Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Dish through Endeavour,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 81-114 (This material is protected by copyright)


dish (5): A0101/05; A0689/18; A0689/22; A0694/02; B1010/24

Dish-Clout (1): B1137/37

dishearten (1): C0575/04

disheartened (1): B1277/16

dished (1): A0343/28

dishevelled (1): A0330/15

dishonored (1): B1089/07

dishonour (1): A0150/V

disinclined (1): C0389/34

disingenuous (1): B0745/21

disinheritance (3): B1051/02; B1051/04; B1051/30

disinter (2): B0960/02; B1049/16

disinterested (1): A0264/10

disinterment (1): B0733/15

disinterred (1): B0731/07

disinterring (2): B0957/27; B1056/33

disjointed (2): C0080/24; C0208/08

disk (2): B1300/31; C0420/36

diskiver) (1): A0464/05

diskivered) (1): A0469/17

dislike (4): B0852/04; B0854/24; B0888/18; B1359/31

dislikes (1): B0878/11

dislocated (3): A0056/26; A0066/15; A0487/23

dislodged (1): B0857/14

dislodging (1): A0687/07

dismal (8): A0242/28; A0426/08; A0430/23; A0614/07; C0074/41; C0537/34; C0538/35; C0567/36

Dismal/Swamp (1): A0502/05

dismally (2): A0139/24; A0430/01

dismasted (1): C0061/23

dismay (11): A0033/16; A0138/06; A0216/22; A0370/26; A0372/03; B0818/16; C0064/38; C0075/38; C0200/13; C0398/36; C0562/34

dismayed (1): B1353/18

dismembered (1): B0796/07

dismiss (4): A0547/15; B0747/23; B0751/24; B1006/28

dismissed (5): B0724/26; B0830/01; B0923/17; B0969/08; C0526/30

dismissing (3): A0459/25; B0830/V; B0841/10

dismounted (1): C0533/33

disobey (2): C0061/38; C0555/18

disorder (25): A0087/30; A0213/01; A0213/03; A0213/29; A0243/32; A0324/03; A0326/03; A0330/01; A0398/21; A0410/30; A0413/15; A0537/25; A0547/25; A0558/06; A0610/14; A0685/33; B0962/05; B0967/01; B0969/09; B0980/12; B1006/16; B1006/27; B1274/16; C0071/07; C0557/23

disordered (8): A0029/07; A0215/18; A0408/07; A0439/26; B0730/24; B1108/01; B1234/19; C0145/05

disorders (1): A0546/29

disorganization (1): C0404/05

disorganized (1): A0102/02

disparity (1): B1186/02

dispassionate (1): B0760/21

dispelief (1): B1103/02

dispelled (4): A0664/17; B0760/03; B0866/07; B1008/20

dispensation (1): B1055/33

dispensations (1): A0090/14

dispense (4): B1006/20; B1073/28; C0403/22; C0575/31

dispensed (1): B1008/24

dispeptic (1): B1100/V

disparate> (1): A0467/19

disperse (1): B1048/15

dispersed (1): C0556/34

dispersing (1): B1048/11

dispirate> (1): A0467/12

dispirited (3): A0665/20; B0811/14; C0196/01

displace (1): B0857/10

displaced (5): A0514/28; A0616/08; B0741/21; B0742/13; C0403/20

displaces (2): B0741/06; B0742/06

displacing (1): B1261/10

display (16): A0105/25; A0320/18; A0321/11; A0496/09; A0496/10; A0496/25; A0533/12; A0707/09; B1013/07; B1015/V; B1238/26; B1272/09; B1325/09; B1380/09; C0123/37; C0397/35

displayed (12): A0089/12; A0101/15; A0301/03; A0402/34; B0889/29; B0945/12; B1005/08; B1078/V; B1349/24; B1380/19; C0069/15; C0428/16

displaying (6): A0073/21; A0128/03; A0371/02; A0398/33; C0082/09; C0205/11

displays (2): A0265/35; B1032/10

displeased (3): A0624/27; A0624/28; A0663/14

displeases (1): B1221/25

displeasing (2): A0500/13; B1004/25

displeasure (2): A0652/13; C0066/13

disported (1): C0570/05

disposal (11): A0654/18; A0705/03; B0739/34; B0761/V; B0828/19; B0986/03; B0986/03; B1132/27; B1134/06; B1179/15; B1270/03

dispose (4): A0072/09; A0557/05; B0762/01; C0393/13

disposed (18): A0242/10; A0286/02; A0497/21; A0568/10; A0601/11; A0671/22; B0769/15; B0822/30; B0926/02; B1047/09; B1162/17; B1221/20; B1224/22; B1247/08; C0056/19; C0539/03; C0556/22; C0557/41

disposes (1): B0764/33

disposing (1): B0764/25

disposition (21): A0057/25; A0059/23; A0098/01; A0104/26; A0431/11; A0443/26; A0624/24; A0654/13; B0822/24; B0850/09; B0850/22; B0851/11; B0854/20; B0910/18; B0926/15; B1046/34; B1074/07; C0170/06; C0177/23; C0180/08; C0523/11

dispossessed (1): A0204/13

disproportion (2): B0750/02; C0105/02

disproved (3): B0729/04; B0732/23; B0733/21

dispute (11): A0096/04; A0120/21; A0385/21; A0409/20; A0707/23; B0987/13; B0987/15; B1105/16; B1272/24; C0157/23; C0564/01

disputed (3): A0440/29; A0485/15; A0638/18

disputes (1): B0744/26

disputing (2): B1297/08; C0086/30

disquieting (1): C0078/06

disquietude (6): A0323/03; A0427/23; C0071/06; C0081/19; C0403/30; C0414/28

disquisitions (2): A0226/20; A0230/19

disregard (2): B0747/18; B0752/01

disregarded (3): A0610/31; A0673/12; B0757/04

disregardful (1): A0435/12

disregarding (1): B0894/26

disreputable (1): B1029/04

disrepute (2): B1295/20; B1311/13

disrespect (1): C0523/27

disruption (1): B1081/01

disruptured (1): C0198/36

dissatisfaction (3): A0500/16; B0877/22; C0395/27

dissatisfied (2): A0539/16; C0419/28

dissect (1): B0960/03

dissecting-room (1): B0961/06

dissection (3): A0067/14; B0960/17; B1181/12

dissemble (2): B0797/28; C0392/02

dissension (1): B0861/04

dissent (1): B1116/05

dissertation (1): A0054/09

dissertations (1): A0295/V

disservice (1): B1360/12

disshevelled (1): A0330/V

dissimilar (4): A0064/17; A0431/21; A0612/28; C0193/16

dissimulation (1): B0789/20

dissimuler (1): A0135/M

dissipate (3): A0664/02; B0944/14; B1322/29

dissipated (4): A0210/11; A0381/11; B1047/13; B1330/25

dissipating (1): B1362/23

dissipation (2): A0020/V; A0438/21

dissolute (3): A0025/20; A0438/22; A0440/17

dissolution (11): A0211/13; A0329/06; A0403/35; A0448/06; A0604/07; A0609/15; A0670/05; B1234/22; B1236/08; B1241/29; C0182/04

dissolved (1): B0832/22

dissolves (1): C0577/22

dissonant (1): A0123/32

dissuade (2): B1046/29; C0132/13

dissuaded (1): B1140/14

Distance (1): A0409/03

distance (145)

distances (10): A0275/38; A0277/36; A0278/35; A0279/14; A0283/25; B1164/30; B1164/32; B1212/15; C0204/17; C0403/25

distant (33): A0102/22; A0398/18; A0414/29; A0435/27; A0579/15; A0614/12; A0614/17; A0644/14; B0726/25; B0887/13; B0914/20; B1044/15; B1161/28; B1247/23; B1250/35; B1251/04; B1261/26; B1274/11; B1278/22; C0131/10; C0146/19; C0150/12; C0154/27; C0199/07; C0200/12; C0201/05; C0201/28; C0202/02; C0202/04; C0403/27; C0417/02; C0428/23; C0570/17

distantly (1): B1274/14

distantly-observed (1): A0709/09

distaste (2): A0621/14; A0675/22

distasteful (3): A0436/01; A0706/25; B1271/27

distemper (1): A0323/26

distempered (3): A0212/25; A0405/10; B0929/36

distend (1): B0742/35

distended (5): A0023/06; A0143/01; B1012/11; B1240/08; C0410/10

distending (3): B0741/33; B0742/08; C0411/16

distension (2): B0742/10; B0742/28

distention (2): C0404/05; C0411/28

distillation (1): C0425/37

distilled (1): B1259/05

distinct (69)

distinction (8): A0479/04; A0496/26; A0531/V; B0743/18; B0743/20; B0757/10; B0962/18; B1314/21

distinctions (1): C0538/37

distinctive (8): A0268/14; A0473/26; A0508/14; A0549/17; B0870/06; B0962/25; B1221/22; B1279/17

distinctly (64)

distinctness (18): A0080/11; A0216/19; A0315/12; A0533/20; A0587/13; A0613/11; A0615/28; B0770/01; B0795/02; B0832/02; B0855/30; B1078/14; B1235/17; B1383/10; C0205/24; C0399/01; C0420/20; C0422/25

distingue (1): A0378/18

distinguish (29): A0081/08; A0267/30; A0283/28; A0365/14; A0416/17; A0439/11; A0540/09; A0540/10; A0540/25; A0541/06; A0542/30; A0682/32; B0842/11; B0929/17; B1031/30; B1155/33; B1169/22; B1250/12; B1258/17; C0063/03; C0086/32; C0096/19; C0118/09; C0150/36; C0168/08; C0174/18; C0417/18; C0420/26; C0438/V

distinguishable (1): A0550/17

distinguished (30): A0027/11; A0056/14; A0066/03; A0071/26; A0099/22; A0107/15; A0246/18; A0302/15; A0319/29; A0367/06; A0427/27; A0482/19; A0509/18; A0537/16; A0540/V; A0543/03; A0549/27; A0578/26; A0640/26; A0676/12; A0703/21; B0857/17; B0950/12; B1136/27; B1138/04; B1187/24; B1268/20; B1278/30; C0110/06; C0523/32

distinguishes (2): B0943/06; C0575/27

distinguishing (3): A0226/34; A0231/08; B0855/05

distorted (7): A0028/16; A0053/22; A0062/28; A0078/12; A0190/13; B1189/18; C0406/07

distorting (1): C0056/18

distortion (4): A0078/13; A0213/31; B1346/13; C0128/15

distracted (4): A0685/19; B0726/07; B0733/12; B0794/12

distress (11): B0820/04; B0933/10; B0961/20; B0963/22; B1104/16; C0114/33; C0117/37; C0131/03; C0182/28; C0411/20; C0567/31

distressed (7): A0108/15; B1012/17; C0076/25; C0081/15; C0148/31; C0399/26; C0406/18

distresses (1): C0139/13

distressing (16): A0073/18; A0211/11; A0324/17; A0349/29; A0374/07; A0541/03; B0943/28; B0958/18; B1030/24; C0053/T; C0081/18; C0089/06; C0098/31; C0128/41; C0140/09; C0207/01

distressingly (1): A0294/V

distribute (1): B1048/16

distributed (1): C0387/14

di-tributio (1): B0986/19

district (5): A0044/28; A0243/16; A0578/28; A0592/32; B1162/24

districts (5): A0242/26; A0244/V; B0862/05; B0863/24; C0422/34

distrust (5): A0685/23; C0055/24; C0171/09; C0172/24; C0568/16

disturb (9): A0102/09; A0235/18; A0434/22; A0445/18; A0663/15; B0793/03; B0826/09; B1239/02; B1313/06

