Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Feasibility through Gathers,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 130-146 (This material is protected by copyright)


feasibility (1): B1241/24

feasible (3): B1070/02; B1078/34; B1294/32

feast (4): A0046/29; B0929/34; B1298/37; C0143/10

feasted (3): B0893/05; B1008/33; C0570/03

feasting (4): A0078/30; C0091/21; C0125/06; C0544/05

feasts (1): A0608/13

feat (8): A0479/31; A0555/09; A0565/27; B1078/34; B1080/09; C0096/29; C0106/37; C0562/32

feather (10): A0053/35; A0063/06; A0079/12; A0509/25; A0582/28; A0586/01; B0932/17; B1349/07; C0061/18; C0552/15

feathered (3): B1021/24; C0151/08; C0153/27

feathers (12): A0498/10; B0869/15; B1021/27; B1161/22; B1166/08; B1351/01; C0134/23; C0404/24; C0412/08; C0412/14; C0553/23; C0553/27

Featherstone (1): C0147/26

Featherstonhaugh (1): B1115/15

feathery (1): B1281/05

feats (1): B1346/17

feature (15): A0212/31; A0245/23; A0246/17; A0400/06; A0403/21; A0434/19; A0484/12; A0499/20; A0509/32; B0759/21; B0823/30; B0888/20; B1279/17; B1380/24; C0422/27

features (47): A0056/14; A0066/03; A0088/26; A0156/15; A0196/24; A0196/24; A0196/26; A0196/V; A0235/24; A0271/01; A0276/34; A0294/13; A0311/27; A0312/02; A0313/14; A0397/12; A0402/02; A0402/05; A0404/V; A0410/30; A0415/09; A0439/10; A0445/27; A0447/V; A0448/03; A0473/26; A0509/28; A0510/32; A0527/01; A0547/18; A0675/16; B0724/14; B0764/14; B0861/02; B0863/01; B0870/06; B0890/27; B0948/32; B1030/15; B1038/29; B1040/11; B1050/14; B1135/03; C0149/17; C0539/23; C0564/41; C0569/14

Feb. (2): A0487/26; A0487/28

February (8): A0280/24; A0282/24; C0056/11; C0160/30; C0161/28; C0161/38; C0180/12; C0192/22

fed (3): B0851/01; B0898/11; B1292/30

feeble (57)

feebleness (3): B0906/02; C0074/20; C0096/29

feebler (1): A0605/06

feeblest (4): A0459/12; A0533/01; B0965/34; C0532/32

feebly (7): A0405/30; B1030/05; B1236/31; B1238/19; B1348/21; C0117/33; C0118/09

feed (4): A0491/10; A0611/31; C0178/34; C0411/10

feeding (1): B0850/13

feel (94)

feeling (84)

feelings (56)

feels (5): A0548/02; A0614/11; B0736/36; B0873/07; B0986/19

feerd (1): B0819/32

feered (1): B0818/24

feet (315)

feigned (1): C0110/39

feint (2): A0530/17; C0100/21

felicitous (1): A0269/23

felicity (2): B0858/07; B1137/28

feline (1): B0940/19

Felix, Minutius (2): A0173/02; A0176/12

fell (200)

felled (4): A0058/17; C0112/33; C0179/26; C0545/04

felling (4): C0199/12; C0545/26; C0546/29; C0546/30

fellow (64)

fellow-citizens (1): C0391/07

fellow-collegians (1): A0440/24

fellow-commoner (1): A0441/08

fellow-creature (1): C0135/12

fellow-men (3): A0483/08; A0670/07; B1052/30

fellow-sojourners (1): B1361/11

fellow-sufferers (2): C0131/15; C0134/39

fellow-traveller (1): A0066/20

fellow-wayfarers (1): A0508/04

fellow’s (2): B0822/33; B1373/18

fellows (29): A0347/04; A0372/34; A0482/03; A0498/02; A0498/V; A0508/32; A0621/20; B0734/26; B0750/20; B0750/22; B0766/06; B0842/10; B0872/26; B0878/06; B0983/31; B0984/28; B1009/07; B1015/11; B1018/23; B1021/18; B1101/31; B1108/10; B1158/26; B1259/23; B1301/36; C0391/33; C0529/14; C0544/07; C0564/05

felo (1): B1379/07

felon (5): A0058/14; A0069/03; B0985/16; B0985/17; B1108/15

felon’s (1): B0855/20

felons (1): A0589/17

felt (219)

Feltspar, F. F. (1): A0182/04

Feltzpar (1): A0175/25

female (21): A0151/25; A0218/03; A0483/27; A0499/16; A0502/06; A0623/13; B0731/34; B0735/34; B0745/02; B0757/21; B0768/02; B0889/14; B0889/21; B0890/19; B0905/02; B0991/07; B1236/11; B1292/34; B1340/04; C0138/21; C0153/06

females (4): B1007/34; B1015/10; C0124/20; C0547/10

feminine (4): A0269/02; A0384/27; B0991/17; B1096/36

feminis (1): A0072/30

femoris (1): A0379/30

fence (4): A0036/24; B0765/32; B0765/34; B1335/01

fences (2): B0734/39; B0765/29

fender (1): B1100/04

fens (1): A0197/15

fer (1): A0431/09

fer (1): B0815/09

ferment (1): C0387/06

fermentation (2): B0742/27; C0097/34

ferments (1): C0534/38

ferocious (8): A0026/30; A0565/08; C0072/13; C0087/35; C0530/20; C0547/11; C0548/23; C0575/01

ferocious-looking (2): B1352/09; C0087/06

ferocity (10): A0447/21; A0557/25; A0558/08; A0559/22; A0564/24; B0946/32; C0087/18; C0550/07; C0577/37; C0578/40

ferrades (2): A0554/11; A0554/21

ferret (1): B0728/12

Ferrex (1): A0240/M

Ferroe (1): A0582/33

ferry (3): B0736/03; B1104/16; B1104/17

ferry-boat (1): B0769/25

fertile (3): B1329/01; C0572/17; C0573/18

fertility (1): B1278/02

ferule (1): A0429/02

fervent (4): A0227/33; A0228/36; A0233/19; C0138/24

fervid (5): A0297/21; A0406/10; A0665/18; A0710/21; B1275/24

fervor (10): A0026/32; A0227/30; A0232/V; A0532/07; A0641/14; A0644/19; B1122/03; B1122/15; C0521/25; C0537/30

fervour (1): A0644/V

feshionable) (1): A0466/18

festered (1): A0514/29

festivals (1): A0026/05

festooning (1): A0501/26

fete (2): A0673/18; B1347/08

Fether (5): B1002/T; B1017/05; B1017/12; B1018/04; B1022/04

fetid (3): A0244/01; B1354/21; C0579/30

fetter (1): A0248/19

fettered (2): A0323/14; B1261/25

fetterless (1): B1226/19

fetters (3): A0329/17; B0887/05; B1224/01

feudal (2): A0019/19; A0410/04

fever (21): A0033/V; A0323/22; A0483/19; A0512/14; A0609/06; A0612/21; A0667/01; A0667/50; B0807/08; B0815/32; B0815/33; B0894/30; B0950/01; B0959/33; B1347/11; C0073/40; C0078/37; C0081/08; C0126/07; C0561/15; C0561/24

fever-demons (1): A0243/11

feverish (1): B0815/29

feverishly (1): A0674/13

few (295)

fewer (3): B0964/29; B1165/16; C0571/20

fewest (1): C0191/27

fiat (1): A0021/27

Fibalittle (1): B1139/02

fibe (3): A0372/31; B0819/19; B0819/19

fibre (4): A0613/36; A0682/06; A0684/34; B0851/26

fibres (2): B1333/35; C0533/01

fibula (1): A0379/31

Fichte (1): A0230/25

fickle-minded (1): A0043/15

fickle-mindedness (1): A0043/13

fiction (19): A0281/34; A0340/35; A0621/10; A0621/12; A0684/22; B0723/16; B0862/31; B0950/27; B0955/01; B0957/11; B1121/03; B1151/M; B1361/26; C0055/23; C0056/08; C0056/10; C0056/12; C0428/17; C0429/32

fictitious (3): A0150/V; A0431/21; C0429/40

fiddle (5): A0371/10; A0372/06; A0372/07; A0374/14; B0869/M

Fiddle/de/dee (1): B1162/01

fiddles (2): B1009/06; B1017/25

fiddlestick (1): A0483/17

fiddling (1): A0349/18

fide (1): A0062/16

fide (2): A0034/V; A0053/10

fidelity (3): B0850/21; B0965/14; B1333/35

fidgetty (1): A0270/13

fie (1): A0656/03

field (29): A0296/V; A0434/30; A0552/31; A0706/12; A0706/32; A0707/09; B0752/28; B0945/30; B1126/04; B1167/29; B1206/07; B1259/34; B1270/15; B1271/15; B1272/09; B1369/17; C0159/27; C0160/38; C0160/40; C0162/18; C0162/24; C0162/35; C0163/20; C0164/01; C0164/13; C0199/27; C0208/13; C0417/22; C0534/03

fields (6): A0428/26; A0702/M; B1267/M; C0158/31; C0160/22; C0163/06

Fiend (1): B0851/06

fiend (12): A0081/34; A0135/27; A0227/21; A0232/08; A0235/21; A0235/24; A0442/18; A0511/18; A0515/02; B0964/16; B1212/09; B1226/09

fiendish (11): A0022/13; A0245/02; A0249/32; A0568/01; A0695/30; B0851/25; B1058/15; C0085/26; C0146/27; C0198/14; C0201/17

fiends (4): A0249/27; A0689/03; B1079/09; B1348/31

fier (1): A0096/M

fierce (15): A0087/37; A0253/24; A0315/13; A0317/07; A0323/04; A0367/32; A0417/12; A0612/21; B0943/26; B1215/28; B1260/15; C0060/01; C0072/26; C0138/26; C0531/26

fiercely (7): A0101/24; A0373/21; A0513/35; B0964/10; B1348/27; B1354/05; C0081/31

fierceness (3): A0317/02; B1223/05; C0135/11

fiercer (1): A0213/14

fiercest (5): A0565/10; B1140/34; B1392/01; C0151/37; C0550/14

fierte (1): A0037/V

fiery (15): A0023/05; A0028/08; A0144/23; A0196/01; A0414/16; A0457/30; A0459/05; A0461/02; A0612/10; A0640/25; A0673/13; A0696/08; A0697/09; B1354/26; B1369/36

fiery-colored (3): A0023/19; A0025/27; A0035/07

fiery-faced (2): A0052/03; A0062/05

fievre (1): A0033/20

fifes (1): B1009/06

fifteen (53)

fifteenth (6): B0922/03; B1030/26; C0146/37; C0146/41; C0192/22; C0421/10

fifth (22): A0059/13; A0062/02; A0138/17; A0151/21; A0177/20; A0183/15; A0437/01; A0653/04; A0653/17; A0671/11; A0672/01; B0760/30; B0941/29; B1183/01; B1262/19; B1375/04; C0156/29; C0179/15; C0550/06; C0550/13; C0567/22; C0567/28

fiftieth (1): B0979/24

fifty (90)

fifty-eight (1): C0158/30

fifty-five (1): B0912/07

fifty-four (2): A0175/31; A0181/31

fifty-one (2): C0164/23; C0174/10

fifty-six (1): C0156/20

fifty-three (3): C0157/29; C0157/42; C0167/02

fifty-two (3): A0686/13; A0688/18; C0157/31

fig-pedler (1): A0336/M

figgur> (1): A0464/16

figgurs (2): B0812/04; B0812/04

fight (8): A0345/02; A0346/05; A0356/V; A0387/24; B1167/21; B1373/26; C0555/22; C0578/05

