Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Gaudiness through Hideousness,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 146-163 (This material is protected by copyright)


gaudiness (1): C0538/41

gaudy (5): A0165/14; A0499/14; A0672/15; B0908/V; C0543/29

gaudy-colored (1): A0247/17

gaunt (4): A0071/14; A0245/21; A0675/08; C0531/26

gauntlet (1): A0584/22

gauntleted (1): A0413/32

gauze-like (1): A0152/29

gave (195)

gay (15): A0152/18; A0440/30; A0446/27; A0640/34; A0643/12; A0644/14; A0672/31; A0673/10; A0677/02; B0768/33; B0862/36; B0898/06; B0943/18; B0947/03; C0125/28

Gay-Lussac (1): C0401/06

gayest (1): A0152/17

gaze (1): B0889/29

gaze (15): A0022/26; A0087/34; A0153/08; A0590/30; A0639/25; A0663/28; B0893/08; B0893/13; B0894/33; B1057/22; B1212/16; B1237/08; B1330/01; B1381/32; C0565/03

gazed (42): A0022/19; A0157/08; A0191/05; A0210/10; A0211/02; A0234/17; A0318/V; A0326/08; A0329/26; A0398/10; A0401/25; A0417/11; A0437/24; A0515/25; A0580/08; A0583/07; A0590/18; A0602/02; A0602/04; A0641/V; A0663/12; A0666/02; A0689/31; A0690/06; A0696/V; B0795/01; B0826/17; B0889/V; B0890/14; B0909/27; B0932/23; B0944/21; B0948/30; B0960/23; B0964/36; B1021/08; B1057/08; B1330/03; B1348/30; B1354/05; C0405/29; C0438/V

gazelle (1): A0313/04

gazes (2): A0227/14; A0232/01

Gazette (13): A0058/29; A0075/02; A0546/31; A0547/14; B1369/29; B1369/35; B1371/07; B1371/09; B1371/11; B1371/12; B1371/14; B1371/17; B1381/22

gazette (1): B1369/23

Gazette’s (1): B1371/18

Gazetteer (1): A0537/04

gazing (9): A0035/29; A0190/19; A0217/V; A0326/20; A0411/08; A0546/16; B1278/08; C0126/20; C0425/12

Ge-Henna (2): A0226/19; A0230/17

gear (1): C0163/07

geese (2): C0151/29; C0570/16

gelasma (Gr.) (1): A0159/05

gelatinous (3): B1240/22; C0142/38; C0178/13

gelebt (1): A0150/V

geliebet (1): A0150/V

gem (5): B0877/07; B0908/03; B1137/04; B1137/17; B1144/02

gemmary (1): B1257/10

gems (2): B0945/14; B1160/12

gendarme (5): A0539/32; A0546/33; B0733/26; B0733/27; B0748/21

gendarmes (1): A0537/14

gender (1): B1096/36

gendering (1): C0178/27

genera (2): A0311/30; B1190/27

General (28): A0269/19; A0378/03; A0379/19; A0380/02; A0380/19; A0381/02; A0381/11; A0382/08; A0382/13; A0382/24; A0382/28; A0382/32; A0383/19; A0383/30; A0384/19; A0385/02; A0385/08; A0385/32; A0386/06; A0386/22; A0386/27; A0388/24; A0388/29; A0389/10; A0389/17; A0697/11; B1304/17; B1304/35

general (183)

General’s (1): A0389/01

generalities (2): A0610/15; B0955/18

generality (2): B0745/24; B1277/17

generalization (3): A0708/13; B1273/09; B1313/08

generalizing (1): A0507/31

generally (64)

generally-educated (1): B1316/26

generally-received (1): C0202/09

generals (1): B1346/28

generate (2): B1038/03; B1072/05

generated (2): B0743/17; C0393/34

generation (2): B0742/08; B0742/26

generic (2): B1039/29; C0172/34

generical (1): B1190/25

generis (1): A0493/06

generosity (7): A0043/12; A0044/03; A0044/22; A0264/10; B1054/18; B1128/05; B1209/10

generous (5): A0440/30; B0899/23; B1055/11; B1137/13; B1138/10

generously (2): B1021/27; B1209/02

Geneva (1): B1078/11

Genii (1): B1283/14

genii (4): A0198/23; B1158/03; B1158/10; B1169/14

genio (1): A0599/M

Genius (1): A0053/12

genius (61)

geniuses (1): A0482/21

Genoa (1): A0100/11

Genoese (1): B1329/19

Gens/de/Feuilles (1): C0551/32

Gens/des/Feuilles (1): C0551/09

Gens/du/Lac (1): C0551/03

gentaal> (2): A0466/14; A0468/05

gentaalest> (1): A0468/17

genteel (1): B1153/22

Gentiles (1): A0046/09

gentilhomme (1): C0430/39

gentility (1): A0509/30

gentle (52)

gentle-footfall (1): A0325/V

gentleman (133)

gentleman-like (1): B1143/10

gentleman’s (4): A0072/14; A0339/26; B0879/22; B1011/06

gentlemanly (2): A0440/20; B1183/12

gentlemen (51)

gentleness (4): A0312/25; B1108/01; B1139/16; B1139/18

gentler (3): A0510/32; B1015/14; B1332/08

gentlest (1): B1385/29

gentlewoman (1): B1015/29

gently (28): A0033/14; A0217/V; A0218/29; A0228/03; A0294/10; A0353/18; A0553/26; A0610/32; A0614/26; A0639/24; A0650/08; A0682/11; B0789/23; B0865/17; B0866/15; B0927/29; B0929/23; B1075/23; B1076/04; B1189/30; B1238/16; B1282/22; B1330/18; B1333/12; B1385/16; C0129/27; C0197/02; C0198/27

gently-flowing (1): B0944/30

gentry (2): A0508/29; A0509/08

Genuine (1): B1127/13

genuine (7): A0338/18; A0340/23; A0346/12; A0346/20; B0766/07; B1144/06; B1304/05

Genus (2): A0534/27; A0654/08

genus (3): B0808/18; B1250/18; C0543/26

geographer (3): A0638/14; B1291/08; B1310/06

geographer’s (1): A0578/35

geography (1): C0524/14

geological (6): A0459/15; B1160/23; B1273/33; C0402/15; C0422/27; C0424/35

geologist (1): A0175/25

geometrical (1): B0746/15

geometrician (1): B1310/33

geometry (3): B1164/01; B1301/31; C0404/38

George (5): A0086/12; A0097/12; A0112/27; B0887/4; B1070/18

Georges (1): C0146/37

Georgia (3): C0157/35; C0160/14; C0162/10

geranium (1): B1340/19

geraniums (1): B1334/22

germ (2): A0580/25; B1270/35

German (21): A0018/V; A0091/24; A0099/10; A0101/08; A0135/06; A0225/18; A0229/16; A0297/02; A0344/11; A0345/09; A0357/04; A0473/20; A0473/28; A0506/01; A0542/02; A0542/03; A0549/31; A0549/32; B0827/28; B1360/19; C0432/48

Germanic (2): A0473/19; A0473/27

Germanism (2): A0473/16; A0473/19

Germans (1): B1115/08

Germany (3): A0473/30; B1031/22; B1140/25

germen (2): B1163/28; B1163/30

germinated (1): B1190/28

germination (3): B1190/26; B1190/28; B1247/01

gesticulate (1): A0565/16

gesticulated (1): A0508/07

gesticulating (1): A0123/02

gesticulation (1): B1260/16

gesticulations (9): A0508/10; B0797/13; C0123/40; C0200/15; C0205/10; C0397/40; C0554/17; C0555/19; C0557/24

gesture (3): A0439/12; A0513/09; C0131/30

get (151)

gets (6): A0486/04; A0488/V; B0871/20; B0872/03; B1154/10; C0570/27

getting (115)

gewohnlich (1): B0723/M

ghastliest (1): A0533/01

ghastlily (1): A0665/15

ghastliness (1): B0814/27

ghastly (41): A0036/09; A0152/V; A0195/10; A0196/08; A0196/11; A0197/07; A0215/19; A0217/V; A0244/02; A0245/28; A0321/17; A0322/24; A0327/21; A0330/13; A0398/13; A0402/07; A0406/04; A0407/38; A0410/34; A0413/04; A0509/36; A0579/06; A0590/23; A0672/17; A0683/20; A0685/14; A0695/32; B0764/33; B0771/15; B0855/34; B0859/V; B0955/19; B0963/25; B1057/19; B1208/08; B1223/09; B1223/09; C0072/13; C0072/34; C0182/31; C0405/31

ghastly-looking (1): A0244/30

Gheber (1): A0035/13

ghee (1): A0136/03

ghost (11): A0295/11; A0357/02; A0605/09; B0764/19; B1109/16; B1115/35; B1142/04; B1222/23; B1225/18; B1303/10; B1374/28

ghostly (1): A0506/04

ghosts (3): A0080/32; A0144/31; B1345/10

giant (6): A0318/V; A0427/01; A0639/10; A0640/14; B1076/20; B1300/19

giants (1): B1248/04

gib (3): B0812/06; B0812/08; B0814/14

gibbering (4): A0416/01; B0964/04; B0964/11; B1014/30

gibbous (1): C0429/15

Gibraltar (1): C0443/V

giddiest (1): A0672/32

giddiness (3): A0227/14; A0232/01; B1292/20

giddy (10): A0046/21; A0140/16; A0154/08; A0227/13; A0232/01; A0349/26; A0578/06; A0578/31; B1226/09; C0073/12

giebt (1): B0723/M

gift (2): A0241/34; A0242/01

gifted (2): A0044/14; A0478/24

gifts (3): A0702/03; A0704/08; B1269/07

gigantic (56)

Gil-Blas (1): B1105/08

gilded (4): A0160/17; A0664/09; B0945/17; B1180/30

gilden (1): B0945/V

gilding (1): A0502/V

gill (4): C0081/09; C0082/29; C0138/34; C0145/30

gilt (9): A0267/11; A0271/26; A0273/25; A0368/14; A0368/25; A0372/25; A0509/16; B1180/13; C0123/09

giltwork (1): A0501/18

gimlet-dust (1): B0980/11

gimlet-hole (4): A0552/01; A0553/19; B0985/32; B0985/34

gimlets (2): B0989/03; C0148/09

Gin (1): A0515/02

gin (2): B0812/26; B0854/04

gin-nurtured (1): B0851/26

gingerly (1): B0910/22

gingham (1): B1185/33

gintaal> (1): A0469/02

gintleman> (5): A0464/02; A0464/09; A0465/15; A0467/03; A0469/10

girded (1): A0047/01

girdle (3): B0893/16; C0552/06; C0552/30

Girdled (2): A0639/33; A0670/16

girdles (1): C0184/15

girl (42): A0567/06; A0644/18; A0653/10; A0653/13; A0663/21; A0664/04; B0723/10; B0725/14; B0726/01; B0726/17; B0727/29; B0729/23; B0731/11; B0733/07; B0735/23; B0735/26; B0735/31; B0745/08; B0746/05; B0746/22; B0747/04; B0750/07; B0755/21; B0757/02; B0757/15; B0757/18; B0763/33; B0767/21; B0769/01; B0769/13; B0769/24; B0924/12; B0934/01; B0957/13; B1008/05; B1014/09; B1091/02; B1346/24; B1349/04; B1349/32; B1354/15; C0146/37

girl’s (6): A0627/34; B0734/01; B0734/24; B0738/32; B0750/18; B0766/04

girlhood (2): B0914/10; B1122/35

girls (3): A0510/03; B0923/20; C0118/14

Gironne, Fymeric de (1): A0409/06

girt (1): B1280/05

girth (1): C0163/29

girting (1): A0136/15

git (2): B0811/32; B0815/10

git> (3): A0466/15; A0469/19; A0470/03

gits> (2): A0467/07; A0467/V

gitting (1): B0812/05

gitting> (1): A0464/11

giunge (1): B0905/23

giv’d> (6): A0467/V; A0468/08; A0468/15; A0468/22; A0468/23; A0469/05

give (127)

gived> (3): A0467/16; A0467/26; A0470/21

given (141)

givers (1): B1136/29

gives (28): A0280/13; A0283/23; A0285/06; A0340/15; A0379/18; A0428/10; A0502/V; A0559/04; A0626/12; B0832/23; B0838/21; B0838/27; B0875/03; B0908/15; B0910/11; B0976/22; B0976/29; B1016/01; B1152/32; B1164/39; B1164/40; B1168/18; B1168/19; C0194/01; C0521/09; C0522/13; C0565/37; C0571/28

giving (67)

