Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Endeavoured through Fears,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 114-130 (This material is protected by copyright)


endeavoured (22): A0059/25; A0353/27; C0064/07; C0077/09; C0077/15; C0079/10; C0082/39; C0088/32; C0111/08; C0114/15; C0120/17; C0125/38; C0126/24; C0128/14; C0128/31; C0129/09; C0131/36; C0143/03; C0170/12; C0197/30; C0198/19; C0201/05

endeavouring (4): C0116/29; C0121/18; C0130/12; C0182/10

endeavours (2): A0313/V; C0204/10

ended (7): A0461/23; A0688/24; B0866/21; B1107/19; B1128/07; B1194/09; B1333/29

Enderby (2): C0065/31; C0161/26

ending (1): A0512/09

endings (1): B0879/27

enditing (1): C0066/33

endless (10): A0122/16; A0322/24; A0430/11; A0707/10; B0865/04; B1214/08; B1272/09; C0072/18; C0118/19; C0575/03

endlessly (1): B1035/29

endorsed (1): A0264/34

endorsement (1): B0900/18

endow (2): B0893/02; B0905/12

endowed (6): A0078/20; A0204/12; A0348/34; A0379/14; B1166/17; C0072/21

endowing (2): A0705/13; B1270/12

Endowment (1): A0601/15

endowments (6): A0093/18; A0112/29; A0380/09; A0703/27; B0888/09; B1268/25

Ends (16): A0104/02; A0263/31; A0367/09; A0436/30; A0443/25; A0445/09; A0664/07; B0955/27; B1071/19; B1145/11; B1382/02; C0056/30; C0069/14; C0147/29; C0185/15; C0202/33

endued (2): A0157/V; A0321/27

enduing (1): B0943/13

endurable (1): A0403/04

endurance (8): A0408/16; A0446/24; B0813/21; B0966/11; C0391/34; C0399/29; C0407/14; C0413/16

endure (18): A0057/01; A0066/27; A0128/12; A0234/25; A0320/04; A0435/09; B0962/26; B0963/30; B1195/06; C0080/37; C0081/41; C0082/04; C0096/17; C0117/36; C0404/15; C0413/26; C0421/02; C0424/23

endured (19): A0026/08; A0412/11; A0498/14; A0578/01; A0673/34; A0675/13; A0694/29; B0757/19; B0955/20; B0963/21; B0968/32; C0134/12; C0139/15; C0143/01; C0149/01; C0205/18; C0391/28; C0411/19; C0411/32

endures (1): A0204/13

endureth (1): B0967/03

enduring (14): A0228/24; A0233/05; A0399/06; A0609/24; A0611/13; A0616/27; B0763/32; B0887/04; B0924/26; B1122/24; B1298/05; C0134/36; C0532/31; C0564/19

enemies (7): A0336/02; A0697/12; B1049/35; C0201/28; C0555/25; C0556/18; C0565/36

enemy (9): A0045/11; A0059/07; A0061/03; A0071/04; A0125/36; A0499/08; C0533/21; C0550/19; C0568/39

enemy-werrytor’em (1): A0353/09

energetic (15): A0023/05; A0026/17; A0154/01; A0272/37; A0316/26; A0327/08; A0402/22; A0431/28; A0460/29; A0707/15; B0817/07; B0947/09; B0990/23; B1044/23; B1272/13

energies (4): A0151/12; A0625/11; B1239/10; B1300/22

energy (34): A0056/03; A0210/23; A0253/19; A0273/23; A0284/08; A0315/13; A0329/12; A0339/10; A0351/29; A0402/01; A0416/22; A0430/32; A0432/10; A0447/18; A0515/12; A0531/19; A0693/27; B0902/17; B0907/14; B1020/17; B1020/24; B1069/12; B1222/08; B1222/24; C0059/34; C0074/28; C0078/27; C0095/24; C0134/23; C0136/30; C0148/04; C0182/17; C0200/41; C0537/04

enfeeble (2): A0438/03; A0545/29

enfeebled (2): C0074/35; C0078/06

enflamed (1): A0567/V

enforce (1): B1005/15

enforced (2): A0459/04; C0105/27

Enforcing (1): A0593/06

engage (3): B0725/12; B1236/12; C0187/06

engaged (35): A0180/22; A0441/03; A0508/19; B0728/04; B0753/22; B0757/35; B0763/14; B0832/13; B0879/05; B0879/22; B0895/02; B0922/O1; B0922/18; B0933/18; B0933/33; B0933/36; B0946/29; B0949/26; B0968/28; B0978/18; B0985/12; B0992/11; B1072/28; B1258/01; C0065/31; C0067/38; C0109/27; C0134/19; C0413/08; C0522/38; C0530/31; C0531/06; C0531/14; C0540/11; C0566/08

engagement (5): B1245/03; B1258/10; B1258/11; B1258/12; C0188/12

engagements (2): A0268/05; B0831/09

engaging (3): A0705/08; B1155/24; B1270/07

Engedi (1): A0047/17

engender (1): A0550/22

engendered (7): A0107/12; A0326/V; A0434/14; A0460/33; A0556/16; B1123/05; B1222/02

engendering (1): A0107/V

engenders (1): B0747/21

Engine (1): B0865/19

engine (2): B0855/35; B1194/21

engineer (1): A0478/24

engineers (1): B1193/17

enginery (1): B1044/02

engirdle (1): B1214/04

engirdled (2): B1213/33; B1331/25

England (18): A0163/V; A0242/19; A0247/21; A0320/10; A0428/01; A0496/14; A0496/18; A0654/22; A0704/35; B0807/12; B0863/12; B0863/34; B1031/22; B1269/34; B1329/21; C0190/32; C0430/21; C0522/14

English (39): A0162/10; A0163/16; A0275/17; A0279/17; A0315/03; A0346/16; A0430/10; A0495/02; A0542/31; A0547/05; A0550/02; A0621/04; A0651/22; A0709/35; A0710/01; B0827/28; B0836/08; B0836/12; B0837/01; B0837/13; B0866/22; B0901/17; B0911/18; B1010/28; B1092/08; B1092/11; B1095/09; B1096/38; B1097/05; B1131/12; B1275/04; B1275/05; C0156/08; C0162/02; C0188/23; C0430/33; C0542/19; C0543/25; C0550/28

Englishman (9): A0164/08; A0541/27; A0542/01; A0542/30; A0549/21; A0549/31; A0550/01; C0085/40; C0156/11

engraved (1): B1052/16

engraven (1): A0196/12

engraving (5): A0602/V; B1071/V; B1073/V; B1122/33; C0431/04

engravings (1): B1122/V

engrossed (2): A0286/07; C0166/33

engrosses (1): B1324/03

engulfed (1): A0438/V

enigma (9): A0707/22; B0835/12; B0835/27; B0840/01; B0842/14; B0923/06; B1044/01; B1272/23; B1364/05

enigmas (2): A0528/07; C0399/35

enigmatically (1): A0273/05

enim (1): A0599/M

enjoy (8): A0344/03; A0351/22; A0382/10; B0748/26; B1016/26; C0414/15; C0432/03; C0522/09

enjoyed (9): A0105/06; A0265/08; A0600/07; B0909/31; B1193/33; C0093/30; C0412/21; C0537/17; C0544/12

enjoying (10): A0433/24; B0826/24; B0974/02; B1038/30; B1137/22; B1155/20; B1178/08; C0138/40; C0153/15; C0413/18

enjoyment (9): A0352/13; A0507/14; A0528/03; A0600/04; A0703/21; B1268/20; C0398/35; C0544/02; C0564/35

enjoyments (1): A0609/36

enkindle (1): B0975/09

enkindled (4): A0532/06; A0640/24; A0696/11; C0205/37

enkindling (1): A0230/08

enlarged (1): B0823/26

enlighten (3): A0098/07; A0105/08; A0385/14

enlightened (4): A0105/13; B1128/13; B1293/18; B1317/26

enlisted (2): C0065/16; C0531/34

enlisting (1): A0365/08

enmity (1): A0019/08

ennui (7): A0070/18; A0081/34; A0507/09; B0990/23; B1115/05; B1292/04; B1299/24

ennuied (1): A0153/V

ennuye (3): A0153/20; A0153/V; A0401/22

enormities (3): A0021/18; A0054/21; A0427/02

enormity (3): A0079/44; A0248/15; A0440/25

enormous (22): A0022/07; A0101/V; A0143/28; A0240/19; A0248/V; A0440/23; A0690/04; A0705/01; B0978/20; B1010/24; B1137/35; B1160/37; B1270/01; B1277/01; C0069/23; C0137/32; C0141/14; C0388/32; C0418/49; C0422/41; C0572/31; C0577/32

enormously (7): A0428/V; A0436/V; B0773/11; B0817/34; C0087/09; C0140/21; C0389/19

enough (98)

enraged (4): A0023/06; A0414/14; C0082/17; C0578/24

enrapt (1): A0641/V

enraptured (6): A0294/V; B0902/02; B0909/28; B1208/13; B1277/35; C0564/38

enriching (2): A0705/28; B1270/26

Ens (1): A0079/20

ensanguined (1): C0125/12

ensconce (1): A0124/10

ensconced (5): A0056/16; A0062/33; A0126/09; B0761/21; C0541/06

ensemble (3): A0087/08; A0100/18; A0281/05

ensheathed (1): B1180/20

enshrine (1): A0164/23

enshrined (1): A0641/V

enshrouded (10): A0138/31; A0190/11; A0191/03; A0217/V; A0218/26; A0326/18; A0329/21; A0412/33; A0416/26; B0773/01

enslaved (1): A0446/19

enslaving (1): B1163/05

ensue (8): A0138/08; A0204/10; B1032/07; B1082/10; C0097/33; C0137/14; C0399/36; C0414/27

ensued (26): A0182/35; A0249/21; A0373/11; A0442/27; A0443/20; A0558/11; A0560/14; B0731/18; B0823/23; B0927/11; B1020/09; B1032/16; B1057/02; B1057/14; B1186/17; B1353/25; C0061/29; C0080/07; C0086/07; C0086/20; C0089/17; C0134/02; C0135/29; C0140/09; C0165/01; C0186/33

ensues (2): B0873/24; C0528/41

ensuing (6): A0140/28; A0404/28; B0837/30; C0092/24; C0101/25; C0522/22

ensured (2): B1277/02; C0531/30

entablature (2): A0190/33; A0501/17

entailed (2): A0624/08; B1316/14

entangle (2): A0441/05; C0120/36

entangled (7): A0686/28; B0762/18; B0947/14; B0957/06; C0121/34; C0397/07; C0413/32

entanglement (1): B1107/17

entangling (1): C0398/15

entende (1): A0033/20

entendre (1): A0545/06

enter (34): A0027/14; A0099/11; A0099/12; A0100/25; A0100/26; A0143/25; A0296/V; A0365/07; A0437/34; A0539/22; A0546/03; A0707/11; B0871/34; B0872/12; B0908/25; B0929/01; B1091/14; B1093/29; B1119/03; B1162/11; B1187/11; B1272/10; B1297/35; B1317/14; C0079/13; C0104/08; C0105/15; C0112/14; C0132/23; C0173/11; C0177/25; C0177/30; C0181/30; C0558/38

entered (97)

entereth (1): A0414/19

entering (25): A0024/20; A0057/25; A0068/08; A0322/20; A0412/18; A0414/13; A0439/11; A0447/13; A0500/13; A0554/10; A0580/23; A0592/19; A0704/32; B1003/15; B1163/17; B1163/34; B1269/30; C0068/12; C0069/27; C0158/22; C0165/12; C0168/01; C0180/35; C0203/22; C0524/22

