Text: Burton R. Pollin, “Index Entries-Tyrian through Warmth,” Word Index to Poe’s Fiction, (1982), pp. 361-377 (This material is protected by copyright)


Tyrian (1): A0150/V

Tyrius (1): A0176/06

Tyrius, Maximus (1): A0180/28

u (1): B0838/21

ubi (1): A0681/M

Ude (1): A0653/20

ugh (37): A0092/06; A0092/06; A0092/07; A0092/07; A0111/17; A0111/17; A0111/19; A0111/19; A0111/19; A0252/18; A0252/18; A0252/18; A0252/19; A0252/19; A0252/19; A0252/19; A0252/19; A0252/19; A0252/19; A0252/20; A0252/20; A0252/20; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/08; B1259/09; B1259/09; B1259/09

ugliness (1): C0425/40

ugly (8): B0924/23; B1157/06; C0064/21; C0088/27; C0425/08; C0551/38; C0569/13; C0569/32

Ugolino (2): B1128/24; B1129/17

ult (7): A0265/31; A0266/24; A0267/17; A0268/24; A0272/23; A0273/03; A0273/34

ulterior (2): B1221/04; C0565/05

Ultima/Thule (1): A0690/26

ultimate (36): A0553/12; A0555/17; A0564/29; B0955/19; B0959/22; B1033/27; B1036/17; B1037/09; B1037/09; B1037/16; B1037/16; B1037/20; B1037/24; B1037/27; B1037/33; B1037/36; B1038/11; B1038/18; B1038/26; B1038/31; B1039/26; B1072/18; B1128/10; B1312/31; B1364/10; C0060/27; C0089/35; C0093/12; C0120/01; C0136/29; C0198/07; C0397/37; C0414/31; C0419/06; C0424/02; C0575/21

ultimately (9): A0067/12; B1090/15; B1362/33; C0063/21; C0112/40; C0185/33; C0207/07; C0417/25; C0430/08

ultimatum (1): A0346/14

ultimo (1): A0286/04

ultra (3): A0300/24; A0379/27; A0652/12

ultra (3): A0075/V; A0085/06; A0297/02

ultra-marine (1): B1279/10

ultras (1): A0159/12

uman (1): B0905/23

umbrageous (1): B0761/21

umbrella (2): B1091/13; C0067/28

umbrellas (1): A0512/12

un (15): A0019/02; A0019/03; A0019/03; A0019/03; A0036/V; A0037/03; A0037/V; A0096/M; A0161/04; A0397/M; A0621/01; A0652/10; B0914/13; B0993/26; B1105/09

un (2): B1372/33; B1372/34

un-written (1): B1190/05

Una (19): A0608/01; A0608/02; A0608/06; A0608/07; A0608/13; A0608/23; A0608/25; A0608/29; A0608/T; A0609/01; A0609/03; A0609/09; A0610/25; A0612/09; A0612/13; A0614/01; A0614/25; A0616/05; A0616/30

unabated (2): A0139/04; B0927/18

unable (26): A0033/12; A0058/24; A0128/11; A0266/28; A0270/36; A0500/15; A0623/10; A0708/34; B0723/05; B0726/06; B0733/11; B0829/24; B0835/12; B0931/02; B0958/09; B1273/28; B1374/29; C0121/24.; C0123/02; C0127/09; C0159/32; C0161/32; C0398/30; C0420/05; C0563/25; C0580/04

unaccommodating (1): A0248/05

unaccompanied (1): A0138/V

unaccountable (29): A0028/13; A0098/19; A0102/16; A0138/27; A0142/25; A0161/24; A0293/27; A0411/32; A0432/05; A0529/15; A0629/12; B0751/26; B0890/19; B0927/08; B0948/26; B0956/13; B0988/04; B1035/20; B1050/31; B1182/24; B1233/17; B1294/31; B1303/04; B1318/09; C0077/02; C0122/30; C0389/01; C0391/04; C0422/24

