costs (1): B1094/05

costumbres (1): A0621/01

costume (8): A0058/04; A0068/25; A0086/31; A0100/08; A0446/30; A0447/03; A0675/07; B1347/06

costumed (1): B1119/04

costumes (3): A0128/17; A0673/V; B1347/11

cosy-looking (1): B0878/02

cot> (1): A0470/23

cotch (2): B0812/26; B0812/29

cotch’d> (1): A0468/29

Cote (13): C0529/05; C0529/31; C0530/01; C0530/25; C0530/35; C0530/37; C0532/39; C0533/13; C0533/38; C0533/41; C0534/30; C0535/24; C0536/26

cotelette (1): A0094/06

cotemporaries (2): B1122/23; B1294/28

cotemporary (1): B0752/24

Cotes/du/Rhone (1): A0098/33

Cotopaxi (3): B1079/V; B1080/02; C0400/29

Cottage (1): B1328/T

cottage (1): B1246/03

cottage (5): B0864/37; B1247/14; B1335/26; B1337/09; B1337/34

cottage-built (2): A0427/V; A0428/V

Cottle (1): B1358/06

cotton (10): A0247/25; A0252/15; A0482/31; B0795/10; B0797/10; B0929/16; B0979/36; C0097/30; C0165/28; C0534/22

cotton-wood (11): C0536/34; C0539/02; C0541/28; C0541/30; C0543/18; C0560/16; C0566/14; C0566/17; C0570/21; C0572/16; C0577/19

cotton-wool (1): A0136/02

cottons (1): C0534/24

cottonwood (1): C0574/22

couch (7): A0322/01; A0322/02; A0325/19; A0327/24; A0411/17; B1106/16; B1153/09

cough (6): A0627/27; B0906/18; B1259/07; B1259/17; B1259/18; B1260/11

could (1145)

could/n’t (1): A0094/07

couldn’t (10): A0072/25; A0114/03; A0346/15; A0384/09; A0470/03; A0488/06; A0489/02; A0489/21; A0563/08; B1363/12

couldst (2): A0228/17; A0232/22

Council (2): A0369/18; B1385/17

council (4): A0250/18; B1347/23; B1350/27; C0549/04

Council/of/Nice (2): A0175/15; A0181/05

Council/Bluffs (1): C0541/40

councillors (2): B1353/27; B1354/16

Councils (1): B1092/23

councils (3): A0250/09; A0251/04; C0104/16

counsel (5): A0439/32; A0626/17; B0815/24; B0982/21; B1142/14

counsels (1): A0435/34

Count (28): A0020/03; A0024/13; A0026/10; A0177/04; A0177/09; A0182/36; A0465/31; B1185/29; B1186/02; B1186/14; B1186/27; B1187/01; B1188/11; B1188/22; B1189/33; B1190/14; B1191/09; B1191/15; B1191/22; B1191/34; B1192/14; B1192/34; B1193/04; B1193/28; B1193/32; B1194/14; B1194/17; B1194/28

count (4): A0372/19; A0443/29; B0819/17; B1130/24

count’s (1): A0023/28

counted (10): A0081/38; A0686/03; A0686/13; A0686/14; A0688/18; A0691/02; A0694/13; B1059/21; B1167/14; C0532/04

countenance (91)

countenanced (1): A0366/11

countenances (11): A0145/29; A0509/32; A0510/21; A0672/18; B1353/32; C0111/15; C0127/33; C0130/06; C0190/21; C0556/32; C0568/24

counter (11): A0587/32; A0589/26; A0593/15; A0593/24; B0726/12; C0060/16; C0060/24; C0114/02; C0124/14; C0124/21; C0162/33

counter-balance (1): B1351/20

counter/revolution (1): B1019/06

counteract (1): A0478/30

counteracted (3): B1051/34; B1074/26; B1074/30

counterbalance (2): B1345/24; C0403/04

counterbalanced (1): B1312/15

counterbalances (1): B1301/28

counterfeit (5): A0058/14; A0058/36; A0532/29; B0760/19; B0874/22

counterfeiting (1): B1362/11

counterfeits (1): B1018/09

counterpart (4): A0023/22; A0069/02; A0414/31; A0444/25

counters (1): B0827/29

counties (1): B1328/02

counting (5): A0530/10; A0530/20; B0836/20; B1081/32; C0551/27

counting-house (1): A0483/15

countless (4): A0436/26; B0945/20; B0964/32; C0575/12

countries (5): A0120/17; A0496/10; B0863/26; B1155/21; C0154/14

country (93)

