Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Cynic through Disgusting,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 81-97 (This material is protected by copyright)


cynic (1): A0069/11

cynosure (1): B0725/11

cypher (1): A0366/18

cyphers (1): B1317/04

cypress (4): A0228/23; A0233/04; A0236/04; A0603/21

cypresses (1): B1332/25

Cyrus (3): A0057/30; A0068/13; A0120/01

cythern (1): A0047/26

D (1): B0905/17

d (1): B0838/28

d (1): C0194/22

D.C. (1): B1192/09

D.U.K. (1): A0337/20

D— (24): A0294/V; A0507/06; B0976/35; B0977/09; B0978/19; B0978/30; B0979/07; B0983/25; B0985/23; B0990/21; B0991/06; B0991/08; B0991/15; B0991/22; B0992/13; B0992/18; B0992/23; B0992/30; B0993/19; B1235/04; B1235/20; B1236/04; B1237/04; B1238/02

D--/Hotel (2): A0513/34; A0515/18

D--’s (1): B0980/32

d--d (10): A0177/27; A0386/03; A0482/14; B0812/08; B0812/25; B0816/32; B0816/V; C0061/33; C0067/32; C0110/20

d--dest (1): A0106/11

d--1 (4): B1371/23; B1372/35; B1373/10; C0447/V

d--n (8): A0389/05; A0389/06; B0812/V; B0812/V; B0812/V; B0818/17; B1373/07; B1373/23

d’autre (1): A0033/20

d’ecarte (1): A0037/03

d’esprit (5): B1068/08; C0428/07; C0432/47; C0448/V; C0448/V

d’etre (2): A0019/V; A0037/26

d’expliguer (1): A0568/25

d’objection (1): A0037/25

d’oeil (1): B1331/03

d’oeuvre (1): A0160/06

d’oeuvres (2): A0160/V; A0160/V

d’or (2): A0112/31; B1259/34

d’oreon (Gr.) (1): A0195/M

d’oro (1): B1386/04

d’un (2): A0498/02; B1122/01

d’une (1): B1335/18

d’ye (3): A0469/27; B0873/30; B0914/02

d’Alger (1): A0537/33

D’Ambois (1): A0164/26

d’Amerigue (1): C0522/35

D’Anan, Thomas (1): C0430/39

D’Antin (1): A0033/05

d’Atree (1): B0993/27

D’Avisson (1): C0430/34

D’Avisson (1): C0430/35

D’Indagine, Jean (1): A0409/02

D’Israeli, I. (1): A0018/13

dabble (1): A0046/10

dabbled (4): A0448/03; A0485/33; A0537/30; A0675/15

dabbler (1): A0488/15

Daddy (4): B1139/23; B1139/23; B1139/31; B1139/33

Daddy-Long-Legs (7): B1138/20B1138/21; B1139/17; B1139/20; B1139/37; B1140/02; B1140/15

Daddyship (1): B1140/04

dagger (4): A0022/12A0512/05; A0676/20; A0676/24

daggers (2): A0110/09; B0870/29

Dagon (1): A0046/13

Daguerreotype (1): B1168/33

daily (41): A0027/V $; A0227/09; A0231/23; A0234/03; A0234/V; A0298/V; A0382/03; A0436/02; A0479/18; A0490/20; A0547/03; A0594/19; A0601/19; A0611/23; A0624/21; A0665/20; A0708/08; B0728/08; B0731/V; B0771/27; B0871/16; B0876/22; B0876/31; B0942/01; B1021/29; B1068/11; B1130/23; B1137/22; B1143/31; B1164/01; B1168/40; B1241/31; B1246/10; B1321/19; B1322/02; B1322/04; C0065/11C0096/36; C0098/40; C0207/02; C0565/10

Daily/Polyglot (1): A0272/23

daintiest (1): A0034/16

daintiness (1): B1280/19

dainty (3): A0036/01A0599/M; C0389/29

dais-chamber (1): A0250/08

daisies (1): A0640/32

daisy (1): A0640/03

dalliance (1): A0161/15

dallied (1): A0407/02

dallying (2): A0640/13; A0696/24

dam (5): C0544/26C0544/29; C0544/38; C0545/07; C0545/30

damage (8): C0101/36C0102/33; C0104/30; C0106/02; C0115/09C0395/23; C0544/38; C0559/25

damaged (2): A0484/34; B1292/28

damages (2): A0487/12; B1185/25

damaging (1): C0405/14

Damascus (3): A0086/34A0121/23; B1160/11

damascus (1): B1167/25

dames (3): A0022/02A0670/13; B0945/15

damme (6): A0093/31; A0093/31A0093/35; A0093/38; A0113/11; A0113/17

dammed-up (1): A0514/30

damming (1): C0544/19

Dammit (19): A0624/17A0624/30; A0625/12; A0625/27; A0626/05; A0626/30; A0627/16; A0628/12; A0628/13; A0628/18; A0628/20; A0628/24; A0628/28; A0629/03; A0629/07; A0630/01; A0630/25; A0631/01; A0631/23

Dammit, Toby (4): A0622/22; A0623/20; A0627/20; A0629/17

Dammit’s (3): A0624/08A0625/05; A0626/10

damn (1): A0072/27

damnable (3): A0263/12A0446/33; B0851/29

damnation (1): B0859/06

damned (10): A0035/28; A0036/14; A0037/08; A0183/23; A0443/17; A0489/05; A0692/14; B0795/05; B0859/05; B1128/28

damning (3): B1053/03; B1054/30; B1139/29

damp (11): A0070/17; A0243/V; A0410/01; A0616/29; A0684/07; A0689/08; B0759/11; B0961/21; B1258/31; B1261/32; C0182/31

dampened (1): B1055/08

dampness (6): A0081/28; A0683/23; B0857/06; B1078/24; B1263/22; C0179/08

damps (1): B1259/21

damsel (1): B1153/06

damsels (1): B0871/04

dan (3): B0814/17; B0814/18; B0912/02

dance (6): A0022/03; B0911/27; B1167/21; B1298/37; C0544/08; C0569/31

danced (6): A0347/32; A0347/32; A0347/33; A0348/14; B0913/22; C0123/03

dancer (1): B1346/26

dances (1): A0163/08

dancing (8): A0347/33; A0354/18; A0373/26; A0484/04; B0806/M; B0913/V; B1006/14; C0118/14

dandies (1): A0509/27

dandled (1): A0371/V

dandy (4): A0351/20; A0489/14; A0489/16; B0863/12

danger (61)

dangerous (19): A0027/19; A0123/10; A0123/12; A0156/11; A0413/05; A0438/25; A0483/20; A0565/07; A0581/34; B0977/27; B1005/14; B1299/15; C0098/41; C0149/16; C0197/10; C0440/V; C0549/06; C0560/09; C0564/24

dangerously (3): A0512/15; B1016/06; C0557/40

dangers (16): A0020/08; B1006/34; C0074/39; C0117/26; C0122/17; C0134/19; C0139/14; C0147/24; C0155/02; C0413/06; C0414/29; C0425/20; C0523/41; C0527/06; C0532/22; C0564/18

dangle (2): A0248/21; A0499/26

dangled (3): A0351/18; A0371/07; B1102/27

dangling (5): A0241/12; B0990/35; B1077/15; C0397/03; C0552/21

dank (2): A0417/16; B1003/18

dans (6): A0019/02; A0096/M; A0096/M; B1335/18; C0430/27; C0430/36

danseuse (1): A0294/V

Dante (1): B1132/03

Dante’s (1): B1128/23

Daphne (1): A0120/20

Daphnis (1): B1302/19

dapperness (1): A0508/25

dar (1): A0344/25

dar (3): B0811/22; B0821/11; B0821/28

dar’s (1): A0387/V

Darcotas (1): C0551/02

Darcotas (1): C0550/29

date (27): A0018/02; A0025/19; A0085/02; A0093/20; A0163/21; A0310/12; A0365/19; A0365/22; A0366/21; B0760/29; B0760/30; B0761/09; B0761/10; B0761/28; B0827/27; B0901/27; B0901/29; B0948/34; B1235/30; B1310/08; B1345/17; B1358/28; B1381/23; C0160/32; C0160/39; C0389/01; C0550/31

dated (1): B1127/09

dates (6): A0204/01; A0264/37; B1089/10; C0167/36; C0167/39; C0203/38

dating (1): B0737/22

daubed (2): A0142/12; A0689/01

daughter (37): A0228/35; A0233/17; A0234/V; A0235/04; A0235/08; A0321/08; A0537/10; A0538/10; A0539/01; A0539/12; A0539/18; A0539/23; A0539/28; A0540/27; A0549/02; A0556/06; A0566/15; A0566/27; A0567/17; A0599/M; A0639/05; A0642/11; B0724/26; B0725/18; B0725/22; B0732/32; B0737/11; B0753/22; B0753/26; B0887/25; B0887/27; B0912/09; B0912/18; B0912/24; B0912/26; B1152/04; B1152/22

daughter’s (3): A0549/05; B0912/24; B0912/25

daughters (7): A0196/V; A0228/13; A0232/18; A0311/27; B1169/02; B1169/05; C0522/22

daunt (1): C0532/34

daunted (1): A0245/03

dauntless (1): A0670/10

David (3): A0043/05; A0044/27; A0188/M

Davidson (1): C0430/34

Davy, Humphrey (2): B1359/12; B1359/29

Davy, Sir Humphrey (1): B1358/06

dawdling (1): B0990/22

dawn (17): A0080/24; A0328/24; A0407/28; A0438/26; A0439/05; A0444/31; A0532/30; A0592/06; B0771/32; B0827/14; B0908/15; B0910/11; B0930/01; B0960/16; B0966/10; C0091/35; C0142/36

dawned (6): A0216/15; B0829/25; B0896/15; C0120/21; C0129/38; C0559/03

dawns (1): B0963/08

day (365)

day-book (1): A0483/04

day-break (6): A0515/03; A0543/19; B1238/04; B1371/25; B1391/15; C0548/38

day-dream (1): A0212/21

day-dreamer (1): A0212/33

day-dreams (1): A0712/07

day-time (1): B0934/03

Day-Book (3): A0487/01; A0487/04; A0487/34

day’s (3): A0538/27; C0099/11; C0561/17

daybreak (15): A0296/17; B0929/25; B1075/19; B1076/01; C0060/05; C0091/26; C0095/05; C0100/39; C0102/13; C0114/16; C0126/27; C0136/39; C0143/38; C0146/13; C0396/13

daydreams (1): B1277/12

daylight (11): B0768/06; B0826/32; B0909/27; B0909/32; B0915/26; C0070/17; C0099/36; C0167/35; C0203/11; C0416/35; C0539/05

days (196)

days’ (3): B0732/10; B0740/11; B0743/07

dazzle (1): A0157/17

dazzled (3): A0705/04; B0826/16; B1128/13

dazzling (4): A0604/12; A0639/28; B0945/13; C0416/41

De (8): A0037/25; A0043/M; A0096/M; A0213/04; A0213/06; A0366/17; A0601/33; B1382/35

de (62)

de (113)

