Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Le/Soleil through Melanie,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 196-213 (This material is protected by copyright)


Le/Soleil (9): B0735/03; B0750/29; B0751/06; B0758/29; B0758/34; B0759/16; B0761/27; B0762/13; B0763/18

Le/Tribunal (1): A0547/V

lead (21): A0136/21; A0236/01; A0296/V; A0316/18; A0381/23; A0527/V; A0551/06; A0555/18; A0709/12; B0835/V; B0988/34; B1166/26; B1213/29; B1331/31; B1362/20; B1363/21; B1364/08; B1364/27; B1364/33; C0181/21; C0533/31

lead-work (1): A0243/01

leaden (7): A0241/V; A0246/33; A0321/16; A0402/24; B1235/12; B1304/01; C0396/22

leaden-footed (1): B0728/33

leaden-hued (1): A0400/02

leader (4): B1019/25; B1374/06; C0521/24; C0533/06

leading (37): A0105/06; A0297/10; A0339/16; A0343/07; A0445/14; A0479/04; A0484/11; A0498/25; A0499/20; A0509/28; A0542/11; A0551/15; A0601/17; A0610/21; B0727/16; B0728/07; B0770/33; B0945/25; B1048/23; B1048/34; B1133/02; B1187/15; B1294/16; B1336/34; B1339/14; B1339/26; B1369/33; B1371/14; C0069/33; C0073/31; C0096/10; C0129/11; C0180/35; C0192/11; C0523/11; C0536/16; C0547/01

leading-strings (1): A0427/31

leads (7): A0124/06; A0145/26; A0599/V; A0641/V; B0907/26; B1278/12; C0538/34

leaf (8): B0830/11; B0943/15; B0981/02; B1059/25; B1161/18; B1279/33; B1280/11; B1349/07

leafless (1): C0072/18

leafy (1): A0602/14

league (4): A0145/13; C0163/30; C0165/24; C0167/28

leagues (7): A0581/26; B1161/26; B1161/28; C0150/13; C0157/05; C0161/33; C0202/05

leak (7): B0931/03; C0103/02; C0103/06; C0103/12; C0114/13; C0114/31; C0146/38

leaky (1): C0106/05

lean (10): A0103/21; A0487/17; A0487/21; B0741/07; B1012/02; B1345/09; C0534/33; C0535/34; C0546/17; C0567/01

leaned (8): A0196/30; A0350/04; B0895/07; B1105/01; B1145/21; B1145/22; B1250/30; B1260/33

leaning (9): A0136/11; A0160/01; A0179/30; A0249/02; A0349/19; B0913/01; B1108/34; C0123/33; C0124/36

leans (1): A0616/05

leant (1): A0249/V

leap (8): A0027/07; A0630/18; A0630/23; B0863/08; B1013/08; B1057/25; B1346/08; C0196/19

leap-year (1): B1152/27

leaped (22): A0058/10; A0068/08; A0243/25; A0252/31; A0415/29; A0586/23; A0594/03; A0694/14; A0694/17; B0771/17; B0795/26; B0809/21; B0832/08; B1020/19; B1134/32; B1178/27; B1353/10; C0090/29; C0124/04; C0168/30; C0562/39; C0578/28

leaping (13): A0029/07; A0068/33; A0319/19; A0627/16; B0825/21; B0911/13; B1014/21; B1020/20; B1021/08; B1353/V; C0146/17; C0165/07; C0537/07

leaps (3): A0128/05; A0128/06; B1311/28

leapt (2): A0057/25; A0694/V

learn (17): A0098/27; A0515/30; A0638/10; B0899/V; B1007/05; B1096/24; B1130/24; B1132/22; B1136/38; B1138/02; B1169/29; B1185/21; B1293/33; B1380/05; C0061/01; C0083/37; C0523/25

learned (28): A0124/16; A0226/23; A0230/22; A0338/06; A0366/05; A0399/04; A0403/20; A0404/24; A0410/17; A0432/27; A0458/20; A0459/15; A0592/33; A0609/04; B0908/20; B0933/17; B0987/33; B1017/12; B1096/10; B1096/10; B1096/13; B1246/10; B1294/03; C0102/22; C0137/07; C0203/34; C0432/29; C0536/19

learnedly (2): B0728/27; B0986/23

learning (6): A0059/30; A0310/05; A0315/16; A0343/14; B0958/01; B1051/17

least (231)

leather (9): A0086/32; A0112/24; A0368/10; B1053/22; B1166/17; C0128/04; C0128/30; C0130/41; C0391/24

leather-bottomed (5): A0101/21; A0368/28; A0369/22; A0370/25; A0372/22

leather-jackets (1): C0174/07

leave (68)

leaves (27): A0020/V; A0088/17; A0198/26; A0227/27; A0232/14; A0368/24; A0610/22; A0640/12; A0702/M; B0764/25; B0840/26; B0872/03; B0944/20; B1113/07; B1267/M; B1282/16; B1325/04; B1332/34; B1337/34; C0153/09; C0175/03; C0175/07; C0191/07; C0192/15; C0543/20; C0543/29; C0566/14

leavestaking (1): C0179/34

leaving (90)

lecture (4): A0271/13; A0625/12; A0629/21; B0916/10

lecturer (1): A0652/20

lecturing (1): A0294/V

led (78)

Leda (1): A0313/24

leddy-ship> (1): A0465/24

leddyship> (11): A0466/19; A0467/14; A0467/19; A0467/24; A0468/12; A0468/16; A0468/23; A0468/27; A0469/04; A0469/27; A0470/07

leddyship’s> (1): A0470/20

ledge (19): B0841/17; B0841/18; B0841/33; B0843/02; B0956/33; B1331/20; B1335/06; B1338/14; C0155/16; C0165/27; C0165/28; C0173/16; C0173/25; C0196/17; C0196/27; C0530/03; C0572/37; C0579/04; C0580/01

ledger (2): A0483/04; A0487/07

ledges (1): B1334/36

Ledyard (2): C0526/14; C0526/20

Ledyard’s (1): C0526/30

lee (6): A0583/16; A0584/18; B0932/10; B0932/15; C0059/08; C0062/11

lee-lurch (2): A0242/05; C0114/25

Lee, Nat (1): B1130/06

leech (2): B0950/09; B0950/12

leeches (2): B0950/04; B0950/06

leer (1): B1259/25

lees (1): B1101/29

leetle (2): B0820/15; B0900/V

leeward (7): B0928/25; B0928/26; C0112/25; C0113/39; C0114/36; C0125/27; C0143/18

lef (10): B0821/01; B0821/11; B0821/14; B0821/21; B0821/21; B0821/23; B0821/23; B0824/09; B0824/27; B0913/05

left (282)

left-handed (2): A0622/29; B0821/16

left-handedly (1): A0622/30

leg (19): A0247/14; A0368/08; A0369/04; A0383/29; A0387/17; A0387/20; A0387/21; A0388/02; A0485/07; A0485/08; A0487/23; A0543/32; B0979/31; B1011/22; B1185/03; B1313/14; C0069/23; C0142/29; C0404/32

leg-bail (1): A0128/03

legacies (1): A0056/08

legacy (2): A0653/01; B0888/08

legal (2): B0753/34; B1051/23

legally (2): A0108/29; B0958/14

lege (1): A0366/10

legend (1): A0414/18

legging (1): C0562/07

leggings (2): C0552/16; C0552/27

legible (14): A0150/V; A0159/04; A0265/27; A0267/05; A0271/21; A0271/28; A0274/07; A0274/29; A0277/12; A0277/33; A0278/32; A0283/02; B0835/29; B1303/37

legion (2): B0969/14; B0975/13

legions (2): A0197/07; B0945/21

legislative (2): A0491/13; B1269/28

legislatively (1): B0887/12

legislature (3): A0490/36; B0747/36; B0888/06

legitimate (16): A0473/31; A0473/32; A0496/21; A0507/15; A0529/23; A0550/20; A0550/24; A0706/11; B0954/02; B1132/14; B1271/15; B1312/31; B1369/10; B1374/29; B1385/25; C0438/V

legitimately (1): B1317/29

Legrand (44): B0807/16; B0807/32; B0808/16; B0808/24; B0809/05; B0809/21; B0809/31; B0809/35; B0810/15; B0811/12; B0813/10; B0813/33; B0814/24; B0815/10; B0815/26; B0816/14; B0816/27; B0817/01; B0817/17; B0818/03; B0819/07; B0819/13; B0819/24; B0819/34; B0820/03; B0820/20; B0820/30; B0820/34; B0822/01; B0822/15; B0823/15; B0823/24; B0824/02; B0824/05; B0824/13; B0824/26; B0825/10; B0826/18; B0828/23; B0833/12; B0835/03; B0835/14; B0840/04; B0840/27

Legrand, William (2): B0806/01; B0813/30

Legrand’s (1): B0815/19

Legs (17): A0240/16; A0241/28; A0242/08; A0243/20; A0244/13; A0245/01; A0245/21; A0245/V; A0247/31; A0249/02; A0249/14; A0249/25; A0249/34; A0251/11; A0251/28; A0253/16; A0254/01

legs (36): A0127/21; A0127/28; A0248/18; A0297/V; A0353/17; A0367/23; A0368/29; A0373/07; A0379/27; A0379/28; A0380/02; A0630/20; A0652/25; A0686/28; B0796/08; B1090/15; B1102/27; B1165/20; B1167/21; B1237/28; B1346/13; C0082/08; C0087/10; C0119/09; C0119/14; C0119/16; C0151/19; C0167/15; C0173/31; C0178/15; C0533/10; C0545/19; C0563/25; C0569/15; C0569/30; C0579/12

Leibnitz (3): A0086/09; A0097/06; A0507/13

Leipsic (1): B0958/15

leisure (14): A0098/19; A0274/22; A0352/21; A0443/11; A0508/19; A0630/30; A0674/23; B0904/03; B0924/02; B0960/03; C0169/28; C0184/07; C0391/32; C0432/28

leisurely (6): B1003/03; B1102/15; B1109/01; B1188/29; B1354/23; B1372/12

lemon (1): B1092/30

Lempriere (1): A0286/07

lend (6): A0711/12; B0875/22; B1276/13; B1348/17; C0104/07; C0127/40

lending (2): C0104/21; C0185/37

length (413)

lengthen (4): A0227/22; A0227/22; A0232/09; A0232/09

lengths (3): A0235/12; C0128/29; C0575/18

lens (4): C0428/22; C0428/25; C0428/31; C0430/09

lenses (2): B1191/31; C0430/07

lent (3): A0442/03; B0808/28; B1056/27

lenticular-shaped (1): C0402/02

Leonardo’s (1): B0925/09

Leonidas (1): B1101/03

Leonville (2): A0101/V; A0181/13

leopard (1): A0123/16

leper (1): A0510/10

lepidolite (1): A0182/09

LeRidoptera (1): B1250/19

les (9): A0035/10; A0037/10; A0547/05; A0600/01; B1121/01; B1121/03; B1335/18; C0430/32; C0430/38

lesen (2): A0506/02; A0515/33

Leslie (4): A0270/34; A0271/03; A0274/09; A0281/01

Leslie’s (2): A0270/26; A0270/37

less (277)

lessen (1): C0548/29

lessened (1): C0388/27

lessening (1): C0535/20

lesser (4): A0101/V; A0123/15; A0583/01; B1282/33

lesson (7): A0631/19; A0695/09; B0958/04; B1092/31; B1093/37; B1300/23; C0555/35

lessons (4): A0141/23; A0234/04; B1059/25; B1095/06

lest (23): A0044/22; A0090/12; A0135/18; A0228/05; A0344/27; A0684/11; A0685/02; B0814/03; B0943/24; B0965/12; B1006/27; B1051/11; B1320/01; C0071/24; C0075/28; C0082/40; C0111/39; C0119/39; C0131/11; C0188/32; C0189/19; C0399/37; C0548/27

let (303)

lethargic (3): A0081/02; A0616/03; B0962/35

lethargy (6): A0688/29; B0957/33; B0962/11; C0081/28; C0112/37; C0126/19

lets (3): A0479/26; B0870/22; C0523/41

Letter (3): B0974/T; B1310/T; B1378/M

letter (168)

letter-writer (4): B1310/20; B1311/20; B1312/11; B1316/04

letter’s (1): A0285/12

lettered (3): B0925/24; B0989/33; B0989/35

letters (59)

lettest (1): A0046/15

letting (23): A0047/31; A0151/28; A0293/22; A0555/02; A0588/14; A0667/07; B0809/07; B0824/14; B0843/12; B0843/24; B0844/02; B0927/V; B1134/29; B1165/09; B1194/30; C0059/21; C0068/24; C0091/16; C0107/01; C0121/11; C0188/32; C0197/02; C0405/29