countrymen (3): A0549/24; B1257/11; C0205/07

counts (2): A0037/18; A0037/19

county (2): B0874/27; B1054/35

coup (1): B1331/03

coup-de-grace (1): B1129/10

coupe (1): A0037/V

couple (21): A0173/08; A0178/13; A0241/23; A0245/05; A0347/03; A0379/14; A0532/31; B0735/28; B0817/01; B0844/19; B0875/23; B0875/32; B0916/18; B1053/19; B1056/10; B1068/13; B1138/31; B1195/17; B1302/18; C0122/36; C0143/31

coupled (4): A0027/04; B0865/36; B0908/09; C0107/06

couples (1): B0837/12

couplet (1): A0161/02

couplets (1): B1244/07

cour (1): B1007/31

courage (34): A0061/02; A0127/28; A0244/10; A0263/13; A0298/03; A0380/24; A0385/11; A0411/06; A0554/30; A0578/20; A0583/24; A0583/34; A0590/16; A0650/01; A0676/26; A0686/25; A0687/30; B0795/12; B0906/15; B0966/29; B1104/06; B1379/12; B1380/26; C0080/36; C0116/10; C0119/03; C0142/27; C0183/41; C0198/20; C0399/03; C0529/08; C0532/33; C0559/04; C0560/13

courageous (2): A0059/05; C0529/15

courageously (1): B0793/14

Courier (2): B0753/39; B0753/42

Courier (1): C0430/29

Courier/and/Enquirer (2): B1358/20; B1359/03

course (278)

courses (4): A0440/30; A0639/20; B0773/08; C0157/36

court (16): A0443/21; A0644/06; A0644/14; A0670/13; B0747/14; B0747/15; B0978/29; B1054/31; B1345/18; B1345/29; B1345/31; B1346/12; B1346/23; B1347/03; B1347/11; C0204/02

Court-Yard (1): B1075/20

courteous (1): B1339/11

courtesy (8): A0300/02; A0347/12; A0531/21; B0858/25; B0924/11; B1003/02; B1004/07; B1338/22

courtezan (1): A0123/V

courtier (1): B0988/19

courtiers (8): A0123/07; A0127/22; A0670/17; A0671/04; A0675/23; A0676/02; B1348/33; B1349/18

courts (2): B0747/12; B0752/03

Cousin (1): B1031/10

cousin (9): A0211/10; A0215/17; A0639/07; A0639/16; A0654/24; A0656/20; B1179/01; C0392/19; C0399/33

cousins (1): A0210/21

cove (2): A0583/35; B0814/22

covenant (1): A0209/06

cover (9): A0368/09; A0502/23; A0502/25; B0990/26; B1134/15; B1336/33; C0068/33; C0075/26; C0534/14

covered (52)

covering (18): A0152/29; A0298/V; A0322/11; A0498/04; A0498/05; B0854/12; B0855/11; B1071/16; B1157/07; C0068/06; C0092/01; C0107/40; C0174/39; C0174/40; C0410/07; C0410/16; C0573/38; C0577/39

coverings (1): A0498/15

covers (4): A0247/20; B1132/06; B1163/39; B1303/32

covert (8): A0197/10; A0197/18; A0197/29; A0433/18; B0773/01; B0927/23; B1139/31; C0188/27

coveted (1): A0216/12

cow (5): A0175/07; A0181/28; B1165/16; B1165/20; B1165/32

cowardice (1): A0676/18

cowardly (1): C0548/27

cowards (1): A0687/31

Cowper (1): A0033/M

cows (2): A0294/V; A0347/31

coxcombry (1): A0444/19

Crab (25): B1133/21; B1133/28; B1133/30; B1133/31; B1134/03; B1134/05; B1134/08; B1134/11; B1134/21; B1135/14; B1135/23; B1136/18; B1137/02; B1137/38; B1138/37; B1140/09; B1140/18; B1140/23; B1140/25; B1140/33; B1142/06; B1142/20; B1142/22; B1142/28; B1143/07