disturbance (17): A0166/16; A0400/14; A0434/23; A0709/04; B0753/05; B0890/32; B0980/10; B0992/19; B1014/36; B1185/13; C0071/14; C0091/17; C0092/29; C0105/17; C0133/18; C0175/11; C0549/35

disturbances (8): A0459/15; A0612/33; B1273/33; B1273/33; B1273/36; B1274/05; C0401/26; C0424/36

disturbed (22): A0139/28; A0215/16; A0233/V; A0414/12; A0434/01; A0690/14; A0694/19; B0857/20; B0858/04; B0891/12; B0892/27; B1106/15; B1169/04; B1179/13; B1263/26; B1300/01; C0145/32; C0421/14; C0539/08; C0545/31; C0562/27; C0576/20

disturber (1): C0539/10

disturbing (5): A0211/04; A0218/23; A0348/05; A0348/06; B0822/21

disuse (1): B1304/26

dit (2): A0096/V; C0430/29

ditch (1): A0045/05

Dithyrambics (1): A0176/03

dithyrambics (1): A0182/02

ditty (1): A0650/05

divarsion> (1): A0468/10

divarted> (1): A0467/24

dive (1): C0128/01

dived (2): B1134/34; C0544/31

diver (2): C0121/11; C0122/01

diverged (1): B0770/V

divergent (1): B1059/01

diverging (2): B1282/31; B1332/29

divers (2): B1291/09; B1310/08

diverse (2): B0985/16; B1180/21

diversified (1): C0552/36

diversion (2): B1349/35; B1350/06

diversity (2): B0749/26; C0156/32

divert (1): B0752/23

diverted (4): A0022/23; A0249/22; A0438/30; C0531/39

diverting (2): B0760/27; B0773/08

divest (5): A0034/15; A0578/17; A0705/26; B1270/25; C0546/41

divested (8): A0162/V; A0457/21; B1036/22; B1036/26; B1036/29; B1036/31; B1036/32; B1183/30

divesting (1): B1108/06

divests (1): B0871/19

divide (8): B0840/06; B0955/26; B1295/21; B1311/14; C0172/29; C0428/23; C0428/25; C0546/40

divided (8): A0694/32; B0827/10; B0980/20; C0091/18; C0093/11; C0137/10; C0531/31; C0557/01

divides (1): B0762/19

dividing (1): B0985/25

divil> (7): A0465/12; A0466/06; A0466/28; A0468/28; A0469/17; A0470/05; A0470/15

divilish> (1): A0466/01

Divine (3): A0319/21; A0601/23; B1213/09

divine (21): A0108/03; A0141/33; A0173/27; A0179/09; A0179/20; A0311/25; A0312/08; A0313/23; A0383/05; A0478/12; A0641/04; A0643/17; A0644/23; B0889/17; B0889/18; B1036/22; B1039/07; B1096/07; B1096/16; B1127/18; B1317/35

divinely (2): A0316/10; B1340/04

divinest (1): B1281/14

diving (2): C0121/04; C0546/07

divining (1): A0410/16

divinities (2): A0159/06; B1180/15

divinity (4): A0120/20; A0122/26; A0128/25; A0532/28

division (18): A0429/17; A0508/31; A0705/29; B0745/03; B0751/08; B0836/18; B0840/06; B0840/12; B0840/20; B0840/26; B1270/27; B1332/32; B1336/22; C0091/27; C0093/21; C0204/41; C0429/16; C0533/30

divisions (8): A0343/16; A0508/23; A0550/09; B0836/13; B0836/14; B0991/09; B1190/30; C0551/29

divorce (1): B0929/05

Divorum (1): A0091/13

divulge (1): A0411/06

divulged (1): B0768/23

dizzily (5): A0045/14; A0137/17; A0146/02; A0578/33; A0580/32

dizziness (4): A0670/04; A0683/16; B1222/29; C0197/37

dizzy (6): A0036/04; A0139/26; A0157/05; A0587/36; B0963/03; B1222/27

dizzying (1): A0591/18

do (438)

Dobson, Tom (2): A0490/16; A0490/28

doch (2): A0150/V; A0345/07

docility (1): B0850/08

Doctor (35): A0382/34; A0652/20; A0655/14; A0655/15; A0655/26; A0657/03; B0941/10; B0941/16; B0941/23; B0946/16; B1002/T; B1017/12; B1018/03; B1022/04; B1181/11; B1182/06; B1182/19; B1182/29; B1182/35; B1183/04; B1183/17; B1184/01; B1185/07; B1185/17; B1186/33; B1187/22; B1188/18; B1189/29; B1189/34; B1190/08; B1190/15; B1192/02; B1193/01; B1194/24; B1194/33

doctor (8): A0337/31; A0382/18; A0655/20; B0941/07; B0982/31; B1185/31; B1186/03; B1186/07

Doctor’s (3): B1178/29; B1192/30; C0428/43

doctor’s (2): B1091/32; B1181/21

Doctors (3): B1235/20; B1236/04; B1237/04

doctrine (2): A0108/22; B0724/01

doctrines (13): A0018/04; A0018/05; A0018/13; A0086/06; A0086/17; A0089/33; A0089/35; A0096/19; A0226/27; A0231/01; A0703/05; B0941/11; B1268/04

document (12): B0976/11; B0976/17; B0976/27; B0976/30; B0977/01; B0978/31; B0981/29; B0990/12; B0991/23; B0991/24; C0426/31; C0448/V

documents (2): B1119/M; B1304/02

dod (1): B1373/04

dodged (1): B1104/08

Dodona (1): A0198/26

Dodona’s (1): B1115/23

doer (1): B1051/25

doers (1): A0551/04

does (70)

doesn’t (2): B0873/03; B1373/22

doffed (2): B0916/17; B1019/19

Dog (1): B1245/04

dog (65)

dog-days (1): A0071/04

dog-leaf (1): A0078/22

dog-meat (1): A0483/V

Dog-Head/Lake (1): C0526/38

Dog/Street (1): B0879/14

dog’s (4): A0622/23; A0631/23; A0653/03; C0079/10

dogged (8): A0241/05; A0261/05; A0432/07; A0437/28; B0816/31; B0823/18; B0958/35; B1206/08

doggedly (1): C0392/09

doggrel (1): B0979/12

dogless (1): A0357/10

dogma (3): A0703/08; B0989/14; B1268/08

dogmas (2): A0079/02; B1034/26

dogmatic (1): B0761/27

dogmatically (1): A0109/15

dogmaticians (2): B1297/29; B1317/02

dogmatizing (1): B1312/01

dogs (15): A0046/02; A0099/32; A0347/04; A0347/32; A0348/14; B1015/04; B1096/10; B1101/10; B1157/16; B1158/05; B1168/11; B1299/30; B1300/27; B1300/29; C0073/25

doing (62)

doings (3): A0072/28; A0243/10; C0110/21

dolce (1): A0296/09

doll (1): B1372/01

dollar (10): A0487/32; A0624/12; B0820/27; B0872/17; B0872/22; B0872/28; B0926/24; B1091/12; B1207/14; B1363/19

dollar-manufacture (1): A0500/22

Dollar/Newspaper (1): B0806/T

dollar’s (1): B1054/24

Dollars (1): B0806/T

dollars (35): A0059/16; A0067/07; A0485/14; A0487/29; A0487/29; A0496/09; A0496/V; A0704/33; A0705/20; A0705/23; B0827/25; B0828/15; B0828/19; B0872/23; B0872/33; B0874/31; B0877/06; B0877/23; B0879/06; B0879/23; B1206/11; B1209/02; B1269/32; B1270/18; B1270/22; C0057/27; C0179/14; C0179/14; C0179/15; C0179/15; C0179/15; C0179/16; C0179/16; C0179/17; C0529/30

Dolores (1): C0157/41

dolphins (1): C0174/06

dolt (3): A0177/19; A0183/13; B0979/21

Domain (2): B1267/T; B1328/T

domain (12): A0025/25; A0320/12; A0397/12; A0399/33; A0428/23; A0639/18; A0643/15; B1278/27; B1282/04; B1282/07; B1334/38; B1335/07

domains (3): A0708/15; B1271/28; B1273/10

dome (1): B1385/15

domes (1): B1164/22

Domestic (1): B1137/36

domestic (6): A0710/01; B0850/23; B0866/22; B1275/04; B1278/34; C0155/31

domesticated (4): A0127/16; B0854/22; B1165/31; C0173/29

domesticaticn (1): C0173/37

domestics (1): A0028/21,

domiciliary (1): A0625/30

dominant (1): A0617/02

domination (5): A0292/V; A0294/01; A0295/06; A0296/V; A0446/03

dominator (2): A0294/V; A0294/V

Dominican (1): A0409/06

Dominie (1): A0430/06

dominion (8): A0123/20; A0406/29; A0411/18; A0444/35; A0603/02; A0610/11; A0677/04; B0966/22

dominions (8): A0021/02; A0210/09; A0250/03; A0250/29; A0670/11; B1039/V; B1152/16; C0550/30

domino (2): C0399/19; C0441/V

DOMITIAN (1): A0093/15

Don (4): A0177/03; A0177/09; A0183/01; A0621/01

don’t (57)

donations (1): C0555/29

donc (1): A0033/19

donce (1): B0913/04

Donder (1): A0373/19

Donder (1): A0366/10

Dondergat (1): B1362/07

done (170)

donjon (1): A0411/16

donjon-keep (1): A0410/05

donkey (5): B1010/01; B1010/12; B1020/33; B1092/02; B1160/35

donkeys (1): B0874/29

donna (1): B0889/10

donned (2): B0916/V; B1178/07

Donner (1): A0177/13

Donner (1): A0183/07

dont (1): A0033/19

doo (2): A0372/28; B1103/01

doom (6): A0589/19; A0591/30; A0687/15; A0690/22; B0932/18; B0961/17

doomed (8): A0143/30; A0348/03; A0587/02; B1057/29; B1157/19; B1292/08; B1384/28; C0135/23

doomsday (1): A0489/32

door (156)

door-nail (1): B0820/01

doors (19): A0216/25; A0367/12; A0416/26; A0442/27; A0469/14; A0498/28; A0514/06; A0515/08; A0551/15; A0671/18; B0750/11; B0864/11; B0871/02; B0877/21; B1057/15; B1336/25; B1337/01; B1352/14; C0110/27

doorway (2): A0190/33; A0241/33

dormant (2): A0096/M; A0096/M

dormant (2): A0189/31; B1163/19

dormitories (2): A0209/16; A0436/32

dose (7): A0325/12; A0341/02; A0667/46; A0667/64; B0942/09; B1133/07; C0557/05

dost (5): A0073/33; A0074/02; A0074/06; B0964/17; B1385/29

dot-and-carry-one (1): A0630/10

dotage (3): A0320/21; A0612/19; B1186/16

doth (4): A0310/M; A0314/28; A0319/23; A0320/01

doting (2): A0020/04; A0446/28

dots (3): A0272/34; B0838/18; B0838/33

dotted (4): A0266/10; A0277/36; C0443/V; C0443/V

Double (4): A0655/V; A0655/V; A0655/V; A0656/V

double (24): A0055/13; A0143/13; A0314/18; A0368/31; A0369/09; A0370/15; A0441/29; A0467/16; A0490/23; A0533/23; A0540/02; A0688/22; B0727/15; B0893/16; B0906/31; B1046/09; B1055/18; B1059/10; B1059/10; B1299/12; C0118/39; C0157/32; C0389/23; C0569/15

