Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Rodman (Index),” The Collected Writings of Edgar Allan PoeVol. I: Imaginary Voyages (1981/1994), pp. 654-667 (This material is protected by copyright)



All the items below are to be located in the “Comments and Notes” sections of the three works by Poe according to the letters and numbers assigned to them (that is, according to the paragraph numbers, not by pages) and under the initial letters “H” or “J” or “P”:

H = “Hans Pfaall” (“The Unparalleled Adventure of one Hans Pfaall”)

J = “Julius Rodman” (“The Journal of Julius Rodman”)

P = Pym (Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym)

The capital letters following the numbers refer to the succession of the notes. The letters “tp” or “t” refer to the “title page” or simply “title” on which a note is based for each work, and “Pr” to the Preface of Pym; the letters “MS N” are used after “H” (“Hans Pfaall”) to refer to Poe's “Manuscript Notes” in forty-two short paragraphs, on which several notes are based; for example:

Harper, Wesley: ... P tpA (see note A to the title of Pym)

Locke, Richard: ... H MS N34B (see note B to paragraph 34 in Poe's “Manuscript Notes” for “Hans Pfaall”)

The name or title in this index can be quickly found in the notes through the changing indicators in the heading of each page. Since the letter designates the work to which reference is being made, it is implicit that each topic is being discussed in the notes chiefly in relation to that work. Please note that the three letters of the works are arranged for each entry alphabetically (“H” and then “J” and finally “P”), not by their place in this volume: (1) Pym, (2) “Hans Pfaall” and (3) “Julius Rodman.” Except for the works of Poe, all publication titles are given under the authors’ names.

Scroll down, or select letter:

Aaron, the rod-man: as prototype, J1.2E

Adams, R. M.: cited, P Note.2A

“Al Aaraaf”: cited, H58A

Al Aaraaf and “Fairyland”: both use the albatross, P17.4A

Alaska: implied by Poe, J1.7A, J1.8A

Alexander's Weekly Messenger: on Riley's book and Pym, P13.10A

Allan, john: mentioned, P6.2C, P8.6A; as source of a name, P6.11A; as source of Pym's grandfather, P1.1B

Allen, Hervey: cited, H100B, P23 bis.3C; on Barrow, P4.5B; on Ebenezer Burling, P1.2B; on Ricketts, P1.1C

Allen, M. S.: on Voltaire as source, P24.9A

Allen, Paul (ed.): History of the Expedition (of Lewis and Clark) cited, P2.10C; see also Lewis, Meriwether

Allen, Wilson (a character): cf. William Allen (of 6.11), both victims of violence, P20.13A

Almy, R. E.: cited, H56E

Alterton, M.: cited, H69B; identified notes as for “Hans Pfaall,” H MS N Pr

Ames, Nathaniel: cited for a fissure escape, P21.5A; suggested as author of Symzonia, P14.3B

Andrews, Wayne: cited, J2.1C

Androcles: a possible prototype, P2.19B

“Angel of the Odd”: mentioned, P3.1D

Antarctic Ocean: declared “ransacked” by Poe, P24.2A

April Fool's day: cited, H15A

Ariadne: as source for whipcord episode, P2.8B

Ariel: possible sources of name, P1.1G

Arikara Indians: mentioned, J1.20B

Aristidean: on Poe's or English's stereotype views, P18.5A

Ashley, C. W.: cited, P4.4B; on steerage, P3.1B; on stowage, P2.7B

Asselineau, R.: on alcohol in Pym, P7.1B

“Assignation”: cited for “wilderness,” P14.6A

Atlas (of London): cited on Pym, P24.1A

Atterley, Joseph: (pseudonym for George Tucker, q.v.)

Augustus: Poe's other uses of this name, P1.1D

Aurora Islands: mentioned, P15.7E, P15.9A, P15.10E

“Autography” (Poe): cited on paper references, P2.19A

Bachelard, G.: cited, P20.13C, P21.3A; on Pym and Rimbaud, P24.14D

Bailey, J. O.: cited, H26D, H100B, P Note.5A; cited on Grimm, H13B; on “Pfaall” as from “fall,” H title; on Symzonia as source, H11F; follows M. Alterton, H MS N Pr

Baldwin, L. D.: cited, J2.15A, J2.18D, J3.2A

“Balloon-Hoax”: cited, H15B, H16A, H16C, H20A, H57B, H59A; cited for luminous seas, P24.13C; compared, H13C; receives a transferred passage, H37A