unaccountably (6): A0378/06; B0810/15; B0825/08; B1222/28; B1272/05; B1303/24

unaccustomed (1): B1239/33

unacquainted (2): A0261/18; A0285/25

unadapted (1): B1273/36

unadulterated (2): A0078/31; A0629/05

unaffected (1): C0573/12

unaided (1): A0609/26

unaltered (3): B1051/35; B1073/18; B1237/12

unanimity (1): B0758/15

unanimous (2): A0021/16; A0549/19

unanimously (2): A0021/V; A0560/04

unanswerability (1): B1035/17

unanswerable (2): A0628/09; A0629/20

unanticipated (4): A0457/10; A0457/13; A0663/17; B1358/05

unappeasable (1): A0330/02

unapproachable (1): C0065/21

unarmed (3): A0562/21; C0181/17; C0186/30

unassassinated (1): B0737/25

unassisted (1): A0216/07

unassuming (1): A0433/23

unattainable (4): A0711/09; A0711/10; B1276/11; C0401/02

unattempted (1): A0435/03

unattended (4): B0872/11; B1018/04; B1360/04; C0189/37

unauthorized (1): B1095/13

unavailing (1): A0545/09

unavoidable (2): A0127/27; C0055/14

unavoidably (1): B1154/07

unaware (5): B0725/28; B0759/18; B0941/35; B0993/04; C0413/24

unawares (2): C0107/16; C0553/22

unawed (1): A0410/21

unbarred (1): A0081/21

unbecoming (3): A0126/13; B0907/22; B0976/36

unbecomingly (1): B1317/28

unbent (1): A0299/22

unbidden (2): A0250/02; A0682/35

unblemished (1): B1279/35

unblushingly (1): B1207/05

unbonneted (1): A0029/07

unborn (1): A0436/19

unbound (3): A0681/02; A0684/06; C0562/04

unbounded (4): A0282/05; B0896/05; B1239/04; C0404/37

unbridled (1): A0440/33

unbroken (6): A0321/15; A0442/V; B0932/30; B1054/31; C0418/17; C0418/18

unbrokenly (1): A0614/24

unburied (1): B0956/21

unburthen (5): B0849/05; B1114/13; C0537/19; C0537/20; C0563/40

unbuttoning (1): A0262/18

uncalculating (2): A0440/05; B0896/04

uncarpeted (1): B1008/23

unceasing (6): A0405/05; A0704/04; A0712/01; B0940/16; B1269/03; B1277/03

unceasingly (2): A0411/04; A0692/24

unceremoniously (1): B0983/17

uncertain (8): A0066/02; A0081/31; A0214/22; A0244/V; A0589/19; B1073/13; B1206/06; C0112/19

uncertainty (6): A0349/31; A0604/31; B0901/V; B1328/11; C0125/39; C0185/23

uncharitable (1): A0158/15

unchecked (1): B0760/18

unchoked (1): A0138/02

uncircumcised (2): A0043/06; A0045/15

uncivilized (1): B1303/15

uncle (29): A0649/03; A0650/08; A0650/15; A0650/21; A0650/23; A0650/29; A0650/V; A0651/01; A0651/06; A0651/10; A0653/12; A0654/24; A0654/V; A0655/12; A0655/19; A0655/24; A0655/V; A0656/05; A0656/11; A0656/20; A0657/03; A0657/16; A0657/27; B1047/25; B1051/02; B1051/29; B1051/35; B1053/21; B1059/25

uncle’s (3): B1047/23; B1047/31; B1047/32

unclosed (3): A0684/12; A0688/07; B1238/26

unclosing (2): A0438/30; B0957/31

unclouded (1): C0429/03

uncomfortable (7): A0261/16; A0630/13; B1008/15; B1157/06; C0140/16; C0175/08; C0395/20

uncomfortably (2): A0626/28; B0895/11

uncommon (3): A0096/01; A0413/03; A0430/27

uncommonly (1): C0560/01

uncomplaining (1): B0856/15

uncomplainingly (2): A0665/17; B1079/07

uncomprehended (1): B0961/05

uncompromising (1): B0896/03

unconceivable (1): C0122/25

unconceived (1): C0122/25

unconditionally (1): B0988/07

uncongenial (1): B0850/23

unconnected (3): A0266/14; A0695/17; C0127/37

unconquerable (1): B1221/01

unconscionably (1): A0342/V

unconscious (7): A0024/06; A0143/10; A0416/01; A0616/07; A0694/04; C0060/18; C0186/02

unconsciously (4): A0091/09; A0110/15; B1096/35; B1101/34

unconsciousness (2): A0683/14; B0966/08

uncontrollable (5): A0029/10; A0349/25; B0795/21; B1222/03; C0198/10

unconvulsive (1): B0960/21

uncounted (1): B1224/05

uncourteously (1): B0926/04

uncourtly (1): A0434/05

uncouth (2): A0413/11; B0943/26

uncouthness (1): C0055/35

uncovered (6): A0196/26; A0371/04; B0825/22; B1249/23; B1262/05; C0153/08

unction (1): A0161/22

unction (1): C0521/15

uncto (1): B0870/21

uncurtained (1): A0036/08

und (7): A0150/V; A0150/V; A0183/07; A0345/07; A0366/10; B0723/M; B0723/M

und (14): A0177/V; A0373/03; A0373/V; B1103/33; B1103/33; B1103/34; B1104/03; B1104/18; B1109/07; B1109/11; B1109/26; B1109/29; B1109/31; B1109/31

undammed (1): A0610/02

undaunted (1): A0599/M

undauntedly (1): A0244/12

undecayed (1): B0960/10

undeceive (1): A0612/24

undecided (1): B1242/26

undefinable (1): A0428/06

undefined (1): A0190/25

undeniability (1): B1315/05

undeniable (5): A0096/06; A0293/20; B1164/35; B1313/30; B1314/17

under (252)

under-jaw (1): A0241/03

under-let (1): A0539/14

under-rate (1): B1249/34

under-tone (4): A0227/29; A0232/V; B1153/17; B1225/07

under-tow (1): A0144/06

Underduk (1): C0390/15

Underduk, Superbus Von (3): C0388/05; C0390/05; C0426/33

undergo (4): A0456/10; B1330/16; C0395/28; C0408/20

undergoing (6): A0136/19; A0535/24; A0592/22; B0931/14; C0097/34; C0204/13

undergone (11): A0080/14; A0080/15; A0203/10; A0612/01; A0613/20; B1279/31; C0055/33; C0085/12; C0115/02; C0127/36; C0414/29

underground (1): B1021/25

undergrowth (2): B0807/10; B1329/10

underlined (1): A0162/05

underneath (1): A0248/V

underrated (1): A0280/27

underscored (1): A0218/13

understand (89)