double-bass (1): A0372/09

double-dealers (1): C0569/18

double-headed (1): A0187/30

double-padded (1): A0485/05

double-reefed (4): A0579/17; B0930/13; C0099/14; C0106/18

double-shotted (1): C0180/18

double-winded (1): A0073/33

doubled (8): A0487/10; A0655/23; B0735/10; B0759/05; B0837/12; B0837/14; B0982/14; B1168/16

doublet (1): A0244/16

doublets (1): A0242/11

doubly (8): A0037/08; A0315/14; A0327/20; A0434/08; B0858/21; B1055/02; C0059/40; C0425/27

doubt (235)

doubted (16): A0310/12; A0317/14; A0402/07; A0527/V; B0727/31; B0832/14; B0835/26; B0965/14; B1122/17; B1247/32; B1362/34; B1383/25; C0187/04; C0207/17; C0208/08; C0569/27

doubters (1): B1029/03

doubtful (8): A0247/V; B0732/14; B1097/05; B1364/19; C0084/15; C0164/07; C0167/30; C0200/32

doubting (1): B0946/04

doubtless (4): A0600/09; B1384/26; C0185/37; C0540/11

doubts (5): B0751/07; B1159/26; B1257/24; B1257/27; B1257/31

dough (2): B0913/07; B0913/V

doughty (1): A0413/26

doux (1): B0916/30

Dover (1): B1070/26

down (441)

down-east (1): B1370/19

down-right (1): A0098/15

Down-East (1): A0486/12

Down-East/Review (1): A0205/11

Down-Easter (1): A0622/02

downcast (1): A0190/06

downfall (4): A0094/23; A0114/18; B0993/07; C0424/34

Downing, Jack (1): A0285/14

downright (8): A0343/24; A0380/26; A0380/29; B0888/22; B1182/05; B1381/01; C0428/04; C0448/V

downward (15): A0164/21; A0232/02; A0538/10; A0547/26; A0557/04; A0590/31; A0591/21; A0692/13; B1163/36; B1194/28; B1237/08; B1321/22; C0118/32; C0193/08; C0397/03

downwardly (1): B1248/15

downwards (12): A0153/04; A0227/14; A0501/V; B0834/31; B1072/03; B1163/27; B1194/V; B1381/33; C0408/34; C0418/44; C0440/V; C0579/33

downy (1): B1250/24

doze (2): A0602/15; C0058/08

dozen (31): A0091/22; A0110/26; A0160/V; A0178/13; A0578/13; B0734/17; B0749/11; B0764/30; B0767/10; B0824/01; B0844/21; B0859/10; B0875/02; B0896/22; B0943/10; B1014/18; B1052/14; B1055/29; B1296/27; C0069/24; C0093/02; C0147/33; C0160/41; C0176/23; C0390/10; C0390/14; C0390/18; C0390/19; C0393/32; C0570/13; C0577/41

dozing (1): B1105/28

Dr (35): A0273/35; A0273/36; A0274/06; A0278/06; A0278/14; A0278/17; A0337/04; A0337/14; A0337/19; A0337/22; A0337/29; A0338/07; A0338/20; A0338/29; A0349/04; A0354/05; A0354/16; A0388/20; A0430/05; A0432/27; A0436/31; A0438/03; A0440/02; A0446/01; A0535/09; A0628/V; B0946/14; B0950/03; B1091/29; B1238/02; B1238/03; B1238/08; B1239/03; B1242/14; C0428/40

drab (2): A0349/03; C0388/32

Draco (1): B1096/25

Draconian (1): A0429/02

drag (8): A0557/12; B0766/25; B1166/04; B1352/34; C0117/14; C0120/31; C0135/40; C0170/02

drag-rope (1): B1292/24

drag-ropes (1): B1293/10

dragged (26): A0071/13; A0217/V; A0538/10; A0584/16; A0587/22; A0599/M; A0643/03; A0653/15; B0735/01; B0765/30; B0765/34; B0766/26; B0766/34; B0795/27; B0932/23; B1049/09; B1049/V; B1057/33; C0065/20; C0086/21; C0089/21; C0096/25; C0114/20; C0120/35; C0188/35; C0200/05

dragging (11): A0447/12; A0567/15; B0765/32; B0765/35; B0771/01; B1089/22; B1353/17; C0082/24; C0185/29; C0192/09; C0536/14

draggled (1): A0127/26

dragon (5): A0414/15; A0414/20; A0414/22; A0415/18; A0416/12

dragon-fly (1): B1156/23

dragon’s (1): A0414/32

drags (1): B1075/02

drain (3): B1049/16; B1160/37; C0544/33

drained (5): B1348/08; B1349/27; C0082/33; C0139/23; C0540/21

draining (1): B1049/12

dram (4): A0058/17; A0069/06; A0173/08; B1078/11

drama (10): A0065/09; A0318/22; A0328/24; A0385/21; A0438/06; A0446/02; B0725/01; B0916/22; B1021/03; C0134/13

dramas (1): A0055/29

drams (1): A0178/14

drank (16): A0189/33; A0190/08; A0242/V; A0249/V; A0251/V; A0416/03; A0487/24; A0686/10; A0688/V; B0735/30; B0767/20; B0928/18; B1017/23; B1127/06; C0138/35; C0141/38

Draper (1): B1359/09

draperied (1): B0890/03

draperies (14): A0157/22; A0189/23; A0190/22; A0190/24; A0190/28; A0191/04; A0214/23; A0320/23; A0322/28; A0329/15; A0401/13; A0411/21; A0682/01; A0684/02

drapery (10): A0036/V; A0152/29; A0155/07; A0164/11; A0326/09; A0497/23; A0501/19; A0502/26; A0674/08; B1280/10

draping (1): A0322/06

draught (12): A0251/07; A0441/28; A0688/03; B1259/21; B1260/12; C0083/31; C0092/19; C0131/04; C0142/04; C0147/12; C0147/14; C0563/22

draughts (3): A0528/23; A0528/32; A0529/04

draw (18): A0055/22; A0065/05; A0447/15; A0536/26; B0810/03; B0829/03; B1241/08; B1363/07; C0056/05; C0075/13; C0077/23; C0090/28; C0100/15; C0115/38; C0133/41; C0134/39; C0135/16; C0409/07

draw-back (1): B1128/12

drawer (14): A0054/33; A0055/06; A0055/06; A0064/01; A0064/24; A0064/24; B0809/13; B0830/33; B0977/06; B0979/19; B0979/20; B0979/21; B0983/01; C0523/24

drawers (10): A0034/25; A0067/32; A0247/25; A0252/15; A0538/01; A0556/01; A0556/05; A0556/05; B1350/37; B1363/03

drawing (41): A0034/05; A0034/19; A0080/37; A0248/02; A0387/17; A0558/28; A0559/04; A0559/14; A0559/26; B0809/16; B0810/23; B0810/30; B0818/15; B0828/29; B0829/09; B0829/20; B0829/28; B0831/13; B0831/22; B0831/31; B0832/27; B0905/03; B0948/25; B1016/15; B1017/09; B1101/24; B1189/33; B1258/19; B1262/32 •; B1282/10; B1350/09; C0064/03; C0109/03 •; C0121/14; C0133/12; C0134/08; C0390/03; C0398/13; C0406/01; C0533/04; C0557/25

drawing-room (3): A0650/03; B0904/16; B0916/03

drawing-rooms (1): A0499/26

drawings (2): B1004/03; B1340/02

drawling (1): A0385/31

drawlingly (1): B0982/16

drawn (35): A0104/14; A0540/05; A0556/34; A0592/23; A0593/03; A0640/23; A0665/29; A0676/20; A0695/08; B0767/12; B0832/06; B0842/20; B0854/03; B0907/14; B1049/08; B1092/02; B1092/13; B1093/23; B1185/03; B1233/14; B1352/21; B1352/33; B1383/02; C0103/14; C0115/36; C0118/34; C0119/30; C0121/21; C0135/18; C0162/04; C0401/35; C0409/19; C0410/36; C0439/V; C0523/07

draws (1): C0178/19

dread (20): A0403/11; A0404/08; A0460/06; A0567/V; A0608/20; A0681/03; B0769/17; B0824/12; B0855/16; B0855/18; B0855/18; B0856/21; B0957/02; B1003/22; B1226/13; B1246/01; C0059/16; C0139/35; C0143/25; C0555/24

dreaded (16): A0323/04; A0417/V; A0446/01; A0457/28; A0567/11; A0645/01; A0684/09; A0685/01; B0814/03; B0830/26; B0855/32; B0965/14; B1132/29; C0145/20; C0553/09; C0577/35

dreadful (18): A0385/08; A0414/24; A0510/12; A0581/25; A0591/30; B0765/07; B0794/11; B0795/20; B0844/14; B1156/26; B1169/24; C0076/01; C0120/17; C0133/27; C0144/38; C0148/34; C0184/27; C0185/26

dreadfully (5): A0070/17; A0543/34; B0789/01; B0825/06; C0187/33

dreading (6): A0567/22; A0665/05; A0693/16; C0074/25; C0075/28; C0137/13

dreads (1): B1221/28

Dream (1): B1122/12

dream (42): A0162/19; A0165/17; A0165/19; A0212/02; A0214/07; A0217/06; A0229/10; A0311/25; A0312/27; A0329/20; A0400/04; A0404/31; A0427/15; A0455/07; A0456/30; A0587/01; A0587/36; A0638/06; A0638/08; A0641/V; A0682/25; B0793/24; B0796/25; B0813/01; B0849/04; B0946/03; B0946/06; B0946/09; B0946/10; B0946/11; B0946/11; B0947/26; B0948/19; B0961/32; B0968/23; B1212/23; B1215/27; B1246/14; B1247/34; C0072/31; C0072/32; C0148/35

dream-like (2): A0428/03; B1283/06

dreamed (20): A0035/14; A0071/05; A0225/08; A0325/21; A0329/16; A0513/11; A0564/03; A0644/05; A0682/26; A0683/11; B0765/24; B0865/32; B0871/28; B0944/09; B0944/25; B0946/01; B1212/04; B1369/18; C0543/12; C0573/28

dreamer (3): A0212/18; A0616/04; C0078/11

dreamers (1): A0638/V

dreaminess (2): B0866/07; C0204/33

dreaming (4): A0409/08; A0585/14; B0813/33; C0579/27

Dreamland (1): B1380/21

dreams (41): A0087/34; A0163/05; A0165/20; A0166/05; A0195/V; A0196/V; A0210/18; A0216/21; A0320/26; A0323/13; A0455/09; A0456/32; A0533/02; A0611/23; A0614/14; A0616/25; A0640/07; A0644/04; A0654/08; A0673/27; A0673/28; A0673/32; A0674/02; A0710/21; B0724/32; B0724/33; B0813/04; B0856/05; B0862/06; B0946/06; B0946/07; B0964/01; B1106/15; B1122/07; B1123/25; B1212/24; B1215/33; B1275/24; B1280/21; C0072/10; C0444/V

dreamy (9): A0022/18; A0078/29; A0158/V; A0602/27; A0612/22; A0664/02; A0681/06; A0695/16; C0412/29

dreariness (2): A0397/19; B0865/10

dreary (24): A0070/17; A0195/02; A0197/06; A0217/08; A0227/14; A0232/02; A0320/11; A0397/04; A0578/28; A0614/21; B0817/22; B0896/17; B0942/13; B0942/32; B1391/01; C0072/20; C0073/24; C0078/22; C0083/30; C0139/33; C0154/14; C0198/35; C0524/02; C0577/11