fighting (3): B0946/32; B1021/09; C0531/04

figs (1): A0336/M

figurative (1): C0430/03

figuratively (4): A0382/04; B1089/26; B1182/31; B1187/26

figure (97)

figure/V (1): A0354/19

figurehead (1): C0123/09

figures (30): A0022/02; A0080/32; A0145/01; A0236/07; A0322/15; A0322/16; A0324/27; A0326/09; A0354/17; A0430/15; A0498/05; A0498/11; A0614/03; A0673/22; A0682/13; A0683/15; A0689/03; A0695/26; A0705/17; A0705/17; B0828/09; B0834/35; B1180/15; B1270/15; B1339/29; C0207/26; C0207/27; C0207/34; C0208/11; C0552/13

filagreed (6): A0087/01; A0100/12; A0502/12; A0509/16; A0664/10; B0907/05

filamentous (1): C0178/19

filbert (2): C0181/35; C0188/23

filbert-bushes (2): C0188/21; C0196/27

filberts (4): C0191/05; C0191/19; C0192/20; C0196/11

file (1): C0553/21

filed (1): A0101/11

files (2): B0753/03; C0148/09

filius (1): A0213/07

fill (11): A0601/15; B0983/02; B0983/19; B1073/14; C0098/12; C0099/10; C0106/23; C0202/37; C0207/10; C0415/35; C0423/02

fillagree (1): B0990/35

filled (61)

filleted (1): B0945/20

filling (7): A0023/13; A0343/05; A0611/30; A0642/29; B1337/04; C0109/03; C0115/41

fillip (1): A0108/20

filliping (2): B1105/03; B1106/03

fills (1): B0741/34

film (3): A0455/10; A0507/10; B0789/13

filmy (4): A0509/19; B0940/23; B1259/04; C0198/14

Fils (1): A0541/11

filtered (1): A0036/12

filth (4): A0086/22; A0122/12; A0510/09; A0514/29

filthy (9): A0104/01; A0242/23; A0251/01; A0351/08; A0510/17; A0511/35; B0945/21; B1093/29; B1300/20

final (24): A0019/25; A0143/31; A0274/09; A0355/29; A0409/17; A0416/32; A0429/18; A0441/07; A0457/17; A0459/02; A0625/11; A0697/05; B0726/18; B0852/06; B0852/16; B0932/33; B1072/34; B1213/18; B1236/04; C0080/39; C0179/37; C0185/31; C0197/37; C0207/16

finale (1): C0424/04

finale (1): B0905/21

finally (102)

finances (1): C0526/24

financial (1): B0870/09

financier (1): B0870/07

find (152)

finder (5): B0873/28; B0873/32; B0874/19; B0876/35; B0877/20

finding (56)

finds (13): A0212/22; A0286/04; A0478/07; A0488/12; A0683/01; B0749/15; B0852/V; B0871/35; B0872/18; B0984/21; B1282/23; B1302/22; C0432/03

fine (118)

fine-looking (4): A0378/02; A0380/04; B1003/29; C0147/08

finely (2): A0298/V; A0401/34

fineness (1): B1033/25

finer (8): A0381/05; B1033/22; B1033/22; B1160/40; B1332/18; B1363/30; C0174/29; C0531/17

finery (1): B1007/31

finesse (3): A0296/V; A0441/15; C0134/38

finest (11): A0247/04; A0338/14; A0365/01; A0379/19; A0583/30; B0863/05; B0864/03; B0864/19; B0902/V; B1012/09; B1167/02

finest-tempered (1): B1160/03

finger (20): A0108/20; A0136/27; A0217/V; A0386/07; A0439/17; A0467/29; A0538/16; A0558/30; A0559/06; A0641/25; B0812/29; B0828/06; B1012/18; B1180/29; C0068/27; C0076/36; C0079/38; C0092/24; C0109/06; C0397/23

finger-nails (1): A0558/V

fingers (34): A0046/16; A0079/42; A0085/12; A0108/09; A0227/06; A0231/17; A0234/29; A0246/32; A0316/21; A0404/15; A0509/23; A0510/23; A0543/26; A0553/19; A0558/22; A0559/02; A0559/08; A0587/19; A0609/08; A0613/23; A0625/22; A0694/06; B0730/06; B0890/07; B0899/27; B0906/31; B1120/05; B1166/27; B1372/21; C0076/04; C0134/26; C0197/41; C0198/06; C0569/28

finicky (1): A0268/18

finish (8): A0252/30; A0270/37; A0272/11; A0274/12; A0278/17; A0281/03; A0283/27; B1153/20

finished (20): A0088/31; A0103/11; A0108/23; A0110/V; A0112/V; A0124/25; A0173/24; A0179/04; A0271/05; A0301/15; A0303/04; B0736/18; B0857/19; B1020/02; B1137/21; B1153/19; B1262/18; B1262/33; C0176/02; C0556/05

finishing (3): B0981/30; B1153/29; C0426/31

finite (1): B0987/30

finnicky (1): A0370/32

fins (3): A0241/13; B1156/30; C0566/25

Fior (1): B1386/04

fioriture (1): B0905/21

fir (1): A0591/34

fire (86)

fire-dogs (1): A0368/O1

fire-eater (2): A0380/26; A0380/29

fire-guns (3): C0556/09; C0556/16; C0557/12

fire-light (2): A0102/23; A0672/16

fire-place (7): A0101/13; A0101/14; A0253/27; A0538/08; B1021/01; B1339/25; B1340/18

fire-places (1): A0367/32

firearms (1): C0181/18

fired (10): B0732/10; B0740/11; B0743/06; B0992/20; B1078/12; C0164/37; C0184/17; C0186/08; C0533/21; C0579/20

Firefly (1): C0099/03

fireplace (3): A0242/12; B0857/08; C0191/08

fires (23): A0036/09; A0138/26; A0140/09; A0151/V; A0157/V; A0175/V; A0182/05; A0225/03; A0225/04; A0229/03; A0229/04; A0321/28; A0323/13; A0326/10; B1207/01; C0189/28; C0532/18; C0562/12; C0562/14; C0562/19; C0563/05; C0563/11; C0563/14

firing (6): B0742/30; B0743/15; C0184/14; C0186/16; C0199/18; C0199/32

firm (28): A0091/24; A0351/02; A0386/16; A0484/23; A0485/20; A0510/21; A0541/11; A0553/27; A0555/01; A0559/05; A0653/09; A0697/03; B0752/33; B0826/08; B0879/24; B1055/15; B1081/27; B1127/15; B1127/22; B1183/11; B1329/18; C0061/41; C0065/30; C0075/32; C0163/15; C0398/08; C0536/07; C0537/25

firma (2): B1292/01; C0389/35

firmament (7): A0227/28; A0232/14; A0236/08; A0546/01; C0072/29; C0387/15; C0396/35

firmamental (1): A0615/08

firmer (1): A0695/31

firmest (1): A0021/V

firmly (22): A0182/33; A0295/05; A0299/30; A0304/03; A0513/25; A0542/09; A0543/15; A0555/V; A0686/25; B0826/05; B0857/25; B1119/13; B1372/11; C0080/19; C0116/01; C0118/23; C0127/13; C0159/22; C0182/26; C0201/07; C0557/05; C0576/38

firmness (4): A0446/15; A0681/13; B1369/27; C0116/34

firms (1): A0508/31

firs (1): A0582/05

First (6): A0240/V; A0250/04; A0251/12; A0252/33; B0806/T; C0569/35

first (543)

first-mentioned (1): B1152/02

firstling (1): A0047/18

fish (23): A0205/20; A0252/16; A0583/28; A0585/08; A0585/13; A0641/01; A0643/14; B1017/33; B1156/30; B1161/01; B1333/31; C0126/15; C0127/40; C0143/17; C0155/06; C0156/23; C0174/04; C0174/09; C0177/01; C0540/08; C0560/02; C0570/01; C0572/08

fish-oil (1): C0084/35 0

fished (1): C0135/40

fisher (1): C0536/23

fishermen (4): A0594/16; A0594/25; B0729/33; B0730/12

fishes (1): B1156/11

fishing (6): A0583/22; A0583/23; A0584/31; B0807/23; B1246/06; C0120/38

fishy (2): C0165/18; C0177/10

fiss (1): B1158/34

fissure (16): A0400/18; A0417/09; A0417/12; A0553/25; A0695/19; B1331/30; C0181/28; C0181/41; C0182/21; C0183/13; C0183/22; C0185/09; C0189/15; C0194/07; C0195/08; C0195/18

fissures (1): C0192/33

fist (7): A0384/08; A0487/10; A0649/03; B0913/18; B1182/35; B1184/01; B1185/04

fists (2): A0241/12; B1142/34

fit (4): A0096/M; A0652/15; B1296/25; B1313/26

fit (32): A0045/27; A0091/10; A0110/16; A0216/V; A0247/19; A0247/26; A0344/14; A0437/23; A0586/28; A0612/04; A0623/06; A0652/16; A0696/19; B0745/34; B0815/05; B0927/08; B0928/15; B0966/35; B1046/26; B1140/12; B1141/27; B1185/30; B1225/10; B1379/18; C0061/37; C0108/28; C0134/26; C0168/16; C0389/34; C0397/09; C0529/24; C0533/23

Fitche (3): A0079/07; A0226/25; A0342/V

fitful (6): A0138/21; A0139/34; A0164/18; A0248/24; A0511/01; C0436/V

fitfully (4): A0158/04; A0318/12; A0411/22; C0112/21

fitly (1): B0769/07

fitness (3): A0338/03; A0348/17; A0482/27

fits (7): B0808/16; B0924/08; B0929/33; B0962/25; B0965/12; B1225/13; C0082/31

fitted (14): A0103/23; A0436/31; A0552/02; A0552/04; A0553/06; B1008/04; B1262/35; B1347/09; B1362/16; C0063/10; C0068/02; C0099/40; C0410/30; C0415/30

fitter (1): A0166/03

fitting (14): A0099/33; A0160/05; A0441/03; A0687/25; B0730/31; B0766/16; B1144/16; B1157/07; B1180/08; C0065/32; C0079/27; C0195/21; C0207/31; C0405/28

five (159)

five-and-twenty (4): A0067/V; A0473/04; C0148/28; C0411/39

five-pound (2): C0405/18; C0406/10

five-sevenths (1): C0428/26

fix (2): A0557/V; B0874/17

fixed (7): A0559/05; B0893/31; B1071/22; B1168/26; B1168/V; C0423/32; C0425/14

fixedly (6): A0153/08; A0415/31; A0434/28; A0663/29; B1057/08; B1349/14

fixtures (1): A0553/01

fizz (2): B1011/27; B1145/30

fizzes (1): B0874/21

fizzing (2): B1011/31; B1020/28

flaccid (1): B0742/02

Flaccus (2): B0869/M; B0870/10

Flaccus, Quintus (1): A0110/23

flacon (1): B1260/14

flag (4): A0528/27; B0831/09; B0843/26; C0147/04

flagon (2): A0241/31; C0544/07

flagons (2): A0245/15; A0253/29

flagrant (2): A0021/10; A0054/21

flags (3): A0155/21; B1078/V; C0554/11

flagstones (2): A0152/14; A0154/11

flakes (4): A0604/12; A0604/13; C0162/37; C0195/19

flambeau (3): B1351/32; B1353/09; B1354/02

flambeaux (1): A0152/05

flambeaux (3): B1258/27; B1261/03; B1262/21

flame (19): A0029/21; A0136/25; A0212/01; A0457/21; A0460/01; A0460/30; A0461/21; A0614/23; A0665/32; A0682/08; B1123/19; B1123/19; B1261/03; B1354/04; C0066/06; C0143/02; C0189/26; C0190/03; C0394/03

