Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Hiding through Inlet,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 163-180 (This material is protected by copyright)


hiding (2): A0163/V; C0126/20

hiding-place (11): A0141/05; C0066/36; C0066/36; C0069/31; C0070/01; C0100/04; C0100/40; C0101/30; C0102/37; C0188/17; C0191/04

Hierocles (2): A0176/06; A0180/28

hieroglyphical (6): B0833/14; B1136/01; B1179/27; B1184/19; C0208/01; C0573/20

hieroglyphics (6): A0528/08; B1180/18; B1192/29; B1298/06; B1317/07; B1374/25

Hieronymus (1): A0072/01

Hieronymus (1): A0072/31

High (1): B0856/02

high (142)

high-backed (1): A0368/28

high-heeled (1): B1008/07

high-minded (1): A0487/03

high-mindedness (1): B0872/25

high-spirited (1): A0027/22

high-toned (1): B1136/22

high-water (1): B1392/07

higher (26): A0197/01; A0497/11; A0528/21; A0578/30; A0582/36; A0583/35; A0600/10; B0819/09; B0819/09; B0819/21; B0906/14; B1076/07; B1179/04; B1337/21; B1354/09; B1392/04; C0069/26; C0161/01; C0166/20; C0432/36; C0543/21; C0545/03; C0551/09; C0553/25; C0572/02; C0575/16

highest (28): A0045/02; A0045/V; A0275/27; A0406/16; A0478/35; A0528/13; A0529/14; A0582/21; A0611/12; A0613/22; A0706/20; A0707/29; B0813/29; B0814/01; B0893/25; B0942/04; B1160/43; B1271/22; B1272/29; C0111/24; C0153/37; C0184/30; C0190/18; C0422/32; C0538/32; C0540/22; C0543/39; C0564/15

highlands (2): C0542/34; C0544/17

highly (34): A0074/20; A0090/19; A0264/09; A0264/29; A0269/21; A0276/34; A0405/10; A0410/06; A0503/04; A0703/17; B0746/15; B0761/31; B0820/34; B0928/02; B0984/01; B1056/01; B1056/18; B1103/28; B1133/25; B1136/27; B1180/06; B1242/12; B1268/16; B1348/14; B1380/05; B1380/16; C0138/15; C0145/19; C0389/18; C0406/12; C0409/12; C0413/21; C0544/13; C0560/09

highly-agitated (1): B1134/23

highly-concentrated (1): C0059/30

highly-polished (1): A0087/20

highly-scented (1): A0055/12

Highly-Scented (1): A0064/V

Highness (3): A0174/15; A0174/20; A0179/29

highness (4): A0175/02; A0176/14; A0179/35; A0250/16

highway (6): B1069/08; B1207/32; B1298/10; B1312/28; B1316/19; C0569/01

highways (1): B0863/25

hilarity (3): A0412/09; B0760/20; C0536/27

hill (34): A0044/29; A0071/02; A0371/12; B0817/24; B1159/23; B1159/23; B1159/29; B1159/29; B1247/23; B1247/28; B1249/02; B1249/19; B1250/34; B1338/08; C0057/13; C0181/30; C0185/05; C0185/21; C0188/18; C0188/39; C0189/03; C0189/13; C0189/20; C0191/04; C0191/23; C0192/04; C0192/18; C0193/08; C0196/01; C0196/13; C0196/23; C0198/33; C0199/09; C0204/11

hill-side (1): A0210/24

hill-sides (1): B1332/15

hill-top (1): C0191/29

hill-tops (1): B1278/13

hillo (2): B0968/01; B0968/01

hillock (1): C0152/40

hillocks (2): A0603/23; C0540/24

Hills (2): C0526/09; C0527/03

hills (53)

hillsides (1): C0138/14

hilly (1): C0150/31

Him (2): A0461/20; B1212/12

him (1143)

himself (356)

himsilf> (2): A0466/V; A0470/V

hinc (1): B0767/17

hind (7): A0057/05; A0066/32; A0353/17; A0479/27; A0479/29; B1313/16; C0545/19

hinder (3): A0104/33; A0127/21; A0253/06

hinder-part (1): A0103/29

Hindoo (2): B1293/28; B1295/06

hindrances (1): C0570/20

hinges (7): A0410/11; A0416/14; A0429/09; B0793/08; B1051/25; B1363/06; C0109/22

Hinnom (1): A0230/17

Hinnon (1): A0226/18

hint (23): A0074/22; A0086/17; A0100/03; A0108/01; A0231/22; A0304/04; A0341/V; A0341/V; A0342/14; A0342/17; A0346/16; B0773/01; B0810/11; B0840/19; B0877/27; B1059/07; B1185/15; B1208/17; B1297/10; B1358/14; B1360/09; C0110/10; C0168/25

hinted (10): A0123/22; A0248/V; A0378/19; A0408/11; A0435/26; B1190/22; B1213/01; C0103/19; C0104/03; C0394/05

hinting (1): B1208/21

hints (5): A0026/26; A0098/17; A0276/08; A0403/21; B1032/12

hip (1): B1009/V

hipped (1): A0626/31

Hippocrates (3): A0054/09; A0092/06; A0111/18

Hippocratian (1): A0067/28

Hippodrome (1): A0123/28

hippodrome (5): A0126/22; A0127/05; A0127/29; A0128/06; A0128/21

hippopotami (2): A0197/14; A0197/16

hips (2): A0055/08; A0064/13

hire (1): B1206/07

His (3): A0110/V; A0577/M; C0390/06

his (3039)

hiss (1): B1158/34

hissed (1): A0690/21

hisses (1): A0294/V

hissing (8): A0029/V; A0439/20; A0580/14; A0692/01; B0824/05; B1011/31; C0081/29; C0204/09

hissingly (1): A0236/01

hist (2): B0866/11; B0866/11

Histoire (1): C0522/35

historian (4): A0365/15; B1189/07; B1189/22; C0521/24

historian’s (1): B1189/35

historians (1): A0120/10

historical (3): A0100/23; A0459/31; A0630/V

Histories (1): B0810/13

histories (5): A0198/22; A0664/27; B0961/08; B1190/05; B1190/10

History (4): B0830/29; B1097/06; B1126/15; B1250/10

history (32): A0019/V; A0097/31; A0241/27; A0340/12; A0365/09; A0413/15; A0511/09; A0511/25; A0532/03; A0611/15; A0611/38; A0622/12; A0622/13; B0752/09; B0770/03; B0772/25; B0955/09; B1090/19; B1144/31; B1144/33; B1145/10; B1153/18; B1153/34; B1154/32; B1155/16; B1159/16; B1170/03; B1189/05; B1189/27; B1302/11; B1311/27; C0178/05

hit (11): A0055/25; A0340/28; B0856/37; B0869/12; B1215/06; B1328/12; C0092/04; C0107/20; C0187/15; C0415/10; C0574/30

hitch (4): B0730/27; B0765/22; B0766/31; B0768/31

hitched (1): B0766/23

hither (7): A0195/18; A0318/16; A0603/22; B0880/01; B1329/06; B1337/05; C0563/15

hitherto (49): A0139/05; A0145/08; A0265/33; A0328/03; A0329/06; A0404/19; A0437/07; A0446/08; A0514/22; A0640/34; A0663/19; A0708/34; B0734/10; B0752/24; B0856/22; B0865/28; B0888/23; B0890/18; B0900/28; B0906/21; B0944/14; B0948/27; B1031/04; B1052/31; B1055/06; B1107/03; B1152/03; B1159/13; B1169/09; B1233/16; B1239/24; B1303/12; B1317/31; B1330/20; B1332/14; B1370/08; C0116/15; C0145/15; C0158/26; C0171/16; C0184/23; C0398/39; C0411/27; C0416/41; C0418/09; C0419/07; C0524/10; C0547/37; C0571/19

hitting (4): A0177/26; A0183/21; B1103/19; C0066/25

ho (16): A0105/23; A0105/23; A0105/23; A0650/27; A0650/27; A0650/27; B0806/M; B0806/M; B0975/34; B0975/34; B0975/34; B0985/34; B1012/29; B1012/29; B1012/29; B1371/28

hoarded (1): C0095/14

hoarhound (1): B1096/03

hoarse (1): A0045/23

hoarsely (2): A0675/23; B0947/33

hoary (2): A0143/12; C0412/32

Hoax (1): C0448/V

hoax (5): B0916/09; B1101/29; C0427/12; C0427/12; C0428/37

hoaxes (4): C0428/03; C0428/04; C0448/V; C0448/V

hobbies (2): A0654/11; B0929/32

hobbled (1): C0067/30

hobbling (2): A0710/22; B1275/25

hobby (3): A0298/06; A0299/06; A0652/24

Hock (1): B0900/13

Hoeyholm (1): A0579/25

Hog (8): B1295/12; B1295/32; B1296/05; B1311/05; B1311/10; B1311/33; B1312/06; B1313/08

hog (6): A0047/28; B1106/33; B1107/03; B1372/02; C0173/30; C0177/09

Hog-ian (3): B1295/24; B1311/21; B1312/34

Hog-ishly (1): B1317/29

Hog-ites (1): B1312/21

hog’s (1): B1295/18

Hogarth (1): B1145/17

Hoggishly (1): B1296/17

Hoggs (1): B1055/22

Hogs (4): B0879/13; B0879/17; B0879/24; B1316/14

hogs (2): C0156/23; C0175/34

hogshead (3): A0252/09; A0253/22; B0854/06

hogsheads (3): B0854/04; C0097/21; C0097/36

hoisted (4): B0831/09; C0058/31; C0147/36; C0168/40

Holberg (1): A0409/02

hold (151)

holder (3): B0976/23; B0976/29; C0134/10

holders (1): A0530/11

holding (38): A0174/13; A0179/28; A0243/26; A0387/V; A0545/13; A0589/25; A0610/30; A0615/16; B0824/11; B0832/10; B0866/15; B0892/V; B0904/04; B0930/10; B0984/14; B1079/17; B1187/17; B1262/21; B1353/12; C0068/40; C0069/29; C0108/23; C0112/08; C0119/11; C0129/07; C0138/34; C0139/21; C0141/39; C0142/01; C0163/07; C0163/26; C0166/22; C0390/20; C0394/23; C0398/08; C0419/03; C0420/14; C0579/06

holds (10): A0162/28; B0821/04; B0874/33; B0878/32; B0984/08; B1296/16; B1312/19; B1321/27; B1385/22; C0106/35

hole (50): A0057/25; A0068/08; A0351/30; A0351/31; A0351/32; A0351/33; A0352/02; A0356/29; A0367/30; B0821/28; B0823/18; B0825/21; B0827/01; B0844/11; B0966/01; B0985/33; B1058/24; B1102/30; B1102/33; B1102/33; B1106/26; B1162/31; B1372/18; B1372/25; C0068/33; C0075/35; C0091/01; C0092/35; C0094/04; C0096/15; C0096/30; C0099/32; C0100/12; C0100/37; C0138/30; C0150/37; C0152/38; C0196/31; C0196/35; C0197/02; C0197/04; C0197/05; C0198/06; C0394/19; C0394/21; C0394/27; C0415/30; C0415/34; C0571/05; C0575/36

holes (19): A0535/31; B0827/12; B1046/27; B1071/20; B1141/13; B1156/34; C0173/09; C0196/04; C0196/05; C0197/09; C0197/30; C0394/19; C0394/22; C0394/29; C0533/20; C0533/22; C0566/05; C0573/29; C0575/33

holiday (1): C0546/05

Holland (6): A0138/16; B1072/30; B1077/26; B1080/04; C0388/18; C0427/23

Holland, Robert (2): B1068/04; B1069/18

Hollander (1): A0549/22

Hollanders (1): C0123/31

Hollands (1): A0340/03

hollo (2): B0820/24; B1372/05

hollow (16): A0150/M; A0166/11; A0215/06; A0372/08; A0415/27; A0416/09; A0428/07; B1058/06; B1071/10; B1071/18; B1106/17; B1108/32; B1240/12; B1391/28; C0189/14; C0192/37

hollow-backed (1): B0841/20

hollow-sounding (2): A0402/23; A0413/34

Holy (2): A0461/03; B1131/07

holy (22): A0020/V; A0043/11; A0044/18; A0046/18; A0059/08; A0061/04; A0080/15; A0198/25; A0198/25; A0227/34; A0228/37; A0234/18; A0235/23; A0252/11; A0312/22; A0457/17; A0610/01; A0643/26; B0945/20; B1128/34; B1131/09; B1131/11