understanding (39): A0018/14; A0096/15; A0284/29; A0389/14; A0458/10; A0459/V; A0482/01; A0529/26; A0549/30; A0550/19; A0555/11; A0560/19; A0613/28; A0615/01; A0695/25; A0706/35; A0710/25; B0737/4; B0768/15; B0825/06; B0946/23; B0948/18; B0990/06; B1006/19; B1035/03; B1046/15; B1101/12; B1102/01; B1138/21; B1140/08; B1155/13; B1214/20; B1214/27; B1219/18; B1241/18; B1249/34; B1272/01; B1275/28; B1358/34

understands (1): B0870/24

understood (60)

undertake (4): C0056/15; C0196/26; C0427/07; C0522/33

undertaken (2): B1222/11; C0425/23

undertaker (8): A0057/11; A0080/34; A0080/39; A0245/09; A0248/26; A0249/29; A0250/06; A0542/25

undertaking (10): A0346/32; A0347/22; B1082/09; B1358/14; C0075/04; C0090/10; C0121/09; C0523/03; C0526/01; C0526/30

undertakings (1): A0529/20

undertone (1): A0088/35

undertook (2): B1107/22; C0525/13

undervalue (1): A0555/15

undervalued (1): B0828/21

underwent (5): A0446/16; A0456/09; B0940/18; C0406/24; C0572/13

underwood (5): A0195/16; C0548/40; C0577/28; C0578/09; C0578/11

undeviating (4): A0399/15; A0497/09; C0415/15; C0438/V

undeviatingly (1): A0319/22

undid (3): B0793/07; B0793/08; C0409/29

undignified (2): A0626/06; B0910/25

undiminished (1): B1237/16

undiscovered (2): B0760/23; B0761/25

undisputed (1): B1044/04

undistinguishable (1): A0190/22

undisturbed (7): A0408/16; A0415/30; B0796/28; B0956/25; B0980/31; B1238/06; B1239/15

undivided (4): A0213/09; A0250/03; B0889/07; C0413/07

undivulged (1): A0507/04

undo (1): C0197/12

undone (1): B1225/V

undoubted (1): A0380/16

undoubtedly (34): A0069/15; A0072/15; A0088/08; A0090/33; A0108/07; A0109/25; A0123/27; A0127/26; A0157/V; A0159/04; A0160/13; A0298/03; A0336/06; A0402/33; A0508/17; A0586/12; A0695/10; B0891/15; B1019/36; B1045/21; B1130/09; B1130/10; B1305/02; B1329/28; B1391/29; C0080/27; C0092/10; C0186/30; C0388/15; C0416/18; C0417/27; C0418/05; C0425/22; C0447/V

undreamed (1): B0865/20

undubitably (1): B0968/32

undue (10): A0055/04; A0064/08; A0212/11; A0266/11; A0273/19; A0282/09; A0497/19; A0545/29; B0863/26; B1074/29

undulated (1): B1328/04

undulation (2): B0862/34; B1038/08

undulations (1): B1214/28

une (3): A0602/06; A0602/08; B0986/34

unearthed (4): B0825/35; B0834/19; B0960/06; B1303/32

unearthly (6): A0027/05; A0226/17; A0230/15; A0250/28; B1240/17; C0446/V

unearths (1): B0957/29

uneasily (4): A0102/20; A0411/23; A0643/09; B0960/23

uneasiness (26): A0064/16; A0081/32; A0137/01; A0514/15; A0614/11; A0667/45; B0813/32; B0825/17; B0940/29; B0943/23; B0966/11; B1032/15; C0070/04; C0084/10; C0129/01; C0397/31; C0403/32; C0406/04; C0407/17; C0409/06; C0411/30; C0412/21; C0413/12; C0413/20; C0419/07; C0575/05

uneasy (20): A0145/01; A0274/11; A0322/28; A0323/23; A0433/13; A0585/18; A0600/24; A0625/01; A0626/33; A0674/16; B0949/10; B0964/35; B1237/20; C0070/12; C0071/22; C0075/31; C0395/30; C0405/38; C0408/23; C0410/07

unedged (1): B0763/04

uneducated (1): B0926/21

unemployed (1): A0529/01

unencumbered (1): B1316/33

unendurable (3): A0411/33; A0459/30; B0961/20

unequal (11): A0279/14; A0410/33; A0499/14; A0541/07; A0549/04; A0550/15; A0555/20; A0614/21; B0832/29; B0962/15; C0187/06

unequalled (1): A0379/09

unequivocal (7): A0053/03; A0510/07; A0551/24; B0895/20; B0962/25; B1237/18; C0419/37

unequivocally (6): A0104/18; A0113/03; A0215/23; A0303/12; B1047/24; B1080/13

unerring (1): A0078/14

uneven (3): B0818/31; B0940/12; C0180/37

unevenly (1): A0543/05

unevenness (1): C0079/36

uneventful (1): C0547/37

unexampled (1): B1337/19

unexpected (12): A0073/03; A0159/21; A0654/15; B1075/17; B1280/01; C0082/37; C0124/06; C0165/01; C0187/17; C0387/03; C0407/11; C0562/33

unexpectedly (8): A0105/06; B0858/10; B0942/22; C0184/10; C0432/01; C0554/15; C0559/31; C0562/15

