Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Pym (Variants),” The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan PoeVol. I: Imaginary Voyages (1981/1994), pp. 211-214 (This material is protected by copyright)


[page 211:]


[The superscript lower case letters in the text refer to the following variants for the Southern Literary Messenger. All editorial comments are in italics. Two letters linked by suspension points designate a phrase or passage in the text, with the first letter closely preceding the phrase. A single precedent superscript letter indicates an omitted sentence or a division break in the Messenger. All accidentals are recorded.]

1.1a  every thing

1.1b  means, he

1.1c  staid

1.1d  fourteen,

1.1e  Academy

1.1f  sea-captain

1.1g  him

1.1h  island

1.1i  world

1.2j  First sentence omitted

1.2k   quietly,

1.21   up,)

1.2m   favorite

1.2n   south-west

1.2o   cooly (error)

1.2p   however;

1.2q   ecstacy (probable error)

1.3r   lumber yard

1.3s   Co. and

1.4t   south-west

1.4u   once, that

1.4v   excessively,

1.4ww...ww   wind too

1.4x   “By and bye,”

1.4y   by and bye.”

1.4z   is

1.4a   stammered

1.4b   glazed,

1.4c   had suspected

1.4d   highly concentrated

1.4e   demeanor [column 2:]

1.4f   situation,

1.5g   day-break

1.5h   to;

1.5i    steady;

1.5jj...jj   and, gradually,

1.5k   fearfully,

1.51   and,

1.5m   freedom,

1.5n   boat,

1.5o   drowning,

1.5p   fell)

1.5q   ring-bolt

1.5r   every thing

1.7s   rough looking

1.7t   look out

1.7uu...uu    up, rubbed, for a moment,

1.7v   farther

1.7w   look out

1.7xx...xx   and after a while

1.7y   egg-shells,

1.7z   nonsense,

1.7a   hung

1.7b   and,

1.7c   word

1.7d   Yet

1.8e   stays

1.8f   bottom,

1.8g   fastened)

1.8h   that,

1.8i   behavior

1.9j   afterwards

1.9k   Indeed [page 212:]

1.101    ring-bolt,

1.10m    have been

1.10n    fragments

1.10o    wrapped,

1.11p    folds,

1.11q   afterwards

1.11r   upwards,

1.11s   surface

1.11t   wind

1.11u   endeavored

1.11v   death,

1.11w   half,)

1.12x   conversations,

1.12y   me

2z (chap. numeral)   Chap. division omitted

2.1a   related,

2.1b   color,

2.1c   picturesqueness,

2.1d   ocean,

2.1e   gloomy

2.1f   strange

2.1g   long life-time

2.1h   grey

2.1ii...ii   been since

2.1jj...jj   probable indeed

2.2kk...kk   During the four months immediately succeeding

2.21   sea-worthy

2.2m    ready

2.2n   design,

2.2o   hazards,

2.2p   occasion,

2.3q   conference

2.3r   manner

2.3s   every thing

2.3tt...tt   April, (April 1827)

2.3u   that

2.3v   (his sons.) (error)

2.3w   inditing

2.3x   hiding place

2.3y   cabin,

2.3z   father

2.3a   Arthur Gordon Pym. all in large capitals, / NO II. (the name the rest in small capitals) inserted [column 2:] after this paragraph

2.4b   April

2.4c   every thing

2.4d   written,

2.4e   but

2.4f   favor

2.4g   distance

2.4h   recognized

2.4i   corner

2.4j   appear

2.4k   me

2.41   grandfather?

2.4m   why, —

2.4n   could

2.4oo...oo   tones, “Sir!

2.4p   me

2.4q   recollection,

2.4rr...rr   teeth “wont (error)

2.4s   good for nothing

2.5t   steerage

2.5u   whaling vessel.

2.5v   state-rooms,

2.5w   carpet,

2.5x   state-rooms

2.5yy...yy   and in short

2.5z   bulk-heads.

2.5a   bulk-heads,

2.5b   room —

2.6cc...cc   up, where it joined the shifting-boards, sufficiently

2.6d   tacks)

2.6e    state-room,

2.7f    high

2.7g   oil casks

2.7hh...hh    these again

2.7i   matting

2.7j   around,

2.7k   ship furniture,

2.71   barrels

2.7m   afterwards

2.7n   labor,

2.8oo...oo   me at the same time

2.8p   things

2.8qq...qq   pen ink and paper, (error)

2.8 rr...rr   This he said extended (error)

2.8s   hiding place [page 213:]

2.8t   hold

2.8u   trap-door

2.8v   state-room.