Holy/of/Holies (1): A0120/07

Holy/Moses (1): A0047/04

Holy/River (1): B0949/14

holydays (1): A0429/20

homage (2): A0640/14; B1385/11

home (132)

Home/Journal (2): B1360/18; B1360/33

homely (1): B0849/01

Homer (5): A0086/14; A0099/01; A0621/17; B0870/10; B1385/17

Homer/Junior (2): A0176/04; A0182/02

Homeric (1): A0312/12

homes (2): A0513/09; B1346/26

homewards (4): B0842/29; B0896/11; B0948/17; B1052/05

homily (1): A0479/08

homines (1): B0987/10

hominis (1): B0810/12

homme (2): A0019/03; B1122/01

hommes (1): A0036/22

hommI (1): A0356/13

homo (2): A0125/01; B1372/01

Homo-Cameleopard (1): A0119/T

Homocameleopard (1): A0119/V

homoeopathists (2): A0631/06; A0631/16

Homoomeria (1): A0175/13

homoomeria (1): A0181/03

Homouioisios (2): A0175/16; A0181/06

Homousios (2): A0175/16; A0181/06

hon) (4): A0467/11; A0468/30; A0469/15; A0470/10

honest (16): A0249/28; A0371/15; A0582/23; B0767/15; B0874/01; B1019/27; B1045/02; B1047/10; B1055/02; B1091/03; B1137/24; B1140/20; B1206/08; B1379/10; B1381/06; C0391/15

honesti (1): B0987/10

honesty (2): B1132/02; B1381/13

honey (3): A0047/21; B1163/34; B1381/11

honeysuckle (2): B1262/01; B1337/18

Honor (1): A0301/02

honor (48): A0026/04; A0059/11; A0061/07; A0101/V; A0105/05; A0106/13; A0107/28; A0119/02; A0176/V; A0182/20; A0275/04; A0281/09; A0297/02; A0298/05; A0302/24; A0379/03; A0385/34; A0443/27; A0445/30; A0466/05; A0485/16; A0530/11; A0530/11; A0563/26; A0564/08; A0654/09; B0728/13; B0813/08; B0816/20; B0892/14; B0976/28; B0976/31; B0978/19; B1010/17; B1013/27; B1017/06; B1055/17; B1127/13; B1194/35; B1208/18; B1258/22; B1291/02; B1349/21; B1357/08; B1371/06; C0394/16; C0426/28; C0524/37

honorable (1): B0987/10

honorable (5): A0303/11; A0440/26; A0509/05; B0755/08; C0426/20

honorably (1): B1379/29

honors (2): A0426/07; A0443/24

honour (5): A0204/20; A0298/V; C0162/02; C0166/02; C0186/11

Honourable (1): A0204/32

honourable (1): A0128/V

honourably (1): A0020/V

hoo (3): B0821/11; B1155/12; B1161/19

hood (1): A0248/09

hoof (1): B1160/31

hoofs (3): A0029/14; A0125/30; A0563/09

hook (8): A0484/01; B0858/14; B1185/35; B1352/31; B1352/34; B1373/06; C0155/06; C0411/13

hookah (1): A0667/23

hookahcase (1): A0667/14

hooked (2): A0371/01; B1352/23

hooks (3): C0115/31; C0115/32; C0115/35

hoop (15): B1008/07; B1071/19; B1073/30; C0393/25; C0409/21; C0409/24; C0409/25; C0409/26; C0409/28; C0409/31; C0409/40; C0409/40; C0410/07; C0411/14; C0447/V

Hop (1): A0621/22

Hop-Frog (28): B1345/T; B1345/V; B1346/02; B1346/04; B1346/07; B1346/13; B1346/21; B1346/24; B1346/31; B1346/37; B1347/04; B1347/04; B1347/20; B1347/24; B1347/27; B1347/29; B1347/31; B1348/01; B1348/17; B1348/21; B1349/28; B1350/11; B1350/18; B1350/29; B1351/11; B1353/04; B1353/20; B1354/17

Hop-Frog’s (1): B1352/01

hope (111)

hoped (5): A0593/26; A0696/29; C0114/16; C0126/35; C0531/07

hopeless (6): A0036/14; A0404/04; B0958/25; B0961/28; C0077/30; C0187/14

hopelessness (3): A0139/21; A0329/07; C0088/01

hopes (20): A0054/29; A0063/29; A0228/10; A0426/09; A0448/V; A0560/08; A0566/02; A0654/27; B0931/06; B1107/19; B1128/09; B1129/11; B1178/11; B1385/33; C0066/24; C0100/26; C0120/01; C0416/25; C0563/40; C0565/06

hoping (3): B0830/34; C0090/02; C0145/29

Hopkinson, Joseph (1): A0278/28

hopperer> (1): A0464/14

Horace (2): A0111/02; A0652/14

hordes (2): B1190/29; C0065/20

horizon (42): A0136/15; A0138/20; A0196/01; A0209/02; A0209/04; A0460/01; A0460/02; A0580/31; A0585/22; A0588/23; B0842/03; B1080/28; B1080/28; B1080/32; B1080/35; B1155/35; B1280/30; C0129/39; C0159/07; C0159/21; C0163/41; C0166/12; C0203/23; C0204/36; C0205/23; C0205/27; C0397/18; C0398/20; C0402/06; C0408/07; C0408/08; C0408/13; C0408/16; C0416/15; C0416/23; C0417/03; C0417/05; C0417/23; C0417/27; C0418/08; C0443/V; C0575/16

horizontal (5): B0842/04; B1382/15; C0410/18; C0415/25; C0573/11

horizontally (3): A0631/11; B1261/27; B1382/17

horn (4): A0690/17; A0690/17; B1296/22; C0437/V

horn-blende (1): A0182/08

hornblende (2): A0175/25; A0175/V

Hornet (1): C0110/02

horns (6): A0175/08; A0181/29; A0690/17; B1162/15; B1165/16; B1165/32

horrendum (2): B0993/12; B1010/25

horresco (1): A0382/16

Horreur (2): A0033/17; A0036/24

horrible (63)

horribly (6): A0303/21; A0543/31; C0182/08; C0197/34; C0446/V; C0579/29

horrid (8): A0382/29; A0383/30; A0384/20; A0414/23; B0732/04; B1163/06; C0107/34; C0125/08

horridly (1): A0579/03

horrific (1): B0911/06

Horror (2): B0850/01; B0855/35

horror (108)

horror-inspiring (1): A0461/02

horror-stricken (2): B1354/06; C0397/34

horrorless (1): B0949/11

horrors (22): A0080/10; A0235/V; A0243/15; A0243/30; A0247/27; A0253/31; A0328/22; A0443/17; A0559/23; A0644/V; A0685/12; A0687/22; A0690/24; A0696/05; B0768/24; B0959/19; B1239/33; C0081/04; C0117/16; C0134/20; C0197/39; C0413/01

Horse (1): B1293/34

horse (46): A0019/10; A0022/08; A0022/09; A0023/07; A0023/19; A0023/20; A0024/04; A0024/07; A0024/07; A0024/12; A0026/01; A0026/14; A0027/02; A0027/22; A0027/V; A0027/V; A0028/09; A0029/25; A0398/09; A0400/22; B0958/20; B1003/22; B1044/16; B1046/20; B1046/33; B1053/31; B1057/31; B1057/33; B1058/23; B1058/25; B1090/20; B1093/09; B1093/10; B1093/10; B1093/11; B1093/13; B1093/17; B1093/20; B1153/32; B1159/02; B1166/01; B1166/10; C0387/M; C0541/07; C0555/11; C0557/07

horse-jockey (1): A0388/32

Horse-Shade (1): A0018/V

horse’s (3): A0027/14; B1048/32; B1160/31

horseback (5): A0397/03; B0863/07; B1044/14; C0118/18; C0553/26

horseman (1): A0029/09

horses (17): A0020/07; A0023/28; A0081/05; A0175/05; A0181/26; A0347/31; A0535/20; B0874/28; B1089/22; B1090/19; B1093/12; B1093/12; C0535/15; C0535/18; C0541/05; C0548/31; C0557/23

horses’ (1): C0554/27

Horsley (1): A0652/27

horticulturists (1): B0807/11

Hortulus (2): A0515/31; A0515/34

hose (3): A0247/25; A0508/35; C0534/23

hospitable (2): A0057/09; A0067/03

hospital (3): B0959/06; B0961/04; B1003/11

hospitality (2): A0104/30; B1055/04

hospitals (2): B0960/08; B1006/30

host (33): A0112/06; A0205/25; A0343/13; A0348/01; A0348/13; A0402/34; A0444/03; A0513/16; A0515/09; A0530/01; B0811/07; B0990/28; B1004/35; B1007/04; B1007/26; B1009/16; B1009/20; B1010/V; B1011/06; B1014/01; B1015/23; B1017/09; B1055/11; B1056/20; B1057/06; B1059/07; B1215/06; B1246/15; B1249/25; B1301/22; C0068/21; C0122/14; C0388/02

host’s (1): B1019/31

hostages (1): A0171/07

hostel (2): B0839/31; B0840/30

hostelrie (1): A0241/26

hostess (1): A0384/16

hostile (1): C0175/20

hostilities (2): C0540/31; C0555/39

hostility (7): A0019/07; A0120/06; A0433/20; C0539/36; C0548/24; C0549/08; C0569/22

hosts (1): B0808/13

hot (17): A0028/19; A0136/22; A0152/30; A0340/03; A0388/05; A0610/23; B0856/06; B0944/02; B1089/26; B1168/26; B1373/12; C0064/19; C0072/34; C0141/14; C0142/14; C0142/36; C0579/29

hot-corn (1): B1092/29

hot-headedness (1): B1050/20

hot> (1): A0464/06

Hotel (3): B0978/19; B0981/24; B0983/25

hotel (12): A0507/29; B0898/23; B0909/03; B0915/24; B0923/31; B0978/04; B0980/08; B0989/02; B0990/21; B0992/12; B0992/31; B1361/16

hotels (1): B0840/03

hotly (3): A0242/16; B1158/18; C0140/35

Hotte (1): B1163/14

Hottentot (1): A0486/14

Hottentots (1): A0496/04

houl> (6): A0464/06; A0464/22; A0465/04; A0465/24; A0465/32; A0467/05

hould> (5): A0467/28; A0470/04; A0470/11; A0470/14; A0470/19

houly> (1): A0464/11

hound (1): B1329/02

hour (162)