dree (1): A0372/31

drenched (4): A0154/12; C0060/21; C0139/34; C0549/19

drenching (1): C0542/31

dress (37): A0089/04; A0103/20; A0103/28; A0126/12; A0153/18; A0246/27; A0248/11; A0336/07; A0349/12; A0349/13; A0368/05; A0368/32; A0371/05; A0434/34; A0507/35; A0509/14; B0730/24; B0730/28; B0734/36; B0735/26; B0736/01; B0758/11; B0762/27; B0763/05; B0855/13; B0877/35; B0908/V; B1008/11; B1014/14; B1185/32; B1194/27; B1257/18; B1292/35; C0058/17; C0123/31; C0203/37; C0552/24

dressed (10): A0124/24; A0343/28; A0387/21; B0924/24; B0930/05; B1178/28; B1186/06; C0389/25; C0552/04; C0552/16

dresser (1): A0101/06

dresses (5): B1008/03; B1093/02; B1351/29; C0125/41; C0174/31

dressing (3): A0386/27; B1010/29; B1129/15

dressing-case (2): A0055/11; A0064/26

dressing-wrapper (1): A0100/16

drew (54)

dried (6): C0174/05; C0177/01; C0179/03; C0534/36; C0535/03; C0575/41

drift (2): C0162/33; C0542/25

drifted (7): A0101/V; A0153/V; A0584/16; C0147/27; C0148/28; C0390/23; C0405/08

drifting (5): A0136/29; A0152/04; A0585/25; C0064/03; C0412/04

driftwood (1): C0164/02

drill (1): C0185/01

drily (1): A0024/16

drink (27): A0107/23; A0165/09; A0165/10; A0165/13; A0441/24; B0900/13; B1019/22; B1020/30; B1056/08; B1091/18; B1259/24; B1259/27; B1347/27; B1347/34; B1348/04; B1348/29; B1348/31; B1375/19; C0074/03; C0083/37; C0101/16; C0111/02; C0120/27; C0128/06; C0128/10; C0129/41; C0171/27

drinking (14): A0248/17; A0252/23; A0296/10; A0621/16; B1257/17; C0068/22; C0091/20; C0101/02; C0103/28; C0107/24; C0127/36; C0140/10; C0530/39; C0544/05

drinks (1): B0871/13

dripped (1): A0665/10

drippings (1): B1351/27

drissed> (1): A0464/14

drive (3): A0464/15; B1093/16; C0117/23

drivel (2): B1130/30; B1138/07

driven (25): A0135/02; A0215/19; A0246/13; A0320/14; A0509/35; A0553/07; A0584/14; A0599/M; B0822/12; B0946/33; B0977/29; B0989/04; B1299/22; B1375/05; B1379/01; C0068/33; C0069/32; C0070/16; C0081/40; C0140/18; C0144/01; C0175/02; C0184/39; C0399/27; C0526/28

driver (6): A0057/06; A0058/07; A0066/33; A0068/29; A0081/07; B1093/15

drives (3): A0340/14; A0622/32; B1093/08

driving (11): A0485/31; A0585/29; A0586/36; B0822/05; B0909/16; B1077/20; C0098/35; C0118/18; C0120/31; C0196/33; C0196/36

drizzling (1): C0395/19

drole (1): B1012/30

droll (9): A0293/06; A0296/V; A0370/29; A0494/07; A0652/11; B0728/16; B0864/09; B1013/16; C0437/V

drolleries (1): A0295/20

drollery (2): A0053/28; A0062/31

drollest (1): A0301/11

dromedary (4): B1169/22; B1169/27; B1303/28; C0138/07

dromeo (1): C0147/28

Dromes (1): B0729/10

dronk (4): B1102/19; B1102/37; B1104/16; B1109/31

droop (2): B1163/40; B1215/25

drooping (2): B0931/10; C0151/18

droopingly (1): A0603/22

drop (28): A0058/31; A0069/13; A0069/24; A0077/02; A0195/19; A0251/23; A0251/24; A0264/28; A0443/15; A0584/01; B0820/17; B0820/V; B0821/25; B0830/10; B0842/19; B0908/26; B1034/10; B1108/02; B1108/02; B1168/26; B1383/15; B1383/17; C0082/28; C0082/33; C0099/15; C0106/28; C0399/35; C0409/40

drop-curtain (1): B0896/06

dropped (34): A0054/04; A0063/13; A0089/32; A0111/23; A0158/15; A0160/17; A0218/12; A0249/03; A0253/V; A0351/04; A0415/10; A0426/15; A0514/17; A0676/24; A0676/34; A0693/20; B0824/V; B0834/11; B0840/30; B0844/V; B0877/04; B0894/08; B1077/08; B1080/25; B1280/02; B1383/18; C0083/15; C0108/30; C0125/09; C0408/05; C0408/31; C0412/09; C0426/32; C0438/V

dropping (20): A0092/11; A0099/19; A0105/24; A0299/18; A0355/17; A0373/01; A0373/07; A0380/27; A0397/17; A0443/V; A0530/18; A0553/31; B0844/V; B0913/15; B1108/31; B1109/13; C0171/05; C0396/14; C0553/41; C0573/21

drops (5): A0325/23; B1168/28; B1260/09; B1348/05; B1383/20

dropsical (1): A0247/10

dropsy (2): A0033/V; A0246/11

dross (2): A0229/16; B1298/21

drove (10): A0584/18; A0586/31; A0684/31; B0916/18; B1370/25; C0092/36; C0143/30; C0162/32; C0190/39; C0197/04

drown (2): B1372/07; C0061/33

drown’d (1): A0318/V

drowned (28): A0056/19; A0066/08; A0252/09; A0253/31; A0318/10; A0340/17; A0341/06; A0347/02; A0588/12; B0730/05; B0732/07; B0740/08; B0740/16; B0740/17; B0743/03; B0743/11; B0743/18; B0744/01; B0744/04; B0851/34; C0064/06; C0064/33; C0102/18; C0102/31; C0107/36; C0117/24; C0117/32; C0568/02

drowning (6): A0651/11; A0657/04; B0742/03; B0743/22; C0060/28; C0190/13

drownthed) (1): A0465/22

drowsily (1): B0728/28

drowsiness (3): C0141/09; C0204/24; C0415/06

drowsy (6): A0087/34; A0364/05; A0688/05; B1105/11; B1105/19; B1177/03

Drs. (1): A0484/31

drug (3): A0323/14; A0667/16; A0667/39

drugged (2): A0035/14; A0688/04

drum (5): B0795/12; B0943/30; B0943/31; B1009/06; B1017/25

drummers (1): A0372/09

Drummummupp (2): A0382/18; A0382/34

drums (4): A0078/10; B0789/M; B0945/16; C0406/04

drunk (19): A0036/04; A0058/08; A0068/30; A0069/19; A0158/13; A0240/22; A0296/17; A0487/06; A0625/V; A0688/04; B0978/15; B1102/09; C0058/12; C0059/25; C0059/25; C0059/29; C0092/40; C0101/10; C0104/26

drunkard (3): A0037/V; A0402/25; B0992/23

drunkards (1): A0510/14

drunken (8): A0243/27; A0245/05; A0413/28; B1103/11; B1262/12; C0086/29; C0397/02; C0427/27

drunkenness (1): A0069/V

drxwn (1): B1374/20

dry (18): A0413/34; B1059/03; C0078/35; C0119/33; C0120/25; C0138/37; C0138/39; C0140/02; C0175/03; C0178/31; C0179/06; C0188/41; C0191/06; C0191/09; C0552/38; C0559/36; C0572/22; C0575/34

dry-goods (1): A0482/33

drying (4): C0140/36; C0177/37; C0178/20; C0540/02

dryness (1): A0460/17

Du (1): A0303/24

du (3): A0096/M; B1154/22; C0430/39

du (2): B0726/26; B0737/15

Du/Bois (1): C0538/23

Du/Bois (1): C0538/43

Du/Pont (1): A0071/09

dub (1): A0292/V

Dub— (2): A0655/15; A0657/03

dubiously (1): C0112/21

Dublin (1): A0179/18

Dubourg, Pauline (1): A0538/34

duc (16): A0033/06; A0033/08; A0033/17; A0034/03; A0034/13; A0034/27; A0034/30; A0035/11; A0035/16; A0036/06; A0036/21; A0037/05; A0037/14; A0037/18; A0037/19; A0037/24

duc (1): A0036/10

Duc’s (1): A0036/03

Ducal (3): A0151/23; A0152/06; A0164/15

ducal (1): B0991/15

Duchess (10): A0174/12; A0174/17; A0176/22; A0176/29; A0179/27; A0182/24; A0182/32; A0250/16; A0253/02; A0254/06

Duchess’ (1): A0179/28

Duchess’s (1): A0174/13

Duck (1): A0337/21

duck (5): A0337/20; B1134/24; B1134/30; B1140/11; B1156/31

ducks (5): B1334/27; C0151/27; C0174/02; C0176/27; C0176/34

ducrow (1): A0388/07

Dudevant (1): B1121/01

dudgeon (4): A0110/V; A0386/16; A0652/16; B0876/17

due (31): A0064/22; A0070/12; A0143/22; A0155/07; A0205/04; A0267/16; A0268/03; A0272/14; A0300/03; A0302/07; A0379/31; A0380/18; A0411/20; A0554/23; A0639/02; B0863/16; B0874/34; B0896/13; B1077/32; B1079/17; B1091/32; B1132/31; B1193/33; B1215/01; B1321/13; B1330/05; C0401/26; C0404/08; C0419/04; C0422/18; C0570/09

duel (2): A0303/22; A0384/29

Duelli (3): A0301/10; A0302/20; A0303/16

duelling (1): A0297/17

duellist (2): A0297/28; A0300/24

duello (4): A0297/03; A0298/04; A0300/30; A0304/07

duello (1): A0303/V

Duels (2): A0301/03; A0301/04

dug (11): A0631/23; B0823/10; B0825/11; B0825/26; B0981/V; C0173/09; C0197/04; C0394/18; C0394/21; C0575/33; C0575/39

duk (3): A0357/05; A0357/06; A0357/06

Duke (4): A0033/V; A0250/14; A0250/15; A0250/15

duke (2): A0037/V; A0673/11

duke’s (1): A0671/21

dull (25): A0081/02; A0138/24; A0139/32; A0397/01; A0400/02; A0414/06; A0458/14; A0599/M; A0614/16; A0615/31; A0667/55; A0672/23; A0690/01; B0724/32; B0795/02; B0795/09; B0797/09; B0940/23; B0962/35; B0966/11; B1261/17; B1337/32; C0071/28; C0425/14; C0551/41

dulled (2): A0502/12; B0789/03

duller (1): A0316/18

dully (2): A0616/06; B0961/01

duly (4): A0100/27; A0251/20; A0252/08; A0279/03

Dumas (5): A0543/29; A0544/09; A0544/11; A0557/26; A0559/01

Dumas, Paul (1): A0543/18

dumb (1): B1079/09

Dumbarton (1): C0428/35

dumpy (2): A0244/16; A0368/22

dun (1): A0357/05

dunder-headed (2): A0346/15; A0649/01

Dundergutz (1): A0366/16

Dunderheadism (1): A0203/01

dungeon (10): A0684/26; A0684/29; A0685/25; A0686/04; A0686/16; A0687/29; A0688/14; A0689/10; A0690/29; C0077/03

dungeons (4): A0074/30; A0685/12; A0693/02; C0083/10

duns (3): C0391/31; C0395/23; C0396/19

duodecimal (1): A0101/07

duodecimo (1): A0058/29

dupe (3): A0441/14; A0442/20; A0443/26

Dupin (68)