Crabbe (2): A0070/32; A0079/04

crabs (1): C0145/37

crack (7): A0356/21; A0625/V; A0630/V; B0878/06; B1051/15; B1051/19; C0183/15

cracked (2): A0166/24; A0413/33

cracking (1): A0414/06

crackling (4): A0028/24; B0808/12; C0419/19; C0420/04

cracks (2): C0076/04; C0109/22

cradle (2): A0703/01; B1268/01

craft (2): A0583/32; B0859/13

crafty (2): A0611/15; B0857/27

crag (4): A0046/17; A0577/01; A0582/21; A0583/16

craggy (6): A0579/12; A0582/08; B1332/02; C0412/32; C0521/07; C0564/23

crags (6): A0046/06; A0195/M; A0241/20; A0578/12; B0817/25; B1076/18

crammed (2): A0056/13; A0066/02

cramp (1): A0081/26

cramped (2): A0081/26; C0071/01

cranium (1): A0248/23

crank (1): A0136/05

crannies (1): A0102/01

crash (5): C0082/35; C0094/32; C0095/28; C0128/09; C0546/03

crashing (1): A0195/18

crate (5): C0074/29; C0074/32; C0075/03; C0075/11; C0075/17

crates (4): C0069/08; C0070/03; C0071/02; C0083/01

Cratinus (2): A0091/15; A0110/18

crature> (1): A0465/21

cravat (7): A0089/12; A0103/34; A0627/34; B0877/36; B1186/02; C0398/10; C0398/12

cravats (1): A0508/34

craved (1): A0691/20

craving (3): A0511/26; B1222/16; B1222/17

cravings (2): C0146/09; C0191/20

crawl (2): C0074/21; C0178/26

crawled (5): B1363/10; C0091/01; C0119/15; C0192/07; C0580/01

crawling (8): A0319/04; B1295/31; B1296/08; B1297/26; B1311/29; B1311/29; B1312/12; B1316/09

crayons (1): B1339/35

crazy (1): B1021/21

creak (1): A0429/08

creaked (2): A0102/04; B0793/08

creaking (1): C0114/02

cream (1): A0280/28

creamy (1): B1340/09

creases (1): B0992/04

create (10): A0496/16; A0710/35; B0732/42; B0738/06; B0890/30; B1036/21; B1074/05; B1213/04; B1276/O1; C0176/29

created (14): A0243/15; A0295/30; B0943/09; B0958/31; B0959/30; B1011/31; B1036/09; B1038/34; B1158/03; B1166/16; B1191/20; B1213/06; C0189/16; C0410/37

creates (3): B1036/09; B1215/12; B1281/13

creating (9): A0099/28; A0253/13; A0374/05; A0600/03; B0772/14; B1068/12; C0110/27; C0144/25; C0197/39

Creation (1): B1190/12

creation (30): A0294/V; A0477/01; A0527/V; A0611/35; A0670/15; A0706/07; A0706/13; A0707/07; A0709/31; A0710/19; A0710/27; A0710/36; B0808/30; B0902/09; B1168/13; B1213/02; B1213/18; B1213/20; B1213/23; B1213/23; B1214/31; B1215/11; B1220/19; B1271/11; B1271/16; B1272/07; B1274/33; B1275/22; B1275/29; B1276/01

creations (2): A0156/V; A0457/26

creative (3): A0533/23; B0942/06; B1213/09

Creator (1): B1188/15

creator (6): A0295/29; A0478/29; A0711/22; B1213/03; B1220/11; B1276/23

creature (30): A0023/29; A0176/17; A0182/18; A0246/31; A0357/10; A0478/21; A0565/10; A0568/22; B0852/04; B0854/16; B0854/28; B0856/04; B0857/31; B0950/08; B1036/34; B1102/34; B1156/20; B1158/27; B1166/20; B1247/31; B1248/03; B1249/18; B1249/27; B1250/34; C0073/27; C0164/34; C0165/39; C0169/10; C0563/24; C0566/34

creature’s (1): B1157/03

creatures (26): A0348/21; A0385/09; A0478/13; A0478/17; A0482/25; A0494/05; B0869/21; B1036/35; B1038/29; B1038/30; B1157/15; B1157/36; B1163/06; B1164/27; B1188/13; B1190/27; B1213/07; B1220/18; B1302/20; B1352/10; C0173/29; C0429/41; C0545/10; C0548/27; C0562/33; C0577/36

