Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Inmate through Le/Moniteur,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 180-196 (This material is protected by copyright)


inmate (1): B1047/33

inmates (2): A0019/V; A0566/14

inmost (5): A0590/26; A0641/15; A0696/12; B0807/15; B1260/06

inn (9): B0735/18; B0735/23; B0735/31; B0735/35; B0760/17; B0767/21; B0768/02; B0909/24; B0916/21

innate (3): A0086/11; A0097/11; B1220/21

inner (11): A0044/31; A0214/19; A0303/16; A0443/11; A0589/24; B0857/15; B1037/18; B1037/18; B1037/19; B1219/V; C0410/31

innermost (5): B0897/02; B0964/27; B0967/33; C0080/26; C0413/03

innocence (3): A0348/25; B0752/34; B0858/17

innocent (15): A0047/19; A0490/27; A0548/13; A0560/10; A0560/21; A0561/17; A0561/20; A0563/28; A0564/09; A0564/16; A0623/28; A0641/13; A0642/31; B0769/22; B0769/28

innocently (1): B1135/25

innocui (1): A0681/M

innuendo (2): A0341/V; A0342/14

innumerable (48): A0036/05; A0087/21; A0093/02; A0112/15; A0121/04; A0122/V; A0140/09; A0153/16; A0215/06; A0252/13; A0314/22; A0429/27; A0430/12; A0507/34; A0510/14; A0580/15; A0584/17; A0603/14; A0610/22; B0742/14; B0742/15; B0822/27; B0862/15; B0887/06; B0896/17; B0945/06; B0945/24; B0963/36; B1078/07; B1079/08; B1219/21; B1278/35; B1298/05; B1313/20; B1317/05; B1333/03; C0068/41; C0070/28; C0076/14; C0077/24; C0093/29; C0161/13; C0164/26; C0167/11; C0174/08; C0422/30; C0527/06; C0572/08

inny> (4): A0464/02; A0464/20; A0465/16; A0469/03

inopportuneness (1): B1364/14

inordinate (5): A0020/05; A0402/02; A0473/07; A0510/28; C0180/09

inordinately (4): A0104/32; A0428/V; A0528/02; C0071/08

inorganic (5): B1039/05; B1039/05; B1039/16; B1039/23; B1040/01

inorganization (1): A0408/09

inornate (1): A0509/17

inquest (1): B0763/22

inquietude (2): A0161/V; A0608/08

inquire (8): A0293/21; A0432/23; A0532/16; A0561/16; B0872/14; B1014/35; B1338/11; C0147/31

inquired (16): A0090/27; A0163/26; A0174/23; A0178/20; A0180/03; A0180/09; A0264/16; A0383/20; B0814/09; B0818/12; B0896/20; B0898/23; B1007/14; B1109/26; B1193/11; B1194/25

inquirendo (1): B0747/10

Inquirer (2): B0753/39; B0753/42

inquirer (1): B0725/08

inquiries (20): A0251/03; A0263/02; A0263/27; A0266/25; A0266/27; A0275/23; A0311/07; A0409/22; A0442/05; A0550/30; B0729/30; B0737/22; B0814/28; B0841/03; B0858/05; B0897/07; B0914/27; B0915/20; B1191/24; C0523/02

inquiring (4): B0793/15; B0872/01; B0984/31; B1004/35

inquiringly (1): B1142/15

inquiry (19): A0064/02; A0106/32; A0382/12; A0382/27; A0439/28; A0546/05; A0554/04; B0726/12; B0751/18; B0752/01; B0752/23; B0752/31; B0753/34; B0770/26; B0840/28; B0872/07; B1031/09; B1089/05; B1359/08

Inquisition (2): A0687/20; A0693/02

inquisition (3): A0695/05; A0697/12; B0727/07

inquisitive (5): A0507/16; B0923/01; B0934/07; B1152/10; C0569/25

inquisitively (2): A0625/14; B1012/26

inquisitiveness (4): A0509/09; B0865/35; B0924/29; C0169/07

Inquisitorial (1): A0696/23

inquisitorial (4): A0681/05; A0684/17; A0685/28; A0690/24

Inquisitorum (1): A0409/05

insane (1): B1009/30

insanity (5): B0772/16; B0819/28; B0928/13; B1249/13; C0104/21

inscribed (2): B0734/03; B1104/23

inscription (7): A0662/V; B1180/17; B1303/37; B1303/37; B1304/08; B1304/32; B1304/36

inscriptions (3): A0365/16; B0827/31; B1303/09

inscrutability (1): B0858/12

inscrutable (1): A0445/07

insect (12): B0810/17; B0815/17; B0818/26; B0822/03; B0828/32; B0830/11; B0830/22; B1163/14; B1163/16; B1163/21; B1163/34; B1163/42

Insecta (1): B1250/19

insects (2): B1250/19; C0562/31

insensibility (7): A0683/32; A0684/32; A0691/13; B0959/13; C0063/37; C0074/24; C0118/11

insensible (5): B0958/21; B0961/01; B1241/16; C0059/37; C0061/02

insensibly (3): A0496/28; C0432/24; C0432/35

inseparable (3): A0164/19; A0433/15; C0073/28

insert (9): A0263/37; B0857/10; B1129/23; B1130/31; B1131/15; B1131/23; B1131/23; B1379/12; C0409/39

inserted (15): A0091/12; B0876/30; B0980/05; B1057/03; B1101/23; B1102/26; B1184/13; B1282/27; B1336/14; B1352/31; C0178/19; C0185/02; C0409/30; C0410/17; C0536/06

inserting (1): B1106/20

insertion (4): B1129/06; B1129/22; B1135/15; B1144/06

inserts (1): B0876/22

inside (19): A0054/32; A0063/33; A0367/21; A0490/14; A0493/08; A0537/22; A0542/06; A0542/12; A0551/17; A0552/15; B0809/03; B0992/06; B1014/14; B1391/25; C0115/36; C0168/17; C0175/13; C0410/14; C0534/39

insight (4): A0293/09; A0293/10; B0839/26; C0413/29

insignia (3): A0250/13; A0496/V; B1250/29

insignificance (2): A0053/05; A0062/10

insignificant (3): A0028/09; B1078/32; B1192/33

insignium (2): B1187/23; B1187/26

insignium (1): B0843/27

insinuate (10): A0097/24; A0341/V; A0342/18; A0386/08; A0621/17; B0770/27; B0940/30; B1090/02; B1207/18; B1314/13

insinuated (5): A0435/26; A0439/32; B0928/02; B0982/28; B0987/05

insinuating (1): B1131/28

insinuations (6): A0381/07; A0625/26; B0733/03; B0747/22; B0927/23; B1370/21

insipid (1): A0403/04

insipidity (1): A0159/13

insist (9): A0442/12; A0489/21; A0555/15; B0756/V; B0844/02; B0874/04; B0878/14; B1006/07; B1114/33

insisted (17): A0299/02; A0458/32; A0599/02; A0623/16; A0627/16; B0740/18; B0816/28; B0960/19; B1047/16; B1120/03; B1134/16; B1153/01; B1315/12; C0088/06; C0133/23; C0175/24; C0179/35

insisting (8): A0438/28; B0740/27; B0770/09; B0828/29; B1010/04; B1249/32; C0055/34; C0068/09

insists (4): B0745/16; B0745/32; B0759/16; B0875/15

insolence (1): A0355/11

insolent (3): A0355/06; B1130/01; B1300/20

insolubility (1): A0548/07

insoluble (5): A0397/23; A0544/29; A0547/16; A0548/V; B0835/21

insommary (1): A0353/08

insomnia (1): A0345/28

inspect (2): B1003/32; B1005/15

inspected (1): A0264/33

inspecting (3): A0121/24; B0832/07; B0909/03

inspection (20): A0267/09; A0280/04; A0493/02; B0830/26; B0835/04; B0835/15; B0837/20; B0862/08; B0893/29; B0907/04; B0909/31; B0979/05; B1179/14; B1214/36; B1305/10; B1359/15; B1359/27; C0388/27; C0390/31; C0523/07

Inspector (1): A0034/23

inspiration (4): A0160/22; A0446/17; B0967/09; B1127/09

inspire (11): A0205/05; A0314/25; A0403/08; A0429/06; A0711/26; B0961/19; C0121/05; C0130/12; C0182/28; C0198/19; C0555/23

inspired (23): A0140/11; A0251/13; A0446/08; A0461/05; A0652/09; A0676/07; A0685/23; B0765/09; B0855/21; B0941/14; B1003/22; B1126/11; C0080/20; C0081/35; C0116/13; C0127/23; C0130/21; C0136/08; C0175/38; C0393/06; C0521/18; C0537/07; C0550/08

inspires (3): B0764/23; B1127/04; B1371/12

inspiring (2): C0536/27; C0555/34

inst. (2): A0282/32; A0560/27

instability (1): A0400/16

installed (1): C0066/41

instalments (2): B1189/05; B1191/02

instance (70)

instanced (2): A0704/01; B1268/32

instances (29): A0027/21; A0098/19; A0211/14; A0314/23; A0445/16; B0725/13; B0727/32; B0740/16; B0740/21; B0740/30; B0747/17; B0748/11; B0749/03; B0871/30; B0887/07; B0955/17; B0956/07; B1115/33; B1116/06; B1213/22; B1359/25; B1383/25; C0073/29; C0097/27; C0098/14; C0138/02; C0138/09; C0167/40; C0538/28

instant (114)

instantaneous (8): A0104/22; A0389/02; B0947/22; B1035/27; B1049/36; B1348/12; C0149/17; C0413/35

instantaneously (9): A0021/V; A0137/31; B0941/34; B1142/03; B1167/35; C0113/20; C0199/26; C0394/03; C0416/04

instanter (1): B0877/09

instanter (2): A0298/V; B0980/V

instantiae (2): B1295/16; B1311/08

instantly (38): A0023/21; A0139/18; A0156/21; A0336/10; A0437/18; A0444/11; A0500/14; A0567/11; A0568/07; A0664/17; A0676/25; B0851/23; B0856/23; B0893/13; B0895/16; B0900/V; B0980/11; B1077/04; B1077/25; B1090/22; B1162/18; B1338/26; B1354/03; C0077/01; C0088/28; C0100/08; C0112/32; C0121/22; C0127/18; C0127/27; C0135/28; C0137/05; C0143/04; C0146/16; C0172/12; C0200/23; C0557/30; C0563/16

instead (16): A0341/18; A0583/34; A0617/01; B0723/M; B0740/22; B0843/13; B0844/02; B1014/14; B1105/27; B1106/23; B1166/09; B1177/03; B1317/27; C0398/25; C0398/28; C0567/23

instigated (1): C0100/31

instigation (5): A0019/24; B1223/25; C0093/17; C0522/02; C0522/33

instil (1): B0807/33

Instinct (1): A0477/T

instinct (15): A0477/01; A0478/07; A0478/10; A0478/16; A0478/20; A0479/04; A0479/34; A0586/11; A0711/03; B0795/05; B1013/26; B1206/08; B1276/04; C0106/36; C0392/35

instinctive (5): A0411/29; A0703/23; A0708/23; B1268/21; B1273/18

instinctively (8): A0164/27; A0295/03; A0404/11; A0590/08; A0590/30; A0706/06; B1271/10; B1381/32