hour’s (3): A0059/13; C0145/32; C0191/36

Houri (2): A0313/09; A0664/V

hourly (15): A0211/18; A0234/06; A0234/21; A0243/12; A0353/21; A0458/27; A0616/17; A0653/06; B0731/12; B0856/05; B1122/32; B1212/13; B1213/27; C0093/14; C0419/15

hours (119)

hours’ (2): A0028/22; B0827/17

House (8): A0366/13; A0397/22; A0397/T; A0399/18; A0405/07; A0417/17; A0495/V; A0681/M

house (135)

housed (1): B0826/32

household (12): A0166/16; A0189/32; A0218/24; A0296/05; A0427/30; A0457/04; A0495/05; A0498/25; B0725/03; B0849/07; B0856/17; C0393/09

housekeeper (1): B0871/31

houseless (1): B0963/08

houses (25): A0019/06; A0121/13; A0122/15; A0243/33; A0244/25; A0367/01; A0428/02; A0490/21; A0508/24; A0554/V; A0582/13; B0945/09; B0947/15; B0980/23; B0980/25; B0980/28; B1101/09; B1303/03; B1337/27; B1360/16; C0177/26; C0179/27; C0527/18; C0530/05; C0548/14

hove (1): A0140/27

hovel (1): A0486/12

hovels (1): A0122/11

hover (4): A0143/30; A0711/32; B1215/25; B1276/35

hovered (9): A0078/32; A0140/03; A0196/V; A0311/26; B0963/35; C0125/07; C0205/28; C0419/02; C0539/36

hovering (3): A0162/24; A0327/17; C0153/21

how (344)

however (618)

howiver> (1): A0467/12

howl (4): B0859/03; B1015/03; B1372/05; C0169/16

howled (1): A0692/16

howling (7): A0145/17; A0579/06; A0582/22; B1021/10; C0131/36; C0200/16; C0564/18

howlings (3): A0036/14; A0582/02; B0825/17

howls (1): C0123/05

Hoyle (1): A0529/28

hu (15): A0105/23; A0105/23; A0105/23; A0113/06; A0113/06; A0113/06; A0650/27; A0650/27; A0650/27; B1012/29; B1012/29; B1012/29; B1103/13; B1103/13; B1103/13

hubbub (2): A0128/21; C0387/23

huddled (2): A0280/08; C0136/06

huddling (1): C0099/27

Hudibras (1): A0346/04

Hudson (5): A0491/19; B0726/33; B0862/08; B1246/03; B1334/12

Hudson/Bay (1): C0525/09

Hudson/Bay/fur/company (1): C0561/03

Hudson’s (1): C0525/19

Hudson’s/bay (1): C0525/30

hue (30): A0195/05; A0246/32; A0313/10; A0316/22; A0321/16; A0328/16; A0367/15; A0410/34; A0502/02; A0502/V; A0578/34; A0663/V; A0671/28; A0672/04; A0673/28; A0674/03; B0943/15; B1160/33; B1235/12; B1239/23; B1281/35; C0126/05; C0172/07; C0204/14; C0204/38; C0206/07; C0417/16; C0418/32; C0538/36; C0543/14

hues (8): A0209/02; A0209/03; A0235/25; A0329/12; A0497/30; A0498/19; A0641/V; C0172/02

huge (96)

hugely (1): C0560/25

huggab (1): A0047/25

Hugh (2): A0249/15; A0250/35

Hugo, Jacobus (1): A0621/16

Huguenot (1): B0806/02

hulk (19): A0138/11; A0143/V; C0065/33; C0115/07; C0117/23; C0118/05; C0126/36; C0129/28; C0134/10; C0139/25; C0140/14; C0141/15; C0141/24; C0143/07; C0143/38; C0144/16; C0144/25; C0146/20; C0149/02

Hull (1): C0146/42

hull (13): A0140/06; A0251/29; A0579/18; B0830/16; B1248/08; C0062/26; C0125/36; C0126/28; C0141/05; C0143/31; C0144/06; C0144/13; C0144/35

hum (11): A0512/12; A0681/06; A0697/07; B0821/11; B0944/31; B1155/12; B1159/33; B1160/05; B1161/03; B1161/13; B1294/23

Hum-drum (1): A0270/06

Hum-Drum (14): B1129/14; B1130/08; B1130/12; B1130/27; B1131/22; B1131/25; B1134/19; B1136/11; B1136/32; B1137/28; B1138/25; B1144/26; B1145/02; B1145/07

human (145)

human-looking (1): A0028/05

human-perfectibility (2): A0176/08; A0180/29

humane (1): B1093/24

humanely (1): B1089/21

humanities (2): A0652/17; B1096/24

Humanity (4): B0855/37; B1293/19; B1293/20; B1294/07

humanity (23): A0337/14; A0337/27; A0402/12; A0478/25; A0538/24; A0558/09; A0641/20; A0703/12; A0709/14; A0711/28; A0712/06; B0850/08; B0855/04; B0969/12; B1005/28; B1178/11; B1219/15; B1240/14; B1268/11; B1274/16; B1276/31; B1277/11; B1302/21

humble (20): A0227/33; A0263/18; A0268/09; A0268/23; A0274/01; A0296/V; A0301/29; A0348/20; A0665/09; B0727/29; B0864/08; B1129/20; B1145/15; B1359/06; B1371/18; B1382/28; C0085/41; C0391/01; C0426/28; C0438/V

humbled (3): A0059/07; A0444/12; B1017/15

humbly (1): B1348/05

Humboldt (1): C0403/36

humbug (3): A0090/31; A0109/23; B1091/27

Humdrum (2): A0268/07; A0622/09

Fume, David (1): B1314/16

humid (1): A0512/08

humility (2): A0104/15; A0509/33

humming (7): A0137/04; A0251/20; B0898/06; B0943/16; B1108/33; B1155/31; C0071/28

humming-stuff (2): A0241/31; A0244/11

humming-top (1): A0341/17

humor (17): A0098/10; A0110/25; A0386/33; A0547/06; A0626/20; A0626/32; B0724/29; B0725/09; B0810/22; B0817/06; B1056/24; B1115/09; B1208/05; B1278/20; B1347/24; C0387/12; C0531/03

humored (1): B1006/01

humorous (1): B1119/M

humour (2): A0053/27; C0092/40

hump (2): B1169/20; C0558/35

humph (9): A0093/31; A0093/32; A0094/15; A0113/12; A0113/13; A0113/19; A0180/10; B1102/18; B1162/12

Humphrey’s (1): B1358/16

Hundred (1): B0806/T

hundred (198)

hundreds (6): A0694/18; B0746/25; B0874/09; B1159/30; B1295/31; C0098/39

hundredth (1): C0400/32

hundredths (1): B1314/17

hung (77)

Hungarian (3): A0018/09; A0029/V; A0292/01

Hungarians (1): A0018/10

Hungary (2): A0018/03; A0020/20

hunger (7): A0081/31; B1145/26; C0120/14; C0126/22; C0128/28; C0132/10; C0191/20

hungry (1): C0076/27

Hungry/Hill (1): C0433/03

hunks (1): A0486/03

Hunt (1): C0146/36

hunt (2): A0026/06; C0571/31

Hunt, John (2): C0102/22; C0112/30

Hunt, Wilson Price (1): C0528/10

hunted (2): A0078/23; B0808/18

hunter (4): A0024/30; C0532/03; C0532/22; C0566/21

hunter’s (1): C0562/05

hunters (13): C0531/03; C0531/28; C0535/12; C0540/05; C0542/39; C0561/25; C0561/40; C0562/15; C0562/21; C0562/36; C0563/28; C0566/30; C0568/13

hunting (12): A0020/07; A0025/12; A0026/06; C0522/03; C0529/09; C0529/27; C0530/11; C0536/17; C0539/24; C0540/10; C0544/11; C0571/29

‘huomo (1): A0344/31

hurdy-gurdy (1): A0294/V

hurl (2): A0140/25; A0690/31

hurled (19): A0137/07; A0300/15; A0356/23; A0459/11; A0567/18; B1104/07; B1162/21; B1354/22; C0088/16; C0112/25; C0114/35; C0116/28; C0140/25; C0144/05; C0149/36; C0190/05; C0397/02; C0421/27; C0578/30

hurling (1): C0185/21

Hurlygurly, Tim (2): A0252/27; A0252/31

hurrah (2): A0128/V; B0824/13

hurricane (15): A0137/30; A0140/13; A0582/28; A0584/37; A0585/31; A0586/36; A0594/13; B0930/17; B1078/21; B1392/02; C0062/41; C0106/38; C0117/18; C0149/19; C0396/27

hurried (34): A0023/15; A0068/01; A0080/33; A0139/17; A0155/V; A0166/V; A0267/33; A0410/33; A0412/16; A0416/01; A0444/32; A0508/06; A0513/30; A0537/20; A0567/22; A0590/07; A0594/15; A0631/02; A0694/16; A0694/35; A0696/23; B0841/31; B0924/12; B0947/09; B0960/21; B0977/06; B0977/13; B1069/28; B1114/11; B1357/04; B1373/20; C0110/30; C0389/37; C0421/22

hurriedly (19): A0138/26; A0155/15; A0198/13; A0216/V; A0324/24; A0329/25; A0439/11; A0511/27; A0642/08; A0655/27; A0663/22; A0676/18; A0690/06; B0827/04; B0944/24; B0959/01; B1350/27; C0073/13; C0568/27

hurry (23): A0043/01; A0044/22; A0088/18; A0088/29; A0098/18; A0102/30; A0265/21; A0269/36; A0272/17; A0281/28; A0329/03; A0341/19; A0347/09; A0490/20; A0529/12; B0879/19; B0900/22; B1182/24; B1226/13; B1258/20; B1370/19; B1372/15; C0097/12

hurrying (7): A0145/24; A0416/16; A0446/31; A0608/20; C0058/27; C0060/02; C0204/27

hurt (5): A0353/30; A0631/02; B0873/08; C0076/27; C0579/23

hurting (1): C0169/11

hurts (1): B1091/15

husband (20): A0057/15; B0732/38; B0902/28; B0903/01; B0910/15; B0914/V; B0916/24; B0916/26; B0926/35; B0926/35; B0929/03; B0929/11; B0933/22; B0956/27; B0958/05; B0958/14; B1107/12; B1153/12; B1169/05; B1170/04

husband’s (3): B0914/21; B1159/35; C0552/27

husbands (1): B1169/09

hush (7): A0088/35; A0103/15; A0490/01; A0651/11; B0907/31; B0933/04; C0083/23

hushed (4): A0675/30; B0726/13; B0731/05; B0753/11

hushing (1): A0639/23

huskiness (1): A0411/02

husky (3): A0023/21; A0218/21; A0447/07

hut (10): B0807/17; B0808/03; B0808/07; B0811/07; B0814/23; B0827/05; B0827/12; B0945/30; C0175/05; C0561/12