Gizbarim (4): A0043/10; A0044/26; A0047/10; A0047/28

gizzard (1): B1129/V

gizzards (1): B1373/23

glad (12): A0279/27; A0355/19; A0381/01; B0820/05; B0873/12; B0965/18; B1379/08; C0102/02; C0176/11; C0395/11; C0398/08; C0404/26

gladdens (1): A0708/08

glades (1): B1329/06

gladiatorial (1): A0123/28

gladly (3): A0054/16; A0567/23; C0531/28

glance (48): A0022/14; A0022/21; A0068/18; A0141/03; A0155/09; A0164/25; A0227/12; A0231/26; A0267/04; A0270/20; A0283/24; A0313/V; A0401/23; A0404/11; A0415/12; A0511/07; A0511/09; A0529/10; A0531/V; A0557/02; A0558/27; A0578/16; A0582/20; A0587/37; A0587/38; A0627/29; A0651/31; A0684/10; A0689/28; B0728/30; B0755/23; B0759/22; B0810/27; B0829/06; B0840/05; B0887/05; B0932/18; B0983/15; B1181/30; B1221/08; B1297/05; B1314/09; C0087/26; C0112/07; C0151/21; C0422/27; C0438/V; C0524/23

glanced (10): A0035/08; A0155/22; A0164/V; A0587/23; A0602/23; A0663/22; B0728/07; B0895/17; B0991/11; B1194/28

glances (14): A0163/06; A0215/02; A0314/16; A0326/14; A0410/19; A0442/23; A0510/05; A0530/11; A0545/21; A0567/08; B0894/19; B0898/21; B0899/07; C0198/03

glancing (6): A0158/01; A0312/21; A0535/30; B1105/18; B1190/33; B1372/25

Glanvill (2): A0314/23; A0319/30

Glanvill, Joseph (2): A0310/M; A0318/V

glare (21): A0022/23; A0026/32; A0029/23; A0139/32; A0145/02; A0157/04; A0190/05; A0326/12; A0498/25; A0512/01; A0626/29; A0673/20; A0696/11; B0823/05; B0826/16; B0865/07; B1009/01; C0112/20; C0142/31; C0205/29; C0205/40

glared (6): A0087/26; A0217/V; A0695/32; A0696/04; B0814/28; B1353/31

glaring (8): A0693/30; B0944/05; B1248/29; B1301/23; B1330/35; C0073/02; C0107/39; C0122/32

glaringly (2): A0672/13; B1385/26

Glass (4): C0156/12; C0156/18; C0156/26; C0158/18

glass (54)

glass-house (1): C0428/34

glass-like (1): C0559/36

Glass’s/Islands (1): C0162/22

glasses (18): A0103/31; A0106/16; B0728/31; B0888/17; B0907/03; B0909/04; B0910/21; B0910/V; B0911/01; B0911/V; B0915/27; B0916/12; B1020/19; B1056/29; B1102/13; B1105/10; B1110/21; C0067/32

glassy (5): A0215/10; A0235/26; A0294/09; A0602/32; B1237/19

glauber (1): C0553/02

Glaumba (1): B1161/26

glazed (4): A0245/29; A0546/19; A0567/V; C0059/26

gleam (4): A0417/06; A0687/13; B0944/19; C0136/09

Gleamed (8): A0023/05; A0152/24; A0156/14; A0663/V; A0695/33; B0827/14; B1338/35; B1348/10

gleaming (16): A0151/V; A0234/06; A0565/21; A0580/28; A0590/23; A0676/24; B0826/14; B0907/05; B0943/16; B1248/15; B1278/V; B1279/07; B1283/02; B1317/30; B1333/22; C0072/35

gleams (5): A0036/08; A0163/07; A0401/09; B1259/03; B1280/V

glean (3): B0734/04; B1304/24; C0575/21

gleaned (2): B1104/29; B1358/03

glee (9): A0249/18; A0487/24; A0664/31; A0665/03; B0858/19; B1352/08; C0538/15; C0543/39; C0560/15

gleichfalls (1): B0723/M

Glendinning (5): A0440/36; A0441/19; A0442/05; A0442/15; A0443/08

glens (1): A0323/16

gliddon (14): B1179/28; B1180/31; B1182/06; B1183/01; B1183/06; B1184/03; B1184/16; B1184/18; B1184/26; B1184/32; B1186/06; B1188/05; B1188/10; B1193/16

Gliddon’s (1): B1185/10

glide (2): A0143/32; A0144/31

glided (2): A0604/22; A0639/29

glides (4): A0604/V; B1034/33; B1282/17; B1282/35

gliding (1): A0567/21

glimmer (5): B0829/34; C0077/18; C0080/09; C0183/04; C0397/32

glimmering (2): C0077/14; C0111/31

glimpse (26): A0093/14; A0112/26; A0124/09; A0299/19; A0374/09; A0397/06; A0404/24; A0412/28; A0446/31; A0512/05; A0566/10; A0566/11; A0580/02; B0771/31; B0819/09; B0842/30; B1156/15; B1299/02; B1330/28; B1334/33; B1338/05; C0108/02; C0183/12; C0418/47; C0543/20; C0553/08

glimpses (5): A0078/30; A0253/19; A0638/08; B1280/15; C0065/25

glistened (2): A0143/15; B0821/31

glistening (2): A0217/V; A0692/31

glitter (5): A0499/20; A0499/29; A0500/12; A0500/12; A0673/20

glittering (4): A0353/19; A0690/16; A0691/11; B1283/12

gloaming (1): B0901/V

globe (24): A0426/05; A0457/27; A0458/26; A0583/04; A0656/28; A0657/11; B0821/31; B1159/06; B1160/22; B1180/22; B1190/30; B1213/37; C0160/05; C0180/11; C0182/03; C0201/18; C0396/07; C0400/31; C0405/05; C0408/02; C0429/23; C0432/19; C0432/24; C0432/35

globes (2): B1301/03; B1301/05

globular (2): B1163/26; B1163/28

gloom (42): A0122/15; A0139/06; A0151/20; A0152/07; A0175/22; A0181/19; A0210/23; A0217/V; A0233/22; A0243/16; A0397/07; A0398/14; A0401/18; A0403/33; A0405/05; A0442/21; A0457/03; A0473/16; A0532/14; A0579/04; A0603/17; A0605/01; A0605/07; A0626/29; A0662/04; A0687/13; B0901/08; B0906/28; B0927/17; B0940/16; B0963/36; B1246/21; B1247/26; B1279/26; B1280/01; B1280/27; C0068/39; C0072/35; C0078/03; C0080/25; C0081/31; C0151/21

gloomily (3): A0021/23; A0139/22; C0136/07

gloominess (1): B0865/10

gloomy (25): A0080/24; A0087/22; A0153/09; A0154/02; A0156/30; A0189/23; A0209/13; A0217/V; A0320/11; A0348/01; A0351/26; A0410/27; A0411/20; A0437/V; A0514/18; B0926/06; B1003/19; C0065/15; C0071/13; C0075/41; C0122/12; C0128/23; C0140/16; C0142/24; C0201/23

gloomy-looking (1): A0321/20

glories (6): A0071/03; A0175/23; A0528/05; A0639/14; A0643/23; B0863/10

glorifying (1): B1139/31

glorious (30): A0020/V; A0036/10; A0128/04; A0158/18; A0158/18; A0198/22; A0247/20; A0252/11; A0263/23; A0263/32; A0316/21; A0339/30; A0352/33; A0406/34; A0498/19; A0556/24; A0556/25; A0638/04; A0644/V; A0707/12; B1162/04; B1222/10; B1272/11; B1278/10; B1294/03; B1301/23; C0058/10; C0124/06; C0146/15; C0575/11

gloriously (5): A0071/32; A0093/30; A0113/V; A0639/27; A0663/13

Glory (4): A0127/02; A0127/24; A0128/01; A0128/07

glory (13): A0158/03; A0407/13; A0407/29; A0590/25; A0600/17; A0600/18; A0640/05; A0641/11; A0665/12; B1278/11; B1302/25; B1332/35; C0421/40

gloss (1): A0379/04

glossy (12): A0087/17; A0156/V; A0267/11; A0312/11; A0428/33; A0502/01; A0603/11; B0815/16; B0862/36; B1180/26; B1332/33; C0151/13

glove (3): A0101/08; B0871/04; B0992/06

Glover’s (1): B1101/03

gloves (6): A0034/19; B0734/34; B0758/09; B0761/33; B1186/01; B1362/25

glow (13): A0138/24; A0227/27; A0232/13; A0328/07; A0644/V; A0683/02; A0696/03; A0696/34; B0826/16; B1261/03; B1318/01; C0079/22; C0080/01

glow-worm-like (1): B0829/35

glowed (7): A0603/06; A0673/13; A0707/26; A0712/07; B1163/01; B1272/26; B1277/12

glowing (11): A0248/V; A0405/27; A0407/16; A0412/31; A0640/34; A0643/12; A0696/07; B0832/30; B1362/18; C0065/15; C0443/V

Glowworm (1): B0898/02

Gluck (1): C0427/25

glueing (1): B0980/13

glut (1): C0555/31

glutinous (2): B1240/22; C0566/25

gluttony (1): A0097/24

gnarled (2): A0428/01; B0818/31

gnashed (2): B0913/17; B1353/31

gnashing (1): A0567/05

gnawed (2): C0545/20; C0545/39

gnawing (2): A0623/11; C0128/28

gnawings (1): A0081/31

Gnomes (1): B1283/14

go (167)

go-ahead (1): B1091/31

goaded (2): B0856/24; B1158/08

Goading (3): A0397/19; A0706/24; B1271/26

goal (2): A0316/10; A0535/16

goat (6): A0124/14; B0833/02; B0833/08; B0833/10; B0835/05; C0566/22

goats (5): B0833/08; C0155/31; C0156/23; C0559/41; C0560/01

gobble (1): B0821/02

Goblet (7): A0166/24; A0325/21; B1104/20; B1348/05; B1348/12; B1348/29; B1349/03

goblet-ful (1): A0325/14

gobletful (1): A0325/V

goblets (3): A0165/05; A0165/16; A0189/33

goblin (1): A0599/M

goblins (1): B1128/28

God (117)

god (10): A0045/28; A0045/29; A0124/12; A0146/09; A0190/31; A0190/32; A0312/V; A0371/114; A0387/08; B1188/12

God’s (15): A0465/09; A0469/11; A0470/19; A0534/V; A0588/33; B0873/28; B1139/11; B1191/33; B1220/02; B1242/24; B1385/17; C0059/18; C0083/23; C0426/13; C0529/21