Institute (1): B1163/13

institute (2): A0122/24; A0311/07

instituted (8): A0458/18; A0544/21; B0729/25; B0731/08; B0858/06; B1048/22; B1058/34; B1303/20

instituting (1): B1044/23

institution (3): A0438/18; B1004/13; B1305/07

institutions (4): A0500/19; A0705/14; B1270/13; C0425/39

instruct (3): A0205/33; B1212/34; C0177/36

instructed (6): A0381/13; A0708/01; A0710/29; B1272/35; B1275/32; C0426/24

instruction (1): A0204/04

instructions (11): A0339/21; A0341/03; A0346/18; A0354/07; B0872/33; B0878/17; B1059/18; B1164/01; B1189/09; B1390/17; C0180/15

instrument (14): A0089/07; A0104/07; A0544/08; A0557/24; A0557/28; A0557/29; B0833/18; B0893/30; B0916/12; B0944/02; B1169/34; B1180/33; C0087/36; C0398/09

instrumental (4): B0904/27; C0096/24; C0135/26; C0166/31

instrumentality (2): B0851/05; C0100/27

instruments (23): A0071/08; A0124/01; A0128/19; A0141/17; A0143/18; A0144/21; A0219/06; A0314/21; A0401/15; A0403/08; A0406/07; A0665/06; B0931/25; B0990/31; B1004/04; B1020/14; B1181/12; B1185/18; C0161/16; C0388/29; C0393/26; C0439/V; C0572/24

insufferable (11): A0214/26; A0397/07; A0397/08; A0460/17; B0856/02; B0964/19; B1106/23; C0083/28; C0094/14; C0118/34; C0124/10

insufferably (2): A0122/14; B1258/13

insufficient (8): A0086/15; A0243/08; B0741/35; B0922/21; C0079/32; C0404/07; C0413/22; C0447/V

insulated (6): A0303/V; A0708/29; B0841/13; B1273/23; B1332/15; B1333/14

insulation (2): B1277/25; B1391/04

insult (22): A0034/29; A0300/12; A0300/28; A0366/27; A0386/15; A0625/28; A0626/14; A0652/V; A0675/24; B0772/17; B0789/11; B0875/29; B1050/05; B1207/29; B1256/02; C0388/23; C0436/V; C0550/03; C0556/37; C0557/03; C0558/09; C0561/07

insulted (4): A0034/27; A0626/14; B0875/13; B1131/24

insulting (2): A0626/09; B0993/19

insultingly (1): A0445/22

insults (2): A0026/08; A0432/14

insuperable (3): A0685/33; B1279/09; B1322/19

insupportable (2): B1194/10; C0128/28

insurance (3): B1105/15; B1105/21; B1107/08

insure (3): B0980/14; B1241/29; B1258/25

insurmountable (2): B1035/05; C0183/41

insurrection (1): B0949/15

intangible (2): A0294/V; B0724/05

integrity (4): A0485/30; B0879/03; B1169/31; B1370/24

intellect (54)

intellects (4): B0986/02; B0989/21; C0125/33; C0145/04

intellectual (5): A0293/V; A0354/17; B0926/30; B1030/08; B1219/17

intellectually (2): B1031/20; B1031/27

intelligence (21): A0025/09; A0027/21; A0166/21; A0175/13; A0181/02; A0228/36; A0233/23; A0298/V; A0458/06; A0533/28; A0600/V; A0615/05; A0638/03; B0728/08; B0756/01; B0850/29; B1167/35; B1209/11; B1246/07; C0389/02; C0425/29

intelligences (2): A0711/28; B1215/06

intelligent (8): A0019/02; A0226/31; A0231/05; A0354/17; A0369/08; A0486/06; B0879/01; B0924/12

intelligibility (2): A0303/26; B1115/21

intelligible (13): A0410/18; A0498/20; A0558/11; A0560/18; B0724/09; B0731/14; B1069/29; B1102/36; B1131/06; B1131/08; B1223/24; B1241/01; C0580/05

Intemperance (1): B0851/06

intemperance (2): A0515/01; A0611/08

intemperate (1): B0851/09

intemporal (1): A0615/22

intend (12): A0113/20; A0205/33; A0563/27; A0622/01; A0622/03; A0625/28; B1017/11; B1036/17; B1102/04; B1213/30; B1220/23; B1379/21

intended (49): A0088/05; A0102/28; A0103/25; A0273/36; A0347/18; A0435/11; A0479/08; A0621/28; A0622/03; B0732/37; B0732/39; B0739/23; B0833/03; B0840/06; B0841/30; B0915/30; B0925/15; B0925/31; B0965/31; B0990/13; B1009/08; B1059/20; B1093/18; B1102/36; B1140/12; B1152/30; B1153/13; B1157/11; B1179/27; B1180/16; B1185/17; B1220/15; B1305/03; B1322/06; B1329/07; B1336/36; B1359/22; C0058/12; C0058/37; C0089/34; C0092/08; C0168/23; C0179/29; C0208/02; C0394/17; C0394/35; C0395/26; C0402/25; C0429/27

intending (8): B0756/07; B1109/23; B1110/04; B1361/16; B1371/10; C0084/25; C0141/31; C0523/26

intends (3): B0750/23; B1097/07; C0390/20

intense (78)

intensely (8): B0946/21; B1050/02; C0065/11; C0072/20; C0077/37; C0122/21; C0166/32; C0197/33

intensest (2): A0460/21; C0083/17

intensities (2): A0338/31; A0339/08

intensity (31): A0029/13; A0078/36; A0099/08; A0211/25; A0225/06; A0229/07; A0315/04; A0317/04; A0317/V; A0317/V; A0323/08; A0339/12; A0347/17; A0405/25; A0545/12; A0681/13; A0684/15; B0850/17; B0893/07; B0894/31; B0899/10; B0941/28; B0943/14; B1138/16; B1155/10; B1168/16; B1168/18; B1245/03; C0132/10; C0418/33; C0420/23

intent (4): B0990/28; B1108/18; B1300/13; B1339/20

intention (50): A0034/09; A0203/03; A0204/29; A0262/33; A0269/17; A0409/16; A0437/07; A0441/07; A0621/15; A0624/01; B0729/08; B0744/10; B0755/30; B0756/26; B0811/06; B0910/05; B0991/28; B1010/15; B1044/14; B1127/22; B1134/33; B1139/20; B1221/25; B1236/05; B1259/19; B1273/29; B1273/32; B1274/03; B1304/31; B1381/07; C0066/07; C0077/17; C0086/16; C0103/08; C0103/20; C0123/25; C0124/14; C0132/31; C0133/16; C0148/24; C0156/30; C0157/21; C0158/09; C0202/06; C0409/13; C0525/13; C0546/11; C0550/03; C0553/22; C0569/06

intentional (1): C0195/13

intentionally (1): B1139/26

intentions (9): B0734/19; B1050/21; B1082/04; B1144/11; B1219/20; B1219/20; C0093/36; C0102/08; C0394/07

intently (3): A0160/12; B0893/17; B0974/07

intentness (3): A0310/M; A0314/28; A0318/V

inter (1): A0081/17

inter-communication (1): C0426/03

inter-planetary (1): B1322/18

inter-Tritonic (1): B1312/26

intercept (4): A0566/V; C0539/31; C0551/20; C0556/19

intercepted (2): A0566/04; C0088/39

interchange (1): C0065/28

interchanging (1): C0569/37

intercourse (4): A0235/07; A0315/06; B1123/10; C0556/20

interest (105)

interested (20): A0067/23; A0212/19; A0403/01; A0414/12; A0436/16; A0441/21; A0442/11; A0532/02; A0544/25; A0624/32; B0734/14; B0825/09; B0914/26; B0929/07; B0978/19; B1154/01; B1339/21; C0057/24; C0539/33; C0564/28

interesting (20): A0054/04; A0057/08; A0063/12; A0067/01; A0074/20; A0240/13; A0263/36; A0348/26; A0379/17; B0863/28; B1008/05; B1075/31; B1082/08; B1152/09; B1154/34; B1169/07; B1304/25; C0425/26; C0524/38; C0544/13

interestingly (1): A0104/12

interests (9): A0044/02; A0074/26; A0215/31; A0458/17; B0770/34; B0992/32; B1134/09; B1189/04; C0564/14

interfere (4): A0431/25; B1003/02; B1234/28; C0109/20

interfered (3): A0282/05; A0439/31; B1107/24

interference (11): A0432/07; A0435/24; A0435/24; A0445/26; A0711/17; B0856/25; B1047/12; B1276/18; C0062/08; C0089/27; C0133/17

interfering (1): C0153/17

interim (2): B0898/22; C0414/24

interior (40): A0018/03; A0100/33; A0122/28; A0154/04; A0405/31; A0410/07; A0497/05; A0510/09; A0545/24; A0555/33; A0564/20; A0566/11; A0580/01; A0580/29; A0590/19; A0613/14; A0626/29; B0751/29; B0762/28; B0763/04; B0862/04; B0993/18; B1165/06; B1180/02; B1261/07; B1261/11; B1339/08; B1381/31; B1391/28; C0069/16; C0109/21; C0153/35; C0154/13; C0167/26; C0171/06; C0172/19; C0177/21; C0189/07; C0191/01; C0415/21

interiorly (1): B0957/07

interjectional (2): A0341/15; B1346/08

interlarding (1): A0623/23

interleaf (1): A0162/10

interlinked (1): B1096/18

interloper (2): A0384/28; B0823/08

intermediate (3): A0295/15; A0711/30; B1276/33

intermedium (1): B1276/27

interment (7): A0080/11; A0080/33; A0327/V; A0409/17; B0962/20; B1186/23; C0076/02

interments (3): B0956/03; B0956/05; B0961/10

interminable (2): A0080/02; B1391/24

interminableness (1): A0683/17

intermingled (11): A0216/23; A0219/06; A0502/V; B0825/23; B0944/30; B1110/20; C0123/05; C0168/07; C0199/01; C0572/12; C0575/12

intermingling (2): B1260/05; B1283/06

intermixed (1): B1166/26

internal (8): A0080/07; A0175/V; A0182/05; A0495/01; B0981/28; B1090/26; B1181/14; C0422/15

internally (3): B0878/05; B1163/27; C0438/V

International (1): B1206/01

interpose (1): B0820/05

interposed (6): A0252/03; A0261/21; B0816/01; B0831/21; B0976/32; B1011/23

interpret (1): C0531/08

interpretation (3): B0748/17; B0842/17; C0395/37

interpretations (1): C0208/10

interpreted (1): A0043/V

interpreter (9): A0540/31; A0549/30; C0555/10; C0556/07; C0557/07; C0557/20; C0566/08; C0568/40; C0577/12

interpreters (2): B1184/27; C0531/06

interred (5): A0070/11; A0079/26; A0217/07; B0731/02; B0959/29

interregnum (1): B0942/17

interrogatories (2): A0088/29; A0103/07

interrupt (3): A0072/13; B0903/21; B1189/31

interrupted (40): A0024/02; A0034/31; A0044/20; A0072/03; A0106/14; A0178/30; A0249/25; A0251/26; A0261/27; A0261/27; A0264/06; A0264/11; A0381/02; A0447/02; A0497/17; A0536/28; A0614/20; A0628/06; B0754/34; B0809/02; B0825/17; B0896/06; B0977/04; B1010/08; B1013/20; B1014/01; B1015/19; B1016/14; B1070/21; B1152/21; B1159/24; B1261/21; B1349/08; B1373/12; C0091/15; C0104/24; C0412/05; C0554/12; C0559/16; C0575/14

interrupting (3): A0655/16; B0815/26; B0909/33

interruption (16): A0381/06; A0405/32; A0439/01; A0442/26; A0513/07; B0756/11; B0823/15; B1070/30; B1226/13; B1262/19; C0164/18; C0416/37; C0548/38; C0558/24; C0562/33; C0576/31