Crebillon’s (4): A0119/M; A0534/19; A0534/V; B0993/28

credence (1): C0088/01

credential (1): B1003/09

credentials (1): A0546/26

credibile (1): A0213/07

credible (1): B1138/32

credit (17): A0164/05; A0534/09; A0622/15; A0639/01; B0738/10; B0925/03; B1050/17; B1081/30; B1152/19; B1206/05; B1361/24; C0207/24; C0391/15; C0401/25; C0528/36; C0538/32; C0569/17

credited (1): A0440/19

creditors (8): A0531/22; C0393/07; C0395/13; C0406/30; C0426/22; C0427/28; C0438/V; C0439/V

credulity (2): A0438/08; C0087/41

creed (2): B1313/04; C0401/23

creek (22): B0807/02; B0817/13; C0538/23; C0541/24; C0542/32; C0543/05; C0543/06; C0543/16; C0544/01; C0544/17; C0544/19; C0548/10; C0548/39; C0549/17; C0553/18; C0553/29; C0558/32; C0559/12; C0560/19; C0560/20; C0565/23; C0565/25

creek’s (1): C0547/35

creeks (3): C0538/09; C0542/06; C0553/37

creep (4): A0583/16; B1225/13; C0070/15; C0178/17

creeping (7): A0411/11; A0437/32; A0558/13; B0947/20; B1297/25; B1316/09; C0068/41

creese (1): B0947/19

Creoles (1): C0530/08

crept (7): A0139/07; A0234/11; A0639/18; A0674/19; A0692/12; C0109/17; C0544/22

Crepuscularia (1): B1250/18

crescent (8): A0690/16; A0691/31; A0692/07; A0693/09; A0693/19; B1281/03; C0425/15; C0429/15

cresset (1): A0035/11

crest (1): A0579/06

crevice (5): A0685/31; B0794/27; B0794/30; C0397/05; C0398/28

crevices (2): C0163/31; C0181/34

crew (41): A0136/31; A0140/29; A0143/09; A0143/27; A0144/31; A0145/28; A0240/03; B0931/13; B0968/28; C0053/T; C0061/35; C0062/14; C0062/38; C0085/28; C0086/18; C0091/19; C0092/11; C0092/34; C0093/08; C0093/18; C0095/34; C0099/21; C0104/19; C0104/26; C0106/29; C0107/08; C0107/22; C0110/01; C0112/09; C0114/09; C0125/27; C0125/41; C0146/25; C0147/22; C0166/15; C0169/12; C0170/30; C0177/34; C0430/44; C0539/06; C0564/10

Cribalittle (2): B1138/33; B1139/01

Crichton (3): B1324/03; B1324/T; B1325/05

Crichton’s (1): B1325/09

cricket (1): B0794/19

cried (25): A0047/06; A0139/31; A0182/36; A0233/11; B0815/26; B0818/15; B0819/24; B0819/34; B0820/08; B0820/20; B0820/34; B0897/17; B0903/11; B0908/11; B1010/V; B1011/06; B1013/22; B1014/18; B1103/28; B1192/07; B1296/03; B1348/27; B1350/04; C0110/34; C0183/26

cries (11): A0162/22; A0537/15; A0614/02; B0873/23; B0874/15B0965/04; B1350/25; C0128/37; C0130/38; C0399/05; C0408/29