De/la/Chambre (1): A0409/03

De/Drat (2): B1390/02; B1390/13

De/Grat’s (1): B1391/05

De/Grave (1): B1260/14

De/Kock (5): B1010/07; B1010/14; B1010/16; B1010/18; B1010/V

De/L’Omelette (9): A0033/02; A0033/06; A0034/07; A0034/13; A0035/04; A0036/06; A0036/19; A0037/17; A0037/V

De/PCmelette, Duc (1): A0033/T

De/L’Orme’s (1): A0388/11

De/Stael (5): A0176/09; A0176/V; A0180/30; A0712/07; B1277/13

Dead (1): A0339/25

dead (106)

deaden (2): A0310/13; A0583/17

deadened (1): B0929/15

deadly (27): A0019/07; A0144/V; A0324/29; A0514/V; A0577/07; A0582/27; A0615/36; A0642/19; A0676/19; A0681/16; A0682/05; A0693/13; A0694/V; A0696/10; B0760/V; B0826/20; B0852/25; B0947/23; B0966/18; C0063/07; C0073/01; C0082/02; C0083/13; C0122/29; C0126/11; C0440/V; C0579/27

deaf (4): B0892/20; B1226/08; B1371/21; B1371/24

deafen (1): A0589/15

deafening (1): C0168/39

deal (42): A0128/V; A0205/14; A0264/34; A0274/32; A0281/27; A0286/16; A0342/07; A0343/22; A0367/13; A0490/05; A0588/27; B0732/33; B0737/27; B0911/V; B0975/06; B0975/25; B0980/26; B0982/09; B1009/19; B1057/03; B1138/07; B1157/07; B1233/09; B1301/35; B1346/32; C0088/28; C0098/25; C0102/25; C0102/38; C0104/28; C0110/27; C0118/06; C0123/10; C0140/29; C0183/18; C0395/02; C0414/11; C0521/25; C0529/20; C0542/36; C0548/21; C0564/06

dealer (3): A0145/03; A0482/33; B1304/35

dealers (1): A0243/07

dealings (1): A0486/32

deals (1): A0611/37

dealt (6): A0037/15; A0037/21; A0047/23; A0441/24; B1059/17; C0536/20

dear (97)

dearest (8): A0153/V; A0611/22; A0650/15; B0903/17; B0903/V; B0949/22; B0965/14; B1215/32

dearly (2): C0110/14; C0201/02

Death (13): A0250/30; A0319/27; A0329/17; A0608/05; A0608/10; A0608/13; A0609/03; A0615/25; A0616/23; A0662/V; B0794/21; B0855/35; B1233/22

death (195)

death-agonies (1): A0416/32

death-bed (2): B1239/33; B1317/27

death-condemned (2): A0589/17; A0693/01

death-cry (1): A0416/12

death-furniture (2): A0253/28; A0253/V

death-hour (1): A0514/34

death-producing (1): A0609/29

death-purged (1): A0612/05

death-refined (1): B1274/19

death-struggles (1): A0590/11

death-watches (1): B0794/04

Death’s (2): A0070/14; A0081/15

death’s-head (16): B0809/28; B0809/31; B0810/25; B0828/30; B0829/08; B0831/08; B0831/09; B0831/15; B0832/26; B0833/01; B0833/16; B0833/33; B0835/05; B0839/33; B0840/24; B0842/17

Death’s-headed (1): B1250/26

death’s-heads (1): B0840/03

Death’s/Head (1): B1248/28

deathful (1): B1274/06

deathlike (1): A0081/24

deaths (6): A0158/19; A0304/04; A0690/30; B0724/25; C0076/01; C0134/21

debasement (1): A0099/18

debated (1): C0157/26

debating (1): C0122/26

debauch (1): B0851/31

debaucheries (3): A0021/10; A0438/23; B0753/17

debbil (1): B0814/17

debbil’s (1): B0814/13

debbils (1): B0814/V

debilitated (1): C0131/01

debility (1): C0133/14

debouche (1): C0577/07

debouches (1): C0570/12

debris (1): B1281/23

debt (1): A0442/02

debtor (1): A0441/27

debts (1): B0906/17

debut (1): A0204/31

decade (1): B1188/34

decadence (1): B0759/21

decamped (1): B0977/20

decamps (1): B0877/03

decanter (5): A0299/30; A0300/11; A0300/15; A0325/03; B1056/32

decay (10): A0081/28; A0121/19; A0320/16; A0400/16; A0612/21; A0615/36; A0677/03; B0764/15; B0962/23; B0964/26

decayed (13): A0141/17; A0397/14; A0400/01; A0400/V; A0408/15; A0427/V; A0687/03; B0825/25; B0859/11; B1160/32; C0058/28; C0126/05; C0142/29

decaying (5): A0244/23; A0310/10; A0320/05; B1037/18; B1057/09

decays (1): C0534/39

decease (17): A0020/18; A0034/04; A0059/31; A0227/17; A0232/04; A0404/02; A0704/23; B0933/32; B0949/35; B0959/35; B1101/21; B1208/37; B1234/36; B1246/09; B1269/22; B1359/13; C0390/21

deceased (27): A0217/V; A0409/22; A0410/17; A0538/16; A0538/35; A0539/12; A0540/29; A0544/05; A0546/29; A0561/11; A0613/28; A0622/22; B0730/20; B0731/10; B0735/27; B0746/26; B0751/14; B0757/19; B0764/16; B0768/30; B0768/33; B0933/05; B0949/10; B0950/17; B1126/02; B1179/10; C0108/38

deceased’s (1): B0933/35

deceit (2): B0751/25; B0751/26

deceitful (1): C0150/24

deceive (4): B0901/11; B0957/22; B1008/14; C0151/20

deceived (21): A0155/16; A0326/27; A0355/25; A0414/03; A0512/02; A0592/02; A0663/27; A0688/26; B0857/13; B0915/04; B0915/15; B1035/03; C0124/33; C0131/31; C0144/12; C0147/02; C0187/09; C0424/27; C0428/14; C0429/10; C0532/06

December (5): C0146/34; C0146/41; C0158/16; C0158/29; C0159/15

decency (1): A0440/13

decent (7): A0484/03; A0508/16; A0653/V; B0877/30; B1141/11; B1207/12; C0564/25

decently (2): A0057/13; A0486/34

deception (8): B0916/01; B0916/10; B0987/06; C0064/30; C0066/19; C0112/05; C0112/22; C0112/38

decide (5): A0075/02; A0497/11; A0558/26; B1046/28; B1384/11

Decided (1): A0052/T

decided (23): A0022/06; A0023/V; A0056/28; A0062/09; A0063/24; A0066/10; A0267/03; A0337/28; A0478/03; A0482/16; A0529/06; A0676/15; B0773/15; B0916/03; B0957/17; B0984/25; B0991/18; B1056/25; B1069/32; B1163/15; B1333/16; C0108/17; C0578/36

decidedly (18): A0035/16; A0075/04; A0275/37; A0339/32; A0388/01; A0528/22; A0583/05; B0754/03; B0924/22; B0926/21; B1006/33; B1142/22; B1297/01; B1314/05; B1358/02; B1371/21; C0207/27; C0422/29

decides (1): B0875/24

deciding (2): A0385/20; B0958/12

deciphering (1): B1298/06

decision (18): A0273/24; A0379/V; A0497/12; A0551/07; A0562/13; A0627/02; A0654/26; A0706/03; B0757/08; B0817/17; B0899/01; B1259/12; B1270/32; B1338/29; B1347/13; C0109/15; C0134/32; C0135/18

decisions (1): B1136/05

decisive (8): A0138/20; A0441/07; A0443/09; B0729/03; B0990/14; B1101/27; B1302/10; B1362/02

decisively (1): B1339/31

deck (94)

decked (1): A0165/V

decks (8): A0137/08; C0114/05; C0123/29; C0124/19; C0146/23; C0188/06; C0189/28; C0189/41

declaration (2): B0899/14; B0958/31

declare (5): A0128/24; A0151/V; B0880/01; C0157/20; C0432/10

declared (13): A0027/V; A0056/36; A0353/02; A0707/01; B0877/13; B1155/32; B1234/21; B1272/02; B1294/30; B1301/05; C0130/29; C0165/19; C0388/38

declares (4): A0059/11; A0061/07; B0960/36; B1364/23

declaring (2): B0877/08; B1134/16

decline (6): A0204/19; A0271/11; A0479/02; A0547/06; B0923/29; C0563/05

declined (10): A0227/23; A0232/10; B0733/17; B0822/19; B0960/01; B1140/13; B1328/02; C0175/40; C0199/22; C0207/10

declines (1): B0875/19

declining (8): A0108/10; A0278/23; A0301/25; B1054/15; B1091/07; B1248/20; B1280/28; C0055/07

declivities (2): B1331/23; C0171/33

declivity (8): B1330/21; B1332/11; B1334/11; C0171/38; C0188/39; C0191/26; C0196/13; C0527/08

decollavimus (2): A0125/01; A0125/02

decomposed (1): B0732/21

decompositicn (14): B0732/09; B0740/10; B0742/07; B0742/08; B0742/14; B0742/21; B0742/25; B0743/05; B0743/11; B0743/16; B0743/30; B0744/12; B0956/23; B0965/22

decora (2): A0157/18; A0673/12

decoration (4): A0321/04; A0495/01; A0498/26; B1340/18

decorations (6): A0411/23; A0497/22; A0500/29; A0662/09; A0671/28; A0672/06

decorative (1): A0497/01

decorist (1): A0166/01

decorists (1): A0496/01

decorously (1): B1317/29

decorum (5): A0249/01; A0675/02; B0901/23; C0179/39; C0181/25

decouuert (1): C0430/28

decrease (4): C0401/29; C0420/06; C0420/11; C0421/10

decreased (2): C0166/06; C0418/36

decreases (2): A0581/20; C0161/09

decreasing (3): C0401/14; C0403/37; C0424/09

decree (3): A0252/08; A0252/11; A0704/29

decrees (2): A0681/14; B0891/23

decrepid (1): A0511/12

decrepitude (2): A0020/V; A0143/14

decrying (2): A0478/07; C0427/11

decypher (2): A0196/15; A0218/01

decyphered (1): A0284/28

decyphering (1): A0241/34

deduce (4): A0684/18; B1298/11; B1316/20; C0065/01

deduced (10): A0274/13; A0279/22; A0402/18; A0473/31; A0497/29; A0498/26; A0688/27; B0902/19; B1032/12; B1317/10

deducible (1): B1214/19

deducing (1): B1220/10

deduct (1): C0400/12

deductions (8): A0212/20; A0212/26; A0530/07; A0550/20; A0550/24; A0550/25; B0749/01; B1317/22

deductive (3): B1295/08; B1310/27; B1317/17

Dee, Bubble L. (5): A0652/20; A0655/14; A0655/21; A0655/26; A0657/16

Dee’s, Bubble L. (1): A0657/31

deed (22): A0210/19; A0218/04; A0251/22; A0551/04; A0558/14; A0561/26; B0764/22; B0768/24; B0769/21; B0795/28; B0797/28; B0820/28; B0851/35; B0852/29; B0854/29; B0858/04; B0869/08; B1051/25; B1224/06; B1257/01; B1379/07; C0559/07

deed’s (1): B1051/27

deeds (9): A0226/07; A0230/04; A0399/01; A0515/30; A0557/25; A0567/13; B0793/24; C0111/11; C0551/17