interruptions (4): A0072/14; B1169/04; C0416/12; C0576/11

interrupts (1): B0876/16

intersected (2): C0553/15; C0577/04

intersection (2): B1352/29; C0152/34

interspaces (4): A0045/01; B1034/30; B1035/12; B1329/27

intersperse (1): A0367/19

interspersed (8): A0430/11; B0817/25; B1068/09; B1179/26; B1332/04; C0425/06; C0543/26; C0572/15

intersperses (2): A0338/24; B1121/01

interspersing (1): B0728/24

interstices (1): C0097/35

interstriped (1): B1340/10

intertangled (1): B1283/09

intertwining (1): B1279/25

interval (34): A0070/12; A0438/02; A0511/09; A0682/34; A0684/20; A0691/13; B0738/22; B0738/24; B0745/06; B0745/13; B0811/11; B0825/35; B0866/02; B0905/28; B0966/12; B1179/35; B1180/07; B1235/11; B1239/10; B1241/30; B1261/14; B1334/06; C0084/12; C0137/19; C0168/27; C0193/12; C0193/15; C0400/02; C0400/04; C0400/13; C0421/03; C0545/27; C0548/02; C0560/19

intervals (49): A0145/13; A0153/20; A0156/15; A0213/21; A0241/18; A0271/22; A0271/22; A0276/37; A0313/05; A0322/14; A0403/20; A0411/31; A0579/12; A0581/30; A0609/19; A0614/13; A0688/30; A0691/04; B0749/20; B0832/23; B1009/07; B1127/11; B1237/11; B1237/16; B1337/05; C0063/03; C0064/07; C0078/26; C0081/01; C0116/29; C0130/20; C0131/02; C0142/19; C0200/11; C0205/34; C0393/06; C0393/18; C0395/19; C0401/24; C0405/09; C0406/16; C0407/25; C0409/34; C0409/35; C0412/25; C0414/19; C0414/38; C0415/09; C0573/31

intervene (1): A0546/13

intervened (3): A0217/08; C0409/32; C0413/35

intervening (2): A0350/23; B1068/13

intervention (4): B0833/31; B1038/13; C0389/15; C0573/11

interview (6): A0654/14; B0728/30; B0989/07; B1004/30; B1133/10; B1140/18

interviews (1): B0747/29

intervolved (1): B1276/32

interweaving (2): A0161/15; A0641/21

interwoven (1): C0426/08

interwreathed (1): B0862/34

intestinal (1): B1165/34

intestines (1): B1181/07

intheristhin> (1): A0464/03

intheristhing> (1): A0464/V

inthroducticn> (1): A0466/18

intimacy (5): A0293/10; A0405/01; B0748/26; B0806/01; B1346/30

intimate (19): A0097/19; A0107/31; A0344/08; A0398/29; A0441/09; A0533/16; A0703/10; B0749/04; B0768/29; B0926/14; B1017/06; B1045/22; B1045/27; B1046/15; C0057/13; C0065/27; C0094/38; C0425/27; C0537/25

intimated (2): B1242/15; B1371/20

intimately (4): A0209/03; A0611/29; A0667/24; B1047/22

intimates (1): B0856/11

intimation (3): A0105/04; A0609/30; A0613/33

intirely> (3): A0467/24; A0469/13; A0470/V

into (1018)

intolerability (1): B1116/11

intolerable (26): A0078/08; A0081/31; A0106/V; A0122/14; A0403/14; A0405/25; A0406/06; A0432/32; A0436/03; A0437/19; A0438/V; A0442/25; A0562/29; A0685/04; A0689/20; B0944/28; B0961/30; B1249/29; B1313/02; B1390/20; C0073/41; C0095/18; C0145/32; C0391/30; C0409/08; C0558/08

intolerably (3): A0136/22; A0684/16; C0137/15

intolerant (1): B1313/02

intonation (6): A0540/26; A0542/32; A0548/24; A0550/01; A0550/06; B1240/16

intonsos (1): A0043/M

intoxicated (10): A0243/29; A0644/07; B0851/20; B1020/13; B1056/30; C0058/03; C0058/14; C0089/03; C0109/30; C0128/18

intoxication. (13): A0245/29; A0438/28; A0441/25; B1259/05; B1262/10; B1349/14; C0059/31; C0064/39; C0086/40; C0093/09; C0100/20; C0140/09; C0143/03

intractable (2): A0027/02; A0564/24

intreated (1): C0569/07

intrench (1): A0313/16

intricacies (3): A0230/07; A0399/03; B1153/31

intricacy (3): A0226/09; B0945/18; C0398/01

intricate (7): A0243/28; A0244/22; A0400/24; B0736/19; B0989/01; B1279/27; C0074/26

intriguant (1): B0988/19

intrigue (2): A0088/08; B1270/09

intrigues (3): A0431/05; A0705/10; B0978/29

intriguing (1): A0152/19

intrinsic (3): B0940/22; B1360/16; B1364/23

intrinsically (4): A0079/02; A0150/V; B0908/V; C0448/V

introduce (6): A0338/09; A0378/03; B0892/15; B0924/10; B1003/13; B1007/11

introduced (17): A0125/34; A0343/18; A0344/17; A0417/V; A0493/03; A0710/12; B0796/19; B0875/18; B0896/13; B0950/06; B1021/22; B1168/28; B1275/15; B1295/07; C0126/13; C0155/32; C0409/37

introducing (4): A0344/07; B0897/13; C0178/03; C0409/14

introduction (19): A0322/27; A0378/07; A0389/04; A0441/12; A0466/V; B0857/33; B0891/20; B0898/16; B0899/12; B0900/V; B0905/04; B0915/20; B1073/10; B1095/12; B1184/28; B1295/19; B1311/12; C0057/32; C0429/29

Introductory (1): C0521/01

intrude (4): A0242/27; A0319/04; A0626/19; C0445/V

intruded (3): A0027/24; A0104/30; C0412/35

intruder (6): A0089/14; A0103/07; A0443/02; A0676/03; B1102/16; B1104/07

intruders (1): A0249/10

intruding (1): A0161/15

intrusion (6): A0251/04; A0436/07; A0447/24; A0662/V; A0662/V; B0760/04

intuition (12): A0528/11; A0610/34; A0616/03; A0704/11; B0757/06; B1212/02; B1247/V; B1269/10; B1316/12; B1317/20; B1317/22; C0392/35

intuitive (6): A0098/30; A0295/18; A0296/V; A0530/22; B1295/30; B1311/28

intuitively (1): B1317/28

inuendoes (1): B0927/24

inutility (1): B1070/13

invalid (4): A0408/27; B0941/09; B0941/35; B1030/28

invalid’s (1): B1236/03

invalids (1): A0509/36

invaluable (2): A0354/07; C0532/37

invariable (2): A0592/03; B0988/31

invariably (17): A0212/24; A0263/24; A0381/24; A0443/27; A0545/17; A0622/28; A0706/20; B0741/27; B0768/09; B1051/14; B1189/12; B1295/30; B1362/05; C0076/22; C0162/27; C0166/12; C0443/V

invent (1): B1315/17

invented (6): A0498/23; A0653/26; B1018/32; B1095/01; B1295/24; B1311/21

invention (30): A0055/23; A0097/07; A0381/22; A0381/34; A0382/11; A0384/22; A0385/12; A0444/18; A0498/20; A0499/08; A0527/V; A0707/10; A0710/26; B1007/14; B1017/01; B1018/34; B1070/20; B1072/19; B1074/13; B1077/09; B1101/29; B1194/22; B1292/07; B1300/13; B1347/32; B1358/22; C0394/16; C0411/24; C0415/11; C0416/08

inventions (3): B0752/14; B0955/10; B1361/23

inventive (4): A0382/29; A0383/32; A0386/01; B1347/05

inventor (4): A0071/08; A0073/11; B1127/14; B1361/04

invents (1): B0870/24

inventus (1): B0880/04

inversion (2): A0210/15; C0422/15

inverted (2): A0398/12; B1280/16

invest (2): A0128/27; B0748/14

invested (5): A0491/08; A0706/30; B0866/07; B1271/32; C0148/06

investigate (2): A0708/22; B1273/17

investigated (1): B0978/22

investigation (38): A0064/11; A0098/28; A0213/09; A0250/23; A0316/03; A0338/01; A0338/02; A0410/01; A0460/20; A0496/V; A0538/18; A0550/23; B0723/17; B0723/19; B0727/10; B0732/31; B0732/34; B0737/12; B0752/28; B0830/04; B0858/11; B0956/31; B0983/26; B1143/32; B1185/17; B1233/06; B1241/04; B1295/08; B1295/31; B1296/04; B1296/12; B1298/14; B1311/28; B1314/32; B1316/23; B1317/12; C0170/21; C0401/23

investigations (14): A0545/12; A0548/03; A0552/32; A0601/03; B0726/09; B0737/03; B0751/09; B0751/24; B0751/31; B0978/09; B0985/19; B0988/24; B1151/02; B1249/33

investiture (2): B1036/23; B1036/30

investment (2): A0704/24; B1269/23

inveterate (1): A0020/05

invidious (1): A0339/22

invigorate (1): C0120/11

invigorated (3): A0528/12; B1030/09; C0129/15

inviolable (1): A0654/12

inviolate (2): B1017/14; B1039/11

invisible (15): A0023/04; A0055/02; A0064/05; A0318/21; A0325/07; A0325/22; A0329/01; A0484/35; A0553/26; A0695/08; A0709/14; B1167/13; B1182/07; B1226/09; B1274/15

invitation (1): B1246/02

invitations (4): A0026/03; A0026/09; B1056/05; B1339/11

invited (6): A0175/02; A0180/25; A0438/21; B0871/34; B1056/02; C0171/05

invitingly (1): A0349/27

invoice (1): A0034/22

invoke (1): A0046/08

invoked (3): A0642/15; A0644/V; A0645/01

involuntarily (2): A0215/09; A0588/05

Involuntary (1): A0340/05

involute (1): A0528/29

involutions (1): B1222/01

involve (5): A0431/06; B0740/28; B0879/04; B0907/25; C0575/03

involved (22): A0349/31; A0405/09; A0478/07; A0478/34; A0624/17; A0642/16; A0707/03; B0724/25; B0752/22; B0773/33; B0829/17; B0834/25; B0960/36; B0978/30; B1077/17; B1129/30; B1224/09; B1273/36; C0126/17; C0126/18; C0414/06; C0417/13

involves (4): A0267/17; A0508/30; B1223/08; C0535/42

involving (4): A0074/26; A0164/06; B0733/04; B1164/25

inward (3): A0271/05; A0416/31; B1237/20

inwardly (4): A0087/24; A0226/16; A0230/15; B0897/01

inwards (2): B1057/22; C0552/19

io (1): B0905/24

Ionia (1): A0165/23

Ionic (4): A0086/10; A0097/09; A0341/22; A0342/V

iota (2): B1152/34; B1190/06

irae (1): B0767/17

irascibility (3): A0053/30; A0063/01; B1369/03

Irdonozur (1): C0432/06

Ireland (1): B1160/37

iris (2): A0343/30; B1242/09

Irish (7): A0482/11; A0483/V; A0485/V; A0625/07; B1293/24; C0093/02; C0433/01

irksome (2): A0227/19; A0232/06

iron (49): A0101/V; A0103/17; A0107/19; A0112/01; A0136/23; A0189/05; A0190/01; A0243/01; A0323/V; A0351/32; A0353/28; A0410/09; A0410/26; A0416/13; A0429/05; A0429/06; A0538/03; A0544/02; A0566/16; A0631/11; A0670/17; A0688/32; A0692/02; A0695/13; A0696/02; A0696/25; A0696/33; B0825/32; B0826/06; B0826/07; B0957/04; B0965/28; B1008/26; B1035/15; B1160/31; B1161/21; B1166/02; B1166/09; B1261/26; C0076/09; C0099/40; C0115/31; C0163/07; C0189/30; C0391/25; C0398/04; C0404/16; C0534/04; C0536/04