flames (18): A0023/31; A0025/13; A0028/26; A0029/15; A0071/05; A0150/02; A0189/34; A0677/03; A0682/15; A0710/26; B0852/31; B0853/27; B1106/30; B1275/29; B1282/27; B1354/08; B1360/07; C0562/39

flaming (4): A0022/24; B1079/07; B1322/27; C0420/26

flamingo (2): A0640/3/-; A0643/11

flannel (3): A0100/05; C0123/38; C0558/18

flannels (1): C0064/19

flapped (3): B1013/30; B1185/34; C0167/20

flapping (4): A0081/10; A0318/20; C0149/35; C0174/40

flapping-to (1): A0566/22

flaring (5): A0157/26; C0146/16; C0203/23; C0204/23; C0204/40

flash (9): A0023/09; A0142/23; A0198/05; A0508/23; B1057/24; B1157/24; B1302/02; C0130/23; C0405/22

flash-name (1): B1362/07

flashed (17): A0166/25; A0197/V; A0314/V; A0587/22; A0631/08; A0687/13; A0688/17; A0693/21; B0826/15; B1260/15; C0059/24; C0060/06; C0079/03; C0085/17; C0125/11; C0136/07; C0578/16

flashes (2): A0161/16; A0311/02

flashiness (1): A0499/09

flashing (6): A0152/05; A0412/29; A0509/32; A0567/05; A0664/01; C0081/31

flashy (1): A0485/33

flask (2): A0090/03; C0101/16

flasks (1): A0189/18

flat (28): A0366/33; A0374/11; A0500/04; A0502/14; A0586/09; A0587/07; A0630/11; A0630/25; A0631/11; B0928/05; B1072/03; B1129/19; B1156/17; B1159/21; B1337/01; B1363/20; C0106/23; C0116/02; C0117/11; C0155/12; C0179/21; C0185/37; C0191/07; C0197/32; C0563/10; C0568/03; C0569/15; C0578/14

flat-bottomed (2): C0201/33; C0204/03

flatboats (1): C0186/34

flatness (1): A0683/23

Flatplatz (1): B1362/09

flattened (4): B1071/14; C0097/22; C0417/29; C0418/29

flatter (7): A0608/18; A0696/35; A0696/35; B0810/04; B0977/34; B1035/02; B1115/07

flattered (3): A0090/19; A0109/14; A0301/19

flattering (3): A0268/24; A0271/12; A0382/22

flatteringly (1): B0903/29

flattish (1): C0178/24

flatu (2): A0072/01; A0072/31

flaunted (2): A0641/01; A0643/11

flaunting (1): A0515/04

flavor (4): A0110/25; B1056/09; B1181/01; C0542/38

flavour (2): A0091/21; C0188/23

flaw (3): A0553/11; B1054/09; C0101/34

flaws (2): A0138/12; B1383/12

flax (2): B1351/04; B1354/18

flaxen (1): B1354/02

flayed (3): A0059/04; A0069/V; A0070/04

fled (15): A0027/16; A0198/17; A0328/14; A0417/03; A0444/34; A0445/09; A0515/14; B0771/23; B0852/02; B0858/03; B0958/06; B0967/23; C0522/10; C0558/11; C0567/08

fledged (1): B1038/19

flee (4): A0316/V; A0445/08; B0760/08; B0854/33

Fleece (1): B1303/15

fleeces (1): B1278/35

fleeing (1): A0317/26

flees (1): B0765/07

fleet (2): B0837/13; C0201/32

fleeting (1): B0789/M

fleets (1): B0945/26

flesh (20): A0044/18; A0047/21; A0048/02; A0106/30; A0241/14; A0245/26; A0354/04; A0379/29; A0557/20; A0558/13; A0616/04; B0730/14; B0730/17; B0743/31; B1166/09; B1180/24; C0125/02; C0125/23; C0177/09; C0534/33

fleshly (3): A0244/28; B1166/24; B1223/V

fleshy (1): B0741/06

Fletcher, Giles (2): A0702/M; B1267/M

flew (33): A0138/11; A0166/20; A0228/03; A0323/08; A0373/12; A0412/25; A0445/03; A0567/06; A0590/02; A0616/15; A0643/12; A0663/13; A0705/24; B1057/05; B1078/04; B1164/12; B1164/14; B1270/22; B1347/19; B1353/17; C0058/35; C0059/24; C0060/20; C0061/41; C0163/23; C0164/03; C0164/27; C0187/27; C0205/41; C0432/23; C0545/37; C0562/39; C0566/34

flexibility (1): C0087/11

flexible (3): A0247/06; B0940/11; C0409/17

flicker (1): C0078/12

flickered (2): A0514/34; A0665/32

flickering (3): A0157/26; A0499/21; C0205/02

flickeringly (1): A0615/26

flickerings (1): C0204/18

flies (8): A0128/05; A0346/05; A0673/07; B0875/14; B1168/29; B1222/24; C0429/37; C0432/46

Flight (1): C0432/47

flight (14): A0210/28; A0537/15; A0616/16; B0851/25; B1070/09; B1166/06; B1215/27; B1298/34; B1299/02; C0199/37; C0403/21; C0433/02; C0568/27; C0578/07

flights (4): B0945/24; B0947/18; C0164/26; C0167/12

Flimen (2): A0579/27; A0584/18

flimsy (2): A0507/13; B1207/34

fling (1): A0487/22

flinging (1): C0089/26

flint (1): C0168/20

Flint, Timothy (1): A0270/09

Flint’s (2): A0270/20; A0275/37

flints (3): C0194/11; C0194/26; C0572/32

flinty (1): A0020/V

flippant (4): A0337/34; A0602/05; B1114/13; B1324/02

flipper (9): A0468/01; A0468/05; A0468/13; A0468/22; A0469/05; A0469/23; A0470/08; A0470/19; A0470/V

flirt (1): B1298/36

flirtations (1): B0906/17

flirting (2): A0174/14; A0179/29

flit (1): B1221/V

flitted (11): A0054/18; A0063/21; A0078/21; A0079/11; A0214/05; A0326/07; A0511/06; A0555/25; A0614/04; B0895/V; B0948/11

flitting (5): A0080/32; A0236/07; A0616/24; B1322/08; C0205/36

float (9): A0406/35; B0741/13; B0741/19; B0742/02; B0866/10; B1074/36; B1161/39; C0147/31; C0412/08

floated (31): A0022/02; A0087/06; A0100/17; A0153/25; A0164/24; A0216/20; A0253/V; A0254/01; A0402/10; A0591/31; A0604/25; A0604/26; A0604/32; A0613/30; A0641/06; A0643/26; A0693/24; B0895/11; B1092/05; B1156/12; B1156/14; B1279/12; B1330/26; C0063/15; C0063/25; C0064/04; C0118/12; C0140/12; C0164/02; C0205/14; C0412/06

floating (28): A0036/V; A0589/22; A0593/01; A0593/16; A0683/03; B0726/23; B0729/33; B0734/22; B0738/23; B0740/18; B0740/23; B0744/01; B0744/05; B0754/06; B0757/16; B0865/14; B1282/22; B1291/07; B1293/33; B1310/05; C0063/18; C0121/26; C0131/35; C0139/12; C0144/20; C0418/38; C0418/49; C0547/01

floats (1): A0674/01

flock (5): A0047/18; B1164/13; B1164/15; B1164/37; B1334/26

flocked (1): A0026/V

flocks (3): B1283/07; C0160/23; C0163/23

floe (5): C0162/24; C0163/17; C0164/09; C0164/29; C0164/33

floes (3): C0159/09; C0160/13; C0165/40

flog (1): B0812/12

flogged (1): A0622/30

flogging (3): A0622/26; B0813/25; B0843/09

floggings (1): A0653/05

flood (14): A0079/07; A0089/16; A0326/17; A0406/03; A0581/22; A0581/31; A0582/36; A0590/25; A0592/20; A0599/M; A0605/11; B1106/22; C0073/16; C0130/38

flooded (1): A0253/25

floods (2): A0101/25; A0197/25

floor (92)

floor-cloths (1): A0498/17

flooring (2): B0796/09; C0068/25

floors (6): A0367/22; A0400/29; A0551/12; A0684/30; B0981/11; B1337/01

FloraL9oreali-Americana (1): C0522/34

florem (1): A0603/35

Florence (4): A0100/19; A0175/21; A0181/18; B0925/10

Florentine (1): A0085/08

florid (1): A0442/02

Flos (3): A0344/01; A0351/20; B1162/33

flos (1): A0072/30

flounces (2): A0336/08; A0349/14

floundered (2): A0253/28; A0253/V

floundering (3): C0108/11; C0111/2C; C0140/23

flounders (1): C0174/08

flour (3): C0097/20; C0097/25; C0170/12

flourish (6): A0057/26; A0068/09; A0121/29; A0125/20; A0274/32; A0465/20

flourished (5): A0096/16; B1161/17; B1191/17; B1295/11; B1311/04

flourishes (3): A0271/23; A0629/30; A0630/19

flourishing (3): A0120/24; A0485/31; A0566/26

flow (8): A0195/06; A0235/V; A0406/35; A0639/23; A0644/V; B0864/33; B1221/28; C0092/24

flow’rs (1): A0702/M

flowed (8): A0438/24; A0614/24; B1127/07; B1161/01; B1279/20; C0119/21; C0171/33; C0172/01

flower (15): A0212/03; A0213/15; A0344/02; A0351/21; A0383/03; A0683/05; A0707/14; B0746/22; B1163/25; B1163/30; B1163/32; B1163/40; B1272/12; B1384/21; C0543/36

flower-blossoms (1): B1280/10

flower-enamelled (1): B1386/02

flower-garden (1): C0542/19

flower-pot (1): A0367/27

flowering (1): C0543/35

flowers (43): A0035/15; A0162/17; A0162/18; A0195/20; A0228/27; A0236/03; A0403/06; A0426/07; A0498/12; A0503/02; A0603/07; A0613/06; A0613/06; A0639/15; A0640/29; A0640/30; A0641/14; A0643/05; A0702/M; B0745/31; B0746/21; B0747/05; B1004/03; B1122/29; B1162/09; B1163/04; B1215/27; B1215/32; B1267/M; B1267/M; B1329/27; B1333/37; B1337/31; B1340/17; B1340/17; B1385/28; C0412/36; C0428/29; C0542/06; C0543/27; C0559/04; C0566/15; C0568/10

flowery (1): B0862/35

flowing (10): A0135/M; A0379/04; A0407/18; A0407/18; A0407/18; A0428/33; B0863/34; B0945/20; C0085/24; C0406/37

flown (4): B0830/11; B0900/09; B1080/05; B1106/04

flows (3): A0674/06; B0864/03; B0865/08

Floyd’s (1): C0548/09

fluctuating (3): A0594/V; B1033/04; B1280/12

Flud, Robert (1): A0409/02

flue (1): A0543/12

fluency (1): B1184/27

fluent (1): A0381/14

fluently (3): A0629/20; B0797/07; B0901/17

fluid (8): A0325/23; A0366/12; B0741/34; B1104/21; B1167/19; B1182/15; B1214/01; C0146/11