Crime (1): B0855/35

crime (24): A0021/17; A0135/11; A0163/12; A0426/11; A0430/26; A0507/04; A0514/24; A0515/28; A0551/V; A0564/09; B0736/21; B0753/33; B0758/21; B0760/13; B0769/06; B0771/22; B0851/32; B0855/16; B0906/26; B1051/11; B1057/28; B1224/24; C0108/04; C0426/21

crimes (2): A0548/13; B0732/04

criminal (1): B1054/28

criminate (1): A0544/23

criminating (1): B1058/20

crimped (1): A0246/V

crimpled (1): A0246/28

crimson (27): A0087/07; A0087/19; A0089/09; A0100/17; A0154/29; A0157/V; A0196/09; A0197/01; A0227/10; A0231/23; A0336/07; A0339/05; A0349/12; A0447/05; A0501/13; A0501/23; A0501/25; A0502/03; A0502/20; A0503/06; A0563/V; A0602/25; A0641/07; A0696/04; B1283/07; C0542/10; C0543/29

crimson-tinted (3): A0158/01; A0501/09; A0503/08

crimsoned (1): C0125/05

cripple (5): B1345/29; B1347/25; B1348/30; B1350/07; B1354/22

crisis (9): A0054/04; A0063/13; A0610/29; B0963/01; B0966/35; B1006/26; B1222/08; C0197/34; C0197/35

crisp (1): A0351/11

criterion (6): B1297/07; B1297/20; B1314/11; B1314/15; B1315/23; B1315/35

critic (4): A0279/25; A0708/12; B1273/07; C0432/40

critic’s (1): B1386/07

critical (11): A0710/29; B1113/05; B1119/M; B1135/34; B1258/02; B1275/31; B1330/11; B1381/11; C0113/07; C0150/18; C0175/09

criticise (2): A0663/11; B1101/17

criticism (15): A0033/01; A0708/04; A0710/22; B1133/27; B1142/01; B1273/03; B1275/25; B1371/12; B1379/27; B1379/30; B1380/18; B1380/19; B1381/07; C0432/39; C0432/40

criticisms (1): B1380/22

critics (6): A0473/14; A0621/11; A0621/27; A0622/08; B1101/17; B1379/04

critique (1): A0282/25

critiques (1): B1136/03

croak (1): B1012/08

croaked (1): B1020/30

crockery-ware (1): C0148/11

Croissart (10): B0887/25; B0887/25; B0888/04; B0912/23; B0912/25; B0912/26; B0912/30; B0913/03; B0913/26; B0913/27

croit (1): A0019/V

Crommelin (1): B0729/35

crone (1): A0019/V

cronies (2): B1045/31; B1059/06

crony (1): B1046/01

crooked (11): A0268/19; A0274/34; A0275/17; A0367/23; A0368/29; A0513/32; B1316/08; B1362/07; C0389/21; C0541/28; C0570/28

crooked-looking (1): A0367/32

crops (1): A0491/15

cross (25): A0512/20; A0584/17; A0586/04; A0626/26; A0686/22; A0686/26; A0691/31; B0735/21; B0736/02; B1072/21; B1075/12; B1215/21; B1282/28; C0148/17; C0149/41; C0521/05; C0525/05; C0525/13; C0525/26; C0526/11; C0526/17; C0527/23; C0527/35; C0567/03; C0574/01

cross-questioning (1): C0176/05

crossed (32): A0080/30; A0265/21; A0266/09; A0445/17; A0445/17; A0512/24; A0535/22; A0585/06; A0588/34; A0614/04; A0693/15; B0767/29; B0769/24; B0817/13; B0945/07; B0967/15; B1068/02; B1069/09; B1081/16; B1081/17; B1352/30; C0082/30; C0148/12; C0159/04; C0160/37; C0162/18; C0163/05; C0171/26; C0174/14; C0524/11; C0527/09; C0542/18

crosses (2): B1160/28; C0429/16

crossing (12): A0417/04; A0430/11; A0488/25; A0586/33; A0631/10; B0794/18; B1080/09; B1081/30; C0152/33; C0528/01; C0528/39; C0567/28

crotchet (6): B0813/33; B1009/29; B1013/16; B1013/26; B1169/12; B1169/14

crotchets (2): B1291/09; B1310/08

crouch (1): B0855/10

crouched (1): C0072/26

crouching (1): A0105/28

Crow (2): A0066/29; A0067/03

crow (5): B0869/22; B1013/31; B1108/09; B1110/02; B1371/28

crow-bar (3): A0537/V; A0539/V; B0857/13

crowbar (2): A0537/13; A0539/35

Crowd (1): A0506/T

crowd (53)