Goddess (1): A0568/21

goddesses (1): B0911/11

Goddin (1): C0067/22

Godhead (2): A0601/21; B1214/33

godlike (1): A0348/07

Gods (2): A0357/01; B1145/19

gods (7): A0240/M; A0351/03; A0351/15; B0911/11; B1127/06; B1188/06; B1188/09

Godwin, William (2): A0055/01; A0064/04

goes (17): A0338/18; A0340/13; A0343/34; A0379/32; A0628/34; A0650/26; B0740/07; B0766/25; B0850/19; B0871/18; B0874/30; B1152/07; B1208/24; B1299/09; B1312/33; B1373/20; C0574/19

Goethe (1): A0150/V

Gog (1): A0119/01

goggle (1): A0248/14

goggling> (2): A0464/22; A0469/04

going (99)

Golconda (1): B0835/11

Gold (1): B1380/06

gold (61)

gold-fish (1): B0850/25

gold-flowered (1): A0502/21

gold-seeker (1): B0823/28

gold-threaded (1): A0502/24

Gold-Bug (1): B0806/T

Golden (1): B1303/15

golden (27): A0033/04; A0036/01; A0087/22; A0165/11; A0175/23; A0215/V; A0316/18; A0321/29; A0325/08; A0406/34; A0426/08; A0503/05; A0590/25; A0602/25; A0641/01; A0643/13; A0643/22; A0662/13; A0672/08; B0827/13; B0828/08; B0955/34; B1212/19; B1280/26; B1283/07; B1318/07; B1385/21

golly (1): B0824/09

gondola (4): A0151/24; A0152/11; A0153/26; A0155/22

Gondola, Convulvulus (1): A0205/13

gondolier (1): A0151/28

gone (77)

gongs (1): B0945/17

Gonzales (3): C0431/05; C0432/10; C0432/43

Gonzales, Dominique (1): C0430/28

Good (2): A0558/V; B1017/09

good (375)

good-by (1): B1003/05

good-bye (1): A0655/06

good-for-nothing (2): A0346/14; C0067/33

good-for-nothing-to-nobody (1): B1372/02

good-hearted (2): A0482/11; B0926/20

good-humored (1): B1009/21

good-humoredly (1): B0993/20

good-humour (2): C0089/04; C0101/11

good-humouredly (1): A0091/21

good-looking (1): B0888/18

good-natured (1): B1045/02

good-tempered (1): C0531/23

good-will (1): B1158/25

Good/Hope (8): A0655/23; B1021/11; C0148/20; C0149/11; C0150/12; C0156/06; C0156/17; C0525/25

Goodfellow (24): B1045/22; B1047/18; B1049/11; B1050/01; B1050/07; B1050/08; B1050/11; B1050/16; B1050/V; B1050/V; B1052/07; B1052/27; B1052/33; B1053/33; B1054/03; B1054/16; B1054/24; B1055/30; B1057/10; B1057/18; B1058/23; B1058/31; B1059/01; B1059/06

Goodfellow, Charles (3): B1044/24; B1055/14; B1055/27

Goodfellow, Charley (1): B1044/25

Goodfellow, Old Charley (4): B1044/25; B1045/09; B1046/19; B1055/01

Goodfellow’s (6): B1053/05; B1053/08; B1054/30; B1056/18; B1058/12; B1059/18

goodly (5): A0250/27; A0347/28; C0124/27; C0388/12; C0436/V

goodness (5): B0910/26; B0910/28; B1116/10; B1370/05; B1370/14

goods (14): B0872/27; B0873/06; C0180/01; C0534/08; C0534/14; C0534/18; C0534/20; C0534/24; C0535/09; C0540/03; C0559/25; C0571/08; C0575/34; C0575/43

goodwill (1): C0175/27

goole (3): B0809/02; B0813/02; B0818/15

goole-bug (6): B0812/22; B0813/02; B0813/03; B0826/26; B0826/26; B0826/27

goose (3): B1103/02; B1372/07; C0151/23

goose-quill (1): B1133/07

Goose’s (1): B1130/29

gooseberries (1): C0576/07

Goosetherumfoodle (24): B1126/T; B1129/26; B1130/09; B1130/13; B1130/28; B1130/36; B1131/01; B1131/32; B1134/20; B1136/12; B1136/33; B1137/29; B1138/26; B1143/25; B1143/30; B1143/33; B1143/34; B1143/35; B1144/04; B1144/10; B1144/12; B1144/13; B1144/23; B1145/09

goot (3): B0912/17; B0912/17; B1104/18

Gordon (2): C0067/17; C0067/32

Gore (1): B1051/15

gore (4): A0125/18; A0218/29; A0319/10; B0859/11

gores (1): B1071/16

gorge (24): A0639/21; A0643/14; B0865/08; B0942/28; B1279/14; B1279/17; B1280/04; C0180/35; C0180/37; C0181/33; C0183/23; C0183/35; C0184/30; C0184/33; C0184/38; C0191/30; C0192/12; C0549/25; C0553/12; C0553/21; C0553/31; C0559/09; C0567/14; C0572/34

gorgeous (23): A0020/V; A0036/V; A0210/32; A0316/09; A0320/22; A0322/12; A0503/01; A0641/07; A0643/23; A0663/V; A0705/11; B0862/04; B0862/31; B0907/V; B1138/23; B1162/09; B1248/20; B1280/10; B1332/35; B1337/11; B1337/30; B1340/17; B1347/08

gorgeously (3): B0945/15; B1334/22; B1350/25

gorges (2): B1076/17; C0552/37

Gorgias (3): A0341/23; A0342/V; A0507/14

gorging (1): C0125/01

gose (1): B0812/01

gospel (1): C0531/36

gossamer (5): A0402/10; A0682/24; B0850/21; B0890/V; B1207/36

gossip (3): B1007/06; B1390/20; C0427/10

gossiping (1): B1291/15

got (74)

Gotham (3): A0292/V; A0294/V; A0298/V

Gothic (9): A0349/22; A0366/17; A0400/23; A0409/10; A0428/09; A0430/02; A0671/25; A0710/01; B1275/04

Gott (5): A0373/09; B1102/06; B1103/29; B1104/15; B1104/16

gotten (3): A0092/36; A0109/11; C0062/17

Gottingen (2): A0086/02; A0205/22

gouge (3): A0388/19; B0824/12; B1373/22

gouges (1): A0148/09

Gould (1): A0281/01

gould> (1): A0465/11

Gould H. F. (1): A0280/37

gout (4): A0033/V; A0253/01; A0253/21; B0906/20

gouty (2): A0247/11; A0252/13

governed (2): B1299/27; C0203/35

government (21): A0019/16; A0203/04; A0547/30; A0704/29; B1018/32; B1018/33; B1031/18; B1250/07; B1269/28; B1299/37; B1300/10; B1300/29; C0150/16; C0156/05; C0156/09; C0207/20; C0391/24; C0523/02; C0525/17; C0526/21; C0527/30

governor (4): A0491/08; B1142/20; C0156/13; C0156/19

gown (2): B0732/25; B0734/19

grabs (1): A0136/09

Grace (7): A0035/01; A0036/19; A0036/25; A0037/11; A0037/13; A0037/20; A0182/16

grace (36): A0033/13; A0034/04; A0035/V; A0036/23; A0037/09; A0037/V; A0176/15; A0179/32; A0180/01; A0250/14; A0250/15; A0250/15; A0266/18; A0271/20; A0280/25; A0357/03; A0383/07; A0383/24; A0641/V; A0644/V; A0652/07; A0704/09; B0889/22; B1109/16; B1128/28; B1130/05; B1170/01; B1184/27; B1195/06; B1208/05; B1269/08; B1281/04; B1333/02; B1338/31; B1346/34; C0174/26

grace’s (1): A0035/08

graceful (17): A0154/14; A0210/23; A0247/03; A0269/34; A0312/14; A0349/14; A0379/30; A0385/06; A0503/05; A0603/10; B0945/31; B1004/07; B1096/21; B1330/06; B1332/10; B1332/21; B1340/13

gracefully (3): A0640/08; B0890/06; B1138/14

gracefulness (1): B0889/21

graces (6): A0065/27; A0298/V; A0464/11; A0508/29; B0924/26; B1051/35

gracious (5): A0629/03; B0910/26; B0910/28; B1019/35; B1370/05

graciously (1): A0249/10

gradation (8): A0435/17; A0610/18; A0667/32; B0963/07; B0966/10; B1034/10; B1299/32; C0406/12

gradations (5): A0431/12; B1033/20; B1033/24; B1222/30; B1224/30

grade (3): A0509/28; B0769/01; B0989/23

gradu (1): A0097/07

gradual (12): A0225/05; A0229/05; A0231/21; A0404/17; A0408/19; A0510/32; B0962/24; B1076/33; B1282/09; C0143/40; C0411/05; C0422/13

gradually (52)

graduated (1): A0205/22

Graham (1): B1380/18

grain (10): B0980/11; B1162/32; C0098/21; C0098/22; C0098/26; C0098/29; C0098/35; C0098/38; C0099/08; C0118/13

grains (1): C0404/33

grammar (4): B1114/31; B1114/31; B1114/33; B1383/12

grammarians (2): B1114/32; B1114/34

Grampus (11): C0053/T; C0065/32; C0066/21; C0066/36; C0087/33; C0097/05; C0099/25; C0099/40; C0101/09; C0106/20; C0137/23

Grand (3): A0175/04; A0181/25; A0279/16

grand (3): A0506/M; B0987/01; C0430/31

grand (10): A0649/03; A0653/12; B0862/17; B0942/31; B1152/22; B1152/29; B1152/33; B1152/33; B1347/01; B1351/15

grand-uncle (2): A0651/22; A0652/23

Grand/Canal (2): A0151/24; A0157/01

Grand/Portage (1): C0526/37

Grand, Bouffon Le (1): B1012/33

grandames (1): B1044/06

grande (1): B0912/26

grande-daughter (1): B0913/V

grandest (1): B1166/05

grandeur (8): A0157/V; A0158/V; A0320/11; A0590/29; A0641/11; A0662/04; B1278/14; B1278/17

grandfather (5): C0057/03; C0066/03; C0067/17; C0521/30; C0522/29

grandiloquence (1): B0843/34

grandiloquent (1): B0815/22

Grandjean (1): B1107/16

Grandjean’s (1): A0064/27

grandly (1): A0630/19

grandmother (5): B0914/04; B0914/07; B0915/10; B0916/01; B0916/24

grandmother’s (1): B0914/23

granite (16): A0322/04; B0864/32; B1161/35; B1261/16; B1261/25; B1279/35; B1303/33; B1331/20; B1331/29; B1337/02; C0192/02; C0192/32; C0193/20; C0194/06; C0196/04; C0199/01

grano (1): B1364/03

Grant (1): A0428/35

grant (9): A0183/23; A0279/05; A0638/16; B0767/09; B0987/02; B1078/31; B1186/23; B1314/19; B1314/22

