Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Possum through Ranks,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 262-278 (This material is protected by copyright)


possum (2): A0285/11; A0489/01

Post (1): B0754/35

post (4): A0704/28; B0959/35; B1053/34; B1269/27

post (7): B1105/V; C0064/07; C0188/13; C0525/17; C0525/21; C0527/38; C0545/27

Post/Office (3): A0264/28; A0277/27; B0872/35

postage (1): A0490/21

posted (3): C0544/04; C0549/29; C0568/37

posteriori (7): A0086/11; A0097/10; A0342/V; A0552/13; B1220/20; B1295/14; B1311/06

posteriors (1): A0489/V

posterity (4): B1126/06; B1318/05; B1375/04; C0398/32

posting (2): C0539/15; C0558/34

postmarks (1): A0490/18

postpone (3): B1153/25; B1154/04; B1181/13

postponed (1): B1236/14

postponing (1): B1108/12

posts (1): C0062/01

postscript (1): A0544/21

posture (6): A0677/01; B0733/28; B0910/V; C0117/13; C0422/01; C0545/19

postures (1): B0961/15

pot (3): A0085/09; A0368/01; C0163/07

pot-belly (1): C0569/15

pot-house (1): A0296/12

pot-houses (1): A0296/12

potatoes (5): C0083/34; C0091/06; C0093/02; C0094/01; C0155/35

potency (1): A0416/23

potent (4): A0126/06; A0439/V; A0500/06; A0688/28

pots (3): B1004/03; B1334/23; B1337/30

pottle (2): B1109/10; B1109/19

potu (1): C0129/24

Poughkeepsie (1): B1291/05

poultry (1): C0156/23

pounce (1): B1292/22

pound (3): B0870/31; B1177/07; C0147/18

pounded (2): C0534/36; C0534/40

pounding (1): C0395/24

pounds (38): A0174/22; A0174/23; A0174/27; A0174/29; A0180/02; A0180/03; A0180/04; A0180/06; A0180/16; A0180/17; A0180/19; A0381/29; A0653/25; A0705/32; B0828/12; B1071/02; B1071/05; B1071/05; B1071/27; B1071/29; B1073/08; B1073/20; B1074/08; B1077/35; B1269/36; B1303/34; C0137/08; C0137/34; C0138/21; C0141/27; C0141/31; C0142/08; C0394/23; C0394/24; C0394/40; C0396/22; C0403/24; C0405/19

pour (3): A0545/06; A0602/07; C0430/41

pour (3): A0165/13; A0317/18; B1168/24

poured (15): A0035/12; A0054/23; A0108/08; A0157/28; A0316/V; A0405/04; A0602/24; A0644/20; B0899/04; B1057/27; B1104/21; B1106/22; B1348/29; C0111/01; C0124/05

pouring (11): A0102/01; A0107/23; A0124/05; A0249/18; A0250/32; A0253/07; B0834/30; C0141/30; C0142/40; C0200/14; C0562/13

pourtray (2): A0311/V; A0318/V

Poussin (1): A0707/V

Pouvoir (2): A0018/08; A0506/M

Pover (2): A0344/31; A0356/13

poverty (7): A0103/28; A0514/24; A0531/19; A0624/07; B0856/18; B1055/06; B1208/08

powder (13): A0410/06; B1161/39; B1181/01; C0194/05; C0194/15; C0195/18; C0204/41; C0394/24; C0395/22; C0533/31; C0542/28; C0556/16; C0559/25

powdered (1): A0428/34

Power (1): B1211/T

power (126)

powerful (23): A0019/26; A0105/V; A0164/V; A0343/31; A0350/20; A0460/28; A0544/04; B0905/18; B0909/04; B0957/35; B0980/09; B1119/19; B1165/26; B1339/02; B1348/11; B1349/25; B1363/09; C0055/15; C0204/28; C0422/08; C0438/V; C0540/30; C0548/15

powerfully (2): A0528/27; C0411/16

powerfulness (1): A0413/27

powerless (2): A0080/22; A0612/35

powers (41): A0054/01; A0063/09; A0067/25; A0078/12; A0078/35; A0097/19; A0189/31; A0211/25; A0212/31; A0225/12; A0226/03; A0229/12; A0234/04; A0382/09; A0467/09; A0468/23; A0527/V; A0528/21; A0547/29; A0691/29; B0727/03; B0793/22; B0807/20; B0828/33; B0890/22; B1018/36; B1036/04; B1047/02; B1140/35; B1166/22; B1167/04; B1169/09; B1237/02; B1345/19; B1380/33; C0072/40; C0082/39; C0083/21; C0130/16; C0148/06; C0429/44

Powhatan (1): A0621/21

pp. (4): A0366/17; B1358/07; B1358/07; C0430/32

practicability (1): B1294/25

practicable (5): B1039/15; B1310/17; C0107/10; C0574/29; C0580/02

Practical (1): C0393/02

practical (17): A0295/10; A0296/V; A0433/18; A0434/01; A0437/06; A0609/21; A0711/34; B0903/23; B0985/08; B1010/10; B1018/15; B1301/32; B1301/33; B1345/15; B1347/26; B1359/35; C0430/20

practically (1): B1090/31

practice (24): A0437/31; A0487/03; A0555/17; A0583/36; A0623/19; A0709/26; A0710/14; B0747/20; B0901/V; B0942/09; B0985/22; B1004/30; B1005/31; B1070/19; B1093/28; B1113/10; B1130/28; B1141/05; B1191/02; B1274/28; B1275/17; C0057/03; C0114/05; C0561/35

practices (1): B1206/09

practise (2): A0440/22; B1257/09

practised (6): A0055/32; A0065/14; A0303/30; A0434/04; C0112/38; C0156/41

practising (2): A0059/15; A0066/23

practitioner (1): A0056/33

practitioners (2): A0067/30; B0960/02

praenomen (1): A0434/06

praeter-nature (1): B0772/12

Praeter-Veteris (1): A0366/16

praeternatural (3): A0528/10; A0551/03; A0555/12

prairie (18): A0580/05; B1299/30; B1300/27; C0537/08; C0541/26; C0541/36; C0541/37; C0552/36; C0553/16; C0557/34; C0561/23; C0561/25; C0561/37; C0568/09; C0568/20; C0577/17; C0578/07; C0580/02

Prairie/du/Chien (1): C0528/13

prairies (6): B0862/10; C0540/11; C0542/04; C0542/37; C0548/03; C0559/18

praise (3): A0611/30; B1139/30; B1381/06

praised (2): B1081/17; B1385/13

praises (1): B1380/07

praiseworthy (2): A0295/25; B1380/20

prandian (1): B1105/V

prate (1): A0482/01

prating (2): B1298/08; B1316/15

Pratique (1): A0296/V

Pratt (13): A0655/03; A0655/10; A0655/17; A0655/22; A0655/27; A0655/V; A0656/01; A0656/06; A0656/12; A0656/21; A0656/25; A0657/17; A0657/22

prawns (1): C0177/07

pray (14): A0034/13; A0090/27; A0090/31; A0109/23; A0110/11; A0261/19; A0262/11; A0263/20; A0383/25; B1010/10; B1103/04; B1159/26; B1190/01; B1191/10

prayed (5): A0020/V; A0354/27; A0691/07; C0088/21; C0141/19

prayer (3): A0227/33; A0590/07; A0691/08

prayers (3): B1107/14; B1152/21; B1294/08

praying (2): C0131/18; C0132/12

pre-eminence (1): B1138/24

pre-eminent (5): A0372/15; A0703/26; B1129/29; B1268/25; C0530/39

pre-eminently (2): A0302/15; A0379/13

pre-existent (2): A0175/12; A0181/02

preached (3): A0624/03; B1295/13; B1311/05

preacher (1): C0531/36

preaching (1): A0479/08

precarious (3): C0089/03; C0114/29; C0197/29

precaution (19): A0247/30; A0409/28; A0586/04; B0732/18; B0744/24; B0763/09; B0771/11; B0879/23; B1075/13; B1352/12; C0094/05; C0108/20; C0116/03; C0143/41; C0153/09; C0168/40; C0171/10; C0180/14; C0191/05

precautions (12): A0671/04; B0796/05; B0815/27; B0965/25; B0967/20; C0097/38; C0098/22; C0098/41; C0109/18; C0149/24; C0544/03; C0546/29

preceded (3): B0728/33; B1219/05; C0564/37

precedes (2): B0838/13; B1075/10

preceding (8): A0157/15; A0164/15; A0609/15; B0962/26; B0992/10; B1068/08; B1177/01; C0196/09

precepts (1): B0747/12

precincts (6): A0135/17; A0159/18; A0217/V; A0293/16; A0672/20; B0760/13

precious (6): A0097/06; A0301/06; A0316/10; B1155/23; B1259/13; B1303/04

precipice (24): A0045/14; A0046/06; A0578/11; B0865/33; B1108/20; B1222/26; B1223/15; B1281/33; B1332/02; B1334/11; B1334/34; B1338/15; C0164/09; C0181/28; C0184/40; C0191/32; C0196/14; C0196/30; C0198/11; C0199/16; C0578/25; C0578/33; C0578/33; C0579/11

precipice’s (1): B1223/01

precipices (3): B0863/09; C0412/32; C0567/20

precipitancy (1): B1223/06

precipitate (8): A0024/18; A0327/11; A0692/30; B0879/20; B0993/07; C0110/29; C0187/34; C0424/20

precipitated (12): A0057/35; A0068/20; A0351/07; A0593/24; A0703/24; B0771/04; B0943/24; B1107/06; B1268/23; C0073/05; C0184/35; C0198/26

precipitates (1): A0582/35

precipitating (3): A0567/V; B0817/26; B1162/19

precipitation (4): A0058/06; A0068/28; A0626/06; B1322/19

precipitous (22): A0045/07; A0140/02; A0398/09; A0580/17; B0864/27; B0865/02; B1279/04; B1331/19; B1331/24; B1334/31; B1335/05; C0155/11; C0167/25; C0172/30; C0173/16; C0173/24; C0183/17; C0183/38; C0424/34; C0572/33; C0576/37; C0578/19

precise (36): A0069/02; A0073/V; A0241/27; A0285/35; A0298/01; A0356/V; A0484/18; A0622/07; B0728/18; B0758/16; B0767/18; B0770/04; B0822/05; B0830/35; B0833/31; B0873/04; B0877/34; B0910/07; B0925/02; B0929/17; B0993/13 0; B1034/07; B1102/34; B1192/15; B1214/03; B1221/26; B1331/17; B1358/28; C0089/34; C0155/09; C0156/38; C0157/07; C0193/22; C0207/40; C0388/21; C0576/40

precisely (80)

precision (21): A0104/01; A0266/10; A0266/17; A0271/19; A0273/19; A0283/27; A0300/17; A0380/12; A0429/31; A0473/02; A0478/22; A0497/19; A0530/25; A0613/19; B0905/19; B1119/09; B1119/23; B1164/36; B1167/01; B1346/21; C0438/V