iron-bound (4): A0198/21; C0069/01; C0074/29; C0393/29

iron-chest (1): A0566/V

iron-clasped (1): A0144/21

iron-grooved (1): B1193/07

iron-riveted (1): B1392/06

iron-work (1): B0957/07

ironed (1): A0246/27

ironmongery (1): C0534/23

irons (2): C0090/16; C0093/39

irradiating (1): B1040/10

irrational (2): A0486/17; B1013/16

irreclaimable (1): A0402/26

irreconcilable (2): A0497/24; A0557/08

irreconcileable (1): A0086/09

irrecoverable (1): B0965/16

irrecoverably (3): A0245/V; B0890/V; C0207/05

irredeemable (3): A0328/26; A0401/18; A0579/V

irreducible (2): B1219/04; C0393/36

irregular (17): A0265/19; A0272/37; A0280/02; A0313/12; A0322/14; A0428/20; A0429/11; A0430/30; A0501/29; A0613/18; B0841/11; B1281/03; B1333/21; B1337/02; B1363/19; C0155/17; C0570/24

irregularities (2): A0615/09; C0200/10

irregularity (3): A0312/05; A0430/11; A0688/28

irregularly (3): A0671/22; B0945/07; B1335/11

irrelevant (4): A0558/16; B0752/06; B0754/11; C0430/42

irreparably (2): B0955/34; B1107/30

irrepressible (3): A0144/10; A0411/24; C0198/02

irresistible (8): A0140/25; A0215/29; A0460/35; B0768/16; B0967/27; B1034/16; B1220/30; C0564/33

irresistibly (2): A0686/04; B0833/22

irresolute (2): C0059/41; C0112/31

irresolution (1): B0966/33

irreverence (1): B1035/32

irrevocable (3): B0852/06; B1036/36; B1053/12

irrevocably (3): A0245/04; B0890/24; B1089/21

irritability (2): A0211/20; A0324/V

irritable (2): A0019/20; B0851/08

irritate (1): A0212/34

irritated (4): A0446/24; B0828/34; C0145/39; C0547/11

irritating (1): A0355/11

irritation (2): A0324/10; B0852/05

Irving (4): C0525/04; C0527/24; C0528/07; C0528/26

Irving, Washington (1): A0272/04

Irving’s (1): A0272/09

is (3414)

is/n’t (2): A0093/08; A0112/20

Isaeus (2): A0175/32; A0181/32

Ise (3): B0812/05; B0812/09; B0813/02

Isis (1): A0350/19

Isitsoornot (7): B1151/02; B1152/10; B1154/20; B1154/27; B1155/09; B1159/10; B1169/29

Island (4): A0599/T; B0806/07; B0841/02; C0057/23

island (86)

islanders (4): C0177/23; C0180/09; C0202/27; C0429/20

Islands (6): C0088/31; C0088/39; C0093/13; C0093/20; C0148/14; C0178/11

islands (60)

Isle (1): B1091/33

isle (4): A0162/15; A0603/16; B1385/28; B1386/03

islet (4): A0603/04; A0604/23; C0165/24; C0166/01

islets (1): C0155/16

isn’t (11): A0285/13; A0387/14; A0387/19; A0389/08; A0464/17; A0467/03; A0467/04; A0469/06; A0470/06; A0651/13; B0876/12

Isola (1): B1386/04

isolated (3): A0136/12; C0112/03; C0576/29

Ispan, Pan (1): A0086/33

Israelitish (1): A0124/26

iss (1): A0373/03

issue (13): A0045/24; A0053/35; A0063/07; A0399/14; A0501/17; B0898/31; B1048/09; B1208/30; B1270/36; B1300/14; B1314/31; B1358/11; C0568/28

issued (22): A0379/12; A0417/06; A0603/31; A0605/11; A0639/22; A0641/02; A0690/04; B0730/03; B0930/04; B0964/26; B0967/06; B1056/05; B1161/07; B1238/28; B1240/08; B1333/12; B1334/08; B1353/29; B1369/30; C0185/32; C0194/24; C0208/20

issues (5): A0551/11; A0551/13; A0551/15; C0106/26; C0575/27

issuing (9): A0212/21; A0327/28; A0537/08; A0583/04; A0605/04; A0614/23; A0681/15; C0082/36; C0113/32

Isthmus (1): C0521/07

istorein (Gr.) (1): A0611/38

it (5166)

it’ll (1): A0487/25

it’s (34): A0107/28; A0109/V; A0109/V; A0252/27; A0285/11; A0338/17; A0345/18; A0385/17; A0464/01; A0464/01; A0464/06; A0464/10; A0464/15; A0465/02; A0465/15; A0465/15; A0465/17; A0465/23; A0466/20; A0466/22; A0466/22; A0468/04; A0468/19; A0469/02; A0469/10; A0470/19; A0488/01; A0656/18; B0808/25; B0814/18; B0820/06; B1363/12; B1374/02; C0541/20

Italia (1): A0286/05

Italian (21): A0151/21; A0157/21; A0162/03; A0163/09; A0213/04; A0344/11; A0344/33; A0501/09; A0540/22; A0540/25; A0540/26; A0543/07; A0549/21; A0550/02; A0550/05; A0662/V; B0923/17; B1257/13; B1275/03; B1330/07; B1340/16

italian (1): A0709/35

Italians (2): A0495/02; B1257/07

Italic (3): A0086/10; A0097/10; A0342/V

italicised (1): C0432/31

italics (2): B1130/14; B1133/03

Italicus, Silius (1): A0345/29

Itasca/Lake (1): C0527/29

Itchiatuckanee (1): B1332/25

item (5): A0484/25; A0485/15; B0732/40; B1100/03; B1250/06

items (4): B0736/07; B0751/01; B0863/19; B1304/24

ither> (1): A0467/27

itmost> (1): A0465/10

its (1205)

itself (255)

iver> (4): A0467/08; A0469/02; A0469/09; A0470/05

ivory (7): A0034/21; A0090/03; A0156/15; A0312/09; B1280/34; B1281/14; C0156/27

ivory-looking (1): A0219/07

ivy (2): B1282/01; B1334/32

ivy-wreathed (1): A0153/11

ixpicted) (1): A0467/11

iz (6): B1103/02; B1103/03; B1103/07; B1103/24; B1103/33; B1109/10

izzards (1): B1373/07

II (3): A0265/29; A0279/18; A0406/33

III (2): A0266/22; A0407/06

IV (2): A0267/14; A0407/15

IX (1): A0270/24

J./B./D./A. (1): C0430/30

J.LLGoignard (1): C0430/31

J./S. (1): A0280/10

J— (2): C0526/14; C0526/16

j’advoue (1): C0430/41

j’ai (1): B1144/32

j’ay (1): C0430/41

j’irois (2): A0096/M; A0096/M

jabbering (3): A0468/26; C0168/06; C0168/23

jabberings (1): A0568/01

Jack/o’/Dandy (1): A0482/07

Jack/Sheppard (1): B1069/19

jackanapes (1): B1370/27

jackass (1): C0151/23

jacket (5): A0056/05; B1018/12; C0062/33; C0100/11; C0202/34

Jacobin (1): A0681/M

jaconet (1): B1339/30

Jacques (2): C0551/14; C0551/16

Jacques/river (1): C0548/09

jade (1): A0655/25

jaded (1): C0064/28

jagged (4): A0105/26; A0429/06; C0429/17; C0570/24

jaggeree (2): A0136/03; A0138/10

jail (3): A0068/22; A0486/22; B1054/35

jam (1): A0470/22

James/River (1): B0968/12

jammed (1): A0137/16

Jan. (7): A0487/05; A0487/09; A0487/15; B1390/01; B1391/11; B1391/19; B1392/10

Jane (8): C0162/16; C0169/10; C0170/39; C0186/01; C0186/28; C0187/01; C0188/05; C0529/21

Jane/Guy (6): C0053/T; C0147/06; C0147/08; C0148/30; C0201/26; C0202/07

jangling (1): B1350/21

January (20): A0432/28; B1381/27; C0056/11; C0157/01; C0157/11; C0159/04; C0159/39; C0160/28; C0162/30; C0163/03; C0163/12; C0163/25; C0163/33; C0164/07; C0164/12; C0164/26; C0166/34; C0167/22; C0190/30; C0527/21

Japan (2): A0087/02; A0100/13

jar (2): B0950/05; C0137/02

Jardin (1): A0568/07

jargon (1): B0840/02

jarred (3): A0079/17; A0510/28; B1240/14

jarring (1): A0215/07

jars (3): C0137/20; C0140/03; C0141/04

jasmine (1): B1337/17

jauntily (1): C0389/27

jaunty (1): A0246/05

Java (4): A0135/25; A0136/07; A0344/01; A0351/20

jaw (4): A0045/25; A0099/19; A0249/03; B1239/30

jaws (20): A0057/16; A0057/21; A0067/34; A0072/05; A0217/V; A0244/12; A0246/V; A0247/27; A0253/03; A0416/25; A0588/25; A0689/09; B0967/10; B0968/29; B1240/09; B1242/21; B1248/35; B1250/23; B1332/21; C0164/40

Je (3): A0037/V; A0547/05; C0430/37

je (11): A0033/19; A0037/07; A0037/07; A0037/09; A0037/09; A0096/M; A0096/M; A0380/07; B1114/02; B1114/03; B1114/03

jealous (4): A0704/29; B0981/06; B1152/13; B1269/28

jealousy (2): A0019/24; B1132/29

Jefferson (5): C0522/37; C0526/13; C0526/21; C0526/30; C0527/21

Jefferson’s (1): C0523/16

Jeffrey (1): C0156/10

Jehoshaphat (1): A0047/17

Jehovah (1): B1219/20

jellies (2): A0175/20; A0181/09

Jennings’ (1): B1185/32

jeopardize (1): B0852/25

jeopardized (1): B0976/31

Jeremiad (1): B0869/02

Jeremy (1): B1314/09

Jeremys (1): B0869/01

jerk (4): A0069/24; A0077/01; A0270/18; B1239/30

jerked (4): B1077/13; C0121/20; C0121/32; C0399/06

jerkin (2): A0086/29; A0100/05

jerking (1): A0374/12

jerks (1): A0591/19

Jermyn (1): A0174/32

Jermyn/street (1): A0180/23

Jerusalem (4): A0043/11; A0043/T; A0044/28; A0045/10

Jeruschalaim (1): A0043/V

jest (11): A0413/10; A0675/06; B0850/10; B0927/19; B1181/20; B1260/30; B1263/06; B1345/12; B1348/01; B1354/17; B1374/02

Jest-Book (1): A0261/25

jested (1): B1017/24

jester (7): B1345/27; B1345/32; B1347/29; B1353/16; B1353/34; B1354/09; B1354/17

jesters (2): B1345/17; B1345/33

jesting (2): A0650/20; B0828/31

jests (2): A0240/24; A0675/05

jet (4): A0156/13; B0808/33; C0168/14; C0191/12

jet-black (1): A0580/30

jetty (7): A0215/05; A0313/11; A0322/16; A0379/04; A0578/03; B1156/11; C0416/19

jeu (6): A0037/03; B1068/08; C0428/07; C0432/47; C0448/V; C0448/V

jeu-d’esprit (1): C0448/V

jeune (1): B1122/01

Jew (4): A0093/06; A0482/25; A0509/31; B0923/17

jewel (2): A0469/06; A0469/20

jewelled (2): A0599/M; B0828/17

jeweller (1): A0539/14

jewelry (2): B0751/14; B1008/01

jewels (10): A0047/20; B0826/16; B0827/32; B0828/20; B0835/11; B0890/11; B0907/05; B0908/V; B0945/13; B1019/21