Grant’s (1): A0428/35

granted (12): A0339/15; B0736/31; B0834/22; B0903/15; B0906/25; B0985/31; B1016/06; B1183/19; B1190/10; B1220/15; C0401/01; C0413/22

granting (4): A0478/05; B0749/28; C0072/01; C0402/19

granulated (2): A0193/11; C0199/02

grape (8): A0085/M; A0180/18; A0185/05; C0540/09; C0542/14; C0542/38; C0542/39; C0543/19

grape-vine (1): B1337/19

grape-vines (1): B1334/34

grapes (1): A0085/M

graphic (1): B0828/33

grapnel (3): B1073/36; B1081/27; B1081/31

grapple (2): A0397/23; A0456/22

grasp (24): A0073/30; A0146/07; A0154/11; A0351/18; A0458/09; A0555/01; A0559/07; A0561/23; A0567/07; A0586/22; A0589/31; A0695/05; B0763/34; B0841/22; B0856/26; B0965/02; B1226/06; C0085/20; C0138/27; C0142/30; C0181/36; C0197/41; C0198/10; C0579/15

grasped (10): A0219/03; A0563/20; A0565/24; B0814/25; B0851/27; B0964/10; B0964/24; B0983/14; B1317/19; C0127/16

grasping (2): A0586/10; B1108/22

grass (42): A0155/02; A0243/33; A0514/29; A0578/30; A0599/M; A0603/08; A0603/21; A0639/08; A0640/01; A0640/06; A0640/28; A0641/16; A0642/05; A0643/04; A0643/23; A0644/05; B0735/08; B0759/02; B0759/06; B0759/11; B0759/15; B0903/26; B0943/15; B0944/21; B0961/25; B1052/10; B1281/25; B1329/20; B1329/20; B1331/08; B1333/07; B1333/26; C0150/28; C0176/37; C0177/02; C0192/21; C0541/34; C0542/12; C0543/14; C0543/21; C0543/25; C0575/40

grass-grown (1): B1003/17

grass-hopper (1): A0556/13

grasshopper (6): A0466/13; A0556/27; C0556/29; C0557/18; C0557/19; C0558/09

grasshoppers (2): A0382/05; A0382/05

grate (1): C0534/34

grated (1): B0797/18

grateful (7): A0354/16; A0356/04; A0483/26; C0083/36; C0139/36; C0146/11; C0398/32

gratification (7): A0706/06; B0850/18; B1003/02; B1155/10; B1371/14; C0166/30; C0532/16

gratified (6): A0090/18; A0268/04; B1136/22; B1189/03; B1277/06; B1391/13

gratify (6): A0024/23; A0034/V; A0250/01; A0279/24; A0709/33; B1275/01

gratifying (2): A0265/33; A0270/05

grating (7): A0410/10; A0414/30; A0416/13; A0697/08; B1349/08; B1353/26; C0061/20

gratis (1): B1092/14

gratitude (7): A0045/26; A0346/29; B0875/21; B1107/14; C0061/08; C0131/21; C0563/29

Grave (2): A0101/V; A0181/14

grave (41): A0054/21; A0080/25; A0153/05; A0216/28; A0217/V; A0218/26; A0218/V; A0268/26; A0302/01; A0316/22; A0329/15; A0369/04; A0457/08; A0507/03; A0527/V; A0612/13; A0616/09; A0616/28; A0617/06; A0631/19; A0642/02; A0675/09; A0676/30; A0682/10; A0682/23; A0703/01; B0789/M; B0815/11; B0823/19; B0856/34; B0957/24; B0957/29; B0958/32; B0959/01; B0959/10; B0959/13; B0960/06; B0963/32; B0967/32; B1249/13; B1268/01

gravel (4): A0429/13; B1006/11; B1160/27; C0396/27

gravelly (1): C0575/27

gravely (2): A0534/08; C0541/16

graven (3): A0189/05; B0853/14; C0208/27

graves (4): A0603/24; B0964/23; B0964/25; B0965/03

gravest (1): A0627/10

graveyard (1): B0961/13

gravitating (2): C0403/06; C0432/07

gravitation (7): B1297/32; B1317/10; C0403/24; C0404/28; C0422/07; C0422/08; C0432/33

gravities (1): B0741/20

gravity (21): A0080/04; A0294/14; A0300/27; B0741/04; B0741/08; B0741/13; B0742/05; B0742/12; B0892/29; B1003/30; B1136/05; B1301/03; B1301/24; B1301/27; B1302/15; B1321/24; B1382/04; B1382/05; C0402/31; C0424/32; C0556/14

gray (33): A0106/22; A0143/16; A0144/19; A0195/22; A0196/10; A0196/11; A0196/12; A0209/13; A0210/29; A0214/03; A0214/23; A0328/24; A0398/12; A0400/01; A0403/29; A0408/11; A0430/29; A0438/26; A0485/04; A0502/01; B0888/13; B0901/08; B0942/34; B0966/10; B1337/32; B1339/09; C0072/18; C0151/12; C0203/23; C0204/35; C0389/19; C0555/11; C0557/07

gray-mottled (1): C0408/22

grayer (1): A0144/20

grayish (1): C0192/40

grayish-white (1): C0416/41

grayness (1): C0204/36

grazed (1): B1278/34

grease (2): B1128/32; C0552/05

greasy (1): A0561/07

Great (3): A0120/22; B1193/18; C0407/36

great (666)

Great/Bend (1): C0559/10

Great/Britain (4): A0164/04; A0261/21; A0440/10; C0525/12

Great/Sioux (1): C0548/09

Great/Spirit (1): C0558/03

greater (90)

greatest (72)

greatly (74)

greatness (3): A0183/24; B1126/12; B1130/03

Grecian (3): A0035/20; B0909/06; B0914/10

Grecque (2): A0101/02; A0109/32

Greece (5): A0175/29; A0181/24; A0190/31; B1091/35; B1130/20

greedily (1): C0170/18

greedy (3): A0057/24; A0068/07; B0768/20

Greek (25): A0091/22; A0110/26; A0124/21; A0157/20; A0160/V; A0189/11; A0312/26; A0336/04; A0337/06; A0337/06; A0340/09; A0344/12; A0346/01; A0346/07; A0346/12; A0536/09; A0536/V; A0612/37; A0622/28; A0641/V; B0889/28; B1091/33; B1092/04; B1128/30; B1340/04

Greeks (3): A0097/22; A0160/03; B1095/07

Greely (14): C0102/20; C0102/40; C0112/41; C0113/17; C0531/16; C0562/02; C0562/16; C0562/40; C0563/11; C0579/01; C0579/05; C0579/19; C0579/24; C0579/27

Greely, John (7): C0531/18; C0535/23; C0557/38; C0560/03; C0561/40; C0575/08; C0577/12

Greely, Meredith (2): C0535/16; C0548/34

Greely, Poindexter (4): C0535/17; C0538/13; C0548/30; C0548/32

Greely, Robert (1): C0570/15

Greelys (5): C0537/06; C0541/05; C0548/31; C0549/05; C0558/33

Green (2): A0018/14; C0403/35

green (59)

Green/Bay (1): C0528/12

Green, Charles (1): B1073/11

Green’s (1): B1074/13

greenest (2): A0406/25; B1215/26

greenish (1): C0394/03

Greenwich (1): C0524/29

greet (2): B0901/13; B1107/26

greeted (2): A0401/20; B1030/33

greeting (1): B1325/05

Grenouille (1): A0183/02

Gresset (1): A0408/30

grew (121)

Grey (3): A0079/06; A0079/06; A0079/06

grey (6): A0328/V; A0537/30; A0557/16; A0600/23; A0638/08; C0065/21

gridiron (1): A0101/08

grief (18): A0217/V; A0233/22; A0316/12; A0320/21; A0410/29; A0589/02; A0589/32; B0732/32; B0733/12; B0794/07; B0933/23; B1046/27; B1047/05; C0074/31; C0089/18; C0122/09; C0140/02; C0552/03

griefs (1): A0608/23

grieve (3): A0365/20; A0626/23; A0671/06

Grieved (6): A0642/04; B0852/03; B0902/03; B1135/25; B1169/29; C0563/36

Grievous (2): B1155/02; C0124/28

grim (7): A0244/13; A0316/25; A0403/18; A0426/M; B0963/27; B0966/26; B0969/14

grimace (1): A0058/37

grimaces (1): C0397/41

Grimm (1): C0402/21

Grimm’s (1): C0394/32

grin (6): A0098/16; B0870/02; B0871/15; B0871/15; B0871/23; B1103/15

grind (2): A0489/31; A0489/32

grinders (1): A0490/01

grinding (1): C0081/38

grinning (7): A0161/17; A0371/03; A0371/16; B0808/15; B0911/15; B0916/21; C0425/10

grins (2): B0871/16; B0871/21

grip (1): C0399/07

gripings (1): C0191/20

grisette (3): B0723/14; B0726/04; B0745/16

grisette (1): B0773/03

Griswold’s (1): B1101/05

gritting (1): B1349/22

grizzly (2): C0087/16; C0191/12

groan (6): B0794/06; B0794/06; B0794/07; B0856/27; C0086/02; C0182/11

groaned (5): A0174/19; A0179/34; A0317/03; A0373/09; A0458/23

groans (2): A0542/07; A0614/06

grocery (2): A0484/01; A0484/02

grog (1): C0103/29

groggy (1): A0487/05

Grogswigg (1): A0366/07

groin (1): C0119/21

Grooming (1): A0027/12

grooms (2): A0023/29; A0027/16

grope (3): B1262/26; C0068/37; C0182/37

groped (4): A0081/30; A0141/16; A0687/26; C0070/27

groping (7): A0316/15; A0686/01; A0687/06; B0943/22; C0077/13; C0094/12; C0127/15

gross (10): A0298/V; A0547/31; A0624/22; B0768/11; B0773/33; B1055/29; B1122/11; B1207/32; B1383/21; C0428/19

grosser (3): A0515/31; B1033/21; B1033/22

grossest (2): B1314/01; C0071/19

grossly (8): A0271/24; A0458/19; A0667/06; A0705/35; B0987/23; B1186/19; B1270/35; C0429/06

Grotesque (1): B1386/08

grotesque (17): A0099/V; A0120/15; A0122/02; A0240/11; A0245/V; A0295/29; A0298/07; A0303/V; A0321/22; A0430/14; A0473/01; A0532/15; A0673/20; B1260/18; C0093/05; C0437/V; C0537/40

grotesquely (1): B0945/16

grotesqueness (1): A0681/12

grotesquerie (2): A0293/02; A0558/08

grotesquerie (1): A0690/29

grotesques (1): A0157/20

grottoes (2): A0502/05; B1179/03

ground (82)

ground-glass (3): A0499/06; A0503/09; B1340/15

ground-moles (2): B1298/15; B1316/24

groundlessness (1): B1247/09

grounds (28): A0428/20; A0473/17; A0498/11; A0583/27; A0584/11; A0584/21; A0594/15; B0760/26; B0817/14; B0958/29; B0959/17; B0980/28; B0980/29; B1004/18; B1123/02; B1208/04; B1340/12; C0107/29; C0177/33; C0566/15; C0566/18; C0568/04; C0572/16; C0575/08; C0576/06; C0577/16; C0577/21; C0577/26

groundwork (1): B0837/06

group (30): A0143/09; A0153/24; A0675/V; A0676/01; A0676/03; B0823/07; B0898/12; B1332/20; B1333/13; B1353/13; C0053/T; C0137/28; C0150/11; C0150/20; C0154/24; C0154/30; C0155/09; C0155/23; C0156/31; C0157/28; C0167/25; C0170/32; C0171/31; C0174/09; C0202/04; C0202/29; C0203/07; C0203/35; C0204/02; C0539/02

groups (6): A0240/11; A0240/13; B0945/28; B1282/04; B1370/08; C0176/21

grouse (2): A0540/07; A0542/41

grove (1): A0544/20

grovelled (1): B1110/17

grovelling (3): A0710/20; B1275/23; C0182/06

groves (6): A0640/06; B0755/14; B0759/32; B0901/08; B0943/27; C0546/38

grow (27): A0143/07; A0146/06; A0327/09; A0402/10; A0426/14; A0500/22; A0500/22; A0503/V; A0591/29; A0600/20; B0759/11; B0962/25; B1096/24; B1156/08; B1163/11; B1207/04; B1212/13; B1222/27; B1318/02; B1345/07; B1363/22; C0392/17; C0395/22; C0444/V; C0546/17; C0552/25; C0561/20