unexplored (8): A0610/03; B0759/31; B0858/14; B1331/32; C0418/10; C0521/12; C0521/13; C0524/33

unexposed (1): B0977/08

unfair (1): A0073/24

unfamiliar (1): A0400/33

unfastened (6): A0154/12; C0091/10; C0196/37; C0398/03; C0409/36; C0415/21

unfathomable (7): A0138/28; A0232/02; A0313/V; B0852/16; B1222/16; C0126/18; C0405/31

unfavorable (1): B1052/21

unfeeling (1): A0020/V

unfeigned (2): B1016/03; C0561/02

unfeignedly (1): B0906/01

unfilled (1): B0827/12

unfinished (1): A0160/07

unfit (2): A0142/29; C0410/42

unfitted (2): A0534/14; B1312/35

unflinching (1): A0230/06

unflinchingly (1): B1374/03

unflogged (1): A0622/30

unfold (3): B0894/24; B0964/22; B1208/06

unfolded (3): B0747/31; B1140/09; B1214/21

unforeseen (2): B0752/08; B1077/11

unforgotten (1): A0321/02

unformed (2): A0268/15; A0693/22

unfortuate (1): B0962/27

unfortunate (22): A0026/10; A0070/24; A0077/02; A0204/18; A0253/06; A0631/14; B0725/17; B0731/22; B0734/24; B0750/18; B0754/01; B0766/03; B0769/06; B0825/14; B0932/18; B1010/12; B1138/05; B1242/02; C0088/29; C0166/29; C0408/32; C0556/36

unfortunately (12): A0066/34; A0102/11; A0121/V; A0264/02; A0264/24; A0344/28; A0351/02; A0565/13; B1106/13; B1350/02; B1385/07; C0390/12

unfreguently (10): A0211/12; A0314/22; A0406/13; A0529/10; A0545/04; A0545/07; B0759/31; B1114/10; B1181/06; C0106/18

unfruitful (2): A0296/15; B0752/24

unfulfilled (1): B1215/33

unfurnished (1): A0242/32

ungenteel (1): B1127/32

ungentlemanly (6): A0094/14; A0114/13; A0114/V; A0386/17; A0623/19; B1169/04

ungovernable (10): A0028/25; A0053/12; A0062/20; A0140/13; A0154/28; A0427/25; A0563/V; A0567/V; A0580/11; B0856/13

ungoverned (1): A0142/08

ungracious (1): A0435/25

ungrammatical (1): B1131/04

ungrateful (3): A0546/07; B0808/11; B1128/04

ungratefully (1): C0128/10

ungreeted (1): B1107/31

unguarded (1): C0200/21

unguided (2): A0639/08; B0834/16

unhallowed (3): A0251/04; A0323/02; B1215/34

unhandsome (2): A0114/09; B1123/23

unhandsomely (1): B1183/13

unhappily (5): A0611/10; A0627/02; B1031/15; B1271/05; C0430/09

unhappiness (4): A0018/07; A0703/26; B0903/03; B1268/25

unhappy (15): A0024/30; A0055/20; A0065/04; A0070/24; A0074/07; A0213/17; A0626/30; B0772/23; B1005/10; B1053/28; B1054/34; B1133/28; B1169/08; B1371/05; B1374/31

unheard (1): A0062/26

unheard-of (4): A0021/11; A0053/18; B0757/33; C0425/20

unheeded (3): A0402/10; A0616/V; B0872/13

unhemmed (1): B0762/32

unhesitatingly (6): A0053/16; A0062/V; A0243/25; A0325/24; B1223/V; B1358/12

unhewn (1): A0610/02

unholy (1): A0163/13

unhurried (1): A0402/23

uniform (15): A0266/13; A0267/35; A0269/04; A0278/34; A0415/14; A0499/07; A0591/18; A0685/27; B0946/29; B1071/17; B1168/21; C0171/41; C0173/01; C0193/19; C0203/25

uniformity (10): A0267/02; A0273/15; A0497/18; A0500/07; A0694/04; B1279/32; B1280/19; B1282/02; B1330/10; C0151/41

uniformly (6): A0433/21; A0437/07; C0161/07; C0166/06; C0179/39; C0573/25

unimaginable (1): A0379/05

unimaginative (1): A0413/11

unimagined (1): B0752/18

unimpaired (1): B1074/33

unimpeded (1): A0676/08

unimportant (1): C0079/04

unimpressive (2): B1214/32; B1225/03

unincorporate (1): B1036/20

unincumbered (1): C0577/30

unindividualized (1): B1036/32

uninformed (2): A0443/06; C0433/07

uninjured (2): C0136/23; C0399/12

unintelligible (11): A0025/V; A0102/25; A0213/V; A0217/12; A0339/32; A0583/13; A0707/34; B0892/27; B0960/24; B1272/34; C0392/22

unintentionally (1): A0104/03

uninterrupted (5): A0703/20; B0724/33; B0906/06; B1268/19; B1330/08

uninterruptedly (6): A0497/16; A0676/11; B0752/09; B1123/11; C0084/40; C0545/35

Union (1): B0877/33

union (3): A0650/16; A0653/24; B0901/V

unique (7): A0293/20; A0301/06; A0528/32; A0693/08; B1034/26; B1039/06; B1299/03

uniquely (1): A0248/06

uniquity (1): A0293/21

unison (2): A0320/13; B1038/15

unit (2): B0955/20; B1178/01

unite (5): B0927/09; B1277/18; C0110/01; C0182/31; C0521/21

United (1): B0862/16

united (18): A0074/30; A0278/18; A0365/16; A0543/16; A0557/12; B0826/09; B0922/14; B0987/27; B1073/21; B1089/12; B1145/04; B1166/23; B1276/29; B1299/21; B1363/08; C0121/39; C0403/18; C0412/16