preclude (1): A0549/06

precluded (3): A0235/06; A0433/30; B1256/06

precocity (1): A0623/09

preconceived (6): A0667/60; B0740/04; B0822/32; B0842/01; B1220/10; C0387/04

preconcert (3): A0703/22; B0827/17; B1268/21

preconcertedly (1): A0654/24

pred (1): B1104/V

predecessor (1): B1314/28

predecessors (5): A0603/31; B0759/01; B0887/23; B1136/08; B1220/09

predestined (1): A0622/08

Predicament (1): A0347/25

predicament (6): A0127/24; B1108/25; B1108/26; B1353/03; B1372/27; B1382/13

predict (1): B1138/02

predicted (3): A0228/33; A0460/09; A0623/20

Prediction (2): B1320/04; B1320/T

prediction (1): A0019/22

predilections (1): B1020/23

predisposed (2): A0019/23; B1107/10

predisposes (1): B1345/08

predisposing (1): B0962/07

predominance (1): B0863/24

predominant (10): A0156/20; A0415/01; A0651/27; A0651/V; A0692/16; B0826/18; B0836/19; B0837/09; B0963/35; C0118/15

predominate (1): B1300/09

predominated (1): A0226/03

predominates (2): A0145/22; B0837/03

predominating (1): A0073/14

preeches (1): B1109/33

Preface (2): B1113/T; C0055/01

preface (5): A0265/11; A0473/T; A0621/02; B1383/30; C0207/09

prefacing (1): A0528/19

Prefect (37): A0546/08; A0568/19; B0725/05; B0727/02; B0727/18; B0728/23; B0728/34; B0734/27; B0737/21; B0754/17; B0772/06; B0974/15; B0975/11; B0975/29; B0976/02; B0976/16; B0976/24; B0977/25; B0977/34; B0979/03; B0981/20; B0981/27; B0982/34; B0983/05; B0983/14; B0984/02; B0985/09; B0985/29; B0986/14; B0986/28; B0988/15; B0988/25; B0989/04; B0989/06; B0990/06; B0990/14; B0991/13

prefect (3): A0120/25; B0986/19; B0993/15

Prefect/of/Police (1): A0568/09

Prefect’s (1): B0986/12

Prefecture (4): B0725/13; B0727/27; B0728/35; B0737/10

prefer (4): A0340/32; B0878/12; B1109/22; B1137/40

preferable (2): A0412/11; C0102/03

preference (4): A0657/25; B0766/13; C0058/04; C0065/34

preferred (11): A0026/14; A0086/13; A0366/09; A0381/21; A0511/17; A0583/29; B0771/14; B0879/10; B1299/04; B1345/14; C0152/14

preferring (2): A0160/23; C0199/16

Prefet (2): A0546/V; A0568/V

prefixed (1): B1133/03

pregnancy (2): A0379/18; A0439/19

pregnant (1): B1226/14

Preignac (2): A0101/V; A0181/14

prejudice (7): A0097/25; B0725/09; B0727/17; B0933/26; B1030/18; B1050/22; C0065/01

prejudiced (1): B1207/17

prejudices (3): A0459/08; C0105/24; C0438/V

preliminaries (1): A0074/13

preliminary (1): A0301/26

Premature (1): B0954/T

premature (5): B0956/03; B0961/10; B0962/20; B0963/24; C0076/01

prematurely (1): A0611/08

premeditated (2): B0769/V; B1107/30

premier (1): C0430/31

premise (3): A0135/18; B1358/01; C0415/14

premised (1): B1223/V

premises (24): A0121/25; A0399/11; A0539/16; A0544/19; A0546/08; A0552/23; B0749/02; B0749/02; B0796/23; B0827/10; B0858/03; B0858/11; B0978/23; B0978/27; B0979/01; B0980/22; B0981/19; B0981/22; B0983/25; B0988/24; B0988/29; B1003/06; B1005/16; B1362/28

Premium (1): B0806/T

premium (1): A0491/03

Prentice’s (1): B1141/08

preparation (7): A0057/12; B1075/29; B1075/33; B1299/13; C0114/22; C0149/36; C0170/38

preparations (12): A0080/33; A0217/01; A0286/08; A0327/11; B0832/17; B1274/06; C0108/07; C0131/34; C0177/32; C0390/08; C0394/37; C0550/15

preparatory (3): B0770/V; B1037/08; C0110/03

prepare (6): B0808/15; B1075/14; B1096/15; C0055/32; C0155/40; C0527/21

prepared (47): A0139/22; A0204/07; A0250/23; A0326/04; A0402/17; A0502/01; A0533/10; A0563/03; A0581/07; A0628/08; A0687/15; A0690/22; B0742/33; B0748/11; B0754/22; B0754/26; B0755/06; B0813/22; B0814/05; B0818/27; B0854/19; B0857/17; B0858/19; B0879/08; B0906/03; B0926/07; B0930/09; B0941/25; B0947/26; B0967/25; B0990/19; B0992/17; B1058/17; B1242/32; B1242/34; B1293/04; C0093/39; C0133/40; C0141/02; C0169/20; C0186/14; C0409/16; C0410/09; C0413/17; C0429/39; C0535/34; C0543/38

preparees (1): A0037/10

prepares (1): B0891/13

preparing (13): A0053/03; A0062/08; B0750/12; B1181/12; B1302/29; C0139/17; C0178/02; C0179/20; C0189/24; C0207/20; C0549/32; C0568/39; C0579/27

preponderate (2): B0741/22; C0546/22

preponderated (1): C0546/28

prepositions (1): B1296/28

prepossessing (2): A0104/18; A0126/19

prepossession (1): A0473/08

prepossessions (1): B0993/01

preposterous (12): A0294/V; A0496/05; A0497/V; A0499/28; A0499/V; B0739/15; B0923/03; B1131/13; B1138/25; B1169/01; B1297/25; C0078/11

preposterously (1): B1314/33

prerogative (1): B1215/04

pres (1): C0430/30

Presburg (5): A0225/15; A0229/14; B1360/21; B1360/33; B1361/01

prescience (1): A0611/12

prescribe (1): B0815/34

prescribed (2): A0296/V; B0740/04

prescriptive (2): A0431/18; A0479/37

presence (63)

Present (1): B0724/31

present (191)

presentant (1): A0037/21

presentation (4): B0899/V; B0900/16; B0916/10; B1180/14

presented (59)

presenter (1): A0096/M

presentiment (2): A0136/33; B0833/23

presenting (12): A0226/28; A0231/02; A0613/16; B0762/27; B0865/27; B0965/06; B1079/06; B1259/24; C0172/01; C0203/25; C0554/09; C0559/15

presently (63)

presentment (1): B0874/23

presents (10): A0500/04; B1018/09; B1346/27; C0155/11; C0195/22; C0552/04; C0557/10; C0558/21; C0566/09; C0569/38

preservation (15): A0073/14; A0295/22; A0442/10; B0826/01; B0965/23; B1180/24; B1303/34; C0120/02; C0134/15; C0134/41; C0136/29; C0144/27; C0198/24; C0406/26; C0412/26

preserve (7): A0473/10; B1330/05; C0132/05; C0139/04; C0410/10; C0535/08; C0574/03

preserved (19): A0264/02; A0273/15; A0277/16; A0298/V; A0711/29; B0742/24; B0831/20; B0889/V; B0956/20; B1276/32; B1303/27; B1304/24; C0089/27; C0117/25; C0132/27; C0190/31; C0193/24; C0199/17; C0566/04

preserver (1): B0958/02

preserves (1): A0365/19

preserving (9): A0266/13; A0409/16; A0627/09; C0063/22; C0087/36; C0096/25; C0138/16; C0141/27; C0396/39

presided (3): A0311/13; A0311/14; B1104/30

President (3): B1195/15; C0390/33; C0390/37

president (12): A0175/27; A0181/22; A0204/11; A0205/10; A0245/20; A0246/17; A0247/24; A0249/10; A0249/22; A0249/33; A0250/34; A0252/03

presidents (1): B1089/20

press (20): A0140/12; A0154/18; A0203/04; A0276/10; A0412/23; A0508/03; A0512/25; B0735/05; B0758/15; B0811/08; B1059/11; B1138/06; B1358/21; B1369/28; B1371/24; B1373/17; B1374/03; B1380/12; C0162/36; C0207/02

pressed (20): A0035/23; A0248/07; A0324/16; A0329/14; A0353/13; A0515/04; A0552/26; A0553/04; A0609/08; A0694/20; A0694/31; A0697/02; B0947/16; B0992/03; C0068/23; C0068/26; C0075/26; C0075/27; C0100/10; C0166/21

presses (1): A0479/22

pressing (13): A0079/42; A0103/10; A0553/26; A0614/27; A0643/31; B0873/13; B0907/02; B1017/21; B1134/25; B1235/21; C0072/33; C0082/20; C0103/36

pressingly (1): A0667/51

pressure (29): A0078/01; A0078/34; A0137/12; A0155/11; A0353/13; A0354/35; A0404/20; A0543/29; A0613/23; A0694/23; A0696/34; B0814/03; B0856/09; B0902/12; B0965/27; B1040/14; B1352/20; B1359/19; B1359/25; C0090/20; C0118/31; C0175/13; C0178/40; C0182/17; C0404/04; C0404/14; C0407/15; C0411/31; C0413/16

Preston (3): A0441/08; A0444/20; A0444/30

presumable (2): B0986/04; B0986/V

presume (39): A0074/02; A0096/05; A0126/13; A0145/20; A0336/01; A0444/07; A0621/06; A0708/02; B0731/35; B0744/18; B0753/11; B0810/11; B0810/18; B0833/20; B0843/24; B0910/03; B0950/19; B0979/07; B0979/19; B0980/15; B0982/01; B1005/31; B1015/10; B1016/02; B1019/06; B1135/06; B1159/01; B1187/07; B1188/01; B1189/31; B1190/12; B1191/04; B1239/32; B1273/02; B1301/10; B1302/28; B1361/12; B1379/25; C0062/38

presumed (4): A0262/34; A0431/22; A0686/16; B0986/05

presumption (1): A0249/20

pretence (5): B0723/14; B0827/03; B0878/23; B1153/09; C0180/17

pretences (1): C0393/14

pretend (18): A0380/10; A0439/29; A0560/18; B0740/27; B0773/34; B0826/17; B1104/28; B1192/29; B1194/26; B1208/10; B1233/01; B1241/01; B1315/20; B1370/02; B1379/33; C0167/38; C0203/38; C0558/23

pretended (4): B0916/15; B0992/25; C0056/10; C0168/25

pretender (1): B1324/02

pretending (4): A0482/33; B0894/14; B0990/22; B1354/01

pretends (3): B0977/14; B1096/13; B1297/16

pretension (2): B1137/30; C0181/19

pretensions (3): A0431/32; B1104/33; B1359/10

preternatural (2): A0029/23; A0152/07

preterpluperfect (1): A0498/07

pretext (2): C0107/15; C0564/17

prettiest (1): A0485/18

pretty (33): A0034/12; A0072/28; A0074/04; A0091/08; A0107/10; A0110/14; A0174/18; A0176/17; A0182/18; A0280/32; A0280/35; A0285/07; A0300/V; A0343/02; A0346/01; A0348/10; A0384/16; A0482/17; A0489/24; A0628/17; B0833/11; B0833/12; B0930/24; B1016/25; B1056/30; B1079/23; B1091/02; B1338/06; C0163/25; C0536/32; C0543/05; C0553/07; C0574/09


prevail (3): A0459/09; C0148/22; C0169/41

prevailed (16): A0244/02; A0349/27; A0457/34; B0733/13; B0879/29; B0933/36; B0965/16; B1097/04; C0100/08; C0107/27; C0128/19; C0132/20; C0132/32; C0203/03; C0420/02; C0426/24