enterprise (9): A0274/19; C0148/04; C0526/15; C0526/33; C0528/05; C0529/07; C0531/31; C0564/06; C0565/08

enterprises (1): C0525/08

enterprize (2): C0525/35; C0528/36

enters (4): B0762/20; B0872/17; B0977/09; C0429/30

entertain (10): A0600/08; A0682/13; B0773/19; B1114/27; B1119/M; B1155/07; B1190/19; B1301/34; B1316/02; C0100/26

entertained (44): A0096/13; A0105/02; A0127/15; A0143/05; A0203/08; A0265/11; A0298/V; A0300/30; A0441/09; A0488/15; A0583/09; A0626/33; A0652/08; A0671/13; B0736/32; B0747/08; B0755/20; B0758/28; B0767/26; B0814/27; B0819/27; B0823/03; B0902/31; B0922/09; B0931/06; B0932/32; B0977/35; B0991/35; B1052/07; B1058/32; B1302/08; B1374/23; C0078/15; C0088/29; C0107/11; C0125/36; C0130/25; C0132/13; C0133/22; C0159/11; C0180/05; C0180/09; C0180/13; C0431/01

entertaining (5): B0975/01; B1090/20; B1159/14; C0110/35; C0521/22

entertainment (5): A0664/18; B0871/18; B1009/09; B1015/28; B1089/02

entertainments (1): A0204/19

entertains (1): B0872/24

enthral (1): A0155/06

enthralling (1): A0310/06

enthroned (2): A0610/08; B0761/21

enthusiasm (24): A0160/11; A0297/14; A0352/13; A0379/07; A0431/10; B0796/29; B0807/21; B0808/17; B0811/03; B0861/04; B0891/07; B0896/02; B0896/03; B0901/19; B0905/31; B0908/11; B0922/13; B0923/22; B0929/33; B1128/05; B1192/07; B1257/08; B1338/33; C0538/27

enthusiast (1): A0212/18

enthusiastic (15): A0021/09; A0341/10; B0830/28; B0888/27; B0889/23; B0891/07; B0893/03; B0899/13; B0902/16; B0924/18; B0927/08; B0942/05; C0065/14; C0532/05; C0576/13

enthusiastically (1): B0915/06

enthusiasts (1): B0941/16

enticed (1): C0561/39

enticing (1): C0175/37

entire (105)

entirely (140)

entitle (1): C0538/31

entitled (17): A0071/16; A0071/21; A0126/06; A0247/14; A0250/22; A0311/12; A0406/22; B0724/12; B0869/V; B0907/13; B0942/31; B1138/34; B1139/08; B1144/03; B1247/13; B1361/23; B1363/37

entitling (1): B1075/16

entity (4): A0141/29; A0615/34; A0616/19; B1034/22

entombed (16): A0234/12; A0323/09; A0339/26; A0407/32; A0410/21; A0603/32; A0642/05; B0834/07; B0964/35; B1303/35; B1317/06; B1385/33; C0075/39; C0182/24; C0185/27; C0444/V

entombment (5): A0409/30; A0411/V; B0956/32; B1190/09; B1192/18

entomological (1): B0807/25

Entozoa (1): B1165/34

entrails (5): B1181/04; B1292/29; C0135/34; C0175/33; C0178/39

entrance (29): A0029/06; A0059/31; A0081/13; A0100/28; A0152/14; A0189/13; A0189/20; A0244/29; A0245/10; A0245/19; A0311/21; A0401/19; A0413/24; A0515/04; A0540/20; A0554/30; A0662/02; B0943/03; B0977/04; B1004/06; B1020/05; B1262/08; B1332/20; B1352/15; B1382/21; C0122/10; C0150/38; C0164/11; C0173/19

entranced (5): A0180/05; A0317/11; A0665/34; B1037/24; B1278/08

entrances (1): A0242/29

entrancing (1): B1283/04

entrapment (1): A0690/28

entrapped (2): B0926/22; C0105/24

entre (1): C0430/38

entreated (3): A0624/02; C0088/12; C0113/27

entreaties (4): B0907/11; B0910/03; B1236/19; B1371/22

entreating (3): B0900/16; C0085/41; C0134/30

entreats (1): B0875/17

entrust (1): B1140/04

entrusted (5): A0498/03; B1072/28; B1372/14; C0523/08; C0544/09

entry (2): B1390/02; C0160/39

enuff (1): B0812/24

enumerated (1): C0394/31

enunciated (1): B1371/21

enunciation (4): A0402/23; A0533/21; A0624/32; B1226/12

envelop (2): A0139/01; B1029/01

envelope (2): B1129/05; C0552/11

enveloped (28): A0029/21; A0241/15; A0243/13; A0296/03; A0512/04; A0579/10; A0588/09; A0591/07; A0616/25; A0663/07; A0693/08; A0693/18; B0794/22; B0795/10; B0797/10; B0819/10; B0929/16; B1143/24; B1180/10; B1189/18; B1277/09; B1328/10; B1354/03; C0067/12; C0082/21; C0125/39; C0389/29; C0414/08

envelopes (1): B1133/V

enveloping (2): A0217/V; A0501/20

envelops (3): A0366/21; B1133/09; C0182/30

enviable (2): A0348/08; A0348/09

envied (1): B0807/26

environed (2): A0688/14; B0946/24

environs (2): B0729/26; C0387/22

envy (3): A0336/11; A0562/25; C0524/05

enwrapped (3): A0610/15; A0682/01; B0865/32

enwrapt (1): B1279/29

enwreathed (1): B1337/17

enwritten (1): A0414/18

eo (1): A0638/15

eos (Gr.) (1): B1385/18

ep’aian (Gr.) (1): B1385/18

epeen (Gr.) (1): A0507/11

ephemera (1): A0642/V

ephemeron (1): A0642/01

Ephesus (1): A0120/06

Epic (1): B0869/M

epics (1): A0628/V

Epictetus (1): A0073/26

epicures (1): A0626/22

Epicurus (7): A0109/05; A0109/07; A0109/08; A0109/08; A0109/V; A0535/09; A0536/06

Epidaphne (5): A0122/02; A0123/23; A0126/02; A0128/09; A0128/23

Epidaphnians (1): A0127/V

Epidendron (1): B1162/33

Epidendrum (1): A0344/01

epidermis (1): B1180/31

Epigoniad (1): B1101/04

epigram (8): A0093/10; A0112/22; A0602/08; B0738/13; B0738/15; B0916/09; B1378/02; B1379/13

epigrammatic (1): A0281/04

epilepsis (1): A0072/26

epilepsy (2): A0211/12; A0216/27

epileptic (1): A0216/V

Epimanes (1): A0119/V

Epimanes, Antiochus (1): A0126/07

Epimenides (1): A0075/15

Epiphanes (4): A0126/25; A0126/27; A0126/29; A0128/04

Epiphanes, Antiochus (3): A0119/01; A0126/04; A0127/29

epistle (14): A0266/08; A0268/24; A0270/20; A0272/16; A0272/31; A0273/05; A0279/16; A0285/04; A0302/01; A0303/01; B0899/13; B1311/23; B1318/10; C0390/31

epistles (4): A0262/32; A0262/34; A0490/16; A0490/24

epistolary (1): A0264/19

epitaphs (1): B0963/23

epithet (4): A0053/04; A0062/09; A0312/12; B1298/01

epithets (5): A0473/01; B1139/26; B1140/17; B1162/30; B1240/10

Epizoae (1): B1163/11

epoch (46): A0020/04; A0098/10; A0098/12; A0212/34; A0236/03; A0242/18; A0294/01; A0295/06; A0296/08; A0324/05; A0366/24; A0426/12; A0436/22; A0457/20; A0459/23; A0491/01; A0609/10; A0612/10; A0638/19; A0641/V; A0642/32; A0652/22; A0683/13; B0767/09; B0772/24; B0772/28; B0922/23; B0966/07; B1127/10; B1144/33; B1189/24; B1190/01; B1192/18; B1214/24; B1214/34; B1224/29; B1234/33; B1241/19; B1247/07; B1250/04; B1312/02; B1350/32; C0403/17; C0421/07; C0439/V; C0558/39

epochs (1): B1215/03

Epsilon (1): A0346/09

equal (51)

equality (2): A0432/01; A0610/16

equalization (1): A0615/07

equalled (3): A0311/24; A0581/25; C0524/09

equalling (1): A0138/13

equally (31): A0019/14; A0065/23; A0080/16; A0089/10; A0097/10; A0341/04; A0366/04; A0441/09; A0593/04; A0621/20; A0640/27; A0675/05; A0711/07; B0723/M; B0749/16; B0816/09; B0827/11; B1141/33; B1158/13; B1162/29; B1167/05; B1219/04; B1256/08; B1383/03; C0060/06; C0087/11; C0121/01; C0121/40; C0123/03; C0394/12; C0423/35

equals (1): A0026/13

equanimity (1): B0822/21

equations (1): B1358/16

equator (5): C0140/19; C0148/17; C0402/07; C0418/07; C0418/39

equatorial (3): B1321/V; C0400/03; C0425/18

equerries (3): A0023/17; A0023/24; A0024/23

equerry (1): A0024/02

equilibrium (1): C0389/14

equilibrium (1): C0098/11

Equinoctial (1): C0432/26

equip (2): B1350/14; C0108/40

equipment (3): A0142/18; C0389/28; C0393/21

equipments (3): A0205/04; C0529/31; C0530/14

equipped (2): C0085/30; C0147/23

equipping (2): B1350/30; C0093/20

equitably (1): B0958/14

equity (1): B0747/37

equivalent (4): A0547/05; B1034/02; B1295/24; B1311/21

equivocal (16): A0026/26; A0054/20; A0063/23; A0099/26; A0247/09; A0299/16; A0399/17; A0403/21; A0599/V; A0625/13; B0851/33; B0898/15; B0926/15; B0944/14; B1139/27; C0095/23

equivocation (1): A0386/24

er (2): A0506/01; A0515/32

era (2): A0344/31; A0344/32

era (4): A0019/V; A0293/29; A0638/21; A0643/01

eradicated (1): A0324/09

eram (1): A0018/M

erase (1): A0065/08

erat (1): A0043/M

ere (24): A0069/08; A0189/02; A0233/21; A0324/02; A0439/24; A0444/31; A0445/01; A0501/V; A0676/15; A0691/06; B0796/35; B0907/18; B0968/04; B1103/01; B1103/07; B1239/09; B1260/10; B1373/01; B1373/09; B1373/21; B1374/01; B1375/20; C0387/05; C0425/06

ere-while (1): A0427/12

Erebus (1): B0897/02

erect (25): A0218/17; A0248/12; A0298/V; A0299/23; A0603/09; A0604/18; A0676/29; B0859/11; B0865/34; B0911/13; B0947/31; B0957/08; B0959/04; B0964/06; B1160/15; B1208/06; B1304/28; C0060/40; C0070/02; C0075/04; C0075/26; C0111/27; C0151/17; C0195/14; C0577/09

erected (10): A0044/31; A0068/23; A0165/21; A0242/29; A0681/M; B1167/03; B1263/02; B1313/22; C0098/19; C0202/35

erecting (3): A0166/08; C0152/40; C0177/33

erection (3): A0075/17; C0076/35; C0177/25

erections (1): C0573/40

Ermengarde (5): A0644/21; A0644/22; A0644/23; A0644/V; A0645/07

ermined (1): B1281/04

ero (1): A0018/M

Eros (3): A0225/04; A0229/04; A0640/23

err (4): A0226/06; A0230/01; A0271/24; A0497/28

errand (2): B0856/17; B0873/04

Errant (1): B1270/37

erred (4): A0545/11; A0694/29; A0708/08; A0708/08

erring (1): A0601/24

erroneous (2): A0488/16; B1119/12

erroneously (2): A0531/02; C0526/31

error (48): A0104/22; A0135/14; A0261/27; A0267/17; A0279/24; A0282/16; A0427/10; A0498/25; A0498/26; A0528/26; A0529/12; A0545/20; A0547/31; A0561/15; A0688/16; A0708/05; B0746/32; B0747/21; B0751/31; B0773/09; B0773/33; B0773/33; B0843/17; B0843/19; B0950/23; B0950/28; B0987/02; B0987/03; B0987/18; B0987/20; B0987/33; B1035/19; B1152/04; B1154/21; B1221/01; B1249/33; B1273/05; B1278/13; B1296/12; B1296/14; B1312/16; B1312/24; B1383/21; B1383/24; C0195/17; C0197/09; C0419/12; C0438/V