Baltimore Saturday Visiter: as source of black teeth, P24.10A

Banks, S.: cited, P7.12A

Barnard, E. C.: his Narrative cited, P16.10A

Barnard, Captain: sources of his name, P1.1E

Barrow, John: as source, P4.5B, P5.6B, P9.6A, P18.3A

Baudelaire, C.: corrects Biscoe's name, P16.10A; corrects punctuation, P18.3A; silently corrects the text, P16.6A, P17.3A, P17.4A, P19.3C, P20.3A; on discrepancy in text, P15.7E; on the strange postscript, H80A; on putrescence, P2.11B; on Poe's word “syllables” for blood, P3.5A; his translation, P8.8A; his translation of “line-manager,” P4.4B

Baudoin, Jean (translator of Man in the Moon): discussed, H92A

Beaumont, William: discussed, J2.12D

Beaver, H.: cited, H26E, H37A, H46B, H71D, P15.7E, P18.5B, P18.9B, P20.13A, P23 bis.3C; cited on Herschel, H23A; on the lunarian as a double, H5B; on the name of Augustus, P1.1D; on Paltock's novel and Pym, P24.14D; on “Pfaall” as from “laugh,” H title; on resurrection theme, P2.9A

Bennett's Islet: derived from Morrell, P24.5A

Bermuda: mentioned, P4.5C

“Betty Martin”: on use in tale, H4B

Bezanson, W. E.: cited, P11.15A, P12.8B, P13.11B, P18.1B, P18.9B, P19.4B, P20.13C, P24.8A; cited on redemptive novel, P2.7A; on improbable seamanship, P1.8F; cited on absurd timetable, P1.12A

Bible: cited, J1.5D, J1.21B, J5.18A, P21.2A; as source, H36B, H64B, P23.1B, P Note.9A; as source of “shaking knees,” P1.4D; as source of “Tekel-li,” P22.12A

Bittner, William: on Gordon as Byron's family name, P1.1A

Black Ball Line of ships: cited, P13.22A

“Black Cat”: cited: J4.19B, P1.6A, P2.14A

Black Hills: as source of Tsalal, P4.4C

Blanchard, J. P.: mentioned, H71C

Bligh, Captain William: mentioned, P5.6A; his Voyage as source, P17.11A

Blitz, Signor A.: cited as stage magician, P5.2A, P8.5B

Blunt, E. M. (hydrographer): mentioned, H84A

Bonaparte, Marie: cited, P18.9B, P23.10A, P24.14D; cited on Poe's brother, P13.11B

Boone, Daniel: mentioned, J2.6A, J2.19B

Botkin, B. L.: cited, J2.15A, J2.20D

Bowie, J.: cited for knife, P20.11B

Bowie knife: comment, P21.5A

Brackenridge, H. M.: his journal cited, J3.18A, J3.21A

Braddy, H.: cited, P24.14D

Brander, J.: on Tristan da Cunha, P15.6A

Breland, O. P.: on lethal fish, P10.7B

Brewster, D.: cited, H89A; Poe's error about “Selenography,” H MS N42A

Brown, C. B.: his Arthur Mervyn as source, P10.4A

Browne, J. R.: cited, P4.3D

Bryant, Jacob: source of Pym and four other works, P24.14D

Burke, Redmond: cited, P23.10A

Burling, Ebenezer: as original of Augustus, P1.1D

Burns, Robert: mentioned, P20.9B

Burton, W. E.: on the impossibilities of Pym, P1.5G, P1.8D, P2.11A; his review of Pym as “impudent” fiction, P Pr.1E

Burton's Gentleman's Magazine: on the editors as writers of ch. 1, J Intro.1A

Byron: his phrase a source, P1.4A

Cabau, J.: on style of ending, P24.14D

Candelaria, C.: on polar temperature, P24.9A

Cape Clear (in Ireland): mentioned, H1000

Cape Madeira: nonexistent, P12.16A

Cape St. Roque: source in Symzonia, P14.3B

Cape Verde Islands: cited, P4.6A

Carey, C. H.: cited on Oregon, J6.7A

Carmilly, Moshe: on Hebrew roots, P18.2C

Carter, Robert: on a nautical flaw in Pym, P1.5G

“Cask of Amontillado”: cited, J4.17A

Cassini, J. D.: cited, H69C

Cecil, L. M.: cited, P4.4G, P4.5B, P13.11C; cited on Virginia Springs, P18.9B

“Chapter on Science and Art”: taken from Gentleman's Magazine, April 1840, J5.1B

Chase, Owen: his Narrative as source, P24.2B

Cheney, W. M.: on pen knives, P2.17A

Chittenden, H. M.: cited, J2.15A

Church, A. C.: on whaling ships, P2.2C, P2.5B

Clark, W. C. and M. Lewis: their expedition as background, P2.10C (see under Lewis)