fluidiforms (2): A0175/V; A0182/06

fluido (2): A0593/35; B1382/35

flummery (1): A0339/33

flung (2): A0023/10; A0587/24

flurried (1): A0586/13

flurry (2): A0563/18; B0871/02

flush (1): A0586/02

flushed (6): A0154/28; A0327/05; A0329/12; A0438/28; A0508/07; A0563/19

fluttered (2): A0088/17; B0866/16

fluttering (1): C0408/24

fluvial (1): B0863/24

flux (2): A0582/09; A0582/34

Fly (9): A0034/20; B1127/15; B1133/31; B1133/32; B1134/07; B1134/V; B1137/16; B1139/20; B1139/33

fly (15): A0217/V; A0270/18; A0316/14; A0318/16; A0356/25; A0416/15; B0961/26; B0965/28; B1059/13; B1059/V; B1108/11; B1222/17; C0429/44; C0432/07; C0549/34

flying (11): A0023/25; A0105/29; A0374/04; A0589/21; B1068/03; B1069/20; B1078/04; C0123/16; C0125/07; C0151/34; C0429/20

flying-fish (1): B1333/32

foam (20): A0137/07; A0139/05; A0197/26; A0253/11; A0579/21; A0580/21; A0588/09; A0590/15; A0591/15; A0591/34; A0594/01; B0730/04; B1123/27; B1156/03; B1382/18; C0060/10; C0116/24; C0144/25; C0149/37; C0438/V

foamed (3): A0087/35; B0797/17; B1353/31

foaming (4): A0023/26; A0137/20; B0911/15; B1333/13

foamless (1): A0145/12

fob (1): A0587/22

focal (3): C0430/03; C0430/15; C0430/25

focus (3): A0141/31; B0842/12; C0400/08

foe (3): A0021/V; A0329/01; C0186/14

foes (2): A0021/30; C0555/03

fog (12): A0046/23; A0512/08; B0943/09; B0944/34; B1076/01; B1330/25; B1330/32; C0067/10; C0133/35; C0133/39; C0159/16; C0163/32

fog-canopy (1): B1331/13

fogs (1): C0136/04

foible (2): A0654/06; B1369/04

foible (1): B1369/03

foibles (1): A0097/30

foiled (1): B0988/V

foils (2): A0036/20; B0985/17

fois (3): A0019/02; A0037/08; A0096/06

Fol-Lol (1): B1143/23

fold (1): B0992/04

folded (11): A0089/12; A0164/20; A0247/13; A0276/01; A0490/17; B0735/10; B0759/05; B0766/20; B0858/17; B0992/03; B1108/34

folder (1): B0992/03

folding (8): A0047/19; A0056/02; A0442/27; A0540/02; A0554/14; A0671/18; B0910/23; C0082/13

folding-doors (1): A0444/21

folds (14): A0089/06; A0153/02; A0154/13; A0322/09; A0444/08; A0501/16; A0672/04; B1076/02; B1260/29; B1280/24; C0063/35; C0082/22; C0173/04; C0410/13

Folgen (1): B0723/M

foliage (16): A0460/10; A0602/22; A0603/10; A0639/13; B0760/05; B0760/18; B0818/02; B0819/10; B0842/09; B0865/09; B1279/05; B1279/10; B1282/08; B1332/30; C0173/06; C0184/24

Folio (2): A0203/13; A0366/17

folio (4): A0100/28; A0102/03; B1101/16; B1141/08

Folio/Club (2): A0203/O1; A0203/T

folios (1): A0144/21

folks (1): B1375/19

follies (6): A0320/19; A0435/30; A0440/16; A0440/32; A0440/32; B0903/14

follow (34): A0020/V; A0096/20; A0126/22; A0173/28; A0179/06; A0179/11; A0279/29; A0296/V; A0300/21; A0447/10; A0512/06; A0512/26; A0515/26; A0515/29; A0533/15; A0564/V; A0566/06; A0585/05; A0664/29; B0816/22; B0864/22; B1142/13; B1241/10; B1379/31; B1384/25; C0068/32; C0088/19; C0131/01; C0175/07; C0197/21; C0524/25; C0527/23; C0539/18; C0550/26

followed (55)

follower (1): C0073/15

followers (5): A0370/04; A0673/15; B0834/14; C0168/37; C0528/02

following (64)

follows (20): A0206/04; A0302/V; A0528/17; A0531/12; A0622/33; B0984/33; B1101/19; B1136/06; B1137/25; B1190/34; B1221/13; B1242/16; B1369/01; B1370/11; B1371/27; C0056/27; C0402/06; C0521/04; C0548/32; C0556/15

folly (39): A0080/17; A0141/33; A0166/02; A0227/08; A0231/19; A0317/06; A0403/11; A0413/16; A0438/12; A0438/18; A0445/29; A0473/29; A0483/18; A0497/03; A0499/28; A0585/31; A0667/58; A0671/06; A0673/04; B0732/01; B0738/27; B0738/31; B0738/33; B0739/06; B0739/09; B0739/12; B0746/27; B0754/19; B0763/17; B0859/07; B0899/V; B1158/22; B1318/10; B1345/24; B1360/14; C0079/04; C0181/12; C0202/11; C0578/06

fond (14): A0111/03; A0370/06; A0528/07; A0561/08; B0850/11; B0926/33; B0976/24; B1177/06; B1347/24; B1384/03; C0529/09; C0529/18; C0529/19; C0547/13

fondez-vous (1): A0378/M

fondness (2): B0854/26; B1093/04

font (1): A0235/14

Fontaine (1): C0430/30

Fonthill (1): B1278/31

food (46): A0235/01; A0296/V; A0298/08; A0319/08; A0403/04; A0616/34; A0689/18; A0689/22; A0691/20; A0693/24; A0693/32; B0965/30; B1166/03; B1220/V; C0078/33; C0083/37; C0120/27; C0120/36; C0129/31; C0129/41; C0138/01; C0138/11; C0138/15; C0139/10; C0142/12; C0145/19; C0151/33; C0153/06; C0169/26; C0173/35; C0173/37; C0175/37; C0177/10; C0188/36; C0188/40; C0192/20; C0199/06; C0203/15; C0430/45; C0535/03; C0535/42; C0545/18; C0546/34; C0547/14; C0561/36; C0566/24

fool (44): A0090/10; A0090/10; A0160/21; A0177/17; A0183/12; A0262/26; A0262/27; A0297/26; A0298/V; A0345/21; A0353/07; A0564/16; A0587/01; A0625/29; A0628/17; A0696/32; B0812/09; B0873/06; B0880/08; B0900/14; B0913/04; B0915/17; B0923/08; B0979/07; B0979/09; B0979/10; B0986/17; B1011/23; B1014/10; B1019/26; B1096/34; B1108/28; B1131/36; B1169/27; B1183/05; B1194/21; B1225/11; B1225/17; B1296/07; B1312/08; B1345/23; B1345/27; B1345/27; B1372/04

fool-hardiness (1): C0411/21

fool’s (1): B1346/02

fool’s-cap (1): C0388/25

foolish (2): A0588/31; B0813/15

foolishly (2): B0808/27; C0181/16

fools (17): A0072/27; A0080/19; A0088/13; A0089/29; A0124/21; A0175/09; A0175/10; A0180/32; A0180/33; A0482/01; A0490/23; A0656/26; B0986/18; B0986/20; B1258/04; B1345/19; B1345/30

foolscap (5): A0274/38; A0485/23; B0809/16; B1141/16; B1141/20

foot (99)

foot-fall (1): A0325/18

foot-hold (1): C0567/18

foot-note (2): A0341/27; A0342/V

foot-notes (1): B0723/07

foot-path (1): A0631/10

foot-race (1): A0128/28

footfall (1): A0311/20

foothold (3): A0697/03; C0075/11; C0183/38

footing (5): A0143/27; A0591/02; B0914/13; B1337/03; C0143/27

footman (6): B0896/21; B0898/25; B0900/18; B1004/32; B1103/12; B1325/06

footpads (1): B0979/04

footstep (5): A0141/09; A0163/07; A0416/17; A0639/09; B0817/17

footsteps (8): A0063/30; A0243/30; B0807/30; B0855/08; B0959/15; B1220/09; B1225/V; C0564/37

footstool (4): A0644/16; B0734/33; B0758/08; B0761/14

foppery (1): B0888/23

for (3160)

foraging (1): C0546/38

forbade (6): A0204/02; A0381/18; B0725/09; B0933/23; B1054/31; C0526/27

forbear (14): A0069/14; A0100/22; A0106/31; A0300/26; A0352/16; B0753/19; B0961/09; B1014/19; B1223/17; C0125/25; C0146/32; C0432/08; C0539/18; C0541/22

forbearance (1): B1139/16

forbid (2): A0085/03; B1133/20

forbidden (14): A0035/29; A0044/15; A0144/03; A0195/V; A0226/10; A0230/08; A0230/08; A0242/27; A0243/13; A0316/11; A0589/18; A0609/29; A0623/34; A0683/24

forbidding (3): A0704/30; B1269/29; C0155/11

forbids (2): B0773/14; B0773/14

forbore (3): A0325/24; A0552/26; C0066/09

force (108)

forced (68)

forces (4): A0121/03; B0762/22; B1193/10; C0105/02

forcible (8): A0276/32; A0550/29; A0662/01; B0969/21; B1144/21; B1247/04; B1315/07; B1383/11

forcibly (15): A0216/V; A0281/04; A0340/19; A0406/18; A0557/11; A0579/04; B0753/37; B0984/03; B1059/11; B1346/26; C0076/19; C0118/36; C0131/37; C0165/37; C0438/V

forcing (15): A0121/V; A0353/23; A0446/24; A0479/29; A0542/08; A0685/30; B1206/03; B1347/27; C0062/34; C0092/06; C0158/34; C0200/04; C0200/24; C0201/31; C0537/32

fore (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

fore (6): A0137/08; B0812/07; B0812/17; B0813/03; C0082/08; C0545/20

fore-chains (1): B0932/12

fore-finger (4): A0071/18; A0630/V; B0927/29; C0397/40

fore-ground (1): A0022/10

foreboded (1): A0242/06

foreboding (1): B0814/34

forebodings (2): C0142/24; C0143/12

forebore (10): A0099/15; A0381/15; A0626/18; B0857/29; B0975/09; C0131/11; C0169/33; C0184/19; C0186/17; C0205/17

forecastle (29): A0138/11; C0067/37; C0085/35; C0086/09; C0086/15; C0089/31; C0090/01; C0090/26; C0091/05; C0091/19; C0092/34; C0093/38; C0095/01; C0095/03; C0095/38; C0100/37; C0101/21; C0104/35; C0108/15; C0110/08; C0110/29; C0121/01; C0123/32; C0124/34; C0135/04; C0136/13; C0136/18; C0149/30; C0189/26