Errors (8): A0435/29; A0440/33; A0459/08; A0459/09; A0497/02; A0615/17; B0747/35; B1050/31

errs (2): B0946/08; B0984/03

Erry (1): A0356/14

erscheint (1): B0723/M

erudite (3): A0204/03; A0342/02; A0342/V

erudition (10): A0210/09; A0225/11; A0229/11; A0284/10; A0315/21; A0339/28; A0343/08; B1091/32; B1163/10; B1325/09

eruption (2): B1161/25; C0422/37

eruptions (2): B1321/28; B1322/V

Erysipelas (1): C0107/39

Es (1): B0723/M

escape (82)

escaped (44): A0024/23; A0029/12; A0137/14; A0415/17; A0551/05; A0551/13; A0551/22; A0552/32; A0553/31; A0558/01; A0558/02; A0558/15; A0560/12; A0568/04; A0586/07; A0687/17; A0689/10; A0695/10; B0723/20; B0753/30; B0816/32; B0889/12; B0900/06; B0947/06; B0977/09; B0981/08; B1237/14; B1248/05; B1294/32; B1317/24; B1350/21; B1360/07; C0063/08; C0063/27; C0084/16; C0096/33; C0120/17; C0144/37; C0185/23; C0207/38; C0414/22; C0554/08; C0568/02; C0568/33

escapes (5): A0144/04; B0819/02; B1037/16; C0095/22; C0425/20

escaping (9): A0078/32; A0081/22; A0248/27; B0949/17; B1021/29; B1040/04; B1280/10; C0134/21; C0176/11

Eschew (2): A0342/09; B0955/01

eschewed (2): B0878/31; B1178/06

Eschewing (1): A0529/16

escondida (2): A0344/22; A0354/30

escort (1): B0904/03

escorted (2): B0729/15; B0905/03

escorting (1): B0916/03

escritoire (2): B0875/07; B0983/13

escrutoire (1): A0090/03

Escutcheon (2): A0150/V; A0631/20

escutcheons (2): A0247/21; A0253/V

Espapnol (1): C0430/29

especial (29): A0102/15; A0126/14; A0247/16; A0298/11; A0378/11; A0380/22; A0499/17; A0667/44; B0822/17; B0833/07; B0843/05; B0924/V; B0949/36; B0963/19; B0987/14; B0990/29; B1055/33; B1207/32; B1233/24; B1261/13; B1317/07; B1325/02; B1345/11; B1347/05; B1371/14; C0153/03; C0427/16; C0523/28; C0525/08

especially (116)

espouse (1): B1152/15

esprit (1): B1206/14

Esq. (53)

Esqr (1): A0205/15

Esquimau (1): A0486/14

Esquimaux (1): A0091/24

Esquire (1): B1055/14

essais (1): A0098/31

essay (4): A0281/10; A0703/28; B0877/27; B1268/26

essays (3): A0096/07; B0738/01; B1115/24

essence (11): A0209/V; A0216/02; A0226/32; A0231/06; A0507/03; A0528/11; B0724/03; B0869/20; B1096/15; B1221/10; C0438/V

essential (10): A0384/17; A0443/21; A0527/V; A0611/28; A0706/18; B0723/15; B0955/17; B1116/11; B1271/20; C0535/41

essentiality (1): B1123/13

essentially (11): A0018/11; A0161/12; A0212/17; B1034/14; B1297/37; B1317/33; C0171/16; C0401/02; C0402/20; C0403/08; C0414/34

esset (1): A0638/15

est (17): A0033/03; A0091/14; A0213/07; A0213/07; A0213/07; A0213/08; A0213/08; A0397/M; A0568/24; A0599/03; A0599/M; A0602/06; A0602/08; B0880/04; B0986/34; B0993/27; B1154/21

est-il (1): A0652/10

establish (13): A0086/04; A0484/03; A0486/34; B0740/31; B0752/30; B0829/23; B0833/06; B0837/25; B0853/01; B0961/09; B0962/18; C0428/15; C0525/17

established (15): A0382/19; A0457/22; A0497/01; A0498/23; A0662/07; B0747/03; B0822/10; B0831/03; B0835/29; B0837/25; B0842/05; B1296/24; B1384/10; C0177/13; C0522/19

establishes (1): B0874/27

establishing (4): B0751/V; B1220/10; B1369/16; C0527/17

Establishment (8): A0440/07; B0843/19; B1002/09; B1003/33; B1019/08; B1021/21; C0428/35; C0527/38

estate (7): A0057/14; A0370/16; A0399/17; A0407/26; A0440/20; A0491/09; B1274/05

estates (4): A0019/14; A0020/19; A0085/11; B1123/02

esteem (7): A0266/03; A0433/12; A0609/12; B0807/19; B1133/25; B1165/23; C0180/10

esteemed (4): A0044/28; A0128/V; B1055/16; B1314/06

estimate (14): A0073/16; A0100/27; A0266/15; A0266/16; A0315/10; B0828/13; B1078/17; B1090/09; B1168/37; B1250/02; B1250/06; B1292/15; C0418/03; C0575/07

estimated (6): A0600/10; B0828/18; B1073/20; B1135/32; C0115/35; C0125/34

estimating (4): A0613/19; B0827/25; B0827/32; B1248/03

estimation (4): A0064/22; A0097/17; A0270/04; A0555/16

estin (Gr.) (5): A0089/30; A0108/15; A0108/21; A0108/V; A0108/V

estomac (1): A0096/M

estrange (2): A0055/21; A0065/05

estranged (1): A0135/02

estray (1): A0023/28

Et (1): B0767/17

et (20): A0034/01; A0036/16; A0062/21; A0072/30; A0213/07; A0301/10; A0301/12; A0302/19; A0302/20; A0303/04; A0303/17; A0378/M; A0430/07; A0534/27; A0568/24; A0654/08; B1105/09; B1114/03; C0430/31; C0430/37

et (3): A0408/29; A0541/11; B1131/18

et/cetera (4): A0073/01; A0073/01; A0073/01; A0073/01

etaient (2): A0216/09; A0216/10

etait (1): B1335/18

etait (1): B1335/V

etc. (48): A0052/M; A0053/08; A0054/09; A0061/M; A0062/13; A0072/31; A0262/25; A0278/27; A0279/07; A0280/36; A0337/01; A0337/19; A0337/19; A0490/01; A0601/34; B0739/07; B0837/14; B1069/19; B1095/13; B1130/21; B1130/21; B1130/21; B1130/21; B1168/18; B1168/19; B1180/22; B1188/13; B1189/16; B1303/11; B1303/11; B1303/11; B1304/07; B1304/07; B1369/28; B1369/28; B1381/32; B1382/02; C0396/07; C0396/07; C0396/07; C0426/28; C0528/23; C0528/24; C0534/25; C0534/25; C0572/07; C0572/07; C0578/10

ete (1): A0037/25

eternal (15): A0138/32; A0145/12; A0217/V; A0235/V; A0348/03; A0354/13; A0608/10; A0684/14; A0696/31; B0966/14; B1219/15; B1298/08; B1316/15; C0175/27; C0206/01

eternally (8): A0071/28; A0195/18; A0225/M; A0229/V; A0426/09; B0856/08; B0903/08; C0061/30

Eternity (1): A0615/23

eternity (9): A0079/36; A0080/20; A0080/21; A0143/30; A0591/10; A0600/30; A0638/09; B1371/16; B1384/35

Ethelred (6): A0413/22; A0413/26; A0414/13; A0414/21; A0414/23; A0416/11

ether (20): A0461/20; B0960/30; B1034/12; B1034/15; B1034/22; B1034/24; B1034/24; B1034/25; B1035/13; B1035/14; B1035/19; B1035/19; B1035/21; B1035/22; B1035/27; B1038/03; B1038/14; B1038/14; B1214/22; B1215/10

ethereal (11): A0163/08; A0164/14; A0316/06; A0323/11; A0348/10; A0502/07; A0641/V; A0644/21; A0663/V; C0401/31; C0402/01

ethereality (1): B1122/16

etherial (1): A0163/V

ethical (6): A0097/09; A0105/07; A0473/23; A0706/09; B0886/04; B1271/13

ethics (4): A0101/07; A0102/12; A0175/11; A0209/06

Ethiopian (2): C0207/43; C0208/25

Ethix, Aestheticus (1): A0181/01

Etienne (2): A0557/27; A0559/01

Etienne, Alexandre (1): A0544/09

etiquette (4): A0297/11; A0297/17; A0298/04; A0302/14

Etoile (1): B0738/03

Eton (3): A0438/02; A0438/11; A0445/30

etre (2): A0018/08; A0506/M

Etruscan (2): A0165/06; B1293/37

Ettrick (2): B1295/12; B1311/05

eu (1): C0430/35

Euclid (2): B1310/33; B1314/37

eudosin (Gr.) (1): A0195/M

Euenis (1): A0621/17

Eugenie (10): B0903/05; B0903/11; B0903/17; B0903/24; B0907/17; B0907/20; B0910/07; B0910/18; B0911/10; B0911/17

Eulalie (1): B1384/15

eulogies (1): B1133/21

Eupatrids (1): A0508/18

euphonious (2): B1295/24; B1311/22 *

euphonous (1): A0150/V

euphorbium (1): B1293/01

eureka (1): B1302/25

Euripides (1): A0455/M

Europe (17): A0056/11; A0154/15; A0157/09; A0159/10; A0315/19; A0440/18; A0550/09; B0861/03; B0863/11; B1022/04; B1151/04; B1207/06; B1207/31; B1364/32; C0098/40; C0148/19; C0387/05

European (2): B0946/28; B1031/11

Europeans (1): C0168/13

Eusebius (3): A0101/09; A0175/14; A0181/04

ev’ning (1): A0702/M

evacuation (1): C0156/07

evade (1): B0910/19

evanescent (2): A0439/27; B0966/21

evaporated (3): B1321/29; C0059/40; C0128/36

evaporates (1): B1168/26

evaporating (1): B1074/10

evaporation (1): B0957/01

Eve (2): B1095/02; B1154/13

eve (1): A0286/04 1

even (551)