Jewish (1): C0533/10

Jews (3): A0120/06; A0123/31; A0126/15

jews-harp (1): A0466/28

jib (6): C0058/31; C0060/09; C0060/23; C0106/17; C0106/17; C0123/16

jib-boom (1): A0240/23

jiffy (2): A0465/10; A0468/02

jig (1): C0569/31

jingled (3): B1258/34; B1259/26; B1260/03

jingling (2): B0943/35; B1263/21

jis (1): B0824/27

jist (3): B1373/08; B1373/24; B1375/V

list> (22): A0464/07; A0464/13; A0464/21; A0465/0U; A0465/16; A0465/26; A0466/03; A0467/03; A0467/16; A0467/24; A0467/28; A0468/02; A0468/08; A0468/14; A0468/19; A0468/25; A0469/04; A0469/27; A0469/V; A0470/12; A0470/18; A0470/24

Jo-Go-Slow (1): A0348/19

Job (1): A0653/21

job (1): B1132/19

Jochaides, Simeon (1): B1151/03

jocular (1): C0088/06

Jod (1): A0045/21

Joe (1): B1314/16

jog-trot (1): B1292/10

jogged (1): A0485/33

Johannisberger (2): A0165/08; A0165/V

John (12): A0173/V; A0173/V; B1305/12; B1371/28; B1371/30; B1371/32; B1371/34; B1371/34; B1372/06; C0531/16; C0531/25; C0548/34

John/A./B./C. (8): A0382/32; A0383/19; A0383/30; A0384/19; A0385/08; A0385/32; A0386/06; A0386/10

John/Donaldson (1): C0057/18

Johnson (1): C0158/06

join (4): A0026/05; B1017/22; B1018/35; C0186/41

joined (15): A0105/28; A0337/33; A0338/09; B0900/19; B0946/30; C0090/23; C0133/23; C0159/27; C0168/37; C0172/22; C0173/39; C0212/V; C0525/33; C0532/09; C0550/20

joining (3): B1191/12; C0086/35; C0131/20

joint (4): B0760/20; B1069/24; B1075/26; C0397/31

joint-stock (1): A0498/24

jointings (1): B0980/08

joints (2): A0688/33; B0980/13

joke (15): A0295/10; A0433/18; A0650/17; B1263/05; B1345/01; B1345/02; B1345/08; B1347/18; B1348/14; B1348/20; B1374/32; C0067/01; C0128/14; C0558/37; C0569/24

joker (2): B1345/09; B1349/24

jokers (2): B1345/05; B1345/06

jokes (5): A0098/16; A0433/24; A0626/22; B1345/15; B1347/26

joking (4): A0261/24; B0810/06; B1345/02; B1345/07

joli (2): A0177/02; A0177/08

jollity (1): B1055/07

jolly (2): B1019/19; C0063/08

jolly-boat (2): B0931/18; C0062/09

jolly/golly (1): B1046/08

Jolly/Tar (3): A0240/07; A0242/17; A0251/21

jollyboat (3): C0099/23; C0114/02; C0154/16

Jones (12): C0102/20; C0103/33; C0103/34; C0104/03; C0104/11; C0104/15; C0110/11; C0112/41; C0113/01; C0113/08; C0113/11; C0113/31

Jones, Davy (1): A0250/31

Jones, Robert (1): A0178/03

Joseph (1): A0314/23

jostle (1): A0512/12

jostled (2): A0508/12; A0513/29

jostlers (1): A0508/13

jostling (2): A0253/15; C0061/39

jottings (1): B1114/06

joue (1): A0036/25

jouissent (1): A0600/01

Jourdain’s (1): A0545/06

Journal (21): B0864/13; B1075/32; B1384/08; C0429/26; C0429/31; C0521/04; C0521/16; C0521/T; C0522/05; C0529/T; C0539/22; C0540/13; C0540/T; C0546/31; C0548/02; C0548/13; C0550/31; C0550/T; C0553/05; C0560/T; C0571/T

journal (29): A0142/03; A0487/27; A0487/30; B0732/42; B0737/32; B0740/06; B0743/V; B0744/22; B0745/28; B0746/V; B0748/V; B0753/14; B0766/03; B1075/26; B1075/27; B1081/19; B1130/V; B1136/04; B1136/13; B1138/10; B1143/25; B1145/02; B1390/03; C0055/10; C0101/27; C0160/32; C0167/39; C0414/17; C0538/38

Journal/des/Scavans (1): A0283/15

Journal/of/Commerce (1): B0734/40

journal’s (1): B0738/19

journalist (2): B0739/24; B0957/15

journalists (1): B0731/19

journals (6): B0768/12; B0769/03; B1138/27; B1206/09; C0525/07; C0535/33

Journey (2): A0409/03; C0432/39

journey (23): A0444/32; B0764/28; B0816/33; C0070/31; C0074/19; C0077/08; C0080/30; C0402/23; C0522/03; C0522/39; C0523/20; C0524/06; C0524/16; C0524/21; C0525/13; C0527/05; C0527/11; C0528/06; C0528/08; C0530/14; C0549/28; C0564/27; C0564/38

journeyed (3): B0817/21; B0943/12; C0412/37

journeyings (1): A0602/10

journeys (2): B0957/26; C0528/24

Jove (1): A0657/30

Jovis (1): A0345/28

joy (51)

Joyeuse (7): B1013/25; B1013/34; B1014/05; B1014/05; B1014/10; B1016/09; B1020/33

joyful (2): C0165/21; C0388/38

joyfully (1): A0429/19

joyous (1): A0608/08

joys (1): A0455/13

Ju-Kiao-Li (1): A0344/06

Judge (1): A0275/33

judge (19): A0104/35; A0157/13; A0275/37; A0484/28; A0497/30; A0497/31; A0544/32; B0809/10; B0904/12; B1007/05; B1081/10; B1127/33; B1380/17; C0126/09; C0144/17; C0417/37; C0421/25; C0432/16; C0557/01

judged (7): A0157/V; A0413/17; A0544/26; A0667/66; B1005/30; B1073/28; C0422/22

judges (7): A0530/15; A0542/32; A0550/01; A0681/10; A0682/13; A0684/01; A0685/18

judging (1): C0413/06

judgment (9): A0271/24; A0272/01; A0656/17; A0657/28; B0727/11; B0757/22; B0757/23; B0852/14; B1351/25

judgments (2): A0601/16; B1381/11

judicial (2): B0958/11; B1226/16

judicious (2): A0064/07; A0342/24

Judy/O’Flannagan (1): A0374/16

jug (18): B1110/21; B1291/07; C0069/22; C0071/20; C0074/02; C0088/22; C0090/06; C0095/13; C0129/30; C0138/31; C0139/23; C0141/21; C0142/02; C0142/14; C0142/38; C0142/40; C0145/16; C0146/07

jugglers (1): B1119/08

jugs (3): A0245/15; A0253/28; C0109/29

juicy (2): A0091/24; C0176/35

Juif (1): B1270/37

Jules (8): C0556/05; C0556/14; C0557/41; C0561/22; C0568/32; C0577/12; C0578/35; C0580/03

Julie (1): A0062/22

Julien’s (1): B1339/35

Julius (1): C0523/24

July (27): A0484/32; A0484/33; A0484/34; A0485/01; A0485/03; A0584/35; B0728/10; C0056/32; C0101/10; C0101/29; C0102/05; C0102/13; C0102/24; C0102/35; C0103/07; C0103/16; C0103/26; C0139/07; C0139/38; C0140/27; C0140/34; C0141/01; C0141/07; C0141/14; C0141/23; C0147/28; C0148/12

jumble (1): A0128/16

jump (4): A0630/10; A0630/11; B0875/03; C0432/06

jumped (7): A0469/28; B0913/15; B0913/16; B1105/32; C0062/10; C0138/29; C0559/27

jumping (4): A0055/25; A0656/16; C0131/17; C0396/19

jumps (1): B0875/08

junction (7): A0501/18; B1280/23; C0526/09; C0530/02; C0571/09; C0573/39; C0576/02

juncture (5): B0977/09; B1053/31; B1070/25; C0406/09; C0554/07

June (27): A0293/16; A0602/14; B0729/06; B0729/29; B0731/26; B0745/10; B0753/13; B0753/20; B0753/31; B0753/36; B0754/04; B0754/09; B0770/19; B0922/04; B0933/21; B1055/23; C0053/T; C0066/29; C0066/29; C0067/04; C0069/40; C0084/02; C0101/08; C0146/41; C0530/04; C0530/34; C0538/13

Jung (3): A0292/V; A0293/06; A0299/09

Jung, Ritzner Von (10): A0292/01; A0292/V; A0293/13; A0294/01; A0294/V; A0294/V; A0295/06; A0296/07; A0296/V; A0301/31

junior (1): A0508/23

juniors (1): A0432/24

Juniper (1): A0340/02

Junius (2): A0172/02; A0178/02

junk (3): A0253/30; C0091/06; C0100/35

Junot (1): C0529/03

Junot, Pierre (4): C0529/11; C0532/07; C0535/22; C0548/33

Junot’s (1): C0532/27

Junto (1): A0252/V

junto (2): A0203/01; B0968/06

Jup (10): B0808/29; B0809/05; B0811/16; B0813/07; B0813/21; B0814/09; B0818/09; B0818/18; B0818/22; B0819/24

Jupiter (51)

Jupiter’s (13): B0808/19; B0809/08; B0814/02; B0819/31; B0821/29; B0822/22; B0822/29; B0824/26; B0825/20; B0826/19; B0833/25; B0843/12; C0423/27

jurisprudence (1): B0747/33

Jurmains (1): B1296/12

jury (1): B1054/32

just (326)

Justice (2): A0274/28; A0274/31

justice (18): A0057/06; A0066/33; A0096/07; A0242/03; A0280/28; A0352/12; A0435/28; A0441/09; A0621/08; A0623/25; B0737/28; B0747/35; B1009/17; B1056/22; B1133/11; B1369/13; B1379/20; C0088/15

justifiable (3): A0113/V; B1048/05; C0401/40

justification (2): A0075/01; A0445/20

justified (3): A0113/02; A0263/28; B1383/12

justify (1): A0122/02

justly (21): A0024/08; A0065/27; A0074/06; A0089/30; A0125/30; A0337/11; A0338/15; A0435/06; A0560/05; A0610/35; A0708/01; B0746/10; B1022/01; B1269/36; B1272/35; B1369/04; B1380/07; B1383/09; C0061/34; C0078/14; C0145/06

jut (1): C0538/16

jutted (1): A0097/32

jutting (2): C0537/36; C0576/12

juxta-position (1): A0555/19

juxtaposition (2): B0838/09; B0977/15

Jxhn (6): B1374/07; B1374/09; B1374/11; B1374/13; B1374/13; B1374/19

K (2): A0338/08; B1311/02

k (1): B1095/08

Kabbala (3): B1190/02; B1190/03; B1219/08

kabos (2): B1091/34; B1092/04

kai (Gr.) (3): A0195/M; A0195/M; A0346/03

kaleidoscope (1): A0498/23

kam (1): B0723/M

Kamschatka (2): C0526/17; C0526/26

Kanadaw (3): B1298/34; B1299/08; B1299/21

kanadaw (1): B1302/26

Kanawdian (1): B1302/27

Kanawdians (1): B1299/21

Kant (6): A0079/07; A0086/03; A0097/03; A0342/V; A0625/03; B1311/01

Kanzas (2): C0527/33; C0539/35

Kate (11): A0650/16; A0650/21; A0651/16; A0653/03; A0653/09; A0655/16; A0655/22; A0656/03; A0656/16; A0656/25; A0657/27