deem (3): A0599/M; B1038/34; B1223/24

deemed (8): A0293/21; A0685/13; A0703/06; B0727/08; B0811/08; B0879/06; B1268/06; C0414/34

deep (137)

deep-seated (1): B0843/22

deep-set (2): B0814/28; B1338/35

deep-toned (1): A0609/37

deepen (3): A0399/23; B0943/08; B1050/V

deepened (7): A0510/30; A0510/30; A0602/04; A0605/01; A0640/31; B0943/21; C0418/34

deepening (4): B0794/11; B1031/28; B1050/28; B1280/01

deeper (12): A0020/15; A0509/31; A0582/36; A0589/32; A0696/03; B0861/03; C0192/11; C0407/34; C0407/34; C0419/15; C0575/24; C0576/26

deepest (8): A0055/31; A0073/32; A0078/37; A0161/27; A0304/02; A0682/21; B0905/31; C0568/23

deeply (27): A0067/23; A0086/30; A0099/09; A0104/13; A0190/08; A0213/22; A0226/07; A0264/04; A0315/18; A0353/12; A0436/16; A0441/24; A0457/02; A0532/02; A0578/14; A0675/07; B0755/12; B0886/03; B0890/23; B0895/05; B1144/05; B1249/28; C0183/27; C0207/17; C0425/26; C0552/37; C0565/01

deeply-burthened (1): B0945/26

deeply-laid (1): C0180/08

deeply-shadowed (1): A0428/04

deer (9): B1334/27; B1335/01; C0536/24; C0540/06; C0542/41; C0553/04; C0559/41; C0559/41; C0576/03

deer-stalking (1): B1052/25

defaced (1): B1180/02

default (5): B0962/05; B0968/30; B0985/09; B1116/02; C0404/08

defeat (3): A0528/28; B0986/17; B1195/06

defeated (2): A0568/16; A0654/26

defect (10): A0433/31; A0435/02; A0497/07; A0622/25; A0707/28; B0888/14; B0983/36; B1272/28; B1334/15; B1361/08

defective (4): A0708/25; A0708/28; B1273/19; B1273/23

defects (8): A0707/28; A0709/29; A0710/18; B0906/V; B1133/24; B1272/28; B1274/32; B1275/21

defence (10): A0058/20; A0069/09; A0447/16; A0652/04; B1050/02; C0112/32; C0186/05; C0187/06; C0533/34; C0550/16

defenceless (2): B0763/33; B1354/15

defend (3): A0628/21; B1247/08; B1259/21

defended (3): A0044/30; C0395/22; C0577/39

defer (2): A0139/23; C0132/33

deference (3): A0160/04; B1091/32; B1382/03

deferred (2): A0268/26; B1236/32

deferring (1): B0933/24

defiance (10): A0064/V; A0212/10; A0438/17; A0444/31; A0671/04; B1093/33; B1136/08; B1222/05; B1317/24; C0075/34

deficiencies (2): A0240/21; B0915/12

deficiency (11): A0135/10; A0356/06; A0399/09; A0399/14; A0624/07; B0750/16; B1156/21; B1184/19; B1346/16; C0087/14; C0207/08

deficient (11): A0055/30; A0065/11; A0065/25; A0272/14; A0499/12; B0888/09; B0907/06; B1137/19; B1373/30; C0148/03; C0411/34

defied (1): B0993/14

defies (1): B1383/08

define (12): A0161/11; A0225/06; A0229/06; A0314/12; A0433/09; A0436/24; A0479/01; A0609/04; A0682/20; B0855/19; B0869/09; B1329/25

defined (12): A0021/03; A0173/16; A0178/25; A0473/05; A0509/26; A0527/V; B1089/01; B1239/25; C0152/24; C0387/24; C0418/31; C0422/24

defines (1): A0231/04

defining (2): A0667/59; B0869/10

definite (24): A0079/40; A0217/09; A0234/22; A0303/V; A0378/09; A0385/29; A0430/29; A0482/06; A0550/29; A0551/07; A0580/26; A0625/02; A0693/26; B0841/27; B0842/23; B0864/35; B1044/05; B1293/15; B1374/23; C0112/06; C0134/18; C0172/16; C0401/19; C0430/05

definitely (3): A0621/09; A0705/01; B0944/20

definiteness (1): A0365/20

definition (9): A0508/30; A0615/V; A0707/05; B0869/16; B1034/13; B1272/05; B1314/34; B1329/26; B1335/22

definitive (2): A0273/05; B0962/06

definitively (3): A0621/V; B0944/V; B1256/05

definitiveness (5): A0365/V; A0711/26; B0797/05; B1256/05; B1276/29

deflect (1): B0751/27

deformed (4): A0604/21; A0610/24; B1303/23; C0087/12

deformities (1): A0028/10

deformity (4): A0035/20; A0298/V; B1303/24; C0108/41

defraud (1): A0047/03

Defuncti (1): A0622/19

defy (2): B1272/29; B1315/16

defying (2): A0138/12; A0324/06

degage (2): A0247/03; A0247/V

degenerating (1): B1189/27

degradation (1): A0127/28

degraded (1): C0198/35

degree (132)

degrees (134)

Dei (2): A0213/04; A0213/07

deigning (1): A0136/35

deities (2): B0900/25; B1180/22

Deity (10): A0036/16; A0068/06; A0601/17; B1106/13; B1213/04; B1215/04; B1219/23; B1220/01; B1220/15; B1272/19

deity (6): A0122/28; A0124/20; A0156/11; A0196/24; A0478/18; B0772/17

dejected (2): C0195/26; C0392/06

dejection (2): C0142/37; C0549/22

dejeuner (1): C0176/03

del (2): A0344/24; A0662/V

Del/Rio (2): A0173/03; A0176/11

Delaware (1): B0864/06

delay (18): A0227/20; A0232/07; A0537/11; A0593/22; B0767/01; B0872/07; B0896/19; B0924/31; B1091/11; B1222/07; B1222/17; C0107/10; C0119/17; C0133/35; C0135/03; C0170/24; C0549/14; C0557/28

delayed (1): A0266/24

delectable (2): A0387/V; B1300/17

delegates (1): B1207/28

deleterious (2): A0217/V; C0101/05

deliberate (12): A0271/19; A0499/12; A0541/V; A0676/04; B0862/22; B0877/35; B0990/32; B1017/17; B1136/05; B1384/13; C0202/03; C0427/01

deliberated (1): B0856/34

deliberately (15): A0025/14; A0053/26; A0136/32; A0262/16; A0296/V; A0474/03; B0851/28; B0893/18; B0989/05; B1103/19; B1114/12; C0085/26; C0086/03; C0125/28; C0579/31

deliberateness (1): A0533/20

deliberating (1): C0152/09

deliberation (12): A0488/20; B0823/18; B0825/11; B0826/33; B0856/29; B1013/28; B1132/31; B1224/07; B1315/32; C0186/16; C0398/03; C0546/36

deliberations (2): C0104/23; C0104/36

delicacies (3): B1008/32; C0068/21; C0176/01

delicacy (12): A0063/07; A0269/21; A0301/17; A0302/13; A0381/18; A0641/V; B1122/15; B1135/29; B1167/13; B1280/19; B1339/33; B1371/16

delicate (35): A0020/V; A0033/15; A0074/25; A0074/25; A0128/11; A0152/30; A0154/29; A0156/V; A0246/31; A0247/07; A0298/V; A0311/V; A0312/13; A0343/32; A0352/22; A0366/05; A0383/28; A0401/33; A0486/27; A0488/03; A0495/06; B0890/07; B0902/24; B0902/V; B0906/11; B0926/36; B1020/29; B1090/03; B1119/09; B1160/40; B1337/16; B1340/17; C0079/36; C0130/14; C0400/35

delicately (4): A0100/31; A0164/24; B0907/03; B1350/25

delicately-granulated (1): B1333/02

delicious (22): A0150/V; A0316/08; A0507/28; B0863/03; B0889/27; B0890/V; B0896/05; B0904/24; B0942/32; B1011/04; B1013/31; B1019/30; B1136/07; B1337/02; C0145/37; C0536/27; C0542/14; C0543/02; C0543/23; C0560/29; C0568/11; C0570/01

deliciously (3): A0348/10; A0348/33; B1333/08

deliciousness (1): C0093/31

Delight (3): A0127/02; A0127/23; A0128/01

delight (36): A0057/20; A0068/03; A0078/18; A0078/29; A0078/37; A0102/15; A0135/07; A0247/16; A0265/35; A0316/05; A0409/09; A0428/06; A0529/16; A0533/12; A0613/25; A0613/26; A0614/37; A0614/37; A0663/V; A0702/M; B0858/24; B0905/31; B1079/11; B1138/11; B1223/05; B1224/27; B1267/M; B1278/07; B1391/14; C0121/04; C0122/22; C0137/22; C0168/36; C0419/37; C0420/35; C0523/38

delighted (14): A0315/11; A0381/21; A0439/02; B0820/34; B0854/15; B0872/01; B0894/28; B0903/08; B1056/01; B1279/36; B1280/28; C0104/10; C0177/13; C0542/21

delightful (6): A0090/03; A0486/30; C0058/20; C0540/14; C0543/11; C0568/06

delightfully (4): A0339/33; A0381/10; B1080/08; B1186/35

delighting (1): A0528/04

delights (1): A0491/15

delikittest> (1): A0468/V

delineate (1): A0245/18

delineated (3): B0833/01; B0945/06; B1122/14

delineation (3): A0164/13; C0193/23; C0208/03

delirious (7): A0438/27; A0591/32; A0640/28; A0673/23; A0673/24; A0681/18; B0895/16

delirium (13): A0166/04; A0461/11; A0612/22; A0644/19; A0644/V; A0663/02; A0667/55; A0682/22; B0894/30; C0081/15; C0127/35; C0398/39; C0561/15

deliver (4): A0490/21; B0858/33; B1152/16; C0104/17

deliverance (16): A0235/13; A0693/22; B0932/33; C0053/T; C0062/05; C0065/07; C0073/13; C0096/33; C0117/19; C0122/19; C0124/06; C0125/28; C0127/11; C0131/20; C0562/09; C0563/27

delivered (10): A0059/15; A0067/06; A0074/13; A0556/17; A0695/11; C0066/34; C0067/05; C0139/14; C0175/23; C0188/11

deliverer (3): A0154/17; B0875/18; C0579/30

deliverers (1): A0694/35

delivers (1): B0875/26

delivery (6): A0065/24; A0465/29; A0556/19; A0556/26; C0523/09; C0523/22

dell (1): C0181/02

delly (1): A0354/32

Delos (2): A0196/V; A0311/27

Deluc (18): B0723/22; B0734/30; B0735/18; B0735/33; B0735/36; B0761/16; B0767/07; B0767/10; B0767/14; B0767/18; B0767/24; B0767/34; B0768/01; B0768/03; B0768/08; B0768/28; B0769/11; B0770/12