Lettres (1): C0430/37

lettres (3): A0337/13; A0337/26; A0652/08

Levante (1): B1386/04

levatas (2): A0209/M; A0218/16

levee (1): B0904/05

level (29): A0045/05; A0106/30; A0198/06; A0249/05; A0366/32; A0429/13; A0591/03; A0592/22; A0593/09; B0817/35; B0945/05; B1074/22; B1076/27; B1080/33; B1193/07; B1262/20; B1331/36; C0116/23; C0152/10; C0152/27; C0203/25; C0399/20; C0408/13; C0422/28; C0444/V; C0571/14; C0572/22; C0577/16; C0577/26

levelled (3): A0387/V; B0747/22; C0196/34

levelling (1): B0841/30

levem (1): A0072/31

lever (1): B0965/27

leverage (1): C0185/20

levigue (2): A0071/32; A0072/31

levities (1): A0438/15

levity (6): A0161/20; A0538/30; B0940/V; B1044/09; B1074/29; B1074/29

Lewis (14): A0070/33; C0087/05; C0523/04; C0523/21; C0524/12; C0527/16; C0527/25; C0527/27; C0528/36; C0537/41; C0548/08; C0551/23; C0566/39; C0574/40

Lewis’s (1): C0538/27

Lex (3): A0301/10; A0302/20; A0303/16

liability (1): B1249/34

liable (10): A0107/18; A0135/16; A0509/17; A0562/01; B0747/27; B0749/17; C0097/13; C0098/30; C0117/06; C0395/23

liars (1): A0569/18

lib. (2): A0611/27; A0611/32

lib/2 (1): B1382/35

libel (1): C0447/V

liber (1): A0593/35

liberal (9): A0440/31; A0491/12; A0706/35; A0707/02; B0725/30; B0728/18; B0879/01; B0941/08; B0982/09

liberality (4): A0204/28; B1046/14; B1058/31; B1127/15

liberally (1): A0652/07

liberate (1): C0104/41

liberties (2): B0739/06; C0523/35

liberty (30): A0055/14; A0055/37; A0056/17; A0064/28; A0065/20; A0066/06; A0088/30; A0096/04; A0103/09; A0203/06; A0409/20; A0466/05; A0689/16; B0728/19; B0760/20; B0772/02; B0897/13; B0927/05; B0965/35; B1004/17; B1018/15; B1047/32; B1236/12; B1362/03; B1363/37; C0101/15; C0114/10; C0188/17; C0391/18; C0408/21

libitum (1): B1193/34

libraries (1): A0096/12

library (1): B1358/18

library (12): A0209/18; A0214/05; A0214/19; A0216/25; A0217/04; A0218/19; A0531/28; B0974/04; B0980/33; B1022/03; B1115/06; B1246/22

library’s (1): A0209/19

libre (1): A0037/V

Libya (1): A0195/02

lice (1): B1191/20

license (2): A0674/32; B0760/17

lichen (1): C0150/28

licked (2): A0091/09; A0110/V

licking (3): A0241/18; C0073/07; C0076/20

lid (18): A0070/16; A0080/38; A0081/27; A0217/V; A0410/14; A0410/26; B0826/11; B0925/25; B0929/18; B0929/21; B0930/03; B0959/04; B0965/32; B0967/21; B1057/02; B1059/11; B1102/31; B1141/19

lids (11): A0070/20; A0081/41; A0322/06; A0356/22; A0588/06; A0625/V; A0663/24; B0966/34; B1181/33; B1237/23; B1242/12

lie (61)

Lieber (3): A0284/05; A0284/10; A0284/27

Lieber, Francis (1): A0284/02

lied (1): A0458/11

lieden (1): B1360/23

lies (43): A0097/22; A0122/20; A0160/19; A0162/24; A0338/28; A0339/12; A0341/V; A0365/03; A0398/04; A0466/09; A0500/30; A0530/03; A0545/18; A0674/05; A0703/09; B0739/27; B0764/20; B0864/15; B0957/27; B0962/10; B0962/27; B0985/01; B0986/17; B0987/18; B1169/18; B1169/24; B1207/27; B1268/08; B1271/16; B1273/34; B1281/03; B1281/08; B1350/11; B1383/29; C0098/10; C0105/35; C0106/23; C0159/34; C0178/25; C0402/31; C0438/V; C0524/34; C0530/02

lieth (3): A0310/M; A0314/26; A0318/V

lieu (3): A0044/04; A0302/16; A0689/27

Lieut (1): A0283/08

lieutenant (3): A0283/01; B0808/27; C0158/29

Lieutenant/C— (1): B0830/22

Life (3): A0178/V; A0662/V; B1126/T

life (202)

life-boats (1): C0063/11

life-like (3): A0412/25; A0455/10; B1180/28

life-likeliness (1): A0664/22

life-likeliness (2): B0960/V; B1182/V

life-likeness (2): B0960/14; B1182/16

life-preserver (1): B1293/17

life-time (1): C0579/31

life’s (1): A0609/05

lifeless (4): A0215/08; B0736/11; B0736/11; C0165/09

lifelessly (1): B1134/29

lifetime (1): C0065/20

lift (4): A0125/22; A0353/28; A0487/22; C0142/29

lift> (5): A0465/02; A0465/31; A0467/14; A0470/19; A0470/V

lifted (16): A0070/19; A0080/36; A0080/44; A0081/41; A0145/32; A0253/08; A0412/18; A0442/25; A0683/15; B0765/33; B1056/25; C0059/28; C0063/24; C0086/03; C0133/39; C0389/36

lifting (4): A0372/05; C0115/25; C0133/36; C0138/30

lifts (1): A0580/35

Ligeia (31): A0310/02; A0310/12; A0310/12; A0310/T; A0311/01; A0311/06; A0311/17; A0312/02; A0312/29; A0313/07; A0313/18; A0313/V; A0315/03; A0315/08; A0315/16; A0315/22; A0315/28; A0316/14; A0316/20; A0316/V; A0317/V; A0317/V; A0319/19; A0320/06; A0321/02; A0323/09; A0323/V; A0323/V; A0326/16; A0327/26; A0328/19

Ligeia, Lady (1): A0330/20

Ligeia’s (3): A0314/03; A0314/08; A0317/23

Light (1): B1131/07

light (217)

light-coloured (1): C0199/38

light-headed (1): A0589/07

light-hearted (1): A0670/12

light-heartedness (1): A0210/31

light-house (2): B1390/01; B1391/22

light-looking (1): B1334/03

Light-House (1): B1390/T

lighted (10): A0157/13; A0196/10; A0507/24; A0512/32; A0532/V; A0671/33; B0834/32; B1106/25; B1336/35; C0396/14

lighten (4): A0023/15; A0081/39; B0930/36; C0114/17

lightened (2): B0826/34; C0576/15

lightening (1): A0023/V

lighter (5): B0741/03; B0741/07; B1073/31; B1074/35; C0403/15

lightest (2): A0586/01; C0444/V

lighting (2): A0532/31; B0975/03

lightly (3): A0104/32; A0325/48; A0352/10

lightness (2): A0139/19; A0311/20

lightning (13): A0027/V; A0053/21; A0088/16; A0197/28; A0197/V; A0198/05; A0412/29; B1167/26; B1302/02; C0139/19; C0141/35; C0405/22; C0563/06

lightning-rod (5): A0554/08; A0554/29; A0561/11; A0565/23; A0566/07

lightning-rods (1): A0071/24

lights (15): A0151/22; A0155/19; A0216/20; A0319/11; A0443/19; A0499/22; A0499/24; A0533/06; A0614/19; B0764/31; B0904/13; B0965/03; B1009/01; B1168/04; B1301/07

ligulate (1): B1163/26

like (365)

liked (1): A0107/32

likely (20): A0104/26; A0138/08; A0278/05; A0354/02; A0438/10; A0496/15; A0556/09; A0693/13; B0836/17; B0861/05; B0893/22; B1075/33; B1234/28; C0066/25; C0078/05; C0098/39; C0132/35; C0179/09; C0187/20; C0395/29

liken (1): C0205/24

likened (1): A0511/03

likeness (2): B0949/01; C0428/09

likens (1): A0549/24

likes (4): A0468/09; A0468/26; A0469/03; A0470/17

likewise (6): A0107/07; A0189/23; A0581/36; B1015/V; B1164/30; C0410/19

liking (2): B1144/13; C0532/24

lilach (1): C0151/12

Lilienthal (1): C0423/11

lilies (7): A0155/01; A0196/06; A0196/06; A0197/02; A0197/14; A0198/01; A0641/V

lily (2): A0708/03; B1273/03

lily-fringed (1): B1283/08

lily-looking (1): C0412/35

limb (28): A0248/19; A0687/26; B0819/19; B0819/21; B0819/23; B0819/25; B0819/32; B0819/32; B0819/34; B0820/15; B0820/18; B0820/25; B0820/31; B0821/03; B0824/21; B0824/22; B0839/33; B0840/23; B0842/15; B0852/21; B1163/26; B1182/18; B1241/09; C0060/17; C0072/36; C0418/38; C0423/17; C0423/29

limbs (52)

lime (1): B0853/26

limestone (1): C0171/36

limit (13): A0428/23; A0561/31; B0740/04; B0823/27; C0138/35; C0193/14; C0401/16; C0401/19; C0401/22; C0411/37; C0418/17; C0430/05; C0430/06

limited (12): A0204/21; A0706/33; B0727/09; B0749/10; B0749/19; B1038/10; B1270/15; B1271/34; C0065/18; C0202/19; C0392/26; C0574/35

limiting (1): B0752/01

limitless (6): A0426/08; A0683/21; B1280/31; C0072/16; C0164/09; C0205/24

limits (32): A0025/25; A0235/11; A0293/23; A0296/V; A0365/10; A0406/08; A0496/20; A0498/14; A0529/32; A0683/21; B0762/04; B0773/34; B0862/16; B0941/26; B0945/27; B0986/12; B0987/29; B0990/15; B1074/32; B1113/06; B1274/12; C0087/41; C0097/10; C0112/06; C0152/24; C0162/09; C0397/17; C0417/26; C0418/10; C0521/13; C0528/28; C0537/05