huts (1): A0122/11

huzzy (1): A0655/19

hx (1): B1374/07

hxg (1): B1374/15

hxllx (1): B1374/18

hxme (2): B1374/09; B1374/10

hxmx (1): B1374/14

hxw (2): B1374/07; B1374/19

hxwl (1): B1374/18

hyacinth (2): A0036/02; A0152/28

hyacinthine (2): A0312/13; B1386/03

hyacinths (1): B1283/08

hybrid (4): C0093/34; C0100/31; C0104/10; C0117/32

Hyde (1): A0464/15

hydrangea (1): B1334/20

hydrogen (5): B1071/02; B1073/06; B1073/14; B1073/19; C0394/02

hydrophobia (2): B1093/14; C0101/02

hyena (3): B0944/07; B0948/14; B1300/21

hymn (5): A0124/28; A0125/34; A0227/30; A0227/36; A0232/V

Hymns (1): A0176/03

hymns (1): A0182/01

hyper-exquisite (1): B1371/16

hyper-fizzitistical (1): A0625/V

hyperbole (1): B1122/04

Hyperion (1): B1136/11

hyperobtrusive (1): B0991/24

hyperquizzitistical (1): A0625/04

hypochondria (1): C0522/01

hypochondriac (3): A0405/24; A0409/14; A0413/14

hypocrisy (3): B0746/30; C0066/14; C0066/14

hypocritical (2): B0797/25; C0201/16

hypothenuse (6): B1080/28; B1080/30; B1080/37; C0408/08; C0408/10; C0408/18

hypothesis (7): B0748/15; B0871/21; B1031/32; B1052/33; B1119/M; B1301/10; B1322/06

hypothetical (1): B0723/24

hysteria (1): A0412/10

hysterical (3): A0151/26; A0190/07; B0934/09

hysterics (6): A0059/01; A0069/V; A0070/02; A0253/27; B1183/21; C0066/02

I (7883)

i.e. (1): B1093/12

i’ (1): A0034/12

I’d (2): B0815/09; C0067/22

I’en (1): C0430/35

I’ll (27): A0094/06; A0113/30; A0292/M; A0343/09; A0387/25; A0388/V; A0470/08; A0623/29; A0624/12; A0624/12; A0624/13; A0624/13; A0624/14; A0624/26; A0651/08; A0651/08; A0651/11; A0656/18; A0657/30; B0820/22; B0820/26; B1046/04; B1046/10; B1103/32; B1373/08; B1373/09; B1383/17

I’m (8): A0285/12; A0336/05; A0385/12; A0465/03; A0651/19; B0812/17; B0812/21; B0820/28

I’s (2): A0267/34; B1373/22

i’s (2): A0277/35; B1373/07

I’ve (3): A0373/14; A0464/09; A0708/10

Iaao (1): A0383/14

Iamblichus (1): A0176/05

Iamblicus (1): A0180/27

ibid. (1): A0611/32

Ibis (1): B1188/13

ice (57)

ice-cream (1): B1092/30

icebergs (2): C0163/27; C0163/41

Iceland (1): B1161/24

ices (1): C0416/24

ich (1): A0150/V

ichor (1): B1242/11

iciness (2): A0397/18; A0437/17

icy (7): A0214/26; A0328/16; B0964/03; B1225/12; B1237/17; C0160/01; C0160/13

id (2): A0534/27; A0654/08

iddication> (1): A0464/11

idea (219)

ideal (2): A0273/12; B0889/23

ideal (9): A0230/03; A0322/V; A0708/11; B0723/M; B0723/M; B0924/21; B1089/15; B1123/08; B1123/20

idealische (1): B0723/M

idealischer (1): B0723/M

ideality (7): A0298/V; A0405/11; A0413/12; A0527/V; A0527/V; A0533/10; B1220/04

idealized (2): A0318/V; B1273/04

ideas (48): A0028/11; A0079/11; A0086/11; A0097/11; A0105/07; A0105/09; A0107/12; A0108/06; A0210/17; A0282/06; A0296/05; A0345/21; A0353/05; A0356/03; A0429/28; A0496/28; A0500/22; A0511/21; A0536/22; A0558/07; A0603/20; A0610/16; A0703/28; B0822/32; B0826/34; B0985/12; B0990/19; B1034/14; B1089/13; B1089/14; B1089/14; B1128/17; B1190/18; B1234/24; B1268/27; B1293/23; B1310/24; B1311/28; C0073/19; C0161/22; C0392/32; C0398/02; C0421/22; C0423/24; C0438/V; C0442/V; C0551/39; C0564/04

idee (2): A0096/10; B0986/34

idees (5): A0096/11; A0216/10; A0216/10; A0216/11; A0216/V

identical (20): A0073/07; A0241/V; A0270/35; A0435/03; A0553/05; A0559/29; A0708/29; B0769/14; B0865/36; B0906/31; B0989/17; B1164/08; B1180/15; B1273/24; B1358/10; C0143/08; C0388/20; C0388/38; C0391/06; C0547/30

identically (3): A0404/V; A0404/V; A0448/V

identification (8): B0745/20; B0745/22; B0828/04; B0984/29; B0984/32; B0985/04; B0985/10; B1035/31

identified (6): A0399/16; A0473/28; B0730/01; B0731/10; B0736/06; B0877/20

identifies (1): A0529/09

identify (4): A0079/26; A0563/03; A0685/31; B0770/24

identifying (2): A0560/30; B0769/23

identity (30): A0035/02; A0211/05; A0213/31; A0226/27; A0226/29; A0226/36; A0226/37; A0231/01; A0231/03; A0231/09; A0231/10; A0234/24; A0356/02; A0401/28; A0432/20; A0439/30; A0445/25; A0448/10; B0732/26; B0736/05; B0737/29; B0744/33; B0746/19; B0747/03; B0748/10; B0748/31; B0751/11; B0915/04; B0915/16; B0993/22

idiocy (2): A0531/05; C0078/26

idiom (1): B0836/03

idiosyncracy (1): A0511/14

idiosyncrasy (10): A0079/19; A0213/26; B0724/18; B0757/07; B0946/03; B0963/14; B1038/10; B1038/25; B1247/V; C0524/01

idiosyncratic (1): B1038/16

idiot (6): A0073/33; A0556/31; A0625/V; A0691/29; B0745/22; B0769/26

idiotic (5): A0216/11; C0130/19; C0131/17; C0205/10; C0398/35

idiots (4): A0125/28; A0499/22; C0395/31; C0425/10

idle (8): A0547/15; A0561/22; A0583/06; B1113/10; C0195/16; C0395/10; C0427/28; C0564/29

idleness (2): A0209/23; A0438/01

idly (2): A0028/28; B0753/23

idolaters (1): A0043/07

idolator (1): A0046/11

idolatrous (5): A0044/16; A0045/28; A0122/13; A0311/13; A0323/11

idolatry (1): A0317/19

idolised (1): B0899/20

idols (3): B0945/16; B1303/20; C0169/29

if (803)

Iflesen (1): A0579/25

ignes (1): A0135/17

ignited (3): A0248/24; B1321/09; C0405/24

igniting (1): A0396/15

ignoble (2): A0033/02; B1123/24

ignoramus (1): A0353/07

ignoramus (5): A0488/12; B1007/08; B1012/03; B1144/02; B1261/21

ignoramuses (1): A0622/06

ignorance (16): A0313/16; B0726/14; B0756/25; B0761/27; B1017/13; B1095/09; B1187/10; B1194/16; B1325/11; C0097/11; C0169/20; C0392/27; C0426/01; C0428/19; C0431/10; C0432/41

ignorant (23): A0228/27; A0233/08; A0236/03; A0267/19; A0353/31; A0457/34; A0458/19; A0601/04; A0707/23; B0743/30; B0915/14; B1131/15; B1272/24; B1313/15; B1316/10; B1317/20; C0114/06; C0139/09; C0202/27; C0393/12; C0429/07; C0447/V; C0568/04

ignoratio (3): A0345/19; A0345/19; A0345/24

ignotum (1): B1080/10

igualmente (1): A0621/03

ihre (1): B0723/M

Il (1): A0344/31

il (14): A0035/05; A0036/06; A0036/18; A0036/21; A0036/22; A0036/25; A0037/25; A0273/29; A0356/13; A0397/M; A0602/07; B0897/03; B0986/33; B1207/06

iligant> (2): A0464/15; A0466/32

ill (40): A0059/06; A0063/01; A0068/24; A0107/32; A0135/01; A0176/10; A0180/31; A0189/11; A0210/22; A0228/01; A0248/05; A0316/20; A0385/03; A0442/17; A0500/02; A0507/07; A0545/04; B0810/22; B0813/25; B0815/33; B0851/19; B0854/31; B0928/18; B1052/32; B1145/27; B1158/09; B1169/15; B1195/06; B1208/05; B1259/15; B1347/23; B1349/28; C0078/37; C0122/32; C0139/16; C0421/01; C0430/43; C0432/42; C0561/11; C0563/36

ill-adapted (1): A0486/26

ill-admeasurement (1): B0985/10

ill-advised (1): A0135/07

ill-bred (1): B0923/02

ill-breeding (2): A0249/30; A0386/18

ill-conceived (1): B1193/06

ill-constructed (1): C0403/02

ill-contrived (1): A0240/08

ill-directed (1): A0427/28

ill-disposed (1): B0747/28

ill-fated (1): A0150/01

ill-favored (2): A0240/V; A0252/25

ill-fitted (1): B0930/27

ill-fortune (1): A0061/01

ill-founded (1): A0527/V

ill-furnished (1): A0499/03

ill-health (2): A0026/25; A0058/03

ill-humor (1): B1372/32

ill-looking (1): A0203/02

ill-luck (2): A0058/08; A0068/31

ill-made (1): C0551/38

ill-mannered (1): B1159/35

ill-natured (1): A0437/05

ill-omened (1): A0311/14

ill-regulated (1): C0392/33

ill-timed (2): A0249/07; C0166/26

ill-treated (2): B0933/12; B0957/21

ill-used (1): B0851/12

ill-ventilated (1): B1224/14

illae (1): B0767/17

illegibility (1): A0281/24

illegible (6): A0265/20; A0267/06; A0267/37; A0272/30; A0280/04; A0281/18

illiberality (4): B1207/18; B1207/19; B1207/27; B1208/02

illigant> (4): A0465/29; A0466/26; A0467/16; A0467/25

illimitable (7): A0198/09; A0198/15; A0535/15; A0677/04; B0895/23; B1316/12; B1346/09