Deluc’s (2): B0735/26; B0763/13

delude (1): B0991/22

deluge (4): A0079/08; A0087/34; A0204/25; A0253/24

deluged (4): A0137/26; A0586/14; B1134/01; C0060/16

deluging (1): B1106/21

delusion (1): A0436/23

delusive (1): A0342/12

dem (1): B0813/03

demagogue-ridden (1): B1207/28

demand (18): A0155/03; A0250/17; A0272/21; A0386/22; A0445/11; A0626/01; A0684/28; B0738/30; B0879/06; B0907/13; B0977/23; B0983/23; B1110/06; B1128/03; B1129/22; B1130/30; C0097/09; C0554/19

demande (1): A0033/19

demanded (26): A0023/20; A0178/22; A0180/11; A0191/07; A0217/V; A0228/29; A0263/13; A0301/16; A0438/33; A0675/23; B0748/33; B0809/06; B0869/14; B0907/10; B0915/06; B0931/29; B0964/14; B1157/35; B1184/16; B1193/14; B1194/20; B1208/27; B1212/01; B1349/11; C0148/31; C0430/09

demanding (5): A0561/19; B0878/31; B0906/14; B0976/05; C0089/25

demands (4): A0548/19; B0875/32; B0984/09; C0555/28

demarcates (1): A0477/01

demeanor (27): A0025/20; A0027/21; A0104/04; A0105/24; A0161/09; A0311/19; A0317/08; A0329/24; A0412/10; A0414/16; A0415/06; A0436/14; A0479/14; A0508/02; A0512/22; A0513/15; B0811/02; B0816/31; B0825/10; B0843/05; B0877/35; B1140/09; B1249/13; B1249/26; C0531/27; C0562/08; C0568/17

demeanour (9): A0311/V; A0329/V; C0059/32; C0081/22; C0093/04; C0133/04; C0170/09; C0176/29; C0190/17

demented (1): B0825/14

demerit (1): A0710/24

demeure (1): A0019/02

demi-god (1): A0078/28

demijohns (1): C0393/32

demnition (1): A0490/09

Democracy (2): B1193/31; B1250/04

democracy (2): A0610/20; B1300/28

Democratic (2): A0075/01; A0490/08

Democritus (2): A0313/21; A0577/M

demolished (4): A0055/11; A0064/27; B1056/29; C0188/08

demolition (1): B1104/09

Demon (7): A0029/08; A0151/V; A0195/01; A0198/29; A0198/31; A0199/01; B0865/19

demon (16): A0140/V; A0190/12; A0198/27; A0235/19; A0242/23; A0296/09; A0323/07; A0403/V; A0641/V; A0690/30; A0695/31; B0851/23; B1158/02; B1223/03; C0086/36; C0087/29

demon-like (1): A0026/30

demoniac (2): A0696/07; B1223/V

demoniacal (1): B0856/25

demoniacally (1): B1223/14

demons (7): A0144/02; A0144/02; A0691/16; B0859/06; B0969/16; C0060/37; C0072/13

demonstrable (3): B1214/24; B1314/18; C0429/41

demonstrably (2): B1295/35; B1312/01

demonstrate (9): A0621/20; B0763/29; B0763/30; B1030/15; B1054/02; B1250/16; B1296/32; B1300/28; B1384/09

demonstrated (6): A0458/29; A0624/02; B1164/25; B1167/32; B1189/06; C0535/40

demonstrates (2): B0767/02; B1070/12

demonstrating (1): A0066/21

demonstration (9): B0823/02; B0829/36; B1030/16; B1310/22; B1351/02; B1359/35; C0207/31; C0429/48; C0550/13

demonstrations (5): A0708/17; B1273/12; C0073/08; C0131/16; C0180/02

Demosthenes (4): A0065/16; A0346/01; A0356/24; B1013/02

demur (2): B0841/08; B0904/31

demure (3): A0479/13; A0711/01; B1276/03

demurely (2): A0428/32; C0404/31

demureness (1): B0888/21

den (16): A0372/31; A0510/35; B0811/34; B0812/01; B0812/16; B0812/17; B0812/27; B0820/18; B0854/02; B0911/27; B0912/06; B0912/12; B0912/25; B1102/06; B1102/19; B1103/32

denial (2): B0907/27; B1275/30

denied (8): A0079/02; A0445/22; A0460/17; B0827/16; B0872/08; B0955/25; B1053/27; B1219/15

denies (1): A0601/27

denizen (2): A0233/20; C0425/24

denizens (3): A0298/V; A0550/09; C0431/12

denn (2): A0150/V; A0345/07

denominate (5): A0655/14; B0907/10; B1158/30; B1213/20; C0403/08

denominated (2): A0340/23; B1303/19

denominating (1): B1379/24

denomination (1): C0430/04

denoted (1): A0122/30

denoting (1): A0112/06

denouement (4): B0772/29; B0916/22; B1021/16; B1152/06

denounce (1): A0151/11

denouncement (1): B0769/30

denouncing (1): B0769/25

dens (1): B1162/19

dense (29): A0028/25; A0035/07; A0087/21; A0297/V; A0426/08; A0507/24; B0758/06; B0761/13; B0807/10; B0819/10; B0853/10; B0943/09; B1003/18; B1035/13; B1076/17; B1157/24; B1161/21; B1247/31; C0189/26; C0190/07; C0396/27; C0402/02; C0405/14; C0411/02; C0411/14; C0418/45; C0423/04; C0423/35; C0424/27

densely (5): A0512/20; A0674/12; B0817/24; B1279/25; B1303/02

denseness (1): A0508/08

denser (4): A0601/11; C0413/25; C0424/24; C0442/V

densest (1): B0760/05

densities (1): C0402/35

density (13): A0412/23; A0412/27; A0457/22; A0458/30; B0865/09; B1035/11; B1035/12; C0394/01; C0404/07; C0404/28; C0424/01; C0424/14; C0424/29

dental (1): A0219/06

dents (1): A0216/10

denuded (2): B1247/24; C0545/05

denunciations (1): A0461/02

deny (20): A0209/25; A0241/34; A0279/21; A0409/24; A0495/V; A0563/29; A0710/28; B0740/26; B0763/11; B0772/13; B0907/28; B1031/05; B1090/31; B1182/08; B1221/20; B1240/31; B1314/13; B1379/33; C0202/10; C0403/36

denying (5): A0024/04; A0478/05; A0550/12; B1031/06; B1358/02

depart (7): A0020/V; A0264/20; A0314/05; A0674/01; B0858/19; B0872/13; C0399/34

departed (48): A0070/12; A0081/13; A0155/V; A0156/26; A0190/17; A0190/24; A0191/16; A0215/17; A0215/18; A0217/V; A0218/02; A0233/19; A0247/22; A0311/21; A0318/03; A0322/22; A0323/18; A0323/V; A0357/01; A0430/17; A0443/15; A0443/V; A0455/V; A0541/24; A0594/V; A0605/09; A0612/35; A0615/25; A0616/01; A0617/01; A0639/06; A0642/25; A0643/10; B0764/20; B0811/09; B0820/02; B0901/V; B0942/18; B0948/06; B0957/32; B0992/29; B1004/34; B1096/17; B1105/08; B1179/28; B1385/32; C0134/23; C0206/04

departing (2): A0048/V; A0166/06

department (1): C0068/22

departs (4): A0228/21; A0233/02; A0507/11; B0976/02

departure (41): A0025/01; A0057/17; A0078/19; A0128/11; A0136/13; A0286/09; A0300/20; A0347/10; A0429/18; A0440/05; A0547/02; A0685/31; B0728/33; B0732/12; B0735/24; B0735/28; B0755/01; B0755/17; B0874/22; B0908/24; B0981/31; B0992/07; B1044/16; B1049/23; B1053/07; B1075/23; B1105/10; B1239/26; B1331/10; C0069/36; C0170/07; C0179/33; C0390/09; C0396/14; C0401/39; C0412/22; C0419/12; C0425/21; C0522/13; C0554/28; C0570/36

depend (8): A0344/13; A0346/17; B0836/02; B0976/32; B1209/07; B1352/32; C0103/21; C0177/37

dependance (1): C0533/25

depended (22): A0089/08; A0103/17; A0103/30; A0114/17; A0321/24; A0662/13; A0672/09; B0822/22; B1020/31; B1059/20; B1108/22; B1261/27; B1279/25; B1310/22; B1311/11; B1321/20; C0083/02; C0094/35; C0104/20; C0113/05; C0424/02; C0531/05

dependence (2): B1359/05; C0410/02

dependencies (1): A0293/30

dependent (1): B0890/29

depending (8): A0063/15; A0497/25; B1312/29; B1351/19; C0059/06; C0388/28; C0426/06; C0552/28

depends (14): A0054/07; A0350/27; A0497/V; A0503/09; A0710/12; B0906/30; B0961/36; B0985/05; B0985/08; B0986/05; B1275/15; C0080/14; C0092/31; C0431/09

depict (5): A0069/14; A0665/19; B0724/13; C0524/07; C0532/23

depicted (7): A0665/23; B0809/25; B0831/06; B1057/19; B1152/05; C0065/17; C0190/21

depicting (1): B0724/16

deplorable (4): A0403/10; A0514/24; B1187/10; C0145/14

deplorably (2): A0579/01; C0432/42

deplored (1): B1194/15

depopulated (2): A0242/21; A0670/11

depopulating (1): B1152/25

deportment (2): A0099/18; A0104/27

deposed (2): A0542/04; A0542/V

deposes (10): A0538/34; A0539/09; A0539/32; A0540/17; A0541/19; A0541/26; A0542/25; A0543/01; A0543/18; B0732/38

deposit (10): A0410/06; B0834/25; B0842/24; B0879/06; B0980/02; B1053/10; B1074/27; B1113/07; B1119/05; C0575/34

deposite (1): C0089/19

deposited (44): A0070/12; A0081/13; A0106/17; A0247/14; A0325/03; A0410/12; A0615/25; A0616/09; B0761/08; B0761/28; B0761/30; B0762/09; B0796/10; B0811/01; B0827/01; B0827/13; B0830/30; B0857/14; B0925/20; B0929/19; B0956/24; B0960/07; B0979/31; B0979/35; B0983/12; B0983/31; B0990/08; B1009/02; B1058/27; B1059/09; B1155/28; B1179/11; B1325/06; B1352/16; C0077/09; C0188/24; C0394/22; C0395/16; C0415/29; C0426/34; C0533/30; C0534/07; C0534/27; C0576/01

depositing (2): B1010/23; B1305/07

deposition (1): B1074/23

deposits (1): A0541/15

depot (1): C0394/31

depot (1): C0576/40

depraved (1): A0557/09

deprecates (1): B1221/28

depredations (1): A0243/15

depressed (10): A0189/33; A0248/V; B0981/31; B1246/16; B1276/25; B1336/06; C0418/29; C0537/14; C0549/02; C0549/21

depresses (1): B1278/15

depressing (1): C0143/12

depression (6): A0023/15; A0282/06; A0397/15; B1277/27; B1331/36; B1334/09

depressions (2): A0688/30; A0688/33

deprivation (1): C0138/09

deprive (4): A0612/27; B1187/28; C0394/15; C0399/02

deprived (17): A0059/18; A0121/16; A0529/08; A0631/04; A0665/06; A0667/33; A0694/04; B0741/23; B0760/12; B0834/13; B0855/02; B0905/05; B1154/07; C0207/40; C0413/29; C0421/36; C0562/04