forecastle-way (1): C0136/22

forechain-plates (1): C0139/22

forechains (2): C0126/32; C0143/30

foredoomed (1): B0966/05

forefathers (6): A0408/12; A0609/11; A0640/25; B0806/05; B1294/11; B1313/18

forefinger (5): A0380/V; A0387/V; B1101/34; C0079/40; C0205/11

forego (2): B1079/11; C0564/22

foregoing (1): C0080/24

foreground (1): A0165/07

forehead (34): A0020/V; A0024/02; A0086/27; A0100/04; A0104/13; A0144/18; A0156/14; A0215/04; A0227/11; A0231/24; A0232/19; A0234/28; A0245/25; A0252/13; A0294/08; A0298/V; A0312/07; A0316/23; A0328/07; A0641/V; A0685/04; A0687/02; B0940/10; B0964/03; B1013/03; B1103/19; B1104/12; B1134/26; B1237/01; C0074/28; C0085/23; C0086/01; C0552/25; C0577/40

foreheads (1): B1190/32

Foreign (1): A0179/16

foreign (14): A0023/28; A0055/18; A0065/02; A0135/23; A0142/25; A0144/27; A0205/24; A0235/16; A0436/14; A0558/09; A0654/23; B0746/35; B1107/27; B1155/21

foreign-looking (1): A0370/30

foreigner (6): A0540/12; A0549/23; B0862/23; B1190/16; B1193/19; B1300/18

foreman (7): B1371/22; B1371/23; B1372/28; B1372/31; B1373/04; B1373/12; B1373/17

foremast (4): A0586/11; C0115/04; C0115/11; C0136/09

foremost (4): B1044/23; C0136/25; C0201/03; C0579/01

forenoon (6): A0251/18; B0942/11; B1278/33; C0107/32; C0141/15; C0162/32

forerunner (2): B1249/21; C0149/23

foreruns (1): A0427/04

foresail (11): A0586/09; C0099/14; C0102/15; C0104/34; C0106/14; C0106/17; C0106/18; C0106/21; C0115/11; C0123/16; C0163/02

foresaw (1): C0574/34

foresee (2): A0478/26; B0808/25

foreseen (7): A0496/12; A0585/04; A0693/14; B0756/04; B0988/23; B1054/26; B1300/12

foreshadowed (1): A0710/25

foreshadowing (2): A0703/04; B1268/04

foreshortened (1): C0418/12

foresight (2): A0460/09; B0789/19

forest (30): A0028/19; A0029/05; A0045/V; A0078/23; A0195/15; A0196/V; A0197/27; A0198/01; A0214/04; A0227/28; A0232/14; A0413/35; A0602/19; A0610/02; A0639/13; B0862/35; B0864/30; B0943/18; B1003/18; B1160/14; B1160/20; B1160/24; B1160/32; B1161/18; B1161/36; B1247/31; B1248/05; B1282/27; C0444/V; C0542/12

foresters (1): B0818/29

forests (5): A0600/23; A0601/30; B1160/01; B1331/33; C0412/32

forethought (2): B0825/11; B1005/09

foretold (2): A0233/15; A0459/07

foretopmast (1): C0123/12

foretopsail (5): B0930/12; B0930/22; C0101/36; C0102/16; C0146/24

foretopsails (1): C0106/19

forever (44): A0020/V; A0080/23; A0080/23; A0080/23; A0195/06; A0195/06; A0195/22; A0198/32; A0226/37; A0231/11; A0318/V; A0323/19; A0385/04; A0405/12; A0407/40; A0426/07; A0593/34; A0608/21; A0608/24; A0639/27; A0641/10; A0642/06; A0644/01; B0742/24; B0765/07; B0789/16; B0858/03; B0898/30; B0901/24; B0916/30; B0926/36; B0927/01; B0932/27; B0934/10; B0969/08; B1005/22; B1138/24; B1142/22; B1292/08; B1302/03; B1302/04; B1371/01; C0390/24; C0425/13

forevermore (1): A0318/24

forfeit (1): B1169/31

forfeiting (1): A0204/18

forgave (1): B1050/07

forged (1): C0092/18

forgery (1): B1361/32

forget (40): A0057/07; A0066/33; A0151/17; A0226/04; A0230/02; A0264/13; A0298/01; A0348/29; A0350/16; A0404/03; A0455/04; A0482/12; A0584/36; A0590/17; A0651/12; A0656/01; A0687/31; B0878/17; B0889/13; B0987/35; B1021/07; B1036/01; B1048/17; B1057/18; B1114/04; B1128/26; B1153/08; B1259/33; B1347/01; C0057/28; C0060/39; C0068/20; C0073/10; C0083/06; C0122/34; C0124/19; C0396/34; C0432/18; C0432/41; C0573/27

forgetful (1): A0321/10

forgetfulness (2): A0684/03; C0148/39

forgets (1): B1154/09

forgettest (1): A0044/05

forgetting (6): A0026/20; B0856/21; B1096/34; B1300/24; C0396/08; C0440/V

forgive (5): A0300/06; B0927/12; B1155/03; B1183/06; C0125/10

forgiveness (1): B1050/04

forgot (4): A0318/23; A0644/V; B0894/32; C0426/35

forgotten (42): A0121/29; A0152/16; A0155/06; A0156/21; A0156/22; A0161/26; A0212/23; A0264/25; A0278/05; A0311/10; A0313/28; A0378/07; A0402/04; A0409/10; A0410/32; A0431/05; A0494/06; A0536/21; A0592/34; A0611/02; A0629/19; A0643/24; B0726/17; B0727/02; B0761/23; B0876/05; B0891/V; B0897/03; B0897/04; B0910/04; B1031/18; B1048/07; B1054/22; B1058/23; B1093/32; B1128/21; B1158/35; B1191/18; B1391/04; C0109/07; C0432/30; C0438/V

fork (8): A0091/21; A0101/09; A0110/25; B0819/03; C0566/09; C0572/01; C0574/09; C0575/09

forked (1): C0173/12

forks (1): C0572/25

forlorn (2): C0072/16; C0200/31

form (144)

formae (1): A0638/M

formal (4): A0428/27; A0497/22; B0899/12; C0179/34

formalities (1): B1075/17

formality (3): A0266/11; B0731/02; B0897/13

formally (4): A0104/02; B1339/31; C0066/40; C0104/02

formation (10): A0242/05; A0267/30; A0282/07; A0283/22; A0312/24; A0313/14; A0691/27; C0184/09; C0193/13; C0193/22

formations (3): A0175/V; A0182/05; A0401/34

formed (79)

former (67)

formerly (19): A0025/23; A0099/05; A0205/11; A0324/14; A0349/04; A0536/19; A0539/14; B0914/06; B1296/28; B1298/01; B1313/29; C0057/05; C0075/31; C0155/22; C0156/12; C0171/18; C0391/19; C0424/36; C0541/30

formidable (4): A0101/15; C0174/13; C0551/20; C0577/35

forming (30): A0045/07; A0154/05; A0294/01; A0631/12; A0638/19; B0734/32; B0746/06; B0758/07; B0761/14; B0808/18; B0825/23; B0826/06; B0838/01; B1071/15; B1115/11; B1250/22; B1261/09; B1281/25; B1384/37; C0150/37; C0152/32; C0173/14; C0195/10; C0203/37; C0394/19; C0409/30; C0410/19; C0521/07; C0533/16; C0562/20

formless (3): A0190/30; A0318/18; B1225/V

forms (38): A0021/24; A0210/01; A0292/V; A0293/28; A0311/30; A0322/24; A0407/36; A0434/21; A0445/13; A0497/30; A0501/V; A0593/01; A0601/08; A0614/05; A0615/29; A0624/25; A0682/07; A0689/04; A0706/07; A0707/10; A0710/07; B0725/21; B0773/36; B0807/13; B1037/18; B1037/19; B1037/30; B1037/31; B1184/31; B1214/31; B1271/11; B1272/10; B1275/10; B1280/30; B1321/32; B1340/11; C0150/35; C0522/25

formula (1): A0623/26

formulae (1): B0752/19

formulae (2): A0079/03; A0365/22

forsaken (1): A0645/04

forsooth (1): A0074/03

Forsyth (3): B1069/29; B1075/26; B1081/20

Fort (1): C0525/30

fort (5): B0808/27; B0830/23; B1081/28; C0525/41; C0560/21

Fort/Moultrie (4): B0807/06; B0814/22; B1081/23; B1082/04

Fort/Osage (1): C0528/27

forte (2): A0430/07; B1369/05

forten> (1): A0465/16

forth (63)

forthcoming (4): B0875/12; B0923/37; B1195/04; B1248/33

forthwith (49): A0024/V; A0057/11; A0059/17; A0067/05; A0179/12; A0251/08; A0340/37; A0346/21; A0384/11; A0386/21; A0398/28; A0484/03; A0490/20; A0603/34; A0614/20; A0623/07; A0625/09; A0705/27; B0727/35; B0742/13; B0830/24; B0856/28; B0873/14; B0875/08; B0877/19; B0878/26; B0900/17; B0909/24; B0959/06; B1014/02; B1017/17; B1019/04; B1056/26; B1077/02; B1093/30; B1105/24; B1123/22; B1140/34; B1143/08; B1155/06; B1178/10; B1182/11; B1189/V; B1220/03; B1372/15; C0136/18; C0186/10; C0409/08; C0432/47

fortification (1): C0548/04

fortified (2): A0044/28; A0122/03

fortin> (1): A0465/V

fortitude (6): C0060/35; C0075/02; C0076/18; C0117/39; C0120/19; C0145/08

fortnight (10): A0409/16; B0898/22; B1073/25; B1136/37; B1246/02; C0066/32; C0139/11; C0148/31; C0425/35; C0540/10

fortuitous (2): A0703/17; B1268/16

fortunate (16): A0173/28; A0179/10; A0482/10; A0704/35; B0813/07; B0891/25; B1269/34; C0057/03; C0091/23; C0092/09; C0094/33; C0109/23; C0126/26; C0127/26; C0128/39; C0145/36

fortunately (7): A0073/05; A0551/05; B0891/16; C0086/39; C0116/36; C0139/35; C0399/12

Fortunato (14): B1256/01; B1257/02; B1257/05; B1257/10; B1257/22; B1258/18; B1258/27; B1260/07; B1261/17; B1262/10; B1263/04; B1263/11; B1263/17; B1263/19