Kate’s (2): A0653/26; A0654/13

kath’auto (Gr.) (2): A0225/M; A0229/M

Katholim (1): A0046/28

Katy-Did (1): B1138/34

Katy-Didn’t (1): B1138/35

Keats (2): A0033/01; A0710/32

keel (10): A0590/03; A0590/33; B1279/10; C0061/22; C0062/21; C0143/32; C0144/17; C0144/34; C0145/18; C0145/18

keel-boat (1): C0533/12

keen (7): A0609/36; A0615/18; A0690/18; A0692/31; A0693/05; B0926/31; B1212/V

keener (3): A0093/10; A0112/22; A0435/32

keenest (3): A0507/10; A0568/35; B1335/20

keenly (4): A0189/30; B1030/06; B1345/01; C0537/12

keenness (2): A0456/05; B1137/23

keep (73)

keepers (9): B0828/16; B1006/21; B1016/14; B1018/24; B1018/27; B1019/02; B1019/04; B1021/23; B1350/22

keeping (43): A0019/23; A0080/06; A0138/V; A0157/18; A0273/26; A0296/V; A0321/11; A0370/02; A0370/26; A0371/25; A0387/V; A0399/10; A0408/28; A0486/32; A0497/07; A0497/07; A0497/08; A0497/13; A0556/33; A0561/01; A0563/01; A0586/16; A0711/10; B0725/23; B1004/20; B1134/29; B1164/05; B1276/11; B1293/25; C0063/20; C0077/23; C0088/06; C0104/28; C0107/28; C0109/16; C0144/04; C0157/37; C0171/03; C0172/28; C0179/36; C0391/34; C0419/40; C0523/31

keeps (7): A0070/14; A0081/15; A0369/05; A0500/21; B0735/18; B0812/03; B0812/04

keer (1): B0818/24

keg (7): C0069/22; C0394/23; C0394/24; C0415/24; C0415/29; C0415/30; C0416/11

kegs (4): B1074/34; B1102/26; C0415/20; C0533/30

Keith, Rev. P. (1): B1163/42

Kemble, Fanny (1): B0864/09

Kempelen (1): B1361/04

ken (1): B1037/13

Kennebeck (1): C0147/29

Kennedy (3): A0273/21; A0282/23; B1160/18

Kennedy, John P. (2): A0273/08; A0275/13

Kennedy’s (1): A0282/24

kennel (2): A0046/02; A0122/12

Kentucky (4): B1161/23; C0522/19; C0522/39; C0531/20

Kepler (7): B1297/32; B1297/32; B1297/36; B1317/11; B1317/11; B1317/15; B1317/33

Kepler’s (1): B1321/21

Keplers (2): B1316/27; B1316/30

kept (78)

Kerguelen (1): C0150/14

Kerguelen’s (1): C0150/08

Kerguelen’s/Island (1): C0151/07

Kerguelen’s/Land (4): C0148/25; C0151/22; C0154/03; C0160/29

Kergulen (1): C0150/13

kerseymere (2): A0371/07; A0439/08

kettle (2): A0101/07; C0534/13

key (17): A0024/28; A0141/24; A0303/27; A0435/03; A0439/21; A0537/22; A0538/04; A0542/12; A0563/17; B0797/13; B0808/09; B0835/22; B0839/10; B1017/32; B1153/34; B1261/30; B1364/05

key-hole (4): A0565/06; B0734/02; B0748/18; B1106/05

key-stone (1): A0150/V

keyhole (1): A0352/25

keys (4): A0551/17; B0943/36; B0978/15; B1352/16

Khoda (1): A0626/12

kick (11): A0345/04; A0368/25; A0386/34; A0627/11; B0812/25; B1103/12; B1131/37; B1142/23; B1167/21; B1182/19; C0563/12

Kickapo-o-o-os (1): A0385/33

Kickapoo (6): A0378/T; A0380/31; A0381/09; A0382/15; A0486/14; B1145/23

Kickapoos (5): A0382/30; A0384/21; A0387/24; A0388/19; A0496/04

kicked (8): A0125/30; A0173/25; A0179/07; A0470/21; A0489/05; A0565/27; A0622/35; A0624/04

kicking (6): A0059/26; A0067/16; A0091/30; A0110/32; B1010/05; B1142/25

kicks (1): B0871/14

kid (3): B0833/03; B0833/11; B1186/01

Kidd (8): B0833/13; B0834/03; B0834/07; B0835/18; B0836/07; B0843/25; B0844/15; B0844/15

Kidd’s (1): B0834/21

Kieldholm (1): A0579/26

Kilkenny (1): A0468/31

kill (10): B1089/22; B1093/20; B1096/14; B1096/26; B1127/35; B1259/18; C0140/05; C0141/22; C0550/03; C0556/19

killed (12): A0345/02; B0789/21; B1090/22; B1101/26; C0137/39; C0154/09; C0187/31; C0203/14; C0547/14; C0557/32; C0560/03; C0578/31

killing (6): B1046/23; C0081/41; C0138/09; C0141/24; C0199/25; C0577/38

kind (160)

kind-hearted (1): A0483/27

kinder (1): B0789/20

kindest (1): B1050/21

kindle (2): A0230/V; C0405/23

kindled (3): B0832/29; C0191/08; C0562/12

kindly (3): B1017/21; B1071/V; B1119/M

kindness (10): A0264/05; A0264/13; A0389/13; B1104/25; B1143/06; B1159/18; C0089/01; C0101/37; C0148/30; C0180/07

kindred (4): A0509/25; A0641/V; B0749/22; B1384/21

kinds (16): A0478/14; A0510/06; A0627/19; B0993/09; B1009/13; B1078/07; B1080/08; B1166/01; B1337/13; C0097/19; C0151/10; C0151/23; C0174/01; C0177/05; C0536/25; C0560/01

King (11): A0044/27; A0126/05; A0240/T; A0240/V; A0250/04; A0251/12; A0252/21; A0252/33; A0253/15; B1213/28; C0569/35

king (97)

King, Henry (1): A0150/M

King’s (1): B0768/17

king’s (5): A0123/08; A0128/13; B1153/23; B1348/14; B1353/11

Kingdom (1): B1297/35

kingdom (7): A0250/09; A0251/07; A0408/08; B1155/26; B1162/10; B1162/13; B1317/14

kingly (1): A0020/V

kings (3): A0240/M; A0322/05; A0529/04

kiosk (5): B0946/34; B0947/02; B0947/11; B0947/14; B0949/18

kip> (1): A0469/V

kipt> (4): A0466/16; A0467/25; A0469/22; A0469/V

Kircher (1): A0583/03

Kirschenwasser (4): B1104/24; B1106/21; B1109/12; B1110/22

kiss (3): A0053/24; A0062/29; A0125/29

Kissam (6): B1358/22; B1358/27; B1358/29; B1358/35; B1359/02; B1359/02

Kissam’s (1): B1359/10

kissed (5): A0182/33; A0232/19; A0342/23; B0900/04; B1010/18

kisses (1): B0871/14

kissing (1): A0623/13

kitchen (3): A0101/05; A0479/14; B1339/26

kitt-fox (1): C0536/23

kitten (1): B1096/21

kittens (7): C0407/09; C0407/17; C0409/05; C0411/08; C0413/10; C0413/13; C0414/04

Klimm, Nicholas (1): A0409/01

Klock-klock (1): C0180/38

Klock-klock (1): C0177/16

Klock-Klock (1): C0172/33

knack (1): A0107/33

knapsack (1): B1329/02

knee (7): A0249/06; A0369/04; A0543/29; B0866/09; B0880/02; B1182/17; C0552/28

knee-breeches (2): A0368/19; A0371/08

knees (32): A0056/02; A0065/26; A0141/13; A0143/13; A0217/V; A0251/07; A0373/08; A0437/18; A0586/16; A0623/07; B0818/35; B0824/04; B0824/15; B0826/22; B0832/11; B0855/10; B1010/28; B1090/12; B1127/20; B1127/27; B1348/34; C0059/17; C0082/18; C0122/17; C0124/39; C0134/27; C0134/30; C0138/23; C0192/08; C0197/40; C0389/26; C0421/20

knell (4): A0235/V; B1222/22; B1249/01; C0198/01

knelt (1): B1107/14

knew (150)

Knickerbocker (3): B1303/13; B1304/06; B1304/08

Knickerbockers (1): B1303/30

knife (28): A0430/15; A0685/27; B0820/11; B0825/26; B1011/20; B1052/14; B1052/16; B1058/01; B1110/09; B1142/21; C0076/07; C0092/36; C0094/07; C0095/41; C0105/06; C0128/30; C0133/12; C0165/08; C0172/10; C0172/12; C0175/29; C0175/30; C0178/38; C0180/26; C0180/26; C0188/34; C0534/12; C0562/05

knight (2): B1303/14; B1349/21

knights (1): A0670/13

knit (4): A0508/03; A0512/35; A0536/V; A0628/16

knitting-needle (1): B0980/04

knives (8): C0109/30; C0148/10; C0177/12; C0177/39; C0184/02; C0196/24; C0201/12; C0577/31

knob (1): B0990/36

knock (2): A0166/15; B0988/12

knock-down (1): A0487/12

knocked (20): A0069/07; A0070/16; A0125/15; A0341/05; A0372/05; A0389/07; A0482/15; A0487/10; A0488/04; A0628/25; B1020/26; B1047/31; B1103/20; B1109/14; B1165/05; B1259/22; B1293/11; C0085/18; C0113/24; C0563/07

knocker (2): A0489/31; B1178/14

knocking (6): A0246/07; A0253/20; A0383/01; B0796/17; C0114/37; C0134/27

knocks (1): A0622/34

knoll (1): C0568/21

knot (16): A0044/11; A0069/21; A0078/01; A0139/23; A0501/21; A0561/09; B0730/18; B0730/31; B0730/33; B0730/35; B0766/17; B0768/32; B0916/15; B1079/14; C0197/11; C0398/10

knots (1): C0543/30

know (236)

knowest (3): A0228/29; A0228/29; A0233/11

knoweth (3): A0310/M; A0314/26; A0318/V

knowing (29): A0090/11; A0098/08; A0246/05; A0272/24; A0300/22; A0301/34; A0372/11; A0388/32; A0405/17; A0435/09; A0470/03; A0484/20; A0547/11; A0548/20; A0585/19; A0639/15; B0749/12; B0814/29; B0900/21; B0914/26; B1011/12; B1101/27; B1101/31; B1194/15; B1212/08; C0058/11; C0392/10; C0397/27; C0565/34

knowingly (3): A0089/24; A0107/26; B0927/28

Knowledge (1): A0337/18

knowledge (74)