2.8w   April

2.9x    hiding-place,

2.9yy...yy   it all, (error)

2.9z   any thing

2.9a   way

2.9b   above board

2.9c   you

2.10d   idea

2.10e   Expedition

2.12f    meantime

2.12g   sound

2.12hh...hh    except indeed

2.12i   satisfied

2.12j   larboard

2.12kk...kk   sailing, all along,

2.121   neighborhood

2.12m   endeavor

2.12n   state-room.

2.12o   miseries

2.12p   pillows

2.12q   deserts

2.12r   limitless

2.12s   grey

2.12t   mercy

2.12uu...uu   stood naked and alone

2.12v   sand plains

2.12w   feet

2.12xx...xx   dream then

2.12yy...yy   Now at least

2.13zz...zz   neither have

2.13a   eye-balls

2.13b   body —

2.13c   when

2.13d   whine

2.13e   eagerness

2.13f   re-animation.

2.14g   but

2.14h   degrees

2.14i   and,

2.14j   round

2.14k   afterwards,

2.141   street robber

2.15m   down —

2.15n   time —

2.15o   water —

2.15p   burned [column 2:]

2.15q   so,

2.15r   found,

2.15s   but

2.15t   expected,

2.15u   them,)

2.16v   attempt,

2.16ww...ww   remain, for some minutes,

2.16x   forward,

2.16y   exertions,

2.16z   ship furniture.

2.16a   quit

2.16b   endeavor,

2.17c   foot-hold

2.17d   labor,

2.17ee...ee   prizing it entirely off,

2.17f   line,

2.17g   touch,

2.17h   state-room.

2.17i   efforts —

2.18j   closely,

2.18k   state-room;

2.181   pen-blade

2.18m   mind,

2.19n   behavior

2.19o   injury,

2.19p   afterwards,

2.19q   hand

2.19r   finger

3.s   Chapter division omitted

3.1t   happened,

3.1u   away,

3.1v   endeavored

3.1w   articles —

3.1x   endeavored

3.1y   and

3.1z   box,

3.1a   Now

3.1b   it,

3.1c   windings)

3.2d   dark,

3.2e   that,

3.2f   directly

3.2g   farther

3.2hh...hh   disquieting, to no purpose,

3.2i   precisely,

3.2j   opium, [page 214:]

3.2k   dreamer,

3.21   surface,

3.3m   once,

3.3n   energy,

3.3oo...oo   and indeed

3.3p   sea biscuit;

3.3qq...qq   and, in every respect,

3.3r   fact,

3.3s   rage,

3.3t   any thing

3.3u   slip. (error)

3.4v   gotten,

3.4w   endeavored

3.4x   famous,)

3.4y   Luckily

3.4z   clue

3.4a   in

3.4b   nothing,

3.4c   fore-finger in SLM; fore- ends line in 1838.

3.4d   followed it (error in 1838, editorially corrected)

3.4e   other

3.4f   M.S. (error)

3.5g   appear!

3.6h    felt,

3.7i   troubles

3.7j   head-ach (error)

3.7k   another,

3.71   demeanor

3.8m   In afterwards,

3.8n   behavior

3.8o   undertone,

3.8p   water,

3.8q   hold,

3.8r   dispatch

3.8s   carving knife

3.8t   knees [column 2:]

3.8u   gotten

3.8v   mind

3.8w   ground.

3.9x   endeavored

3.9y   voice

3.9z   dead

3.10a   word,

3.10b   “Hush! —

3.10c   agitation,

3.10d   draught,

3.10e   luxuries,

4.f   Chapter division omitted

4.1g   April

4.1h   period

4.1i   state-rooms,

4.1j   days

4.1k   every thing

4.1l   stay,

4.1m   down,

4.1n   state-room

4.1o   fish oil

4.1p   whaling-vessel,

4.2q   me,

4.2r   meanwhile

4.2s   determined

4.2t   points,

4.2u   state-room.

4.2v   threshold,

4.3w   companion way

4.3x   eyeing

4.3y   state-rooms

4.3z   Beside

4.3a   you! —

4.3b   that! —

4.3c   last,

4.3dd...dd   by neither

4.3e   villainy

4.3f   backs,







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