growing (35): A0079/38; A0226/21; A0230/20; A0458/17; A0459/20; A0500/19; A0604/08; A0616/21; A0643/18; A0652/V; B0760/03; B0794/15; B0810/36; B0826/30; B0904/02; B1006/26; B1017/27; B1089/15; B1126/01; B1130/32; B1160/16; B1163/15; B1163/16; B1282/03; B1350/28; C0070/35; C0150/25; C0155/12; C0181/34; C0192/24; C0197/28; C0401/28; C0417/08; C0560/07; C0575/19

growl (7): B0809/19; B1372/05; C0081/32; C0082/15; C0113/06; C0549/34; C0577/27

growled (5): A0174/20; A0179/35; A0183/03; A0253/04; B1372/31

growling (1): C0113/31

grown (17): A0064/21; A0214/V; A0330/10; A0434/21; A0442/04; A0614/18; A0616/17; A0623/21; A0665/26; B0725/03; B0735/08; B0759/02; B0759/06; B0941/24; B1127/32; B1369/22; C0073/32

grows (4): A0545/25; A0683/05; B1162/33; B1223/02

growth (3): A0623/21; B0850/14; C0171/18

Gruff (5): A0487/06; A0487/15; A0487/18; A0487/28; A0487/33

gruff (10): A0540/08; A0541/09; A0541/29; A0541/33; A0542/29; A0543/03; A0549/13; A0549/19; A0550/21; B0968/01

gruffest (1): C0067/20

grumble (1): B1158/34

grumble (1): B0874/29

grumbling (3): A0388/31; B1102/35; C0085/39

Grunninger (1): A0515/34

grunt (1): B1158/33

grunt (1): A0047/28

Grunted (2): C0388/09; C0388/10

Gruntundguzzell (1): A0366/20

grxwl (1): B1374/18

gry (1): B1104/18

Gualtier (1): A0037/02

guarantee (1): B1304/31

guard (12): A0058/07; A0068/29; A0180/14; A0414/16; A0436/13; A0479/20; A0479/20; B0827/02; B1006/18; B1332/16; C0097/39; C0171/11

guarda (1): A0183/01

guarda (2): A0177/03; A0177/08

guarded (2): A0159/15; A0509/21

Guardian (2): A0349/28; A0483/11

guardianship (1): B0807/34

Guarding (1): A0581/36

Guards (1): C0562/25

guerre (2): B1136/24; B1138/01

guess (18): A0138/22; A0139/12; A0252/28; A0272/31; A0280/06; A0294/04; A0556/03; A0686/18; B0835/16; B0837/07; B0842/07; B0900/02; B0984/10; B0984/19; B0984/26; B1360/25; C0069/41; C0118/21

guessed (5): B0984/22; B1297/33; B1297/36; B1317/11; B1317/15

guesser (2): A0545/10; B0984/10

guesses (9): A0536/09; A0560/15; A0560/19; A0560/V; A0592/02; B0984/19; B0984/26; B1189/15; B1189/16

guessing (3): B0925/04; B0984/06; B0984/12

guest (4): A0105/06; A0107/22; A0300/04; B1281/06

guest’s (2): A0106/03; A0106/21

guests (8): A0176/15; A0182/16; A0250/02; A0250/21; B1007/32; B1056/22; B1351/29; B1352/09

guffaw (1): B1134/01

guidance (9): A0152/02; A0226/08; A0230/06; A0316/02; A0427/31; A0609/18; C0069/35; C0074/36; C0170/38

guide (7): A0228/06; A0578/21; A0583/08; B0771/32; B0841/06; B1126/13; C0570/14

guide-rope (9): B1073/36; B1074/13; B1074/19; B1075/01; B1076/10; B1076/31; B1078/04; B1108/22; B1110/10

guided (8): A0179/10; A0577/03; B0870/13; B1116/02; B1317/05; B1351/25; C0079/22; C0126/03

guides (2): A0710/16; B1275/20

guiding (2): A0673/19; B0747/15

Guido’s (2): A0160/11; A0160/13

guile (1): A0641/14

guilt (10): A0426/V; A0561/29; B0748/16; B0764/11; B0764/26; B0770/09; B0858/04; B1052/18; B1054/03; B1362/13

guiltlessness (1): B0858/22

guilty (21): A0322/25; A0487/04; A0561/V; A0564/05; B0732/04; B0761/10; B0851/32; B0979/12; B0986/19; B1054/33; B1058/06; B1154/30; B1225/18; B1383/31; C0104/22; C0107/21; C0130/27; C0200/28; C0406/22; C0411/22; C0426/21

Guinea (1): C0148/22

guineas (4): A0340/18; A0346/23; B0827/28; B0878/07

guitar (3): A0153/19; A0404/32; A0406/09

gulf (14): A0140/15; A0162/24; A0583/05; A0588/25; A0591/06; A0594/03; A0594/08; A0594/V; A0682/31; A0682/32; A0697/01; C0185/04; C0194/04; C0196/18

gulfs (1): C0405/31

gull (3): B1391/18; C0125/20; C0151/38

gulled (2): C0428/12; C0448/V

gullet (1): B1106/20

gulley (1): C0553/24

Gulley’s (1): A0338/23

gullibility (1): B1101/31

Gulliver (1): A0096/V

gully (2): C0553/17; C0572/34

gum (7): A0513/V; B1073/03; B1113/08; B1293/05; C0171/39; C0394/12; C0534/16

gum-elastic (6): C0409/17; C0410/08; C0410/35; C0411/16; C0424/18; C0424/40

gummy (1): C0178/19

gums (2): B0913/17; B1181/02

gun (3): B1329/05; C0399/21; C0557/35

gun-trigger (1): A0479/21

gunning (2): B0807/23; B0968/11

guns (11): B1078/13; C0169/31; C0171/10; C0177/14; C0180/18; C0187/07; C0187/30; C0188/01; C0533/40; C0534/02; C0534/04

gunwale (7): A0586/10; B0931/33; C0165/04; C0202/38; C0533/04; C0533/15; C0536/09

gurnards (1): C0174/07

gush (1): B1283/04

gushed (1): C0567/40

gust (3): A0412/18; A0416/25; B0944/33

gusty (1): B0974/01

Gutsmuth (1): B1361/32

Gutt-stuffin/University (1): B1091/29

gutta (1): B1293/06

gutta (1): B1298/26

gutter (8): A0341/07; A0355/04; A0355/07; A0355/10; A0355/19; A0355/31; B1090/21; B1143/03

gutters (1): A0514/30

guttural (10): A0054/05; A0054/07; A0055/31; A0056/19; A0063/13; A0063/15; A0065/12; A0066/08; A0402/24; A0433/29

Guy (21): C0147/06; C0148/01; C0150/02; C0153/35; C0154/12; C0156/26; C0162/20; C0164/31; C0165/36; C0166/01; C0166/16; C0167/08; C0168/05; C0168/31; C0168/39; C0170/20; C0171/06; C0172/25; C0175/26; C0177/25; C0190/31

Guy’s (3): C0148/24; C0157/21; C0158/09

guzzle (1): B1046/04

gwine (1): B0820/28

gx (8): B1374/09; B1374/10; B1374/11; B1374/12; B1374/12; B1374/12; B1374/13; B1374/20

gxt (1): B1374/12

gxxd (1): B1374/18

gxxd-fxr-nxthing-tx-nxbxdy (1): B1374/15

gxxse (1): B1374/20

gymnastic (1): B1006/14

gymnastics (1): A0611/27

gypsum (2): A0175/V; A0182/07

gypsy (1): B0945/31

gyrating (1): A0580/15

gyrations (2): A0593/33; A0594/06

gyratory (1): A0580/24

h (1): B1095/08

H.F.B./&/Co. (2): B1055/26; B1055/28

ha (1): A0161/03

ha (71)

ha> (6): A0465/18; A0466/32; A0467/11; A0467/15; A0468/24; A0469/12

hab (1): B0812/05

habe (1): A0150/V

habet (1): A0125/05

habiliment (6): A0086/25; A0089/10; A0100/02; A0556/08; B0746/06; B1014/13

habiliments (7): A0037/17; A0248/06; A0429/01; A0508/15; A0675/09; B1007/30; B1186/04

habit (39): A0135/14; A0161/13; A0226/02; A0229/20; A0241/17; A0274/29; A0274/30; A0281/27; A0283/05; A0283/07; A0479/18; A0479/36; A0509/01; A0536/V; A0539/10; A0583/22; A0623/12; A0623/31; A0652/11; A0667/15; B0761/17; B0771/27; B0901/05; B0926/06; B0987/31; B1030/21; B1046/07; B1053/23; B1130/23; B1194/08; B1207/15; B1224/13; B1370/18; B1379/24; B1383/12; C0057/29; C0066/28; C0099/06; C0562/31

habitation (3): A0081/30; A0099/33; A0120/15

habitations (3): A0244/05; C0172/31; C0425/06

habited (9): A0058/04; A0068/25; A0248/06; A0349/12; A0439/08; A0446/30; A0566/15; A0614/08; B1350/25

habits (24): A0025/23; A0135/08; A0211/03; A0293/24; A0437/29; A0438/19; A0478/14; A0483/05; A0485/30; A0486/29; A0488/18; A0488/26; A0509/25; B0724/28; B0866/22; B0878/12; B0978/11; B0991/22; B1047/14; B1055/05; B1089/05; C0544/12; C0546/32; C0547/08

habitual (14): A0028/15; A0073/13; A0099/20; A0240/18; A0296/01; A0398/31; A0402/15; A0437/31; A0694/03; B0942/07; B1373/33; C0407/14; C0413/16; C0414/36

habitually (8): A0315/15; A0323/14; A0411/03; A0434/04; A0440/22; A0446/04; B0853/35; B0908/06

habituated (1): C0404/13

habitudes (1): A0483/08

hack (1): B0916/18

hackmen (1): B1092/19

hackneyed (1): B1113/09

hacknied (1): A0341/02

had (3306)

Hades (2): A0033/18; A0682/17

hadn’t (1): B0812/09

hadst (1): A0128/07

haematite (1): A0182/09

hag (2): A0062/04; B0911/30

haggard (2): A0019/V; A0078/38

hail (9): A0251/25; B1128/34; B1131/07; B1131/09; C0099/20; C0102/29; C0163/22; C0163/39; C0168/04

hailed (7): B0988/25; C0102/30; C0121/04; C0136/27; C0146/14; C0415/11; C0419/06

hailing (1): A0127/01

hair (79)

hair-like (1): C0087/15

hair-splitting (1): A0299/07

hairs (10): A0143/16; A0144/19; A0218/16; A0557/18; A0557/22; A0578/03; B1163/27; B1163/36; B1163/41; B1263/02

hairy (3): B0746/08; B0746/12; C0428/38

hake (1): C0174/08

Halcyon (2): A0214/18; A0227/26

Hale (1): A0284/26

Hale, Sarah J. (1): A0284/23

half (216)

half-a-dozen (1): C0408/26

half-breed (1): C0055/19

half-credence (2): B0723/02; B0723/05

half-deck (1): C0057/27

half-empty (1): B1090/27

half-engendered (1): C0093/27

half-formed (3): A0555/24; A0691/23; A0691/25

half-holidays (1): A0431/03

half-insane (1): B1348/13

half-naked (1): B0943/36

half-negligent (1): B1329/25

half-north (1): B0909/17

half-parted (1): A0664/V

half-past (1): B1076/27

half-pleasurable (1): A0397/09

half-precise (1): B1329/25

half-quizzical (1): A0241/19

half-sentiment (3): B0853/33; B1031/07; B1031/07

half-shut (1): A0604/10

half-slumber (1): A0323/23

half-slumberous (1): B0865/32

half-subdued (1): A0673/34

half-way (1): A0486/11

half-wondrous (1): A0241/19

half-Indian (1): B0946/V

halibut (1): C0566/26

hall (10): A0036/12; A0189/19; A0400/23; A0438/33; A0673/31; B0761/21; B1156/09; B1347/08; B1351/32; B1352/25