Dupin, C. Auguste (3): A0531/16; B0724/14; B0974/03

Dupin’s (2): B0724/18; B0752/32

duplicate (5): A0097/V; B1207/10; B1280/16; B1362/19; C0092/18

duquel (1): C0430/41

durability (2): B1293/04; C0391/25

durable (2): A0430/33; B0831/11

duration (18): A0612/16; A0615/18; A0615/34; A0667/02; B0744/19; B0827/17; B0962/16; B0964/02; B0965/15; B1188/31; B1191/01; B1277/29; B1353/25; C0122/16; C0166/13; C0387/13; C0399/04; C0419/20

durch (4): A0150/V; A0150/V; A0345/08; A0345/08

dure (1): A0430/07

during (283)

dusk (12): B0729/15; B0735/31; B0753/23; B0767/21; B0767/27; B0767/33; B0768/05; B1257/15; C0141/35; C0143/21; C0548/35; C0566/33

duskily (1): A0191/15

dusky (4): A0428/08; C0198/14; C0392/21; C0418/32

dusky-red (1): A0136/17

dusky-visaged (1): B0943/36

dust (11): A0320/03; A0444/12; A0616/33; A0616/33; B0759/33; B0807/07; B0825/24; B1017/15; C0192/02; C0207/32; C0208/27

dusted (1): B1141/20

Dutch (15): A0143/04; A0365/02; A0368/12; A0486/13; A0496/02; A0592/01; A0621/19; B1115/30; B1328/13; B1336/18; B1337/26; C0123/08; C0125/41; C0154/26; C0155/23

Dutchman (2): A0549/28; B1311/01

duties (11): A0097/16; A0268/26; A0484/10; A0490/12; A0622/26; B0873/13; B0879/03; B0983/23; B1180/14; C0416/11; C0568/08

duty (36): A0024/14; A0066/23; A0109/19; A0123/07; A0128/27; A0249/24; A0251/05; A0327/09; A0328/06; A0365/11; A0369/27; A0369/27; A0407/20; A0443/06; A0486/20; A0623/31; A0626/14; B0733/11; B0759/33; B0771/28; B0949/30; B0985/30; B1020/13; B1052/29; B1053/19; B1093/17; B1126/12; B1189/22; B1316/25; B1390/17; C0055/06; C0088/13; C0097/05; C0153/07; C0416/36; C0531/02

Duval, Henri (1): A0540/17

dvelf (2): A0373/01; A0373/03

dwarf (19): B1345/29; B1345/32; B1346/04; B1346/34; B1348/07; B1348/26; B1348/32; B1349/12; B1349/23; B1350/14; B1350/33; B1351/01; B1351/25; B1352/27; B1353/30; B1354/11; B1354/19; C0427/18; C0578/09

dwarf’s (2): B1348/03; B1352/16

dwarfish (2): B0807/04; B1346/24

dwarfs (1): B1345/29

dwell (15): A0230/13; A0296/V; A0317/09; A0428/11; A0532/29; B0754/14; B0895/22; B1384/30; B1384/34; B1390/05; C0071/35; C0134/01; C0135/28; C0413/05; C0528/25

dwelled (2): A0639/07; A0643/04

dweller (1): C0206/07

dwellers (1): B1213/32

dwelleth (1): A0198/32

dwelling (16): A0191/07; A0191/09; A0314/09; A0320/04; A0367/03; A0398/10; A0403/23; A0413/23; A0478/27; A0546/25; A0692/06; B0761/16; B1105/15; B1339/21; C0174/01; C0427/03

dwelling-house (1): B1335/17

dwelling-place (1): A0612/04

dwellings (9): A0242/33; A0247/22; A0367/21; A0498/17; A0499/32; C0172/36; C0173/28; C0530/07; C0547/04

dwells (2): B0772/12; C0550/24

dwelt (13): A0197/15; A0216/04; A0297/10; A0458/34; A0533/21; A0641/20; A0692/05; B0725/22; B0767/24; B0902/17; C0093/28; C0132/06; C0551/11

dwindled (1): C0443/V

dx (3): B1374/11; B1374/16; B1374/19

dxes (1): B1374/08

dxg (1): B1374/15

dxll (1): B1374/14

dxn’t (7): B1374/07; B1374/11; B1374/12; B1374/13; B1374/17; B1374/17; B1374/18

dye (1): B0769/V

dyed (2): A0165/V; C0567/40

dying (34): A0151/23; A0227/23; A0228/15; A0228/19; A0228/33; A0232/10; A0232/20; A0232/25; A0233/15; A0252/16; A0427/15; A0442/30; A0447/25; A0498/08; A0510/36; A0564/22; A0604/04; A0642/23; A0653/01; A0653/V; B0744/04; B0828/24; B1014/33; B1090/21; B1235/09; B1237/14; B1239/01; B1239/10; B1239/13; C0072/40; C0085/25; C0142/21; C0204/21; C0565/20

dynamically (1): B1301/14

Dynamics (1): C0436/V

dynamics (1): B1072/17

dyspeptic (1): B1100/02

e (6): A0344/32; A0662/V; A0662/V; B0837/10; B0837/12; B0837/16

e (3): B0950/20; B0950/23; B0950/27

E. (10): C0150/05; C0150/07; C0150/39; C0158/31; C0159/02; C0160/31; C0160/37; C0161/29; C0162/05; C0163/13

E./E. (1): A0271/28

E./S./E. (1): C0161/31

e.a. (3): B1383/16; B1383/21; B1383/25

e-clench-eye (1): A0353/07

Eac (1): A0096/M

each (229)

eager (13): A0155/04; A0165/14; A0225/05; A0317/27; A0409/22; A0433/31; A0442/05; A0533/11; B0814/25; B0853/12; B1178/30; C0082/36; C0125/14

eagerly (16): A0228/29; A0404/12; A0656/16; A0664/26; B0725/30; B0768/21; B0825/11; B0948/17; B0992/10; B1152/30; B1249/16; C0075/18; C0091/40; C0129/39; C0183/02; C0392/39

eagerness (10): A0145/29; A0323/17; A0499/08; A0530/21; A0692/27; C0073/08; C0077/05; C0101/03; C0176/12; C0545/23

eagle (2): A0163/03; B1311/32

eagle’s (1): C0433/02

ear (57)

ear-ring (1): A0537/32

ear-rings (1): B1006/02

Earl (5): A0174/14; A0174/19; A0179/28; C0430/21; C0430/23

earl (1): A0179/34

Earl’s/Hotel (1): B1361/12

earldoms (1): A0440/09

earlier (17): A0078/26; A0241/24; A0297/08; A0316/04; A0326/21; A0354/08; A0638/22; B0756/20; B0906/07; B0974/11; B1005/30; B1126/07; B1384/08; C0056/06; C0132/31; C0160/10; C0521/30

earliest (13): A0034/28; A0085/12; A0209/21; A0301/23; A0427/20; A0427/33; A0436/17; B0908/14; B0910/11; B1262/11; C0107/12; C0423/02; C0524/41

early (59)

earn (2): A0651/27; B0835/13

earned (1): B0874/31

earnest (36): A0028/04; A0212/11; A0227/16; A0232/03; A0268/31; A0299/26; A0317/26; A0324/22; A0382/27; A0398/22; A0402/28; A0404/29; A0408/10; A0409/V; A0413/10; A0439/28; A0608/16; A0614/31; A0683/09; A0683/31; B0734/08; B0746/02; B0825/34; B0906/06; B0932/03; B1122/20; B1122/24; B1181/20; B1221/23; C0109/27; C0179/25; C0207/33; C0428/04; C0438/V; C0448/V; C0550/08

earnestly (11): A0064/11; A0300/32; A0411/28; A0664/18; B0809/06; B0907/09; B1050/24; B1242/29; C0072/15; C0170/23; C0197/32

earnestness (3): A0458/33; A0684/04; C0532/20

earns (1): B0738/10

ears (70)

earth (182)

earth-angels (1): B1274/17

earth-worm (1): B1292/29

earth’s (24): A0611/11; A0612/19; B1080/37; B1212/35; B1213/35; B1273/30; B1274/04; B1274/11; B1322/22; C0400/03; C0400/07; C0400/33; C0403/27; C0404/38; C0405/04; C0411/40; C0414/05; C0416/17; C0417/28; C0418/05; C0418/40; C0419/14; C0420/06; C0432/34

earthen (2): A0689/18; C0415/29.

earthenware (1): C0069/02

earthliness (1): B1122/11

earthly (13): A0071/16; A0071/21; A0109/02; A0214/V; A0397/15; A0455/05; A0456/09; B1274/02; B1301/31; B1316/02; B1385/03; C0117/19; C0446/V

earthquake (4): A0340/30; B0955/06; B1161/34; B1303/05

earthquakes (1): A0121/20

earthy (2): A0214/08; B0968/29

ease (26): A0101/10; A0135/08; A0248/05; A0275/34; A0311/19; A0568/15; B0736/31; B0770/26; B0796/34; B1030/35; B1035/16; B1145/19; B1329/04; C0061/17; C0119/24; C0136/28; C0145/24; C0155/22; C0177/22; C0396/21; C0397/41; C0409/01; C0411/25; C0413/18; C0533/02; C0578/15

easier (2): B0766/33; C0575/28

easiest (1): C0535/29

easily (92)

easing (1): C0113/38

East (13): A0124/09; A0126/06; A0127/02; A0127/24; A0128/01; A0128/07; A0128/15; B0827/14; B0908/27; B1077/18; B1078/23; B1368/01; B1369/10

east (36): A0438/27; A0602/22; A0655/24; A0657/01; A0657/06; A0657/12; B0839/33; B0840/23; B0841/29; B0842/15; B1048/33; B1331/35; B1332/23; B1333/15; B1335/13; B1336/21; B1336/22; B1336/30; B1337/23; B1368/02; C0103/27; C0149/13; C0160/14; C0162/10; C0193/05; C0203/24; C0203/25; C0389/05; C0393/28; C0429/08; C0432/26; C0524/36; C0530/06; C0559/09; C0565/34; C0575/15

East/Indianian (1): A0140/06

East/Indian/Islands (1): A0559/20

East/Indies (2): C0148/20; C0525/24

easterly (4): C0150/41; C0161/05; C0163/11; C0207/28

Eastern (5): A0018/11; A0321/29; B1095/04; B1283/06; C0444/V

eastern (25): A0120/26; A0136/07; A0495/07; A0603/04; A0603/10; A0603/16; A0644/V; A0671/29; A0675/27; B0807/15; B0841/17; B0862/01; B1076/20; B1333/18; B1334/30; B1336/31; B1338/04; B1338/16; C0179/21; C0184/37; C0193/03; C0525/17; C0527/08; C0527/39; C0567/19