Evening (3): B0753/13; B0754/04; B0754/35

evening (72)

evening’s (1): A0301/24

evenly (1): B0730/30

evenness (1): C0152/13

event (33): A0301/25; A0347/22; A0427/02; A0439/26; A0456/26; A0457/28; A0578/23; B0725/15; B0749/27; B0752/24; B0757/13; B0807/36; B0958/18; B0961/18; B1044/08; B1132/33; B1322/26; C0074/26; C0090/22; C0095/08; C0104/16; C0119/39; C0124/04; C0139/02; C0139/28; C0143/29; C0158/14; C0170/32; C0170/35; C0171/13; C0431/09; C0547/03; C0579/14

eventful (11): A0019/14; A0075/06; A0161/10; A0241/22; A0242/18; A0446/02; B0989/22; B1144/30; C0438/V; C0528/20; C0536/15

events (86)

eventuality (1): A0298/V

eventually (5): A0311/V; B1321/28; C0141/02; C0146/21; C0163/16

ever (255)

ever-blossoming (1): B1162/08

ever-memorable (2): B1127/09; B1317/37

ever-placid (1): A0315/08

ever-prevalent (1): B0966/27

ever-remembered (1): A0446/33

ever-victorious (1): B1346/28

Everard (1): B1080/04

everchanging (1): C0412/30

Everett, Edward (1): A0271/14

evergreens (1): B0808/03

everlasting (13): A0140/V; A0151/12; A0195/11; A0195/19; A0241/25; A0303/16; A0348/03; B0898/24; B1133/13; B1347/34; B1385/21; B1390/21; C0174/18

everlastingly (3): A0229/M; B0914/05; B1305/17

evermore (4): A0236/10; A0318/V; A0407/19; B0967/04

every (465)

every-day (11): A0210/18; A0296/V; A0397/17; A0431/17; A0507/12; A0588/02; A0601/31; A0642/08; A0706/15; B1208/09; B1271/18

every-man-fcr-himself (1): B1299/29

everybody (10): A0336/01; A0337/10; A0338/19; A0338/31; A0365/01; A0370/31; B1048/25; B1091/01; B1347/12; B1375/11

everybody’s (1): B1299/36

everything (53)

everywhere (9): A0215/24; A0244/01; A0709/27; B1038/32; B1126/10; B1145/06; B1274/30; B1329/27; B1330/10

evidence (89)

evidences (5): B0764/11; B0764/26; B1122/22; C0561/01; C0564/12

evidencing (2): A0056/31; A0066/V

evident (96)

evidently (78)

Evil (1): B0793/12

evil (48): A0053/30; A0064/18; A0098/21; A0136/33; A0141/25; A0189/25; A0209/06; A0214/13; A0402/32; A0407/25; A0427/03; A0427/27; A0444/34; A0445/33; A0459/27; A0460/12; A0489/06; A0499/18; A0500/07; A0500/11; A0500/19; A0608/20; A0610/06; A0610/06; A0610/20; A0610/21; A0622/33; A0626/23; A0638/12; A0664/31; B0855/18; B0856/10; B0856/11; B0968/34; B0993/20; B1093/05; B1108/16; B1158/03; B1158/06; B1167/05; B1169/14; B1248/33; B1296/10; B1312/14; C0139/16; C0430/11; C0555/31; C0565/09

evils (6): A0459/14; B1294/09; B1300/13; C0080/37; C0120/19; C0145/08

evince (6): A0045/26; A0086/18; A0090/16; A0344/08; A0483/04; C0141/08

evinced (24): A0028/V; A0096/17; A0156/08; A0508/05; A0530/01; A0650/10; B0854/20; B0926/15; B1032/09; B1093/02; B1104/10; B1143/07; B1302/21; C0119/26; C0145/09; C0153/27; C0168/35; C0170/08; C0175/37; C0409/06; C0539/36; C0548/24; C0568/16; C0569/22

evinces (1): A0269/33

evincing (8): A0278/38; A0442/14; C0061/35; C0171/09; C0172/26; C0413/19; C0537/09; C0569/02

evolution (2): A0387/16; A0601/07

evolutions (2): A0672/30; A0674/16

evolving (1): A0609/27

ex (6): A0704/28; B0740/03; B0745/11; B1269/27; B1296/25; B1313/26

Ex-President (1): A0277/12

exacerbate (1): B0810/36

Exact (1): B0869/T

exact (43): A0023/12; A0058/14; A0089/15; A0102/24; A0226/20; A0230/19; A0300/12; A0338/34; A0355/15; A0405/08; A0410/V; A0414/05; A0414/31; A0429/28; A0444/25; A0479/01; A0479/06; A0508/27; A0548/V; A0559/26; A0587/38; A0651/08; A0652/V; B0724/04; B0773/16; B0869/05; B0878/03; B0878/08; B0910/15; B1120/03; B1214/02; B1234/33; B1235/35; B1244/04; C0077/09; C0105/30; C0166/01; C0401/25; C0415/33; C0419/40; C0422/05; C0440/V; C0447/V

exacted (3): A0478/11; B0965/20; C0395/03

exactions (3): A0073/23; A0488/02; B0993/05

exactitude (1): B0772/26

exactly (38): A0069/01; A0094/20; A0378/12; A0533/12; A0585/18; A0655/08; B0821/08; B0855/18; B0873/24; B0888/V; B0891/04; B0946/23; B0975/24; B0985/32; B0991/25; B1013/21; B1019/03; B1020/16; B1054/06; B1074/26; B1079/20; B1101/27; B1120/04; B1128/31; B1182/02; B1207/06; B1241/33; B1336/08; B1336/22; B1369/28; C0077/19; C0103/01; C0152/32; C0193/21; C0195/21; C0415/28; C0564/05; C0573/37

exaggerate (3): B0985/21; B1292/13; C0562/41

exaggerated (13): A0212/30; A0244/V; A0297/01; A0299/04; A0499/31; A0705/35; B0864/05; B0962/11; B1079/30; B1233/07; B1270/35; C0532/23; C0550/07

exaggeration (9): A0157/08; A0212/16; A0402/05; A0681/10; B0985/27; C0055/14; C0538/28; C0538/39; C0538/40

exaggerations (1): C0549/07

exalt (1): B1050/27

exaltation (6): A0708/32; A0709/02; B1030/22; B1031/33; B1273/26; B1274/07

exalted (14): A0250/12; A0303/09; A0382/09; A0399/01; A0609/23; A0612/05; A0638/06; A0708/05; B0891/06; B0891/V; B0976/29; B0977/05; B1030/09; B1273/04

exalting (1): A0348/07

examination (40): A0059/24; A0067/31; A0098/23; A0267/33; A0365/13; A0511/04; A0545/01; A0547/01; A0552/09; A0554/26; A0703/10; B0733/14; B0751/10; B0752/32; B0754/18; B0810/33; B0815/23; B0827/18; B0828/22; B0832/13; B0960/01; B0986/12; B0991/32; B1048/16; B1052/20; B1053/34; B1054/10; B1058/29; B1178/20; B1178/32; B1181/14; B1237/20; B1268/09; C0113/31; C0150/18; C0157/38; C0193/06; C0413/17; C0418/14; C0575/23

examinations (2): A0544/20; A0546/03

examine (20): A0250/24; A0443/10; A0551/07; B0738/18; B0741/02; B0751/07; B0752/26; B0841/10; B0904/02; B0975/09; B1105/32; B1223/21; B1237/32; B1353/13; C0090/23; C0169/27; C0169/33; C0181/35; C0194/08; C0540/17

examined (37): A0074/14; A0312/06; A0538/29; A0540/31; A0544/13; A0549/30; A0551/14; A0554/20; A0641/15; B0727/12; B0763/22; B0795/31; B0818/07; B0875/33; B0979/18; B0980/07; B0980/19; B0980/30; B0981/12; B0983/12; B1052/11; B1052/29; B1108/01; B1160/41; B1363/17; C0066/12; C0076/05; C0076/26; C0076/32; C0078/40; C0079/26; C0179/07; C0397/24; C0399/11; C0419/24; C0564/32; C0571/05

Examiner (4): A0338/23; A0338/25; A0338/26; A0338/26

examines (1): A0530/08

examining (17): A0081/37; A0511/33; A0538/12; A0546/22; A0552/03; B0761/17; B0853/11; B0874/16; B1054/13; B1106/02; C0154/02; C0169/07; C0181/27; C0192/31; C0196/02; C0412/23; C0429/14

example (77)

examples (3): B0724/18; B0740/22; B0740/24

exasperated (3): B0856/20; B1189/16; C0558/08

excadingly> (1): A0464/19

excavated (2): B0823/25; B0979/31

excavation (2): A0405/34; C0575/37

exceed (10): A0027/08; A0688/11; A0707/29; B0903/01; B0903/03; B1105/22; B1272/V; C0400/21; C0422/32; C0536/27

exceeded (12): A0140/05; A0241/09; A0704/09; B0828/12; B0891/02; B1269/09; B1334/14; B1336/02; C0169/24; C0190/09; C0199/23; C0542/05

exceeding (20): A0405/34; A0412/23; A0412/27; A0458/24; A0460/06; A0640/04; A0641/V; A0642/16; B0823/11; B0902/16; B0925/22; B0968/21; B1182/16; B1250/15; B1364/14; C0075/21; C0164/35; C0201/37; C0400/32; C0400/33

exceedingly (95)

exceeds (1): B0807/01

excel (4): A0432/10; B1136/12; B1136/33; B1138/27

excelled (3): B0904/27; B1122/14; B1122/15

excellence (6): A0384/23; A0528/15; B0878/04; B0892/10; B0986/32; C0550/24

excellence (4): A0380/08; B1128/14; B1136/09; C0112/18

excellences (2): A0710/28; B1275/V

Excellencies (12): C0390/37; C0391/01; C0391/05; C0399/25; C0399/26; C0404/17; C0409/10; C0418/08; C0422/35; C0425/19; C0425/25; C0426/09

excellencies (1): B1275/30

Excellencies’ (2): C0426/25; C0426/28

Excellency (2): C0390/06; C0390/28

excellency (1): C0065/38

excellent (69)

excellently (2): A0367/V; B0858/27

excelling (1): A0045/12

except (92)

excepted (1): B1332/13

excepting (4): A0245/23; A0546/32; B1322/08; B1362/29

exception (60)

exceptions (4): A0610/04; B0740/24; B1315/36; C0174/20

excess (17): A0460/31; A0566/12; A0581/02; A0705/09; A0707/28; B0760/19; B0816/31; B0851/34; B0895/24; B0969/01; B1047/32; B1058/12; B1270/08; B1272/28; B1278/11; B1329/31; C0538/34

excesses (3): A0446/22; A0707/28; B1272/28

excessive (39): A0215/01; A0282/04; A0398/30; A0400/06; A0402/16; A0459/12; A0461/18; A0488/11; A0497/V; A0509/11; A0511/23; A0667/01; A0686/06; B0827/06; B0903/09; B0909/11; B0963/26; B0991/20; B1012/12; B1020/10; B1054/22; B1235/14; B1257/17; B1334/18; B1362/12; C0115/02; C0133/13; C0141/09; C0141/23; C0159/16; C0163/39; C0168/38; C0183/10; C0187/18; C0400/34; C0406/23; C0419/32; C0420/25; C0549/01

excessively (62)