Clemens: see Mark Twain

Clough, W. O.: cited, P23 bis.5A

Coleridge: “Ancient Mariner” as source, P10.2A, P10.4G, P10.4D, P13.11A, P13.11C

Cotopaxi, a volcano: mentioned also in “Balloon-Hoax,” H24A

Colter, John: his escape mentioned, J5.14A

Cook, James: as source of anti-scurvy food, P20.1A; as source of message-bottle, P14.19B, P14.19C; as name source, P18.5B

Cooper, J. F.: cited, P13.22Ai his Monikins a possible source, P17.8A; The Pilot cited for Long Tom, P2.4C; Poe's view of Wyandotté on life in the “Wilderness”

Coppleson, V. M.: on shark habits, P13.12A

Coues, Elliott: cited, J5.19D

Cousteau, J.: on sharks, P13.16A

Cowie, Alexander: on Enderby, P2.2B

Cox, James: cited, P24.5A

Crawford, P.: on Poe's use of Lewis's journal, J1.3A

Creoles in the West: as from Astoria, J2.3A

Crepet, J.: cited, P10.5B; against M. Bonaparte, P24.14D; cites D. Mawson on Morrell as unreliable, P16.7A; on the white flints, P23.8A

Croker, T. C.: his version of Daniel O‘Rourke cited, H100C

Crow Indians (or Absarokas): as source, P4.4C

Cunningham, John: his “Novel Newspaper” 1841 reprint of Pym, P tpA

Curry, A. S.: cited, P11.8B

Cutright, P. R.: cited, J2.16B, J3.7B

Cuvier, G. L.: cited, P20.3A

Cyrano de Bergerac: his book discussed, H100A

Dana, R. H.: cited, P4.3D; on steerage, P3.1B

Daniel, John M.: cited, P10.3A

“Daniel O‘Rourke”: his flight cited, H100C

Darien: used for Panama, J1.1B

Davidson, Edward: cited, P24.14D

Davidson, G. C.: cited, J1.13A, J5.1B

Davidson, William: discussed, H93A

D‘Avisson: discussed, H93A

DeFalco, J. M.: on the name of Ricketts, P1.1C

Defoe, D.: Robinson Crusoe as source, P1.7G, P20.11C, P23.2A; as source of servant Nu-Nu, P23 bis.7A; on his realistic details, P Pr.1C

Delano, Amasa: a possible source, P8.8D; cited on message-bottles, P14.19B; on tortoises, P12.19A-20A

“Descent into the Maelstrom”: cited, P1.6A, P9.1D; cited for ring-bolt, P1.10A; cited for summer sun, P18.4A; cited for “wilderness,” P14.6A

“Devil in the Belfry”: cited, H3B, H5D, P4.6E, P19.1A; compared, H3B

Dick, Thomas: as source, H48C, H80A, H81A, H82A, H83A, H85A, H87A, H88A, H89A, H90A, H91A, H MS N30A-35A, H MS N38A-39A; cited, H64C; as butt of Locke's satire, H80A, H101A

Disraeli, I.: his Curiosities of Literature as source, H Motto

Doherty, James (curator of Bronx Park Zoo): cited on the bear, P17.9A

Doings of Gotham: cited on R. Locke, H80A

Dorion, Pierre: mentioned, J2.1B

Drake, Joseph Rodman: as source of the name, J1.2E

“Dreamland”: cited, H45A

Dunglison, R.: his review cited, H40A, H100B; as source, H56E, H72D

Dupouy, R.: on Poe and opium, P3.2B

Edgarton: see Edgartown

Edgartown: Poe's early mention and idea of location, P1.1B

Edinburgh Journal of Science: mentioned, H80A

“Eldorado”: mentioned, H72G

“Eleonora”: cited, J3.8B

Ellis, T. H.: cited, P8.8D

Emery, L. F.: cited on jigs, J5.17C

Emmet, Robert: Irish leader, used for two characters, P2.3B

Encke, J. F.: cited, H26B; on the person meant, H9A

Encyclopaedia Americana (1829): cited, H41A, H43A; on albatross, P24.14C; on orlop deck, P8.16A; on phosphorus in matches, P3.1E; on “stowage,” P6.2C

