The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan Poe, Vol. I. (1981/1994), title page and table of contents


Title page:



Edgar Allan Poe


The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

The Unparalleled Adventures of one Hans Pfaall

The Journal of Julius Rodman

Reissued with Minor Revisions and Corrections

Edited by
Burton R. Pollin

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Table of Contents

[pages ix-x:]


FOREWORD    xiii
Introduction    4
Sources    17
The Growth of the Text by Joseph V. Ridgely    29
The Text    37
Headnote    51
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. Of Nantucket.    53
[[Title page]]    [[53]]
Preface    55
Chapter 01    57
Chapter 02    65
Chapter 03    77
Chapter 04    84
Chapter 05    90
Chapter 06    96
Chapter 07    103
Chapter 08    109
Chapter 09    116
Chapter 10    122
Chapter 11    126
Chapter 12    132
Chapter 13    139
Chapter 14    147
Chapter 15    154
Chapter 16    158
Chapter 17    162
Chapter 18    166
Chapter 19    172
Chapter 20    176
Chapter 21    182
Chapter 22    185
Chapter 23    191
Chapter 23 (bis) [[24]]    196
Chapter 24 [[25]]    201
Note    207
Variant Readings in the Southern Literary Messenger    211
Notes and Commentary    215
Notes and Commentary [Preface and Chapters 1-12]    215
Notes and Commentary [Chapters 13-24 [[25]] and Note]    281
Introduction    366
The Text    380
Headnote    384
Facsimile of “Hans Phaall” manuscript    386
“The Unparalleled Adventure of one Hans Pfaall”    387
Variants for “Hans Pfaall”    436
The “Manuscript Notes” of Poe    451
Notes and Commentary    457
Notes to “Manuscript Notes”    503
Introduction    508
The Text    516
Headnote    520
“The Journal of Julius Rodman”    521
Chapter 01    521
Chapter 02    529
Chapter 03    540
Chapter 04    550
Chapter 05    560
Chapter 06    571
Notes and Commentary    582
INDEX    654



List of Illustrations

[page xi:]


The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym     
Figure 1. Title page of 1831 American (Harper & Brothers) edition. page 1.     
Figure 2. Title page of 1838 British (Wiley and Putnam) edition. page 2.     
Figure 3. Title page of 1841 British (John Cunningham) edition. page 3.     
Figure 4. Facsimile of Pym copyright registration, page 54.     
“The Unparalleled Adventure of one Hans Pfaall”     
Facsimile reproduction of “HANS PHAALL A Tale by Edgar A. Poe” manuscript, following page 386.     
“L’homme dans la lvne ..., ” page 431.     
“The Journal of Julius Rodman”     
Sioux Indian woodcut, page 554.     




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