United/States (11): A0261/22; A0261/24; A0497/05; A0500/V; B0862/03; B0864/10; B0914/20; B1164/40; C0055/01; C0526/19; C0528/29

uniting (2): C0431/01; C0538/05

unity (5): A0175/11; A0181/01; A0473/10; B1034/03; B1212/21

universal (22): A0337/13; A0337/26; A0370/24; A0460/21; A0610/16; A0710/34; B0834/17; B0894/V; B0933/26; B0984/07; B1036/08; B1036/08; B1036/12; B1137/08; B1139/04; B1145/10; B1190/11; B1275/35; B1300/03; B1324/02; C0182/04; C0523/17

universality (1): B0987/21

universally (8): A0583/09; B0738/14; B0864/27; B1029/02; B1044/25; B1122/18; B1346/34; C0111/13

Universe (4): A0127/02; A0127/23; A0128/01; B1317/32

universe (23): A0079/32; A0145/15; A0211/28; A0298/V; A0304/06; A0314/07; A0314/V; A0405/05; A0431/07; A0601/26; A0642/14; A0682/18; B0913/16; B0943/18; B0963/05; B1109/02; B1134/01; B1190/20; B1212/19; B1213/07; B1214/26; B1299/33; B1317/19

University (2): A0181/22; B0922/11

university (9): A0292/V; A0293/24; A0293/28; A0295/08; A0296/10; A0297/27; A0299/10; A0440/18; A0440/36

Unjigah (1): C0527/11

unjust (2): B0763/24; B1380/29

unjustly (1): A0528/14

unkind (1): B1090/08

unkindest (1): B1129/28

unknown (57)

unlearned (3): A0226/24; A0230/23; A0338/06

unless (33): A0025/27; A0092/21; A0111/31; A0226/06; A0230/04; A0706/24; B0724/01; B0759/30; B0770/32; B0809/28; B0841/34; B0865/11; B0871/02; B0929/25; B0963/14; B1003/07; B1033/14; B1188/33; B1238/10; B1271/26; B1300/26; B1310/07; B1331/19; B1332/25; B1347/17; B1383/21; C0106/04; C0129/02; C0130/02; C0142/01; C0404/08; C0557/11; C0577/38

unlettered (1): B1313/16

unlike (9): A0274/28; A0434/V; A0614/17; A0651/23; B1156/10; B1248/16; C0171/20; C0172/37; C0174/03

unlikely (1): B1169/31

unlimited (6): A0250/29; A0675/01; B1037/33; B1038/17; B1134/05; C0175/31

unload (1): B0968/28

unlocked (1): B0808/09

unlocking (1): B0983/13

unlooked (1): B0752/18

unlooked-for (1): C0069/35

unloosened (1): A0330/V

unloveliness (1): A0209/05

unlucky (1): A0070/08

unmanacled (2): A0058/03; A0068/25

unmanageable (3): A0584/27; B0958/20; B1076/02

unmanned (1): A0588/27

unmannerly (1): B1383/11

unmask (1): A0675/25

unmeaning (7): A0026/16; A0080/22; A0155/14; A0499/25; A0568/V; A0692/27; B1130/05

unmentionable (2): A0065/27; B1137/07

unmentioned (1): A0404/28

unmerited (1): A0317/24

unmingled (1): A0404/08

unmistakeable (3): B0895/03; B0946/03; B1247/12

unmitigated (3): A0294/14; C0425/35; C0440/V

unmolested (3): C0102/06; C0395/16; C0558/16

unmouldered (1): B0956/30

unmuzzled (1): B0823/34

unnameable (1): B1222/29

unnatural (18): A0023/V; A0025/27; A0026/32; A0081/02; A0098/20; A0143/01; A0214/V; A0246/10; A0402/34; A0409/28; A0412/31; A0414/32; A0460/30; A0591/28; A0683/19; B0814/28; B0903/02; C0145/03

unnaturally (1): A0022/08

unnecessarily (4): A0563/25; B0902/20; B1259/20; B1380/32

unnecessary (24): A0055/30; A0065/11; A0093/18; A0112/29; A0204/22; A0226/20; A0230/19; A0274/32; A0302/V; A0433/14; A0554/04; A0704/V; B0723/08; B0736/25; B0839/24; B0916/05; B1145/28; C0056/30; C0106/30; C0132/25; C0411/15; C0526/24; C0539/22; C0546/29

unnerved (6): A0235/12; A0397/21; A0403/16; A0415/29; A0558/24; B1242/26

unnoticed (7): A0141/33; A0154/21; A0310/09; A0444/30; A0663/21; B0990/04; B1334/12