Eastern-looking (1): B0945/02

eastward (29): A0122/21; A0136/15; A0370/23; A0580/08; A0580/16; B0830/07; B1077/03; C0089/15; C0103/07; C0131/08; C0146/14; C0157/32; C0163/17; C0163/40; C0163/41; C0165/23; C0191/22; C0191/35; C0196/03; C0405/09; C0407/35; C0412/03; C0414/06; C0414/14; C0417/18; C0419/39; C0420/10; C0443/V; C0538/21

eastwardly (3): C0150/41; C0157/34; C0160/07

easy (37): A0254/04; A0434/34; A0547/18; A0642/22; A0667/32; A0705/08; B0736/23; B0737/09; B0750/V; B0750/V; B0764/27; B0821/27; B0836/14; B0871/04; B0871/04; B0961/08; B0993/10; B1032/15; B1079/19; B1092/09; B1141/04; B1153/10; B1153/15; B1163/41; B1214/02; B1224/15; B1237/27; B1270/07; B1296/32; B1313/35; B1314/01; B1381/05; C0070/24; C0402/11; C0422/12; C0547/08; C0559/19

eat (10): A0085/M; A0085/M; B1010/03; B1177/05; B1219/23; C0091/07; C0128/06; C0128/31; C0534/41; C0544/08

eaten (10): A0347/06; B0767/16; B1160/39; C0071/04; C0071/21; C0081/13; C0137/09; C0204/11; C0545/18; C0547/04

eater (2): A0145/01; A0402/26

eating (15): A0078/30; A0127/20; A0296/10; A0344/20; A0621/16; B1010/05; B1012/25; B1108/09; B1220/01; C0068/22; C0126/14; C0164/28; C0165/19; C0191/11; C0543/02

eats (3): B0871/12; B1011/12; B1163/17

eau (1): A0378/M

eave (1): B1136/33

eaves (3): A0355/04; A0367/12; A0400/08

ebb (5): A0235/20; A0581/24; A0581/31; A0592/20; C0060/01

ebber (4): B0812/05; B0818/09; B0819/14; B0820/10

ebbing (1): A0329/V

eberry (1): B1103/03

ebery (3): B0809/02; B0812/25; B0821/02

ebon (1): A0400/29

ebony (23): A0139/07; A0190/04; A0190/19; A0191/06; A0218/V; A0322/03; A0322/11; A0324/21; A0326/24; A0328/21; A0416/25; A0511/02; A0590/21; A0591/22; A0605/02; A0605/10; A0640/10; A0672/22; A0673/30; A0674/09; A0676/29; A0677/02; B1161/01

ebullition (1): B1048/05

ecarte (6): A0441/20; A0441/V; A0443/08; A0443/21; A0443/V; A0443/V

Eccaleobion (1): B1166/33

eccentric (9): A0482/01; A0482/32; A0484/05; A0670/16; B1008/18; B1016/11; B1123/24; C0057/10; C0529/13

eccentrically (1): A0613/01

eccentricities (3): A0262/05; B1016/10; C0433/01

eccentricity (3): A0159/22; B0926/07; C0400/06

Ecclesiae (1): A0409/11

ecclesiastic (1): A0104/03

ecclesiastical (1): A0088/08

ecclesiastics (1): A0107/15

Eccossois (1): C0430/39

echo (14): A0217/V; A0244/14; A0370/05; A0414/06; A0435/04; A0608/07; A0630/13; A0630/14; A0673/30; B0747/11; B0794/11; B0896/19; B1391/02; C0082/35

echoed (7): A0093/29; A0113/V; A0372/22; B0735/04; B0809/31; B1109/10; C0190/06

echoes (10): A0190/21; A0218/05; A0407/20; A0673/01; A0673/33; A0674/21; A0687/11; B1031/12; C0417/04; C0444/V

echoing (2): B0747/12; B1092/10

eclat (2): B1347/10; B1347/V

eclipse (2): B1092/37; C0419/13

eclipsed (1): B1332/35

eclipses (1): B1191/23

ecliptic (1): C0419/10

economic (1): A0436/31

economize (1): A0498/22

economy (6): A0079/01; A0102/03; A0485/30; A0531/24; B1096/03; B1096/04

ecrivaient (1): A0109/31

ecstacies (1): B1268/V

ecstasies (4): A0209/09; A0704/02; B1268/32; B1303/37

ecstasy (9): A0612/22; A0613/36; A0644/20; B0895/23; B0913/23; B1178/28; B1391/11; C0058/23; C0131/21

ecstatic (4): A0036/05; B0959/24; C0122/34; C0136/27,

eddies (4): A0583/23; A0584/03; A0585/20; B0974/08

eddy (3): C0540/15; C0541/32; C0554/07

eddying (1): A0604/11

Eden (2): B1095/02; B1154/15

Edens (1): B0862/21

eder (1): B1104/16

Edgarton (2): C0057/05; C0057/16

edge (44): A0044/31; A0354/03; A0578/07; A0578/10; A0580/27; A0589/24; A0631/13; A0690/18; A0690/19; A0692/11; B0762/27; B0762/28; B0762/30; B0762/32; B0832/27; B1102/32; B1155/35; B1223/02; B1223/15; B1280/08; B1332/06; C0075/18; C0152/22; C0159/21; C0163/17; C0176/18; C0185/04; C0185/20; C0191/31; C0192/04; C0196/30; C0389/14; C0398/28; C0410/31; C0416/22; C0419/17; C0544/28; C0544/41; C0545/14; C0545/21; C0553/24; C0554/16; C0559/22; C0578/29

edge-tools (1): B1193/22

edges (19): A0142/12; A0215/21; A0267/11; A0271/27; A0273/25; A0352/31; A0503/05; A0553/20; A0641/08; B0762/24; B0832/26; B0832/27; B0929/22; B0991/36; B0992/04; C0425/15; C0430/24; C0542/06; C0552/39

edgeways (1): A0072/25

edible (1): C0178/13

edifices (1): C0407/38

edified (1): B0916/11

Edina (4): A0347/28; A0349/21; A0351/25; A0352/18

Edinburg (1): A0174/05

Edinburgh (6): A0174/V; A0179/17; A0347/16; A0352/17; A0352/17; C0429/31

Edinburgh/Review (1): B1132/22

edit. (1): B1161/33

edited (4): A0071/26; B0731/38; B0735/37; B0740/33

editing (2): A0269/17; B1369/22

edition (16): A0071/27; A0174/32; A0180/24; A0265/10; A0276/09; A0276/10; A0283/35; A0366/17; A0409/05; A0537/03; A0544/18; B1022/06; B1141/08; B1383/16; B1384/15; C0428/38

editions (1): A0283/35

Editor (3): A0074/32; B1126/T; B1378/01

editor (49): B0732/19; B0733/23; B0747/08; B0747/29; B0748/01; B0748/12; B0750/23; B0759/15; B0759/V; B0950/15; B1127/14; B1127/22; B1127/33; B1130/33; B1132/09; B1132/30; B1133/07; B1133/14; B1133/29; B1133/32; B1133/V; B1136/19; B1137/02; B1137/39; B1137/40; B1138/37; B1139/18; B1140/04; B1140/34; B1141/35; B1143/28; B1143/34; B1207/10; B1208/17; B1208/23; B1208/33; B1208/37; B1358/19; B1361/05; B1369/02; B1369/15; B1369/35; B1370/04; B1371/06; B1371/07; B1375/06; B1379/08; B1381/25; C0055/29

editor’s (1): B1133/22

editorial (5): B1101/11; B1127/04; B1128/10; B1135/33; B1137/03

editorials (1): B1137/24

Editors (2): A0058/30; B1291/01

editors (4): B0772/09; B1127/34; B1129/09; B1207/25

Edmund’s (1): C0067/15

Edouard (1): A0062/21

Eds. (8): C0530/40; C0533/11; C0535/42; C0538/42; C0538/43; C0540/32; C0541/40; C0576/40

educated (4): A0545/11; A0556/23; B0807/20; B1009/20

education (14): A0121/11; A0135/03; A0164/07; A0173/23; A0179/04; A0225/15; A0229/14; A0610/35; A0611/25; A0611/28; A0706/08; B1271/12; C0392/26; C0522/16

educe (1): A0405/19

educed (2): B0941/16; B0987/15

Edward (1): A0240/02

eel-skinning (1): B1370/22

eels (2): B1156/32; C0174/07

eend (2): B0820/29; B0820/32

efface (2): A0612/01; C0134/03

effaced (1): C0574/08

effect (134)

effected (34): A0098/05; A0204/29; A0211/09; A0242/14; A0441/19; A0442/15; A0485/19; A0554/31; A0555/32; A0593/29; B0730/14; B0756/29; B0762/28; B0960/04; B0984/32; B1006/04; B1019/06; B1044/03; B1049/16; B1077/04; B1145/04; B1180/32; B1271/03; B1354/27; C0094/08; C0105/32; C0106/12; C0109/01; C0155/04; C0165/29; C0172/14; C0185/09; C0538/03; C0550/12

effecting (7): A0074/29; B1163/41; C0122/10; C0136/39; C0185/13; C0186/04; C0572/39

effective (5): A0315/14; B1119/17; B1350/31; C0523/37; C0555/41

effects (33): A0058/23; A0067/19; A0324/28; A0406/07; A0500/13; A0502/09; A0511/04; A0528/01; A0528/18; A0594/13; A0600/06; A0667/27; A0673/12; A0689/07; B0850/07; B0851/18; B0956/01; B0960/12; B1053/32; B1168/19; B1214/01; B1215/03; C0064/22; C0084/35; C0088/11; C0101/33; C0111/14; C0141/18; C0148/33; C0391/18; C0411/33; C0538/33; C0572/23

effectual (9): A0056/15; A0066/04; A0226/02; A0229/19; B1007/13; B1035/14; B1236/35; C0565/10; C0568/32

effectually (13): A0163/23; A0441/05; B0823/17; B0915/28; B1014/23; C0065/04; C0074/32; C0075/09; C0075/36; C0082/27; C0086/09; C0415/05; C0575/40

effeminacy (1): A0266/11

effeminate-looking (1): B0947/04

Effendi (1): A0086/34

effervescent (1): A0253/12

efficacious (1): C0547/15

efficacy (1): C0181/17

efficiency (2): B1077/01; C0416/08

efficient (4): A0342/08; B1058/12; C0165/05; C0530/16

efficiently (2): A0074/V; B1351/03

effort (55)

efforts (25): A0028/27; A0127/18; A0154/01; A0295/22; A0411/24; A0427/28; A0430/15; A0552/21; A0650/05; A0707/15; B0741/30; B1165/29; B1272/13; C0062/26; C0075/34; C0127/06; C0129/31; C0130/40; C0133/13; C0140/11; C0183/33; C0185/34; C0190/16; C0567/32; C0579/34

effrontery (3): A0028/12; B0893/25; B1131/15

effudit (1): A0125/06

effulgence (2): A0316/21; B1282/26

effusion (5): A0127/04; B1127/14; B1131/18; B1133/28; B1137/40

Egaeus (1): A0209/11

Egeria (1): B1123/25

egg (4): B1141/16; C0152/39; C0168/21; C0170/11

egg-shells (1): C0061/30

egg’d (1): B1141/20

eggs (5): A0495/V; A0623/25; C0153/08; C0153/11; C0177/08

eglantine (1): B1282/01

egli (1): A0662/V

egotism (1): B1131/18

egotist (1): B1325/11

egregious (5): A0295/13; B0987/20; C0079/02; C0181/11; C0388/23

egress (14): A0547/24; A0551/01; A0551/08; A0551/20; A0552/06; A0554/24; A0555/31; A0671/02; B1106/30; B1277/26; B1335/O8; C0074/11; C0152/23; C0192/02

egressions (1): A0429/07

Egypt (17): A0122/18; A0157/22; A0165/24; A0175/28; A0181/24; A0311/13; A0320/23; A0445/33; A0611/14; B1183/07; B1186/34; B1187/12; B1187/28; B1191/17; B1193/02; B1194/25; B1317/07

Egyptian (19): A0035/20; A0190/32; B1160/35; B1181/21; B1183/02; B1183/09; B1184/07; B1184/24; B1185/01; B1186/05; B1188/06; B1188/07; B1189/30; B1191/08; B1194/04; B1194/16; B1195/04; B1337/29; C0208/09