limped (1): A0629/02

limpid (2): C0138/22; C0171/36

limpidity (1): C0171/35

limping (1): A0630/27

linden (1): B1332/09

line (85)

line-manager (2): C0086/41; C0093/34

lineally (1): B1154/13

lineament (1): A0295/25

lineaments (2): A0437/21; A0448/09

lined (3): A0501/14; B1261/05; C0575/41

linen (10): A0034/24; A0047/01; A0512/02; A0556/12; A0694/33; B1180/11; C0128/07; C0198/25; C0203/02; C0204/23

linen-draping (1): A0483/V

lines (51)

linger (2): A0226/14; A0230/12

lingered (2): A0217/V; B0932/28

lingering (5): A0410/24; A0459/26; A0604/20; B1206/14; C0128/24

lingeringly (1): B0767/24

lingers (1): B0962/13

lingo (1): A0466/01

lining (1): A0443/20

linings (1): A0443/11

link (5): A0553/11; B0833/06; B0853/03; B1159/02; C0172/16

linked (2): B1092/12; B1385/15

links (6): A0087/23; A0101/V; A0321/25; A0535/08; B0831/04; B1261/26

linsey-woolsey (1): A0368/06

lintels (2): B1193/13; B1302/18

Lion (1): A0178/V

lion (7): A0123/16; A0177/28; A0177/29; A0177/29; A0183/24; A0183/26; C0072/26

lion-ant (3): A0478/14; B1162/29; C0546/26

lion-izing (1): A0172/T

lion’s (1): A0273/28

lionizing (2): A0172/V; A0178/T

lions (4): A0175/03; A0180/26; B0862/08; C0155/20

Lionship (2): A0173/06; A0178/11

lip (17): A0020/V; A0022/13; A0154/22; A0154/22; A0154/V; A0154/V; A0247/07; A0298/V; A0298/V; A0298/V; A0312/20; A0410/24; A0509/20; B0962/15; B1239/28; B1379/28; C0205/11

lips (71)

liqueur (1): B1101/03

liqueur (5): A0250/32; A0253/08; C0081/10; C0082/11; C0082/30

liqueurs (3): A0250/27; A0251/19; C0069/24

liquid (14): A0154/24; A0156/12; A0156/V; A0401/31; A0591/22; B1073/03; B1074/35; B1243/05; B1362/22; C0142/12; C0171/32; C0172/06; C0429/17; C0547/21

liquid-looking (1): A0158/05

liquidum (1): A0603/35

liquor (9): A0240/V; A0243/25; A0251/16; A0253/12; A0253/24; C0086/33; C0102/17; C0123/28; C0531/02

liquors (3): A0243/05; A0247/30; C0058/12

Liriodendron (2): B0818/28; B0864/31

liriodendron (1): B1332/26

Lisbon (1): B0955/06

Lisiausky (1): C0160/04

lisped (2): A0174/18; A0179/33

lisping (1): A0627/09

list (7): A0021/17; A0158/21; B0922/07; B0922/17; B0923/09; B1136/19; B1136/36

listen (23): A0022/04; A0045/28; A0126/23; A0128/13; A0166/07; A0195/01; A0226/14; A0262/02; A0413/07; A0587/20; B0820/25; B0892/04; B0910/08; B0932/06; B0965/24; B1047/15; B1054/13; B1104/27; C0086/38; C0094/20; C0170/28; C0541/14; C0545/33

listened (18): A0022/04; A0101/17; A0197/08; A0198/14; A0326/24; A0327/29; A0383/08; A0404/31; A0437/11; B0906/08; B0944/32; B1021/15; B1140/09; B1194/01; C0083/17; C0109/33; C0175/25; C0556/33

listener (4): A0025/10; B1221/24; C0066/01; C0537/22

listening (8): A0161/27; A0411/09; B0794/03; B0929/11; B1014/30; B1155/32; C0417/03; C0443/V

listens (2): A0048/V; A0048/V

listless (1): B1115/04

listlessly (3): B0832/10; B1225/V; C0149/35

listlessness (1): C0205/17

lit (5): A0587/13; B0823/04; B0904/16; C0068/30; C0094/12

lit> (3): A0466/14; A0468/08; A0470/05

litera (1): A0536/18

literal (3): A0354/01; B0731/24; C0429/19

literally (9): A0693/29; B1048/31; B1089/18; B1182/31; B1302/31; C0186/22; C0190/13; C0391/33; C0401/15

Literary (6): B1126/15; B1126/T; B1386/10; C0055/30; C0428/07; C0448/V

literary (29): A0090/22; A0262/32; A0267/08; A0269/07; A0270/37; A0281/03; A0281/21; A0283/03; A0285/36; A0294/V; B1114/10; B1126/05; B1130/09; B1132/23; B1133/31; B1136/05; B1136/10; B1136/32; B1143/32; B1144/14; B1152/03; B1189/14; B1206/03; B1207/01; B1207/04; B1207/31; B1379/10; B1381/15; B1384/13

Literary/Gazette (3): B1381/18; B1381/25; B1381/26

Literary/World (1): B1360/32

Literati (1): B1381/20

literati (1): A0263/36

literatim (1): B1131/18

literature (1): B1151/05

literature (7): A0203/03; A0229/17; A0344/09; A0381/32; A0473/28; B0738/12; B1145/05

lithe (1): A0603/09

lithographs (1): B1339/35

litten (4): A0196/V; A0507/V; A0512/V; A0671/V

litter (1): C0407/09

litterateur (2): A0096/09; B0957/14

litters (1): B0945/15

little (1): A0464/T

little (632)

little-o (3): B1372/20; B1372/25; B1372/25

Little/Sioux (1): C0548/08

Little/Snake (1): C0560/32

littleness (2): B1034/27; B1034/28

live (44): A0092/15; A0111/25; A0176/V; A0182/22; A0228/12; A0228/15; A0228/21; A0229/11; A0232/17; A0232/20; A0233/02; A0296/04; A0344/02; A0351/21; A0381/26; A0383/03; A0383/32; A0509/26; A0532/10; A0655/04; A0655/V; A0674/02; B0889/13; B0897/17; B0927/04; B1010/13; B1057/18; B1187/32; B1206/15; B1206/15; B1293/17; B1345/02; C0060/39; C0087/02; C0135/10; C0399/31; C0399/34; C0414/04; C0430/46; C0432/05; C0522/28; C0530/11; C0565/31; C0577/41

lived (39): A0044/16; A0044/18; A0085/01; A0150/V; A0209/24; A0228/35; A0233/17; A0327/11; A0328/10; A0341/V; A0342/22; A0460/05; A0466/02; A0539/19; A0541/27; A0556/06; A0590/13; A0612/12; A0639/15; A0652/29; A0702/01; A0706/29; B0731/21; B0969/07; B0975/13; B1019/23; B1163/04; B1165/27; B1186/15; B1188/34; B1189/25; B1271/31; B1295/06; B1310/19; B1369/20; C0118/35; C0124/23; C0549/38; C0551/07

liveliest (1): A0528/03

livelihood (2): A0486/26; B1208/14

liveliness (1): B0864/11

Lively (1): C0161/27

lively (4): A0626/33; B0947/28; C0128/38; C0409/05

liver-like (1): C0125/08

Liverpool (5): C0065/31; C0102/05; C0147/06; C0148/12; C0149/12

livers (1): A0631/19

livery (3): A0563/02; B0901/07; B1004/32

lives (26): A0023/18; A0093/08; A0112/19; A0156/19; A0295/02; A0388/V; A0464/21; A0535/12; A0556/21; A0604/03; A0704/35; B0738/16; B0769/16; B0852/08; B1079/10; B1079/10; B1221/22; C0072/36; C0092/12; C0100/07; C0119/02; C0138/16; C0184/02; C0426/07; C0426/08; C0541/21

liveth (1): A0198/27

livid (11): A0028/25; A0152/07; A0166/22; A0197/23; A0217/V; A0246/32; A0328/16; A0543/25; A0559/02; B0897/01; C0059/17

living (63)

Livius, Titus (1): A0111/06

Livre (1): C0430/38

Lloyd (3): C0057/14 1; C0065/30; C0067/38

lo (4): A0033/14; A0036/08; A0190/23; A0318/07

load (10): A0141/14; B0968/29 1; B1094/02; B1166/04; C0097/20; C0097/25; C0097/30; C0176/23; C0534/26; C0550/17

loaded (15): A0136/22; A0253/25; A0585/08; B0809/22; B0944/28 ,; B1008/31; B1008/32; C0177/22; C0180/19; C0418/46; C0533/04; C0533/15; C0540/06; C0543/18; C0543/25

loading (1): C0155/29

loaf (2): A0686/09; A0688/02 1

loam (3): C0573/34; C0577/21; C0578/20

loan (1): A0278/23

loathed (2): A0323/07; B0855/32

loathing (1): B0854/32

loathsome (12): A0242/30; A0328/17; A0510/09; A0610/24; B0855/11; B1223/09; B1223/09; B1243/05; C0083/10; C0107/34; C0124/22; C0142/28

loathsomeness (1): C0112/17

lobe (1): B1235/30

local (4): A0611/17; A0611/18; B0770/34; B1382/19

locale (1): B1277/24

localities (3): A0513/14; B0723/21; B0877/33

locality (17): A0428/17; A0429/32; A0532/21; A0616/18; B0757/32; B0757/34; B0770/31; B0771/27; B0771/28; B0834/13; B0876/30; B0961/06; B0964/08; B1277/19; B1278/25; B1278/26; B1301/17

location (5): A0489/08; A0527/V; B1358/28; C0560/22; C0576/40

lock (2): A0226/30; B1363/06

Locke (10): A0231/04; A0341/25; A0342/V; C0428/02; C0428/25; C0428/28; C0429/12; C0430/14; C0448/V; C0448/V