crowded (31): A0079/12; A0176/25; A0182/28; A0234/01; A0278/16; A0383/15; A0398/01; A0446/23; A0507/22; A0542/14; A0674/12; B0889/03; B0891/22; B0924/05; B0931/13; B0949/21; B1226/03; B1293/13; B1298/30; B1333/32; B1351/29; C0069/18; C0076/02; C0122/24; C0144/28; C0175/06; C0190/03; C0190/37; C0193/26; C0535/11; C0576/17

crowding (6): A0046/V; B0840/19; B0946/18; C0057/29; C0197/40; C0533/18

crowds (1): C0185/36

crowing (1): B1372/04

crown (9): A0128/27; A0245/26; B1109/13; B1385/16; C0087/12; C0114/07; C0388/33; C0552/01; C0566/15

crowned (6): A0127/05; A0491/02; B0864/29; B1162/08; B1334/38; C0154/05

Crows (3): A0057/04; A0057/09; A0058/06

crows (3): B0821/02; B0824/23; C0579/37

Crozet (1): C0150/07

Crozet’s/group (1): C0154/19

crucible (5): B1168/24; B1168/26; B1168/29; B1362/19; B1362/22

crucibles (3): B1362/19; B1362/20; B1362/25

crucifixes (1): B0828/07

crude (4): A0135/20; B0835/21; B1360/03; C0392/32

cruel (7): A0072/06; A0120/10; A0354/10; A0354/35; B0852/29; B1158/02; B1249/30

cruelly (5): A0356/30; A0498/23; A0654/26; C0147/36; C0580/04

Cruelty (2): B1093/19; B1131/33

cruelty (3): B0853/25; B0854/30; B1109/08

cruise (4): C0053/T; C0093/21; C0148/06; C0154/01

cruised (1): C0158/18

cruises (1): B0754/34

cruising (1): C0101/22

crumbled (2): A0197/27; B1243/03

crumbling (2): A0400/11; C0150/26

crumbs (1): B1345/21

crumple (2): B0810/26; B0828/35

crumpled (1): B0991/03

crumpling (1): B0829/05

crushed (2): A0320/03; B1292/31

crushes (1): B1259/34

crushing (2): A0639/14; C0577/33

crustily (1): C0058/39

crusty (1): A0649/01

crxw (1): B1374/07

crxwing (1): B1374/17

Cry (1): A0336/M

cry (20): A0216/21; A0218/23; A0242/20; A0416/31; A0676/24; B0852/30; B0859/01; B0964/20; B0967/10; B0967/34; B1109/16; B1250/28; B1262/12; B1262/12; C0062/15; C0063/03; C0063/14; C0104/24; C0108/19; C0208/16

crying (3): A0666/02; B0793/33; C0072/22

crypt (4): B1261/02; B1261/04; B1261/07; B1261/V

cryptogamous (1): B1163/22

cryptograph (5): B0836/11; B0837/15; B0839/03; B0839/28; B1298/03

cryptographist (3): B0840/07; B1298/03; B1317/03

cryptographs (1): B0835/19

crystal (9): A0600/V; A0603/01; B1104/09; B1106/05; B1248/19; B1279/34; B1333/23; B1337/06; B1340/14