depriving (1): B1170/05

depth (43): A0086/18; A0087/22; A0096/18; A0337/35; A0398/05; A0405/34; A0410/02; A0545/18; A0560/17; A0577/M; A0581/18; A0581/20; A0581/27; A0582/14; A0582/18; A0590/20; B0742/17; B0823/21; B0823/27; B0981/V; B1162/05; B1261/11; B1261/18; B1262/12; B1280/12; B1381/32; C0152/39; C0169/15; C0173/24; C0185/17; C0191/32; C0194/04; C0196/04; C0196/15; C0197/28; C0202/24; C0394/21; C0438/V; C0439/V; C0536/02; C0537/37; C0567/17; C0575/37

depths (14): A0190/19; A0191/06; A0234/26; A0245/11; A0589/01; A0603/27; A0639/30; A0644/24; B0964/31; B1144/14; B1168/08; B1281/19; C0205/29; C0413/03

deputed (2): A0338/33; B0796/22

deputes (1): B1152/28

der (6): A0342/01; A0342/02; A0342/V; A0342/V; B0723/M; B0723/M

der (5): A0373/06; A0373/09; B0913/07; B1109/07; B1110/08

deranged (1): B1012/34

derangement (1): A0667/30

derided (1): A0435/V

deriding (1): A0054/28

derision (4): A0063/28; B0797/25; C0085/26; C0087/34

derisive (1): B0773/32

derivable (2): A0600/02; B0850/18

derivation (6): A0124/21; A0366/03; A0366/11; A0366/22; A0536/V; B1091/28

Derivationibus (1): A0366/17

derive (6): A0122/24; B0862/32; B0987/07; C0137/29; C0142/04; C0200/04

derived (20): A0073/19; A0209/05; A0314/09; A0430/25; A0459/12; A0507/14; A0529/23; A0533/13; A0599/04; B0725/29; B0850/14; B0942/06; B1089/03; B1115/14; B1162/27; B1170/01; B1194/21; B1382/04; C0120/09; C0538/36

derives (2): A0528/06; B1162/34

deriving (2): B1092/33; C0077/33

derogate (1): A0478/06

Derome (1): A0301/07

des (15): A0053/14; A0062/21; A0102/10; A0106/05; A0216/09; A0216/10; A0216/10; A0216/11; A0568/07; A0600/01; A0600/01; B0723/M; C0430/36; C0430/36; C0522/35

des (5): A0534/02; A0537/02; A0537/04; A0546/31; B0729/09

Des/Moines (1): C0551/15

descant (2): B1131/14; C0530/08

descanted (1): A0161/20

descend (13): A0124/02; B0755/13; B0821/30; B0905/26; B1070/15; B1074/09; B1074/24; B1074/31; B1081/24; B1352/22; C0121/28; C0405/30; C0408/27

descendant (1): A0427/18

descendants (1): C0522/28

descended (41): A0020/03; A0028/18; A0085/08; A0217/V; A0353/21; A0370/30; A0507/33; A0543/14; A0592/18; A0593/32; A0603/28; A0616/29; A0690/14; B0856/23; B0858/15; B0945/24; B0946/15; B0946/17; B0947/04; B1154/13; B1261/01; B1303/29; C0068/31; C0084/28; C0094/12; C0095/37; C0113/41; C0121/15; C0121/37; C0127/26; C0137/01; C0192/01; C0192/27; C0197/14; C0197/29; C0387/19; C0389/09; C0389/32; C0446/V; C0528/03; C0575/22

descending (21): A0054/29; A0063/30; A0140/23; A0509/30; A0562/11; B0905/20; B1071/19; B1106/32; B1261/01; B1294/27; B1330/24; C0075/10; C0111/09; C0111/26; C0136/19; C0191/25; C0193/07; C0196/05; C0196/13; C0196/21; C0197/22

descends (3): B0993/11; B1163/34; B1280/34

descensus (1): B0993/08

Descent (2): A0577/T; B1380/07

descent (54)

descents (2): A0580/17; A0591/33

describe (27): A0352/17; A0373/11; A0433/10; A0435/07; A0436/19; A0443/16; A0549/22; A0582/01; A0591/14; A0663/11; A0682/21; A0693/21; B0796/05; B0826/17; B0857/30; B0905/09; B0944/33; B0946/10; B1224/15; B1247/34; B1277/16; B1330/27; B1335/32; B1370/22; B1372/21; B1391/12; C0079/01

described (53)

describing (5): A0585/31; B1240/10; B1250/15; B1381/29; C0116/23

descried (4): A0509/13; C0146/13; C0161/29; C0571/17

description (34): A0054/13; A0124/28; A0241/07; A0244/V; A0245/24; A0293/02; A0389/09; A0444/16; A0510/27; A0559/25; A0581/15; B0732/27; B0750/24; B0877/07; B0980/08; B0981/26; B0981/30; B0989/16; B0991/14; B1014/05; B1057/14; B1163/14; B1277/16; C0072/11; C0166/18; C0172/36; C0178/01; C0185/08; C0422/36; C0429/19; C0431/03; C0433/05; C0533/05; C0548/06

descriptions (4): B0924/18; C0152/05; C0198/34; C0544/15

descriptive (2): A0559/19; B0876/23

dese (1): B0912/07

desecrate (1): B0760/07

desecrating (1): B1130/02

desecration (1): B0760/V

desert (9): A0139/07; A0195/09; A0198/09; A0198/15; A0354/09; B1160/26; C0138/07; C0522/10; C0528/17

deserted (9): A0062/19; A0151/22; A0349/21; A0513/10; A0532/15; B0750/13; B1049/34; C0527/39; C0576/18

deserting (2): A0513/28; C0548/28

desertion (1): C0104/17

deserts (2): A0053/12; C0072/15

deserve (2): C0073/27; C0391/15

deserved (9): A0317/20; A0317/21; A0433/04; A0567/12; B1131/37; B1136/25; B1375/16; B1379/02; C0546/05

deserves (3): A0297/18; B1139/05; C0150/21

deshabille (1): A0034/01

desideratum (1): B1072/14

design (100)

designate (1): B0768/03

designated (9): A0024/20; A0431/20; A0664/28; B0750/15; B1133/32; B1249/17; B1293/03; B1358/30; C0560/20

designates (2): A0561/30; B0769/01

designation (1): B1317/34

designations (1): A0235/05

designed (19): A0550/25; A0691/31; B0733/20; B0831/24; B0832/16; B0923/27; B0966/01; B1157/13; B1237/05; B1248/31; B1274/05; B1340/12; B1351/18; B1359/13; B1383/27; C0158/15; C0394/20; C0530/18; C0554/03

designedly (1): A0350/06

designs (14): A0160/07; A0250/28; A0405/21; A0502/14; A0711/16; B0755/02; B0984/03; B1158/10; B1219/18; B1276/17; C0103/10; C0133/10; C0522/04; C0557/17

desirable (3): B1178/21; C0092/05; C0147/14

desire (55)

desired (24): A0183/08; A0266/28; A0303/08; A0386/20; A0473/09; A0583/19; A0696/30; B0762/25; B0772/05; B0796/30; B0874/20; B0892/V; B0901/26; B0977/32; B1077/07; B1140/33; B1194/34; B1300/05; B1349/26; C0121/21; C0132/21; C0147/25; C0181/38; C0569/03

desires (4): A0054/35; B0760/16; C0065/22; C0065/22

desirous (6): A0073/28; A0366/15; A0567/12; B0960/18; B1159/07; C0076/16

desist (2): A0667/31; C0139/25

desk (1): B1145/20

deskism (1): A0508/26

desks (1): A0430/12

desolate (16): A0021/21; A0121/22; A0145/14; A0214/12; A0244/14; A0397/10; A0407/28; A0532/17; A0579/01; B0817/16; B0963/09; B1160/30; C0065/21; C0199/03; C0201/36; C0528/31

Desolation (1): A0196/18

desolation (8): A0122/18; A0196/07; A0196/31; A0320/04; A0514/31; B0942/32; B1247/26; C0524/06

Desolation/Island (2): C0150/08; C0150/20

Desoulieres (1): B1012/V

Desoulieres (1): B1012/24

Desoulieres, Jules (1): B1012/20

despair (62)

despaired (2): A0402/32; C0077/32

despairing (4): A0677/01; B0965/04; B1107/22; C0201/34

despairingly (1): A0593/20

despatch (2): C0082/05; C0201/12

despatched (6): B1057/32; B1082/03; B1129/05; C0113/03; C0113/13; C0160/04

despatches (1): B1208/16

despera-a-ado (1): A0385/34

desperado (4): A0380/25; A0384/01; A0384/24; A0385/12

desperadoes (2): B0734/06; C0187/02

desperate (24): A0022/V; A0037/04; A0037/05; A0053/20; A0072/05; A0086/01; A0272/17; A0281/27; A0297/04; A0347/16; A0351/34; A0372/11; A0446/18; A0509/15; A0514/24; A0583/33; B0725/27; B0824/11; B0992/30; B1134/26; C0075/16; C0092/11; C0186/21; C0196/12

desperately (10): A0253/30; A0316/24; A0430/13; A0611/01; A0662/02; A0695/09; B0989/06; B1177/02; C0182/16; C0190/12

desperation (3): A0684/12; B1370/25; C0200/41

despicable (1): A0440/22

despise (3): A0481/02; B0988/35; B1072/13

despised (4): A0435/35; A0611/02; A0625/26; A0644/V

despises (2): B0760/14; B0878/23

despising (1): B0899/23

despite (6): A0610/17; B1113/11; B1153/02; B1153/V; B1166/V; C0062/18

despoiled (1): B0751/13

despondency (1): C0078/38

despondingly (1): C0120/30

desposition (1): C0522/09

despotic (1): A0293/26

despotism (4): A0431/27; A0431/27; B1194/11; B1300/16

dessein (1): B0993/26

dessert (2): B1101/02; B1110/20

destination (4): A0069/08; B1208/22; C0067/35; C0098/24

destined (6): A0690/24; B1263/01; C0147/01; C0147/13; C0172/17; C0394/30

destinies (5): A0408/23; A0600/30; A0601/25; C0426/07; C0426/08

destiny (17): A0141/31; A0146/05; A0234/13; A0235/14; A0349/27; A0350/28; A0428/18; A0444/34; A0707/19; B0869/23; B0966/03; B1108/16; B1123/04; B1220/10; B1272/18; C0065/25; C0094/35

destitute (5): A0432/09; B0750/25; C0161/16; C0165/25; C0576/32

destroy (4): A0144/03; B0855/14; B1034/20; C0389/14

destroyed (14): A0054/02; A0063/11; A0078/36; A0121/19; A0216/11; A0549/01; A0551/04; B0789/03; B0831/17; B0849/08; B0855/26; B0856/01; B0978/35; B1223/20

destroyer (5): A0211/05; A0404/24; A0445/30; A0461/14; C0061/22

destroying (3): A0693/19; B0856/33; C0205/07

destruction (26): A0137/14; A0145/25; A0455/V; A0457/17; A0457/31; A0459/02; A0586/07; A0590/10; A0610/27; A0690/32; A0696/08; B0852/33; B0993/06; B1294/12; C0060/02; C0060/22; C0063/08; C0116/03; C0165/07; C0180/08; C0185/24; C0186/06; C0405/35; C0420/25; C0446/V; C0568/14