unnumbered (1): B1130/21

unobserved (5): B0905/05; B0908/25; C0084/22; C0089/17; C0544/24

unobstructed (4): A0551/28; A0552/20; A0578/11; A0590/31

unobtrusive (1): A0399/02

unoccupied (1): C0153/03

unoffending (1): B0852/19

unopened (3): A0409/32; B0899/26; B1181/06

unorganized (3): B1037/28; B1037/33; B1038/11

unostentaticus (2): A0528/22; B0877/36

unpacked (2): B1369/28; C0407/29

unpaid-for (1): A0241/31

Unparalleled (1): C0387/T

unparalleled (10): A0021/06; A0157/03; A0212/09; A0213/32; A0426/05; B1131/15; B1371/27; C0404/21; C0421/24; C0425/20

unpardonable (4): A0249/30; A0295/13; A0426/11; B0899/10

unparticled (15): B1033/25; B1033/27; B1033/34; B1034/03; B1034/05; B1034/08; B1034/26; B1036/06; B1036/17; B1036/24; B1037/35; B1038/06; B1038/16; B1040/01; B1040/05

unperceived (4): A0140/29; B0794/23; B1382/25; C0396/18

unphilosophical (3): A0054/37; A0064/04; B0740/19

unpicturesqueness (1): B1274/17

unpleasant (9): A0497/18; A0500/05; A0500/V; A0564/26; B0812/15; B1078/25; B1233/08; C0204/37; C0565/17

unpleasantly (2): B1328/09; C0565/19

unpleasing (1): B0940/14

unpleasingly (1): B1004/10

unpossibility (2): A0251/11; A0251/15

unpractised (1): C0547/29

unprepossessing (1): A0562/18

unpretending (2): B1335/25; B1379/18

unprincipled (3): A0372/12; B0993/12; B1207/33

unprofitable (2): A0490/12; B1029/04

unproportionably (1): A0322/08

unpublished (1): C0524/17

unqualified (4): A0105/02; A0431/27; A0439/18; C0569/31

unquenchable (1): B1212/27

unquestionability (1): B1314/36

unquestionable (8): B0748/24; B0772/14; B0877/24; B1045/01; B1298/24; B1315/04; B1316/35; B1329/08

unquestionably (11): A0379/19; A0560/01; A0612/18; B0766/29; B0771/12; B0863/21; B0904/24; B0978/26; B1078/28; B1082/08; B1358/05

unquiet (10): A0102/21; A0144/23; A0145/28; A0161/23; A0190/05; A0196/32; A0324/18; A0326/08; A0499/21; B0827/16

unransacked (1): B1179/16

unrasonable> (1): A0469/20

unravel (2): A0099/02; C0388/06

unreal (4): A0022/03; A0212/25; A0695/34; A0696/01

unrealities (1): B1246/18

unreason (1): B1314/01

unreasonable (7): A0027/23; A0353/03; A0485/17; A0486/22; B1077/25; B1220/28; B1379/26

unreasoning (2): B0748/13; B0765/13

unredeemed (1): A0397/19

unredressed (2): B1256/07; B1256/08

unrelieved (4): A0139/01; A0140/07; A0397/08; A0500/05

unremitting (2): A0059/33; C0394/36

unremittingly (1): B0894/11

unreserved (2): B0906/07; C0094/38

unreservedly (3): A0405/01; B0901/16; C0093/10

unresistingly (2): A0447/12; C0075/41

unrest (1): B0964/31

unrestricted (1): B1122/33

unriddled (2): A0553/30; B0839/30

unriddles (1): B1298/03

unrigged (1): C0424/18

unrivalled (1): A0380/25

unroll (1): B1178/23

unrolled (2): B0822/08; B0822/09

unrolling (1): B1185/12

unrounded (1): B1337/26

unruffled (3): A0398/10; C0405/06; C0407/33

unsatisfactory (5): A0398/02; A0477/03; A0582/31; B1291/17; C0078/22

unscathed (1): A0349/35

unscrew (1): C0424/16

unscrewed (1): A0410/13

unscrupulous (1): A0446/28

unsearchableness (1): A0577/M

unseasonable (1): A0251/03

unseasonably (1): A0214/17

unseemly (1): A0057/27

unseen (11): A0157/V; A0640/34; B0863/09; B0872/13; B0890/27; B0955/32; B0961/24; B0964/24; B1281/16; B1317/31; B1352/32

unselfish (1): B0850/18

unsettled (3): A0282/06; B0807/32; B0814/04

unshackled (1): C0412/30

unsheathing (1): B1262/25

unshipped (1): C0533/27

unsightly (2): A0603/23; B1351/21

unskillful (1): A0667/07

unslacked (1): C0396/09

unsocial (1): A0320/15

unsolved (1): B0723/12

unspeakable (6): A0328/22; A0426/11; A0692/29; B0863/10; B1162/05; C0080/18

unstable (2): B0902/09; C0412/31

unsteadily (1): B1261/22

unsteadiness (1): C0099/16

unsteady (8): A0138/22; A0141/11; A0210/03; A0499/01; A0510/17; B1258/33; C0129/28; C0577/20

unstring (1): A0578/04

unstrung (3): A0687/23; B0965/08; C0578/41

unsuccessful (7): A0437/07; B1069/20; B1242/08; C0121/19; C0121/40; C0141/16; C0197/10

unsuitable (1): B1044/08

unsuited (2): A0673/22; A0673/24

unsundered (1): C0545/40

unsupported (2): C0055/18; C0136/33

unsurpassed (2): B1333/35; C0524/09

unsuspectedness (1): A0296/V

unswathe (1): B1178/21

unt (2): A0357/05; B1158/34

untameable (1): C0577/36

untenable (2): B1296/29; B1313/31

untenanted (2): A0242/32; A0676/31

untended (1): B1317/30

untie (3): C0119/02; C0197/07; C0398/09

untied (4): C0088/18; C0088/40; C0090/21; C0408/21

until (304)