Locke, Richard Adams (1): B1381/21

Locke’s (2): C0428/08; C0448/V

locked (15): A0024/28; A0101/20; A0537/22; A0542/06; A0542/11; A0542/12; A0551/16; A0563/16; A0602/11; A0640/19; B0733/29; B0811/02; B0928/23; B1352/15; C0122/09

lockers (1): C0190/34

locking (2): A0054/32; A0063/33

locks (5): A0243/04; A0297/V; A0509/29; A0557/19; B0871/19

locomotion (1): B1311/30

locomotive (1): B1089/05

locus (1): A0599/M

locust (1): B1332/09

locusts (2): A0045/16; B1337/08

locution (1): A0681/16

lodge (1): C0547/33

lodged (7): A0355/04; A0355/31; B0729/14; B0796/21; C0124/39; C0579/07; C0580/06

lodges (2): C0566/05; C0572/04

lodging (3): A0564/25; B1106/05; B1107/27

lodgings (2): B0957/34; B0992/17

Lofoden (10): A0578/28; A0580/01; A0581/18; A0581/23; A0582/03; A0582/17; A0583/25; A0592/09; A0594/11; A0594/25

loft (1): B1336/34

loftier (3): A0638/V; A0710/26; B1275/29

loftiest (6): A0045/09; A0271/25; A0496/18; A0577/01; A0638/03; B1156/08

loftily (1): A0020/03

lofty (43): A0019/09; A0019/18; A0036/V; A0044/29; A0104/13; A0152/09; A0189/21; A0195/15; A0196/27; A0198/24; A0245/25; A0250/10; A0294/08; A0312/07; A0316/22; A0318/V; A0321/21; A0322/07; A0323/10; A0401/06; A0406/21; A0413/12; A0416/26; A0478/19; A0503/09; A0587/36; A0670/16; B0872/25; B0895/31; B1092/12; B1161/04; B1281/20; B1282/19; B1282/27; B1332/07; B1351/16; B1391/23; C0150/32; C0154/35; C0194/17; C0203/24; C0433/03; C0537/35

log (5): B1372/02; C0059/27; C0112/26; C0117/17; C0560/21

loge (1): A0546/20

Logic (1): B1297/02

logic (10): A0064/V; B0772/16; B0987/17; B1297/22; B1313/12; B1314/06; B1314/29; B1315/13; B1316/06; B1369/06

logical (10): A0297/28; A0601/18; A0652/12; B0950/04; B0987/15; B1031/09; B1031/14; B1031/15; B1114/20; B1219/17

logically (2): B1295/10; B1310/32

logician (1): B1315/03

logicians (1): B1296/34

Logs (3): B0879/13; B0879/17; B0879/24

logs (3): B0808/12; C0058/30; C0542/25

loins (4): A0047/01; B0766/30; B1237/29; C0118/36

loiter (2): B0873/02; B0873/03

loitered (2): A0210/11; C0564/40

loll (1): C0541/18

Lollipop (32): B1129/25; B1130/08; B1130/13; B1130/16; B1131/01; B1131/22; B1131/26; B1132/32; B1133/14; B1134/05; B1134/16; B1134/16; B1135/35; B1136/07; B1136/10; B1136/13; B1136/20; B1136/30; B1136/34; B1137/25; B1137/26; B1137/31; B1138/23; B1138/27; B1138/28; B1140/05; B1140/22; B1141/02; B1142/08; B1142/12; B1145/01; B1145/07

lolls (1): B0864/33

lombardy (1): A0071/25

lombardy-poplars (1): A0073/11

London (34): A0163/22; A0164/01; A0240/06; A0262/09; A0262/16; A0262/24; A0262/31; A0262/33; A0283/37; A0381/30; A0464/V; A0493/06; A0507/06; A0512/30; A0514/23; A0514/33; A0515/13; A0655/V; A0657/07; A0657/13; A0657/20; B0955/06; B0959/29; B0960/05; B1101/20; B1166/30; B1358/07; B1380/12; B1380/14; B1381/18; C0156/10; C0161/27; C0162/03; C0179/31

Londonderry (1): A0465/25

lone (2): A0665/15; B1364/26

lonely (7): A0320/04; A0541/25; A0602/10; A0667/05; B0765/03; B0771/01; B1093/26

lonesome (2): A0318/08; B1322/28

long (488)

long-abiding (1): B1122/21

long-boat (1): B0931/12

long-cherished (1): C0066/18

long-continued (3): A0027/V; A0028/15; A0403/35

long-desired (1): C0399/07

long-drawn (1): B0773/16

long-enduring (1): B0723/12

° long-forgotten (1): A0144/22

long-imprisoned (1): B1226/10

long-interred (1): B0940/24

long-lost (1): A0644/V

long-sustained (1): C0181/19

Long/Tom (1): C0067/33

Long, Stephen H. (1): C0528/21

longas (1): A0681/M

longboat (2): C0115/08; C0115/14

longed (9): A0215/30; A0227/16; A0232/03; A0612/23; A0643/33; A0684/09; B0855/14; C0186/03; C0537/06

longer (130)

longest (2): A0352/29; B0756/15

Longfellow (1): B0789/M

longing (10): A0080/22; A0196/29; A0317/25; A0317/27; A0323/17; B0852/16; B1222/03; B1222/04; C0065/05; C0198/09

longings (1): A0098/20

Longinus (1): A0345/V

longitude (35): C0088/30; C0147/27; C0148/13; C0148/18; C0148/27; C0150/05; C0150/07; C0150/38; C0154/23; C0155/10; C0155/15; C0157/02; C0157/08; C0157/09; C0157/10; C0157/26; C0158/14; C0158/31; C0159/02; C0159/15; C0159/33; C0160/07; C0160/31; C0161/29; C0161/39; C0162/05; C0162/17; C0162/23; C0163/04; C0163/14; C0163/38; C0164/19; C0166/03; C0167/22; C0526/05

longitudes (1): C0167/39

longitudinal (5): B0762/19; B1141/13; C0194/18; C0195/01; C0545/17

longitudinally (3): B0766/20; B0981/10; C0544/30

longue (1): B0904/31

Lonon> (1): A0464/06

look (121)

Look-aisy (1): A0465/32

look-out (5): C0061/13; C0061/27; C0102/30; C0103/32; C0559/39

looked (137)

looking (96)

looking-glass (3): A0565/04; B1093/36; C0109/09

looking-glasses (3): A0500/03; C0148/08; C0175/40

lookout (3): A0298/07; C0149/33; C0157/37

looks (10): A0218/20; A0268/18; A0343/23; A0383/05; B0813/25; B0870/16; B0897/27; B1281/16; B1361/09; B1363/21

loom (1): A0214/V

loop (2): B1335/15; C0413/32

loop-hole (1): B0947/01

looped (1): A0242/11

loophole (1): C0189/22

loops (6): C0409/28; C0409/29; C0409/31; C0409/35; C0409/36; C0409/37

loose (37): A0248/20; A0535/25; A0566/25; A0593/14; A0654/V; B0825/26; B0825/33; B0828/02; B0873/19; B0890/03; B0901/19; B1015/06; B1019/36; B1076/03; C0058/36; C0075/19; C0098/02; C0101/13; C0102/37; C0106/31; C0106/33; C0118/29; C0119/17; C0119/19; C0122/05; C0165/34; C0173/04; C0182/07; C0182/15; C0183/03; C0184/16; C0389/25; C0425/02; C0432/46; C0548/31; C0559/25; C0567/33

loosed (1): B0955/34

loosely (11): A0501/12; A0501/20; B0730/31; B0766/16; B0817/26; B0857/05; B0959/13; C0098/29; C0099/09; C0142/11; C0552/25

loosen (2): B0742/31; C0091/38

loosened (6): A0079/28; A0152/26; A0243/32; C0083/21; C0091/40; C0413/33

loosening (3): A0694/26; C0117/35; C0126/37

Lor-gol-a-marcy (1): B0820/32

Lord (16): A0044/03; A0047/09; A0062/21; A0093/23; A0121/16; A0311/30; A0313/02; A0337/21; A0337/28; B1013/03; B1069/17; B1141/06; B1169/34; B1304/37; B1305/04; B1372/05

Lord (1): A0096/V

lord (6): A0023/03; A0024/12; A0025/08; A0385/22; A0443/08; B1304/16

Lord/Auckland/Islands (1): C0174/10

Lord’s (2): A0630/05; A0630/06

lore (1): A0198/24

lorgnette (2): B0891/V; B0891/V

lose (19): A0098/30; A0212/01; A0212/05; A0561/22; A0608/14; B0737/26; B0743/32; B0816/25; B0976/06; B1076/08; B1078/06; B1236/20; C0067/10; C0074/40; C0090/13; C0143/29; C0163/33; C0547/08; C0561/16

loser (2): B0876/22; B0876/33

loser’s (2): B0976/33; B0977/24

loses (4): A0212/19; B0870/06; B0984/10; B0984/16

losing (8): A0442/02; A0512/18; B0926/01; B1257/29; C0139/01; C0204/36; C0406/34; C0569/17

Loss (2): A0052/T; A0061/T

loss (52)

Lost (1): A0085/T

lost (101)

lot (10): A0070/25; A0071/12; A0320/07; A0486/09; A0486/16; B0814/13; B0955/23; B1363/27; C0134/32; C0393/19

loth (1): B1331/10

Lothario (1): B0753/18

Lotophagi (1): A0621/18

lots (5): B0863/36; C0133/41; C0134/14; C0135/08; C0135/17

lottery (1): C0134/07

loud (60)

loud-toned (1): A0513/27

louder (19): A0435/02; A0541/33; B0795/16; B0795/16; B0795/17; B0795/18; B0795/22; B0795/23; B0797/19; B0797/20; B0797/20; B0797/26; B0797/27; B0797/27; B0797/27; B1014/31; B1155/33; B1155/34; C0085/03

loudest (4): A0581/25; A0710/36; B1276/02; C0447/V

loudly (11): A0054/24; A0105/27; A0197/17; A0675/29; B0854/14; B1337/16; C0084/29; C0096/02; C0110/07; C0124/24; C0387/21

loudness (1): B1137/30

louis (1): A0112/31

Louis/d’or (1): A0093/19

Louisiana (4): A0270/02; B0862/05; B0862/29; B0863/02

lounging (2): B0990/21; B1249/10

love (102)

love-litter> (1): A0465/28

love-passages (1): B1123/09

love-poems (1): B1122/12

loved (24): A0150/V; A0214/01; A0214/13; A0228/36; A0233/19; A0234/31; A0317/14; A0323/05; A0458/22; A0593/34; A0639/04; A0639/25; A0653/02; A0653/03; A0664/31; A0665/20; B0789/10; B0852/04; B0852/23; B0895/25; B0896/02; B1122/32; B1347/26; C0524/06

loveliest (3): A0704/12; B0808/30; B1269/12

loveliness (28): A0160/12; A0164/24; A0312/03; A0499/16; A0641/12; A0642/01; A0644/07; A0664/V; A0706/13; A0707/15; A0708/06; B0760/02; B0862/30; B0863/17; B0863/19; B0863/34; B0864/10; B0890/19; B0894/33; B0909/30; B0909/31; B0924/19; B1123/26; B1169/19; B1271/16; B1272/14; B1273/06; B1277/09

lovely (19): A0152/18; A0384/13; A0499/04; A0613/06; A0664/30; A0665/03; B0862/30; B0889/20; B0890/31; B0892/05; B0892/25; B0897/V; B0914/21; B0914/V; B0915/21; B0933/20; B1340/20; C0565/27; C0566/13

lover (12): A0665/07; B0732/37; B0754/34; B0755/10; B0755/15; B0759/33; B0768/29; B0862/17; B0902/14; B0957/26; B0957/33; B0958/06

lovers (3): A0266/02; A0374/18; B0754/21

loves (4): B1122/02; B1297/27; B1316/11; B1339/06

loving (1): A0665/04

low (121)

low-pitched (2): A0100/34; A0240/08

low-tide (1): B1391/27

low-water (1): B1391/24

lowed (1): A0347/31

lower (60)

lowered (8): A0046/20; A0437/20; A0616/10; B0931/19; B1351/20; C0062/09; C0088/17; C0196/29

lowering (2): B1242/10; B1350/10

lowest (4): A0045/02; B0738/14; B0750/23; C0172/37

lowing (1): C0567/36

lowness (2): A0509/21; B1131/28

loyalty (1): A0033/10

lozenge (4): A0696/29; A0696/35; B1336/25; B1336/27

lozenges (1): B1195/01

lubber (1): A0251/28

lubbers (1): C0110/20

Lucan (2): A0043/8!; A0345/25

luce (2): A0702/M; B1267/M

Luchesi (6): B1258/01; B1258/03; B1258/10; B1258/16; B1259/16; B1261/20

Luchresi (6): B1258/V; B1258/V; B1258/V; B1258/V; B1259/V; B1261/V

Lucian (1): A0510/08

lucid (5): A0213/21; A0281/25; A0638/18; A0683/13; C0423/35

Lucilius (1): A0110/22

luck (11): A0059/06; A0385/04; A0464/22; A0466/09; A0584/19; B0827/09; B1179/28; B1194/24; B1208/36; C0060/13; C0554/14