prevailing (9): A0212/30; A0273/12; A0402/05; A0671/28; B0837/05; B1153/23; C0156/28; C0160/11; C0203/09

prevails (3): B1221/V; B1222/21; B1281/22

prevalence (4): A0046/23; A0473/13; A0709/30; B1274/32

prevalent (8): A0473/02; A0497/16; A0502/02; B0963/14; C0087/30; C0153/10; C0428/20; C0552/40

prevarication (1): B0824/07

prevent (50): A0089/03; A0103/19; A0356/17; A0378/09; A0412/24; A0412/27; A0447/24; A0694/01; A0704/31; B0733/14; B0734/25; B0747/31; B0750/20; B0766/05; B0766/12; B0766/28; B0828/04; B0851/02; B0933/26; B0949/20; B1045/26; B1074/21; B1106/25; B1132/29; B1142/35; B1249/06; B1269/30; B1335/01; B1351/28; C0077/03; C0098/32; C0109/18; C0110/23; C0120/04; C0133/19; C0133/28; C0142/11; C0143/39; C0174/40; C0181/23; C0198/21; C0403/13; C0404/33; C0408/32; C0415/03; C0416/27; C0537/02; C0561/35; C0567/28; C0575/39

prevented (34): A0020/08; A0080/42; A0103/32; A0137/01; A0159/22; A0242/32; A0247/29; A0248/11; A0433/08; A0511/06; A0664/18; A0667/56; A0688/23; B0765/13; B0817/26; B0857/07; B0915/28; B0931/20; B0948/27; B1052/13; B1364/15; C0055/25; C0090/11; C0094/37; C0098/11; C0110/17; C0127/35; C0128/40; C0131/04; C0132/30; C0133/14; C0175/15; C0391/38; C0410/28

preventing (6): A0248/27; B0854/30; B0990/09; B1189/27; B1334/07; C0152/20

Prevention (1): B1131/33

prevention (2): A0295/22; B1300/06

previous (33): A0106/28; A0139/14; A0164/02; A0205/01; A0209/24; A0459/02; A0541/04; A0627/25; A0629/18; B0726/29; B0746/29; B0770/09; B0809/23; B0857/28; B1051/V; B1053/06; B1072/12; B1234/19; B1235/33; B1239/19; B1270/36; C0062/39; C0080/03; C0095/20; C0160/17; C0162/16; C0166/05; C0419/22; C0428/36; C0429/39; C0522/13; C0536/21; C0537/03

previously (25): A0406/15; A0408/11; A0409/17; A0446/29; A0459/25; A0461/05; A0541/14; A0565/06; A0693/23; B0894/28; B0962/21; B0991/26; B1019/32; B1051/02; B1141/17; B1178/34; B1239/29; B1315/13; C0077/08; C0080/06; C0164/05; C0448/V; C0533/37; C0550/04; C0557/09

prey (15): A0315/09; A0329/09; A0427/24; A0442/01; A0509/27; A0693/31; B0965/08; B1165/09; B1292/22; C0134/24; C0142/33; C0151/38; C0547/08; C0547/25; C0547/32

prey’st (1): A0599/M

preys (1): A0604/08

Price (4): A0176/09; A0180/30; A0703/05; B1268/05

price (16): A0485/17; A0491/13; A0532/09; A0611/12; B0863/37; B0872/01; B0872/14; B1090/05; B1244/02; B1257/28; B1312/28; B1364/33; C0178/12; C0179/13; C0179/41; C0426/17

priced (1): A0513/23

priceless (2): B0907/10; B1317/32

prices (3): A0388/14; B1092/22; B1134/17

pricked (2): A0248/02; A0252/15

pricking (1): B0966/13

prickly (4): C0138/12; C0165/26; C0559/19; C0576/05

pride (7): A0097/19; A0297/01; A0369/20; A0433/05; B0887/19; B0957/17; B1332/23

prided (3): A0247/15; A0298/05; B1257/06

priest (2): A0044/15; B0916/16

priesthood (2): A0601/05; A0608/04

Priestley (3): A0180/30; A0703/05; B1268/05

Priestly (1): A0176/09

priests (1): A0021/25

prig (1): A0488/14

prim (1): B0910/24

prima (4): A0303/23; A0536/18; B0889/10; B1219/02

primaeval (1): A0610/03

primaries (1): B1322/19

primarily (2): A0212/17; B1314/26

primary (7): A0211/09; A0212/23; A0347/13; B0724/09; B0852/09; B1292/32; B1322/11

prime (4): A0486/09; A0486/16; A0510/07; B1348/15

primer (1): A0078/22

primeval (2): A0195/17; A0196/32

primitive (18): A0175/13; A0181/02; A0497/03; A0527/V; A0531/03; A0709/04; B0852/08; B1039/25; B1184/24; B1219/04; B1220/21; B1221/05; B1273/29; B1273/32; B1274/04; B1334/04; C0173/18; C0550/29

primitively (1): A0286/05

primness (1): A0380/11

Primo’s (1): C0527/01

Primum (1): B1219/13

prin (Gr.) (1): A0507/11

Prince (15): A0034/20; A0127/02; A0127/21; A0127/30; A0182/15; A0183/02; A0670/10; A0671/13; A0675/18; A0675/27; A0676/17; A0676/26; A0705/31; B1269/35; C0525/30

prince (4): A0128/04; A0671/06; A0675/29; A0676/01

Prince/de/Foie-Gras (1): A0034/13

Prince/of/Wales (1): A0180/25

Prince/Edward’s/Island (2): C0150/04; C0154/20

Prince’s (2): A0705/35; B1270/34

prince’s (3): A0670/15; A0675/02; A0676/09

princely (3): A0157/10; A0704/21; B1269/20

Princes (1): A0021/28

princes (1): A0029/V

Princess (1): C0156/35

Princesse (1): A0102/10

principal (37): A0021/03; A0023/16; A0123/06; A0124/03; A0126/17; A0263/36; A0400/05; A0428/29; A0430/04; A0507/21; A0514/05; A0589/02; B0850/15; B0878/30; B0904/16; B0909/23; B0962/27; B1127/03; B1129/06; B1192/15; B1247/25; B1249/33; B1282/32; B1302/30; B1310/26; B1332/32; B1336/21; B1339/14; B1361/14; C0055/25; C0093/17; C0144/22; C0150/20; C0162/14; C0179/23; C0546/34; C0548/02

principality (1): A0020/15

principally (20): A0087/28; A0136/31; A0499/09; B0949/09; B1015/10; B1048/10; B1079/17; B1234/06; B1321/12; B1351/18; B1358/26; C0097/24; C0105/29; C0137/27; C0168/18; C0178/34; C0203/39; C0530/11; C0536/17; C0538/36

Principia (1): B1220/07

Principium (2): A0226/36; A0231/10

principle (57)

principles (25): A0078/40; A0135/15; A0338/02; A0381/32; A0497/09; A0499/19; A0609/16; A0609/17; A0703/30; A0706/18; B0747/15; B0747/16; B0747/35; B0770/V; B0835/33; B0985/22; B0985/27; B0986/14; B1089/03; B1153/24; B1164/25; B1268/28; B1271/21; C0186/11; C0433/09

print (14): A0264/35; A0283/24; A0547/16; A0621/09; B0731/V; B0734/08; B0738/08; B0740/14; B1103/02; B1103/02; B1131/04; B1136/27; B1208/28; B1250/12

printed (13): A0265/10; B0739/07; B0739/16; B0875/01; B1091/26; B1115/22; B1133/02; B1314/04; B1320/04; B1380/13; B1390/17; C0427/26; C0534/24

printer (1): C0427/25

printer’s (1): B1130/23

printers (1): B1373/34

printin> (1): A0465/30

Printing (1): B1167/37

printing (2): A0465/V; C0415/12

printing-offices (2): B1184/19; B1373/28

prints (4): A0107/04; B0752/29; B1137/29; B1139/10

prior (11): A0055/17; A0065/01; A0704/19; B0733/36; B0761/09; B0768/07; B0770/22; B1038/26; C0078/25; C0411/36; C0524/12

priori (11): A0086/10; A0097/10; A0103/V; A0342/V; B0871/22; B0955/36; B1219/17; B1295/08; B1310/27; B1313/19; B1313/35

priority (1): B1136/24

prism (1): B1248/19

prism-cut (1): A0499/25

prismatic (1): B1250/26

prison (22): A0081/27; A0153/06; A0154/06; A0416/14; A0589/18; A0602/21; A0686/01; A0686/11; A0686/33; A0688/09; A0688/31; A0689/23; A0695/07; A0695/20; A0696/03; A0697/04; C0078/04; C0080/26; C0083/30; C0182/37; C0192/26; C0195/26

prison-house (2): A0616/13; A0641/10

prison-like (1): A0428/22

Prison-House (1): B1206/T

prisoner (9): A0565/V; B1052/21; B1053/25; B1054/14; B1362/35; C0071/34; C0093/07; C0201/31; C0202/41

prisoners (6): A0123/29; A0124/26; B0955/08; C0086/27; C0088/05; C0561/31

prisons (2): B1163/06; B1337/16

privacy (4): A0033/08; A0155/05; A0235/11; B0760/05

private (35): A0059/23; A0062/33; A0067/14; A0085/03; A0120/12; A0142/01; A0203/05; A0250/19; A0432/08; B0726/12; B0727/25; B0733/17; B0863/07; B0871/18; B0878/13; B0889/11; B0904/27; B0960/03; B0960/08; B0982/28; B1002/03; B1003/10; B1058/34; B1072/33; B1089/23; B1090/23; B1134/09; B1179/05; B1189/23; B1242/03; C0055/08; C0093/16; C0425/29; C0529/06; C0576/39

privately (4): C0103/25; C0394/18; C0396/16; C0536/18

privation (2): C0145/05; C0148/34

privations (2): C0095/22; C0564/19

privilege (6): A0058/03; A0068/24; B0908/V; B0910/11; B1005/13; B1093/06

privileges (5): A0251/09; A0382/10; B0865/20; B1153/01; C0153/15

privy (1): B0755/19

privy-councillors (1): B1354/14

Prize (1): B0806/T

prize (8): A0055/10; A0055/24; A0064/26; B0815/05; B0815/13; B0830/27; C0127/18; C0165/20

prized (1): B0807/11

prizing (1): C0213/V

pro (4): A0204/12; A0366/11; B1080/10; B1189/10

pro (2): B1144/22; C0065/01

pro-o-odigies (1): A0386/01

probabilities (5): A0528/33; A0556/24; B0724/02; B0773/13; B0836/04

probability (25): A0018/06; A0055/19; A0065/03; A0080/42; A0145/27; A0548/17; B0740/28; B0740/29; B0745/15; B0746/13; B0746/18; B0771/02; B1051/25; B1051/26; C0055/22; C0059/37; C0093/36; C0122/15; C0189/15; C0202/14; C0389/07; C0403/17; C0418/04; C0420/31; C0546/27

probable (33): A0021/07; A0054/33; A0081/20; A0211/22; A0409/14; A0444/12; A0548/13; A0552/34; A0554/20; A0560/10; A0566/21; A0682/29; B0739/35; B0749/25; B0749/31; B0988/V; B0990/07; B1123/03; B1154/11; B1187/02; B1364/05; C0058/38; C0065/27; C0075/39; C0079/25; C0095/14; C0132/26; C0153/38; C0208/01; C0394/13; C0402/33; C0404/01; C0578/35

probably (57)