Illinois (1): C0207/14

illness (11): A0323/21; A0398/21; A0403/35; B0812/14; B0956/13; B1032/22; B1224/11; C0409/03; C0561/19; C0565/09; C0565/21

illnesses (1): A0324/05

illuminated (9): A0087/29; A0093/30; A0113/09; A0190/01; A0245/V; A0695/V; B1351/18; C0423/15; C0423/17

illuminating (1): B1156/04

illumination (1): C0078/23

illumine (1): C0414/10

illumined (4): A0672/14; A0695/19; A0696/11; B0821/33

illusion (3): A0663/V; A0663/V; C0574/03

illusions (1): B1330/30

illustrate (1): B1010/10

illustrated (1): A0579/05

illustration (2): A0556/25; B1321/07

illustrations (2): B1179/05; B1179/07

Illustrious (1): A0126/05

illustrious (21): A0019/06; A0021/24; A0127/30; A0250/02; A0349/04; A0531/18; A0704/11; B0750/31; B0957/13; B0976/30; B1092/18; B1130/03; B1130/18; B1137/12; B1144/30; B1164/34; B1269/11; B1310/32; B1358/08; C0426/39; C0437/V

illy (2): A0486/V; A0545/V

Ils (1): A0109/31

ilse> (1): A0466/28

image (15): A0124/12; A0156/24; A0210/31; A0300/11; A0311/01; A0399/29; A0448/02; A0448/15; A0675/18; A0689/28; B0855/33; B0856/02; B0909/07; C0112/03; C0405/28

imaged (1): A0616/23

images (18): A0153/15; A0244/08; A0397/10; A0398/12; A0401/01; A0405/18; A0614/06; A0640/21; A0641/22; A0689/05; B0963/36; B1180/21; B1184/28; B1223/09; C0118/12; C0124/25; C0205/36; C0537/40

imaginable (7): B0889/V; B0898/14; C0067/20; C0151/13; C0172/36; C0193/01; C0568/37

imaginary (3): A0022/03; A0411/10; B0982/29

imagination (67)

imaginations (5): A0189/17; B0736/28; B1301/37; C0093/35; C0112/18

imaginative (13): A0027/09; A0213/01; A0226/28; A0231/03; A0348/02; A0427/18; A0502/04; A0527/V; A0531/10; A0623/28; B1122/27; C0055/16; C0078/12

imagine (69)

imagined (50): A0035/13; A0036/V; A0058/32; A0078/29; A0106/23; A0139/18; A0145/16; A0164/24; A0284/12; A0353/26; A0355/36; A0408/13; A0704/34; A0705/06; A0707/04; B0732/29; B0733/09; B0739/08; B0755/06; B0759/32; B0763/33; B0765/14; B0766/10; B0767/05; B0768/17; B0833/18; B0977/33; B1010/12; B1013/02; B1214/27; B1250/35; B1269/33; B1270/05; B1297/36; B1317/16; B1350/23; B1362/10; B1370/24; C0076/29; C0078/04; C0123/21; C0129/37; C0135/30; C0139/29; C0182/25; C0197/39; C0403/07; C0407/14; C0424/01; C0531/16

imagines (2): B0744/10; B0987/32

imagining (4): A0036/10; A0340/31; B0772/17; B0940/07

imaginings (1): C0075/41

imbecile (3): A0691/29; B1297/23; C0134/34

imbecilities (1): C0130/27

imbecility (2): A0610/13; C0145/10

imbedded (9): A0036/V; A0428/09; A0553/22; A0559/07; A0567/06; B0742/32; B1115/22; B1259/35; B1337/02

imbibe (1): A0478/24

imbibed (5): A0145/04; A0251/06; A0320/20; A0611/12; B0876/02

imbibes (1): A0604/08

imbitter (1): C0134/04

imbodied (1): A0079/37

imbue (2): A0711/16; B1276/17

imbued (9): A0144/30; A0319/10; A0437/09; A0703/19; B0905/10; B0946/21; B1268/19; C0080/19; C0521/24

imitate (6): A0496/23; A0708/02; B0947/20; B1273/02; C0059/32; C0204/09

imitated (4): A0708/05; B1015/V; B1273/05; C0092/19

imitating (1): B0992/17

Imitation (1): A0018/V

imitation (15): A0241/06; A0270/21; A0434/32; A0435/07; A0437/29; A0437/32; A0566/26; B0905/25; B1011/32; B1092/18; B1120/06; B1385/26; B1386/07; C0108/41; C0112/18

imitations (1): B1350/33

imitative (1): A0559/22

immaculate (2): A0096/07; B1383/13

immaterial (2): B0989/13; B1033/12

immateriality (2): B1033/13; B1040/06

immature (2): A0435/30; A0510/12

immeasurable (3): A0590/V; A0613/25; A0653/14

immeasurably (4): A0442/06; A0582/18; A0711/12; B1249/20

immediate (72)

immediately (235)

immemorial (1): A0322/06

immense (59)

immensely (8): A0405/31; A0478/31; B0892/11; B0914/17; B0976/24; B1233/25; C0072/17; C0107/35

immensity (4): A0099/33; A0600/30; B1186/25; C0536/38

immerse (1): B0741/24

immersed (5): A0316/17; B0741/15; B0741/18; B0744/13; B0964/02

immersion (7): B0732/11; B0740/12; B0741/29; B0743/07; C0127/36; C0129/18; C0129/21

immethodical (1): B0943/19

imminency (1): C0144/38

imminent (16): A0023/17; A0053/19; A0144/V; B0949/17; B1194/23; C0060/28; C0062/27; C0063/06; C0096/33; C0106/39; C0114/06; C0116/17; C0117/25; C0198/19; C0398/23; C0556/31

immoderate (4): A0211/V; A0249/07; A0325/12; C0179/12

immoderately (1): C0202/17

immolation (2): A0536/25; B1257/04

immoral (1): A0623/32

immortal (12): A0099/33; A0382/31; A0384/01; A0384/25; A0612/07; A0664/12; B0852/26; B0887/20; B1037/09; B1145/12; B1293/20; B1361/20

immortality (9): A0019/10; A0150/V; A0617/06; A0682/23; B1031/05; B1031/20; B1038/31; B1211/02; B1274/02

immortalize (1): A0105/09

immortalized (1): A0071/26

immovably (1): C0425/14

immoveable (1): A0681/13

immoveably (1): A0461/V

immutable (2): B1296/31; B1313/32

Imp (2): B1219/T; B1224/05

imp (1): B1103/34

impaired (4): A0282/09; A0545/12; A0663/V; B1233/21

impalpability (2): B1296/33; B1314/01

impalpable (7): A0074/17; A0461/07; B1161/39; B1312/20; C0194/05; C0194/15; C0559/37

impart (2): A0581/09; C0553/03

imparted (2): A0106/07; A0329/15

impartiality (1): A0365/12

imparts (2): B1038/02; B1114/08

impassable (1): C0159/23

impassioned (2): B0905/13; C0537/22

impatience (14): A0439/13; A0508/05; A0513/09; A0612/16; B0828/24; B0833/34; B0896/16; B0901/22; B0924/02; B1178/31; B1223/V; C0096/13; C0123/17; C0569/20

impatient (10): A0387/V; A0446/13; B0900/12; B0964/04; B1163/37; B1178/13; B1222/14; B1223/14; B1263/15; C0083/37

impatiently (3): B0892/01; B1348/23; C0062/15

impede (1): B1039/06

impeded (16): A0054/03; A0063/12; A0243/21; A0508/09; A0627/13; A0671/19; A0685/02; B1070/08; B1077/33; B1282/08; C0094/40; C0159/06; C0164/13; C0183/08; C0194/10; C0418/44

impediment (6): A0613/08; B1039/07; B1039/10; B1329/22; B1352/05; C0061/18

impediments (5): A0139/15; A0244/08; B1039/13; C0096/28; C0163/13

impeding (1): A0508/12

impelled (4): B0948/11; B1030/17; B1055/06; B1249/11

impelling (1): B1033/21

impels (4): B1033/23; B1033/28; B1221/02; B1221/02

impended (2): A0696/09; B1055/09

impending (2): A0028/V; B0833/23

impends (1): B0767/30

impenetrable (5): A0373/22; B0807/13; B1279/09; B1282/08; C0445/V

imperatively (3): B0891/24; B0933/23; B0988/34

imperceptible (9): A0028/14; A0682/01; B0855/28; B0893/06; B1044/27; B1113/08; B1222/30; B1237/10; B1238/09

imperceptibly (3): A0212/19; A0664/08; A0706/10

imperfect (8): A0690/10; B0723/M; B0723/M; B0749/03; B0832/29; B0853/04; B1072/09; C0172/09

imperfection (1): B1039/12

imperfectly (3): A0080/29; A0495/V; B0767/01

imperial (3): A0157/V; A0159/18; A0671/16

imperious (2): A0026/08; A0446/03

imperiously (1): A0445/20

imperiousness (1): A0431/10

imperishable (2): B0831/11; B1317/32

imperor> (1): A0464/11

impertinence (4): B0726/18; B0870/02; B0871/10; C0390/16

impertinences (2): B0903/V; B1291/16

impertinent (6): A0293/21; A0432/07; A0445/14; B0871/10; B1224/15; B1318/10

impetuosity (10): A0028/V; A0029/08; A0442/29; A0580/10; A0582/12; A0676/21; B1372/20; C0079/04; C0424/38; C0562/38

impetuous (11): A0020/V; A0025/27; A0027/V; A0144/06; A0253/24; A0412/18; A0581/24; B0901/19; C0421/24; C0424/25; C0552/38

impetuously (10): A0102/01; A0316/23; B0907/16; B0947/17; B0963/03; B1223/13; B1223/V; C0072/30; C0190/06; C0446/V

impetus (9): A0479/29; A0479/30; B0989/V; B1070/10; B1070/11; B1321/23; C0098/02; C0144/03; C0578/30

impia (1): A0681/M

impiety (1): A0627/26

impinging (1): B1070/05

impious (1): A0120/10

impiously (1): A0044/06

implacable (2): A0120/06; B1107/23

implanted (2): A0098/20; B1272/19

implements (5): B0816/30; B0823/06; C0394/39; C0396/04; C0399/12

implicate (2): A0561/29; B0727/34

implicated (4): A0548/12; A0563/29; B0727/21; B1051/28

implicit (5): A0075/12; A0431/24; A0446/10; B0924/17; C0564/01

implicitly (4): A0226/08; A0230/05; B0816/23; B1361/28

implied (5): A0019/25; A0103/28; A0108/11; B0907/27; B1322/26

impliedly (1): B1314/33

implies (2): A0529/19; B0987/09

implore (2): B0932/02; B1261/32

implored (3): A0624/03; B1348/34; C0122/17

imploring (2): B1109/03; C0111/22

imploringly (1): A0386/12

imply (7): A0019/25; A0550/25; B0844/15; B0880/03; B0910/19; B1109/24; B1339/05

implying (1): C0131/30

impolicy (1): B1221/V

impolitic (1): C0550/10

import (9): A0106/04; A0226/13; A0354/01; A0416/03; A0538/30; B0835/31; B0929/13; B1092/10; C0080/23

importa (1): A0621/03

importance (55)

important (62)

importunate (2): A0398/19; A0408/22

importuning (1): C0395/25

importunities (2): A0045/28; A0653/19

impose (1): B1258/09

imposed (4): A0104/27; A0252/06; B0825/08; B1258/16

imposing (2): A0488/28; C0562/41

imposition (1): A0488/27

impositions (2): A0057/02; A0066/27

impossibile (1): A0213/08

impossibilities (3): A0551/26; A0551/27; A0552/11

impossibility (15): A0210/04; A0251/V; A0251/V; A0547/21; A0551/19; B0826/10; B0942/02; B1116/07; B1183/28; B1315/26; B1315/29; C0061/14; C0186/20; C0394/10; C0414/26

impossible (136)

impost (1): B1302/18

impostor (1): A0447/08

imposts (1): B1193/12

imposture (1): B1257/09

impotent (4): A0317/01; A0612/23; A0667/48; B1079/09

impracticable (1): B0896/24

imprecations (2): B1020/03; C0123/05

impregnated (1): C0553/01

impregnating (1): A0603/27

impregnation (3): B0742/16; B1163/31; B1163/40

impress (15): A0099/24; A0218/30; A0316/27; A0446/08; A0514/23; A0555/11; A0641/V; B0733/07; B0988/27; B1029/06; B1214/04; B1214/25; B1240/22; C0135/30; C0166/16

impressed (24): A0025/15; A0317/16; A0406/18; A0479/32; A0559/28; A0614/06; B0825/11; B0831/01; B0833/22; B0892/28; B0940/28; B1030/04; B1109/14; B1182/25; B1240/20; B1299/33; B1325/01; B1329/18; B1331/04; B1331/04; C0109/11; C0125/19; C0182/02; C0420/12