Hall, Lieut. F. (1): B1164/41

Hall’s (2): A0172/M; A0178/M

Halleck (1): A0280/24

Halleck, Fitz Greene (1): A0269/28

Halleck’s (2): A0269/33; A0269/35

halloo (1): B0819/11

hallooed (2): A0137/22; A0264/23

hallooing (1): C0146/18

halls (8): A0209/13; A0210/22; A0323/01; A0437/34; A0676/35; B1207/30; B1317/30; C0405/30

hallucination (1): C0531/39

halt (2): B0873/21; C0542/27

halted (1): C0171/27

halter (1): B0866/20

halts (1): C0539/25

ham (9): B1011/11; C0069/23; C0076/28; C0081/11; C0137/06; C0137/08; C0137/20; C0138/41; C0140/04

ham-skin (2): C0082/10; C0082/28

Hamadryad (1): A0599/M

hammer (5): A0165/11; A0489/27; A0553/22; B1057/04; C0391/27

hammering (1): C0189/29

hammers (3): A0671/01; B0828/04; C0148/10

hammock (1): C0108/05

hampers (1): C0069/08

hams (1): C0175/10

hand (281)

hand-bells (1): B1119/05

hand-cuffed (1): B1362/27

hand-cuffing (1): B1362/13

hand-writing (5): A0265/19; A0266/37; A0282/01; A0282/27; B1075/28

handcuff (1): C0090/27

handcuffs (4): C0089/28; C0090/14; C0092/37; C0099/36

handed (19): A0264/03; A0264/33; A0303/17; A0387/20; A0465/31; A0560/25; A0667/16; B0809/18; B0810/20; B0813/11; B0828/27; B0828/35; B0873/15; B0875/33; B0909/24; B0983/11; B1372/11; C0088/23; C0175/32

handful (4): C0088/22; C0412/07; C0565/36; C0577/22

handing (1): A0302/V

handiwork (4): A0711/32; B1213/29; B1276/35; B1283/13

handkerchief (20): A0067/34; A0068/04; A0371/07; A0371/21; A0512/15; B0734/35; B0758/10; B0764/16; B0766/09; B0766/11; B0767/04; B0911/02; B0968/30; B1058/04; B1058/28; B1161/32; C0127/24; C0168/05; C0204/22; C0389/29

handkerchiefs (9): B0750/25; B1078/14; C0196/28; C0196/30; C0196/37; C0197/03; C0197/07; C0197/13; C0534/22

handle (5): B0765/23; B1009/V; B1052/16; B1302/23; C0169/27

handled (4): A0676/31; B0925/28; B0955/02; C0534/27

handling (2): A0341/V; C0169/31

handmaiden (1): A0600/29

hands (120)

handsome (8): A0123/30; A0248/07; A0294/06; A0368/27; A0484/18; B0888/11; B1093/35; C0067/26

handsomely (4): A0266/12; A0629/29; B1110/12; B1208/12

handsomest (2): A0379/08; A0468/20

handsommest (1): A0468/V

handspike (2): C0085/19; C0105/08

handspikes (1): C0107/07

handwriting (3): B0900/21; B0977/10; C0092/19

hang (9): A0046/17; A0340/37; A0426/09; A0502/14; A0675/26; B0982/24; B0982/25; C0398/27; C0447/V

hanged (3): A0058/20; A0069/17; C0061/38

hangeth (1): A0292/V

hanging (18): A0069/09; A0080/26; A0104/02; A0244/16; A0298/V; A0320/16; A0341/01; A0400/08; A0444/23; A0501/12; A0503/05; A0590/19; B1153/21; B1381/30; C0068/18; C0144/01; C0173/04; C0406/20

hangings (3): A0021/22; A0081/11; A0672/16

hangman (4): A0058/22; A0069/12; B0859/15; B1226/15

hangman’s (3): A0058/05; A0059/27; A0068/27

hangmen (1): A0496/03

hangs (5): A0153/03; A0456/10; B1075/09; B1260/08; C0552/25

Hans (4): B1386/08; C0428/06; C0428/10; C0447/V

Hans/Pfaal (1): C0448/V

Hans/Pfaall (3): C0433/08; C0448/V; C0448/V

hap-hazard (1): B1189/13

haply (2): A0066/10; A0190/16

haporth> (1): A0469/18

happen (19): A0062/16; A0189/01; A0436/29; A0473/11; A0478/27; A0556/20; A0706/21; B0877/23; B1090/23; B1106/09; B1144/23; B1271/23; B1390/04; C0060/34; C0099/02; C0120/20; C0144/05; C0415/32; C0573/24

happened (52)

happening (3): B1181/28; C0431/14; C0560/18

happens (14): A0496/06; A0581/22; A0581/37; A0616/22; B0850/33; B0960/01; B0985/18; B1015/05; B1057/O1; B1186/33; B1358/30; B1373/30; B1380/27; C0432/44

happier (3): A0020/V; A0435/33; B1269/01

happily (11): A0056/21; A0088/10; A0242/13; B1006/34; B1059/26; B1137/09; B1154/30; B1271/05; C0147/02; C0148/36; C0425/31

happily-timed (1): B1058/11

happiness (30): A0225/10; A0225/10; A0228/24; A0229/10; A0229/10; A0233/05; A0350/26; A0354/12; A0355/23; A0600/16; A0608/19; A0610/01; A0703/03; A0703/28; A0704/05; A0706/18; A0712/06; B0858/04; B0895/24; B0898/31; B1039/12; B1182/23; B1212/07; B1268/03; B1268/26; B1269/05; B1271/21; B1277/12; B1337/32; C0432/03

happy (43): A0033/07; A0036/25; A0055/23; A0065/07; A0107/33; A0225/09; A0229/10; A0235/17; A0249/24; A0272/24; A0275/24; A0280/17; A0282/33; A0301/25; A0351/20; A0354/09; A0357/11; A0370/16; A0407/07; A0507/09; A0608/18; A0639/12; A0642/06; A0670/10; A0703/18; A0704/01; B0832/04; B0850/13; B0850/22; B0916/18; B1007/10; B1017/04; B1039/21; B1101/16; B1136/25; B1141/33; B1159/04; B1212/05; B1212/11; B1259/14; B1268/17; C0391/36; C0419/06

harangue (4): A0300/29; B1106/19; C0168/22; C0175/26

harangues (1): A0354/16

haranguing (1): C0531/38

harassed (4): A0435/05; A0439/31; B1224/31; C0399/29

harassing (6): A0348/05; B0947/17; B1224/30; C0081/20; C0095/01; C0572/26

harbour (5): C0150/28; C0150/36; C0151/01; C0186/10; C0186/36

harbours (1): C0150/33

hard (44): A0053/36; A0063/07; A0191/09; A0351/08; A0429/13; A0465/20; A0467/19; A0467/23; A0611/25; A0684/07; B0730/31; B0735/07; B0758/34; B0761/24; B0766/16; B0807/10; B0815/16; B0878/05; B0941/17; B0967/12; B1081/26; B1104/11; B1141/12; B1142/32; B1160/02; B1166/04; B1180/26; B1184/02; B1193/16; B1333/09; B1336/18; C0063/37; C0076/08; C0078/35; C0119/39; C0127/16; C0140/29; C0151/03; C0191/10; C0556/28; C0559/35; C0566/03; C0572/26; C0573/12

hard-a-lee (1): C0061/41

hard-burned (1): A0367/09

hard-hearted (1): A0649/01

hardening (1): B0857/07

harder (2): B1163/20; C0184/03

hardest (1): B1161/38

hardihood (1): C0404/16

hardly (40): A0140/31; A0300/26; A0440/19; A0527/V; A0628/26; B0815/18; B0825/31; B0850/17; B0876/34; B0947/25; B1077/10; B1137/21; B1322/22; B1391/09; B1391/10; C0058/17; C0059/39; C0060/36; C0062/02; C0065/34; C0067/24; C0070/26; C0087/09; C0088/12; C0089/33; C0115/15; C0120/41; C0121/10; C0146/25; C0148/25; C0170/34; C0183/04; C0187/08; C0192/25; C0387/11; C0392/09; C0406/37; C0408/30; C0414/29; C0536/28

hardness (1): B0826/02

hardships (3): C0523/41; C0527/06; C0532/19

hardware (3): A0483/16; A0483/24; C0558/18

Hardy (6): B0922/03; B0923/32; B0931/30; B0931/36; B0933/15; B0933/29

hardy (2): B0862/15; C0063/04

Hardy’s (1): B0930/01

hare (2): A0203/V; B1010/29

harem (1): A0603/06

hark (3): A0123/01; A0124/27; B0797/26

harken (2): A0357/03; A0672/29

harkened (3): A0411/29; A0413/18; A0413/18

Harlaem (1): B1234/06

Harlem (1): B1234/V

harm (4): A0561/14; A0563/25; C0186/16; C0579/36

harmless (9): A0409/28; A0458/31; A0532/20; B0818/19; B0927/30; B1016/02; B1016/02; B1016/03; C0170/11

harmonies (1): A0611/34

harmoniously (1): A0312/17

harmonized (1): A0711/24

harmony (8): A0611/29; A0709/24; A0709/30; B1119/09; B1212/30; B1274/27; B1274/33; B1276/26

Harold (1): B1122/09

harp (2): A0047/25; A0641/04

Harper’s/Ferry (1): B0862/09

Harpies (1): A0621/19

harpooner (1): C0102/10

harpooners (1): C0093/08

Harris, Alfred (1): C0179/30

harrowing (1): C0080/19

Harry (1): B1183/14

Harry/street (1): B0876/29

harsh (15): A0294/08; A0414/23; A0414/30; A0499/01; A0541/08; A0541/09; A0549/15; A0550/14; A0555/20; A0611/07; A0697/08; B1157/29; B1240/12; B1349/08; B1353/26

harsher (1): A0510/33

harshness (2): A0711/20; B1276/20

Hartford (1): A0265/30

Hartley (2): C0428/35; C0428/35

harvest (1): B1360/14

has (632)

hashish (1): A0078/30

hasn’t (3): A0488/12; B0811/30; B1370/17

hasp (1): B1363/06

hast (10): A0046/09; A0155/15; A0155/16; A0195/V; A0195/V; A0227/36; A0448/16; A0599/M; A0599/M; C0559/02

haste (25): A0028/19; A0090/01; A0155/04; A0198/17; A0356/25; A0411/33; A0416/16; A0438/32; B0735/32; B0744/16; B0767/22; B0767/23; B0767/23; B0767/28; B0767/29; B0767/33; B0771/18; B0958/28; B1002/10; B1109/21; B1162/13; C0095/38; C0134/06; C0553/28; C0558/26

hasten (3): A0043/04; A0043/12; A0446/01

hastened (9): A0044/27; A0325/04; A0447/23; B0742/15; B0771/16; B0956/22; B1135/26; B1263/23; C0198/23