Probant (1): A0495/04

probe (1): B1133/09

probed (5): B0979/26; B0980/16; B0980/V; B0981/10; B1168/07

probes (1): B0989/03

probing (2): B0985/24; C0076/36

problem (8): A0478/32; A0479/04; B1069/06; B1081/15; B1164/25; B1164/31; B1375/11; C0166/23

problematical (1): B1079/21

problems (2): B1018/10; B1164/03

proboscis (14): A0073/10; A0108/06; A0173/08; A0174/16; A0177/29; A0177/29; A0178/13; A0180/24; A0183/25; A0183/26; B1248/10; B1248/17; B1248/35; B1250/22

procedure (1): B0766/24

proceed (71)

proceeded (136)

proceeding (40): A0065/15; A0126/23; A0252/03; A0409/19; A0499/14; A0657/08; B0758/04; B0772/28; B0816/14; B0840/32; B0909/22; B1044/14; B1076/27; B1162/02; B1310/01; B1332/06; B1362/27; B1381/15; C0061/25; C0064/19; C0075/24; C0077/21; C0105/13; C0121/36; C0148/20; C0150/41; C0181/01; C0194/13; C0194/22; C0393/24; C0430/17; C0430/18; C0526/28; C0535/26; C0545/06; C0549/08; C0554/03; C0560/20; C0574/25; C0577/28

proceedings (8): A0070/29; A0204/30; A0545/03; A0684/18; B0733/32; B0748/23; B0823/12; C0198/18

proceeds (11): A0413/23; B0732/19; B0865/03; B1071/21; B1102/10; B1160/25; B1183/26; B1281/18; B1311/23; C0430/13; C0531/31

process (24): A0226/01; A0229/18; A0339/03; A0388/10; A0685/24; B0773/11; B0826/03; B1073/12; B1127/08; B1127/11; B1167/12; B1182/07; B1187/08; B1187/13; B1187/18; B1189/25; B1233/23; B1241/27; B1350/38; C0152/31; C0196/22; C0535/39; C0535/41; C0538/19

processes (5): A0527/V; A0527/V; B1292/33; B1312/16; B1317/23

procession (1): A0081/06

processions (1): C0118/13

proche (1): C0430/31

proclaimed (1): A0245/12

proclaiming (1): A0124/08

proclamation (1): B0727/22

Proclus (2): A0176/06; A0180/28

procrastinate (1): B1047/01

Procrustean (1): B0984/02

procure (15): A0269/25; A0325/05; A0388/10; A0531/24; A0537/12; A0561/26; A0650/V; B0908/21; B1073/14; C0092/14; C0154/07; C0393/17; C0529/04; C0531/07; C0555/10

procured (18): A0138/10; B0728/35; B0841/31; B0959/01; B1059/08; B1073/09; B1106/31; B1241/19; B1351/06; C0151/06; C0155/06; C0179/24; C0533/40; C0534/01; C0534/04; C0535/15; C0542/37; C0558/04

procuring (5): A0490/11; B0850/24; B1022/05; C0078/08; C0156/22

prodigal (1): A0486/03

prodigies (6): A0189/08; A0380/33; A0382/31; A0384/02; A0384/25; A0385/13

prodigious (40): A0024/07; A0122/06; A0146/14; A0247/32; A0367/26; A0414/16; A0557/21; A0559/21; A0580/20; A0583/01; A0590/20; A0590/V; B0828/08; B0930/19; B0930/31; B0948/30; B0980/27; B1009/01; B1013/30; B1020/07; B1069/02; B1156/35; B1159/19; B1165/02; B1165/14; B1167/03; B1194/08; B1301/02; B1346/15; B1352/07; B1360/30; B1381/32; C0087/31; C0138/26; C0397/16; C0398/14; C0412/13; C0428/34; C0429/22; C0577/36

prodigiously (4): C0118/31; C0205/23; C0389/20; C0403/26

produce (16): A0102/19; A0159/10; A0447/28; A0673/05; A0707/25; B0726/29; B0730/19; B0763/15; B0773/04; B0865/10; B0956/01; B1139/03; B1168/23; B1272/25; C0178/35; C0423/21

produced (38): A0112/24; A0204/08; A0206/03; A0213/17; A0241/01; A0245/V; A0435/10; A0459/19; A0543/28; A0544/03; A0623/05; A0663/17; A0672/14; A0672/18; B0742/29; B0822/06; B0894/06; B0905/07; B0929/28; B0949/23; B0978/31; B0978/34; B1039/10; B1096/19; B1161/25; B1250/22; B1321/31; B1322/23; B1350/22; C0083/33; C0091/41; C0111/28; C0127/34; C0150/16; C0172/02; C0187/16; C0187/29; C0421/41

produces (5): A0600/06; A0692/09; B0773/10; B0875/06; B0977/13

producing (8): A0500/06; A0613/13; A0629/11; B0726/31; B0981/27; B0983/01; B1039/07; B1260/28

production (1): B1133/V

productions (3): A0473/29; A0706/26; C0176/06

productive (2): C0071/10; C0122/21

productiveness (1): C0156/15

profanation (1): A0159/16

profane (2): A0250/34; A0250/35

profanely (1): A0250/05

profanity (1): A0438/29

professed (7): B0726/14; B0897/V; B0909/11; B1236/09; B1278/25; B1312/02; C0157/39

professes (3): B1360/20; B1380/17; C0430/33

professing (2): B1345/17; C0429/04

profession (13): A0097/18; A0107/17; A0123/18; A0440/21; A0484/10; A0486/03; A0486/34; A0488/03; A0489/08; A0490/25; B1029/03; B1127/02; C0391/12

professional (2): A0509/33; B1345/27

Professor (16): A0281/17; A0283/21; A0284/05; A0284/06; A0284/10; A0284/27; A0295/12; B1002/T; B1017/02; B1017/12; B1018/03; B1022/04; B1359/09; C0390/32; C0426/32; C0426/38

professor (1): C0427/03

proffered (2): B0909/12; B1107/35

Proffit, Peter (2): A0484/31; A0488/07

proficiency (4): A0105/11; A0529/19; A0529/21; C0393/04

proficient (1): A0315/18

profile (3): A0415/12; B0891/01; B0894/10

Profit (1): A0488/V

profit (11): A0044/21; A0121/24; A0438/19; A0487/30; A0489/20; B1113/11; B1142/09; B1143/08; C0093/28; C0176/07; C0530/23

profitable (4): A0243/02; A0484/08; B1245/03; C0170/21

profited (1): B1059/25

profits (3): C0086/35; C0531/31; C0564/06

profligacy (2): A0438/17; A0438/17

profound (69)

profoundest (5): A0300/27; A0411/09; B1164/25; C0169/32; C0397/38

profoundly (16): A0078/40; A0381/03; A0531/V; A0565/19; A0612/29; A0626/23; A0706/29; B0878/25; B0924/15; B0975/35; B0986/V; B1046/19; B1153/34; B1271/31; B1325/01; B1359/08

profundity (17): A0079/05; A0098/24; A0098/26; A0107/14; A0113/10; A0244/19; A0294/V; A0303/26; A0304/V; A0338/05; A0346/08; A0545/29; A0577/M; A0628/21; B0964/03; B0985/02; C0438/V

profuse (6): A0401/14; A0502/V; A0670/04; B1242/11; B1279/05; B1332/36

profusely (6): A0245/16; A0508/13; A0602/28; B1281/35; C0387/14; C0542/07

profuseness (1): A0440/08

profusion (16): A0087/29; A0156/13; A0501/23; A0501/V; A0503/01; A0672/08; A0702/02; A0704/07; B0872/05; B0945/12; B1008/01; B1008/32; B1269/07; B1334/32; C0542/14; C0576/08

progenitors (5): B0871/28; B1296/14; B1298/18; B1312/17; B1316/29

progeny (2): C0153/05; C0178/33

prognostic (1): B1274/01

progress (58)

progressed (3): B0742/10; B0743/16; B1193/30

progresses (1): A0530/12

progressing (1): C0088/02

progression (3): C0407/22; C0412/20; C0417/37

progressive (4): A0310/08; B1037/08; B1071/24; C0404/03

prohibited (3): A0243/16; B0891/24; B1293/14

project (18): A0484/06; A0486/08; B1018/07; B1049/12; B1070/24; B1072/26; B1079/19; C0066/14; C0103/35; C0136/17; C0151/19; C0177/29; C0177/36; C0393/11; C0404/19; C0415/18; C0523/16; C0523/16

projected (6): A0672/13; B0841/18; B0957/07; B1336/20; C0418/07; C0525/36

projecting (10): B1071/13; B1106/06; B1248/14; B1336/19; B1336/33; C0150/36; C0165/27; C0184/03; C0195/21; C0200/19

projection (3): A0046/17; B0857/08; C0577/40

projections (3): B0818/35; C0197/18; C0207/32

projector (1): B1069/20

projects (4): A0295/04; B0856/31; C0134/28; C0565/07

prolegomena (1): A0654/17

prolix (1): B1224/02

prolixity (1): A0413/11

prolongation (2): C0423/14; C0423/17

prolonged (1): C0204/08

promenade (5): A0484/17; A0484/32; A0485/10; B0901/06; C0152/29

promenade-ground (1): C0153/25

promenades (1): B1143/01

Prometheus (1): A0710/31

prominence (4): A0312/10; A0379/31; A0402/01; A0549/V

prominences (2): A0548/V; B0736/35

prominency (1): A0097/32

prominent (7): A0120/09; A0227/11; A0231/24; A0401/11; B0955/12; C0076/02; C0178/15

promiscuous (2): A0507/19; C0099/26

promiscuously (3): A0253/29; B0827/22; B1261/09

promise (26): A0043/07; A0642/16; A0653/07; A0654/V; B0729/19; B0816/20; B0816/24; B0820/07; B0872/27; B0875/05; B0879/26; B0904/05; B0910/05; B0910/07; B0910/19; B1059/07; B1082/05; B1130/10; B1238/04; C0093/07; C0101/13; C0133/38; C0176/25; C0179/36; C0393/10; C0558/17

promised (7): A0156/08; B0727/23; B0727/33; B1055/32; B1144/05; C0096/07; C0117/40

promises (8): A0643/24; B0807/29; B0874/34; B0965/20; B1079/33; C0086/06; C0392/03; C0395/35

promising (5): B1329/08; C0069/38; C0088/13; C0091/07; C0395/05

promontory (4): A0579/07; B0865/24; C0149/13; C0574/16

promote (1): A0346/31

prompt (5): A0107/01; B1129/07; B1129/22; B1208/32; C0557/29

prompted (6): A0235/05; A0235/18; A0411/30; A0586/12; A0686/21; A0692/31

promptings (2): B1220/24; B1220/27

promptitude (1): A0078/14

promptly (5): B0730/02; B0819/08; B0820/29; B1130/07; B1208/05

promptness (2): A0385/22; C0165/06

prompts (1): B1096/26

promulgate (1): B0987/02

promulgated (1): B0749/01

promulgation (2): B0987/04; B1311/17

prone (5): A0073/16; B0724/28; C0055/15; C0538/27; C0562/40

proneness (1): B0965/12

prononces (1): B1137/20

pronoun (1): B1096/37

pronounce (3): A0045/26; A0708/14; B1273/09

pronounced (14): A0035/04; A0056/35; A0066/25; A0293/17; A0385/22; A0557/27; B0926/20; B0959/07; B0961/03; B1030/13; B1040/07; B1143/25; B1296/06; C0082/36