untimely (3): A0026/20; A0445/04; A0503/20

untiring (1): A0061/01

unto (24): A0195/09; A0195/13; A0196/07; A0196/14; A0197/14; A0197/17; A0310/M; A0314/29; A0319/24; A0320/01; A0426/12; A0447/09; A0515/24; A0580/23; A0604/05; A0604/07; A0608/16; A0639/03; A0643/28; A0643/V; A0645/09; A0681/01; A0695/11; B1109/34

untold (1): B1170/03

untorturing (1): A0616/V

untouched (4): B0751/16; B0851/34; B1317/31; C0545/38

untoward (3): A0531/18; A0665/06; B1055/09

untractable (2): A0024/08; A0027/V

untravelled (2): B1184/25; C0521/11

untried (1): C0207/08

untrodden (2): A0296/V; A0316/09

untrue (1): B0987/24

untutored (1): A0157/22

unus (1): A0125/01

unused (1): B0741/27

unusual (59)

unusually (26): A0026/17; A0241/11; A0245/25; A0267/31; A0297/08; A0314/17; A0410/10; A0491/01; A0613/01; A0630/22; A0662/11; B0761/13; B0873/12; B1053/10; B1072/16; B1076/12; B1100/02; B1238/01; C0115/29; C0147/09; C0158/20; C0387/10; C0521/22; C0540/17; C0562/11; C0562/32

unusualness (3): B0737/05; B0746/11; B0746/33

unutterable (13): A0048/02; A0217/V; A0326/17; A0327/06; A0329/23; A0676/30; B0771/26; B0854/32; B0856/06; B1240/32; B1302/01; B1372/15; C0083/31

unvarying (3): A0703/29; B0749/18; B0834/09

unveiling (1): A0319/16

unvollkommen (2): B0723/M; B0723/M

unwarranted (1): B1242/04

unwashed (1): B0760/06

unwavering (1): C0111/40

unwearied (1): A0211/29

unwelcome (4): A0025/09; A0071/15; A0432/16; B0808/V

unwell (1): B0815/27

unwetted (1): A0349/35

unwholesome (1): C0192/20

unwieldy (4): A0241/10; A0551/30; B1345/34; C0075/11

unwilling (4): A0074/11; A0141/02; B0817/10; C0065/39

unwillingly (1): C0186/31

unwisely (1): A0609/35

unwitting (1): B1050/26

unwittingly (7): A0022/07; A0142/12; A0294/V; A0444/24; A0534/03; B0745/04; C0130/27

unwomanly (1): B1277/08

unwonted (2): A0043/13; A0329/12

unworldliness (1): B1338/34

unworthily (1): A0317/24

unworthy (7): A0086/23; A0099/19; A0299/11; A0446/27; C0422/35; C0563/41; C0564/16

unwound (1): A0693/10

unwounded (1): C0557/37

unwrought (2): A0703/14; B1268/13

unyielding (1): C0075/34

up (892)

up-side-down (1): B1141/28

upbraid (3): A0227/07; A0231/19; A0416/16

upheld (2): B1165/32; C0061/36

upholstery (2): A0158/13; A0498/15

uplift (2): B0928/05; B0966/34

uplifted (13): A0217/V; A0399/28; A0411/27; A0413/31; A0414/21; A0439/17; A0615/30; B0741/23; B0959/05; B0966/34; B1102/15; C0067/28; C0076/23

uplifting (7): A0214/19; A0623/07; B0856/20; B1017/10; B1135/01; B1247/27; B1261/17

upon (2261)

upper (63)

upper-lip (1): A0241/16

uppermost (6): A0085/11; B0957/02; B0977/08; B0991/V; C0197/01; C0577/10

upraise (1): A0552/27

upraised (1): B1074/30

upreared (1): A0140/04

uprearing (1): A0190/01

upright (11): A0058/15; A0069/03; A0153/22; A0252/11; A0387/V; A0640/08; B0741/16; B0910/24; B0911/V; B1163/31; C0063/20

uprightness (1): B1136/27

uprise (1): A0594/08

uprising (1): A0319/16

uproar (10): A0022/05; A0123/31; A0128/12; A0174/02; A0179/13; A0373/12; A0580/12; B1020/17; B1374/22; C0387/05

uproarious (1): C0550/20

uproariously (1): A0105/27

uprooted (1): B1303/06

uprooting (1): A0557/21

uprose (2): A0594/V; A0643/20

Upsaroka (1): C0087/19

Upsarokas (1): C0087/02

upset (2): A0099/03; B1090/18

upsetting (1): A0088/20

upside (4): A0108/21; A0342/10; B1279/12; C0388/26

upside-down (1): A0265/23

upsprang (1): B1332/03

upspringing (6): A0608/18; A0615/21; B0759/14; B0759/21; B1190/29; B1283/10

upstart (1): A0044/17

upthrew (1): A0616/28

upturned (4): A0047/30; B0825/25; B1353/32; C0387/18

upward (25): A0350/23; A0496/27; A0536/11; A0578/16; A0602/23; A0689/23; A0689/31; A0690/11; A0690/17; A0692/26; B0730/25; B0765/21; B0944/22; B1105/18; B1214/29; B1214/30; B1280/22; B1281/24; B1352/33; C0063/36; C0125/13; C0144/13; C0183/16; C0402/36; C0403/21

upwardly (1): B1239/22

upwards (24): A0035/08; A0047/11; A0122/V; A0139/34; A0166/08; A0196/19; A0353/27; B0741/28; B0826/15; B1072/03; B1156/18; B1163/26; B1260/16; C0396/21; C0398/14; C0399/06; C0402/06; C0412/19; C0415/15; C0420/34; C0422/39; C0425/12; C0442/V; C0552/27