hastening (4): A0108/18; A0166/15; B1107/26; C0059/36

hastens (1): B0872/03

hastily (4): B0731/02; B0796/06; B0960/20; C0181/37

Hastings (2): B0949/16; B0949/19

Hastings, Warren (1): B0949/03

hasty (4): A0474/01; B0835/15; B0862/07; B1305/10

hat (14): A0104/33; A0465/20; A0482/15; A0511/28; B0745/31; B0746/21; B1090/29; B1185/35; B1195/07; C0388/32; C0388/35; C0388/39; C0425/02; C0437/V

hatch (7): A0586/02; A0586/03; C0085/37; C0091/30; C0091/33; C0091/38; C0136/23

hatchet (1): C0534/12

hatchets (1): C0148/09

hatchway (7): A0140/30; C0092/33; C0094/11; C0095/07; C0099/19; C0099/31; C0113/40

hatchways (2): C0095/19; C0115/41

hate (3): A0433/01; A0482/21; A0608/22

hated (3): A0036/19; A0435/35; A0445/35

hath (12): A0045/16; A0045/V; A0047/09; A0150/03; A0165/03; A0195/V; A0228/16; A0232/V; A0347/26; A0383/02; A0414/19; B0806/M

hating (1): A0665/04

hatred (7): A0323/07; A0433/12; A0436/09; B0854/28; B0854/35; B0856/12; C0135/13

hats (5): A0300/V; A0368/18; A0509/02; C0188/24; C0534/23

Haubrion (2): A0101/V; A0181/13

haughtiest (1): A0440/09

haughty (3): A0026/07; A0026/23; A0321/06

haul (1): C0535/29

hauled (3): A0138/18; C0061/11; C0106/23

hauling (3): C0147/04; C0188/09; C0538/07

haunches (2): A0105/28; C0576/04

haunt (1): A0604/01

Haunted (2): A0406/22; A0417/V

haunted (6): A0135/27; A0641/02; B0789/09; B0963/25; B1123/08; B1224/31

haunting (1): B1224/30

haunts (3): B0851/21; B0853/35; B0934/09

haut (1): A0247/02

hauteur (3): A0034/06; A0380/17; B1016/15

have (1): A0356/14

have (2342)

haven’t (2): B0914/04; B1373/04

having (470)

havoc (3): C0188/06; C0190/09; C0547/32

hawk (2): A0205/11; A0509/32

hawk-nose (1): A0241/02

Hawk, Thomas (7): B1140/21; B1140/23; B1140/28; B1140/33; B1141/03; B1141/15; B1142/07

Hawk, Tommy (1): B1140/29

hawk’s (1): C0552/15

hawthorn (1): C0167/13

hay (1): C0575/41

Haydn (1): B1119/10

hazard (5): A0293/V; B1238/20; C0090/10; C0196/25; C0578/18

hazarded (2): B0728/27; B0932/30

hazardous (3): A0555/08; B1018/15; C0097/07

hazards (6): B0891/16; C0066/07; C0074/12; C0082/05; C0104/06; C0187/03

haze (1): C0158/02

hazel (3): A0106/23; A0156/13; A0379/15

hazy (4): A0101/V; C0103/26; C0131/40; C0156/29

he (3084)

he-aw (6): A0387/V; A0387/V; A0387/V; A0387/V; A0387/V; A0387/V

he/he (1): B1263/05

he/he/he (12): A0034/05; A0105/22; A0113/06; A0387/V; A0387/V; A0650/27; B1012/28; B1103/13; B1263/07; B1263/07; B1263/09; B1263/09

he’ll (4): A0346/16; A0487/06; A0487/07; A0488/14

he’s (12): A0337/16; A0380/34; A0382/32; A0384/03; A0384/26; A0385/14; A0386/10; A0388/19; A0483/02; B0869/26; B0979/09; B1373/02

head (317)

head-board (2): A0553/02; A0565/V

head-piece (1): A0248/07

head-teuffel (1): B1103/34

headache (7): B1080/02; B1169/24; B1177/02; C0081/14; C0191/21; C0411/27; C0424/19

headboard (1): A0565/26

headed (8): A0585/24; B0876/26; B0876/28; B0949/19; B1144/01; C0093/18; C0103/08; C0168/20

heading (5): A0292/V; B0876/25; B0930/24; B1068/08; C0131/13

headland (1): C0161/40

headless (1): A0357/11

headlong (25): A0048/01; A0145/19; A0154/09; A0245/05; A0351/08; A0567/19; A0580/09; A0590/06; A0593/34; A0708/13; B0763/17; B0856/20; B1108/07; B1110/12; B1273/08; C0061/02; C0110/26; C0190/08; C0197/38; C0399/08; C0417/02; C0425/07; C0443/V; C0578/22; C0579/16

heads (37): A0078/36; A0144/02; A0175/06; A0181/27; A0195/11; A0491/05; A0502/06; A0507/27; A0508/36; A0603/21; A0625/24; A0664/06; A0682/08; B0738/19; B0761/20; B1013/01; B1141/34; B1157/09; B1157/13; B1157/18; B1162/15; B1164/13; B1165/10; B1169/15; B1353/08; C0116/25; C0151/17; C0175/32; C0186/07; C0187/16; C0391/13; C0429/42; C0536/08; C0545/21; C0551/34; C0551/41; C0554/27

headsail (1): C0149/35

headway (9): A0585/20; B1079/32; C0062/17; C0542/30; C0553/41; C0554/06; C0567/05; C0570/23; C0579/09

heady (1): B1016/28

health (33): A0026/33; A0068/24; A0176/10; A0180/31; A0210/22; A0252/24; A0275/24; A0330/09; A0330/V; A0488/02; A0507/07; A0624/29; A0665/15; A0703/32; B0726/10; B0814/29; B0858/24; B0928/10; B0942/22; B0958/03; B0958/20; B0960/31; B0963/12; B1234/19; B1259/12; B1268/31; B1347/30; C0130/14; C0133/06; C0170/29; C0412/27; C0413/18; C0416/38

healthily (1): B0789/06

healthy (1): B1274/32

heap (2): B0826/15; C0194/11

heaped (3): A0616/10; B0827/22; C0173/08

heaps (2): A0244/26; A0694/21

hear (62)

heard (181)

hearer (1): C0532/24

hearers (2): A0297/14; B1120/09

hearin> (1): A0466/12

hearing (21): A0153/23; A0385/01; A0542/20; A0613/17; B0724/22; B0789/04; B0794/26; B0905/06; B1020/27; B1053/08; B1108/32; B1153/26; B1183/19; B1190/22; C0086/04; C0086/13; C0100/40; C0103/11; C0110/18; C0186/13; C0198/21

hearken (3): B0789/06; B1262/16; C0558/41

hearkened (4): A0317/11; A0687/08; B1263/15; B1294/28

hearkening (1): B0794/04

Hearne, Samuel (1): C0525/28

hears (1): B0764/30

hearse (3): A0080/45; A0616/09; B0963/29

hearse-plumes (2): A0246/04; A0253/V

Heart (1): B0789/T

heart (181)

heart-rending (1): C0564/19

heart-sick (1): B1278/22

heart-stirring (1): A0162/06

heart’s (1): A0683/19

heart’s-ease (1): B1212/32

heartfelt (3): B1370/10; B1381/06; C0419/05

hearth (8): A0102/08; A0537/29; A0557/15; A0557/V; B0808/10; B0832/04; B1004/04; B1110/14

hearths (1): A0551/18

heartiest (1): B1046/03

heartily (8): A0481/02; B0975/30; B1195/13; B1249/12; C0059/19; C0067/01; C0100/36; C0571/02

heartless (2): A0020/V; C0061/35

heartlessness (2): C0128/13; C0135/01

heartrending (2): C0131/37; C0135/16

Hearts (1): A0337/05

hearts (18): A0047/10; A0245/04; A0384/24; A0459/28; A0459/34; A0608/12; A0608/20; A0640/04; A0640/17; A0675/03; B0789/M; B0901/15; B0932/V; B1215/34; B1339/01; C0120/16; C0124/04; C0183/30

hearty (10): A0080/07; A0562/15; B0793/15; B0974/16; B1045/06; B1077/08; B1100/02; B1181/27; C0176/02; C0409/04

hearty-looking (1): A0510/18

heat (27): A0071/03; A0345/01; A0356/15; A0460/27; A0461/22; A0696/18; B0742/16; B0759/34; B0832/15; B0832/25; B0832/31; B0834/27; B0865/15; B0904/13; B0928/31; B0944/28; B1050/06; B1080/23; B1168/24; B1321/27; B1383/26; C0178/31; C0204/12; C0204/37; C0205/17; C0425/34; C0536/31

heated (6): A0136/23; A0313/08; A0696/02; B0832/05; B0834/33; B1168/29

heathen (4): A0043/13; A0047/23; A0085/M; A0311/29

heaved (2): A0437/18; A0594/13

Heaven (19): A0054/23; A0055/13; A0064/V; A0075/11; A0408/30; A0580/35; A0610/19; A0626/12; A0642/10; B0932/01; B1039/26; B1131/07; B1185/05; B1267/M; B1305/07; B1314/17; B1385/15; B1385/22; B1390/09

heaven (45): A0044/24; A0074/01; A0175/06; A0181/27; A0190/26; A0195/10; A0195/17; A0196/02; A0197/01; A0197/05; A0197/22; A0197/23; A0198/01; A0198/04; A0198/22; A0198/24; A0217/V; A0227/24; A0228/13; A0232/11; A0232/18; A0233/21; A0235/27; A0236/06; A0314/17; A0399/35; A0426/09; A0448/14; A0461/23; A0602/03; A0645/09; A0691/08; A0702/M; B0789/04; B0820/03; B0969/03; B1122/08; B1280/02; B1280/16; B1333/27; B1333/27; B1384/32; C0205/26; C0412/34; C0443/V

Heaven’s (2): A0534/21; B1384/35

heavenly (7): A0312/19; A0348/07; A0353/12; A0460/07; A0545/21; B1035/07; C0438/V

heavens (31): A0106/25; A0122/26; A0123/09; A0125/22; A0128/02; A0183/25; A0189/11; A0217/V; A0350/16; A0357/04; A0397/03; A0459/34; A0461/12; A0585/01; A0587/08; A0591/13; A0603/12; A0709/06; B0975/32; B1017/09; B1019/35; B1079/07; B1161/08; B1165/05; B1168/01; B1213/27; B1301/01; B1382/16; B1382/26; C0387/18; C0425/15

heavier (6): B0741/03; B0741/32; B0743/22; B1049/07; B1321/22; C0410/06

heaviest (1): C0106/06

heavily (31): A0029/24; A0037/19; A0046/20; A0047/11; A0137/11; A0219/04; A0329/14; A0330/05; A0415/26; A0416/31; A0592/05; A0603/26; A0616/10; A0626/30; A0630/28; A0643/03; A0643/27; A0684/06; B0729/16; B0858/30; B0928/05; B0943/07; B0960/25; B1057/26; B1260/33; C0072/33; C0080/23; C0101/32; C0182/07; C0399/22; C0579/35

heaviness (1): A0189/27

heaving (3): A0136/21; A0580/14; C0132/30

heavy (92)

hebby (3): B0809/03; B0811/27; B0820/17

Hebrew (3): A0156/V; A0298/V; A0401/33

Hebrews (2): A0075/10; A0312/14

Hebrides (1): A0195/15

Hebron (1): A0047/21

Hecla (1): B1161/25

hectic (4): A0246/33; B0906/18; B1239/24; B1242/19

Hedelin (2): A0301/09; A0302/18

heed (2): B1095/09; C0091/22

heeded (2): A0088/03; A0325/12

heeding (2): A0252/18; B0820/08

heedlessness (1): C0099/02

heel (12): A0433/25; A0626/06; B0896/30; B0950/25; B1013/19; B1259/35; C0114/04; C0117/07; C0124/40; C0144/03; C0426/36; C0552/21

heeled (2): B0928/25; C0559/23

heeling (1): C0143/39

heels (11): A0127/V; A0243/23; A0252/08; A0482/12; B1010/06; B1141/34; B1158/11; B1245/02; B1261/22; B1352/28; C0429/37

heels-over-head (1): A0483/V

heerd (1): B0813/03

Hegel (1): A0495/V

heigho (1): B1292/07

height (82)

heighten (2): A0400/26; B0928/16

heightened (11): A0024/17; A0241/17; A0322/26; A0382/08; A0512/06; A0581/34; B0797/08; B0855/22; B0891/12; B0944/08; C0538/38

heir (18): A0021/08; A0025/V; A0486/04; A0704/32; A0704/35; A0705/16; B0914/20; B0914/26; B0916/28; B1050/04; B1050/32; B1138/03; B1142/11; B1145/01; B1154/13; B1269/31; B1269/34; B1270/14

heiress (1): B0957/16

heirs (1): A0440/09

helas (2): B0900/01; B0900/02

held (89)