Encyclopaedia Britannica: on flint, P23.9A; on marl, P23.7B; on sea slugs, P20.3A

Encyclopedie (1761): cited, J2.11A

Enderby Brothers (London): mentioned, P6.2B; as source of name, P2.2B

Eureka: cited, H26B; on the Rosse telescope, H91A

Evening Mirror (New York): on lunar volcanoes, H69A

Evening Post (New York): cited, H86A

Ewing, William: as origin of Pym's teacher, P1.1C

Exchange Square (Rotterdam): suitable setting of tale, H2B

Exman, E.: on Samuel Knapp's ghostwriting Jane Morrell's book, P13.22C

“Facts in ... M. Valdemar”: cited, P10.4C; on putrescence, P2.11B

“Fall of the House of Usher”: cited, J1.1F

Fay, Theodore: Kreutzner in his Norman Leslie as Poe's spelling source, P16.5A

Ferguson: his Astronomy as source, H MS N6C

Fiedler, L.: cited, J1.2E, P6.7B, P23 bis.3C; on Poe's orientation to the West, P2.10C

Fleitmann, L. L.: cited, J4.9D

Flying Dutchman legend: as source, P10.2A

Forclaz, R.: cited, P Note.9A, P16.8A; on animals in Poe's works, P2.13D; on decaying settings, P2.2C

Forrest, W. M.: cited, P21.2A; cited on the Bible, P8.8A

Franklin, K.: cited, H23A, H82A, H83A, H90A

French, J. S.: his Elkswatawa cited, P5.4A

Fricker, Karl: derides Morrell, P17.6A

Frobisher, Joseph: mentioned, J1.13A

Frost, John: cited for penguins, P14.18A

Frozen Ocean: discussed, H55A

Fussell, E.: on Poe's orientation toward frontiers, P2.10C

Galapagos: name for tortoise and Poe's version, P12.17A

Gallagher, W. D.: his poem as source, P8.3A

Galvanic battery: cited for other Poe works, P22.11B

Garman, S. (and others): on Galapagos tortoises, P12.17A

Gass, Patrick: his account of the Expedition as source, P2.10C

Gesenius: his Lexicon source of “Pathros,” P Note.7B; his Lexicon a basic source for the glyphs, P Note.5A; as source of Poe's Coptic word, P Note.7A; on the word Tsalal, P23.10A

Gilbert, P. W.: on sharks, P13.16A

Glasby, J. S.: cited, H68B

Glass, Corporal: cited, P13.22C

Glossary of Geology: cited on marl, P23.7B

Gluck: mentioned, H77A

Godwin, Francis: author of Man in the Moon, H93A; his book discussed, H94B

“Gold-Bug”: cited for lantern, P2.6C; cited for flash of eyeballs, P2.13B; cited for Newfoundland dog, P2.13D

Gonzalez, Dominique: character of Man in the Moon, H92A

Gould, R. T.: on the Auroras, P15.10E

Graham, A. W.: possible artist of the illustration, J4.9D

Grande Encyclopedie: cited, H64C

Grant, Andrew: discussed, H82B

Gravely, W. H.: cited, H16B, H71E; Herschel's Treatise as source, H40A

Greeley, H. (of the New-Yorker): as source of name, P6.11A

Greely (character's name): discussed, J2.6A

Green, Charles: cited, H29B; on the guiderope, H20A

Greer, H. A.: cited, H77A; on Rachel Jackson, H14A; on “red tape,” H6B; on Rotterdam as meaning Washington, H1A; on the tale as satire on the press, H4A

Griggs, E. L.: cited, H87A

Griffith, Mary: her Camperdown and hydrophobia, P3.8A; her Camperdown as source, P21.7B

Haliburton, D.: cited, P4.4C, P10.5C

“Hans Pfaall”: cited, J1.1H, J2.12D, J3.5A, J4.16A, P20.13C; cited for Biblical “voice of ... thunder,” P2.12F

Harper and Brothers: error in duplicate chapter number, P23A (ch. num); their advertisements in Pym, P tpA