Knowles, Ned (1): A0292/M

known (154)

knows (21): A0091/35; A0111/11; A0262/28; A0338/10; A0338/20; A0365/01; A0365/10; A0466/28; A0486/06; A0498/04; A0629/02; A0708/18; B0831/25; B0852/12; B1033/21; B1183/05; B1273/13; B1293/26; B1313/16; B1313/17; C0098/36

knuckles (2): B1372/23; C0068/23

knxw (5): B1374/07; B1374/09; B1374/12; B1374/13; B1374/19

Koran (2): B1165/33; B1166/29

koruphai (Gr.) (1): A0195/M

kraken (1): A0139/28

kraut (2): A0373/16; A0374/18

Kreutzenstern (2): C0160/04; C0160/09

Kritik (2): A0341/28; A0342/V

krokopepeples (Gr.) (1): B1385/18

Kroutaplenttey (1): A0366/08

Kupris (1): A0035/25

l (1): B0908/24

l—l (6): B1236/22; B1236/28; B1238/04; B1240/33; B1241/03; B1241/21

L—1, Theodore (1): B1236/16

L’an (1): A0018/12

l’autre (1): A0378/M

l’ennemi (1): B1154/22

l’etudier (1): B0899/30

l’histoire (2): A0033/03; B1144/32

L’homme (2): A0033/19; C0430/27

l’oiseau (1): A0033/17

l’original (1): C0430/35

l’ottimo (1): A0161/03

l’oublie (1): B1114/03

l’Ame (1): A0096/08

l’Andromache (1): A0033/21

L’Enclos, Ninon De (3): B0898/09; B0914/15; B0915/25

L’Espanaye (29): A0537/10; A0538/07; A0539/04; A0539/11; A0539/16; A0539/21; A0539/27; A0540/27; A0541/12; A0541/21; A0541/22; A0542/06; A0543/15; A0543/20; A0543/30; A0546/28; A0547/23; A0549/04; A0551/03; A0551/09; A0556/06; A0557/26; A0558/23; A0559/01; A0566/14; A0566/25; B0724/26; B0737/04; B0737/11

L’Espanaye, Camille (1): A0537/11

L’Espanaye’s (1): A0565/22

l’Esprit (1): A0096/08

L’Etoile (23): B0731/25; B0733/08; B0733/16; B0733/19; B0738/17; B0739/05; B0739/07; B0739/19; B0740/18; B0740/20; B0743/02; B0743/29; B0744/07; B0744/26; B0744/34; B0745/16; B0745/21; B0745/24; B0746/30; B0747/08; B0747/29; B0748/12; B0748/28

l’Etoile (1): B0737/31

L’Etoile’s (4): B0739/18; B0740/02; B0740/25; B0740/30

L’Omelette (1): A0035/23

L’Omelette (1): A0037/25

La (1): A0599/01

la (38): A0019/04; A0053/14; A0062/22; A0096/06; A0096/07; A0096/M; A0101/02; A0102/10; A0102/11; A0109/31; A0109/31; A0175/19; A0175/20; A0181/08; A0181/09; A0344/16; A0344/25; A0378/M; A0386/05; A0545/07; A0599/03; A0602/06; A0602/07; A0662/V; B0913/05; B1007/23; B1010/21; B1010/31; B1012/24; B1335/18; C0430/27; C0430/28; C0430/30; C0430/31; C0430/36; C0430/37; C0430/41; C0430/41

la (2): A0057/26; A0068/09

La/Bellissima (1): A0033/06

La/Bruyere (3): A0018/07; A0506/M; B0985/03

La/Chaise (1): A0037/V

La/Charette (1): C0538/43

La/Fontaine (1): A0622/16

La/Scala (1): A0079/08

La/Seine, Pierre (1): A0621/14

labelled (3): A0034/22; A0101/15; B0736/13

labels (2): B1104/23; B1104/23

labor (37): A0510/04; A0583/34; A0665/24; A0704/10; B0737/26; B0760/12; B0823/32; B0825/08; B0843/23; B0844/17; B0844/17; B0857/23; B0913/14; B0931/11; B0982/05; B1057/34; B1164/06; B1166/23; B1189/08; B1206/03; B1222/25; B1263/23; B1269/10; B1281/34; B1329/34; C0394/36; C0395/27; C0402/24; C0419/32; C0420/17; C0420/39; C0424/07; C0424/15; C0541/02; C0545/35; C0572/34; C0577/15

labor-saving (1): B1093/09

labored (4): A0490/06; B1050/24; B1128/15; B1145/18

laborer (1): B1206/07

laborers (3): A0510/27; B0968/28; B1302/29

laboring (5): A0411/05; A0707/18; B1030/24; B1047/01; B1272/17

laborious (2): A0213/09; B1280/21

labors (11): A0027/V; A0270/05; A0311/29; A0320/26; B0796/15; B0823/07; B0871/17; B0983/26; B0983/28; B1128/09; B1262/17

labour (12): B0981/V; C0069/12; C0075/20; C0086/26; C0114/11; C0114/15; C0114/28; C0115/02; C0120/38; C0140/29; C0152/21; C0203/01

laboured (4): C0113/36; C0132/10; C0149/29; C0197/12

labours (3): C0137/14; C0154/04; C0189/39

labyrinth (3): B1362/06; C0096/06; C0575/03

labyrinths (2): A0296/V; C0075/01

lac (2): A0096/M; A0096/M

lace (4): B0730/16; B0730/32; B0890/06; B1008/08

lacerated (2): A0029/12; C0116/32

lacerating (1): A0044/12

lacessit (1): B1260/01

Lachadive/islands (1): A0136/02

lachrymatory (2): A0054/13; A0063/20

lachrymose (1): A0298/V

lack (6): A0320/05; A0408/09; A0621/10; B0753/41; B1123/22; C0391/16

lack-lustre (2): A0510/16; B1057/09

Lacko’breath (1): A0078/42

Lackobreath (3): A0064/16; A0064/22; A0072/06

laconic (4): A0026/07; A0341/11; A0628/09; B1221/26

Lacroix (1): A0079/03

ladder (8): A0350/06; B1106/32; B1107/06; B1109/37; B1294/16; C0121/23; C0121/34; C0121/38

laden (7): A0046/20; A0587/28; A0643/28; B0968/14; C0189/01; C0189/33; C0542/14

ladies (16): A0059/01; A0069/V; A0070/01; A0253/27; A0380/23; A0464/16; A0556/10; B0904/29; B0922/07; B0926/14; B0926/19; B1007/32; B1009/19; B1016/13; B1047/05; B1090/10

ladle (1): A0368/13

Lady (12): A0020/12; A0020/V; A0020/V; A0204/34; A0205/26; A0321/02; A0323/02; A0323/21; A0330/04; A0330/06; B0871/03; B1159/09

lady (108)

lady’s (8): A0064/15; A0270/35; B0730/34; B0877/10; B0877/18; B0877/19; B0933/32; B0958/08

lady’s-maid (1): B0933/35

Lady’s/Book (1): B1291/01

ladye-love (1): B1123/21

Laertes, Dicgenes (1): A0109/10

Laertius (1): A0075/16

laffin> (2): A0468/24; A0470/13

Lafitte (5): A0101/V; A0181/14; B1101/07; B1102/13; B1105/10

Lafourcade, Victorine (1): B0957/12

laid (42): A0020/V; A0035/V; A0037/V; A0057/12; A0079/31; A0225/15; A0229/V; A0236/12; A0242/03; A0253/18; A0262/17; A0262/20; A0415/V; A0446/V; A0551/12; A0621/09; A0623/24; A0623/25; B1181/09; B1192/16; B1262/09; B1262/13; B1304/13.; B1304/29; B1382/14; C0072/28; C0078/17; C0093/23; C0104/27; C0104/33; C0104/39; C0106/13; C0106/21; C0106/22; C0125/31; C0136/13; C0184/11; C0201/29; C0392/39; C0544/35; C0573/40; C0575/36

laider> (1): A0464/06

lain (7): A0195/V; A0399/09; B1317/06; C0107/36; C0138/03; C0184/24; C0524/10

lair (1): A0199/V

Lake (4): C0526/09; C0526/37; C0527/03; C0528/23

lake (14): A0502/05; A0602/03; B1079/03; B1161/16; B1161/35; B1281/09; B1333/21; B1334/02; B1334/08; B1334/13; C0412/38; C0422/26; C0444/V; C0444/V

Lake/Huron (1): C0526/35

Lake/Nipissing (2): C0526/35; C0528/10

Lake/Superior (1): C0526/36

Lake/Winnipeg (3): C0526/39; C0528/23; C0551/01

lakelet (1): B1333/22

Lakes (1): C0527/01

lakes (6): B0862/09; B0865/04; B1076/17; B1283/08; C0419/03; C0528/11

Lalande (29): B0892/10; B0892/23; B0894/07; B0894/21; B0895/03; B0896/02; B0896/09; B0897/08; B0898/12; B0898/27; B0899/19; B0899/20; B0901/04; B0901/17; B0903/21; B0904/25; B0904/30; B0905/V; B0906/23; B0909/16; B0909/31; B0911/10; B0911/17; B0912/08; B0915/09; B0915/21; B0915/26; B0915/29; B0916/26

Lalande, Eugenie (2): B0909/09; B0914/06

Lalande, Stephanie (5): B0913/09; B0914/22; B0915/V; B0916/08; B0916/26

Lama-Lama (3): C0168/08; C0168/32; C0174/19

Lama-Lamas (1): C0175/25

Lamartine (1): A0535/33

Lamartine’s (1): B1101/04

lamb (1): A0124/14

lambent (1): A0316/18

Lambert, Jonathan (1): C0155/40

lambs (3): A0043/08; A0044/03; A0044/07

lame (3): A0627/30; B1123/25; B1313/14

lament (1): C0166/28

lamentable (12): A0121/18; A0352/19; A0354/25; A0354/25; A0373/12; B1312/23; C0097/28; C0099/02; C0128/37; C0136/07; C0192/25; C0567/35

lamentation (1): A0460/15

lamented (3): B0990/26; B1055/10; C0416/27

lamenting (1): A0214/12

lamentingly (1): B0767/24

lamma (1): A0108/20

lamp (36): A0087/23; A0088/03; A0089/01; A0092/26; A0094/23; A0101/V; A0103/17; A0112/01; A0114/18; A0212/02; A0218/07; A0412/07; A0412/16; A0437/03; A0437/10; A0437/20; A0437/33; A0439/04; A0499/05; A0499/05; A0499/06; A0503/03; A0503/08; A0512/01; A0514/25; A0514/34; A0614/23; A0665/33; A0672/07; A0672/10; B0904/16; B0956/34; B0975/03; B1168/24; B1340/15; B1361/24

lamp-black (1): A0486/21

lampoon (1): B1134/02

lamps (5): A0122/16; A0165/14; A0190/01; A0507/24; A0615/26

lances (1): C0174/32

lancet (1): C0406/34

Land (1): C0162/10

land (83)

land-animal (1): C0167/14

land-slide (2): B1247/24; B1248/05

landed (6): A0564/20; B0933/09; C0147/28; C0557/39; C0568/05; C0570/34

landing (7): A0537/18; A0540/06; C0155/04; C0161/41; C0165/30; C0180/28; C0567/24

landlady (5): A0057/14; A0242/16; B0878/16; B0879/26; B0880/06

landlady’s (1): B0878/25

landlocked (2): C0151/02; C0170/40

landlord (4): A0057/09; A0067/03; A0242/V; B0854/17

landmarks (2): B0817/19; B1126/13

Landon (1): B1340/V

Landor (2): B0747/37; B1339/18

Landor’s (2): B1328/T; B1340/24

lands (4): A0088/12; A0235/16; C0158/15; C0202/14

Landscape (2): A0702/T; B1329/33

landscape (12): A0397/12; A0600/21; A0707/33; A0708/12; A0708/31; A0711/25; B0861/02; B1272/34; B1273/07; B1273/25; B1274/08; B1276/28