impresses (3): B0878/25; B0888/20; B0955/14

impressing (2): B1030/10; B1193/32

impression (43): A0266/20; A0273/27; A0276/11; A0283/30; A0346/27; A0398/08; A0399/23; A0430/29; A0438/14; A0496/16; A0543/25; A0550/18; A0558/12; A0559/02; A0581/17; A0622/17; B0725/01; B0732/42; B0733/20; B0734/04; B0853/15; B0853/31; B0865/02; B0905/07; B0915/03; B0916/07; B1030/11; B1080/35; B1080/35; B1091/15; B1103/27; B1338/32; B1358/03; B1364/19; B1369/14; C0112/16; C0167/07; C0392/20; C0400/22; C0408/16; C0408/16; C0573/09; C0574/07

impressions (24): A0228/23; A0233/04; A0235/10; A0310/14; A0378/09; A0403/22; A0429/06; A0545/23; A0559/08; A0613/21; A0682/30; A0682/31; A0682/33; B0730/06; B0748/09; B0943/08; B1004/20; B1031/03; B1107/10; B1240/35; B1247/04; B1280/18; C0438/V; C0538/38

impressive (6): A0028/02; A0298/V; A0339/10; A0411/12; A0641/23; B1003/31

impressively (2): B1047/21; B1057/10

impressiveness (1): A0297/12

imprimis (1): C0427/16

imprinted (1): B0823/29

imprisoned (9): A0544/22; A0544/27; A0564/09; B1021/25; B1057/29; B1093/26; B1279/08; C0084/37; C0090/06

imprisonment (1): C0081/06

improbabilities (1): A0164/06

improbability (1): A0163/V

improbable (11): A0527/V; B0732/16; B0739/25; B0744/21; B0807/31; B0813/16; B1101/32; B1168/40; B1188/19; B1358/24; C0088/03

impromptus (1): A0406/10

improper (3): B0723/21; B0902/01; C0524/23

improperly (2): A0226/29; B1383/23

impropriety (3): A0624/22; B0895/09; B1383/21

improve (4): A0708/03; A0709/07; B1273/02; B1274/13

improved (3): A0107/30; B1080/17; C0523/37

improvement (10): A0337/28; A0609/13; A0707/31; A0708/33; A0709/01; B0752/13; B1271/02; B1272/31; B1273/27; B1298/26

improvements (2): B1301/07; C0394/32

improves (1): A0489/28

improvisations (2): A0404/31; A0406/14

improvisatori (1): A0671/06

improvisatrice (2): A0087/09; A0100/19

improvised (1): A0405/11

improviso (1): A0343/24

imprudence (2): B0902/04; B0915/18

imprudent (1): A0653/28

imprudently (2): B0901/24; C0406/09

imps (1): A0243/11

impudence (2): B1109/08; B1134/02

impudent (2): B1337/15; C0055/23

impulse (21): A0297/05; A0676/10; B0769/21; B0946/21; B0947/V; B0984/23; B1213/35; B1214/03; B1214/07; B1214/08; B1214/22; B1214/25; B1214/28; B1215/01; B1215/23; B1219/10; B1221/05; B1222/02; B1222/27; B1249/03; B1372/28

impulses (10): A0296/V; A0671/02; B0852/08; B0899/23; B1214/01; B1215/07; B1215/09; B1215/18; B1219/01; C0131/21

impulsion (1): B1033/26

impulsive (2): A0663/25; B0934/07

impune (1): B1260/01

impunity (8): A0034/27; A0440/27; A0564/06; B0969/14; B1131/24; B1225/V; B1256/07; C0390/17

impurity (1): A0162/07

imputed (1): A0135/11

in (18): A0043/M; A0056/09; A0072/30; A0161/04; A0244/18; A0296/V; A0365/V; A0593/35; A0636/15; B0870/09; B1017/29; B1233/18; B1263/26; B1345/09; B1364/06; B1382/35; C0425/37; C0569/25

in (9631)

in-X-plicable (1): B1375/09

inability (12): A0054/01; A0063/10; A0304/05; A0583/11; A0710/35; B1276/01; B1297/06; B1297/19; B1314/10; B1315/22; B1315/35; B1346/06

inaccessibility (1): C0112/04

Inaccessible (1): C0155/09

inaccessible (5): A0401/08; A0529/25; B0817/24; B0943/02; C0567/20

inaccuracy (2): B1275/19; C0207/11

inaccurate (3): B1104/08; B1152/06; B1383/31

inadapted (1): B1273/V

inadequate (7): A0141/23; A0294/V; A0705/16; C0075/15; C0096/29; C0400/36; C0410/02

inadmissible (3): A0457/31; A0498/28; A0499/24

inadvertence (1): A0528/33

inadvertent (1): A0530/18

inadvertently (1): B0762/12

inanimate (2): A0029/04; A0601/01

inanition (1): A0691/19

inapplicability (1): B1312/30

inapplicable (2): B0983/36; B1279/15

inappreciable (2): A0293/V; B0773/09

inapprehension (1): B0990/03

inappropriate (3): A0406/04; A0432/15; A0496/O1

inarticulate (2): A0324/26; A0510/15

inartistical (1): A0497/16

inasmuch (3): A0614/37; B1092/08; C0433/08

inattention (1): C0071/19

inaudible (2): A0536/V; B0929/27

inaudibly (2): A0415/10; B1239/12

incalculable (5): A0027/V; A0181/28; B0826/13; B1301/22; C0177/02

incantations (1): C0395/30

incapable (10): A0457/27; A0460/29; A0530/30; B1049/33; B1107/34; C0059/41; C0095/36; C0401/02; C0406/25; C0531/02

incapacitated (1): C0074/13

incapacity (3): A0020/08; A0054/28; A0063/28

incarceration (2): C0083/39; C0085/12

incarnate (3): B0856/07; B0889/22; B1036/21

incarnated (1): B1036/24

incarnation (2): B1037/08; B1123/08

incarnations (1): A0511/18

incautiously (1): C0121/22

incendiary (1): A0021/17

incense (1): A0122/13

incensed (3): B0875/09; B1103/28; B1370/23

inception (1): B0741/30

incessant (1): C0175/15

incessantly (4): A0371/13; B1021/01; B1048/28; C0571/21

inch (31): A0247/16; A0298/V; A0354/03; A0464/08; A0501/25; A0542/16; A0553/18; A0654/V; A0691/03; A0691/03; A0695/20; A0697/03; B0865/24; B0865/24; B0980/22; B0980/V; B1167/30; B1168/16; B1168/20; B1185/27; B1251/03; B1251/04; B1363/10; B1392/08; C0074/33; C0090/24; C0115/41; C0157/19; C0178/38; C0394/28; C0552/07

inches (53)

incident (30): A0078/20; A0079/18; A0106/18; A0136/07; A0142/07; A0281/33; A0281/34; A0296/V; A0350/07; A0403/13; A0430/23; A0431/07; A0704/34; B0832/02; B0960/35; B1078/16; B1107/24; B1247/15; B1269/33; C0065/06; C0094/34; C0094/34; C0122/20; C0125/34; C0164/26; C0182/27; C0203/16; C0547/39; C0569/37; C0576/36

incidental (2): A0073/V; B0752/10

Incidentibus (1): B1382/35

incidentibus (1): A0593/35

incidents (16): A0343/03; A0608/27; A0670/09; B1079/33; B1122/13; C0055/17; C0073/21; C0087/39; C0101/26; C0149/02; C0149/03; C0149/06; C0208/15; C0537/31; C0539/17; C0548/26

incipient (5): A0320/21; A0663/02; B1237/23; C0065/04; C0440/V

incision (11): A0059/22; A0067/13; B0960/09; B1181/08; B1182/13; B1182/28; C0092/23; C0178/38; C0545/15; C0545/22; C0545/39

incitamentum (1): A0212/22

incited (1): B1021/V

inciting (1): B1352/28

inclination (8): A0098/24; A0098/25; A0251/02; B0852/13; B0879/22; B1034/16; C0071/40; C0546/02

inclinations (4): A0098/20; B0895/20; B1164/24; B1331/35

inclined (21): A0342/15; A0580/31; A0590/32; B0878/13; B0879/10; B0879/18.; B0880/06; B1070/03; B1070/10; B1071/11; B1072/05; B1091/32; B1105/12; B1105/26; B1279/23; B1293/22; B1381/33; C0084/38; C0398/18; C0417/07; C0419/09

inclines (1): B1092/03

include (6): A0399/18; A0601/09; A0603/03; B0980/28; B1360/05; C0087/39

included (10): A0263/35; A0611/34; B0828/13; B1072/35; B1072/36; B1113/06; B1335/16; B1353/15; C0093/22; C0536/22

includes (2): A0529/22; B0743/20

including (6): B0922/06; B0980/22; B1073/26; B1187/14; B1340/08; C0535/06

inclusive (1): A0600/28

incognizant (2): B0769/28; B1316/12

incoherence (5): A0402/13; A0535/15; A0667/57; B0738/19; B0743/10

incoherent (7): A0022/18; A0158/V; A0166/18; A0437/25; A0558/19; B1131/04; B1291/17

incoherently (2): B0928/08; C0127/37

income (5): A0440/23; A0491/14; A0531/23; A0705/18; B1270/17

incommoding (2): C0555/16; C0556/05

incommunicativeness (1): B0927/13

incomparable (1): B1137/05

incomparably (2): B1007/13; B1169/02

incomprehensible (14): A0073/01; A0141/31; A0164/18; A0164/V; A0211/19; A0250/25; A0311/20; A0313/25; A0355/35; A0429/23; B0955/31; B1221/21; B1302/12; C0426/03

inconceivable (24): A0155/21; A0429/27; A0457/26; A0459/35; A0565/24; A0705/15; B0940/20; B0946/21; B1078/04; B1136/17; B1156/02; B1170/05; B1182/19; B1220/17; B1224/24; B1270/13; B1301/18; B1302/03; C0062/06; C0063/34; C0124/11; C0149/22; C0200/40; C0396/21

inconceivably (5): B0968/34; B1069/11; B1168/35; B1334/03; C0403/18

incongruities (4): A0709/29; A0710/18; B1274/32; B1275/22

incongruity (1): A0080/07

incongruous (2): A0165/25; B0760/09

inconnue (1): B1335/18

inconsequence (1): B0743/10

inconsequential (2): A0213/02; B0739/15

inconsiderable (7): B1115/14; B1358/09; C0393/16; C0397/14; C0406/06; C0422/23; C0425/03

inconsiderately (1): B1359/26

inconsistency (5): A0400/10; A0402/14; B1141/25; B1298/21; B1316/33

inconsistent (5): A0684/22; B0733/01; B0748/29; B0907/23; B0991/21

incontestably (1): C0441/V

incontrollable (1): C0556/38

incontrovertible (4): A0711/08; B0751/V; B1276/09; C0107/26

incontrovertibly (1): A0110/03

inconvenience (22): A0058/32; A0069/23; A0078/03; A0080/05; A0093/04; A0112/16; A0143/27; A0489/03; B1114/26; C0085/12; C0090/18; C0097/27; C0403/37; C0404/29; C0405/11; C0405/34; C0411/03; C0413/24; C0414/37; C0418/50; C0422/16; C0424/17

inconveniences (1): B1292/08

inconvenient (8): A0355/12; B0888/14; B0906/21; B1073/06; B1110/04; B1187/32; C0403/33; C0555/15