luckily (15): A0513/20; B0826/11; B0962/24; B1257/22; C0061/26; C0064/26; C0075/19; C0079/20; C0082/21; C0110/28; C0116/01; C0149/39; C0184/17; C0193/23; C0399/04

lucky (1): B0984/28

lucrative (3): A0485/28; A0490/32; C0391/12

Lucretius (1): A0109/31

ludicrous (8): A0158/17; A0247/V; A0284/17; A0296/02; A0303/02; A0303/29; C0425/10; C0554/24

luggage (1): B1093/16

lui (1): C0430/37

lui-meme (1): A0600/01

luke-warm (1): C0521/26

lull (2): C0095/31; C0096/03

lulled (2): B1391/15; C0115/18

lulling (2): A0641/03; A0643/15

lulls (1): C0110/18

Lully, Raymond (1): A0638/M

lumber (11): C0068/37; C0069/32; C0074/26; C0075/07; C0083/04; C0083/26; C0085/05; C0094/31; C0096/06; C0146/34; C0564/25

lumber-yard (1): C0058/28

Lumberskull (1): B1091/29

lumen (1): B1010/25

luminary (2): B1168/06; C0414/13

luminiferous (5): B1034/11; B1034/15; B1034/23; B1038/03; B1038/14

luminous (16): A0089/10; A0093/12; A0314/11; A0316/16; A0381/10; A0401/31; A0407/08; A0412/32; A0641/V; B0909/05; B0940/21; B1038/02; B1168/14; B1221/26; C0205/29; C0423/21

luminousness (1): A0411/01

lump (3): A0667/69; B1168/31; B1168/32

lunacy (5): B0819/29; B0822/31; B1003/14; B1006/17; B1009/23

lunae (1): B1191/29

lunar (6): C0404/19; C0419/13; C0419/40; C0423/08; C0429/05; C0429/07

lunar-lunatic (1): A0079/04

Lunarian (1): C0433/05

lunarians (1): B1302/20

lunatic (13): B0822/23; B0992/22; B0992/26; B1003/01; B1004/25; B1006/17; B1009/29; B1016/19; B1018/05; B1018/16; B1018/31; B1018/33; B1021/18

lunatico (1): B0747/10

lunatics (7): B1008/16; B1015/02; B1015/13; B1018/26; B1018/26; B1019/18; B1019/35

lung (1): B1235/23

lungs (18): A0054/27; A0063/27; A0075/12; A0244/19; A0460/16; A0672/25; B0741/31; B0743/26; B0961/21; B0962/16; B0967/07; B1101/26; B1108/26; C0146/18; C0182/30; C0183/10; C0411/01; C0578/01

lurch (7): A0127/22; A0590/06; B0930/29; C0062/20; C0099/17; C0110/25; C0140/22

lurches (4): C0062/26; C0098/09; C0108/11; C0113/15

lurid (5): A0036/07; A0189/24; A0398/10; A0461/16; A0695/33

lurked (2): A0164/17; A0215/02

lurking (5): A0054/34; A0064/01; A0512/14; B1120/07; C0188/33

lurking-place (1): C0553/13

lustily (3): A0054/25; A0105/28; A0611/10

lustre (2): A0235/03; A0616/33

lustre (28): A0138/19; A0190/03; A0227/07; A0231/18; A0316/17; A0321/17; A0325/09; A0398/10; A0402/08; A0405/11; A0459/21; A0502/13; A0511/02; A0545/25; A0545/25; A0587/12; A0664/V; A0673/14; A0688/08; A0695/33; B0809/09; B0814/28; B0940/22; B1050/01; B1144/03; B1330/35; C0402/05; C0416/41

lustreless (3): A0215/09; B0956/19; B1235/12

lustrous (2): A0153/04; A0379/16

lustrum (6): A0020/V; A0059/11; A0061/06; A0430/21; A0653/V; B1135/08

lustrums (1): A0235/V

lute’s (1): A0407/10

luth (1): A0397/M

Luther, Martin (2): A0018/M; A0621/18

Lutheranism (1): B0723/M

Lutherthum (1): B0723/M

Luxor (1): A0322/05

luxuriance (4): A0460/10; B1282/20; B1334/35; B1337/20

luxuriant (8): A0312/11; B0901/08; B0909/06; B0957/28; B1107/15; B1161/18; B1162/10; B1277/21

luxuriantly (2): B1281/20; B1329/27

luxuries (2): A0531/26; C0083/32

luxurious (4): A0033/V; A0087/31; A0312/15; A0444/04

luxuriously-cushioned (1): B1294/19

luxuriousness (1): A0157/05

luxury (8): A0035/28; A0212/22; A0430/25; A0440/08; B0826/24; B0974/02; B1340/02; C0179/11

Lvne (1): C0430/28

lvne (1): C0430/27

lxg (1): B1374/15

Lxrd (1): B1374/18

lxxk (1): B1374/19

Lybian (1): B1179/02

Lyceum (2): A0086/19; A0096/18

lyceum (1): A0342/V

Lycophron/Tenebrosus (1): B1115/24

Lyell (1): B1115/15

lying (82)

lynching (1): B1375/07

lynn (1): C0549/24

lynx (4): A0198/32; B0977/10; B1048/26; C0536/22

Lyons (1): A0554/13

Lyra (1): A0314/19

lyre (1): A0600/12

lyrics (1): B1130/29

Lysias (2): A0176/01; A0181/33

M (29): A0543/29; A0544/09; A0544/11; B0732/24; B0732/29; B0732/37; B0732/40; B0733/13; B0733/25; B0733/28; B0733/30; B0745/22; B0745/31; B0746/03; B0747/28; B0748/13; B1233/02; C0394/32; C0401/40; C0402/21; C0522/34; C0522/35; C0523/06; C0523/09; C0523/15; C0523/23; C0524/18; C0529/03; C0532/27

M. (1): B1233/T

M.S. (1): A0206/03

M— (1): C0533/11

M--’s (1): C0523/09

m’auoir (1): C0430/38

ma (2): A0378/M; B1114/03

Ma-a-a-a-n (1): A0386/02

ma-a-an (1): A0386/11

Ma’mselle (7): B0912/V; B0912/V; B0912/V; B1010/16; B1010/19; B1010/V; B1015/20

macaroni (1): C0151/23

Macassar (1): A0491/15

mace (2): A0413/31; A0414/21

maces (1): B0945/17

mache (1): B1179/24

Machi— (1): A0112/26

MACHIA (1): A0093/15

Machiavelian (1): A0203/M

Machiavelli (4): A0085/10; A0408/30; B0985/03; B1153/07

Machine (1): B1166/35

machine (29): A0269/08; A0355/01; A0388/33; A0689/30; A0695/07; B1068/03; B1069/11; B1069/20; B1070/08; B1070/11; B1070/16; B1071/04; B1071/25; B1072/12; B1072/29; B1073/07; B1073/33; B1074/09; B1074/24; B1075/07; B1080/22; B1108/29; C0388/31; C0394/34; C0410/34; C0410/37; C0431/03; C0431/08; C0547/19

machinery (9): A0046/19; A0296/V; A0351/31; A0351/32; A0354/11; A0692/30; B1071/22; B1093/09; B1317/19

Mackenzie (3): C0527/26; C0527/36; C0528/37

Mackenzie, Alexander (2): C0525/07; C0526/34

Mackenzie’s/river (3): C0527/04; C0527/07; C0528/32

mackerel (1): C0174/06

Mackinaw (1): C0528/12

maculae (1): C0423/34

Mad (1): A0413/08

mad (54)

mad-houses (1): B1003/10

Mad’selle (1): A0216/V

madam (8): A0339/04; A0339/06; A0339/12; A0339/V; A0346/09; A0383/23; A0383/27; B0875/22

Madame (99)

madame (1): B0735/17

maddened (1): A0243/24

maddening (3): A0446/12; A0676/17; B1225/22

maddest (1): C0057/30

made (666)

Madeira (4): C0099/04; C0099/12; C0099/21; C0137/06

Madeline (5): A0404/05; A0404/16; A0409/15; A0411/15; A0416/27

Mademoiselle (24): A0177/02; A0177/09; A0216/08; A0537/11; A0541/22; A0542/06; A0543/15; A0543/20; A0543/30; A0546/28; A0547/23; A0551/03; A0551/09; A0558/30; B0731/26; B0753/15; B0887/25; B0888/01; B0912/18; B0912/24; B0912/26; B0957/12; B1138/32; B1139/01

madly (7): A0146/06; A0216/12; A0438/27; A0601/24; A0643/V; B0890/23; B0947/13

madman (20): A0126/07; A0416/18; A0416/20; A0558/14; A0558/21; A0589/33; A0673/23; B0793/06; B0932/20; B1006/05; B1006/19; B1013/23; B1013/23; B1018/10; B1019/26; B1130/05; B1226/02; B1294/29; C0123/04; C0399/37

madmen (10): A0125/28; A0532/19; A0532/20; A0558/17; A0558/18; B0789/17; B1018/02; B1019/03; B1019/16; B1019/22

madness (27): A0135/08; A0190/08; A0319/01; A0320/21; A0330/11; A0349/24; A0411/08; A0638/03; A0644/V; A0683/23; A0683/23; B0746/30; B0795/07; B0824/30; B0856/20; B0898/27; B1240/09; B1257/15; B1268/14; B1347/25; B1347/25; C0059/31; C0101/06; C0131/21; C0397/20; C0441/V; C0578/06

Madonna-like (1): B0891/08

Madonna/della/Pieta (1): A0160/10

1 Madrid (1): C0156/38

Maelstrom (4): A0577/T; A0581/04; A0583/04; B1382/34

Maelstroom (2): B1380/07; B1381/29

Maelzel (1): B1361/02

Maelzel’s (3): B1119/15; B1120/03; B1166/34

Magazine (6): A0264/27; B0772/30; B1162/28; B1206/T; B1378/01; B1379/08

Magazine (1): B1160/43

magazine (25): A0268/06; A0269/17; A0284/17; A0338/15; A0338/28; B1135/12; B1135/17; B1136/07; B1136/34; B1137/31; B1138/23; B1138/28; B1143/23; B1144/07; B1145/05; B1207/09; B1207/19; B1207/25; B1208/02; B1209/09; B1291/02; B1324/01; C0055/30; C0056/13; C0521/28

magazines (8): A0205/24; B1129/06; B1129/12; B1132/07; B1206/04; B1206/15; B1207/07; B1207/08