Fortune (2): B0815/03; B0815/05

fortune (43): A0021/06; A0065/09; A0482/16; A0561/22; A0702/03; A0704/08; A0704/21; A0704/33; A0705/27; B0822/34; B0833/23; B0877/16; B0892/24; B0909/11; B0931/09; B0933/08; B1059/24; B1080/19; B1108/04; B1108/21; B1133/15; B1142/19; B1179/18; B1187/20; B1269/08; B1269/20; B1269/32; B1270/25; B1360/07; C0062/07; C0092/20; C0100/08; C0107/20; C0119/41; C0137/19; C0138/19; C0144/30; C0149/40; C0191/36; C0521/01; C0529/29; C0569/34; C0579/07

fortunes (4): A0531/21; A0539/04; A0539/21; B0931/18

fortunittest> (1): A0468/21

fortunnittest> (1): A0466/21

forty (28): A0043/04; A0176/03; A0182/02; A0581/19; A0582/16; A0689/24; B0865/26; B0877/06; B0877/23; B1077/22; B1092/36; B1160/08; B1164/13; B1248/18; B1334/05; C0064/33; C0142/09; C0175/10; C0181/06; C0187/31; C0193/07; C0194/27; C0391/07; C0394/38; C0412/26; C0442/V; C0538/24; C0578/19

forty-eight (4): A0686/14; B0930/14; B1310/10; C0418/48

forty-five (11): A0121/16; A0248/13; A0580/31; A0590/35; B1071/27; B1280/08; B1332/22; B1381/34; C0173/07; C0183/16; C0398/19

forty-four (2): B1192/21; C0161/04

forty-nine (1): C0429/27

forty-one (7): A0705/22; B0839/V; B0840/V; B0841/V; B0842/V; B0842/V; B1270/21

forty-pinny> (1): A0466/27

forty-seven (2): C0161/04; C0164/16

forty-sixth (1): C0525/14

forty-third (1): C0525/14

forward (54)

forwarding (1): B1055/17

forwards (5): A0351/06; B0927/16; B1163/38; B1167/16; C0563/04

fosse (1): A0045/04

Fosters (1): B1206/10

fought (4): A0382/30; B0947/12; C0112/39; C0579/30

foul (8): A0191/10; A0249/27; B0796/21; B1044/12; B1046/18; C0184/18; C0389/06; C0410/42

fouled (1): A0584/15

foulness (1): B1261/02

Found (2): A0135/T; A0146/10

found (614)

foundation (6): A0028/24; A0197/28; A0269/16; A0366/22; B0828/33; B0834/04

foundations (4): A0578/18; B1192/16; B1322/30; C0182/03

founded (12): A0527/V; B0723/16; B0738/09; B0749/03; B0750/22; B0773/03; B1070/02; B1128/09; B1358/26; C0095/37; C0400/38; C0427/15

founder (1): B1310/25

foundered (2): A0586/06; C0098/14

foundering (1): C0116/17

fount (1): B1312/24

Fountain (2): B1192/07; B1192/35

fountain (2): A0162/16; B1302/30

fountain-head (1): A0386/21

fountains (2): A0210/33; A0602/25

Four (1): A0119/T

four (188)

four-footed (1): A0127/20

fourpence (1): A0491/04

fours (2): A0126/16; B1182/09

fourteen (6): B0888/02; B0931/17; C0078/31; C0211/V; C0528/15; C0539/39

fourteenth (7): B0922/04; B0923/25; B0933/21; C0120/21; C0160/39; C0164/11; C0421/09

fourth (43): A0021/15; A0035/21; A0043/06; A0151/14; A0177/19; A0183/14; A0326/05; A0537/09; A0537/21; A0539/08; A0539/30; A0542/13; A0543/09; A0554/10; A0565/22; A0640/19; A0671/33; A0704/03; B0726/22; B0729/26; B0765/16; B0858/09; B0858/15; B0968/05; B1005/33; B1014/32; B1128/33; B1182/35; B1239/11; B1261/08; B1262/14; B1269/03; B1278/24; B1375/02; C0084/12; C0084/23; C0122/07; C0161/38; C0179/15; C0410/20; C0423/28; C0538/13; C0567/22

fourthly (1): C0427/27

fourths (1): C0098/23

fowl (8): B1164/20; B1165/01; B1372/01; C0176/34; C0191/11; C0191/17; C0570/02; C0572/08

fowl-house (1): B1334/01

fowls (4): B1164/13; B1164/16; C0173/34; C0174/02

fox (2): B0869/22; C0536/23

fox-hunter (2): A0704/02; B1268/32

Fox/river (1): C0528/12

foxes (1): C0572/07

fraction (5): A0655/09; B0878/09; B1168/17; B1350/05; C0404/36

fracto (1): A0681/M

fracture (2): A0553/20; B1107/07

fractured (5): A0057/08; A0067/01; B0958/22; B1106/04; C0201/20

fractures (1): C0573/24

fragile (3): A0227/17; A0232/04; A0604/19

fragility (2): A0379/29; A0641/V

fragment (7): A0685/34; A0686/12; A0687/07; A0688/19; B0957/03; C0109/09; C0420/30

fragmentary (1): C0080/20

fragments (26): A0300/18; A0417/17; A0535/25; A0557/20; A0581/30; A0591/25; A0592/16; A0593/01; B0734/36; B0758/11; B0856/33; B1110/19; B1160/30; C0063/01; C0063/25; C0077/25; C0078/16; C0079/21; C0081/12; C0115/15; C0116/02; C0117/10; C0139/03; C0190/07; C0207/32; C0573/22

fragrance (5): A0344/03; A0351/22; A0428/05; B0807/14; C0543/26

fragrant (1): A0639/14

frail (10): A0404/04; A0682/25; B0890/05; B1073/33; B1115/21; C0061/21; C0063/06; C0095/23; C0201/37; C0202/18

frailness (1): C0134/16

frame (54)

frame-work (3): A0137/33; A0627/29; A0694/15

framed (3): A0165/20; A0303/25; B1093/34

frames (6): A0036/01; A0502/11; A0662/12; A0663/V; B0922/23; B1340/01

framework (8): A0689/13; A0693/28; B1071/08; B1071/15; C0127/02; C0136/21; C0179/27; C0202/35

framings (1): A0501/10

France (18): A0386/06; A0495/03; A0538/30; B0888/03; B0957/10; B0958/07; B1002/02; B1006/34; B1008/23; B1009/30; B1031/22; B1129/10; B1135/17; B1137/20; B1141/26; B1378/M; C0394/05; C0407/37

France (1): B0913/05

Francis (1): A0037/12

Francois (1): C0430/30

francs (11): A0538/01; A0541/17; A0541/21; A0556/12; B0727/10; B0727/19; B0727/26; B0727/28; B0982/12; B0982/36; B0983/11

Frank (4): C0531/17; C0535/17; C0538/13; C0548/34

frank (10): A0342/03; A0342/V; A0440/30; B0844/04; B0899/14; B0899/22; B0977/02; B1361/08; B1379/31; C0568/17

frank-hearted (1): B1045/02

frankest (1): A0629/08

Frankfort (1): B1164/37

frankincense (1): A0047/01

frankly (6): A0302/07; A0532/09; B1053/18; B1234/28; C0064/36; C0549/36

frankness (3): A0509/11; B0906/12; B1058/13

frantic (6): A0447/17; B0933/23; B0947/11; B0992/19; C0399/05; C0562/38

frantically (5): A0691/09; B0733/13; B0825/22; B0932/13; B0957/34

Fraser (1): A0179/20

fraternity (2): A0708/29; B1273/23

fraud (2): A0485/26; B1300/08

frauds (1): A0489/02

fraudulent (1): B1300/04

fraught (1): C0063/06

fray (1): A0691/32

fraying (1): A0692/03

Frazer’s (1): C0527/14

freak (6): A0532/25; B0753/12; B0816/21; B0914/V; B0927/08; B0929/36

freaks (4): A0704/15; B1269/14; C0057/30; C0545/34

Frederick (7): A0020/10; A0020/12; A0020/V; A0024/10; A0024/24; A0026/V; A0029/V

Frederick’s (1): A0022/13

free (41): A0126/01; A0128/23; A0138/V; A0251/08; A0266/12; A0269/33; A0312/17; A0692/18; A0692/19; A0694/30; A0695/04; A0695/05; A0695/10; A0703/31; A0711/35; B0874/26; B0965/29; B0969/03; B1019/04; B1019/20; B1075/03; B1075/23; B1159/07; B1194/04; B1222/24; B1268/30; B1277/02; B1299/31; C0081/07; C0119/04; C0119/06; C0135/06; C0135/09; C0136/37; C0143/15; C0160/40; C0182/16; C0202/17; C0535/08; C0560/31; C0564/27

Free/and/Easy (2): A0240/03; A0254/03

freebooters (2): C0553/35; C0555/23

freed (4): B0729/03; B0737/14; C0091/09; C0093/39

freedom (18): A0266/17; A0269/02; A0276/19; A0326/14; A0460/03; B0742/19; B1021/30; B1133/23; B1136/28; C0060/26; C0064/02; C0093/30; C0100/22; C0120/26; C0174/26; C0404/29; C0405/11; C0411/24

freely (22): A0247/30; A0299/23; A0323/12; A0412/17; A0438/24; A0446/22; A0458/28; A0685/08; B0797/04; B0899/05; B1212/02; B1212/29; B1234/31; B1236/07; C0071/21; C0093/03; C0115/33; C0137/08; C0191/21; C0537/13; C0558/36; C0563/40

freeman (1): B0858/02

freer (1): C0407/02

freestone (3): C0572/12; C0573/11; C0573/24

freezing (1): C0147/35

freight (3): C0097/19; C0098/24; C0200/21

freighted (1): A0136/02

French (42): A0035/21; A0096/M; A0267/08; A0344/15; A0344/17; A0344/V; A0352/25; A0384/23; A0470/V; A0540/23; A0540/31; A0546/V; A0549/30; A0562/22; A0697/11; B0827/28; B0836/09; B0901/18; B0903/22; B0904/05; B0914/14; B0987/06; B1011/04; B1095/08; B1115/29; B1144/20; B1154/21; B1224/10; B1339/33; C0154/26; C0155/24; C0178/08; C0522/40; C0530/38; C0534/03; C0544/08; C0550/04; C0550/27; C0551/03; C0551/09; C0555/12; C0571/07

French-horn (1): A0071/29

Frenchman (26): A0036/18; A0301/09; A0464/T; A0532/04; A0533/27; A0535/17; A0540/09; A0541/06; A0541/29; A0542/29; A0543/03; A0549/13; A0549/22; A0549/26; A0549/29; A0550/04; A0560/02; A0560/09; A0560/20; A0561/13; A0561/18; A0563/26; A0565/15; A0602/05; C0150/14; C0392/13

Frenchman’s (1): A0567/25

Frenchwoman (1): B0899/21

frenzied (2): A0215/31; A0692/12

frenzy (4): A0447/01; A0461/04; A0671/03; B1005/14

frequency (5): B0727/30; B0837/12; B1030/11; C0421/04; C0422/40

frequent (42): A0026/09; A0144/04; A0212/04; A0244/26; A0282/06; A0295/V; A0344/16; A0404/18; A0412/22; A0435/23; A0541/14; A0614/21; A0642/28; A0683/08; B0764/32; B0771/29; B0836/19; B0850/20; B0850/30; B0856/13; B0926/34; B0940/V; B0941/19; B0945/28; B0988/24; B1101/07; B1169/04; B1180/10; B1277/29; B1279/27; B1282/05; B1337/05; C0065/11; C0087/37; C0097/12; C0102/09; C0137/26; C0410/42; C0412/27; C0532/35; C0560/04; C0571/30

frequented (11): A0065/14; A0096/02; A0296/13; A0320/10; A0512/31; A0514/18; B0853/36; B0898/18; B1310/07; C0147/32; C0155/24

frequenting (2): A0539/26; B0771/27

frequently (83)

frequents (1): A0479/15

fresco (1): B1179/08

frescos (1): A0209/15

fresh (23): A0026/30; A0162/09; A0343/29; A0445/02; A0544/20; A0585/13; A0694/16; B0741/05; B0741/11; B0760/16; B0956/08; B0960/10; B1160/27; C0072/07; C0138/10; C0170/30; C0176/33; C0177/01; C0177/05; C0538/20; C0539/12; C0545/11; C0559/03

fresh-water (1): C0137/30

freshened (7): B0930/12; B0930/17; B1078/03; B1078/21; C0102/14; C0139/30; C0160/33