inconveniently (1): B1333/31

increase (33): A0138/21; A0233/24; A0324/07; A0324/10; A0399/24; A0399/25; A0446/15; A0458/15; A0705/11; B0742/12; B0746/10; B0746/13; B0746/14; B0840/12; B0855/08; B1033/24; B1058/31; B1074/25; B1080/23; B1102/02; B1168/21; B1270/10; C0117/18; C0163/21; C0401/33; C0404/02; C0405/21; C0407/22; C0412/21; C0419/30; C0422/41; C0430/09; C0430/45

increased (45): A0106/19; A0248/V; A0507/23; A0512/12; A0587/16; A0652/17; A0690/12; A0696/18; A0696/27; B0727/14; B0731/12; B0742/11; B0795/11; B0795/15; B0797/08; B0797/12; B0797/14; B0797/16; B0797/19; B0843/20; B0856/12; B0932/20; B1078/03; B1136/15; B1136/36; B1137/33; B1138/30; B1155/36; B1233/21; B1246/10; B1279/05; B1364/12; C0059/07; C0104/34; C0149/26; C0205/18; C0205/39; C0417/27; C0420/40; C0424/14; C0431/01; C0445/V; C0549/27; C0553/30; C0562/34

increases (4): A0123/31; B1030/11; B1222/02; B1260/08

increasing (23): A0022/05; A0047/12; A0299/01; A0414/10; A0440/23; A0500/09; A0515/20; A0580/04; A0623/15; B0834/27; B0843/32; B0928/04; B1071/29; B1077/19; B1350/20; B1354/08; C0060/15; C0081/14; C0134/16; C0203/28; C0412/19; C0417/06; C0575/29

incredible (14): A0135/19; A0513/31; B0931/11; B1020/27; B1166/28; B1358/34; C0053/T; C0138/02; C0145/10; C0146/28; C0163/27; C0171/22; C0541/15; C0567/02

incredibly (1): B1106/29

incredulity (3): A0018/07; B1104/33; C0056/25

incredulous (1): C0569/21

incredulously (1): B0983/07

incrustations (1): C0577/24

incrusted (1): A0553/21

incubation (3): C0152/08; C0153/04; C0173/39

incubus (3): A0296/09; A0411/26; A0459/34

inculpate (1): B0770/06

incumbent (8): A0301/23; A0461/20; A0497/30; B0856/08; B0944/34; B0967/08; B1380/34; C0400/31

incumbrance (1): A0107/18

incurred (1): B1017/35

incurring (2): A0074/27; C0537/20

ind> (2): A0467/27; A0467/28

indebted (18): A0086/03; A0097/03; A0122/03; A0341/28; A0342/V; A0483/09; A0556/25; B0752/11; B1069/25; B1073/11; B1154/20; B1295/34; B1311/35; B1358/13; C0129/17; C0144/26; C0193/25; C0197/17

indecent (7): A0110/31; B0767/33; B0958/27; B1014/13; B1139/10; B1207/15; C0557/24

indecision (5): A0402/21; B0906/03; B1347/15; C0088/04; C0094/37

indecisive (1): C0173/32

indecorous (5): A0057/27; A0068/10; A0105/32; B0901/03; B0902/01

indeed (375)

indefatigability (1): A0278/38

indefatigable (1): B1303/07

indefinable (4): A0250/24; A0609/04; C0080/20; C0198/04

indefinite (17): A0089/05; A0140/32; A0141/27; A0190/30; A0210/03; A0325/10; A0365/20; A0411/30; A0675/02; A0695/27; B0732/28; B0854/12; B0855/28; B0894/04; B0966/09; B0966/19; B1214/13

indefinitely (4): B1187/12; B1213/34; C0402/09; C0443/V

indefinitive (2): A0190/V; A0293/27

indelible (1): C0392/20

indelicate (1): A0354/21

indemnification (1): B1184/12

indemnify (2): A0057/10; A0067/04

indemnity (1): A0445/21

indentation (3): A0553/24; A0558/30; C0087/12

indentations (2): A0538/16; A0559/28

indented (1): A0218/30

indenture (1): A0215/21

indentures (9): C0195/10; C0195/12; C0195/20; C0195/21; C0207/28; C0207/32; C0207/45; C0208/04; C0422/23

Independence (3): B0922/02; B0923/34; B0933/14

independence (2): A0355/06; B1136/28

independent (5): A0485/29; B1070/16; B1070/31; B1143/09; B1371/13

independently (4): A0142/31; A0615/20; B1235/33; C0156/09

indescribable (15): A0242/05; A0248/09; A0510/15; A0625/21; B0895/26; B0942/31; B0943/22; B1102/23; B1145/15; B1240/13; B1338/30; C0059/15; C0127/22; C0128/35; C0143/13

indescribably (2): B0926/28; C0577/10

indeterminate (4): A0496/02; A0681/06; B0743/14; B1340/05

indeterminately (1): A0693/24

index (3): A0315/05; B0815/07; B0822/34

India (4): A0247/04; A0324/21; B1293/07; C0093/20

Indian (25): A0244/15; A0322/02; A0498/09; B0880/07; B0946/28; B0949/14; B1328/10; C0055/20; C0087/01; C0087/05; C0178/07; C0527/18; C0530/19; C0531/08; C0533/39; C0534/18; C0539/12; C0549/10; C0549/35; C0553/09; C0553/21; C0558/01; C0559/25; C0565/28; C0571/26

Indian/Archipelago (1): A0564/19

Indian/Summer (2): B0942/18; B0943/07

Indiana (1): B1164/37

Indians (39): A0380/31; A0385/10; B1096/31; B1096/32; C0527/19; C0528/14; C0530/12; C0531/09; C0534/20; C0535/14; C0536/19; C0537/41; C0539/35; C0540/09; C0540/25; C0541/13; C0548/22; C0550/28; C0553/29; C0554/15; C0554/22; C0557/32; C0560/23; C0560/31; C0561/04; C0561/36; C0561/41; C0562/20; C0563/07; C0563/16; C0565/05; C0568/15; C0568/34; C0569/08; C0574/20; C0574/31; C0575/01; C0576/19; C0577/35

indicate (11): A0270/14; A0284/08; A0473/02; A0612/11; A0650/29; B0758/16; B0842/23; B1075/06; B1093/03; B1302/13; C0540/29

indicated (14): A0243/19; B0824/28; B0825/02; B0842/04; B1076/13; B1179/09; C0157/14; C0157/27; C0158/18; C0203/21; C0204/30; C0405/41; C0411/38; C0572/22

indicates (3): A0286/22; B0876/29; B1075/07

indicating (8): A0113/03; A0263/28; A0282/25; A0546/20; B0754/24; B0834/13; C0417/38; C0576/40

indication (16): A0136/29; A0298/V; A0400/15; B0815/31; B1181/25; B1241/11; B1242/08; B1262/11; B1304/28; C0114/03; C0118/38; C0157/16; C0424/08; C0547/29; C0571/17; C0571/28

indications (14): A0106/27; A0247/01; A0298/V; A0530/22; A0557/14; A0642/28; A0644/09; B0824/31; B1004/02; C0101/01; C0105/07; C0158/36; C0160/24; C0400/25

indicative (11): A0272/10; A0274/37; A0276/34; A0283/05; A0284/28; A0562/23; A0604/21; B0736/33; B0865/34; C0087/28; C0169/17

indifference (1): A0241/05

indifferent (3): A0272/17; A0340/09; C0569/02

indifferent-looking (1): B0926/20

indigenous (2): A0261/29; B1334/24

indigestible (1): B1068/12

indignant (3): A0426/05; B0873/08; C0061/34

indignantly (2): A0510/04; B1012/23

indignation (18): A0055/22; A0057/32; A0065/06; A0068/16; A0073/32; A0204/27; A0241/32; A0351/19; A0371/22; A0443/31; A0579/01; A0653/21; B1092/34; B1139/14; B1192/04; B1349/01; B1370/21; C0166/25

indignity (2): B1094/01; C0557/06

indigo (1): B1153/34

indirect (1): B1213/09

indirectly (1): B1058/21

indiscernible (1): C0423/29

indiscretion (3): B1154/30; B1225/V; C0192/06

indiscretions (1): B0906/16

indiscriminate (2): A0075/07; B1133/22

indispensable (12): A0056/12; A0107/08; A0107/20; B0737/28; B0750/27; B1073/26; B1074/01; B1105/14; B1108/12; B1115/37; B1189/06; C0108/24

indisposed (1): B0923/29

indispositicn (1): C0407/09

indisputable (2): B1044/04; B1373/29

indisputably (3): A0029/09; A0109/29; B1122/06

indissolubly (1): B0910/02

indistinct (13): A0142/24; A0195/12; A0196/23; A0214/24; A0354/04; A0430/30; A0605/06; A0615/05; A0616/18; A0643/28; C0079/22; C0205/36; C0423/28

indistinctly (8): A0047/14; A0145/13; A0311/09; A0356/09; A0414/04; A0588/17; A0683/15; A0689/11

indistinctness (1): C0073/18

indistinguishable (2): A0190/V; B1354/22

indite (2): B1167/25; B1370/30

indited (2): A0262/31; A0262/34

inditer (3): B0738/04; B0739/09; B0750/30

inditing (2): A0108/19; A0242/02

individual (84)

individualities (2): B1036/12; B1036/18

individuality (3): A0216/01; A0378/16; B0773/09

individualized (1): B1036/22

individually (5): A0262/35; A0612/12; A0707/29; B1272/29; B1358/33

individuals (21): A0296/18; A0486/35; A0489/03; A0490/27; A0509/06; A0538/28; A0674/23; B0727/11; B0731/12; B0740/17; B0742/01; B0742/02; B0749/21; B0749/27; B0959/08; B0968/07; B1276/12; B1294/13; B1313/02; B1370/09; C0130/08

individuaticnis (2): A0226/36; A0231/10

indivisible (2): B0852/09; B1033/26

indolent (3): A0033/05; B0725/09; C0530/09

indubitable (1): B1049/30

indubitably (3): A0072/02; A0090/36; A0109/27

induce (8): B0742/28; B0941/18; B0941/28; B1382/27; C0087/27; C0103/19; C0131/28; C0205/04

induced (35): A0212/08; A0441/23; A0446/14; A0473/14; A0489/07; A0611/08; A0686/06; A0708/14; B0807/29; B0914/29; B0927/09; B0949/06; B0989/05; B1040/09; B1052/33; B1153/24; B1236/18; B1237/03; B1238/23; B1240/35; B1277/23; C0056/14; C0063/04; C0085/10; C0086/05; C0094/39; C0120/16; C0122/20; C0126/16; C0150/22; C0157/17; C0158/12; C0170/20; C0429/21; C0522/33

inducement (3): A0135/26; B1052/01; C0095/30

induces (2): A0629/19; B1380/26

inducing (6): B0817/10; C0086/13; C0166/28; C0392/29; C0400/19; C0561/23

induct (1): A0455/13

induction (2): A0561/12; B1220/20

inductions (3): A0553/09; B0725/04; B1317/23

inductive (3): B1295/14; B1311/06; B1317/17

indulge (7): A0440/07; A0568/12; A0674/11; B0965/09; B1223/16; B1318/07; C0130/36

indulged (10): A0212/14; A0337/34; A0413/13; A0446/22; A0491/12; A0625/12; B0850/11; B1006/03; B1222/05; C0191/21

indulgence (3): A0098/28; A0474/01; A0667/33

indulgences (1): A0589/18

indulges (2): A0532/04; B0760/18

indulging (7): B0924/19; B0929/32; C0065/39; C0071/24; C0128/40; C0131/16; C0137/08