Exchange (2): A0487/09; C0387/09

exchange (7): A0337/12; A0337/25; B1019/03; B1250/11; C0070/25; C0148/40; C0177/13

exchanged (5): A0177/V; A0183/08; A0685/29; B0916/13; B1237/V

exchanging (2): B0898/21; B1237/07

excipting) (1): A0466/07

excitability (2): A0161/23; A0324/11

excitable (7): A0427/19; B0814/01; B0850/04; B0894/16; B0942/05; B1246/15; B1348/11

excitation (1): A0252/19

excite (7): A0508/21; A0621/14; B0756/20; B0807/19; B0990/33; B0991/31; C0081/08

excited (65)

excitement (53)

excites (3): A0144/17; B0955/10; B1278/15

exciting (21): A0025/15; A0027/23; A0098/17; A0098/25; A0145/24; A0217/06; A0227/01; A0231/12; A0234/10; A0313/26; A0415/02; A0592/07; B1004/25; B1078/29; C0055/16; C0065/09; C0078/32; C0166/32; C0208/13; C0418/15; C0574/33

exclaimed (18): A0113/08; A0182/32; A0534/21; B0826/25; B0897/18; B0907/02; B0907/14; B0910/26; B0912/20; B0980/25; B1014/10; B1101/28; B1187/22; B1188/07; B1192/04; B1250/33; B1260/30; B1350/18

exclaims (1): B0872/30

exclamation (4): A0047/15; A0500/18; C0208/18; C0388/38

exclamations (2): A0567/25; C0061/07

exclude (1): B1352/12

excluded (6): A0189/26; A0210/02; A0684/30; B0737/13; B1315/33; C0189/11

excluding (1): C0535/35

exclusion (3): B1005/16; B1037/31; B1313/12

exclusive (3): A0261/06; A0564/23; C0578/03

exclusively (7): A0478/09; A0600/11; B0892/21; B0941/09; B0974/07; B1089/19; B1312/12

exclusiveness (1): A0624/26

excoriated (1): A0543/21

excoriations (3): A0538/12; B0730/09; B0730/13

excrescence (2): A0173/20; A0178/29

excretory (1): C0178/16

excruciating (2): C0064/37; C0196/12

excursion (6): A0347/18; A0564/20; B0949/36; B1291/19; C0542/21; C0552/19

excursions (6): A0026/V; B0807/26; C0177/20; C0529/17; C0530/37; C0571/32

excuse (9): A0278/25; A0653/27; B0926/08; B0965/18; B1005/04; B1293/37; B1304/30; B1338/11; C0133/32

excused (1): B1247/17

excuses (2): B0899/10; C0522/05

execrable (3): A0250/35; B1093/07; B1096/08

execrations (1): B1054/27

execute (2): B1277/32; C0133/26

executed (6): A0365/11; A0473/33; B0905/19; B0916/07; B0983/36; B1193/20

executing (2): A0123/07; B0824/14

execution (23): A0034/10; A0053/21; A0055/26; A0058/02; A0058/19; A0068/23; A0079/22; A0445/26; A0622/11; A0664/12; A0693/27; A0706/26; B0905/29; B1103/18; B1128/18; B1271/28; B1350/28; C0108/12; C0110/24; C0187/23; C0392/01; C0393/05; C0525/36

executioner (1): B1152/17

executive (1): A0109/01

executors (2): B1188/25; B1189/09

exemplary (1): B1048/01

exemplification (1): B0863/30

exemplifications (1): A0293/04

exemplifying (2): A0703/06; B1268/05

exemption (3): A0712/05; B1075/16; B1277/10

exequy (1): A0150/M

exercise (25): A0213/19; A0243/25; A0293/24; A0444/35; A0456/24; A0498/V; A0513/06; A0533/12; A0600/05; A0614/37; A0684/17; A0703/32; A0706/12; A0711/35; B0822/20; B0832/05; B0965/09; B0969/03; B1029/06; B1031/23; B1090/12; B1158/26; B1268/30; B1271/15; B1277/02

exercised (9): A0019/15; A0070/09; A0079/25; A0212/32; A0399/13; B1167/05; B1215/06; B1250/03; C0429/23

exercises (3): A0528/04; B1006/14; B1346/19

exergues (1): A0430/34

exert (2): C0086/37; C0127/10

exerted (7): A0557/21; B0982/17; B1108/25; B1108/27; B1158/24; B1237/02; B1246/16

exerting (1): A0374/08

exertion (46): A0022/23; A0029/11; A0072/05; A0073/15; A0081/27; A0244/25; A0246/26; A0327/12; A0328/12; A0459/11; A0529/07; A0554/29; A0578/04; A0689/17; A0706/25; B0741/20; B0758/25; B0826/31; B0932/11; B0944/17; B1050/11; B1237/26; B1271/27; C0060/08; C0072/09; C0074/08; C0081/21; C0122/11; C0127/01; C0144/31; C0151/36; C0157/22; C0183/03; C0184/12; C0185/13; C0195/11; C0200/33; C0201/29; C0398/14; C0398/35; C0406/26; C0420/41; C0538/02; C0559/24; C0560/10; C0579/02

exertions (30): A0025/12; A0055/05; A0064/23; A0137/28; A0154/02; A0244/17; A0324/07; A0325/01; A0337/32; A0354/24; B0727/02; B0731/04; B0825/30; B0967/21; C0062/18; C0074/33; C0109/35; C0114/30; C0121/25; C0125/18; C0127/29; C0140/28; C0143/18; C0154/06; C0159/28; C0175/16; C0177/38; C0192/14; C0559/29; C0567/27

Exeter (1): B1166/30

exhalation (1): A0412/32

exhalations (1): A0136/23

exhaling (1): A0217/V

exhaust (1): B1074/17

exhausted (32): A0319/26; A0510/27; A0577/02; A0594/16; A0654/16; A0667/04; A0686/09; B0826/18; B0957/01; B1058/07; B1073/22; B1082/01; B1109/02; B1208/26; B1300/22; B1372/09; C0076/15; C0116/06; C0119/40; C0121/27; C0127/03; C0128/26; C0129/32; C0130/39; C0144/10; C0145/22; C0179/12; C0184/11; C0192/14; C0192/22; C0396/08; C0567/29

exhausting (3): A0152/22; A0604/06; C0129/35

exhaustion (6): A0028/V; A0157/14; C0064/09; C0096/09; C0142/37; C0421/01

exhibited (6): B1070/09; B1070/19; B1072/25; B1119/16; B1330/30; C0405/26

exhibiting (3): A0528/08; B0946/19; C0423/14

exhibition (4): A0123/28; A0710/08; B0960/30; B1275/11

exhibitions (1): B1007/22

exhort (1): B1123/17

exhorted (2): C0116/09; C0117/39

exhumed (1): B1160/38

exigencies (2): A0302/12; B0900/V

exigency (3): B1373/27; B1373/29; C0067/19

exile (1): A0243/08

exist (33): A0210/05; A0267/02; A0448/15; A0478/30; A0546/30; A0552/22; A0602/09; A0615/20; A0649/06; A0707/24; B0832/17; B0942/09; B1003/10; B1035/08; B1122/20; B1168/12; B1188/20; B1272/V; B1293/19; B1296/26; B1310/17; B1313/23; B1314/20; C0071/25; C0081/05; C0132/37; C0138/01; C0399/35; C0401/16; C0401/17; C0428/09; C0429/14; C0448/V

existed (37): A0018/03; A0028/07; A0106/28; A0303/27; A0365/18; A0366/24; A0369/19; A0410/19; A0427/12; A0461/21; A0532/24; A0675/08; B0733/10; B0739/08; B0749/26; B0772/25; B0832/17; B0834/04; B0949/05; B1007/03; B1019/07; B1031/06; B1046/15; B1233/19; B1233/20; B1235/28; B1295/04; B1299/18; B1299/28; B1313/03; B1313/23; B1369/15; C0095/23; C0122/15; C0156/32; C0158/03; C0563/15

existence (69)

existences (1): A0314/09

existent (1): B1274/05

existing (18): A0433/16; A0434/24; A0615/19; B0988/01; B1034/06; B1036/20; B1039/35; B1048/27; B1160/17; B1206/19; B1219/03; B1300/36; B1317/13; C0092/07; C0160/26; C0409/13; C0423/38; C0424/01

exists (12): A0355/13; A0369/19; A0531/07; B0727/17; B0773/27; B0863/11; B0863/12; B1033/20; B1214/26; B1221/17; B1272/25; C0151/40

exit (5): A0404/V; A0554/01; A0602/21; B1058/26; B1325/05

exonerate (1): C0523/25

exonerated (1): B0753/34

exorbitant (2): B0863/36; B1134/17

expand (1): B1248/36

expanded (4): A0156/06; B1282/35; C0151/35; C0396/40

expanding (2): A0316/08; B1074/11

expanse (8): A0502/03; A0578/33; B1074/33; B1334/19; B1339/34; C0159/20; C0159/21; C0163/15

expansion (7): A0315/10; A0402/03; B1080/23; C0097/32; C0190/02; C0404/10; C0411/15

expatiate (3): A0072/11; A0100/22; B1144/15

expatiating (2): A0707/01; B1272/02

expect (24): A0137/27; A0336/13; A0353/34; A0473/34; A0533/10; A0563/08; A0564/15; A0588/04; A0594/24; B0816/01; B0849/02; B0849/03; B0876/13; B1107/35; B1134/15; B1246/10; C0074/27; C0083/07; C0092/28; C0095/15; C0121/10; C0177/17; C0410/25; C0424/04

expectation (28): A0025/21; A0137/29; A0161/27; A0355/25; A0548/15; B0752/15; B0814/25; B0825/13; B0899/16; B0903/20; B0926/25; B1055/31; B1347/11; C0066/17; C0093/14; C0100/05; C0116/35; C0120/30; C0126/25; C0133/29; C0143/10; C0190/09; C0192/28; C0192/35; C0420/24; C0424/27; C0553/08; C0562/22

expectations (5): A0021/09; A0027/08; A0316/13; B0872/02; C0137/05

expected (66)

expecting (3): B0925/17; C0086/24; C0117/20

expectoration (1): B1235/14

expediency (4): B0826/30; B1049/11; C0166/21; C0167/30

expedient (15): A0055/25; A0488/07; B0723/09; B0765/25; B0844/18; B0857/01; B0960/17; B0990/17; B1141/23; C0092/05; C0142/18; C0144/26; C0406/40; C0415/10; C0535/11

expedients (3): C0078/08; C0078/08; C0142/02

expedite (1): A0347/10

expedition (36): A0584/05; B0816/05; B0816/06; B0816/12; B0817/09; B0843/03; B0942/24; B0968/11; B1075/15; C0088/38; C0156/40; C0159/30; C0207/20; C0401/05; C0406/13; C0521/24; C0522/25; C0522/37; C0524/12; C0525/27; C0527/16; C0528/19; C0529/04; C0529/25; C0530/35; C0532/09; C0532/29; C0532/36; C0533/35; C0536/17; C0537/09; C0537/25; C0539/33; C0546/38; C0564/11; C0564/28

expeditions (3): C0070/33; C0525/11; C0544/11

expeditious (2): A0443/09; B1292/09

expel (1): B1310/24

expelled (1): A0108/06

expence (1): A0204/13

expending (1): B1134/18

expenditure (4): A0057/11; A0440/08; B1008/34; B1058/31

expense (10): A0159/09; A0159/V; A0437/06; A0440/23; A0532/13; A0638/06; B0733/16; B1139/21; B1325/02; B1329/34

expenses (5): A0631/21; B1136/14; B1136/35; B1137/32; B1138/29

expensive (5): B1006/20; B1073/06; B1073/12; C0394/10; C0395/02

experience (52)

experienced (58)

experiences (1): B1102/08

experiment (33): A0399/21; A0536/01; A0559/15; A0624/06; B0832/32; B0836/03; B0838/02; B0842/32; B0959/23; B0960/11; B0988/08; B1032/13; B1070/31; B1093/21; B1093/25; B1132/01; B1181/16; B1182/11; B1234/13; B1236/09; B1236/29; B1241/35; B1242/02; B1382/28; C0079/37; C0129/14; C0393/27; C0406/33; C0411/08; C0412/07; C0413/12; C0413/30; C0424/20

experimental (4): A0337/13; A0337/26; A0340/33; C0400/38

Experimentalist (1): A0340/05

experimentally (1): B1358/09

experimenting (1): C0535/39

experiments (13): A0067/21; A0583/01; B0941/19; B1070/06; B1168/14; B1168/23; B1182/26; B1213/19; B1233/15; B1234/31; B1237/33; B1238/16; C0415/32

expert (1): C0536/03

expiated (1): B1352/13

expiration (13): A0046/26; A0073/07; B0727/08; B0753/12; B0894/23; B0956/25; B1154/10; B1189/12; B1208/22; B1237/13; B1240/08; C0138/05; C0415/40