Desultory (1): B1095/T

desultory (3): A0165/17; A0214/10; B1114/09

detach (1): A0693/10

detached (1): A0281/05

detaching (3): B0957/30; B1304/01; C0535/12

detachment (3): C0156/05; C0186/38; C0539/33

detachments (1): C0172/22

detail (31): A0204/29; A0283/07; A0299/03; A0320/27; A0328/22; A0440/14; A0709/08; B0723/15; B0774/02; B0828/25; B0829/11; B0830/35; B0850/05; B0861/02; B0906/12; B0949/12; B0979/14; B1030/18; B1126/16; B1144/35; B1192/10; B1274/13; B1277/17; B1312/20; B1320/01; B1340/23; C0198/39; C0399/38; C0426/15; C0428/05; C0522/32

detailed (17): A0087/12; A0403/01; A0532/03; A0544/24; A0564/V; B0757/13; B0853/30; B0915/02; B0983/24; B1057/27; B1069/14; B1191/12; B1357/02; C0404/17; C0431/09; C0522/03; C0550/25

detailing (5): A0533/26; B0853/02; B0949/26; B0988/31; C0055/15

details (41): A0074/18; A0075/05; A0100/23; A0321/09; A0340/22; A0352/18; A0398/07; A0427/09; A0428/14; A0456/25; A0461/02; A0507/33; A0581/16; A0708/01; B0723/25; B0724/07; B0724/21; B0763/22; B0772/03; B0839/25; B0888/25; B0908/19; B0975/22; B1005/32; B1074/03; B1187/11; B1224/15; B1273/01; B1296/17; B1303/29; B1358/25; B1361/21; B1363/33; C0053/T; C0096/12; C0134/02; C0147/29; C0207/11; C0425/30; C0429/12; C0433/06

detain (4): A0548/18; C0203/34; C0390/08; C0549/11

detained (7): B0771/27; B0873/26; B0900/10; B0942/25; C0558/25; C0569/37; C0570/29

detaining (1): A0317/17

detect (13): A0135/09; A0278/17; A0312/05; A0326/26; A0509/21; B0840/19; B0857/12; B0961/12; B0962/15; B0980/11; B1054/04; C0079/37; C0415/17

detected (5): A0555/23; B0796/12; B0979/34; C0198/40; C0438/V

detecting (10): A0136/28; A0513/04; A0675/12; A0709/25; A0710/14; B1274/28; B1275/16; C0428/11; C0428/29; C0448/V

detection (4): B0980/14; B1224/09; B1300/06; C0553/23

detects (1): C0547/27

detention (1): C0091/39

deter (4): A0242/31; C0144/23; C0187/23; C0406/31

deteriora (1): A0495/04

deteriorate (1): B1071/03

determinate (1): C0109/35

determination (20): A0056/37; A0058/34; A0066/26; A0078/02; B0737/29; B0748/22; B0902/22; B0950/02; B0986/07; B1047/12; B1048/11; B1048/13; B1053/13; B1371/03; C0075/28; C0104/01; C0104/05; C0156/37; C0192/31; C0576/13

determine (21): A0078/14; A0161/07; A0250/24; A0501/23; A0688/08; B0929/19; B1081/10; B1142/02; B1158/16; B1164/29; B1214/02; B1317/02; B1317/08; B1333/30; B1337/12; B1345/09; C0105/11; C0110/13; C0120/24; C0406/33; C0525/16

determined (72)

determines (1): A0226/30

determining (5): B1072/07; B1082/11; B1214/06; B1214/36; C0070/41

deterred (3): B0769/17; C0055/10; C0103/36

deters (2): B0901/23; B1223/12

detestable (9): A0079/03; A0262/29; A0351/09; A0434/12; A0445/02; A0499/21; B1106/17; B1163/05; B1243/05

detestably (1): A0624/08

detestation (1): A0426/04

detested (2): B0857/31; C0096/14

detract (1): B1380/15

detracts (1): B0865/11

detriment (2): B0863/13; B1115/20

detrimental (1): B1351/28

deuced (3): B0812/V; B0812/V; B0816/V

deux (2): A0018/12; A0037/08

dev— (4): A0091/34; A0092/14; A0111/11; A0111/24

devastated (1): A0670/01

develop (1): A0622/08

develope (1): B0891/11

developed (3): A0298/V; A0427/22; C0127/10

developing (2): A0128/03; B0835/30

development (11): A0215/27; A0234/02; A0404/V; A0430/26; B0724/20; B0728/15; B0839/27; B1191/04; B1221/12; B1301/12; B1312/31

developments (1): B1364/13

deviate (2): A0300/05; B1302/07

deviations (4): A0078/17; A0548/01; A0615/11; A0615/12

device (7): A0211/30; A0267/37; A0271/27; A0321/23; A0405/32; B0765/27; B1347/09

devices (9): A0036/01; A0100/17; A0165/23; A0498/18; A0501/21; A0502/02; A0689/02; B1281/01; C0573/20

Devil (10): A0034/05; A0252/24; A0365/T; A0387/V; A0624/05; A0624/14; A0624/26; A0626/03; A0626/31; A0627/23

devil (34): A0024/10; A0054/05; A0054/15; A0072/18; A0088/20; A0090/17; A0103/01; A0105/24; A0108/27; A0109/06; A0109/17; A0110/V; A0112/02; A0128/V; A0249/26; A0280/05; A0621/T; A0629/V; A0630/12; B0808/23; B1092/30; B1130/23; B1207/03; B1207/13; B1208/19; B1208/24; B1208/32; B1208/34; B1372/12; B1372/14; B1375/14; B1379/25; C0393/05; C0395/32

devil-me-care (1): A0285/07

Devil’s (1): B0843/30

devil’s (5): A0372/09; B0839/31; B0840/03; B0842/29; B0968/02

devil’s-seat (1): B0841/22

Devil’s/seat (1): B0840/21

devilish (1): B1018/22

devils (5): B1019/22; B1316/02; B1373/02; C0064/33; C0388/03

devious (3): A0514/04; A0639/29; B1334/12

devise (5): C0130/13; C0132/34; C0134/07; C0176/05; C0198/20

devised (2): B1007/13; C0077/03

devising (2): A0705/11; C0120/08

devoid (5): A0274/31; A0278/32; A0558/10; B1129/20; C0087/21

devolving (1): B0924/11

devote (1): B0941/08

devoted (11): A0250/09; A0560/23; A0704/12; A0712/04; B0888/27; B0900/24; B0992/31; B1269/12; C0148/03; C0187/38; C0393/03

devotedly (1): A0663/12

devotees (1): A0044/13

devoting (3): A0711/34; B0979/17; B1277/01

devotion (8): A0311/09; A0317/19; A0399/02; A0624/27; B0747/35; B0894/32; B0899/10; B0902/15

devotional (1): C0537/30

devour (3): B0969/17; C0074/03; C0175/36

devoured (11): A0127/19; A0356/30; A0694/01; B1299/24; C0076/28; C0077/29; C0083/34; C0135/35; C0137/03; C0143/09; C0165/18

devouring (3): A0123/20; C0170/18; C0567/08

devours (1): B0875/08

devout (4): A0457/03; A0642/12; B0888/V; B1152/20

devoutest (1): A0313/24

devoutly (2): A0150/V; A0663/12

Dew (2): A0281/17; A0284/06

dew (6): A0196/26; A0643/10; A0702/M; B1074/07; B1074/10; B1267/M

dew-drop (1): B0943/16

Dew, T. R. (1): A0281/13

dews (2): A0195/19; C0559/04

dexterity (6): A0344/07; A0445/24; A0479/17; B1018/08; B1166/28; B1346/18

dexterous (3): A0125/V; A0388/34; B1011/30

dexterously (1): A0068/20

dey (2): B0809/01; B0812/16

DeGrat’s (1): B1391/V

di (2): A0151/14; B1386/04

Di/Broglio (1): A0446/28

di/Mentoni (1): A0164/V

Diable (4): A0037/01; A0037/02; A0037/26; C0538/12

diable (2): A0540/11; A0541/10

Diable/rapid (1): C0538/15

diablerie (1): A0054/17

diablerie (1): A0099/09

diabolical (4): A0203/07; B1374/24; C0086/15; C0135/13

diagnosis (4): A0404/19; A0627/01; B0962/07; B1235/35

diagonal (1): C0157/36

diagonally (10): A0101/04; A0274/34; A0276/01; A0279/14; B0832/33; B0833/16; B1008/26; B1336/32; C0106/24; C0107/40

Dial (4): A0342/09; A0622/02; A0627/03; B1193/25

dial (1): B1104/09

dial-plate (3): A0352/24; A0354/17; A0367/30

dialect (2): B1092/05; B1158/36

dialects (1): A0315/19

dialogue (1): B1032/17

diameter (36): A0322/15; A0351/27; A0458/15; A0459/20; A0580/27; B0822/02; B0822/13; B0823/26; B1071/28; B1161/35; B1192/13; B1248/04; B1248/25; B1280/04; B1333/03; B1333/23; C0153/01; C0393/30; C0394/20; C0400/33; C0401/37; C0404/40; C0410/30; C0418/06; C0418/31; C0418/41; C0419/14; C0419/29; C0420/06; C0420/11; C0421/17; C0425/14; C0428/32; C0429/42; C0430/23; C0575/35

diameters (1): B1351/11

diametrically (1): B1352/30

diamond (5): A0512/05; B0877/05; B0877/16; B0877/24; B0890/08

diamond-like (2): B1137/40; B1138/15

diamonds (4): A0152/27; A0384/20; B0827/33; B1160/12

Dian (2): A0175/29; A0181/24

Diana (14): A0120/06; A0347/20; A0348/21; A0348/23; A0349/20; A0350/12; A0350/13; A0350/16; A0350/18; A0352/09; A0353/16; A0353/32; A0356/28; A0599/M

Dianam (1): A0056/09

diaphragm (1): A0097/23

diaries (1): B1069/24

Diary (9): A0340/08; B1358/06; B1358/13; B1358/16; B1358/17; B1359/12; B1360/03; C0523/15; C0523/22

diary (3): B1390/02; C0522/30; C0522/32

diatribe (1): B1139/15

Diavolo (1): A0177/08

Diavolo (1): A0182/36

diavolo (1): A0177/04

dice (2): B0773/22; B0773/30

dicebant (2): A0209/M; A0218/14

Dick (3): A0347/08; B0876/V; B1183/14

Dick/street (1): B0876/29

Dickens (1): B1051/19

dickey (3): A0485/03; A0485/16; A0485/17

dickeys (1): A0485/18

dicta (1): A0096/17

dictate (1): B1219/19

dictated (1): A0343/19

dictates (2): B0899/22; C0147/35

dictation (1): A0431/26

dictatorial (1): A0265/24

diction (1): A0611/34

dictionary (1): B1128/02

Dictu, Horribile (1): A0205/21

dictum (1): A0527/V

did (457)

did’st (1): A0162/V

didactic (1): A0341/10

Didcot (1): B1166/32

diddle (1): B1158/33

diddle (23): B0869/07; B0869/23; B0869/24; B0869/M; B0869/M; B0870/09; B0870/14; B0870/14; B0871/09; B0871/22; B0871/23; B0871/31; B0872/16; B0873/10; B0873/17; B0874/23; B0874/24; B0874/33; B0875/26; B0875/31; B0876/20; B0877/04; B0877/30

diddled (1): B0869/26

diddler (30): B0870/03; B0870/08; B0870/13; B0870/18; B0870/23; B0870/25; B0870/27; B0870/30; B0870/33; B0871/06; B0871/10; B0871/15; B0871/21; B0871/24; B0871/25; B0872/09; B0873/16; B0874/26; B0874/30; B0875/01; B0875/04; B0875/07; B0875/08; B0875/13; B0875/14; B0875/31; B0876/03; B0876/16; B0876/24; B0877/01