“Harper's Ferry”: Poe's plate article and St. Anthony's Falls, J4.2B

Harper, Wesley: on his epitomizing title for Pym, P tpA

Harrison, J. A.: cited, H100B, P8.8D; editor of Works, P1.5G; his error in printing, H MS N Pr

Hart, J. C.: his Miriam Coffin cited, P1.6A, P1.8E, P18.3A

Hartley: discussed, H82B

Haverstick, Lola: cited, P4.4G; see also Ridgely for joint authorship in Pym article

Hawks, Francis L.: his Narrative of Events in Pym advertisements of 1838, P tpA

Hayter, A.: on Poe and opium, P3.2B

Hearne, Samuel: discussed, J1.11A

Helms, R.: cited, P11.4B

Hennepin, Louis: discussed, J1.9A

Herschel, John: cited, H24A, H24C, H25A, H26B, H26C, H26E, H28A, H32A, H33B, H49A, H57B, H63A, H68A, H68B, H72B, H72F, H87A; in Eureka, H82B; his Treatise a major source, H23A

Hevelius: cited, H69C

Hicks, Absalom: named from Poe's 1828 flight, P6.11A

Hillary, William: on the lifeboat, P1.9B

Hinz, E. J.: cited, J1.2E, J1.4A, J1.6A, J4.3A, P11.15A, P20.1C, P20.3A, P20.9B, P23 bis.1A; cited for contradictions, P12.17A

Hodgson, J. E.: cited, H13D

Hoffman, Daniel: on the “double,” P2.4A

Hoffman, E. P.: cited, P4.4B; on whale teeth, P15.7D

Holmes, L.: cited, P7.12A

Homer: the Odyssey as source, P7.3A, P18.2A, P19.2B, P23.1A

Hook, T.: his play on Tekeli cited, P22.12A

Horace: source of a phrase, P10.4C

Hornet (vessel): mentioned, P8.3A

“How to Write a Blackwood Article”: cited, P1.11A

Hugo, V.: cited for Peters’ origin, P4.4E

Hungry Hill: mentioned, H100C

Hunt, W. P.: mentioned, J1.20B

Huntress, K. G.: cited, PUC

Hussey, J. P.: cited on time, P24.13B

“Imp of the Perverse”: cited, P23 bis.3B

Ingraham, J. H.: Laffitte cited, P14.19A; his Lafitte as source, P13.22A; two of his books cited by Poe, P2.5C

Ingram, John: on Poe's ingenious phosphorus episode, P3.4C

“Instinct vs Reason”: cited, J3.15A

Irving, W.: his Astoria as source, J1.10C, J1.12A, J1.17A, J1.17C, J1.19A, J1.20A, J1.20B, J2.4A, J2.5C, J2.6A, J2.6B, J2.10A, J2.15A, J2.17A, J3.5A, J3.8B, J3.9A, J3.18A, J3.18D, J3.19A, J3.19B, J3.20B, J3.20C, J3.21B, J3.22B, JUA, J4.6A, J4.7A, J4.7B, J4.8A, J4.8C, J4.9A, J4.9B, J4.9C, J4.10A, JUIA, J4.12A, J4.13A, J4.18A, J5.14A, J6.8B, J6.14A, P8.12B, P9.7A, P11.4B, P11.15A, P17.9A, P17.11A, P18.5B, P19.6A, P22.6A, P22.11A, P22.12A, P24.2A; his Astoria as source of Carson, P20.8B; his Astoria as source of Dirk Peters, P4.4C; his Astoria cited, J1.2A, J1.6A, J1.10A, J1.16B, J2.11C, J5.13C, J5.23A, J6.2D; his Astoria cited on W. P. Hunt, P6.11A; his Astoria on the Rocky Mountains, J1.1B; his Bonneville as source, J1.5D, Jl.21B, J2.17A, J2.19B, J3.9B, J3.10A, J3.11A, J3.12A, J3.13A, J3.14A, J3.15A, J3.16A, J3.17A, J4.1B, JU1B, J5.8A; his Bonneville cited, J1.1F; his Knickerbocker's History as source, H3B; his Salmagundi cited, H7B; his “Storm-Ship” chapter, P10.2A

“Island of the Fay”: cited, J5.8A; derived from a passage, H45C

Jack-Hinton, C.: on Morrell's “Massacre Islands,” P18.2A

Jackson, D. and B. R. Pollin: cited on “Tekeli-li,” P22.12A

Jacob, Robert: cited for Poe's current melancholia, P2.1E

James, Henry: his Golden Bowl on Pym's name, P3.10B

Jane Guy (ship): the source of its name in Corporal Glass's ship, P15.7B; on the cruise of, P tpA; its illogical course, P14.3B; other sources of the name, P13.22C