pronouncing (1): B1110/09

pronouns (1): A0203/05

pronunciation (2): A0652/11; B0912/11

proof (16): A0098/26; A0432/02; A0582/19; A0665/22; B0731/33; B0734/23; B0745/29; B0746/20; B0746/24; B0746/25; B0758/31; B0768/23; B1338/22; B1369/01; B1379/22; C0105/26

proof-tones (1): A0609/25

proofs (2): A0533/16; B0751/V

proones (Gr.) (1): A0195/M

propagated (2): A0336/11; B1295/07

propagates (1): B1163/19

propagator (2): B1301/09; B1310/26

propel (2): B1070/08; B1077/07

propeller (6): B1070/16; B1077/12; B1078/19; B1079/24; B1079/32; B1080/15

propellers (1): B1293/11

propelling (3): B1070/09; B1070/13; B1070/20

propensities (11): A0026/30; A0034/V; A0053/31; A0063/02; A0086/13; A0293/25; A0427/27; A0559/22; A0626/21; C0153/10; C0548/27

propensity (14): A0098/28; A0099/05; A0101/18; A0212/14; A0212/17; A0609/04; A0622/33; A0623/17; B0774/01; B1219/03; B1219/10; B1220/06; B1221/21; C0532/17

proper (108)

properly (66)

properties (5): A0101/05; A0211/21; C0392/34; C0400/39; C0426/02

property (20): A0023/24; A0218/09; A0431/19; A0444/05; A0539/15; A0541/13; A0561/32; A0563/04; B1049/20; B1054/12; B1054/25; B1108/18; B1144/34; B1360/16; B1361/34; C0057/08; C0393/13; C0529/07; C0535/42; C0575/42

prophecies (2): A0458/34; A0461/03

prophecy (7): A0019/08; A0019/24; A0370/20; A0478/25; A0623/07; B0755/16; B1391/05

Prophet (8): C0535/23; C0561/40; C0562/02; C0562/16; C0563/10; C0566/38; C0577/12; C0579/19

prophet (4): A0119/02; A0336/M; B1152/15; C0531/37

prophetic (1): C0065/25

prophetical (1): B1317/36

propinquity (1): B1250/02

propitious (1): B1107/23

proportion (48): A0183/24; A0277/16; A0312/01; A0379/21; A0380/18; A0436/08; A0460/24; A0500/08; A0545/26; A0548/V; A0615/12; A0667/72; A0709/26; A0710/15; B0752/V; B0773/15; B0889/18; B0927/34; B0963/07; B1030/12; B1035/11; B1040/05; B1073/31; B1073/34; B1074/26; B1080/36; B1186/03; B1190/01; B1269/05; B1274/29; B1275/17; C0098/28; C0161/10; C0191/13; C0391/25; C0401/12; C0403/12; C0403/25; C0403/33; C0405/03; C0408/17; C0414/15; C0415/37; C0419/01; C0423/04; C0424/27; C0430/09; C0535/35

proportional (1): A0446/16

proportionally (1): C0389/17

proportionate (6): A0591/17; A0628/23; B0989/V; B1074/14; C0147/14; C0533/31

proportioned (5): A0298/V; A0379/32; A0464/19; A0704/05; C0148/40

proportions (16): A0035/19; A0079/44; A0157/V; A0246/V; A0297/V; A0342/25; A0708/03; B1192/10; B1273/02; B1336/04; B1346/25; B1362/32; B1364/09; C0206/06; C0402/02; C0402/16

propos (1): A0344/29

proposal (5): A0279/27; A0441/13; B0902/07; C0133/34; C0526/20

proposals (4): B0725/30; B0754/25; B0754/29; B0899/24

propose (10): A0205/34; A0564/V; B0751/29; B0752/29; B0754/28; B0816/17; B0984/22; B1126/13; B1142/30; C0432/28

proposed (22): A0301/18; A0398/14; A0441/29; A0545/05; B0727/15; B0727/26; B0843/09; B1002/06; B1053/33; B1177/04; B1236/09; C0056/04; C0105/15; C0121/02; C0132/04; C0182/36; C0184/13; C0414/23; C0526/16; C0527/22; C0536/24; C0569/18

proposing (1): A0585/20

proposition (30): A0339/19; A0345/20; A0346/22; A0486/20; A0499/10; A0600/11; A0623/23; A0710/19; B0728/18; B0728/22; B1077/25; B1077/29; B1215/09; B1220/27; B1275/23; B1298/14; B1302/08; B1314/13; B1314/18; B1314/23; B1314/25; B1315/03; B1315/34; B1316/23; C0086/06; C0086/38; C0121/04; C0125/36; C0132/11; C0170/28

propositions (5): A0531/13; A0709/12; B0773/17; B1313/29; B1314/37

propounded (9): A0263/27; A0271/11; A0384/16; A0629/20; B1032/07; B1240/26; B1314/30; C0556/08; C0556/14

propounder (2): B1314/29; B1315/14

propounding (1): B0897/07

propped (3): B0857/15; B1235/19; C0410/08

proprieties (4): A0157/19; A0165/25; A0273/23; A0495/05

proprietor (13): A0021/05; A0073/17; A0100/32; A0158/07; A0248/12; A0398/15; A0496/17; A0500/29; B0877/02; B1207/11; B1208/18; B1208/33; B1208/37

proprietor’s (1): B1208/24

proprietors (1): B1207/25

propriety (18): A0053/13; A0062/21; A0078/41; A0099/04; A0127/15; A0266/19; A0302/07; A0568/13; A0609/12; A0675/08; B0916/04; B0955/02; B1013/30; B1131/12; B1241/24; B1279/32; B1335/20; C0059/11

propulsion (1): B1070/28

proscribing (1): B1311/15

proscription (2): B1297/24; B1316/07

prose (3): A0204/07; B1090/30; B1386/07

prosecute (4): A0382/12; B1132/06; C0177/28; C0522/38

prosecuted (3): B1131/32; C0447/V; C0526/34

prosecuting (2): B1182/26; C0170/24

prosecution (4): A0437/14; A0486/02; B1221/02; C0564/13

prosoiso (Gr.) (1): A0455/M

prospect (25): A0242/30; A0352/08; A0352/33; A0653/17; B0865/25; B1032/27; B1080/30; B1080/36; B1278/03; B1278/13; B1291/20; B1294/17; C0090/12; C0117/19; C0128/24; C0131/19; C0132/06; C0143/26; C0185/28; C0186/10; C0404/36; C0408/09; C0408/18; C0575/09; C0575/13

prospective (1): B0752/12

prospectively (1): B1364/28

prospects (6): B0902/05; B1278/22; C0130/23; C0131/29; C0162/31; C0541/39

prosperity (5): A0251/06; A0703/01; A0703/02; B1268/01; B1268/02

Prospero (6): A0670/10; A0671/13; A0675/18; A0675/28; A0676/17; A0676/26

prostekonti (Gr.) (1): A0075/V

prostrate (14): A0023/03; A0235/27; A0566/27; A0612/30; A0676/25; A0686/06; A0686/32; B0963/04; B1160/32; B1223/19; B1226/17; C0074/23; C0095/24; C0125/31

prostrated (4): A0094/22; A0114/17; C0130/17; C0563/12

prostrating (2): A0125/28; A0404/23

protect (2): B1092/32; C0428/40

protected (6): A0103/31; A0410/09; A0442/17; B1104/09; C0082/19; C0536/08

protecting (1): A0469/07

protection (10): A0021/V; A0086/16; A0243/05; A0432/18; A0626/26; B1207/36; C0150/40; C0540/31; C0558/07; C0558/16

protector (1): A0294/V

Protestantism (1): B0723/M

Protestantismus (1): B0723/M

Protestants (1): A0621/18

protestation (2): A0074/09; A0074/10

protestations (1): C0569/05

proticting> (1): A0469/V

prototypes (2): A0613/07; B1191/16

protoxide (1): B1359/17

protracted (9): A0296/16; A0414/30; A0438/24; A0441/18; B0942/21; B0965/18; B0991/29; B1349/08; C0083/38

protruded (8): A0140/08; A0294/10; A0543/26; B1156/22; C0184/04; C0396/17; C0406/05; C0437/V

protruding (7): A0241/03; B0927/34; C0087/24; C0394/28; C0420/36; C0551/40; C0569/14

protuberance (8): A0126/19; A0173/20; A0178/29; A0483/26; B1169/17; B1303/23; B1346/10; C0194/03

protuberances (1): C0422/32

proud (8): A0087/36; A0370/06; A0484/27; A0600/24; B0909/06; B1007/15; B1133/01; B1281/04

proudest (2): A0059/06; C0407/39

proudly (1): A0484/23

prove (38): A0021/13; A0263/36; A0267/33; A0270/07; A0280/16; A0441/33; A0551/26; A0561/28; A0642/11; A0642/16; A0667/47; B0727/20; B0744/28; B0925/05; B0956/05; B1029/05; B1119/M; B1225/V; B1225/V; B1236/14; B1358/13; B1369/09; C0056/22; C0080/05; C0087/31; C0158/15; C0178/02; C0180/07; C0207/06; C0401/19; C0403/08; C0408/32; C0424/03; C0430/08; C0534/21; C0534/32; C0555/41; C0558/40

proved (80)

proven (1): B0724/19

proverb (2): A0064/21; B1154/21

proverbial (2): B1018/07; B1138/20

proverbially (3): A0703/34; B1045/18; B1137/14

Proverbs (1): B0878/27

proverbs (1): B0880/10

proves (4): A0145/16; B0744/30; B1313/16; C0428/19

provide (2): C0105/19; C0391/29

provided (28): A0098/05; A0173/05; A0178/10; A0621/04; A0671/06; A0693/14; B0770/V; B0965/32; B1135/21; B1142/13; B1156/21; B1339/04; B1379/28; B1379/29; C0069/35; C0070/33; C0098/08; C0104/06; C0126/34; C0155/04; C0395/39; C0403/06; C0403/07; C0526/20; C0530/21; C0534/11; C0534/13; C0554/08