Diddler, Jeremy (1): B0869/V

diddler’s (4): B0874/32; B0875/05; B0875/08; B0875/14

diddles (4): B0869/12; B0869/17; B0869/18; B0869/23

diddling (8): B0869/07; B0869/09; B0869/11; B0869/21; B0869/27; B0869/T; B0870/07; B0877/26

didn’t (9): A0345/2::; A0465/12; A0488/05; A0655/17; B0811/24; B0812/27; B0876/07; B0876/11; B0900/V

didst (6): A0162/20; A0228/1E; A0228/20; A0232/23; A0233/01; A0448/1E

die (2): B0723/M; B0723/M

die (47): A0020/V; A0058/31; A0069/20; A0077/01; A0150/V; A0150/V; A0158/18; A0158/18; A0158/V; A0190/16; A0228/12; A0232/17; A0235/02; A0316/24; A0345/09; A0345/09; A0345/12; A0345/32; A0506/03; A0506/05; A0564/11; A0588/30; A0642/02; A0651/18; A0673/33; B0797/26; B0849/05; B0956/15; B1032/24; B1032/28; B1057/29; B1108/04; B1108/01; B1126/03; B1142/12; B1235/36; B1238/29; B1259/18; C0073/04; C0119/13; C0132/05; C0134/41; C0135/10; C0144/11; C0398/36; C0432/04; C0562/01

died (63)

dies (3): B0916/26; B1163/19; B1208/36

diet (2): B1006/09; B1166/01

dieth (3): A0310/M; A0314/26; A0318/V

Dieu (6): A0034/01; A0101/V; A0541/10; A0541/31; A0560/05; B1016/06

dieu (1): B1014/16

differ (8): A0098/1!; A0101/12; A0269/03; B0766/17; B1092/26; B1168/16; B1257/12; C0552/26

differed (4): A0018/1!; B0813/32; B0962/31; C0575/25

difference (38): A0027/08; A0079/3(; A0161/06; A0161/08; A0181/16; A0366/2!; A0368/33; A0388/25; A0512/30; A0530/03; A0531/07; A0552/34; A0589/35; A0592/15; A0603/05; A0655/18; A0696/27; B0741/32; B0741/34; B0749/15; B0855/25; B1035/18; B1074/05; B1105/35; B1168/17; B1168/20; B1168/21; B1178/01; B1207/23; B1207/24; B1382/11; C0056/31; C0148/40; C0157/02; C0171/37; C0403/09; C0421/36; C0562/07

differences (3): A0530/13; B0991/20; B1113/04

different (67)

Differential (1): B0986/23

differently (1): A0210/22

differing (5): B0980/03; C0171/16; C0174/02; C0202/24; C0565/39

differs (5): A0550/04; B0736/20; B0903/15; C0544/14; C0577/17

difficult (55)

difficulties (20): A0073/14; A0486/33; A0584/20; B0736/34; B1096/06; C0066/05; C0072/03; C0074/38; C0076/14; C0079/23; C0114/07; C0122/14; C0147/24; C0160/18; C0166/13; C0191/27; C0424/21; C0522/30; C0532/22; C0574/34

difficulty (173)

diffident (1): C0392/28

diffuse (2): A0281/23; B0955/19

diffused (3): A0696/04; C0078/19; C0430/18

diffuseness (1): B1114/27

Diffusion (1): A0337/18

diffusion (5): A0496/24; B1250/04; B1250/05; B1322/17; C0430/11

diffusive (1): A0341/15

dig (4): B0823/01; B0856/34; B1162/16; C0196/31

digest (1): B0924/02

digested (1): B0832/20

digestion (1): B1153/15

digestive (1): C0535/39

diggers (2): B0834/V; B1312/26

digging (5): B0822/15; B0825/03; B0843/12; B1303/31; C0432/44

digits (1): A0559/25

digne (2): B0993/27; B0993/27

dignified (9): A0107/01; A0246/27; A0249/11; A0383/08; B0942/14; B1132/32; B1295/25; B1311/22; B1370/10

dignitaries (2): A0021/25; C0390/35

dignitary (1): A0370/11

dignitary’s (1): B0990/15

dignities (1): A0204/12

dignity (26): A0026/23; A0086/23; A0097/17; A0100/24; A0126/11; A0126/16; A0141/19; A0203/12; A0249/34; A0251/12; A0263/17; A0266/17; A0295/23; A0372/02; A0380/18; A0433/05; A0706/05; B0903/07; B1003/31; B1056/31; B1103/04; B1194/34; B1271/09; B1372/13; C0390/28; C0426/35

digress (1): B1051/12

digression (1): C0107/04

dilapidated (1): B1003/20

dilapidation (1): A0400/09

dilatation (1): B0940/V

dilate (7): A0086/25; A0100/01; A0295/V; A0317/23; A0352/16; B1089/17; C0401/39

dilation (2): B0940/19; C0400/40

dilemma (9): B0930/33; B0933/29; B1132/15; C0079/08; C0175/19; C0397/36; C0414/28; C0554/15; C0559/28

dilemma’d (1): B1116/01

diligence (3): A0545/09; B1145/17; C0395/24

diligent (3): A0365/13; B0840/28; C0157/13

diligently (2): A0135/05; A0478/29

dilikittest> (1): A0468/17

dillikittest> (1): A0467/29

diluted (2): B0832/21; B1104/26

dim (30): A0079/29; A0138/27; A0140/15; A0151/03; A0152/09; A0162/24; A0189/19; A0191/10; A0198/26; A0217/12; A0227/26; A0227/35; A0232/12; A0235/22; A0320/05; A0328/04; A0403/29; A0427/06; A0436/17; A0514/25; A0545/25; A0602/02; A0639/17; B0794/29; B0942/16; C0073/02; C0109/10; C0397/32; C0412/38; C0443/V

dim-remembered (1): A0407/31

dimension (2): B0738/24; B1248/16

dimensions (17): A0034/25; A0066/05; A0297/V; A0380/16; A0430/18; A0685/25; A0688/14; B0933/31; B1008/22; B1071/27; B1073/04; B1192/15; C0389/31; C0393/21; C0393/25; C0409/18; C0533/17

diminish (2): B1364/17; C0404/14

diminished (21): A0438/10; A0512/28; A0528/33; A0615/28; B0745/15; B0750/06; B0756/19; B0931/05; B1014/33; B1359/18; B1359/20; B1359/23; C0139/38; C0164/21; C0181/07; C0400/10; C0407/04; C0419/14; C0421/10; C0424/08; C0558/28

diminishing (5): B1074/06; C0401/27; C0402/35; C0403/05; C0403/25

diminution (8): A0446/16; B0940/18; C0117/27; C0146/02; C0402/38; C0418/40; C0419/29; C0430/10

diminutive (19): A0064/19; A0160/16; A0246/30; A0267/30; A0283/02; A0370/29; A0380/13; A0502/09; A0534/14; A0536/27; B0901/V; B0991/07; B0991/17; B1008/09; B1293/13; B1302/20; C0191/12; C0418/13; C0425/06

diminutively (1): A0099/29

dimmer (1): A0639/21

dimness (4): A0509/19; A0641/09; A0643/21; C0205/33

dimpled (1): A0245/27

dimples (2): A0312/20; A0330/09

din (6): A0374/05; A0587/16; B1353/05; C0116/22; C0168/38; C0415/04

dine (1): B1007/23

dined (1): A0205/07

dingy (2): A0140/07; A0367/V

dining (2): B1008/16; B1178/32

dining-room (7): A0205/02; A0650/V; A0654/15; B0928/20; B1008/21; B1100/03; B1110/13

dining-table (1): B1020/18

dinner (24): A0068/01; A0175/02; A0180/25; A0204/10; A0204/15; B0871/13; B0875/V; B1007/09; B1007/23; B1007/26; B1008/14; B1017/35; B1020/30; B1045/30; B1091/19; B1100/02; B1105/13; B1142/10; B1158/34; B1167/10; C0093/07; C0101/22; C0175/31; C0566/26

dinner-table (1): B1013/08

dinners (1): B1136/29

dint (14): A0212/04; A0403/27; A0490/11; A0689/17; B0773/10; B0932/22; B0990/01; B1206/08; B1300/21; B1317/20; B1362/08; C0113/19; C0184/01; C0188/08

diodorus (2): A0059/09; A0061/05

Diogenes (3): A0037/23; B0870/25; B1091/35

dionysius (2): A0093/05; A0112/17

Dios (1): A0183/01

dios (2): A0177/03; A0177/08

dip (1): B1282/06

diplomacy (4): A0092/16; A0111/26; B0976/25; B1178/19

diplomatist (2): A0105/03; B0957/19

dipped (2): A0037/01; B1076/33

dipping (1): B1115/05

dips (2): B0875/02; B1281/22

dire (2): A0602/07; A0681/M

direct (44): A0073/18; A0080/30; A0101/04; A0264/30; A0399/07; A0500/08; A0510/05; A0533/16; A0546/02; A0548/07; A0614/04; A0652/05; A0686/26; A0707/14; B0728/18; B0729/12; B0746/V; B0760/28; B0888/05; B0903/22; B0956/04; B1050/26; B1079/26; B1116/11; B1139/24; B1169/19; B1188/30; B1193/07; B1213/09; B1214/06; B1223/25; B1272/13; B1282/25; B1321/23; C0066/02; C0101/25; C0418/47; C0420/14; C0430/13; C0438/V; C0525/23; C0536/11; C0536/18; C0559/11

directed (29): A0218/30; A0249/15; A0268/28; A0673/17; B0734/11; B0758/23; B0761/05; B0770/15; B0795/05; B0836/04; B0982/31; B1057/17; B1072/03; B1075/14; B1119/21; B1168/05; B1182/12; B1249/16; B1298/04; B1360/06; B1361/33; C0080/31; C0144/37; C0390/26; C0392/17; C0393/22; C0422/20; C0437/V; C0553/15

directing (6): A0286/04; A0704/24; B0761/01; B1237/08; B1269/23; C0195/17

direction (119)

directions (33): A0153/20; A0353/16; A0514/26; A0537/26; A0552/06; A0614/08; A0685/01; A0693/19; A0695/32; B0762/23; B0762/31; B0763/32; B0810/34; B0817/29; B0841/30; B0945/07; B1294/20; B1294/26; B1301/23; B1335/12; B1352/25; C0108/06; C0144/18; C0169/03; C0171/11; C0173/26; C0190/32; C0524/38; C0542/18; C0543/31; C0543/41; C0556/15; C0577/04