expire (4): B1145/15; C0083/09; C0169/40; C0527/18

expired (13): A0034/03; A0061/06; A0455/12; A0567/07; A0677/03; B0823/21; B0959/24; B0965/03; B1040/11; B1053/32; B1105/15; C0133/40; C0142/22

expiring (1): C0095/06

explain (23): A0250/22; A0369/03; A0535/05; A0656/18; B0829/33; B0926/17; B1031/32; B1032/30; B1037/04; B1046/33; B1183/V; B1187/11; B1188/26; B1213/05; B1223/28; B1225/14; B1242/17; B1249/04; B1301/22; B1361/35; C0107/27; C0399/25; C0408/04

explained (21): A0303/22; A0338/20; A0592/34; B0725/05; B0915/13; B0915/24; B1059/23; B1185/16; B1188/19; B1191/02; B1192/11; B1237/04; B1274/02; B1292/28; B1298/02; C0061/10; C0092/27; C0129/17; C0411/18; C0424/35; C0443/V

explaining (3): A0213/20; B0850/17; C0067/02

explains (2): B1119/23; B1370/15

explanation (24): A0059/28; A0212/10; A0277/04; A0301/24; A0302/08; A0302/24; A0303/11; A0339/03; A0536/20; A0592/34; A0707/21; B0723/10; B0754/13; B0948/24; B1074/02; B1080/25; B1096/21; B1135/23; B1190/16; B1272/22; B1281/15; C0097/01; C0409/10; C0422/02

explanations (4): A0073/12; A0608/04; B0728/24; B0983/20

explanatory (1): B0940/27

expletive (1): A0624/09

expletives (1): A0623/28

explicit (8): A0085/04; A0353/16; A0386/22; B0842/26; B0976/21; B1190/11; B1258/23; B1305/04

explicitly (2): A0277/05; A0626/O1

exploded (1): B1006/34

exploit (2): A0124/26; C0558/36

exploits (2): B1021/19; C0550/24

exploration (1): A0688/18

exploraturi (1): A0638/15

explore (10): A0589/01; B0969/13; C0165/31; C0189/20; C0192/35; C0525/39; C0526/31; C0529/10; C0564/34; C0575/05

explored (4): B0862/16; B0981/11; B1155/27; C0543/41

explorer (1): B1332/07

exploring (7): B1391/22; C0101/40; C0159/30; C0192/17; C0523/16; C0527/25; C0527/27

explosion (7): A0026/15; C0189/38; C0190/11; C0190/35; C0201/26; C0396/37; C0403/14

expose (2): A0204/28; C0056/26

expose (5): B0773/34; B1093/05; C0192/06; C0531/12; C0556/03

exposed (11): A0088/10; A0102/04; A0409/23; A0444/26; B1194/20; B1261/10; C0117/05; C0178/31; C0180/22; C0534/34; C0534/39

exposes (1): C0432/40

exposing (1): B1384/04

Exposition (3): A0103/11; A0103/12; A0103/13

exposition (4): A0088/09; A0088/32; A0088/33; A0088/33

expostulated (1): C0132/13

expostulating (1): A0543/04

expostulation (3): A0387/V; A0560/07; A0625/11

exposure (3): B0773/35; B0843/32; B0895/10

expound (2): B0849/09; B1044/02

expounded (1): A0459/01

Express (1): B0753/39

express (27): A0026/11; A0033/V; A0159/V; A0271/35; A0303/09; A0353/V; A0378/15; A0380/12; A0382/04; A0408/09; A0458/06; A0499/21; A0534/24; A0708/23; B0729/21; B0889/18; B1047/05; B1068/01; B1104/33; B1129/V; B1134/04; B1138/16; B1273/17; B1349/01; C0106/16; C0162/20; C0405/03

expressed (25): A0066/26; A0069/05; A0550/25; A0710/10; A0711/08; B0734/19; B0755/29; B0905/30; B1116/04; B1139/24; B1139/35; B1155/10; B1159/15; B1185/21; B1186/10; B1239/04; B1275/13; B1276/09; B1375/17; C0055/27; C0104/01; C0104/05; C0107/24; C0129/17; C0395/27

expresses (6): B0875/10; B0877/14; B0877/21; B1092/08; B1276/16; C0161/19

expressing (6): A0159/22; A0318/02; A0629/16; B1135/27; B1379/09; C0056/21

expression (90)

expressions (16): A0234/31; A0343/17; A0344/05; A0442/13; A0482/07; A0614/07; A0623/26; B0768/09; B0853/13; B0926/27; B0926/36; B1039/27; B1373/21; C0084/15; C0130/19; C0190/20

expressive (2): A0674/27; B1248/37

expressly (1): B0806/T

exquisite (28): A0053/28; A0087/02; A0091/16; A0100/13; A0110/19; A0311/29; A0312/04; A0348/16; A0354/27; A0354/28; A0383/12; A0435/05; B0889/15; B0890/02; B0899/27; B0924/24; B0926/31; B1167/01; B1279/29; B1281/21; B1332/16; B1339/35; B1346/25; B1346/34; B1350/18; C0135/31; C0540/09; C0544/41

exquisitely (7): A0273/23; A0298/V; B0828/10; B0892/25; B1128/16; B1333/36; B1334/25

extacy (1): C0543/38

extant (1): C0525/11

extend (18): A0267/29; A0272/32; A0285/03; A0293/01; A0561/31; A0601/17; A0601/V; B0966/01; B0985/21; B1032/01; B1080/27; B1160/31; B1302/33; B1336/23; C0174/39; C0418/18; C0552/27; C0571/32

extended (48): A0023/03; A0025/04; A0079/40; A0079/41; A0248/08; A0298/V; A0315/18; A0321/19; A0387/V; A0631/11; A0639/30; A0685/05; B0842/22; B0859/12; B0890/04; B0903/05; B0941/26; B0956/11; B0965/06; B0965/27; B0967/16; B0983/27; B0983/28; B1009/V; B1030/12; B1156/05; B1156/18; B1178/31; B1194/31; B1213/34; B1239/31; B1336/08; C0069/30; C0087/19; C0107/40; C0115/32; C0124/38; C0181/30; C0407/35; C0408/07; C0411/38; C0414/26; C0432/34; C0443/V; C0549/36; C0550/30; C0558/15; C0566/19

extending (27): A0319/19; A0400/18; A0417/10; A0460/01; A0601/19; A0695/20; B0840/32; B0905/17; B1180/17; B1248/17; B1331/35; B1336/11; B1338/24; C0076/35; C0098/18; C0152/28; C0159/07; C0159/23; C0162/04; C0183/15; C0185/19; C0195/06; C0402/08; C0413/20; C0541/36; C0553/16; C0575/16

extends (8): A0366/33; B0864/35; B1145/10; B1281/30; C0154/34; C0402/05; C0524/27; C0552/34

extension (7): A0460/33; A0509/22; B0773/01; B0773/14; B0825/01; B1336/16; C0527/19

extensive (26): A0027/V; A0293/26; A0343/09; A0400/16; A0428/21; A0429/11; A0484/08; A0497/23; A0670/15; A0705/14; B0734/08; B0862/30; B0876/34; B1032/09; B1115/31; B1235/28; B1259/30; B1270/12; B1272/04; B1282/30; C0150/15; C0204/17; C0525/35; C0571/17; C0572/18; C0575/09

extensively (1): B1360/18

extent (111)

exterior (9): A0099/22; A0104/27; A0400/07; A0501/15; A0545/22; B1179/34; B1182/13; C0078/01; C0438/V

exterminated (1): B1096/33

external (26): A0100/02; A0215/29; A0317/08; A0320/15; A0400/15; A0430/22; A0495/01; A0530/07; A0612/32; A0613/12; A0626/29; A0671/05; A0703/03; B0890/30; B0943/14; B0980/V; B0981/29; B0991/33; B1030/05; B1037/25; B1038/09; B1038/09; B1038/11; B1057/24; B1299/02; B1336/29

externally (2): B0962/12; B1179/14

externals (1): B0992/16

extinct (5): A0611/21; A0613/33; B1168/40; C0062/36; C0183/30

extinction (1): A0687/32

extinguish (3): A0044/24; B1138/02; B1212/28

extinguished (9): A0088/03; A0138/27; A0190/14; A0437/33; A0442/29; A0616/32; B0958/13; B1110/18; C0070/35

extinguishment (1): B1239/27

extolled (1): A0545/01

extort (4): A0711/02; B0840/02; B1053/25; B1276/04

extorted (4): A0029/V; A0652/04; B0724/21; B1058/11

extortion (1): B1094/06

extortions (1): B1092/33

extra (9): A0485/01; B0923/13; B0924/30; B0925/05; B0925/20; B0929/02; B0929/06; B0929/09; B0933/36

Extract (1): A0064/V

extract (4): A0055/13; B0760/30; B1310/03; C0389/38

extracted (4): A0088/07; B1128/26; B1181/04; C0160/32

extraction (1): A0460/34

extracts (5): A0487/33; B0753/04; B0754/10; B0754/15; B0757/14

extraneous (1): A0120/V

extraordinary (80)

extravagance (5): A0438/27; A0440/14; A0440/34; A0613/19; B0891/14

extravagances (5): A0705/09; B0900/05; B0906/16; B1270/08; C0130/27

extravagant (13): A0071/08; A0073/V; A0157/V; A0441/30; B0825/10; B1101/31; B1381/08; C0073/08; C0123/04; C0131/16; C0180/02; C0532/34; C0537/20

extravagantly (3): A0444/16; A0626/V; B1007/30

Extravaganza (2): A0365/V; B1100/T

extravaganza (1): A0473/34

extreme (94)

extremely (10): A0024/05; A0110/31; A0264/22; B1055/05; C0401/30; C0408/23; C0420/11; C0438/V; C0530/08; C0548/22

extremeness (2): A0413/16; B1280/20

extremes (6): B0955/19; B0955/23; B1277/18; C0122/22; C0428/41; C0429/01

extremities (8): A0241/12; A0603/04; B0766/27; B0966/14; B1071/14; B1108/14; B1237/17; B1282/07

extremity (53)

extricate (3): C0082/26; C0091/02; C0542/26

extricated (2): C0096/05; C0571/03

extricating (3): C0175/18; C0183/28; C0397/35

extrinsic (1): B1070/04

exuberance (1): B1056/01

exuberant (1): B0862/32

exult (1): B0859/06

exultation (3): A0444/34; A0610/11; A0708/V

exultingly (2): A0312/23; B0909/07

exults (1): A0528/03

Eye (1): B0793/12

eye (160)

eye-balls (1): A0543/26

eye-brows (2): B1014/06; B1193/15

eye-glass (14): B0888/22; B0893/16; B0894/25; B0906/31; B0908/05; B0908/14; B0908/14; B0908/V; B0910/10; B0910/10; B0914/24; B0916/08; B1186/01; B1188/29

eye-lids (1): B1238/26

eye-like (3): A0397/13; A0398/13; A0643/09

eye-sore (4): A0485/28; A0486/07; A0486/23; A0488/13

eye-witnesses (1): A0128/26

eyeballs (2): C0073/02; C0081/31

eyebrow (2): A0298/V; B1156/25

eyebrows (1): A0625/15

eyed (2): A0078/37; C0390/01

eyeing (5): A0241/30; A0263/14; A0444/08; C0404/31; C0425/11

eyelashes (1): A0205/21

eyelid (2): A0327/19; B0966/17

eyelids (7): A0080/02; A0327/06; A0329/13; A0609/08; A0613/08; A0613/23; B1350/10

eyes (335)