Magellan (2): B1392/05; C0158/10

magi (4): A0198/20; A0198/21; B1166/20; B1169/03

Magian (1): A0068/13

magic (10): A0442/29; A0590/19; A0641/10; B0889/20; B0955/33; B1331/01; B1381/31; C0149/37; C0187/01; C0188/08

magical (7): A0294/V; A0296/V; A0315/12; A0503/11; A0605/12; A0663/V; B1385/36

magical-looking (1): C0173/27

magically (3): A0682/14; B1282/17; C0190/03

magicians (3): B1165/26; B1165/31; B1167/19

magistrate (4): B1052/19; B1053/19; B1053/24; B1054/13

magna (1): A0382/15

magnanimity (1): B1049/36

magnanimous (3): B1055/12; B1056/15; B1304/31

magnetic (10): A0459/17; B0890/20; B0941/12; B0941/25; B0941/28; B1089/11; B1233/20; B1293/11; B1293/32; C0396/06

magnetism (3): B0886/04; B1123/15; B1191/14

magnetoesthetics (1): B0887/01

magnificence (14): A0019/19; A0036/04; A0099/31; A0157/10; A0158/14; A0320/19; A0496/29; A0499/30; A0581/10; A0641/09; A0671/14; A0711/26; B1192/35; B1276/29

magnificent (45): A0020/14; A0028/22; A0036/V; A0122/08; A0151/03; A0158/22; A0165/19; A0166/01; A0293/05; A0298/V; A0312/19; A0352/08; A0503/V; A0588/30; A0591/08; A0670/15; A0673/10; A0707/08; B0818/29; B0829/36; B0864/30; B0870/05; B0889/18; B0890/11; B0899/20; B0907/04; B0907/V; B0945/13; B0945/33; B1068/08; B1082/10; B1138/37; B1145/05; B1160/10; B1162/03; B1179/04; B1194/05; B1272/08; B1280/21; B1294/06; B1298/37; B1332/03; B1332/24; C0536/40; C0575/10

magnificently (1): A0503/07

magnifico (1): B1080/10

magnifiers (1): B1160/42

magnifying (2): C0428/24; C0448/V

magnitude (8): A0079/34; A0314/18; A0705/03; B0807/05; B0870/08; B0986/09; B1270/03; C0423/32

magnolias (1): B1332/27

Magpies (1): A0284/18

Maguntinae (1): A0409/12

mahogany (2): A0248/07; A0502/V

Mahomet (1): A0087/32

maid (1): B1102/34

maiden (16): A0162/V; A0216/26; A0311/24; A0321/08; A0641/13; A0642/07; A0644/15; A0664/30; A0665/02; B0945/32; B1122/31; B1132/26; B1135/16; B1152/15; B1385/34; C0522/18

mail (3): A0056/10; A0065/32; A0268/04

mail-robber (2): A0057/37; A0068/21

Maillard (21): B1003/08; B1003/12; B1003/29; B1004/13; B1007/17; B1008/05; B1008/13; B1010/20; B1012/01; B1012/27; B1015/01; B1015/26; B1015/29; B1016/14; B1017/18; B1017/29; B1020/01; B1020/10; B1021/17; B1021/26; B1021/33

Maillard’s (1): B1003/33

mails (1): B1068/13

maimed (1): C0187/35

main (1): C0430/38

main (91)

main-chains (1): C0062/19

main-hatchway (1): C0189/25

main-road (1): B1003/16

mainchains (1): C0141/05

Maine (1): B1358/22

mainland (1): B1092/06

mainly (10): A0086/03; A0097/03; A0140/11; A0371/22; A0399/25; A0560/08; A0690/14; B1310/22; B1339/12; C0408/01

mainmast (5): A0585/35; C0101/20; C0114/03; C0114/17; C0114/22

mainsail (4): C0058/31; C0060/09; C0060/19; C0123/16

maintain (11): A0143/27; A0473/30; A0495/05; B0757/11; B0795/14; B0947/26; B1033/31; C0064/07; C0106/35; C0143/27; C0168/26

maintained (33): A0054/37; A0059/09; A0061/05; A0064/09; A0104/32; A0216/18; A0277/17; A0408/05; A0432/02; A0442/22; A0458/05; B0974/06; B0991/29; B1011/19; B1013/01; B1015/24; B1073/19; B1249/17; B1272/03; B1279/18; B1294/25; B1295/09; B1295/22; B1296/08; B1301/24; B1310/27; B1312/12; B1353/20; B1364/29; C0059/09; C0131/35; C0188/13; C0545/27

maintaining (10): A0299/04; A0445/25; A0591/01; B0818/25; B0822/30; B1247/09; B1353/V; C0388/08; C0549/06; C0567/26

maintains (6): A0018/12; A0279/21; A0549/28; A0656/21; B1169/32; C0432/25

mais (8): A0033/20; A0036/06; A0036/18; A0036/25; A0037/V; A0109/31; A0602/07; C0430/39

Maison (4): A0558/15; B1002/03; B1003/19; B1009/22

Maisons (2): B1006/34; B1007/08

Maiter-di-dauns> (7): A0465/32; A0466/23; A0467/10; A0467/13; A0468/06; A0468/26; A0469/01

majestic (17): A0021/23; A0339/04; A0446/05; A0608/09; A0610/34; A0641/V; B0889/26; B0894/33; B0914/09; B0945/01; B0945/28; B1333/05; C0523/39; C0536/34; C0542/12; C0542/15; C0564/32

majestically (1): A0057/33

Majesty (24): A0035/24; A0036/23; A0036/24; A0037/11; A0037/13; A0037/16; A0037/18; A0037/20; A0037/22; A0090/12; A0106/14; A0107/01; A0107/25; A0108/10; A0109/18; A0110/13; A0111/08; A0111/17; A0112/27; A0113/02; A0114/02; A0114/05; A0174/32; A0180/23

majesty (33): A0034/11; A0037/V; A0099/25; A0106/27; A0109/14; A0110/32; A0110/V; A0114/V; A0114/V; A0251/15; A0251/16; A0251/22; A0252/25; A0252/33; A0253/05; A0311/19; A0312/08; A0312/26; A0318/V; A0456/19; A0458/24; A0461/18; A0610/10; A0706/05; B0818/03; B0893/02; B0955/03; B1158/35; B1271/08; B1349/32; B1349/33; B1350/22; C0175/39

Majesty’s (1): A0113/10

Major (3): A0285/12; A0285/18; C0527/28

major (4): C0400/06; C0401/27; C0418/05; C0528/21

majority (5): A0293/02; A0704/19; B1015/13; B1269/13; B1269/V

make (294)

make-weight (1): C0395/10

maker (2): B0870/26; B1052/30

makes (43): A0033/18; A0091/25; A0226/33; A0231/07; A0346/07; A0367/26; A0388/06; A0458/10; A0467/07; A0530/01; A0655/18; A0655/20; A0705/32; B0742/13; B0795/09; B0797/10; B0838/20; B0872/17; B0873/16; B0873/21; B0875/03; B0876/03; B0876/17; B0876/32; B0878/10; B0878/26; B1091/15; B1092/30; B1096/27; B1096/34; B1097/01; B1152/14; B1152/28; B1208/33; B1269/35; B1282/32; B1295/30; B1311/27; B1358/11; C0106/03; C0106/31; C0428/25; C0522/21

makesetai (Gr.) (1): A0346/03

making (135)

mal (1): B1050/19

mal-apropos (1): A0297/V

mal-practice (1): B0752/02

Malabar (1): A0136/01

maladies (2): A0211/08; A0410/22

malady (10): A0213/17; A0214/V; A0330/11; A0398/25; A0402/31; A0404/20; A0409/22; B0962/23; B0963/14; B1006/25

Malay (1): B0947/20

Malays (1): A0136/31

Malcontent (2): A0070/13; A0081/14

male (6): B0733/32; B0748/19; B0887/13; B0897/08; B1236/11; C0153/06

males (3): C0174/29; C0547/06; C0547/12

malevolence (2): A0651/31; B0851/26

malevolent (1): A0150/V

malheur (1): A0506/M

Malibran (1): B0905/25

malice (3): A0086/16; A0437/09; A0511/22

maliceful (2): A0413/29; A0414/15

malicious (2): B1158/10; B1381/10

maliciously (1): A0262/16

malignancy (1): A0024/26

malignant (2): C0073/31; C0090/38

malignity (1): A0028/16

mallet (2): B0929/14; B0930/04

Malninas (1): C0157/03

Maltese (4): A0560/29; A0561/04; A0561/10; A0561/13

maltreated (1): B0734/07

maltreating (2): B0851/13; B0851/14

Mam’selle (2): B1014/18; B1014/21

Mam’selle (1): B1010/14

mamma (2): A0025/23; A0626/10

mammalia (1): A0559/22

Mammon (1): A0498/22

Mammoth/Cave (1): B1161/23

Man (10): A0319/30; A0340/10; A0378/T; A0481/T; A0481/V; A0506/T; A0703/16; B0850/21; B0852/10; B1044/T

man (495)

man-animal (4): B1158/25; B1159/18; B1165/21; B1165/23

man-animals (3): B1157/26; B1158/36; B1165/25

man-at-arms (1): A0123/21

man-bat (1): C0429/19

man-bats (1): C0429/44

man-of-war (1): A0628/32

man-traps (1): A0381/27

Man-Fred (3): A0385/16; A0385/18; A0385/23

Man-Friday (2): A0385/18; A0385/23

man’s (20): A0540/23; A0589/05; A0609/09; A0615/06; A0703/08; B0793/04; B0795/04; B0795/11; B0795/17; B0795/25; B0869/25; B0958/34; B0969/07; B1188/31; B1235/09; B1268/08; B1273/30; C0430/07; C0523/41; C0534/26

manacle (1): C0090/19

manacles (1): C0091/09

manage (9): A0092/25; A0111/35; A0355/02; B0975/20; B1301/21; B1390/15; C0114/13; C0395/08; C0402/26

manageable (1): B1298/27

managed (13): A0338/20; A0342/08; A0531/24; B0888/23; B1004/14; B1073/09; B1153/14; B1194/07; B1353/08; C0057/06; C0064/25; C0119/06; C0394/40

management (5): A0498/03; C0059/05; C0066/20; C0099/23; C0187/06

manages (1): B1119/22

managing (3): A0092/32; A0112/09; C0060/01

Manchester (1): C0534/24

Mandans (5): C0565/30; C0565/32; C0565/40; C0566/05; C0566/10

mandate (1): A0242/28

Mandeville (2): A0055/02; A0064/05

mandibles (1): B1250/24

mandragora (1): A0384/04

manganese (1): A0182/10

manger (1): B1007/27

mangled (5): B0732/13; B0744/07; B1182/22; C0190/12; C0396/28

manhood (3): A0210/13; A0430/25; B0850/14

Mania (2): B1004/28; C0129/24

mania (3): A0027/05; B1007/03; B1249/22

maniac (5): A0028/18; A0217/V; A0558/14; A0589/33; B1006/29

maniacal (1): B1353/32

maniere (2): B0900/01; B0900/V

manifest (9): A0189/16; A0355/11; A0408/02; B0823/22; B0866/04; B0902/19; B1313/33; C0175/38; C0416/17

manifestation (3): A0080/42; A0351/12; A0588/33

manifestations (4): A0612/22; A0644/10; B0962/24; C0524/03

manifested (5): A0399/01; A0531/02; B0992/02; B1329/31; C0180/03

manifesting (1): B0757/05

manifold (6): A0209/01; A0528/29; A0529/24; A0547/04; A0643/22; A0662/11

Manilla (1): C0179/17

manipulations (3): A0388/24; B1030/25; B1237/25

mankind (37): A0058/28; A0165/26; A0189/17; A0196/29; A0212/14; A0213/28; A0430/28; A0457/08; A0457/33; A0459/21; A0461/05; A0604/03; A0611/09; A0703/13; A0711/11; B0856/13; B0964/25; B1069/08; B1104/30; B1133/13; B1144/34; B1158/04; B1163/05; B1166/18; B1194/05; B1195/12; B1250/03; B1268/12; B1294/10; B1298/05; B1300/23; B1317/05; B1360/12; C0126/12; C0173/01; C0404/21; C0407/39