Jefferson, Thomas: his “Life of Captain Lewis” as source, J1.1F, J1.15A, J1.17B; his “Life of Captain Lewis” cited on A. Michaux, J1.3A; his “Memoir” cited, J6.7A

Johnson, Samuel: his Rasselas cited, J3.8B

Jonas, Peter: cited on cordials, P2.8A

“Julius Rodman”: the character compared with Pym, P2.1F; cited, H34A, H56D, P23.10A, P12.2A, P Note.8A; cited for pemmican, H16D; its Newfoundland dog, P2.13D

Juneau, Solomon: mentioned for Junôt, J2.1B

Kaplan, S.: cited, P18.9B; on the date of spring, P24.14A; cited for Gesenius, P Note.6A; on Hebrew on Tsalal, P18.2C, Pl9.1A, P19.2A; on Poe's use of stereotypes, P18.5A, P19.3C; on Tsalalian language, P20.11C, P24.5A

Keats, John: mentioned, J1.1B

Keith, A.: cited, P22.12A, P23.1B, P23 bis.5A, P Note.5A, P Note.9A; on biblical prophecy and for description, P Note.9A; cited on Petra and Edom, P23.8A, as source, P23 bis.5A

Kennedy, G.: cited, P23.10A

Kennedy, J. P.: Poe's letter to him, H80A

Kerguelen's Land: source and comment, P14.3A, P14.7A, P14.9A, P14.19B

Kerr, N.: cited on drunkenness, P11.8B

Ketterer, David: on Hans as a spirit, H4D

Kidd, Captain: his “Gold-Bug” message derived from Pym, P3.4D

Kime, W.: cited, J1.10B, J1.13A, J6.8B

King, James: as source of message-bottle, P14.19B, P14.19C

“King Pest”: cited, P12.16A; cited for “lee-lurch,” P8.12A

Knapp, Samuel: as ghostwriter for Mrs. Morrell, P13.22C

Kopley, Richard: cited on Reynolds, P21.5A, P24.14D

Kremenliev, E. B.: cited, H71A

Lancet: on Poe and helium, H11F

“Landor's Cottage”: cited, J3.5A

Lardner, D.: cited for condensing apparatus, H13B

Lang, H, J.: cited, P14.3B

Lauzon, Jean de: traced, J2.20B

Laverty, C. D.: cited, HISC

Lease, Benjamin: cited, P14.3B

Ledyard, J.: mentioned, J1.15A

Leggett, William: his “Encounter” as a source, P1.7B

Lemonnier, L.: on Rimbaud's Bateauivre, P24.14D

Lesage, Alain: his Gil Blas discussed, H94A

Leslie, John: his Narrative of Discoveries and Adventures, in Pym advertisements of 1838, P tpA

Levin, H.: cited, P21.2A, P23 bis.3C, P24.14D; on Augustus and Poe's brother, P1.4D; on Biblical source, P24.14D; on Indians, P4.4C; on Tsalal as symbolic southland, P17.1OC

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Nantz: source of the name, H9B

“Narrative of the Loss of the Bounty”: as source, P4.5B

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New-York Mirror: gives excerpts from Stephens, used by Poe, P21.7A

New-Yorker: gives excerpts from Stephens, used by Poe, P21.7A; its review of Pym, P Pr4.A

Newfoundland: the dog of Poe's day described, P6.1A; used also in “Julius Rodman” and “Gold-Bug,” P2.13D; his attack habits, P8.8F; his intelligence and presence, P5.2B

Niagara: also used in other tales, H2D; mentioned, H74B

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Pascalis-Ouvriere, F.: as source, P20.3A

Paltock, R.: His Peter Wilkins as a possible source of the ending, P24.14D; his Peter Wilkins mentioned, H86A