industriously (1): B0731/04

Industry (1): C0155/25

industry (5): A0055/09; A0064/12; B0751/02; B0816/31; B1089/07

indwelling (1): B1038/32

inebriates (1): A0515/03

ineffable (5): A0144/17; A0638/13; B0914/01; B1130/26; B1372/13

ineffective (1): A0145/11

ineffectual (11): A0127/V; B1070/23; C0062/26; C0090/19; C0119/05; C0127/06; C0130/40; C0133/12; C0183/33; C0567/21; C0579/33

inefficient (1): A0099/28

inelastic (1): A0400/V

ineptum (1): A0213/07

inequalities (1): B1076/26

inertia (1): B1090/13

inertiae (1): B0989/16

inessential (1): B0723/15

inestimable (2): A0096/09; A0250/26

inevitable (17): A0069/10; A0140/24; A0294/V; A0351/06; A0458/05; A0496/08; B0955/36; B0969/01; B1123/03; B1162/11; B1300/13; B1352/34; C0200/36; C0422/03; C0443/V; C0443/V; C0446/V

inevitably (17): A0075/11; A0138/07; A0403/V; A0434/12; A0550/26; A0581/28; A0692/24; B0764/23; B0962/29; B0993/06; B1034/33; B1108/21; B1223/16; B1292/27; B1364/14; C0117/05; C0198/25

inexhaustible (1): C0556/16

inexorable (2): A0102/22; B1054/36

inexperience (3): A0435/30; B1133/18; B1141/24

inexplicable (4): A0350/28; A0387/16; A0411/07; B1247/15

inexpressible (8): A0033/16; A0330/11; A0404/23; B0834/34; C0074/30; C0122/09; C0147/34; C0183/15

inexpressibles (1): C0440/V

inexpressibly (4): A0353/14; A0691/18; B0815/02; C0397/30

inexpressive (1): B1139/27

inextinguishable (1): A0356/17

inextricable (2): B1076/19; C0429/07

inextricably (1): A0613/03

infallible (2): B1364/01; B1369/09

infallibly (2): B0770/23; C0074/40

infamous (3): A0489/V; B1133/33; C0181/20

infamy (3): A0426/06; A0510/35; B0854/02

infancy (8): A0234/05; A0400/32; A0427/20; A0436/17; B0725/19; B0850/08; B0871/24; B1187/03

infant (4): A0609/31; A0622/26; B1090/09; B1097/01

infantine (1): A0610/13

infantry (2): A0058/08; A0068/30

infants (4): B1090/02; B1090/07; B1090/11; B1168/10

infarm> (1): A0469/01

infatuate (1): B1316/07

infatuation (4): A0440/13; B0902/07; B1295/32; B1311/32

infect (1): B1006/27

infected (5): A0411/11; A0610/14; A0611/19; B0807/20; B0822/27

infection (1): B0742/19

infer (1): B1320/01

inference (6): A0530/04; A0550/12; B0763/27; B0766/21; B1385/25; C0162/09

inferences (5): A0530/02; B0763/23; B0987/35; B0988/02; C0065/01

inferior (13): A0298/V; A0478/08; A0478/10; A0515/19; B0989/22; B1192/20; B1250/24; B1364/27; C0175/39; C0418/04; C0543/26; C0546/25; C0573/31

inferiority (3): A0099/18; A0379/23; B1191/05

infernal (6): A0342/14; B0816/11; B0820/20; B0824/06; B0900/24; B1335/18

infernally (1): A0072/06

Inferno (3): A0710/31; B1128/23; B1275/33

inferorum (1): A0091/13

inferred (5): A0473/06; A0473/06; B0763/26; B0976/16; C0417/41

inferring (1): B0986/20

infest (3): A0600/32; B0754/02; B1158/05

infested (4): A0490/34; A0509/08; C0530/18; C0552/34

infesting (2): B0725/27; B1303/13

infidelity (1): B1044/05

infinite (24): A0057/20; A0316/01; A0478/08; A0601/14; B0773/36; B0852/27; B0916/25; B0945/12; B0967/19; B1009/08; B1034/20; B1034/27; B1039/V; B1057/03; B1212/26; B1213/31; B1214/20; B1214/27; B1293/30; C0186/16; C0401/17; C0407/08; C0414/11; C0562/23

infinitely (20): A0126/18; A0436/22; A0479/05; B0817/22; B0865/04; B1035/04; B1035/13; B1038/14; B1050/21; B1136/31; B1157/17; B1164/20; B1214/23; B1248/16; B1278/29; B1333/05; C0139/13; C0145/24; C0543/36; C0546/26

infinitesimally (1): B1207/24

infinitude (2): B0963/22; B1034/28

infinitum (1): A0296/V

infinity (17): A0079/35; A0122/10; A0429/30; A0495/V; A0533/07; A0601/14; A0612/18; B1038/25; B1038/35; B1039/28; B1164/07; B1164/32; B1164/33; B1212/22; B1212/25; B1281/30; B1301/30

infirm (3): A0020/04; B0729/20; B1091/05

infirmities (2): A0427/26; B0906/14

infirmity (8): A0020/07; A0058/02; A0068/23; A0141/13; A0143/13; A0213/21; B0907/28; B0907/28

inflamed (2): A0567/05; B0957/25

inflammatory (1): C0389/21

inflated (4): A0345/30; B1073/07; B1163/26; C0396/04

inflation (6): B1071/03; B1073/07; B1073/12; B1075/19; B1075/34; C0394/18

inflections (2): B0877/27; C0208/06

inflict (4): B1030/16; B1131/19; B1131/20; B1169/15

inflicted (7): A0435/12; A0544/01; A0544/05; A0557/28; B0851/22; B0852/19; C0113/33

inflicting (1): B1158/03

infliction (1): B1291/15

inflictions (1): C0207/44

influence (66)

influenced (4): A0225/14; B0741/09; B1237/01; C0407/13

influences (5): A0323/26; A0411/12; A0459/17; A0478/30; B1214/29

influencing (1): B1321/21

influential (1): A0020/02

inform (13): A0127/12; A0266/26; A0275/24; A0277/05; A0280/32; A0281/33; A0383/25; B1131/10; B1140/23; B1249/03; C0186/09; C0192/18; C0432/20

informality (1): B0901/02

information (43): A0067/21; A0173/22; A0179/01; A0205/32; A0266/28; A0268/27; A0274/19; A0281/10; A0366/15; A0381/14; A0385/05; A0385/30; A0386/20; A0443/10; A0530/03; A0563/13; A0564/02; B0729/03; B0729/04; B0734/28; B0736/07; B0770/16; B0770/17; B0796/21; B0840/31; B0877/14; B0904/01; B0914/29; B0976/10; B1069/26; B1082/06; B1090/06; B1152/09; B1191/27; B1302/27; C0102/07; C0150/15; C0158/11; C0158/23; C0207/13; C0392/14; C0393/23; C0574/35

informe (1): B1010/25

informed (19): A0182/04; A0303/31; A0409/15; B0729/32; B0770/31; B0915/08; B0923/26; B0961/26; B0961/28; B1008/17; B1072/35; B1105/33; B1108/02; B1130/22; B1165/21; C0072/02; C0522/29; C0556/36; C0572/02

informing (1): B0859/14

informs (1): B0874/27

infuriated (1): B1353/34

infusion (1): C0171/39 r

infusions (1): B0742/23

ingenious (23): A0067/26; A0382/01; A0486/13; A0530/29; A0530/29; A0531/09; A0621/V; B0842/25; B0870/23; B0977/01; B0983/22; B0984/01; B1048/17; B1119/14; B1153/07; B1194/06; B1294/29; B1330/30; C0055/23; C0176/05; C0402/21; C0428/17; C0430/26

ingeniously (3): A0303/25; C0056/17; C0546/02

ingens (1): B1010/25

ingenuity (25): A0263/18; A0344/13; A0367/20; A0436/31; A0530/29; A0531/01; A0531/06; A0568/24; A0654/14; A0690/23; B0835/27; B0835/28; B0842/31; B0870/01; B0870/23; B0985/12; B0985/15; B0985/29; B0990/12; B1166/17; B1192/35; B1302/21; B1380/14; C0197/17; C0430/07

ingenuous (1): B1045/18

Inglitch (3): B1296/12; B1296/37; B1297/34

inglorious (2): A0706/23; B1271/25

ingrain (1): B1339/28

ingrates (1): A0484/24

ingratitude (1): A0355/12

ingredients (1): B0869/27

ingress (7): A0555/31; A0566/20; A0671/02; B1277/25; B1335/07; C0074/11; C0152/23

ingressions (1): A0429/08

ingulfed (2): A0137/20; A0438/13

ingulfs (1): A0604/09

inhabit (2): B0856/19; B0964/15

inhabitant (2): C0205/13; C0426/23

inhabitants (21): A0019/17; A0365/09; A0369/11; A0370/18; A0372/12; A0458/26; A0537/07; B0945/08; B1039/33; B1081/27; B1303/11; C0153/11; C0202/25; C0203/33; C0204/02; C0426/07; C0426/08; C0428/42; C0428/44; C0432/16; C0530/08

inhabited (5): B1165/22; B1329/01; C0425/28; C0548/14; C0548/23

inhalation (2): C0407/28; C0413/24

inhale (1): A0428/05

inhaling (2): A0071/32; C0078/28

inherent (2): A0405/03; C0392/34

inherit (1): C0057/08

inheritance (5): A0043/V; A0705/19; B0887/13; B1270/17; B1270/29

inherited (6): A0427/20; A0705/02; B1059/24; B1154/23; B1269/35; B1270/02

inhuman (1): B0859/03

inhumation (6): A0080/43; B0957/09; B0962/27; B0966/05; C0182/29; C0185/09

inhumed (1): B0959/12

inimitable (9): A0036/23; A0383/24; A0440/33; B1127/12; B1136/18; B1137/39; B1184/27; B1345/06; B1350/26

iniquities (1): A0074/01

iniquity (3): A0052/03; A0062/05; A0623/15

initial (4): A0280/10; A0430/14; B1031/15; B1128/V

initials (8): A0024/03; A0271/27; A0280/29; A0337/17; A0337/24; A0337/29; B1052/16; B1053/29

injudicious (3): B0906/24; B1005/14; B1048/19

injunction (3): A0107/27; A0491/11; A0622/20

injure (3): A0624/29; A0709/08; B1274/14

injured (9): A0348/25; A0502/16; B1141/29; C0113/09; C0187/15; C0542/28; C0559/26; C0563/29; C0579/28

injuria (1): A0622/19

Injuriae (3): A0301/11; A0302/19; A0303/03

injuries (4): A0432/14; A0544/01; B1256/01; C0578/01

injury (23): A0138/01; A0343/27; A0349/32; A0427/23; A0457/27; A0458/26; A0528/28; A0563/27; A0631/04; B0852/19; B1141/14; B1179/32; B1221/11; B1303/35; C0076/25; C0113/29; C0114/28; C0145/21; C0187/26; C0199/15; C0540/04; C0563/10; C0579/24

ink (8): A0339/08; B0809/12; B0875/01; B1128/01; B1143/22; C0069/21; C0080/08; C0092/22

inkling (2): A0652/12; B1322/06

inky (1): A0578/34

inlaid (1): A0034/21

inland (3): C0152/27; C0171/15; C0189/34

inlet (1): C0168/01





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)