directly (41): A0124/06; A0140/02; A0141/35; A0295/15; A0298/V; A0300/01; A0300/16; A0478/18; A0497/04; A0565/26; A0689/31; A0710/25; B0850/19; B0940/30; B1037/25; B1057/06; B1058/20; B1091/03; B1188/15; B1207/21; B1275/27; B1292/21; B1300/25; B1331/33; C0064/06; C0077/24; C0078/01; C0080/34; C0082/07; C0125/07; C0143/18; C0147/04; C0156/36; C0162/12; C0182/14; C0192/12; C0396/38; C0410/25; C0416/26; C0418/11; C0420/16

directness (2): A0276/36; A0459/01

Directorium (1): A0409/05

directors (2): B1105/17; B1178/19

direful (2): A0616/03; B1130/20

direst (1): A0687/21

dirges (1): A0405/12

dirt (5): A0349/06; B0834/29; B0991/20; B1094/02; C0182/17

dirteen (3): A0373/09; A0373/09; A0373/10

dirty (13): A0242/07; A0512/02; A0533/31; B0809/16; B0829/04; B0990/36; B1008/08; B1091/13; B1291/18; C0067/18; C0388/18; C0427/24; C0427/24

dis (19): A0373/15; A0373/17; A0373/19; B0811/34; B0813/03; B0813/11; B0819/20; B0819/32; B0820/02; B0820/33; B0821/05; B0824/09; B0824/27; B0826/26; B0900/01; B0900/V; B0912/V; B0913/05; B1104/18

disabled (1): C0558/22

disabuse (1): B0725/08

disabused (1): B1133/30

disadvantage (2): A0490/07; C0555/33

disadvantages (2): B1006/33; B1114/01

disagreeable (10): A0078/11; A0355/24; B0906/20; B0907/25; B0925/24; B1156/36; B1157/29; C0177/11; C0203/09; C0541/01

disagreeably (1): C0571/23

disagreed (2): A0097/21; A0549/21

disagreement (2): A0302/10; A0549/13

disappear (5): A0582/28; B0832/23; B0908/V; B1245/01; C0427/04

disappearance (20): A0024/19; B0726/05; B0726/21; B0729/27; B0734/01; B0738/22; B0745/06; B0746/17; B0753/06; B0753/14; B0754/19; B0929/09; B1047/23; B1049/28; B1052/23; B1258/25; C0145/14; C0391/10; C0397/29; C0414/02

disappeared (23): A0029/18; A0253/11; A0327/19; A0356/23; A0404/07; A0459/32; A0511/30; A0580/20; A0594/07; B0811/03; B0944/04; B1107/29; B1142/03; B1249/01; B1330/32; B1354/23; C0388/40; C0391/03; C0423/27; C0536/31; C0539/10; C0568/02; C0570/37

disappearing (3): B0932/27; B1239/22; B1247/30

disappears (5): A0591/35; B1080/37; B1222/24; B1281/07; C0408/19

disappointed (12): A0025/21; A0591/36; B0891/03; B0891/04; B1234/14; C0115/18; C0131/12; C0133/28; C0189/35; C0192/29; C0416/08; C0530/14

disappointment (11): A0057/34; A0068/19; A0384/14; B0823/29; B0825/29; B0896/11; C0079/05; C0124/28; C0125/30; C0147/35; C0201/14

disapprobation (1): A0674/27

disarmed (2): C0562/02; C0562/16

disarrangement (1): C0422/16

disaster (11): A0054/31; A0063/32; A0345/11; B0811/14; B0853/02; B0933/16; B0955/18; C0064/12; C0065/29; C0080/18; C0126/14

disasters (2): B0806/04; C0076/02

disastrous (3): B1303/05; C0097/10; C0123/11

disastrously (1): A0444/26

disbelief (4): B1233/10; B1240/02; C0207/12; C0423/07

disbelieve (1): A0189/03

disbelieving (2): B0763/06; B1031/15

disburse (2): B1135/17; B1206/16

disburses (4): B1136/16; B1136/37; B1137/34; B1138/31

disc (1): C0416/24

discard (3): A0556/15; B0751/29; B0838/01

discarded (4): A0458/17; B0969/04; B1074/09; C0564/16

discern (1): A0299/07

discerned (6): A0244/04; A0508/22; C0077/39; C0388/15; C0399/20; C0417/37

discernible (11): A0164/22; A0400/02; A0406/02; A0514/27; A0567/10; A0579/09; B1299/10; B1338/25; C0079/41; C0082/10; C0407/35

discernment (1): A0302/21

discharge (15): A0094/21; A0114/15; A0300/10; A0484/10; B1163/30; C0119/25; C0186/13; C0187/14; C0187/21; C0187/29; C0390/09; C0405/34; C0557/28; C0557/31; C0579/23

discharged (5): B0727/35; B0731/13; B0753/40; C0407/24; C0410/37

discharges (1): B0873/14

discharging (9): B1074/25; B1079/25; B1182/20; C0097/13; C0097/22; C0113/17; C0143/22; C0404/25; C0406/22

disciple (1): A0242/04

disciples (3): B1295/11; B1310/33; B1313/08

discipline (1): C0105/27

disclaim (1): A0023/29

disclose (4): A0296/V; A0616/13; B0728/19; C0525/23

disclosed (3): A0215/12; B1317/12; C0174/28

disclosing (4): A0328/01; B0895/19; B1239/31; C0394/04

disclosure (2): B0906/14; B0976/27

disclosures (1): C0398/31

discoloraticn (2): A0400/06; B0730/05

discolored (3): A0543/26; A0543/34; C0571/18

discomfited (3): A0022/11; A0628/27; B1194/23

discomfiture (2): A0253/14; C0190/15

discomfort (4): A0614/15; B0925/22; B1143/11; C0416/13

discomposed (2): B0982/34; C0390/07

disconcert (3): A0672/31; A0673/09; B0894/31

disconcerted (5): B0823/24; B0943/28; B1019/32; B1141/33; B1193/23

disconsolate (1): B1107/11

disconsolately (1): A0605/10

discontinuance (1): A0442/12

discord (2): A0175/12; A0181/02

discordant (6): A0046/05; A0407/37; A0500/12; A0613/16; A0697/07; B1096/19

discordantly (2): A0215/07; A0510/28

discountenanced (1): A0623/33

discourage (2): B1128/14; C0136/38

discouraged (4): B0737/04; B0870/18; B1077/11; C0164/38

discourages (1): C0160/26

discourse (19): A0072/14; A0073/04; A0113/10; A0297/10; A0297/19; A0298/12; A0383/09; A0498/V; A0548/23; A0555/29; A0568/15; A0625/24; B0863/28; B1040/16; B1104/28; B1106/04; B1185/10; B1250/13; C0558/14

discoursed (7): A0181/18; A0527/01; A0611/23; A0641/17; B0728/26; B0901/16; B1130/16

discoursing (2): A0498/01; B0903/12

discover (31): A0062/26; A0104/10; A0104/29; A0106/27; A0196/21; A0234/19; A0276/26; A0283/37; A0313/22; A0434/29; A0611/25; B0737/23; B0746/25; B0763/14; B0768/V; B0771/31; B0837/19; B0903/30; B1152/03; B1181/05; B1189/19; B1300/08; B1353/23; B1374/29; C0157/16; C0189/02; C0403/10; C0419/25; C0424/08; C0432/44; C0555/40

discoverable (1): A0408/21

discovered (165)

discoveries (12): B0727/16; B0752/11; B0841/31; B0886/03; B0898/05; B0948/23; B1058/20; B1361/25; C0053/T; C0162/08; C0429/29; C0524/40

discovering (18): A0488/04; B0871/09; B1054/01; C0071/05; C0074/16; C0089/18; C0096/03; C0158/14; C0167/27; C0176/06; C0192/28; C0192/35; C0202/14; C0208/17; C0525/29; C0527/25; C0547/28; C0561/30

Discovery (1): A0142/15

discovery (71)

discreditable (1): A0299/10

discredited (1): B1160/19

discredits (1): C0546/13

discrepancy (6): A0649/05; B0768/11; B0902/27; B0903/01; C0408/04; C0574/38

discretion (4): B1005/17; B1006/19; B1047/08; B1142/09

discretionary (1): C0148/06

discriminating (2): A0527/V; B0990/11

discrimination (3): A0098/30; A0280/16; A0302/13

discursive (2): B0749/23; B1291/17

discuss (2): A0300/26; B1044/08

discussed (4): A0535/21; A0536/07; A0664/27; C0558/36

discussing (4): B0726/V; B0974/09; B1359/09; C0109/37

discussion (21): A0097/09; A0226/27; A0231/02; A0337/34; A0457/14; A0458/17; A0460/20; A0706/02; A0709/18; B0752/03; B0861/05; B0875/06; B0991/30; B1233/03; B1241/23; B1242/03; B1249/31; B1250/08; B1270/31; B1274/21; C0061/28

discussioN (1): B0726/32

discussions (2): A0459/19; B1247/09

disdain (3): A0351/12; B0911/V; B1107/18

disdained (1): A0026/12

disdaining (1): A0435/19

disease (27): A0020/V; A0211/01; A0211/01; A0211/15; A0211/16; A0212/31; A0213/26; A0242/23; A0282/05; A0324/08; A0404/16; A0410/21; A0433/27; A0610/24; A0627/02; A0638/05; A0670/09; B0742/19; B0789/02; B0851/16; B0851/16; B0962/07; B0963/01; B1234/32; C0126/07; C0177/03; C0522/02

diseased (3): A0533/28; A0610/07; A0695/V

diseases (2): A0611/17; B0955/28

disembogued (1): C0525/20

disemboweled (1): B1056/26

disembowelling (1): B1185/12

disenchained (1): A0461/04

disenchanted (1): A0499/17

disenfranchised (1): A0609/17

disengage (1): A0582/02

disengaged (4): A0538/14; B0929/18; C0062/28; C0409/37

disengagement (1): C0414/01

disentangle (1): A0495/V

disentangled (2): A0558/21; B0725/04

disentangles (1): A0528/05

disfigure (1): C0536/33

disfigured (4): A0218/26; A0592/14; A0689/05; B0948/08

disfigures (1): B0888/19

disfiguring (1): B1122/12

disgrace (2): B1130/26; B1133/13

disgraceful (1): A0536/15

disgracefully (1): B1140/16

disguise (5): A0111/04; A0439/29; B0850/31; B1381/06; C0113/10

disguised (2): A0641/14; C0110/34

disguising (1): C0108/35

disgust (14): A0034/03; A0196/29; A0374/17; A0430/21; A0490/30; A0673/26; A0674/29; A0694/23; B0854/27; B0893/22; B0927/11; B0955/02; B1101/15; C0399/29

disgusted (7): A0298/V; A0434/09; B0854/26; B0893/21; B1058/13; B1138/07; C0086/26

disgusting (12): A0023/07; A0114/13; A0355/09; A0435/22; B0925/25; B1130/04; B1139/08; C0074/41; C0107/41; C0112/02; C0124/25; C0137/36





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)