Providence (5): A0090/15; B1049/11; B1055/33; B1361/12; C0062/08

providence (1): A0577/M

providential (1): C0428/40

providentially (3): B0753/17; C0139/14; C0397/07

providing (1): C0129/03

province (8): A0578/27; A0704/20; A0707/05; B0957/26; B1011/13; B1269/19; B1272/04; C0539/32

provinces (6): A0120/26; A0706/35; B1002/02; B1194/04; B1272/01; B1346/27

provincialists (1): B1008/17

proving (5): A0059/21; A0067/12; B0930/15; C0195/22; C0544/06

provision (17): B0931/25; B1073/25; B1310/23; C0093/01; C0096/36; C0121/10; C0126/27; C0137/17; C0140/11; C0144/01; C0144/39; C0146/40; C0176/33; C0177/05; C0191/19; C0202/01; C0546/35

provisional (1): B0728/23

provisioned (1): A0671/03

provisions (19): A0092/18; A0111/28; C0060/03; C0078/32; C0082/29; C0084/25; C0092/28; C0136/16; C0143/33; C0145/22; C0146/34; C0170/30; C0396/09; C0399/13; C0442/V; C0534/26; C0539/12; C0540/03; C0547/10

proviso (1): B0888/08

provoke (1): C0555/38

provokingly (1): B1340/05

prow (4): B1281/12; C0165/35; C0165/38; C0168/24

prowess (1): C0555/27

prowling (2): B1373/02; C0570/33

proximate (1): B0949/35

proximity (8): A0437/21; A0458/03; A0693/12; B0832/11; B0896/09; B1282/05; C0207/18; C0564/35

prudence (3): A0073/13; B0870/30; B1005/08

prudent (4): B0810/35; B1073/29; C0104/01; C0554/20

prudential (1): B0916/05

prudently (1): C0199/22

pruderies (1): B0899/24

prudish (1): B1016/25

Prussian (1): A0350/19

pry (1): B1261/18

prying (2): B0929/14; C0075/20

Psalemoun (1): C0203/36

Psalm (1): A0188/M

psalm (1): A0047/24

psaltery (1): A0047/25

Psammitticus (2): A0059/11; A0062/01

pseudo-horror (1): A0473/26

pseudo/wife (1): B0934/02

pseudonym (2): B1133/10; B1137/09

pshaw (3): A0176/23; A0182/25; B1163/08

psychal (4): B0887/04; B0948/23; B0966/10; B1031/02

Psyche (7): A0336/04; A0337/06; A0341/V; A0342/20; A0345/04; A0356/01; B0889/28

Psychological (1): A0195/V

Ptolemaiad (1): A0089/16

Ptolemais (2): A0189/19; A0191/09

Ptolemy (2): B1191/28; B1191/28

public (77)

public’s (1): B0757/10

publican (1): B0876/14

publication (13): A0088/05; A0102/28; A0105/08; A0265/07; B0723/07; B0723/23; B1131/V; B1135/19; B1141/35; B1208/30; C0056/15; C0403/35; C0428/36

publications (1): A0297/04

publicly (1): A0433/03

publique (1): B0986/34

publish (1): B1119/M

published (27): A0146/10; A0301/05; A0417/V; A0473/03; B0723/13; B0729/02; B0751/01; B0763/23; B0772/30; B1068/10; B1133/01; B1143/30; B1270/36; B1357/03; B1359/26; B1364/05; B1380/03; B1380/18; B1385/08; B1386/08; C0055/30; C0156/38; C0207/25; C0427/10; C0428/07; C0448/V; C0524/39

publisher (2): B0862/23; B1209/09

publishers (6): B1207/09; B1207/11; B1207/19; B1207/22; B1207/22; B1208/02

publishing (5): B1130/28; B1131/18; B1369/22; B1379/15; C0056/07

puckered (3): A0245/27; A0368/11; B1102/33

pudding (1): C0100/35

pudding-stone (2): A0175/26; A0182/08

Puddington (1): B1166/31

puddle (1): A0488/22

pudicitiae (2): A0072/01; A0072/30

Pue’s (2): A0630/V; A0630/V

puerile (1): A0568/V

puff (17): A0248/22; A0368/22; A0368/23; A0585/34; B0976/03; B0982/21; B0982/21; B0982/21; B0982/21; B0982/22; B0982/22; B0982/22; B1101/22; B1101/25; B1165/10; B1239/28; C0101/35

puffed (10): A0252/14; A0254/05; A0373/21; B0742/09; B1108/35; B1156/35; B1375/21; C0189/40; C0388/09; C0388/10

puffing (1): B1380/02

puffs (1): B1207/12

puffy (4): A0070/22; A0247/11; A0368/30; C0389/22

puggish (1): B1157/20

pugnacious (1): A0089/19

pulcherrimus (1): A0072/30

Pulci (1): A0088/10

pull (14): A0047/07; A0047/08; A0056/33; A0066/23; A0174/01; A0176/24; A0179/11; A0337/02; A0372/04; A0487/19; B1054/04; C0121/38; C0201/06; C0553/28

pulled (22): A0047/11; A0173/V; A0178/26; A0344/02; A0351/21; A0353/22; A0465/19; A0537/31; A0624/04; B0795/27; B0932/29; B1182/29; B1363/15; C0068/32; C0118/36; C0173/11; C0200/41; C0409/21; C0415/32; C0535/27; C0557/35; C0566/31

pulling (6): A0340/15; A0343/10; A0413/33; B0892/03; B1183/17; C0185/18

pulls (3): A0173/08; A0178/13; B0871/13

pully-wou> (2): A0469/16; A0470/23

pully> (3): A0466/08; A0467/01; A0467/20

pulmonary (2): A0054/28; A0063/28

pulmonifera (2): C0178/10; C0178/21

pulpit (4): A0383/01; A0383/06; A0428/32; A0430/09

pulpits (1): B1313/02

pulpy (1): C0535/36

pulsation (6): A0328/09; A0328/14; A0615/06; B0796/03; B0956/20; B0962/12

pulse (5): B0815/30; B1235/14; B1237/10; B1238/09; B1239/06

pulseless (1): A0614/32

pulses (1): A0612/34

pumice-stone (1): C0572/12

pump (5): A0242/08; C0103/13; C0114/14; C0411/07; C0424/12

pump-handle (2): C0112/33; C0113/25

pump-handles (2): C0108/28; C0111/04

pumped (2): B0923/37; B1021/29

pumpkin (2): B1012/22; B1012/24

pumps (10): A0138/02; A0371/08; A0371/18; B0930/33; B0931/03; C0102/26; C0108/26; C0114/10; C0114/31; C0114/41

pun (2): B0836/07; B1116/10

punch (2): A0245/14; A0253/27

punch-bowl (1): B0828/08

puncheon (5): A0246/12; A0253/09; B1102/24; B1102/32; B1106/17

puncheon> (1): A0466/11

puncheons (1): B1260/05

punctilios (1): A0021/12

punctilious (2): A0654/09; B0904/06

punctual (1): C0416/36

punctuality (2): A0483/06; B1152/19

punctually (3): A0630/04; B0772/06; C0416/09

punctuate (1): B0840/08

punctuation (1): A0266/10

Pundit (16): B1293/22; B1293/26; B1293/28; B1294/01; B1294/24; B1296/34; B1297/01; B1299/07; B1299/18; B1299/24; B1300/36; B1302/25; B1303/02; B1303/37; B1304/22; B1314/05

Pundita (1): B1305/18

pungencies (1): A0536/20

pungency (1): B1381/12

pungent (4): B0738/11; B1137/16; B1139/24; B1242/12

pungently (2): A0689/22; B1130/13

punish (5): B0844/05; B1131/17; B1256/07; B1256/07; B1291/16

punished (1): B1129/31

punishing (1): B0915/18

punishment (2): A0567/12; B1131/19

punishments (3): A0690/26; B1004/15; B1006/22

punning (1): B0833/14

pupil (6): A0225/13; A0229/13; A0340/21; B0941/18; B1242/10; B1251/04

pupilless (1): A0215/09

pupils (4): A0313/21; B0940/17; B1115/25; B1239/22

puppets (1): A0318/17

puppy (5): A0357/02; A0367/24; A0368/29; B1370/29; C0073/30

pur (Gr.) (2): A0455/M; A0612/37

Puras (1): A0621/02

purchase (17): A0047/04; A0092/33; A0112/10; A0346/22; A0491/09; B0746/02; B0854/17; B0872/03; B0872/14; B0872/17; B1129/23; B1145/02; B1362/01; B1363/14; C0393/01; C0393/26; C0439/V

purchased (6): A0044/08; A0320/08; B1361/34; C0156/26; C0533/13; C0534/19

purchaser (2): A0067/08; B0872/30

purchases (5): A0093/03; A0112/15; B0875/01; B0880/07; B1360/15

purchasing (5): A0485/03; A0705/11; B1270/10; C0530/31; C0555/28

pure (34): A0078/31; A0108/01; A0110/24; A0156/12; A0217/V; A0233/21; A0405/24; A0461/23; A0478/26; A0610/30; A0610/33; A0621/05; A0710/03; A0711/05; A0711/21; B0987/19; B1071/02; B1091/18; B1095/08; B1122/02; B1137/15; B1219/05; B1220/06; B1248/19; B1275/06; B1276/07; B1276/22; B1361/23; B1363/31; B1364/07; C0096/37; C0394/02; C0543/28; C0572/23

purely (21): A0225/19; A0225/19; A0225/20; A0266/01; A0281/34; A0601/01; A0613/26; A0614/34; A0703/31; A0706/13; B0724/03; B0924/21; B1051/23; B1114/06; B1268/30; B1271/16; C0087/06; C0171/25; C0402/15; C0404/11; C0438/V

pures (1): B1122/01

purest (5): A0312/09; A0473/34; B0855/06; B1281/28; C0151/13

purgatory (1): A0621/07

purification (3): A0612/01; A0612/36; C0411/04

purifying (1): A0348/08

purity (9): A0086/18; A0096/17; A0154/27; A0323/10; A0343/27; A0458/24; B0742/17; B1073/19; B1122/11

purlieus (1): B1139/10

purlit> (1): A0469/V

purlite> (2): A0465/27; A0469/01

purliteness> (3): A0464/05; A0465/18; A0466/15

purloin (1): C0153/11

Purloined (1): B0974/T

purloined (4): B0976/12; B0976/13; B0982/01; B0986/11

purloiner (1): B1108/18

purple (24): A0087/01; A0100/12; A0106/24; A0190/09; A0235/20; A0241/15; A0329/V; A0368/05; A0368/18; A0640/03; A0671/31; A0671/32; A0676/13; A0676/13; B1277/09; B1283/02; B1331/07; B1348/32; B1373/05; B1386/03; C0172/01; C0542/10; C0542/39; C0543/29

purplish (1): B1330/35

purport (1): A0383/19

purported (3): A0241/34; A0663/10; B1128/22

purports (1): B1358/21

purpose (143)

purposeless (1): B1036/34

purposely (7): A0303/31; A0554/01; B0762/15; B0915/19; B1188/24; B1188/27; C0069/10

purposes (37): A0098/21; A0250/10; A0340/25; A0410/05; A0432/08; A0439/33; A0489/28; A0495/V; A0500/10; A0567/02; A0705/V; B0756/09; B0771/31 •; B0831/13; B0954/02; B0977/26; B1073/10; B1074/36; B1079/18; B1102/26; B1219/19; B1235/25; B1272/18; B1350/31; B1364/24; C0080/36; C0105/32; C0134/22; C0387/08 •; C0394/35; C0395/01; C0402/22; C0409/15 •; C0410/40; C0413/23; C0442/V; C0557/32

purraty-trap> (1): A0469/18

purraty> (1): A0465/25

purred (3): A0054/25; A0063/25; B0854/14

purse (8): A0500/20; A0651/25; A0652/03; B0871/08; B0876/21; B0876/33; B1143/19; B1144/28

purse-strings (1): B0875/26

purses (2): A0293/25; A0293/V

purslain (1): C0138/12

pursuance (6): A0626/13; A0706/16; B0752/32; B1271/19; C0066/19; C0103/09

pursuant (1): A0347/14

pursue (8): A0560/15; B0771/25; B1281/10; C0080/11; C0081/40; C0523/01; C0529/24; C0575/29

pursued (18): A0242/16; A0444/34; A0514/20; A0671/26; B0738/07; B1048/20; B1158/18; B1183/23; B1183/25; B1189/26; B1226/04; B1333/19; C0063/15; C0152/10; C0201/27; C0202/03; C0439/V; C0576/30