fresher (1): C0559/04

freshets (1): C0530/04

freshly (3): B0949/25; B1114/17; C0058/33

freshly-spread (1): B0853/26

freshness (2): A0532/07; B0893/01

fret (1): C0438/V

fretted (5): A0087/20; A0321/21; A0401/13; A0428/09; B1282/25

Frey/Herren (1): B0870/29

fricandeau (1): A0113/30

fricandeaux (1): A0096/09

fricasee (1): A0094/04

fricaseed (2): A0093/27; A0093/29

Fricassee (2): A0175/17; A0181/07

fricassee (1): A0097/07

fricassee (1): A0113/28

fricasseed (3): A0113/07; A0113/08; A0113/11

friction (3): A0692/09; B1035/27,; C0064/19

Friday (1): B1241/35

friend (195)

friend’s (9): A0264/37; A0624/23; B0817/04; B0819/28; B0822/21; B0924/26; B1119/M; C0068/40; C0093/01

friendless (1): B0963/08

friendliness (3): A0473/15; C0560/24; C0566/01

friendly (9): A0056/24; A0066/14; A0101/V; B0769/V; B1223/18; C0170/08; C0177/23; C0387/13; C0550/09

friends (70)

friendship (15): A0433/09; A0436/05; B0807/18; B0850/21; B0851/04; B0922/10; B0949/06; C0089/07; C0095/26; C0151/40; C0175/27; C0181/19; C0537/25; C0561/01; C0569/02

frieze (1): C0573/10

fright (7): A0589/34; B0851/22; B0912/14; B1182/05; B1350/12; C0073/01; C0182/19

frighten (1): C0562/13

frightened (7): A0090/13; A0578/05; B1014/28; C0059/19; C0187/34; C0427/04; C0578/28

frightening (1): B1165/09

frightful (16): A0021/V; A0137/31; A0197/22; A0217/V; A0538/29; A0547/26; A0559/31; B0851/37; B1165/07; C0117/15; C0120/08; C0125/16; C0128/16; C0133/31; C0143/14; C0148/35

frightful-looking (1): C0142/39

frightfully (2): C0142/07; C0424/11

frigid (2): A0533/17; C0171/19

frigidity (1): C0425/36

Frinch> (1): A0470/09

Frinchman> (6): A0464/21; A0466/02; A0467/02; A0467/18; A0468/06; A0469/21

frind> (2): A0464/24; A0467/05

fringe (2): A0501/22; A0543/18

fringed (3): A0501/13; A0663/06; C0552/39

frisked (1): A0348/14

frisking (1): A0373/28

frivolity (3): A0528/23; A0692/10; B1316/05

frivolous (10): A0097/08; A0211/30; A0212/12; A0212/19; A0212/24; A0444/19; A0529/16; A0687/19; B1299/15; C0564/17

fro (44): A0081/11; A0140/10; A0144/31; A0158/01; A0195/11; A0219/0B; A0246/04; A0252/15; A0318/19; A0411/23; A0412/03; A0416/30; A0513/16; A0514/33; A0515/22; A0582/09; A0590/04; A0603/14; A0614/04; A0672/09; A0672/23; A0673/26; A0674/02; A0675/20; B0749/09; B0749/20; B0753/24; B0762/06; B0797/15; B0817/03; B0858/18; B1005/13; B1238/16; B1322/09; C0072/22; C0077/21; C0084/06; C0112/20; C0120/35; C0124/37; C0125/18; C0153/23; C0412/06; C0542/11

Frobisher, Joseph (1): A0526/06

frock (8): A0439/08; A0485/05; B0730/28; B0735/11; B0735/13; B0762/10; B0762/11; B0763/02

frocks (1): A0623/V

Frog (2): A0467/22; A0469/14

frog (7): A0078/28; A0469/26; B1012/04; B1012/07; B1015/V; B1346/20; B1372/03

frog-like (1): A0065/20

frog-man (1): B1020/30

frogged (1): A0509/29

Frogpondium (1): B1370/29

Frogs (4): B0879/13; B0879/17; B0879/24; B1055/22

frogs (1): A0054/09

Froissart (11): B0887/19; B0887/24; B0888/04; B0897/29; B0912/23; B0912/27; B0912/29; B0912/30; B0913/03; B0913/03; B0913/26

Froissart, Napoleon B. (3): B0913/09; B0913/27; B0914/03

frolic (4): A0564/30; B1352/13; C0058/17; C0058/25

frolicksome (1): A0665/03

frolics (1): B1349/35

from (2410)

front (31): A0196/12; A0367/03; A0367/11; A0367/25; A0368/28; A0400/19; A0429/15; A0486/10; A0515/24; A0539/28; A0542/09; A0542/11; A0542/12; A0546/25; A0551/21; A0562/08; A0613/14; A0627/34; B0864/35; B0889/04; B0892/24; B1143/12; B1336/04; B1336/12; B1337/19; B1338/16; B1339/14; C0067/15; C0075/10; C0162/35; C0566/05

frontal (1): C0577/40

frontem (1): A0043/M

fronting (6): A0154/06; A0245/19; A0248/03; A0415/06; B1280/05; C0122/28

frontis (1): A0298/V

fronts (1): B1338/04

frost (2): C0534/35; C0534/38

frosts (1): C0563/35

frosty (1): A0056/09

froth (2): A0438/13; A0594/07

frothing (2): A0587/07; B1011/32

frown (2): B1372/04; B1373/08

frowned (2): A0429/04; A0662/04

frowningly (1): C0164/10

frowns (1): A0509/29

frows (2): A0175/24; A0181/21

froze (1): A0140/01

frozen (5): A0217/V; B1131/10; B1131/10; C0159/20; C0159/24

Frozen/Ocean (1): C0417/24

fru (2): B0819/14; B0821/28

frugal (1): B1178/07

fruit (5): A0609/29; B1004/33; B1292/30; C0542/15; C0543/19

fruiterer (7): A0534/25; A0534/28; A0534/28; A0534/32; A0535/07; A0535/10; A0535/22

fruitful (1): A0434/29

fruitless (11): A0055/05; A0064/23; A0213/09; A0266/27; A0325/01; A0411/24; A0495/V; A0537/12; A0582/02; C0077/11; C0192/17

fruits (3): A0162/17; B0768/26; C0190/10

frustrate (1): A0445/18

frustrated (6): A0102/12; A0693/16; B0755/07; B1246/21; B1273/32; C0104/18

frxg (1): B1374/15

frxwn (1): B1374/17

Fry (1): B1134/04

frying (1): A0101/10

Fuci (1): B1163/12

fudder (1): B0819/12

fuddled (1): A0055/25

fudge (1): A0628/11

fuel (6): A0447/08; C0066/06; C0143/02; C0161/16; C0166/14; C0170/30

fugitive (2): A0566/07; C0558/20

fugitive’s (1): A0565/21

fugitives (1): B0807/07

fuit (2): A0382/15; A0681/M

fulfil (4): A0300/11; B0862/25; B1158/09; C0065/26

fulfilled (9): A0252/06; A0408/13; A0491/11; B0724/17; B0772/06; B1058/17; B1152/18; B1178/11; B1273/30

fulfilling (2): A0097/15; A0443/06

fulfillment (2): A0461/01; B1163/07

fulfilment (9): A0043/07; A0067/22; A0252/07; A0707/19; B1153/25; B1272/17; B1371/20; C0066/18; C0177/36

full (252)

full-grown (1): C0178/33

full-length (4): A0103/06; A0158/09; A0164/11; A0166/13

fuller (4): A0100/07; A0196/16; A0313/04; C0063/38

fuller’s (1): C0173/17

fullest (12): A0074/12; A0105/25; A0249/04; A0313/04; B0748/26; B0824/04; B1226/16; B1237/25; B1271/09; B1314/23; C0190/05; C0414/40

fullness (2): A0312/26; B1096/35

fully (99)

fulness (4): A0312/V; B0889/27; B1215/02; C0411/28

fulsomely (1): B1133/22

fulvous (1): A0559/20

Fum-Fudge (7): A0172/03; A0174/02; A0177/28; A0178/03; A0179/13; A0181/22; A0183/24

Fum-Fudqe/University (1): A0175/27

fumbled (1): A0090/01

fumes (8): A0122/13; A0245/29; B0851/31; B0874/21; B0961/21; C0059/40; C0128/36; C0182/31

fun (4): A0124/02; A0433/19; B1019/14; C0058/25

functionaries (1): B0737/10

functionary (4): A0568/10; B0983/14; B0986/15; C0390/29

functions (5): A0613/02; A0616/02; B0955/29; B1187/13; B1187/17

fund (2): A0053/27; A0530/13

fundamental (1): A0108/22

funds (3): A0114/07; A0241/24; A0653/14

funeral (10): A0057/14; A0153/V; A0319/13; A0340/14; A0631/21; B0789/M; B0956/22; B0958/28; B0960/06; B1179/25

funereal (2): A0153/26; B1279/26

funeris (1): A0681/M

funeste (1): B0993/26

fungi (1): B1293/08

fungi (2): A0400/07; A0408/15

fungus (1): B1163/22

fungus (2): A0687/03; B0759/19

funnel (9): A0580/29; A0590/20; A0591/11; A0594/05; B1102/31; B1105/05; B1162/17; B1381/31; B1382/14

funnel-cap (1): B1106/20

funniest (1): A0387/02

funnin (1): B0818/24

funny (1): B1291/20

Fur (2): C0525/09; C0529/17

fur (10): A0444/16; B0819/14; B1375/19; C0151/07; C0154/06; C0155/20; C0526/03; C0552/08; C0552/22; C0575/33

fur-trader (1): C0087/03

Furies (3): A0053/25; A0349/17; B1142/05

furies (2): A0053/13; A0062/30

furious (19): A0023/23; A0059/26; A0067/17; A0227/20; A0232/07; A0461/11; B0795/01; B0825/21; B0947/02; B0959/05; B1143/22; B1178/12; B1262/14; C0082/19; C0106/09; C0108/11; C0387/M; C0390/19; C0563/07

furiously (17): A0300/V; A0351/10; A0416/19; A0447/13; A0671/12; A0692/18; B1056/32; B1349/12; B1362/23; C0082/33; C0118/18; C0144/05; C0144/17; C0387/21; C0396/40; C0549/19; C0557/23

furled (1): A0136/30

furlong (1): B1279/08

furnace (3): B0834/32; B1168/04; B1362/18

furnaces (2): A0610/23; A0671/01

Furneaux (1): C0158/29

furnish (7): A0125/19; A0204/15; A0496/04; B0879/09; B1069/13; B1206/11; C0530/16

furnished (15): A0440/V; A0500/17; A0613/27; A0662/08; A0671/33; B0862/25; B0876/02; B0904/10; B1069/21; B1073/36; B1138/36; B1163/33; C0101/29; C0156/03; C0522/31

furnishing (4): A0440/06; A0532/13; B0839/01; C0191/06

Furniture (2): A0495/T; A0495/V

furniture (30): A0079/32; A0087/28; A0189/32; A0320/24; A0367/21; A0373/25; A0401/14; A0411/20; A0495/V; A0496/29; A0497/14; A0497/22; A0499/16; A0501/05; A0503/08; A0537/25; A0551/29; A0567/15; A0591/27; B0854/05; B0872/13; B0979/18; B0979/30; B0980/01; B0980/09; B0980/19; B1339/27; B1340/07; C0099/27; C0393/09

furores (1): A0681/M

furrener> (2): A0464/21; A0466/02

furrenner> (3): A0467/02; A0468/06; A0470/10

Furrier (1): B1293/24

furrowed (1): A0104/13

furrows (1): A0196/28

furs (7): A0444/04; A0444/06; B1293/25; C0536/21; C0547/32; C0558/04; C0575/34

further (28): A0062/25; A0067/V; A0366/V; A0539/07; A0550/V; B0738/07; B0763/19; B0892/20; B0916/01; B0965/V; B1093/02; B1106/10; B1219/14; C0061/26; C0072/07; C0078/05; C0094/39; C0103/36; C0106/29; C0108/07; C0125/03; C0133/30; C0140/30; C0185/10; C0198/30; C0199/21; C0390/07; C0524/21

furtherance (3): B0733/20; B1223/26; C0066/14

furthering (2): B0745/17; B0815/24

furthermore (3): A0250/22; B0732/16; B0744/21

furtively (1): B0895/17

fury (43): A0025/03; A0029/20; A0102/04; A0102/18; A0137/09; A0138/03; A0138/22; A0213/14; A0215/27; A0339/31; A0373/27; A0412/18; A0415/17; A0447/08; A0567/10; A0578/18; A0580/11; A0581/33; A0587/04; A0587/26; B0764/21; B0795/11; B0797/15; B0851/23; B0856/14; B1006/26; B1050/30; B1248/05; B1318/08; B1374/29; C0073/05; C0075/33; C0104/32; C0108/08; C0112/39; C0115/19; C0149/15; C0162/35; C0190/05; C0200/16; C0422/38; C0556/38; C0578/22