eying (2): C0085/26; C0125/05

eyrie (1): B1165/04

Ezekiel (1): A0119/02

ELIZABETH (1): A0093/16

F— (8): B1235/04; B1235/20; B1236/04; B1237/04; B1238/03; B1238/08; B1239/03; B1242/15

Fable (1): A0195/T

fable (8): A0188/V; A0198/27; A0638/V; B1076/20; B1189/28; B1299/30; C0056/16; C0056/20

fables (1): A0096/V

fables (5): A0196/28; A0622/18; A0685/13; B0987/34; B0988/02

fabric (11): A0400/16; A0406/32; A0501/16; B0762/22; B0762/24; B0902/13; B1070/14; B1115/21; B1192/11; B1262/28; B1292/29

fabricated (1): C0204/02

fabrication (1): B1359/03

fabrications (1): C0065/13

fabrics (1): B0762/17

fabulous (4): A0313/09; A0664/V; A0687/19; B1300/16

fac-simile (5): A0558/28; B0877/23; B0877/24; B0992/16; B0992/28

fac-similes (3): A0443/22; B1304/07; B1305/10

face (185)

faced (2): A0086/31; A0100/10

faces (14): A0123/02; A0369/24; A0369/26; A0374/04; A0494/08; A0508/07; A0510/18; A0511/05; A0530/26; A0683/02; C0117/11; C0387/18; C0557/09; C0579/30

facetious (1): B1379/24

facie (2): A0303/23; B1191/29

facili (1): A0097/07

facilis (1): B0993/08

facilitate (1): C0525/18

facilities (3): A0295/04; B0736/34; B0808/06

facility (12): A0053/20; A0144/01; A0406/10; A0548/05; A0548/V; B0872/12; B0924/20; B1089/24; B1113/03; B1214/11; B1386/07; C0091/29

facing (2): B1057/06; C0193/21

facsimile (1): A0508/27

facsimiles (2): A0264/01; A0264/36

fact (254)

factions (2): C0093/18; C0557/01

facto (2): A0704/28; B1269/27

factory (1): A0086/33

Facts (1): B1380/09

facts (41): A0209/V; A0343/17; A0343/20; A0365/13; A0544/24; A0547/22; B0723/15; B0732/24; B0740/01; B0751/05; B0773/06; B0853/03; B0876/24; B1029/02; B1054/30; B1183/31; B1190/04; B1206/17; B1233/11; B1233/T; B1295/16; B1296/18; B1296/18; B1296/19; B1296/20; B1311/08; B1312/21; B1312/21; B1312/27; B1312/28; B1312/31; B1313/07; B1358/27; C0056/07; C0056/22; C0207/34; C0207/37; C0428/18; C0538/28; C0538/38; C0538/39

faculties (24): A0056/21; A0066/10; A0067/19; A0078/19; A0093/10; A0093/30; A0112/21; A0113/09; A0212/09; A0234/04; A0245/V; A0293/V; A0479/36; B0852/09; B0963/18; B0967/02; B1030/08; B1219/01; C0055/16; C0064/13; C0073/20; C0078/12; C0100/14; C0406/33

faculty (14): A0053/19; A0294/V; A0478/08; A0527/V; A0528/12; A0529/17; A0530/V; A0531/03; A0610/29; B1167/11; B1215/03; B1220/06; C0125/31; C0422/20

faded (16): A0021/22; A0080/27; A0103/22; A0104/18; A0190/23; A0226/17; A0230/16; A0236/06; A0436/23; A0614/10; A0614/33; A0643/07; A0687/14; A0689/07; B1191/17; C0407/39

fag (1): A0622/18

faggots (2): A0101/22; A0105/14

fail (51)

failed (53)

faileth (1): A0311/V

failing (3): A0378/11; B1101/08; B1242/28

failings (3): A0097/26; A0097/27; A0097/28

fails (9): A0244/03; A0311/16; A0488/V; A0711/02; B0946/07; B0987/26; B0987/26; B1256/09; B1276/03

failure (13): A0070/29; A0252/07; A0295/25; A0427/28; B0728/11; B0757/28; B0834/29; B1070/24; B1070/29; B1234/18; B1301/22; C0187/15; C0407/18

failures (1): B1069/32

fain (3): A0414/24; A0427/07; A0568/12

faint (37): A0106/12; A0106/12; A0263/04; A0297/20; A0320/18; A0324/V; A0325/10; A0326/13; A0326/28; A0327/V; A0403/06; A0410/23; A0439/10; A0685/06; A0687/13; A0693/16; B0767/26; B0827/V; B0832/31; B0895/19; B0912/29; B0931/06; B0943/17; B0964/26; B0966/10; B1139/07; B1139/30; B1186/29; B1223/29; B1339/34; C0073/03; C0077/14; C0120/35; C0128/05; C0192/28; C0423/14; C0575/19

fainted (7): A0046/06; A0059/01; A0190/V; B0948/30; B1057/16; C0440/V; C0440/V

fainter (2): A0502/02; A0605/06

faintest (7): A0581/09; A0667/62; B1169/32; B1240/04; C0064/11; C0130/34; C0198/07

fainting (6): A0036/03; A0325/02; A0325/15; A0697/10; B0875/25; B1249/02

faintly (11): A0034/05; A0400/02; A0412/32; A0438/26; B0821/33; B0829/34; B0944/20; B0962/12; B1239/12; B1329/17; C0423/15

faintly-detailed (1): C0208/15

faints (1): A0036/18

fair (50): A0152/20; A0213/23; A0228/12; A0228/13; A0232/17; A0232/18; A0235/17; A0294/08; A0320/10; A0330/08; A0370/17; A0406/27; A0406/32; A0407/17; A0426/01; A0559/11; A0563/11; A0610/23; A0641/V; A0702/M; A0710/07; B0725/29; B0814/21; B0865/06; B0894/18; B0959/22; B1005/27; B1079/33; B1129/03; B1153/01; B1159/15; B1215/18; B1215/25; B1267/M; B1275/10; B1379/17; B1385/28; C0086/12; C0105/41; C0133/32; C0158/02; C0170/28; C0392/03; C0533/29; C0544/38; C0552/10; C0568/06; C0570/10; C0570/23; C0570/30

fair-haired (3): A0321/02; A0330/03; A0644/V

faire (1): A0037/20

fairest (8): A0153/V; A0608/02; A0611/22; A0707/09; B1272/08; B1314/31; B1379/32; B1385/28

Fairies (1): B1283/14

fairies (1): B1280/21

fairly (43): A0021/09; A0345/02; A0353/24; A0387/06; A0387/V; A0473/06; A0479/30; A0484/07; A0486/08; A0603/07; B0739/21; B0741/13; B0793/25; B0814/04; B0820/30; B0825/35; B0929/18; B1020/20; B1046/18; B1076/30; B1081/16; B1134/V; B1144/29; B1240/16; B1269/01; B1295/27; B1311/24; B1331/19; B1333/36; B1337/23; B1364/07; B1379/01; B1379/28; C0070/22; C0116/26; C0169/37; C0200/12; C0417/41; C0421/35; C0530/33; C0538/08; C0554/27; C0579/02

Fairmount (1): B1091/18

fairy (6): A0162/17; A0164/21; A0210/08; A0502/05; B1215/27; B1281/11

fairy-like (3): A0604/V; B0902/12; B1330/01

fairy-looking (1): C0543/10

faisant (1): A0096/M

fait (6): A0036/V; A0268/30; A0340/22; B0978/09; B1144/32; C0430/28

fait> (2): A0464/07; A0468/19

faith (28): A0034/12; A0128/24; A0339/16; A0460/09; A0464/V; A0468/V; A0594/24; A0653/09; B0772/12; B0878/33; B0988/07; B1004/29; B1006/13; B1115/31; B1115/33; B1219/08; B1219/08; B1219/08; B1247/09; B1271/04; B1296/30; B1390/10; C0055/21; C0095/26; C0172/27; C0177/15; C0179/38; C0564/01

faithful (7): A0265/13; A0348/21; A0352/12; B0850/16; B0985/15; C0073/15; C0532/28

faithfully (4): A0271/13; A0286/11; A0438/24; A0642/33

fal/lal (1): B1166/15

Fall (1): A0397/T

fall (89)

fallacy (2): B0823/02; B1221/09

fallen (1): B0723/M

fallen (55)

falling (53)

falls (10): A0121/04; A0320/07; A0674/08; B0738/09; B1037/17; B1130/12; B1168/31; B1282/33; C0106/39; C0538/26

Falls/of/St./Anthony (1): C0551/05

false (18): A0055/07; A0064/13; A0107/05; A0350/30; A0499/19; A0499/27; A0499/V; B0734/10; B0756/24; B0857/08; B0914/11; B0914/11; B0914/11; B0987/23; B1096/32; C0106/11; C0108/41; C0143/16

falsehood (1): B1101/28

falsely (3): A0262/16; A0311/28; A0445/32

falsities (2): A0079/04; A0135/09

falsity (8): A0018/05; A0160/V; A0530/V; B1314/18; B1314/26; C0162/12; C0438/V; C0538/40

Falstaffian (1): B1102/25

faltered (2): A0166/17; B1058/06

fama (2): A0072/01; A0072/30

Fame (2): C0146/42; C0147/28

fame (4): A0121/27; B0863/23; B1145/10; B1310/22

familiar (18): A0074/02; A0142/24; A0190/27; A0191/16; A0400/32; A0439/22; A0456/27; A0550/10; A0645/05; A0683/02; B0796/35; B0901/12; B1144/35; B1212/35; B1363/34; C0112/13; C0174/13; C0431/11

familiarised (1): C0535/32

familiarity (3): A0071/15; B1165/25; C0388/37

familiarly (2): A0021/25; B1259/26

families (5): A0019/05; A0019/23; A0261/20; B1137/12; C0156/08

family (80)

famine (7): B1093/10; C0053/T; C0065/19; C0076/01; C0128/24; C0134/20; C0185/33

famous (3): A0296/13; B1135/32; C0079/12

fan (1): A0691/06

fanatico (2): B0889/06; B0897/03

fancied (38): A0217/V; A0270/34; A0299/25; A0325/11; A0351/19; A0351/19; A0354/05; A0406/19; A0436/14; A0448/12; A0603/28; A0640/14; A0641/V; A0689/32; B0797/01; B0824/30; B0825/13; B0851/21; B0866/03; B0906/27; B0929/17; B0941/05; B0949/25; B1006/06; B1009/27; B1012/34; B1155/31; B1224/03; B1225/V; B1242/31; B1335/27; C0071/12; C0072/39; C0118/16; C0128/32; C0165/36; C0417/17; C0531/37

fancies (32): A0054/13; A0063/20; A0262/04; A0329/24; A0397/23; A0401/01; A0457/32; A0578/21; A0589/04; A0601/29; A0613/05; A0640/26; A0673/23; A0673/24; B0725/02; B0736/32; B0764/30; B0771/25; B0865/32; B0896/05; B0943/27; B0943/28; B1006/01; B1123/18; B1296/15; B1312/18; B1318/11; B1318/12; C0197/39; C0387/M; C0412/39; C0429/45

fanciful (11): A0062/17; A0067/27; A0100/10; A0531/10; B0831/03; B0855/29; B0927/09; B0969/15; B1206/18; C0207/29; C0554/10

fancifully (1): B1119/04

fancy (90)