pursuer (2): A0565/17; A0676/23

pursuers (1): A0243/22

pursues (1): B0870/20

pursuing (9): A0548/03; B0840/13; B1313/19; B1328/03; C0093/23; C0166/18; C0203/20; C0527/10; C0547/37

pursuit (18): A0460/33; A0513/13; A0515/21; A0704/04; B0734/10; B0738/25; B0756/11; B1096/05; B1108/15; B1238/15; B1269/03; C0082/27; C0200/30; C0201/34; C0558/10; C0563/21; C0564/29; C0571/32

pursuits (4): A0268/28; A0482/32; A0495/V; C0138/17

pursvaded (1): B1375/V

pursy (2): A0651/24; B1208/17

purticular> (1): A0467/05

purty> (2): A0464/23; A0465/07

purulent (1): B1235/27

Pusey (1): B1095/03

Puseyism (1): A0181/05

Puseyites (1): B1095/04

push (13): A0385/05; A0583/37; C0074/27; C0143/21; C0158/15; C0166/28; C0170/37; C0525/27; C0539/26; C0549/05; C0564/34; C0572/35; C0574/28

pushed (34): A0092/18; A0103/08; A0111/28; A0206/03; A0479/25; A0508/04; A0511/28; B1157/23; B1349/02; C0075/32; C0094/27; C0096/31; C0109/19; C0129/13; C0163/20; C0181/35; C0184/20; C0191/35; C0194/09; C0200/08; C0200/24; C0201/10; C0415/32; C0525/29; C0526/08; C0526/35; C0527/12; C0538/15; C0540/12; C0555/01; C0561/08; C0561/16; C0568/34; C0576/27

pushing (15): A0627/14; B0771/11; B0793/30; B1050/09; B1363/15; C0162/20; C0169/15; C0172/29; C0188/08; C0536/09; C0537/02; C0554/03; C0559/30; C0560/08; C0564/22

puss (3): A0479/18; C0409/03; C0413/31

put (200)

putares (1): A0603/35

Putnam (2): B1380/03; B1383/15

Putnam’s (1): B1384/14

putrefaction (5): A0092/22; A0111/32; C0071/06; C0124/22; C0142/30

putrescent (1): B0742/34

putrid (4): A0244/V; B1057/07; C0141/21; C0142/15

putridity (1): B1243/06

puts (6): A0284/09; A0378/12; A0530/25; B0871/19; B0975/27; B1152/14

putting (43): A0034/09; A0124/25; A0373/03; A0373/07; A0444/07; A0486/04; A0510/08; A0511/27; A0513/28; A0547/29; A0639/12; A0642/31; B0767/16; B0830/01; B0866/13; B0912/V; B0984/25; B1014/22; B1101/34; B1119/07; B1129/28; B1131/27; B1143/11; B1144/28; B1157/28; B1258/18; B1296/30; B1302/18; B1311/16; B1313/07; B1363/14; B1363/28; B1379/13; B1379/32; C0066/30; C0067/27; C0108/12; C0124/15; C0134/32; C0391/31; C0391/38; C0397/39; C0411/22

putty (2): B0819/33; B0826/26

puzzle (2): A0273/04; A0280/05

puzzled (15): A0388/26; A0547/21; A0553/08; A0628/15; A0628/16; B0809/24; B0810/22; B0822/35; B0926/29; B0975/25; B1056/11; B1103/05; B1297/29; B1298/02; B1317/01

puzzles (2): B0844/10; B0989/28

puzzling (1): A0527/M

px (1): B0988/07

pxh (2): B1374/11; B1374/11

pxll (2): B1374/15; B1374/20

pxxr (1): B1374/15

Pym (3): A0207/02; C0207/27; C0208/19

Pym, A. G. (1): C0056/32

Pym, A. Gordon (1): C0057/T

Pym, Arthur (1): C0058/09

Pym, Arthur Cordon (3): C0053/T; C0057/01; C0212/V

Pym’s (1): C0207/15

Pyramid (1): A0045/12

pyramid (1): A0122/30

pyramids (2): A0108/17; B1160/13

Pyrrhonism (1): A0135/11

Pyrros (1): A0638/V

Pythagoreans (2): A0226/26; A0230/25

q (2): B0988/08; B0988/10

qu’il (2): A0033/19; A0033/20

qu’on (1): A0397/M

qu’un (2): A0019/02; A0135/M

quack (3): A0652/21; B1140/12; B1257/11

quackeries (1): B0959/22

quackery (1): B1359/31

quacking (1): B1134/24

quadrant (1): C0439/V

quadruped (1): A0099/25

quadrupeds (1): C0155/30

quadrupled (3): A0078/20; A0442/01; C0168/27

Quaere (1): A0365/V

quaffed (2): A0101/V; A0249/19

quaint (6): A0143/18; A0211/32; A0301/10; A0399/17; A0429/21; A0664/29

quaintly (1): A0295/06

quaintness (1): A0314/24

qualification (1): C0418/16

qualifications (4): A0053/31; A0063/02; A0085/04; A0096/01

qualified (3): A0055/33; A0113/21; B0904/11

° qualify (1): C0080/24

qualities (19): A0028/08; A0139/20; A0213/02; A0250/25; A0279/22; A0280/26; A0281/26; A0479/37; A0545/09; B0747/31; B0922/13; B0986/09; B1031/25; B1033/14; C0073/29; C0147/11; C0149/30; C0171/25; C0171/41

quality (18): A0100/09; A0245/16; A0265/25; A0278/37; A0405/04; A0432/04; A0485/01; A0530/04; A0556/09; B1033/11; B1034/06; B1039/31; B1056/09; B1073/18; C0101/05; C0179/13; C0179/14; C0542/39

Quand (1): A0096/M

quantities (4): A0539/10; C0205/22; C0395/39; C0442/V

quantity (62)

quantum (1): A0125/06

quantum (3): A0055/05; A0064/08; A0497/24

quarante (1): A0018/12

quarrel (7): A0019/24; A0351/24; A0433/02; B0753/17; B0754/21; B0987/11; B1316/04

quarrelled (2): A0484/25; A0489/21

quarrelling (1): C0104/03

quarrels (3): C0088/04; C0102/09; C0532/35

quarrelsome (1): C0558/06

quart (3): B1045/34; B1045/35; C0138/22

quarter (37): A0366/28; A0513/10; A0514/22; A0546/14; A0552/17; A0553/18; A0554/25; A0581/32; A0585/13; A0588/01; A0602/23; B0739/01; B0807/01; B0872/35; B0878/22; B0894/17; B0976/11; B0976/23; B1135/19; B1237/12; C0071/41; C0123/30; C0130/30; C0140/30; C0163/09; C0187/12; C0190/02; C0191/31; C0202/37; C0398/34; C0407/01; C0407/03; C0414/27; C0567/25; C0572/41; C0574/10; C0578/08

quarter-past (1): C0409/07

Quarterly (5): A0174/03; A0179/14; A0622/09; B1132/24; C0432/38

Quarterly/Review (1): A0628/10

quarters (13): A0369/25; B1059/01; C0095/19; C0101/41; C0103/13; C0110/41; C0163/30; C0164/21; C0167/06; C0200/15; C0404/23; C0560/22; C0578/39

Quartier (1): A0546/V

Quartier (1): B0726/24

Quartier/St./Roch (2): A0537/07; A0544/19

quarto (2): A0056/08; A0409/10

quartz (3): A0175/26; A0182/06; C0573/34

quasi (2): A0072/30; A0366/10

quasi (1): B0914/06

quatrain (1): A0681/M

quatre (1): A0018/12

quaver (1): A0411/03

quavering (1): B0819/35

Que (1): A0344/23

que (25): A0019/04; A0033/20; A0034/01; A0034/02; A0036/05; A0037/02; A0037/10; A0037/24; A0096/M; A0096/M; A0096/M; A0216/08; A0216/10; A0314/15; A0344/21; A0352/12; A0431/08; A0602/07; A0611/04; A0621/01; A0621/03; B0986/34; B1114/02; B1122/01; C0430/41

Queen (2): A0250/11; A0337/05

queen (9): A0037/16; A0120/27; A0337/04; B1152/13; B1155/12; B1155/15; B1159/12; B1159/28; C0162/02

queen’s (1): B1154/02

queenly (2): A0033/06; B0890/14

queer (8): A0126/20; A0337/22; A0625/02; A0655/12; B1016/23; B1016/24; B1295/01; C0387/26

queerest (3): B0810/09; B0812/04; B1299/31

quell (1): B1248/34

quelling (1): A0127/18

quelau’un (1): A0602/07

quench (1): B1212/27

quenched (1): B1206/19

quere (1): A0113/31

queries (5): A0271/11; B0770/15; B1191/32; B1241/14; C0556/08

querulous (1): A0023/21

query (1): A0354/31

query (9): A0281/32; A0383/19; A0479/02; A0652/10; B0869/17; B0903/23; B1164/34; B1315/16; C0556/26

quest (2): B0807/24; B1163/34

question (180)

questionable (1): B1314/36

questioned (6): B1052/22; B1191/30; B1238/31; B1249/26; B1361/35; C0205/06

questioning (3): C0180/30; C0202/28; C0203/31

questionings (1): B0770/12

questions (18): A0384/16; A0445/11; A0478/35; A0527/M; A0629/20; B0726/15; B0751/16; B0817/12; B1032/07; B1186/17; B1221/20; B1294/03; C0100/21; C0102/41; C0127/38; C0205/10; C0395/26; C0556/14

queue (2): A0103/30; C0389/20

queues (1): A0561/08

Qui (1): A0135/M

qui (9): A0033/19; A0036/16; A0125/04; A0498/02; A0568/24; A0568/25; A0600/01; B1122/01; C0430/36

quia (2): A0213/07; A0213/08

quick (28): A0055/27; A0065/07; A0081/16; A0099/04; A0139/29; A0166/14; A0540/06; A0541/07; A0541/V; A0543/05; A0550/15; A0579/19; A0587/37; A0604/14; A0687/12; B0795/09; B0795/V; B0797/09; B0812/27; B1057/25; B1242/24; B1242/24; B1242/25; B1242/25; C0074/31; C0108/25; C0164/37; C0199/18

quickened (1): B1226/02

quicker (3): A0081/06; B0795/16; B0795/16

quickly (40): A0020/12; A0021/11; A0103/16; A0105/16; A0344/26; A0413/32; A0508/04; A0535/23; A0562/11; A0562/V; A0593/30; A0614/33; A0684/12; A0696/27; B0764/14; B0793/20; B0797/11; B0822/15; B0859/02; B0866/11; B0911/O1; B0963/02; B1032/26; B1052/11; B1106/31; C0078/19; C0085/15; C0089/24; C0096/05; C0100/41; C0106/41; C0125/15; C0126/37; C0135/18; C0136/26; C0179/27; C0186/40; C0421/25; C0544/36; C0546/01