crystallic (1): B0862/35

cub (1): A0128/09

cubic (3): B1071/01; B1073/05; C0394/38

cubical (1): B1303/33

cubits (2): A0045/03; A0045/07

cucumber (1): B0871/03

cud> (3): A0464/12; A0465/13; A0465/30

cuddy (6): C0057/27; C0058/35; C0060/32; C0063/16; C0063/23; C0550/17

cuddy-cabin (1): C0533/16

cudgel (4): A0562/20; A0563/20; B1135/01; B1140/11

cue (5): A0105/05; A0295/03; A0434/32; B0901/13; B1244/02

cuff (2): A0443/11; B0890/06

cuffed (1): A0623/03

cuffs (1): A0100/08

cui (6): B1010/25; B1051/09; B1051/14; B1051/20; B1051/23; B1051/28

cul-de-sac (1): C0195/11

cul-de-sac (1): A0096/03

Cul-de-Sac (3): A0099/11; A0100/25; A0101/V

culpable (2): A0564/05; B0756/V

culprit (2): A0070/07; A0079/23

cultivated (6): A0296/V; B0862/17; B0987/14; B1167/22; B1303/16; C0156/01

cultivating (4): A0709/24; B1274/27; B1313/11; C0530/09

cultivation (2): A0611/36; B1278/36

culture (6): A0610/28; A0711/16; A0711/27; B1276/16; B1276/30; B1280/20

cum (3): A0271/29; A0515/34; B1364/03

cum (3): B0812/25; B0814/18; B0826/26

cum’d (4): A0373/14; A0373/16; A0373/18; A0467/11

cum’d) (4): A0465/28; A0466/03; A0468/21; A0469/07

cunning (10): A0189/10; A0401/03; A0545/02; A0568/19; B0983/22; B0984/18; B0985/16; B1018/06; B1019/10; C0105/23

Cunningham (1): A0135/M

cunningly (2): B0793/02; B0796/11

cup (5): A0248/17; B0942/11; B1195/16; B1381/11; C0413/31

cupboard (1): A0101/15

cupola (1): B1351/22

cur-tailed (1): A0356/V

Cur-Spattering (1): A0489/07

curas (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

curbstone (1): B1090/22

curdled (1): A0245/04

cure (4): B1006/07; C0177/26; C0179/05; C0555/31

cured (5): A0629/21; B1010/04; C0179/04; C0179/05; C0179/06

Curio, Caelius Secundus (1): A0213/04

Curiosities (2): B1101/05; B1151/05

curiosities (1): B1160/14

curiosity (47): A0024/23; A0106/21; A0145/21; A0214/27; A0250/01; A0293/15; A0352/20; A0382/11; A0383/11; A0433/13; A0512/06; A0546/17; A0564/26; A0588/35; A0591/28; A0686/21; B0726/18; B0853/13; B0893/11; B0894/08; B0923/17; B0928/16; B0939/04; B0949/11; B0959/34; B0993/21; B1003/03; B1126/11; B1137/08; B1137/09; B1153/23; B1186/09; B1189/03; B1233/24; B1238/01; B1381/22; C0123/33; C0169/22; C0181/35; C0190/21; C0388/13; C0416/24; C0417/31; C0545/26; C0566/36; C0569/07; C0571/08

curious (5): A0067/21; A0143/03; A0409/10; B1302/27; B1381/27

curiously (5): A0034/22; A0087/01; A0100/12; A0164/21; A0247/19

curiously-pannelled (1): A0087/24

curl (1): A0020/V

curlin> (1): A0464/08

curling (7): A0156/13; A0274/09; A0351/11; A0464/V; B0888/12; B0974/08; C0165/15

curls (2): A0152/28; B0909/06

curly (1): A0367/14

curmudgeon (1): A0651/29

curous (1): B0821/05

currant-bushes (1): C0541/34

Currant/River (1): C0547/40

currants (1): C0576/07

currency (2): B0742/18; B0834/18

current (49): A0026/26; A0054/07; A0063/16; A0140/01; A0144/06; A0145/16; A0145/25; A0152/02; A0322/27; A0406/19; A0434/21; A0496/25; A0580/07; A0580/08; A0582/06; A0584/27; B0834/01; B0865/17; B1077/18; B1079/26; B1079/31; B1108/08; B1292/20; B1294/27; C0111/13; C0159/14; C0163/09; C0164/15; C0164/20; C0167/03; C0167/05; C0170/27; C0203/19; C0204/28; C0432/32; C0536/31; C0537/38; C0538/16; C0540/16; C0549/23; C0553/40; C0555/08; C0558/28; C0561/09; C0567/14; C0567/24; C0571/19; C0572/10; C0572/37

currente (1): A0269/36

currents (11): A0088/04; A0584/17; A0604/11; B1079/31; B1382/19; C0148/21; C0160/07; C0160/13; C0536/14; C0575/23; C0576/16

curry-comb (1): B1141/10

curse (9): A0197/21; A0197/32; A0445/07; A0642/14; A0644/V; A0645/01; A0650/19; B0821/12; B1212/09