fancying (6): A0437/23; B1115/13; B1330/29; C0395/38; C0428/09; C0448/V

fandango (2): A0371/23; B0913/22

fanfaronnade (1): A0297/17

fang-like (2): A0105/26; B1353/30

fangs (6): A0021/14; A0694/06; B0858/33; B1259/35; C0072/35; C0082/10

fanned (2): B1123/23; C0391/23

fanning (1): C0391/23

fans (3): A0071/09; B1070/07; C0432/07

fantasias (1): A0406/12

fantastic (28): A0087/23; A0101/V; A0157/01; A0210/32; A0215/07; A0320/22; A0321/11; A0326/06; A0406/09; A0411/12; A0444/18; A0482/26; A0532/14; A0601/32; A0613/06; A0640/07; A0641/V; A0644/V; A0662/V; A0672/15; B0862/34; B1003/20; B1297/23; B1316/06; B1337/10; C0388/31; C0389/30; C0563/41

fantastical (3): A0225/20; A0326/V; A0371/13

fantastical-looking (1): C0425/07

fantastically (6): A0165/05; A0407/36; A0602/V; A0664/V; B0945/11; C0542/07

fantasy (2): A0670/V; B0902/08

far (1): A0296/09

far (360)

far-distant (5): A0054/20; A0063/23; A0601/21; A0602/10; C0205/25

far-famed (1): B1278/05

far-searching (1): A0602/01

far-seeing (1): A0479/06

far-stretched (1): A0610/26

farce (2): B0823/23; B1134/01

fare (2): A0381/29; B1091/13

fared (1): B1153/26

farewell (4): B0992/25; B1236/04; C0088/22; C0395/07

Farmers’ (1): B1053/10

farmhouse (1): B1328/13

farming (1): B0833/09

Farnesian (1): A0297/V

farrago (1): A0299/07

farrago (2): A0500/12; B1116/05

farther (126)

farthest (15): A0105/30; A0353/17; A0355/24; A0384/28; A0387/07; B0810/32; B1082/07; B1321/11; C0142/09; C0414/25; C0421/26; C0423/15; C0425/38; C0447/V; C0575/30

farthing (1): B0878/09

farthingale (1): B1008/07

fascinated (2): A0511/24; B0893/08

fascinating (1): B0894/16

fascination (2): A0022/21; B1016/21

Fashion (1): B1303/21

fashion (48): A0086/29; A0087/25; A0089/07; A0100/06; A0104/06; A0159/13; A0190/26; A0209/18; A0246/03; A0248/08; A0294/11; A0298/V; A0337/18; A0439/09; A0444/17; A0469/04; A0498/08; A0499/13; A0623/21; A0654/10; A0654/16; A0673/12; A0681/16; B0878/29; B0886/01; B0890/04; B0891/24; B0975/12; B0981/04; B0984/35; B1008/26; B1010/28; B1011/27; B1031/22; B1046/04; B1091/27; B1097/04; B1114/18; B1129/15; B1130/19; B1134/30; B1152/26; B1261/06; B1299/29; B1303/16; B1345/18; B1351/12; C0522/20

fashionable (11): A0159/12; A0484/17; A0499/26; A0599/04; A0705/09; B0878/22; B0908/17; B0908/28; B0910/13; B1143/01; B1270/08

fashionably (1): A0348/23

fashioned (14): A0164/21; A0165/06; A0189/21; A0243/24; A0247/19; A0367/08; A0494/08; A0496/08; B0772/19; B0856/02; B0965/33; B1165/01; B1166/25; B1248/21

fashioning (1): A0166/04

fashions (1): A0673/24

fast (29): A0018/10; A0151/23; A0285/05; A0324/V; A0340/30; A0373/21; A0467/23; A0490/26; A0513/06; A0513/27; A0540/21; B0766/34; B0830/03; B0931/04; B1158/13; B1236/21; C0059/08; C0063/20; C0072/41; C0095/03; C0106/33; C0108/23; C0108/27; C0196/28; C0390/20; C0390/21; C0398/12; C0406/04; C0539/01

fast-sinking (1): B1282/26

fasten (7): A0080/38; B0753/33; B1051/10; C0121/02; C0129/11; C0409/23; C0410/12

fastened (48): A0057/15; A0067/33; A0072/07; A0104/08; A0156/21; A0189/22; A0247/28; A0248/18; A0325/17; A0368/10; A0368/15; A0542/09; A0551/32; A0552/16; A0552/18; A0554/02; A0593/23; A0694/05; B0730/18; B0730/34; B0793/28; B0821/03; B0950/08; B0966/02; B1008/25; B1157/15; B1340/01; C0062/31; C0068/29; C0076/39; C0082/01; C0085/35; C0100/11; C0121/07; C0122/06; C0126/32; C0127/28; C0136/24; C0139/06; C0140/05; C0175/01; C0197/24; C0389/26; C0409/27; C0415/26; C0547/25; C0552/14; C0562/24

fastening (11): A0552/18; B0771/19; B0793/32; B0822/07; B0855/12; C0069/28; C0120/34; C0197/08; C0197/12; C0547/18; C0547/26

fastenings (8): A0057/33; A0068/17; A0692/21; B0826/11; C0117/14; C0119/07; C0119/31; C0432/46

fastens (1): B0821/07

faster (2): B1225/21; B1225/21

fastest (1): C0147/10

fastidious (6): A0265/37; A0444/18; B0890/12; B0926/30; B1278/09; B1280/22

fastidiously (1): B1330/11

fastness (1): C0087/02

fastnesses (3): C0185/31; C0200/18; C0531/41

fat (39): A0046/30; A0054/25; A0069/25; A0091/22; A0092/16; A0110/26; A0111/26; A0254/02; A0342/12; A0368/03; A0368/14; A0369/09; A0372/07; A0485/11; A0487/16; A0487/18; A0489/10; B0741/06; B1009/26; B1089/21; B1183/05; B1207/04; B1208/37; B1292/31; B1345/07; B1345/07; B1345/34; B1347/19; B1348/15; B1361/06; B1369/22; C0138/04; C0138/22; C0534/39; C0535/35; C0538/14; C0540/07; C0561/27; C0570/31

fatal (18): A0211/01; A0211/09; A0253/22; A0297/04; A0383/05; A0403/V; A0670/02; B0758/33; B0768/27; B0769/28; B0771/34; B0856/23; B0916/15; B0949/20; B1224/11; B1224/22; C0394/03; C0406/13

fatalities (1): B1169/10

fatality (4): A0018/01; A0427/10; B1169/08; B1246/10

fatally (2): B0949/34; C0390/27

Fate (2): A0225/07; A0227/09

fate (54)

fated (1): C0124/23

fates (5): A0654/20; A0685/09; B1107/23; B1281/07; C0147/36

Father (1): A0319/21

father (51)

father’s (4): A0235/05; B1153/02; C0100/22; C0529/24

fathered (1): A0262/17

fatherly (1): B1133/17

fathers (2): A0210/13; B1169/09

fathom (4): A0313/19; A0534/22; A0580/30; C0204/31

fathomed (2): B0747/23; B1219/19

fathomless (2): A0227/15; A0232/V

fathoms (16): A0136/21; A0581/19; A0582/16; B0931/28; B0977/12; C0089/20; C0144/06; C0150/10; C0151/02; C0156/25; C0163/08; C0163/28; C0164/14; C0167/03; C0167/28; C0170/41

fatigue (7): A0594/16; A0686/06; B1007/10; C0096/27; C0114/18; C0141/23; C0532/31

fatigued (3): A0354/24; B0822/20; C0064/28

fatigues (2): B0796/30; B1278/15

fatness (1): B1165/02

Fatquack (4): B1137/35; B1137/39; B1139/02; B1145/29

fatted (1): A0047/22

fattened (1): A0345/13

fatter (1): B1209/01

fatty (1): B0742/02

fatui (1): A0135/17

Faubourg (1): A0561/02

Faubourg/Saint/Germain (1): B0724/30

Faubourg/St./Germain (2): A0532/17; B0974/05

faucial (1): A0433/29

faugh (2): A0091/18; A0110/20

fault (18): A0109/07; A0284/09; A0286/02; A0315/20; A0315/22; A0366/04; A0379/20; A0457/20; A0500/29; A0544/16; A0547/29; A0553/10; A0561/26; B0975/28; B1134/10; B1383/09; C0061/32; C0407/18

fault-finding (1): B1380/32

faultless (2): A0266/10; A0312/07

faults (1): A0097/28

faulty (1): B0926/31

faut (4): A0035/05; A0036/18; A0602/07; B1207/06

favor (19): A0073/11; A0145/27; A0269/15; A0271/10; A0282/32; A0286/03; A0624/22; A0652/18; B0740/30; B0754/03; B0874/01; B0907/09; B0910/04; B1051/29; B1142/06; B1158/28; B1345/03; B1379/15; C0552/22

favorable (6): B0738/18; B1079/27; B1114/16; B1294/27; C0555/21; C0567/24

favored (1): C0415/18

favoring (1): B1080/19

favorite (23): A0025/12; A0071/31; A0071/31; A0099/09; A0229/18; A0348/26; A0380/22; A0409/04; A0413/06; A0413/09; A0441/20; A0664/06; B0807/03; B0822/32; B0850/35; B0854/23; B1009/23; B1045/32; B1055/03; B1247/06; C0529/20; C0537/11; C0571/29

favors (2): A0277/23; B1207/26

favour (2): C0067/10; C0086/34

favourable (6): C0104/09; C0104/37; C0129/02; C0145/30; C0156/14; C0158/15

favourite (3): A0225/21; B0863/22; C0058/06

Favyn (1): A0301/02

fawn (1): A0665/04

Fay (6): A0286/16; A0286/21; A0599/T; A0604/09; A0604/24; A0605/09

fay (2): A0599/M; A0604/30

Fay, Theo. (1): A0286/12

Fays (2): A0604/02; A0604/16

fear (50): A0090/16; A0135/13; A0141/23; A0142/20; A0211/23; A0273/04; A0299/13; A0324/12; A0403/19; A0433/13; A0455/11; A0458/21; A0512/18; A0541/08; A0547/14; A0567/12; A0667/71; A0689/35; B0729/21; B0755/17; B0793/28; B0796/18; B0796/24; B0809/35; B0816/29; B0856/06; B0870/29; B0899/11; B0965/17; B0981/20; B1020/01; B1078/12; B1079/29; B1080/16; B1152/32; B1212/29; B1236/32; B1240/20; B1248/01; C0056/24; C0070/11; C0081/36; C0105/09; C0133/28; C0395/07; C0395/34; C0537/20; C0548/17; C0550/20; C0556/22

fear-enkindled (1): A0458/34

feared (11): A0432/01; A0684/10; B0811/14; B0812/17; B0943/24; B1257/06; C0055/11; C0090/15; C0141/02; C0207/03; C0534/32

fearful (41): A0019/09; A0028/29; A0053/29; A0062/33; A0080/26; A0213/V; A0217/11; A0234/10; A0242/20; A0329/04; A0442/04; A0559/07; A0567/07; A0684/31; A0685/16; A0689/04; A0691/10; A0693/11; A0696/26; B0768/21; B0822/21; B0823/13; B0944/24; B0956/27; B0961/15; B0961/17; B0961/17; B0992/13; B1222/16; B1223/04; B1235/10; B1246/07; B1257/29; C0060/06; C0126/07; C0128/23; C0133/22; C0134/13; C0135/29; C0189/19; C0197/34

fearfully (19): A0139/30; A0197/17; A0456/28; A0456/30; A0456/30; A0510/21; A0538/23; A0543/26; B0947/30; B0950/04; B0968/33; B1136/38; B1372/26; C0060/15; C0072/15; C0081/37; C0142/36; C0422/37; C0567/30

fearing (3): A0413/30; C0201/29; C0417/31

fearlessly (2): A0140/20; B1375/16

fears (12): A0054/29; A0063/29; A0136/34; B0764/28; B0794/15; B1003/07; B1077/31; C0075/05; C0188/04; C0192/12; C0420/28; C0541/08





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