Egyptian’s (1): B1184/01

Egyptians (6): B1179/06; B1191/06; B1192/01; B1193/08; B1194/35; B1318/07

eh (3): A0037/V; B0907/07; B0907/08

eh (29): A0072/22; A0090/29; A0092/22; A0094/03; A0094/11; A0107/04; A0111/32; A0112/V; A0113/27; A0114/06; A0158/13; A0262/24; A0284/32; A0386/06; A0386/10; A0657/15; B0809/33; B0812/11; B0982/19; B0982/22; B1016/02; B1016/07; B1016/23; B1016/23; B1016/29; B1017/11; B1135/13; B1142/15; B1373/23

eider-down (1): A0036/V

eides (Gr.) (2): A0225/M; A0229/M

Eight (2): B1345/V; B1350/07

eight (77)

eighteen (26): A0020/13; A0121/16; A0429/33; A0484/07; A0508/29; A0584/28; B0725/20; B0730/29; B0766/18; B0827/35; B0841/18; B0968/19; B0993/02; B1015/17; B1071/10; B1235/23; B1336/02; C0065/29; C0137/38; C0156/25; C0159/09; C0178/23; C0181/31; C0428/32; C0522/17; C0533/04

eighteen-thousandth (1): B1167/30

eighteenth (5): A0020/13; C0135/36; C0150/07; C0158/17; C0190/30

eighth (9): A0176/02; A0182/01; A0411/15; A0490/31; A0553/V; B0793/19; B1262/33; C0103/28; C0179/16

eighty (12): A0176/01; A0181/33; A0348/30; B1161/35; B1331/17; B1332/31; C0147/08; C0154/32; C0181/03; C0400/33; C0401/07; C0565/33

eighty-doo (1): B0912/02

eighty-fifth (1): C0161/22

eighty-four (1): C0201/37

eighty-fourth (2): C0053/T; C0170/26

eighty-second (1): C0423/25

eighty-seven (1): B1138/33

eighty-six (2): A0705/21; B1270/20

eighty-three (3): A0175/31; A0181/31; B0828/07

eighty-two (2): B0912/03; B0914/08

eighty-two-hundred (1): B0912/03

eine (1): B0723/M

Eiros (12): A0455/01; A0455/02; A0455/06; A0455/T; A0456/01; A0456/13; A0456/17; A0456/29; A0456/32; A0457/01; A0457/12; B1322/31

either (178)

ejaculated (25): A0025/14; A0046/05; A0047/30; A0062/10; A0080/13; A0088/20; A0092/10; A0103/01; A0111/22; A0166/09; A0180/14; A0183/02; A0250/31; A0263/11; A0264/31; B0866/11; B0897/19; B0912/03; B0933/03; B1016/03; B1017/09; B1019/35; B1104/02; B1262/01; B1349/15

ejaculating (1): B1109/09

ejaculation (6): A0029/V; A0442/14; A0627/28; B1159/35; C0073/03; C0429/38

ejaculations (4): A0056/19; A0066/08; B1242/35; C0169/26

ejected (3): C0411/01; C0411/08; C0420/30

ejecting (1): A0374/20

ekidnato (Gr.) (1): B1385/18

El (1): A0344/24

El/Elohim (2): A0046/05; A0046/07

El/Emanu (2): A0047/30; A0048/01

elaborate (10): A0405/15; A0459/15; A0528/23; B0877/30; B0899/03; B0965/25; B0967/09; B1357/01; B1384/07; C0432/39

elaborately (2): A0321/21; B1282/24

elaboration (1): A0474/05

Elah-Gabalus (1): A0427/02

Elah/Gabalah (1): A0122/23

elapse (1): A0081/20

elapsed (23): A0046/25; A0310/03; A0324/02; A0327/02; A0327/27; A0398/17; A0410/29; A0590/12; A0612/15; A0684/20; B0726/22; B0727/16; B0729/24; B0731/05; B0744/01; B1190/09; B1239/09; B1246/08; B1247/19; C0070/38; C0078/38; C0089/13; C0094/35

elapses (1): B0955/32

Elapsing (4): A0542/20; A0566/20; B0754/32; B0758/32

elastic (5): A0514/35; A0604/32; B0746/33; B1167/15; C0178/16

elasticity (4): A0080/08; A0311/20; A0460/05; B0948/03

Elated (1): B1372/19

elbow (17): A0090/06; A0144/28; A0442/13; A0512/18; A0578/10; A0627/27; A0692/19; A0692/22; B0890/04; B0977/20; B1100/04; B1191/33; B1260/07; B1382/33; B1383/04; C0116/30; C0204/22

elbowed (2): B0733/32; B0889/05

elbowing (1): B0748/19

elbows (5): A0241/29; B0826/23; B1012/10; B1185/03; B1194/19

Eld (1): A0144/30

elder (8): A0240/15; A0485/20; A0541/12; A0586/07; A0586/22; B0891/20; B1169/32; C0531/27

elderly (1): B1134/24

elders (1): A0510/14

eldest (7): A0584/28; B0735/34; B0768/01; B0887/25; B0887/27; C0529/12; C0531/18

Eleatic (2): A0341/23; A0342/V

eleben (1): A0372/34

Elector (1): A0183/03

elector (1): A0183/21

electric (10): A0366/12; A0459/17; A0460/21; B0887/03; B0966/18; B1033/23; B1033/23; B1119/19; B1119/24; B1182/32

electrical (2): A0413/03; B0905/07

electricity (4): A0615/31; B0948/02; B1034/11; B1181/17

electrified (1): A0507/12

electrify (1): B1120/08

Electro-tintinnabulic (1): B1119/19

Electro-Magnetic (1): B1119/18

Electro-Telegraph (2): B1167/35; B1167/37

electro/magnetics (1): A0381/33

electrometer (1): C0396/06

Electrotype (1): B1167/28

elegance (4): A0248/10; A0278/19; A0283/27; B1008/22

elegant (1): B0889/29

elegantly (1): A0269/01

elegantly-bound (1): A0087/29

Eleithias (2): B1179/02; B1186/21

element (2): A0603/27; B1123/22

elementary (3): A0703/30; B1221/05; B1268/28

elements (17): A0044/18; A0197/21; A0457/29; A0458/01; A0495/06; A0527/V; A0531/V; A0610/12; A0703/14; A0707/11; B0863/22; B1221/04; B1247/12; B1268/13; B1272/10; B1278/05; B1322/29

elenchi (3): A0345/19; A0345/19; A0345/24

Eleonora (16): A0638/T; A0639/06; A0639/19; A0640/11; A0640/17; A0641/05; A0641/12; A0642/09; A0642/18; A0643/17; A0643/24; A0643/34; A0643/V; A0644/09; A0644/V; A0645/09

elephant (4): A0070/26; B1248/12; C0137/32; C0156/17

elephantfish (1): C0174/07

elephants (4): B0945/15; C0151/08; C0154/08; C0155/20

elevate (4): A0710/23; B0741/26; B1139/21; B1275/26

elevated (19): A0245/19; A0252/12; A0341/15; A0348/07; A0446/05; A0610/09; A0625/15; A0693/17; B0893/17; B0911/05; B1133/25; B1165/23; B1193/19; B1237/30; B1278/02; B1312/34; B1351/20; B1379/13; C0154/31

elevates (1): B0743/24

elevating (1): A0068/12

elevation (40): A0139/25; A0356/18; A0426/12; A0460/32; A0687/01; B0842/03; B0842/07; B0864/29; B0893/28; B0967/17; B1054/11; B1076/21; B1076/25; B1076/35; B1079/25; B1080/01; B1080/10; B1080/25; B1080/36; B1128/10; B1279/21; B1298/31; B1332/31; B1334/37; C0400/29; C0402/31; C0404/36; C0405/01; C0405/02; C0405/17; C0405/38; C0407/20; C0408/17; C0412/17; C0415/14; C0416/27; C0417/06; C0418/03; C0418/49; C0422/33

eleven (20): A0120/08; A0204/21; A0204/26; A0372/33; A0513/27; B0750/14; B0879/11; B0888/12; B0928/34; B1076/03; B1076/27; B1178/23; B1237/18; C0095/12; C0102/31; C0107/32; C0145/37; C0416/06; C0424/14; C0535/21

eleven-knot (1): C0160/33

eleventh (3): B1262/34; C0154/12; C0160/28

elfin (1): A0599/M

elicit (4): A0098/11; A0105/07; B0770/15; C0153/28

elicited (12): A0297/13; A0435/14; A0538/33; A0544/12; A0550/08; B0727/34; B0729/01; B0731/08; B1030/12; B1123/13; C0149/03; C0569/30

eliciting (2): A0262/34; A0264/01

elite (2): B0889/09; B1107/25

Elizabeth (1): A0112/27

ELIZABETH (1): A0093/16

Elizabethan (3): A0427/34; A0710/01; B1275/05

elk (14): B0865/22; B0866/03; B0866/15; B0866/18; B0866/21; C0536/24; C0543/32; C0552/19; C0553/04; C0559/41; C0566/22; C0566/30; C0572/07; C0575/13

elk-skin (1): C0552/28

Elk/river (2): C0526/08; C0527/02

elks (2): B0865/36; C0542/20

elle (1): B0987/01

Elline (1): A0126/18

ellipse (6): C0400/06; C0400/07; C0401/28; C0402/11; C0419/41; C0420/09

ellipsoid (2): B1070/34; B1073/V

elliptical (3): B1321/06; B1321/17; B1321/32

Ellison (31): A0702/02; A0703/08; A0703/24; A0704/07; A0704/26; A0704/31; A0705/26; A0706/28; A0707/03; A0707/21; A0709/01; A0709/07; A0710/09; A0711/05; A0712/05; B1268/02; B1268/07; B1268/23; B1269/07; B1269/25; B1269/30; B1270/24; B1271/30; B1272/03; B1272/22; B1274/01; B1275/12; B1276/07; B1277/10; B1277/33; B1278/25

Ellison, Seabright (2): A0704/20; B1269/19

Ellison’s (4): A0704/19; B1269/18; B1277/19; B1278/04

elm (4): B1332/08; B1332/16; B1332/18; C0541/30

elongated (1): B1250/26

elongation (2): B1250/23; C0423/33

eloped (2): A0440/03; B0754/28

elopement (11): B0754/21; B0754/23; B0754/23; B0754/29; B0754/29; B0754/33; B0755/06; B0755/20; B0756/09; B0769/04; B0770/02

eloquence (9): A0297/12; A0310/07; A0625/06; B0901/20; B1013/06; B1050/12; B1050/23; B1092/33; B1139/07

eloquent (4): A0135/07; A0234/18; A0682/31; B1050/02

elp (2): B1109/10; B1109/10

else (57)

else’s (1): A0072/23

elsewhere (13): A0247/21; A0580/17; A0584/03; B0766/22; B0978/27; B1051/15; B1193/03; B1335/02; B1345/32; C0055/02; C0199/04; C0523/01; C0576/39

elucidation (2): B0727/33; B0736/35

elude (2): B0727/06; B0756/11

eluded (2): A0438/18; B1317/24

eludes (1): B1040/06

eluding (2): A0055/16; A0064/31

Elwood (1): B1031/12

Elysium (2): A0151/04; A0642/V

Elzevir (1): A0301/05

em (4): B0814/14; B1373/03; B1373/09; B1373/09

emaciated (8): A0245/22; A0311/18; A0324/20; A0404/14; A0416/29; B0940/10; C0130/04; C0142/07

emaciation (3): A0215/01; A0246/11; B1235/12

emanate (1): A0244/03

emanated (1): B1137/14

emanating (1): A0672/10

emanation (2): A0711/31; B1276/34

emancipated (1): A0047/31

embalm (1): B1187/12

embalmed (9): B0933/30; B1180/16; B1187/06; B1187/21; B1188/23; B1188/24; B1188/27; B1189/09; B1195/17