Fuseli (1): A0405/27

fusion (2): B1362/20; C0167/34

fuss (3): B0812/26; B0818/23; B0820/18

fustian (2): A0086/29; B0969/05

fusty (1): A0649/02

fut (2): A0033/20; A0033/20

fut> (2): A0464/17; A0464/20

futile (7): A0028/28; A0402/15; A0704/27; B0897/07; B1036/34; B1073/14; B1164/33

futility (3): A0405/02; B1296/32; B1314/01

futmen> (1): A0470/20

Future (2): B0724/30; B0773/27

future (27): A0057/01; A0066/27; A0124/17; A0144/20; A0162/22; A0228/09; A0403/12; A0456/20; A0478/30; A0601/25; A0608/M; A0611/16; B0772/20; B0858/07; B0898/31; B1037/09; B1131/21; B1304/28; C0110/41; C0134/04; C0152/20; C0393/16; C0539/16; C0549/05; C0555/24; C0558/13; C0576/04

futurity (1): A0141/23

fxr (1): B1374/12

fxwl (1): B1374/14

fxxl (1): B1374/17

fy (1): B1164/17

G (2): A0282/07; B0905/27

G (1): B0838/21

G— (18): A0546/08; B0728/09; B0731/16; B0736/26; B0737/04; B0737/26; B0808/27; B0974/15; B0976/35; B0978/03; B0979/09; B0981/23; B0982/01; B0982/17; B0983/24; B0988/28; B0990/12; C0533/11

G—/1 (7): C0530/40; C0535/42; C0538/42; C0538/43; C0540/32; C0541/40; C0576/40

G—, Lieutenant (1): B0814/30

G—’s (1): B0975/04

G—n (8): A0292/V; A0293/12; A0294/02; A0295/05; A0296/08; A0296/V; A0297/05; A0298/01

G’zette (1): B1373/01

gable (6): B1336/28; B1336/31; B1337/23; B1338/04; B1338/16; B1338/19

gables (2): A0367/10; B1336/19

gad-abouts (1): A0495/05

Gad-Fly (10): B1127/10; B1128/02; B1132/09; B1132/28; B1133/08; B1133/25; B1133/29; B1139/18; B1140/34; B1141/35

gagged (1): B0753/28

gagne (1): A0037/09

gaieties (1): A0674/11

Gaillard, Petit (1): B1012/16

gaily (2): B0795/28; C0565/27

Gain (10): A0487/31; A0539/34; A0663/26; B0756/16; B0838/08; B0963/16; B1006/19; B1020/05; C0103/05; C0114/30

gained (16): A0137/17; A0350/33; A0435/26; A0460/08; A0511/01; A0561/17; A0610/16; B0797/04; B0931/04; B0941/18; B1017/28; B1178/19; C0103/02; C0201/32; C0407/34; C0557/28

gaining (8): A0211/18; A0493/05; B0756/29; B0840/31; B0947/10; C0102/11; C0114/14; C0393/13

gains (1): B1321/23

gainsay (1): B0744/35

gainsayed (1): A0602/08

gait (8): A0141/11; A0434/34; A0437/29; A0448/04; A0507/35; A0536/26; B1258/33; B1346/08

gaiters (1): A0508/35

gala (1): A0318/07

galaxy (3): B1139/03; B1301/02; B1301/36

gale (52)

gale’s (1): C0115/17

gales (4): B1079/01; C0064/24; C0098/14; C0159/16

Gall (1): B1191/16

gall (4): A0092/01; A0111/13; B1131/31; B1300/20

gallant (4): A0245/V; A0249/15; A0349/19; A0381/20

gallant-locking (1): C0554/11

galled (1): A0434/20

Gallery (1): B1070/07

gallery (2): A0209/17; A0428/31

galley (2): C0124/21; C0169/13

galling (1): A0444/13

Gallipago (5): C0137/22; C0137/30; C0174/11; C0176/27; C0200/22

Gallipagos (2): C0137/28; C0170/16

Gallon (3): A0251/05; C0136/01; C0533/41

Gallons (9): A0125/18; A0252/22; C0137/21; C0138/10; C0163/08; C0393/29; C0415/20; C0535/04; C0535/05

gallop (2): A0630/05; C0555/05

galloped (3): C0553/31; C0554/16; C0554/27

galloping (2): A0247/01; C0557/23

Gallows (1): B0855/34

gallows (6): A0058/04; A0068/25; A0069/14; A0070/06; A0079/23; C0061/37

Galvanic (2): A0059/29; A0144/V

galvanic (8): A0067/19; A0439/24; A0664/V; A0682/06; B0948/15; B0959/23; B0959/26; B1181/25

Galvanism (1): B1187/03

galvanized (1): C0189/37

gamble (1): A0623/23

gambler (2): A0440/21; A0443/28

gambler’s (1): A0441/04

gamblers (1): A0509/13

gambols (1): B0809/23

game (35): A0037/13; A0441/20; A0443/30; A0528/17; A0528/23; A0529/03; A0529/22; A0529/29; A0530/06; A0530/07; A0655/29; B0870/22; B0984/06; B0984/07; B0989/28; B0989/32; B1350/11; B1380/31; C0534/32; C0535/13; C0535/19; C0540/05; C0542/40; C0559/40; C0560/15; C0562/14; C0563/35; C0566/20; C0566/37; C0567/06; C0568/12; C0570/14; C0572/01; C0572/06; C0576/03

game-keeper (1): C0433/01

game’s (1): B0824/18

gammoned (1): B1019/14

gander’s (1): B1141/16

gang (33): B0734/06; B0735/29; B0749/05; B0753/27; B0757/03; B0757/13; B0757/20; B0757/32; B0757/33; B0761/02; B0763/20; B0763/29; B0763/30; B0763/33; B0764/17; B0765/09; B0767/08; B0767/12; B0767/14; B0767/18; B0767/28; B0768/06; B0768/14; B0768/18; B0768/20; B0769/12; B0770/07; C0090/38; C0102/11; C0102/17; C0102/40; C0103/33; C0108/34

gangs (3): B0765/12; B0767/10; C0558/21

gangway (2): C0086/21; C0086/39

gannets (1): C0174/03

ganzas (3): C0431/07; C0431/11; C0432/43

gaping (3): A0028/01; A0651/16; B0980/13

garb (1): C0056/08

garbled (1): B1233/07

Garcia (2): A0089/18; A0089/32

Garcia, Pedro (4): A0085/02; A0085/12; A0090/09; A0092/29

Garcia, Alfonzo (1): A0542/25

Garden (1): A0702/T

garden (19): A0367/03; A0368/16; A0603/06; A0702/1; A0710/03; A0711/06; B0853/20; B0853/20; B0864/37; B0968/14; B1095/02; B1154/15; B1162/10; B1267/M; B1275/07; B1276/07; B1302/31; B1303/31; C0543/36

garden-gate (1): A0295/10

Gardening (1): B1329/33

gardening (6): A0709/29; A0710/17; A0711/04; B1274/31; B1275/21; C0530/11

gardens (2): B1007/18; C0574/02

Gargantua (2): B1234/05; B1345/14

garish (1): A0511/02

garment (9): A0100/10; A0444/08; A0692/08; A0696/31; B0730/25; B0762/16; B0765/19; B0766/32; B1049/25

garments (9): A0103/24; A0218/28; A0349/02; A0403/05; A0510/17; B0946/28; B0961/22; B0964/32; B1157/05

garnered (1): A0135/05

Garnier (1): A0079/03

garret (6): A0057/13; A0067/31; B1128/01; B1336/34; B1362/08; B1362/15

garrets (1): A0542/18

garter (2): B0745/29; B0745/32

garter’s (1): B0746/31

garters (7): A0340/36; B0745/30; B0745/34; B0746/26; B0746/27; B0747/01; B0747/04

gas (33): A0071/32; A0400/V; A0458/31; A0498/28; A0513/35; B0742/08; B0742/26; B0742/35; B0743/17; B1034/11; B1071/01; B1071/03; B1073/05; B1073/05; B1073/08; B1074/11; B1074/14; B1074/14; B1074/32; B1076/09; B1076/31; B1079/28; B1080/23; B1298/25; C0393/33; C0393/34; C0394/09; C0394/14; C0394/38; C0402/32; C0403/01; C0403/11; C0403/19

gas-lamps (1): A0510/35

gas-lighted (1): A0499/25

gas-litten (1): A0499/V

gaseous (3): A0412/32; A0461/07; B1321/30

gases (1): A0460/24

gash (4): B0960/20; C0119/19; C0169/14; C0169/18

gashes (1): A0430/V

gasp (3): A0411/27; A0514/07; C0121/32

gasped (16): A0139/25; A0252/16; A0373/06; A0461/09; A0628/30; A0676/29; A0684/V; A0692/24; A0696/05; B0797/10; B0947/23; B0967/08; B1226/07; C0111/21; C0124/11; C0397/08

Gasperitch/Lane (1): B1361/34

gasping (7): A0072/04; A0437/20; B1348/30; B1372/29; C0083/02; C0135/23; C0406/16

gaspingly (1): A0614/01

gasps (3): B0743/24; B0743/25; B0743/26

gasteropeda (2): C0178/09; C0178/21

gate (15): A0023/16; A0043/04; A0045/03; A0429/05; A0540/02; A0540/03; B1281/18; B1282/10; B1282/24; B1282/27; B1282/34; B1332/17; B1335/08; B1338/11; B1338/13

gate-way (4): A0029/16; B1003/25; B1282/V; B1282/V

gates (7): A0062/01; A0075/11; A0128/08; A0670/17; A0681/M; B1160/25; C0561/34

gateway (3): A0537/13; A0539/34; A0546/18

gather (5): A0297/20; A0303/19; B0823/33; C0147/29; C0560/13

gathered (12): A0197/22; A0228/25; A0233/06; A0356/09; B0902/11; B1370/09; C0077/34; C0133/36; C0155/27; C0178/10; C0178/11; C0420/23

gathering (14): A0046/22; A0141/31; A0154/23; A0154/24; A0216/16; A0218/24; A0530/13; A0530/15; B0770/01; C0060/02; C0177/27; C0181/36; C0188/25; C0410/13

gathers (2): A0643/01; B1222/17





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)