landscape-garden (4): A0709/16; A0711/12; B1272/07; B1276/13

landscape-gardener (1): B1272/05

landscape-gardening (5): A0709/21; A0710/03; B1274/22; B1274/24; B1275/06

landscape-gardens (1): B1274/20

landscape-painter (1): B1335/28

landscape-Garden (2): A0702/V; A0707/07

Landscape-Gardener (1): A0707/06

landscapes (4): A0502/04; A0707/27; B0863/05; B1272/27

landsman (1): A0587/30

landward (1): A0579/16

lane (6): A0514/18; B0864/21; B0864/22; B1049/03; B1049/04; B1329/24

lanes (2): A0242/23; A0513/32

language (45): A0074/03; A0141/16; A0162/28; A0163/16; A0227/06; A0231/17; A0299/31; A0303/25; A0310/07; A0327/07; A0344/08; A0344/18; A0444/13; A0447/25; A0456/27; A0540/14; A0540/25; A0542/31; A0549/25; A0555/14; A0555/V; A0558/19; A0599/V; B0766/15; B0835/33; B0836/07; B0837/16; B0851/09; B0911/18; B1091/30; B1097/01; B1104/05; B1105/08; B1114/35; B1154/27; B1157/30; B1158/30; B1159/01; B1160/06; B1221/26; B1279/15; B1305/04; C0061/33; C0100/25; C0156/40

languages (1): A0128/18

languidly (1): A0033/09

langve (1): C0430/29

lank (1): A0205/10

lantern (15): B0789/24; B0793/07; B0793/31; B0794/28; B0795/14; B0795/25; B1189/19; B1391/05; B1391/25; C0068/31; C0069/37; C0074/01; C0083/36; C0094/02; C0094/21

lanterns (4): B0817/01; B0823/04; B0826/14; C0112/20

lanyards (1): C0114/24

lap (2): A0374/14; A0507/17

lap-dog (1): A0347/19

Laplace (6): A0479/03; B1010/16; B1010/19; B1010/V; B1015/20; B1321/03

Laplaces (1): B1316/27

lapse (16): A0397/17; A0399/13; A0438/01; A0672/27; A0673/06; A0683/32; B0723/08; B0726/10; B0740/18; B0898/22; B0899/17; B0958/13; B0966/13; B0988/03; B1199/11; C0562/35

lapsed (2): A0683/10; B1249/13

lapsing (1): A0691/14

larboard (22): A0588/10; A0588/21; B0930/21; C0071/40; C0085/29; C0089/26; C0102/32; C0108/10; C0110/26; C0114/01; C0114/40; C0117/08; C0117/11; C0130/29; C0131/08; C0136/14; C0154/20; C0164/30; C0187/27; C0187/29; C0188/01; C0559/22

large (325)

large-boned (1): B0741/08

largely (6): A0213/01; A0282/02; A0473/24; B1093/33; B1257/14; C0423/05

largeness (1): B1321/12

larger (44): A0066/06; A0108/24; A0284/26; A0313/03; A0459/20; A0535/08; A0592/25; B0752/05; B0752/20; B0825/04; B1049/07; B1073/34; B1075/10; B1156/26; B1158/05; B1160/12; B1164/20; B1248/06; B1281/07; B1300/33; B1321/11; B1332/18; B1336/05; B1336/10; C0147/13; C0151/22; C0153/17; C0164/33; C0165/16; C0174/35; C0181/22; C0186/38; C0206/06; C0393/30; C0394/23; C0397/26; C0429/23; C0429/27; C0432/15; C0432/20; C0534/33; C0545/08; C0562/20; C0576/24

largest (22): A0057/07; A0066/34; A0429/12; A0429/34; A0582/26; B0752/13; B0773/22; B0819/07; B1332/30; B1332/37; B1333/03; C0143/19; C0151/11; C0151/37; C0154/30; C0155/34; C0164/35; C0167/30; C0168/30; C0173/29; C0203/14; C0551/26

lark (1): C0390/22

las (1): A0621/01

Lasalle (1): A0697/11

lash (2): A0593/13; B0932/33

lashed (10): A0580/11; A0585/36; A0589/26; C0089/29; C0106/30; C0106/33; C0116/01; C0117/04; C0120/03; C0143/33

lashes (1): A0313/11

lashing (5): A0145/19; C0060/31; C0139/27; C0140/15; C0141/03

lashings (9): A0593/23; C0116/19; C0116/34; C0117/20; C0117/34; C0118/29; C0119/17; C0119/37; C0139/33

lasm (Gr.) (1): A0159/04

lasping (1): B0959/13

lasst (2): A0506/01; A0515/32

Last (1): B1384/20

last (198)

Last/Supper (3): B0925/09; B0925/10; B0927/13

laste> (2): A0468/15; A0470/06

lasted (15): A0541/02; A0683/30; A0688/06; B0851/04; B1011/32; B1262/15; C0084/32; C0086/30; C0102/24; C0135/38; C0141/35; C0142/03; C0191/17; C0406/14; C0419/21

lasting (3): A0228/23; A0233/04; C0146/06

lastly (12): A0078/10; A0209/18; A0248/03; A0643/20; A0712/03; B0748/22; B1145/04; C0151/30; C0190/05; C0427/32; C0527/05; C0557/15

latch (6): A0447/23; A0479/20; A0479/26; A0479/28; A0479/30; B0789/22

latches (1): A0479/16

Late (3): A0340/08; A0378/T; B1126/T

late (107)

lately (32): A0142/16; A0166/22; A0341/12; A0365/10; A0369/30; A0398/17; A0564/18; A0641/17; A0662/07; B0724/22; B0857/05; B0887/11; B0898/28; B0982/14; B1015/17; B1057/20; B1091/30; B1151/01; B1215/18; B1296/36; B1380/18; C0055/29; C0059/40; C0095/21; C0139/14; C0389/04; C0392/19; C0413/26; C0425/13; C0430/21; C0430/26; C0571/27

lately-acquired (1): A0026/28

lateness (1): A0540/21

latent (2): B1247/02; C0073/04

later (13): A0121/15; A0293/10; A0326/21; A0403/17; A0410/05; A0426/11; A0426/12; A0639/01; A0683/13; A0684/03; B0907/25; B1379/26; C0555/32

lateral (9): A0429/27; A0692/13; B0818/30; B1237/01; B1237/08; B1237/22; B1332/05; C0193/19; C0207/41

laterally (1): B1248/15

latest (1): A0101/07

lath-like (1): A0064/20

lather (2): B1127/08; B1127/21

lathered (1): A0565/04

Latin (15): A0124/28; A0265/26; A0301/09; A0343/35; A0344/11; A0345/17; A0345/18; A0536/16; B0987/09; B1051/13; B1051/20; B1089/04; B1142/16; B1143/14; B1143/15

latitude (57)

latitudes (5): C0166/20; C0167/39; C0171/20; C0176/21; C0199/05

Latour (2): A0175/18; A0181/11

latter (173)

latter’s (2): A0244/17; B1052/32

latterly (4): A0460/32; B1031/28; C0084/33; C0166/08

lattice (3): A0057/34; A0154/06; A0645/03

latticed (1): A0554/15

laudable (5): A0123/07; A0295/21; A0346/32; B0751/02; B1189/03

laudanum (2): A0667/36; B0736/13

laudatory (1): B1380/18

lauded (1): A0122/09

lauding (2): A0124/27; A0626/22

lauft (1): B0723/M

laugh (23): A0080/07; A0098/16; A0105/32; A0158/17; A0158/V; A0158/V; A0198/31; A0198/32; A0236/11; A0407/41; A0533/14; B0833/04; B0928/03; B0934/09; B1181/27; B1263/02; B1263/06; B1325/05; B1345/32; B1345/33; B1348/20; C0067/01; C0128/14

laughable (1): B0744/25

laughably (1): B1157/08

laughed (24): A0080/07; A0105/26; A0158/07; A0190/06; A0198/30; A0236/11; A0433/25; A0603/07; A0624/03; A0652/25; A0692/15; B0793/02; B0898/V; B0926/18; B0983/33; B0988/13; B0989/07; B1017/24; B1225/V; B1249/12; B1260/15; B1348/21; B1349/23; C0571/02

laughing (11): A0158/18; A0158/20; A0300/26; B0975/29; B1333/36; B1349/24; B1350/04; C0131/17; C0167/09; C0168/37; C0174/28

laughingly (2): B0902/04; B0906/23

Laughter (1): A0159/07

laughter (13): A0123/32; A0158/16; A0249/08; A0673/02; A0674/O1; B1013/18; B1353/02; B1353/16; C0061/08; C0067/24; C0087/26; C0128/15; C0541/22

laughter-like (1): A0245/02

Launcelot (2): A0414/07; A0415/16

launch (2): A0053/03; A0062/08

laundress (1): A0538/34

laurels (2): B1126/04; B1137/29

Lauzanne, Jacques (1): C0539/29

lave> (1): A0465/03

laved (1): B1283/02

Laverna (1): A0568/21

lavish (1): B1008/34

lavished (4): A0702/03; A0704/08; B1133/21; B1269/08

Law (5): A0294/V; B0852/14; B1206/01; B1312/32; B1321/21

law (27): A0078/41; A0078/41; A0399/26; A0407/10; A0427/30; A0491/03; A0497/31; A0555/14; A0555/17; A0622/19; B0747/34; B0747/36; B0874/27; B1033/26; B1034/05; B1039/07; B1039/11; B1039/12; B1039/15; B1054/36; B1092/32; B1093/11; B1093/33; B1213/25; B1311/17; C0391/35; C0432/04

law-encumbered (1): B1039/08

lawn (1): A0247/04

lawn’s (1): B1334/25

Laws (1): A0429/02

laws (28): A0046/09; A0438/17; A0497/10; A0498/12; A0609/19; A0610/18; A0652/27; A0703/12; A0703/29; B0772/17; B0772/18; B1003/11; B1030/14; B1039/14; B1213/16; B1268/11; B1295/17; B1297/33; B1297/33; B1297/33; B1299/32; B1311/09; B1317/11; B1317/11; B1317/12; B1317/15; B1383/05; C0400/39

lawyer (3): A0482/34; B0956/12; B1127/31

lawyers (1): B0747/11

laxity (1): B0751/10

lay (225)

layer (2): B1180/12; C0098/18

layers (1): C0185/12

laying (5): B1181/22; B1182/29; B1189/30; C0105/31; C0177/32

lazily (2): B1108/33; C0125/06

lazy (2): A0368/23; B0865/23

lbs (1): C0179/05

Le (1): B0753/19

Le (2): A0036/10; A0537/V

le (16): A0037/21; A0037/26; A0053/13; A0062/21; A0096/M; A0096/M; A0096/V; A0397/M; A0431/08; A0599/03; B1122/01; B1154/21; C0430/27; C0430/29; C0430/39; C0430/41

Le/Blanc (5): B0725/28; B0726/06; B0726/13; B0753/07; B0753/09

Le/Blanc’s (1): B0753/16

Le/Bon (3): A0544/27; A0546/06; A0568/07

Le/Bon, Adolphe (2): A0541/19; A0544/22

Le/Brun (1): A0037/06

Le/Commerciel (10): B0734/07; B0748/34; B0749/26; B0750/06; B0750/07; B0750/17; B0758/19; B0766/01; B0766/10; B0766/18

le/Commerciel (1): B0749/04

Le/Commerciel’s (1): B0734/29

Le/Diligence (1): B0754/09

Le/Febvre (4): A0096/03; A0099/11; A0100/25; A0101/V

Le/Mercurie (1): B0769/04

Le/Monde (1): A0560/22

Le/Moniteur (3): B0740/14; B0740/20; B0740/26





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)