embalming (3): B1181/10; B1187/07; B1189/01

embalmment (4): B1180/32; B1187/16; B1187/19; B1187/29

embankment (1): B1331/30

embark (1): B0814/08

embarrass (2): B0989/32; B1075/33

embarrassed (9): A0264/29; A0442/20; A0532/12; B0766/31; B0772/26; B0989/23; B1328/03; C0095/02; C0548/37

embarrassing (1): B0903/23

embarrassment (11): A0106/08; A0355/29; A0378/08; A0431/30; A0530/21; B0737/17; B0823/11; B0858/12; B0978/05; B1236/17; C0545/28

embellish (1): B0989/15

embellishment (3): A0120/03; A0283/28; A0499/23

embellishments (4): A0157/16; A0165/22; A0673/17; B1136/31

ember (1): B1206/19

embers (1): A0212/02

embittered (2): A0019/07; C0521/29

emblem (2): B0831/08; B1371/15

emblematic (1): A0271/20

emblematical (1): C0552/14

embodied (2): A0435/34; B1135/34

embodies (2): C0521/04; C0550/25

embodiment (4): A0615/06; A0711/34; B0728/29; B1277/01

embody (4): A0426/10; B0731/23; B1033/30; C0578/15

embolden (2): B0894/31; B1102/14

emboldened (1): B0915/01

embossed (1): B0828/10

embouchure (2): C0527/08; C0527/25

embrace (11): A0081/05; A0591/24; A0616/26; A0640/19; A0673/06; A0695/02; B0772/19; B0961/22; B1034/12; B1385/22; C0072/14

embraced (5): A0021/03; A0671/22; B0736/08; B0905/16; C0160/33

embraces (1): C0206/04

embracing (1): B0818/34

embroidered (2): A0247/20; A0443/13

embroidery (1): A0100/14

embryo (1): C0429/24

Emendation (7): A0708/25; A0708/26; A0708/30; B1273/20; B1273/21; B1273/24; B1330/12

emendations (1): B1189/17

emerald (4): A0157/27; A0603/01; B1281/28; B1333/26

emeralds (1): B0827/36

emerge (3): B0932/21; C0201/33; C0387/25

emerged (7): A0343/27; A0349/33; A0513/32; B0866/13; C0194/27; C0200/13; C0390/24

emergency (8): A0059/21; A0067/11; A0156/11; A0593/21; A0667/43; B0985/20; C0080/36; C0141/03

emerging (2): B0966/08; C0422/19

Emeritus (1): A0295/12

Emerson (1): A0625/04

emeutes (1): B0727/18

emigrate (1): B1364/20

emigrated (1): C0522/16

eminence (5): A0045/12; B0821/33; B0956/12; B0957/19; B1070/03

eminences (1): B1331/25

eminent (9): B0863/19; B1131/V; B1135/26; B1137/02; B1137/38; B1138/37; B1169/06; B1335/28; B1359/09

emissaries (1): B0725/02

emit (2): B0809/09; B0940/21

emits (1): B1163/23

emitted (8): A0138/V; B0925/24; B1157/24; B1180/06; C0076/06; C0079/23; C0205/27; C0390/18

emitting (3): A0138/20; B1102/34; B1351/33

Emmet (1): C0066/32

Emmons (1): B1126/02

Emmons, William (1): A0279/08

emotion (20): A0162/08; A0164/V; A0166/18; A0296/V; A0299/29; A0316/24; A0319/26; A0431/07; A0459/33; A0507/28; A0673/05; A0675/04; B0731/06; B0889/13; C0082/38; C0087/22; C0122/21; C0198/04; C0397/34; C0537/20

emotions (4): A0024/25; A0329/09; B1021/07; C0543/11

Emperor (2): A0156/17; B1130/03

emperor (2): A0122/24; C0432/06

emperor’s (2): B1302/30; B1303/31

emperors (1): A0120/26

emphasis (8): A0264/06; A0324/17; A0672/27; B1226/13; B1315/34; B1373/13; C0550/25; C0556/40

emphasized (1): B1135/14

emphasizing (1): A0547/10

emphatic (1): A0674/10

emphatically (4): A0086/09; A0097/13; A0262/20; B0880/02

empire (9): A0033/07; A0057/30; A0250/04; A0704/12; B0989/30; B1164/02; B1164/11; B1269/11; B1311/14

empires (1): B1167/04

empirical (1): B1359/32

employ (21): A0278/04; A0299/31; A0539/07; A0557/04; A0684/09; B0726/04; B0838/12; B0871/07; B0888/19; B0907/29; B0976/20; B0979/27; B0982/21; B1037/26; B1050/12; B1074/34; B1144/21; B1279/15; B1373/35; C0057/14; C0161/26

employed (55)

employer (2): A0499/12; B0770/29

employers (1): A0484/22

employing (8): A0707/18; B0976/19; B1070/27; B1222/V; B1272/16; C0554/01; C0556/24; C0560/05

employment (11): A0482/26; A0485/27; A0490/10; A0499/31; A0557/14; B0767/02; B0978/01; B0978/01; B1184/30; B1208/13; C0391/16

employments (1): C0542/02

employs (2): B0759/16; B1030/05

Empress (2): C0526/23; C0526/27

empressement (2): B0814/26; B0907/07

emptied (4): A0688/03; B0736/14; B1260/14; C0416/10

empties (1): B0863/32

empty (20): A0241/25; A0337/16; A0589/25; B0754/06; B0957/01; B1102/10; B1110/21; B1372/24; C0069/03; C0074/02; C0077/26; C0109/29; C0116/14; C0128/17; C0129/30; C0142/01; C0390/11; C0533/12; C0571/03; C0571/06

emptying (1): B1094/02

en (21): A0033/03; A0037/21; A0037/V; A0096/M; A0096/M; A0175/20; A0181/10; A0253/V; A0345/14; A0378/M; B1044/22; B1048/22; B1122/01; B1182/22; B1350/21; C0412/09; C0430/29; C0430/38; C0430/38; C0448/V; C0572/33

enable (10): A0440/07; B0741/26; B1076/22; B1191/36; B1261/19; B1277/32; C0079/37; C0127/30; C0390/10; C0578/14

enabled (58)

enables (3): B1031/33; B1144/31; C0059/31

enact (1): B1350/09

enacted (3): B1350/01; B1350/08; C0133/33

enactments (1): A0491/02

enamel (1): A0215/20

enamelled (2): A0165/05; A0165/V

enamored (6): A0033/04; A0033/15; A0498/27; A0532/26; A0706/29; B1271/31

encamp (3): C0539/03; C0558/32; C0565/20

encamped (7): C0538/11; C0540/01; C0560/14; C0569/41; C0570/20; C0576/27; C0576/33

encamping (2): C0541/02; C0570/31

encampment (15): C0152/21; C0152/29; C0540/12; C0541/33; C0542/01; C0542/21; C0543/06; C0544/10; C0560/09; C0565/23; C0572/03; C0575/32; C0576/09; C0576/19; C0577/17

encampments (3): C0152/03; C0153/18; C0571/26

encased (2): B1350/36; B1362/25

enchained (2): A0403/22; A0511/04

enchanted (6): A0036/13; A0603/34; B0903/08; B1279/09; C0542/04; C0573/27

enchanter (1): B0944/34

enchanting (5): A0707/27; B0890/V; B0897/21; B1272/27; C0575/17

enchantingly (1): B1331/10

enchantment (4): A0415/19; A0429/22; B1122/20; C0543/37

encircle (3): A0164/23; B0746/01; C0167/33

encircled (7): A0379/08; A0460/23; A0639/18; B0890/10; C0076/37; C0116/24; C0172/17

encircles (2): A0501/18; C0153/25

encircling (1): B1333/14

Encke, Professor (1): C0392/12

Encke’s (2): C0401/24; C0423/09

enclose (3): A0142/05; B1315/01; C0574/02

enclosed (6): A0217/V; A0273/34; B0815/12; B0900/16; B1130/18; C0411/15

enclosing (1): B1077/08

enclosure (14): A0027/14; A0243/26; A0429/11; A0430/03; A0686/22; A0688/26; A0689/01; B0761/13; B1335/02; C0409/22; C0410/12; C0438/V; C0561/32; C0561/39

encoffined (1): A0409/30

encompass (2): B0764/29; B0902/18

encompassed (9): A0428/22; A0430/20; A0579/12; A0684/14; B1331/18; B1337/31; C0081/04; C0083/30; C0122/14

encompassing (1): C0423/36

encore (1): C0430/39

encored (2): A0070/01; A0127/04

encounter (4): A0686/02; C0399/03; C0574/35; C0578/24

encountered (27): A0023/16; A0138/14; A0217/V; A0253/29; A0400/25; A0584/21; A0685/20; B0893/12; B0915/10; B0915/23; B0941/03; B0945/V; B0948/14; B0988/04; B1165/13; B1215/26; B1257/16; C0076/03; C0095/10; C0097/39; C0112/29; C0149/11; C0159/19; C0160/10; C0405/37; C0527/06; C0577/33

encountering (5): C0064/24; C0160/18; C0208/18; C0539/30; C0565/28

encounters (1): B0749/30

encourage (2): B1127/35; B1207/13

encouraged (9): A0351/01; B0906/10; B1006/03; B1379/14; C0120/19; C0183/07; C0194/12; C0537/16; C0576/26

encouragement (1): B0866/18

encouraging (1): C0123/35

encrimsoned (1): A0401/09

encroached (1): B0961/13

encroachments (2): B1021/05; B1233/22

encrusted (3): B1081/02; B1258/14; C0570/18

encumber (2): A0556/12; C0442/V

encumbered (7): A0079/31; A0643/10; B0945/27; B1076/01; B1300/19; C0113/10; C0152/14

Encyclopaedia (1): A0583/02

end (185)

endanger (1): C0204/15

endangered (1): C0532/36

endeared (3): B0855/03; B0949/32; B1055/02

endeavor (27): A0065/03; A0069/V; A0107/20; A0142/05; A0245/18; A0269/25; A0300/08; A0338/09; A0354/23; A0405/19; A0683/31; A0684/04; B0750/22; B0751/18; B0754/03; B0770/11; B0840/05; B0896/V; B0966/21; B0967/35; B0977/06; B0988/12; B1158/27; B1213/29; B1242/27; C0393/07; C0555/22

endeavored (37): A0067/16; A0081/34; A0081/39; A0110/29; A0166/20; A0411/19; A0412/01; A0511/18; A0552/01; A0589/30; A0695/22; A0696/21; B0724/13; B0732/42; B0817/08; B0832/01; B0896/29; B0929/22; B0944/09; B0957/04; B0959/16; B0961/06; B0965/19; B0967/05; B1035/24; B1046/29; B1053/25; B1081/05; B1160/03; B1241/10; B1241/16; B1261/17; B1348/01; C0176/01; C0397/29; C0406/32; C0562/24

endeavoring (17): A0125/29; A0356/04; A0356/21; A0539/34; A0686/25; B0738/19; B1020/05; B1052/34; B1077/16; B1078/08; B1348/25; B1348/27; B1353/23; C0160/06; C0539/13; C0559/21; C0567/18

endeavors (19): A0154/V; A0295/25; A0313/27; A0327/17; A0404/30; A0433/20; A0435/13; A0683/08; A0688/15; B0728/11; B0740/14; B0826/09; B0964/10; B1022/05; B1091/06; B1154/02; B1233/07; B1241/03; B1246/20

endeavour (10): A0055/19; C0072/06; C0075/02; C0105/19; C0119/03; C0126/33; C0128/11; C0182/36; C0184/13; C0186/20





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)