Patterson (character): based on W. T. Patterson, P14.19A

Peden, William: on Pym's nautical ineptitude, P1.5A

Penguin: on the name, P1.7A

Perrine: discussed as a character's name, J5.1B

Peterson: as name of a Jane Guy sailor, P2.4A

Peterson (a crew member): mentioned, P20.8B

Pfaall: variant spellings, H(Title)A

Pfaall, Grettel: on her fairy-tale name, H4C

Phantasy-Pieces: as planned, H91A; cited H30A, H45C

Philadelphia Casket: prints a source, P10.3A

Philbrick, T.: cited, P24.9A; his Cooper cited, P2.5C; on “pious tone,” P9.2A

Phillips, Mary E.: cited on White and Poe, P Pr3.A; on Poe's teachers, P1.1C

Philosophical Transactions: cited, H69B

“Philosophy of Furniture”: cited, J4.13A

Pike, Zebulon: discussed, J1.18A

“Pinakidia”: cited, P18.9B

Pinkerton, John: cited, J1.17C

“Pit and the Pendulum”: cited, H64B, P1.6A, P1.6B, P3.10A

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Politian: cited, P3.9A, P23 bis.3C

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Ponto (a dog): in “Landor's Cottage,” P2.14A

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Porter, Jane: her book as source, P11.4B

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“Premature Burial”: cited on suffocation; P21.3A

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Remarkable Shipwrecks (by Thomas): as source, P6.9A, P6.12A, P7.2A, P8.10A, P8.10B, P8.12A, P8.12B, P8.13A, P8.14A, P8.15A, P8.16A, P8.16B, P9.1A, P9.1B, P9.3A, P9.8B, P10.1C, P11.12A, P11.13B, P12.9B, P12.10A, P12.12A, P12.20A, P13.8A, P13.18A, P13.20A, P13.21A, P13.22B, P18.3A, P18.6A, P19.1A, P19.4A, P23.1B; a possible source, P8.8E

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Rhea, R. L.: cites source passage from Reynolds’ Address, P16.9A, P16.10A; cites Reynolds as source, P16JA; on origin of the name of Barnard, P1.1E; cites Cook as Poe's source, P14.12A; cited, P19.3D

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Robertson, J. W.: on the Casket as Poe's source of Scott's chapter, P10.3A

Robinson Crusoe: see Defoe

Robotti, F. D.: cited for whaling ship

Rolt, T. C.: on wicker-basket cars, H11D construction, P2.5B; on whale teeth, P15.7D

Rode, Z. R.: cited, J1.2E

Ross: explorer's name used in Pym, P2.3B

Rubadub: on the “Mother Goose” name, H7B

Russell, John: his globe and pamphlet, H MS N42B

Russell, W. C.: on chronometers, P4.3B

St. Anthony's Falls: also used by Poe in “Harper's Ferry,” J4.2A; used twice by Poe, J4.3A

Saint Charles: discussed, J2.3A

Sartain, John: mentioned, J4.9D

Schoolcraft, H. R.: cited, J1.18A; his Narrative of an Expedition in Pym advertisements of 1838, P tpA

Schroeter, J, H.: his treatise cited, H69B, H MS N42C

Schuhmann, Kuno: cited, P17.8A

Scoresby, W.: on whale-oil, P4.1A

Scott, Michael: his book(s) as source, P1.4C, P2.13D, P7.12A, P10.3A, P10.5B, P10.6A, P21.7B; cited, P4.3D; a possible source for dog, P8.8F; as phrase source, P23 bis.5A; his Cruise of the Midge cited, P2.5D

Scott, Winfield: in an episode, P8.8D

“Scythe of Time”: cited, P19.1A

Shakespeare: Hamlet as a source, P1.5C, P23 bis.3C, P2.12E, P1.7D; Hamlet or Twelfth Night a possible source, P3.10C; his Macbeth a phrase-source, P23 bis.3B; his Macbeth a possible source, P2.18A; his Tempest as source, P1.1G; his Tempest cited, P9.1E; his Winter's Tale as source, P12.7B

Sheen, J. R.: cited on liqueurs, P2.8A

Shelley: Poe's possible use of, P24.13C

“Silence”: cited for “desolation,” P14.7A

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Sioux: cited for Peters’ origin, P4.4C

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Snell, G. D.: on ending of Moby-Dick, P24.14D

Solomon: mentioned, P Note.6A

Solomon Islands: cited, P23.7B; used by Morrell, P17.10A

Solomon or Kilinailau Islands: cited, P18.2A

Southern Literary Messenger: on its Pym installments, P Pr.3A

Spenser, Edmund: cited, P4.4E

Stackpole, E. A.: on barnacles, P13.18A; on the Grampus, P2.2A

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Zahara: used elsewhere by Poe, P2.12E






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