manly (3): A0440/26; B0899/01; B1045/02

Mann (6): A0384/27; A0384/27; A0384/29; A0384/31; A0386/03; A0386/V

manned (1): C0186/29

manner (291)

mannerisms (1): A0294/V

manners (13): A0025/23; A0293/24; A0599/05; B0949/31; B1091/01; B1093/28; B1114/23; B1303/11; C0057/10; C0105/32; C0106/13; C0529/13; C0532/34

manoeuvre (8): A0180/15; A0441/19; B1078/02; C0094/08; C0105/35; C0106/03; C0396/18; C0398/11

manoeuvres (6): A0296/02; A0372/19; B1191/18; C0076/29; C0172/28; C0192/05

manoeuvring (3): A0025/22; B1058/18; C0104/40

manor (1): B1183/08

manor-house (1): B0841/01

mansarde (1): B1362/14

mansardes (1): A0542/18

mansion (12): A0209/15; A0210/13; A0398/14; A0399/20; A0399/33; A0403/27; A0412/33; A0414/04; A0417/03; A0429/29; A0532/15; B0904/10

mansions (2): A0554/13; B0904/12

mantel (2): A0615/10; B1340/21

mantel-piece (4): A0650/04; B0991/01; B1104/10; B1105/18

mantel-pieces (2): A0367/24; A0373/26

mantelet (1): A0336/07

mantelet (1): A0349/13

mantle (5): A0196/25; A0426/15; A0460/01; C0552/09; C0552/31

mantled (1): B0893/14

manual (2): A0409/10; A0557/03

manufacture (3): A0343/17; B1191/31; B1195/01

manufactured (4): A0100/12; B1161/38; C0388/17; C0534/32

manufacturer (1): A0482/31

manufacturing (1): B1364/24

manumitted (1): B0807/28

manuscript (4): A0102/27; A0135/V; A0339/15; B1358/19

manuscripts (3): A0101/10; A0365/16; B0949/23

Manuscrit (1): C0430/39

many (406)

many-colored (7): A0639/08; A0640/28; A0641/16; A0642/05; A0643/04; A0643/23; A0644/05

map (6): B0945/06; B0989/29; C0422/33; C0429/08; C0521/11; C0524/25

maple (2): B1332/10; B1340/09

maps (2): A0146/11; C0524/33

mar (1): A0499/15

marble (26): A0036/16; A0045/02; A0087/36; A0152/14; A0152/25; A0153/03; A0154/11; A0154/26; A0154/27; A0154/28; A0156/17; A0161/01; A0165/03; A0311/23; A0327/20; A0379/23; A0502/25; A0510/09; B0864/34; B0956/19; B1057/21; B1238/12; B1303/36; B1304/08; C0059/02; C0124/12

marbles (3): A0495/03; B0984/08; B0984/11

marcescit (1): A0072/31

March (18): A0568/V; B1381/23; C0150/23; C0156/10; C0160/11; C0160/39; C0203/21; C0203/31; C0204/12; C0204/20; C0204/26; C0204/35; C0205/06; C0205/14; C0205/21; C0205/28; C0205/39; C0530/25

march (5): A0381/22; A0381/34; B0925/15; C0181/14; C0391/22

marches (1): B0789/M

Marchesa (5): A0153/17; A0154/07; A0154/11; A0154/17; A0154/22

marching (1): C0153/24

Marchioness (2): A0174/13; A0174/18

Mare (3): A0578/35; B1291/07; B1310/05

mare (1): A0638/14

Mare/Foecunditatis (1): C0429/11

Mare/Nubium (1): C0429/10

Mare/Tranquillitatis (1): C0429/10

mares (1): B1096/38

Mareschino (1): A0175/18

Margaux (2): A0101/V; B1055/32

Margaux (1): B1045/33

margin (21): A0045/04; A0211/30; A0218/V; A0274/35; A0277/15; A0278/35; A0284/07; A0286/18; A0301/06; A0639/28; A0687/07; A0696/16; B0878/27; B0880/09; B0945/02; B1055/19; B1113/02; B1113/06; C0546/17; C0548/01; C0571/16

marginal (4): A0276/02; A0366/19; B1114/06; B1116/12

Marginalia (1): B1113/T

marginalia (2): B1114/11; B1114/16

marginalic (1): B1114/24

margins (1): A0639/30

Maria (2): A0227/31; A0227/36

Marian (1): B0924/12

Marie (48): B0723/18; B0723/T; B0725/16; B0725/23; B0725/29; B0726/10; B0726/14; B0729/14; B0729/21; B0729/30; B0731/15; B0732/35; B0732/38; B0733/01; B0733/03; B0734/03; B0734/05; B0736/04; B0736/06; B0736/16; B0737/24; B0737/25; B0738/23; B0740/05; B0744/29; B0745/13; B0746/03; B0746/09; B0746/12; B0746/14; B0746/29; B0747/01; B0748/01; B0748/02; B0748/18; B0749/04; B0749/23; B0749/31; B0754/20; B0754/28; B0755/09; B0755/11; B0755/17; B0756/V; B0757/15; B0757/24; B0769/20; B0772/28

Marie/Roget (1): B0723/07

Marie’s (6): B0736/12; B0738/22; B0744/28; B0745/06; B0748/25; B0755/17

Marinade (2): A0175/20; A0181/09

marine (1): C0126/15

mariners (1): C0525/37

Marion’s/Island (1): C0154/19

mark (23): A0096/18; A0177/26; A0183/21; A0228/16; A0232/V; A0339/09; A0339/11; A0514/20; A0559/17; A0657/29; B0746/12; B0747/06; B0795/18; B0830/08; B0855/24; B0855/27; B0898/15; B1379/02; B1391/25; B1392/07; C0085/38; C0169/32; C0576/39

Markbrunnen (2): A0175/18; A0181/12

marked (28): A0025/19; A0182/35; A0227/02; A0231/13; A0245/24; A0431/11; A0441/03; A0448/09; A0485/32; B0824/32; B0874/19; B0941/24; B0962/24; B1004/27; B1053/29; B1055/19; B1059/15; B1073/24; B1140/05; B1191/05; B1194/01; B1226/13; B1239/20; B1299/09; C0152/22; C0521/12; C0524/33; C0562/07

markedly (2): B0991/18; B1234/12

market (3): A0681/M; C0177/14; C0178/11

marking (1): C0198/35

marks (9): A0023/30; A0143/12; B0732/26; B0732/27; B0744/27; B0757/16; B0771/06; B1136/02; C0184/41

marl (8): A0175/V; A0182/06; C0193/11; C0195/07; C0195/10; C0195/19; C0199/01; C0199/38

marlin-spike (1): A0252/21

marling-spike (1): A0252/V

marmo (1): A0161/04

Marmontel (1): A0599/01

Marquis (1): A0179/28

marquis (1): A0179/33

marriage (8): A0164/02; A0214/14; A0316/05; A0323/03; A0323/20; A0642/10; B0901/21; B0957/19

marriages (2): A0311/14; B0888/03

married (14): A0651/14; B0850/22; B0887/24; B0887/27; B0887/28; B0888/01; B0908/26; B0913/V; B0914/04; B0923/20; B0926/25; B1169/26; C0522/27; C0529/21

marrow (6): A0252/25; A0443/04; B0795/03; B1223/04; C0165/09; C0535/02

marry (6): B0912/07; B0912/18; B0912/25; B0912/26; B1153/02; B1153/04

marrying (1): B1153/02

marsh (2): A0055/33; A0065/15

marsh-hen (1): B0807/03

marsh-hens (1): B0808/16

Marshall (1): A0274/24

marshy (2): B0864/06; C0536/32

Marston’s (2): A0070/13; A0081/14

Marsyas (3): A0059/04; A0069/V; A0070/04

Mart (1): A0515/17

marten (1): C0536/22

Martial (1): A0111/05

martins (1): C0573/28

martyrdom (1): A0383/08

marvel (3): A0328/20; A0665/22; A0682/35

marvellous (17): A0176/14; A0182/15; A0491/11; A0557/15; B0723/04; B0758/01; B0853/15; B1016/20; B1018/08; B1044/26; B1102/02; B1178/29; B1335/26; B1346/25; B1361/22; C0055/17; C0532/21

marvellously (1): A0379/V

marvels (2): B1191/13; B1277/15

Marx, Issachar (1): B1234/04

Mary (4): A0020/12; A0020/V; A0020/V; B1122/19

Mary/Pitts (1): C0137/24

masculine (2): A0037/16; A0284/28

mashed (1): C0077/32

mask (9): A0172/02; A0178/02; A0386/13; A0447/05; A0448/07; A0670/V; A0675/10; A0676/31; B1258/19

masked (4): A0671/13; A0674/24; B0927/27; B1347/06

maskers (3): A0674/06; B1353/21; B1354/14

masks (1): A0161/17

Mason (5): B1068/04; B1072/18; B1072/30; B1075/28; B1080/03

mason (3): B1260/25; B1260/26; C0573/38

mason-work (1): B1262/21

Mason, Monck (4): B1069/17; B1069/24; B1070/25; B1075/27

Mason’s (2): B1079/13; B1080/14

Mason’s, Morck (1): B1068/02

masonry (10): A0081/39; A0400/10; A0551/12; A0685/21; A0685/31; A0687/06; A0688/32; B1262/09; B1263/25; B1391/29

masons (1): B1260/23

Masque (1): A0670/T

masquerade (11): A0446/21; A0671/15; A0674/32; B1161/27; B1161/27; B1347/02; B1347/02; B1347/10; B1349/29; B1350/23; B1351/15

masquerader (1): B1352/18

masqueraders (5): A0673/19; B1350/16; B1352/03; B1352/07; B1352/36

masquerades (1): B1350/01

Mass (1): A0387/V

mass (61)

Massa (13): B0807/31; B0809/01; B0811/27; B0811/33; B0812/21; B0812/26; B0814/12; B0818/15; B0819/06; B0820/10; B0820/28; B0821/27; B0824/09

massa (22): B0811/18; B0811/32; B0812/16; B0812/19; B0812/24; B0813/09; B0813/11; B0814/10; B0814/15; B0815/09; B0818/09; B0818/12; B0818/22; B0819/19; B0820/01; B0820/13; B0820/24; B0820/32; B0821/05; B0821/09; B0824/23; B0824/27

massacre (6): A0123/29; A0126/15; B0949/15; B0955/06; C0053/T; C0203/33

masse (7): A0253/V; B1044/22; B1048/22; B1182/22; B1350/21; C0412/09; C0572/33

masses (16): A0101/V; A0158/05; A0330/15; A0412/30; A0457/24; A0507/32; A0591/25; A0592/26; A0592/29; B1302/23; C0387/14; C0387/24; C0412/06; C0418/46; C0565/18; C0570/24

massive (8): A0165/05; A0298/V; A0322/V; A0410/09; A0501/10; A0501/16; B0828/06; B1226/V

massive-looking (1): A0322/09

massy (8): A0165/V; A0321/20; A0322/V; A0430/05; A0430/20; A0532/30; A0671/01; A0690/19

mast (11): A0593/08; C0058/35; C0060/21; C0088/23; C0114/04; C0114/23; C0146/39; C0149/35; C0533/27; C0533/29; C0534/15