quickness (1): B1167/14

quicksand (1): C0538/18

quicksands (1): C0536/02

Quicourre (1): C0548/01

quid (1): A0638/15

quidnuncs (1): B1068/12

quiescence (6): A0212/06; A0612/29; A0614/34; A0616/32; B0966/15; B1034/01

quiet (31): A0029/22; A0091/31; A0111/01; A0152/10; A0195/03; A0195/V; A0196/02; A0311/19; A0347/27; A0433/23; A0473/22; A0533/08; A0537/19; A0565/10; A0565/19; B0862/15; B0878/11; B1008/36; B1047/16; B1056/35; B1090/30; B1090/31; B1090/32; C0074/19; C0081/33; C0093/38; C0096/19; C0119/11; C0168/39; C0175/21; C0545/34

quieted (2): A0674/16; B0891/06

quietly (24): A0025/17; A0080/34; A0123/14; A0317/10; A0317/V; A0437/15; A0532/27; A0563/15; A0563/16; A0627/14; A0684/16; B0844/06; B0866/19; B0894/09; B1047/04; B1075/19; B1107/03; B1108/31; B1183/13; B1191/33; B1349/14; B1369/22; C0058/05; C0390/23

quietude (2): B0893/23; B1280/19

quills (2): C0552/12; C0552/15

quinault (1): A0135/M

quintessence (6): A0052/03; A0062/06; A0160/19; A0499/27; B1315/05; C0426/36

Quintillian (1): B1115/25

Quinty (3): A0091/19; A0091/19; A0110/23

Quirite (2): A0091/23; A0110/27

quit (4): A0642/06; B0899/11; B1014/02; C0188/17

quite (160)

quits (2): B1074/04; B1280/33

quitted (2): A0512/22; B0768/06

quitting (16): A0347/13; A0444/05; A0444/10; A0444/11; A0593/31; A0686/21; B0738/32; B0755/21; B0767/05; B0896/08; B1081/12; B1158/22; B1161/14; B1163/09; B1236/03; C0579/24

quiver (2): A0692/32; B1237/23

quivered (8): A0141/14; A0164/26; A0415/34; A0615/02; A0643/V; A0692/29; B0858/15; B1242/20

quivering (12): A0023/10; A0137/06; A0146/08; A0190/28; A0319/12; A0510/23; B0943/14; B0963/29; B0966/17; B1014/30; B1057/12; C0122/29

quivers (1): A0154/29

Quixotic (2): A0297/03; B1380/25

quiz (3): A0055/33; A0368/15; B0925/18

quizzed (3): A0279/20; A0284/32; A0487/17

Quizzem’s (1): B1359/10

quizzes (1): A0303/29

quizzical (2): A0285/07; A0299/20

quo (2): B1051/21; B1364/06

quocungue (1): B1143/16

quoi (2): A0380/07; A0652/10

quondam (2): A0531/V; A0534/17

quorum (1): A0382/15

quota (2): A0206/02; A0622/34

quotations (2): B0926/34; B1318/09

quote (7): A0342/11; A0709/19; B0734/09; B1115/37; B1154/27; B1370/12; B1381/03

quoted (12): A0176/05; A0176/08; A0180/27; A0180/29; A0356/12; A0536/16; B0759/17; B1151/04; B1274/21; B1275/19; B1293/28; B1360/08

quotes (2): B1051/16; B1382/34

quoting (4): A0652/11; B0986/33; B1293/37; B1304/30

r (1): B0838/09

R.S.A. (1): A0337/18

R— (2): C0523/24; C0565/37

R--’s (2): C0523/25; C0538/26

Rabbins (1): B1095/02

rabbit (7): B1011/02; B1011/04; B1011/07; B1011/09; B1011/14; B1177/06; B1178/06

rabbit-berry (1): C0570/21

rabbits (3): B0850/25; B0851/14; C0156/23

rabble (10): A0123/03; A0125/30; A0125/34; A0126/01; A0262/04; A0490/08; A0498/18; B0946/30; B0947/16; B1224/03

Rabelais’s (1): B1345/14

rabid (2): A0510/13; B0858/26

Raca (2): A0047/03; A0047/03

race (40): A0054/09; A0105/09; A0123/05; A0141/02; A0209/13; A0313/03; A0349/01; A0385/26; A0399/05; A0404/04; A0426/04; A0427/18; A0459/28; A0494/05; A0495/04; A0498/20; A0509/07; A0604/02; A0609/18; A0611/20; A0638/01; A0640/26; B0750/31; B0871/25; B1051/05; B1139/29; B1166/18; B1187/29; B1188/02; B1190/23; B1280/21; C0065/23; C0164/34; C0169/09; C0201/17; C0536/20; C0551/21; C0551/38; C0558/06; C0569/14

Race/street (1): A0388/V

races (3): A0495/07; B0943/26; C0172/37

rack (4): A0693/01; B0991/01; B0991/10; B0991/34

raconteur (1): A0600/07

racoon (1): C0536/23

racy (2): A0091/16; A0110/19

Radcliffe (1): A0662/06

rade> (1): A0465/30

radiance (7): A0311/24; A0417/08; A0503/11; A0590/23; B0964/26; B1138/02; C0402/04

radiant (10): A0228/09; A0299/20; A0312/24; A0316/17; A0406/28; A0603/06; A0608/29; A0644/07; A0664/07; B1385/30

radiantly (1): A0594/09

radiating (1): A0498/18

radiation (1): A0405/05

radical (8): A0104/22; A0580/19; A0641/V; A0644/V; B0851/07; B1219/04; B1221/04; C0555/30

radicalism (1): C0391/18

radically (7): A0460/18; A0499/12; A0704/17; B0991/13; B1190/07; B1269/16; B1318/12

radicalness (2): B0991/19; B1221/21

radii (3): B1071/12; B1071/13; C0400/03

radius (2): C0400/12; C0400/12

Rafaelle (2): A0035/26; A0035/26

Rafflesia (1): B1162/36

rafts (11): C0185/37; C0186/34; C0186/37; C0187/11; C0187/24; C0187/28; C0187/31; C0188/04; C0189/31; C0201/33; C0204/03

rag (3): A0143/22; A0686/02; A0686/15

ragamuffin (1): A0124/26

rage (28): A0023/26; A0139/03; A0159/14; A0262/19; A0373/20; A0447/07; A0499/29; A0675/22; A0676/17; B0856/25; B0896/29; B0911/20; B0913/23; B1101/27; B1165/10; B1348/32; B1353/32; B1372/23; B1373/05; C0067/31; C0075/33; C0079/01; C0149/15; C0188/01; C0190/20; C0201/14; C0201/20; C0562/30

raged (4): A0075/14; A0582/12; A0671/12; B1392/02

ragged (6): A0124/22; A0510/26; A0511/35; C0159/22; C0164/09; C0536/32

Ragged/Hills (1): B0943/26

Ragged/Mountains (3): B0939/T; B0942/15; B0950/01

raging (5): B1006/29; B1215/33; B1294/04; C0135/32; C0561/15

ragout (2): A0094/02; A0113/30

rags (3): A0373/17; A0510/10; C0109/04

rail (2): B1374/26; C0124/38

railroad (4): B0863/06; B1298/34; B1299/08; B1299/22

railroads (2): A0381/26; B1193/04

rails (2): B0765/29; B1299/13

Railway (1): B1166/30

railway (1): B1382/10

raiment (2): A0153/02; A0448/08

rain (32): A0087/33; A0196/04; A0196/04; A0196/06; A0197/24; A0355/04; A0413/30; A0512/09; A0512/14; A0513/08; A0513/35; B0729/16; B0735/07; B0759/02; B0769/V; B1131/10; B1131/10; C0102/25; C0139/21; C0146/05; C0162/28; C0395/19; C0541/05; C0549/19; C0552/39; C0565/12; C0570/29; C0571/21; C0572/25; C0573/24; C0576/20; C0577/01

Rain/River (1): C0526/37

rainbow (6): A0209/02; A0209/04; A0227/28; A0232/14; A0591/08; A0594/07

rained (1): C0548/41

rains (4): A0044/23; C0573/12; C0573/17; C0578/27

rainwater (1): C0145/15

rainy (1): B1115/03

raise (13): A0047/24; A0252/01; A0538/22; A0552/01; A0552/04; A0552/21; A0578/30; B0818/23; B0827/01; B1361/31; C0060/29; C0130/10; C0549/03

raised (17): A0035/23; A0198/13; A0217/V; A0553/26; A0586/16; A0693/24; B0924/14; B1076/11; B1106/31; B1193/15; B1194/15; B1259/25; C0059/24; C0061/01; C0068/28; C0410/07; C0553/30

raisin (1): B1106/03

raising (14): A0106/20; A0325/20; A0374/12; A0433/30; A0694/08; B1071/27; B1127/27; C0082/08; C0082/32; C0156/02; C0169/37; C0205/11; C0431/02; C0529/31

raisins (1): B1105/02

raisonnement (1): A0611/04

rake (3): A0180/25; A0226/12; A0230/10

rakish-looking (1): C0146/23

ralelly> (1): A0464/19

rallied (2): B0947/12; B1194/24

Ram (3): B1296/05; B1296/21; B1313/20

ram (3): A0047/16; A0388/17; B1312/07

Ram-ishly (1): B1317/30

ram’s (1): B1296/21

ram’s-horn (1): B1313/21

ramble (3): A0210/24; B0942/13; C0169/05

rambling (4): A0427/34; A0428/14; B1246/05; C0532/14

rammed (1): A0388/16

rampant (1): B1259/35

rampart (5): A0045/05; A0429/23; B1263/25; C0205/25; C0521/08

ramparts (8): A0043/04; A0044/22; A0045/30; A0145/14; A0294/V; A0407/04; A0478/22; A0579/03

rams (1): B1316/15

Ramus, Jonas (2): A0581/08; A0582/24

ran (48): A0058/29; A0080/40; A0214/26; A0301/19; A0355/04; A0406/22; A0484/28; A0513/31; A0534/30; A0584/31; A0610/02; A0654/27; A0663/25; B0789/14; B0813/12; B0814/22; B0899/27 ; B0928/05; B0944/04; B1076/10; B1108/17; B1132/12; B1158/12; B1158/13; B1160/08; B1178/16; B1225/21; B1372/14; C0067/28; C0081/24; C0104/25; C0115/30; C0115/35; C0134/28; C0169/15; C0173/26; C0183/35; C0184/31; C0200/08; C0200/19; C0200/20; C0411/37; C0417/41; C0537/38; C0539/15; C0542/25; C0548/39; C0571/01

rancid (2): A0092/01; A0111/13

Randolph, John (1): B1234/09

random (11): A0296/V ; A0343/11; A0487/34; A0500/10; A0514/28; A0528/20; A0613/02; A0651/03; B1115/05; C0114/37; C0128/01

rang (6): A0059/19; A0067/10 ; A0546/26; A0672/32; A0675/28; B1186/07

range (28): A0245/10; A0613/10; A0639/10; B0752/15; B0911/16; B0983/31; B1015/24; B1160/28; B1184/01; B1261/01; B1359/08; C0087/40; C0113/41; C0161/31; C0184/30; C0187/11; C0195/09; C0203/22; C0205/22; C0208/05; C0208/07; C0419/02; C0449/V; C0527/02; C0530/03; C0572/19; C0575/14; C0575/16

ranged (4): A0070/19; A0081/40; C0205/26; C0415/20

ranges (1): C0159/25

ranging (1): C0185/04

rank (10): A0243/32; A0397/14; A0413/04; B1007/29; B1114/09; B1190/27; C0150/28; C0165/18; C0192/20; C0552/41

ranked (1): A0510/14

rankly-growing (1): A0514/29

ranks (1): A0128/16





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)