cursed (8): A0037/16; A0197/21; A0197/32; A0198/31; A0227/21; A0232/08; A0317/21; A0587/01

curses (2): A0245/07; C0441/V

cursing (3): A0490/28; A0623/17; C0131/18

cursory (5): A0074/17; A0141/03; A0554/26; B1358/01; C0526/14

curt (3): A0298/V; A0341/11; B1221/25

curtail (1): A0074/07

curtain (8): A0319/13; A0496/02; B1244/04; B1245/01; B1331/09; C0205/26; C0205/40; C0208/20

curtained (1): A0501/10

curtains (22): A0036/V; A0101/02; A0102/02; A0158/02; A0217/V; A0217/V; A0322/12; A0437/14; A0496/03; A0497/21; A0497/22; A0498/15; A0501/13; A0501/22; A0501/27; A0502/26; A0663/06; B0852/30; B0980/17; B1008/25; B1106/17; B1339/30

curtchy> (1): A0467/08

Curtis, Adelaide (2): B0925/26; B0925/29

curvature (2): B1302/10; B1330/08

curve (6): A0379/30; A0401/32; B1282/30; B1301/29; B1336/11; C0194/22

curved (3): A0312/17; A0497/18; A0613/17

curves (2): A0501/29; B1281/30

curveted (1): A0025/03

curvets (1): B0824/14

curvetted (1): A0371/17

cushion (1): C0536/09

cushioned (1): B1119/05

cushions (1): B0979/26

cusps (2): C0423/13; C0423/17

custody (1): B1052/06

custom (19): A0057/23; A0068/07; A0536/V; A0586/03; B0725/27; B0808/08; B0901/06; B0901/V; B0904/20; B0904/V; B0929/31; B1105/13; B1114/01; B1135/12; B1187/28; B1187/30; B1234/21; C0414/33; C0431/13

customarily (1): A0247/21

customary (22): A0102/08; A0140/07; A0324/28; A0441/15; A0443/26; A0685/17; B0753/08; B0760/12; B0907/29; B0924/08; B0943/13; B0960/12; B0965/15; B0968/31; B1071/07; B1181/07; B1225/09; B1242/07; C0105/08; C0107/04; C0171/35; C0404/03

customer (4): A0484/21; A0484/32; A0485/10; B0872/25

customers (2): C0391/19; C0392/09

customs (6): B0903/13; B1009/14; B1303/11; C0203/33; C0425/39; C0433/05

cut (98)

cut-glass (2): A0499/07; A0499/12

cut-throat (3): A0058/27; B1139/09; B1139/26

Cut/and/Comeagain (3): A0484/22; A0484/30; A0485/27

cuteness (1): A0467/31

cutlasses (2): C0180/25; C0184/15

cutlery (2): B0945/13; C0534/23

cuts (4): A0338/24; A0443/26; A0443/27; B0730/15

cutter (6): B1293/32; B1294/03; B1390/05; B1391/08; C0161/28; C0171/14

cutting (24): A0037/20; A0068/14; A0371/12; A0443/28; A0486/23; A0630/19; B0856/32; B0931/01; B1049/01; B1053/14; B1155/02; B1179/23; B1281/32; C0090/25; C0091/13; C0114/17; C0136/30; C0141/24; C0173/25; C0184/01; C0194/09; C0196/24; C0197/09; C0545/09

Cuvier (4): A0494/06; A0559/18; A0559/30; C0178/09

cxck (1): B1374/17

cxme (1): B1374/16

Cxncxrd (2): B1374/10; B1374/16

cxw (1): B1374/14

cxxl (3): B1374/16; B1374/16; B1374/16

cyanite (1): A0182/09

Cybele (1): A0161/V

cycle (3): A0601/20; A0601/20; A0604/25

cycles (2): A0601/06; A0615/08

cycloid (1): A0498/11

Cygni (1): B1168/34

cylinder (6): A0592/30; A0592/33; A0593/02; B0818/34; B1337/14; B1383/01

cylindrical (5): A0543/10; A0559/13; A0592/29; B1180/20; B1391/02





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)