mast-head (1): A0240/23

master (33): A0028/12; A0045/27; A0099/17; A0123/14; A0299/29; A0387/V; A0388/32; A0400/25; A0401/05; A0405/07; A0427/32; A0565/06; A0566/V; A0567/09; A0568/23; B0811/17; B0811/30; B0812/32; B0816/30; B0817/33; B0822/26; B0823/33; B0824/16; B0824/17; B0825/29; B0826/29; B0873/08; B0900/19; B0900/25; B1046/21; B1277/07; B1371/10; C0129/06

master-mind (1): A0431/27

master-minds (1): A0609/20

master-stroke (2): A0568/V; B1144/27

master’s (4): A0024/18; B0824/12; B0978/14; B1046/21

mastered (2): A0172/07; A0178/08

masterly (1): A0435/18

masterpiece (1): B1139/06

masters (3): B0810/04; C0113/21; C0199/27

mastery (2): A0227/20; A0232/07

masthead (5): C0157/38; C0160/25; C0164/29; C0165/20; C0167/24

masticating (1): C0142/11

mastication (1): A0127/25

mastiff (2): B1334/28; B1338/19

Mastodon (1): B0870/11

masts (7): A0137/11; A0585/34; B0931/01; C0110/26; C0189/27; C0202/38; C0202/39

mat (1): A0087/16

match (12): A0464/19; B0892/12; B0916/29; B0926/22; B0984/38; B1258/04; B1340/11; C0068/30; C0113/12; C0389/26; C0394/28; C0396/16

matches (5): C0077/06; C0077/26; C0078/16; C0094/04; C0187/41

mate (49): A0141/35; C0061/34; C0062/09; C0062/19; C0085/26; C0085/37; C0085/41; C0086/12; C0086/28; C0086/37; C0088/08; C0088/17; C0089/24; C0093/04; C0093/18; C0099/38; C0100/16; C0100/18; C0101/10; C0102/11; C0102/21; C0102/30; C0102/40; C0103/08; C0103/31; C0103/35; C0104/02; C0104/04; C0104/12; C0105/09; C0105/22; C0107/05; C0107/21; C0107/25; C0107/29; C0108/02; C0108/25; C0110/05; C0110/19; C0110/34; C0110/39; C0111/15; C0112/23; C0146/36; C0147/23; C0153/31; C0154/16; C0164/33; C0171/12

mate’s (7): C0090/38; C0093/16; C0102/01; C0102/23; C0103/19; C0108/34; C0154/01

material (70)

materialism (2): A0706/09; B1271/13

materiality (1): B1040/04

materially (20): A0510/31; A0551/05; B0742/11; B0766/17; B0813/32; B0965/22; B1077/33; B1078/20; B1140/V; B1257/13; B1303/01; B1364/17; B1391/16; C0205/39; C0400/09; C0417/27; C0418/36; C0431/04; C0544/14; C0576/22

materials (8): A0142/02; A0510/19; A0613/27; B1262/06; C0092/15; C0208/19; C0393/26; C0393/34

maternal (3): A0625/29; A0626/V; C0057/02

mates (3): A0137/25; A0594/18; B0933/09

mathematical (19): A0143/18; A0315/27; A0430/10; A0528/13; A0601/03; A0611/07; B0724/03; B0752/19; B0773/18; B0986/31; B0987/15; B0987/17; B0987/21; B0987/29; B1164/25; B1301/29; B1301/32; C0152/16; C0572/24

mathematician (12): A0478/32; B0773/19; B0986/24; B0986/26; B0986/26; B0987/30; B0988/05; B0988/15; B0988/16; B1207/23; B1297/34; B1375/10

mathematicians (8): A0365/21; B0987/01; B1163/10; B1164/28; B1164/34; B1213/37; B1214/07; B1214/15

mathematics (4): A0708/16; B0987/16; B1273/11; B1313/12

matronly (1): B0891/08

mattee (1): C0180/32

matter (265)

matter-of-ccurse (1): B1183/30

matter-of-fact (1): A0100/24

mattered (2): B1295/35; B1311/35

Matters (60)

matting (1): C0069/04

mattock (1): B0844/19

mattress (12): C0069/16; C0073/13; C0073/18; C0076/15; C0080/41; C0081/21; C0081/27; C0082/25; C0091/10; C0091/16; C0110/24; C0112/23

mattresses (1): C0109/26

mature (4): A0430/29; B1013/28; B1132/16; C0186/16

matured (5): A0105/19; A0474/04; A0708/21; B1273/16; C0067/05

maturing (1): A0234/18

maturity (5): A0234/06; A0410/22; A0711/02; B0875/04; B1276/03

Maury, Lieutenant (1): B1357/03

Mavis, Martin Van Buren (1): B1291/04

mavoureen (1): A0468/19

mavourneen (5): A0465/14; A0467/22; A0468/04; A0469/10; A0469/24

maxime (1): A0072/31

maximum (2): B0747/19; B1312/13

Maximus (1): A0176/06

May (19): B1161/29; C0530/26; C0566/10; C0566/12; C0566/28; C0567/05; C0568/06; C0568/29; C0570/10; C0570/17; C0570/22; C0570/29; C0570/34; C0571/09; C0574/18; C0574/23; C0576/10; C0576/21; C0576/30

may (400)

maybe (1): A0470/12

Mayor (1): B1097/07

MAZA (1): A0093/15

Maza— (1): A0112/26

mazes (4): A0022/02; A0028/19; A0446/25; B1279/37

mazurka (1): A0354/19

Mazurkiad (1): A0034/14

mazy (2): A0639/20; C0542/18

McHenry’s (1): A0628/V

me (4): A0053/14; A0062/21; A0344/25; B1260/01

me (1851)

meadow (1): A0495/V

meadows (5): B1212/31; B1278/36; B1283/08; C0118/13; C0412/35

meagre (1): B0768/26

meal (4): B1045/26; B1178/07; C0176/04; C0409/04

meals (2): B0729/14; C0145/37

mean (106)

meandered (1): B1162/04

meandering (3): B1333/20; B1334/08; B1335/11

meaning (76)

meaningless (5): A0294/09; A0430/V; A0437/28; A0682/07; C0432/37

meanness (1): A0263/24

means (294)

meant (17): A0489/32; A0543/10; A0586/29; A0587/21; A0621/17; A0622/03; B0915/07; B0986/11; B1033/09; B1048/06; B1134/02; B1139/29; B1184/17; B1348/19; B1359/27; B1360/05; C0146/27

meantime (76)

meanwhile (3): A0189/30; A0546/22; C0412/28

meas (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

measurable (1): A0711/25

measure (62)

measured (13): A0027/07; A0240/17; A0242/21; A0380/12; A0415/29; A0615/09; A0676/12; A0694/18; B0981/04; C0098/24; C0137/37; C0157/01; C0566/32

measurement (1): A0688/16

measures (10): A0036/22; A0460/25; B0773/02; B0773/03; B0817/07; B0983/29; B0983/35; B0988/17; C0138/35; C0427/02

meat (10): A0631/23; A0689/22; A0690/07; B0821/02; C0074/05; C0141/26; C0141/33; C0165/17; C0534/41; C0535/34

meats (1): B1008/33

Mecca (3): A0228/28; A0233/10; A0405/V

mechanical (6): A0381/22; A0382/03; A0382/11; B1193/10; B1302/21; C0400/39

mechanically (1): A0022/27

mechanically-roved (1): B1120/05

mechanician (1): B1119/22

Mechanics (1): C0393/01

Mechanics’ (1): B1053/11

mechanism (3): A0529/29; B0955/31; B1119/14

medallion (1): A0298/V

medallions (2): A0156/V; A0312/14

medals (3): A0365/16; A0430/34; B1303/09

meddled (2): B0981/07; B1299/34

medecin (1): C0430/35

media (1): B1188/14

Median (3): A0252/05; A0498/12; B1311/17

mediate (3): A0600/29; B0949/35; B1213/08

medical (19): A0324/V; A0328/13; A0409/23; B0730/19; B0941/09; B0956/04; B0958/01; B0959/23; B0959/34; B0962/18; B0962/32; B0969/04; B0982/27; B1002/04; B1016/35; B1192/10; B1236/16; B1241/32; C0129/22

Medicean (1): B1014/22

Medici (1): A0160/16

medicinal (2): B0950/09; B0950/12

medicine (12): A0384/06; C0555/16; C0556/06; C0556/12; C0556/17; C0556/22; C0556/26; C0556/28; C0557/02; C0557/16; C0557/21; C0558/07

medicines (1): B1235/17

medii (1): B0986/19

meditate (2): B1090/25; C0398/01

meditated (1): C0392/24

meditates (1): B1223/15

meditating (1): C0419/26

meditation (20): A0021/20; A0057/18; A0063/19; A0068/02; A0142/08; A0151/03; A0210/26; A0211/26; A0213/19; A0216/18; A0298/V; A0343/21; A0349/18; A0429/10; A0673/01; A0673/09; B0963/26; B0974/02; C0392/38; C0397/38

meditations (12): A0079/11; A0102/10; A0141/32; A0189/17; A0205/06; A0212/28; A0226/07; A0534/06; A0535/06; A0536/28; A0601/29; A0674/20

meditatively (1): A0533/21

Mediterranean (4): A0121/07; A0121/09; B0864/34; C0443/V

medium (18): A0156/05; A0212/25; A0485/12; B0764/33; B0889/25; B1037/26; B1184/24; B1184/26; B1215/11; B1330/05; B1338/28; C0207/02; C0401/31; C0401/32; C0402/01; C0402/10; C0403/07; C0413/23

medley (4): A0165/22; B1131/04; B1374/31; C0069/08

Medoc (7): A0086/14; A0099/01; A0101/V; A0181/13; B1259/21; B1260/04; B1260/13

meee (1): B0914/03

meek (2): A0600/28; B1145/14

meekly (2): A0665/09; B1188/05

meerschaum (5): B0974/03; B0979/12; B0982/17; B1109/05; B1390/21

meet (32): A0150/M; A0155/17; A0166/11; A0302/11; A0384/14; A0448/03; A0488/V; A0489/15; A0609/30; B0755/25; B0756/08; B0837/13; B0857/26; B0864/25; B0913/08; B0933/15; B1090/20; B1105/16; B1129/24; B1138/19; B1182/23; B1292/17; B1375/15; C0084/21; C0157/39; C0174/17; C0186/14; C0400/08; C0402/19; C0421/27; C0530/13; C0572/03

meeting (26): A0057/04; A0066/30; A0136/09; A0139/15; A0151/16; A0204/05; A0204/16; A0205/01; A0225/03; A0229/03; A0301/27; A0378/04; A0398/17; A0441/07; A0531/28; B0749/34; B0762/20; B0898/20; B0899/07; B0958/10; B1107/24; C0093/14; C0149/07; C0162/22; C0164/17; C0565/28

meetings (2): A0369/12; C0531/09

meets (1): B0755/11

mein (8): A0373/09; A0373/14; A0373/16; A0373/18; B1102/06; B1103/29; B1104/15; B1104/16

Mela, Pomponius (2): A0409/07; A0601/33

melancholy (32): A0026/25; A0150/V; A0157/23; A0164/18; A0189/V; A0195/V; A0198/21; A0215/08; A0227/13; A0231/18; A0234/20; A0320/12; A0321/23; A0357/03; A0379/02; A0397/05; A0404/30; A0602/12; A0614/14; A0641/V; B0807/22; B0865/35; B0940/15; B0964/32; B1055/09; B1250/28; B1281/15; C0065/24; C0128/41; C0143/12; C0444/V; C0444/V

Melancthon, Philip (1): A0621/12

melanges (1): A0101/07

Melanie (1): A0280/15





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)