Heliogabalus (1): A0122/25

Hell (3): A0408/30; B0961/33; B0969/12

hell (10): A0139/27; A0143/25; A0690/25; B0789/05; B0859/05; B1226/15; B1384/32; B1384/35; B1385/05; C0405/27

hellish (3): A0695/07; B0795/15; C0124/10

Hellofagabaluses (1): B1300/17

helm (8): C0058/34; C0060/25; C0061/28; C0061/40; C0062/11; C0106/30; C0106/32; C0106/34

helmsman (1): C0123/27

help (69)

helped (4): A0107/22; B1051/17.; C0120/12; C0431/04

helping (3): A0247/29; A0250/31; B1056/27

helpless (6): A0329/09; B0911/16; B1313/14; C0072/39; C0134/24; C0579/13

helplessly (1): A0079/42

helplessness (2): A0446/09; C0398/37

Helseggen (5): A0578/29; A0579/32; A0581/14; A0582/21; A0585/16

helter-skelteriness (1): B1115/10

Helusion (2): A0191/10; A0642/15

hem (13): A0386/05; A0387/01; A0650/14; A0685/34; A0686/27; B0730/26; B0735/12; B0735/14; B0762/11; B0763/02; B0763/03; B0765/21; B0896/12

hemi-syncope (1): B0962/V

hemisphere (7): A0613/11; B1321/11; C0418/06; C0418/34; C0422/29; C0423/16; C0423/21

hemispheres (1): B1274/20

hemispherical (1): C0388/33

hemlock (1): A0236/04

hemmed (6): A0512/35; A0695/13; B0762/33; C0096/06; C0160/19; C0162/30

hen (3): B0880/02; B1166/08; B1166/12

hence (12): A0482/18; B1005/15; B1080/35; B1091/31; B1163/31; B1207/07; B1207/08; B1207/09; B1385/04; C0178/21; C0408/16; C0423/34

henceforth (1): B1386/02

henceforward (5): A0026/01; A0448/13; A0455/04; B1102/04; B1209/01

hencoop (1): B0869/18

Henderson (4): A0061/33; A0062/13; A0062/40; A0064/08

Hennepin (1): A0525/01

Henry (1): C0158/06

hens (1): C0151/27

Henson (5): B1068/04; B1069/19; B1069/32; B1072/12; B1072/32

Henson’s (2): B1070/01; B1070/29

Hephestion, Ptolemy (2): A0213/13; B1310/06

her (1079)

Heraclides (1): A0124/06

Heraclitus (1): A0295/11

Herald (1): B0753/39

herald (1): A0124/08

heralded (1): A0150/V

heraldic (1): A0496/10

herbage (2): A0581/01; C0552/41

herbaged (1): B0864/36

herbs (1): A0561/23

Herculean (2): A0156/09; C0087/08

Hercules (1): A0297/V

herd (12): A0580/04; A0710/20; B1140/31; B1275/24; B1378/M; C0561/33; C0562/35; C0563/27; C0567/12; C0567/35; C0568/02; C0570/33

herds (3): B1189/15; C0548/03; C0575/12

here (582)

here’s (2): A0347/07; B1373/23

hereafter (23): A0079/37; A0080/19; A0122/23; A0150/V; A0262/02; A0266/29; A0296/V; B0750/22; B0751/08; B0754/04; B0850/02; B0891/20; B1081/18; B1097/07; B1138/24; C0087/38; C0152/05; C0207/14; C0394/13; C0400/23; C0432/28; C0534/06; C0555/32

hereby (3): A0093/20; A0112/31; B1109/22

hereditarily (1): A0438/09

hereditary (11): A0019/24; A0026/15; A0026/25; A0097/16; A0135/03; A0209/13; A0296/V; A0446/12; B0906/20; B1247/01; C0522/01

herein (7): A0065/15; A0209/23; A0339/12; A0414/19; B0723/14; B0739/27; B1261/20

hereinafter (1): C0522/26

heresy (2): A0175/15; A0181/05

heretical (3): A0369/30; B1213/12; B1373/34

heretofore (4): A0486/28; B1242/14; B1249/31; C0103/18

hereupon (21): A0035/01; A0066/22; A0106/15; A0107/22; A0388/31; B0815/10; B0831/27; B0968/05; B1047/25; B1049/33; B1051/09; B1102/21; B1104/20; B1109/21; B1140/33; B1155/09; B1181/13; B1184/11; B1194/33; B1349/23; C0206/02

herewith (1): A0281/09

Hermann (14): A0297/24; A0298/11; A0298/V; A0299/06; A0299/16; A0299/24; A0299/32; A0299/V; A0300/09; A0300/16; A0300/20; A0302/03; A0303/01; A0304/04

Hermann, Johan (2): A0301/30; A0302/28

Hermann’s (2): A0303/14; A0303/32

hermaphrodite (1): C0123/08

hermetically (1): A0558/03

hermit (4): A0413/23; A0413/29; A0414/15; C0522/20

hermit’s (1): A0416/11

Hernani (1): A0673/22

Hero (1): B1194/22

hero (36): A0065/10; A0085/04; A0086/21; A0087/15; A0088/02; A0088/20; A0088/36; A0089/09; A0089/21; A0090/07; A0091/11; A0091/27; A0092/29; A0093/30; A0097/16; A0100/03; A0103/01; A0103/16; A0103/32; A0104/16; A0104/35; A0105/13; A0112/03; A0113/09; A0183/23; A0319/18; A0345/01; A0356/15; A0356/V; A0381/08; A0382/31; A0384/24; A0413/22; B1031/16; C0433/01; C0523/18

hero’s (2): A0089/28; B1382/34

Herod (3): A0021/09; A0440/15; A0675/01

heroes (1): A0242/14

heroine (1): B0957/11

heroines (1): B1152/26

Herr (1): A0302/28

hers (7): A0210/23; A0317/15; A0330/10; B0733/02; B0905/13; B0930/06; B0993/04

Herschel (4): B1169/32; C0428/40; C0430/01; C0430/22

Herschel’s, John (1): C0428/28

herself (36): A0225/09; A0229/09; A0318/05; A0325/16; A0352/09; A0357/10; A0404/21; A0436/18; A0532/29; A0539/17; A0546/01; A0586/18; A0586/19; A0642/09; B0726/17; B0733/04; B0877/15; B0891/18; B0899/25; B0906/04; B0914/18; B0914/25; B0926/12; B0926/34; B0927/05; B0930/15; B1014/14; B1014/22; B1096/34; B1153/30; C0110/02; C0187/02; C0412/30; C0413/10; C0438/V; C0559/01

hervor (1): B0723/M

hesitate (19): A0026/25; A0446/14; A0515/12; A0533/13; A0534/09; A0550/19; A0561/18; A0562/10; A0667/38; A0686/25; B0761/22; B0841/28; B1053/03; B1277/17; B1364/12; C0084/19; C0095/41; C0133/11; C0136/24

hesitated (12): A0235/14; A0400/32; A0447/15; A0593/13; A0631/18; B0866/09; B0888/07; B0947/29; B0965/09; B1262/25; B1347/17; B1348/32

hesitates (2): A0490/22; B0755/12

hesitating (3): B1033/07; B1133/24; C0199/37

hesitatingly (2): A0512/24; B1190/17

hesitation (32): A0065/07; A0252/07; A0264/16; A0398/27; A0403/32; A0530/21; A0593/25; A0667/19; B0726/01; B0730/01; B0814/05; B0822/23; B0908/10; B0943/23; B0961/18; B0989/24; B1032/23; B1036/27; B1237/07; B1277/35; B1296/28; B1313/29; C0075/01; C0083/21; C0103/22; C0402/18; C0413/11; C0414/32; C0416/23; C0417/34; C0424/16; C0578/23

Hesner (2): A0641/06; A0643/22

Hessian (1): B1102/29

heterodox (1): A0621/V

heterogeneous (6): A0342/06; A0342/24; A0347/23; A0433/11; C0069/07; C0387/26

Hetty (1): A0349/18

Hevelius (1): C0423/31

Hewitt’s (2): A0055/12; A0064/V

hewn (2): A0044/30; B0945/16

hey (1): B0869/M

hey-day (1): A0020/V

hey-diddle (1): B1158/33

Hey-Diddle-Diddle (3): B1143/27; B1144/01; B1144/06

Heywood (1): C0155/38

hi (9): A0105/23; A0105/23; A0105/23; A0650/27; A0650/27; A0650/27; B1012/28; B1012/28; B1012/28

hic (1): A0681/M

hiccup (26): A0093/31; A0094/06; A0108/07; A0109/04; A0109/16; A0109/24; A0110/05; A0110/11; A0111/08; A0111/16; A0111/22; A0111/22; A0111/35; A0111/35; A0112/12; A0113/08; A0113/11; A0113/12; A0113/12; A0113/15; A0113/19; A0113/21; A0113/21; A0114/01; A0114/06; A0114/12

hickories (1): B1332/03

hickory (3): B1332/17; B1333/14; C0541/30

hickory-nut (1): B0808/33

Hicks (1): C0113/19

Hicks, Absalom (2): C0102/22; C0113/01

hid (6): A0196/20; A0527/M; A0709/27; B1274/29; C0200/11; C0549/16

hid> (2): A0469/12; A0469/17

hidden (19): A0018/04; A0551/30; A0552/26; A0562/19; A0621/21; A0703/09; B0730/17; B0985/13; B0985/14; B0986/11; B0990/15; B1049/04; B1059/03; B1119/20; B1268/08; B1282/33; C0154/37; C0420/17; C0421/39

hide (5): A0126/09; A0234/08; C0552/33; C0562/17; C0576/38

hideous (49): A0021/17; A0026/32; A0054/27; A0072/29; A0080/21; A0145/23; A0216/19; A0217/12; A0226/18; A0230/17; A0248/23; A0298/V; A0322/28; A0328/24; A0397/17; A0407/40; A0416/03; A0459/32; A0557/19; A0566/12; A0587/22; A0670/02; A0683/16; A0685/09; A0687/22; A0689/02; B0795/03; B0797/29; B0855/34; B0856/28; B0859/13; B0911/07; B0961/33; B0968/34; B1057/28; B1157/01; B1162/16; B1239/34; B1240/13; B1242/22; B1247/29; B1350/34; B1354/21; C0125/39; C0201/21; C0205/34; C0405/31; C0420/25; C0426/10

hideously (7): A0234/22; A0243/V; A0245/25; A0510/22; A0579/11; B0928/01; B1053/30

hideousness (2): A0506/06; B0964/19





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)