Uranus (1): B1322/13

urbanity (2): B1209/10; C0148/01

urchin (1): A0124/22

urchins (1): A0368/26

urge (4): A0696/33; B0765/02; B0902/24; B0985/34

urged (35): A0226/27; A0231/01; A0235/19; A0432/09; A0459/04; A0473/32; A0513/01; A0566/06; A0604/19; B0741/01; B0745/22; B0761/30; B0764/02; B0825/30; B0852/18; B0893/11; B0901/22; B0926/10; B0949/09; B0966/33; B0985/20; B1236/10; B1315/25; C0065/38; C0100/30; C0128/01; C0134/35; C0403/38; C0423/09; C0521/16; C0522/08; C0529/24; C0536/10; C0558/39; C0561/11

urgency (1): B0960/28

urgent (7): A0156/28; A0386/28; B0760/32; B0769/02; B0900/11; B1236/19; C0559/07

urges (2): B0749/06; B1223/17

urging (6): B0745/07; B1315/28; C0055/06; C0076/17; C0132/16; C0557/02

Urion (1): A0536/20

urry (1): B1109/18

us (789)

usage (3): A0135/01; A0300/05; A0555/17

usages (1): B1005/25

usbande (2): B0912/08; B0912/09

use (92)

use-up (1): B1140/34

Used (1): A0378/T

used (49): A0090/26; A0248/17; A0266/09; A0268/20; A0273/27; A0277/15; A0283/03; A0328/12; A0356/V; A0389/18; A0399/19; A0410/04; A0443/22; A0493/05; A0508/36; A0561/07; A0584/03; A0612/36; A0623/10; A0667/25; A0667/37; B0746/26; B0766/30; B0841/21; B0841/27; B0924/09; B1013/08; B1015/01; B1090/14; B1137/17; B1183/13; B1383/28; C0057/20; C0063/11; C0069/01; C0084/38; C0100/24; C0139/20; C0144/32; C0156/40; C0174/21; C0180/27; C0202/22; C0388/22; C0534/31; C0535/28; C0566/28; C0567/27; C0577/25

Useful (1): A0337/18

useful (6): A0270/07; A0382/02; A0382/03; B1091/14; B1091/16; C0070/16

usefully (1): A0528/22

useless (23): A0058/19; A0139/09; A0495/V; B0888/08; B0895/22; B0930/34; B1082/11; B1158/24; B1235/24; C0061/24; C0075/37; C0078/35; C0094/20; C0114/40; C0116/22; C0117/37; C0126/16; C0127/08; C0134/32; C0142/38; C0199/16; C0201/20; C0425/41

uses (5): A0600/13; B1130/18; B1158/06; B1300/23; B1383/20

Usher (17): A0397/06; A0397/22; A0397/T; A0399/05; A0399/18; A0401/19; A0404/29; A0405/07; A0406/21; A0409/08; A0409/29; A0410/16; A0412/06; A0413/O1; A0415/30; A0416/27; A0417/17

usher (1): A0430/10

Usher, Roderick (4): A0398/15; A0401/27; A0404/V; A0405/22

Usher’s (2): A0408/03; A0413/09

ushered (2): A0401/05; B1004/01

Ushers (1): A0404/05

ushers (1): A0428/25

using (14): A0273/14; A0555/14; A0584/30; B1090/15; B1222/13; B1383/14; C0145/22; C0163/07; C0173/38; C0199/22; C0536/11; C0544/34; C0557/23; C0577/15

using-up (2): B1129/13; B1140/31

usual (117)

usually (62)

usurpation (1): A0120/04

usurped (2): A0616/19; B1018/27

usurping (1): B1194/13

usury (1): B0869/02

Ut (1): B0870/21

Utawas (1): C0528/10

Utawas/river (1): C0526/35

Utica (1): B1360/35

utilitarian (1): B0866/06

utilitarians (1): A0609/32

utility (1): A0609/21

utmost (18): A0374/08; A0551/32; B0727/04; B0826/09; B0982/18; C0074/21; C0074/33; C0075/34; C0114/30; C0122/11; C0130/30; C0137/05; C0190/09; C0200/33; C0424/12; C0438/V; C0538/02; C0556/40

utter (35): A0104/17; A0139/21; A0141/33; A0144/16; A0251/11; A0251/15; A0274/36; A0320/14; A0329/07; A0397/15; A0404/08; A0405/20; A0414/V; A0442/14; A0446/09; A0532/V; A0623/23; A0691/13; B0760/16; B0961/07; B0967/03; B1105/31; B1247/09; B1295/34; B1302/12; B1311/34; C0076/21; C0083/11; C0088/01; C0096/08; C0108/18; C0112/29; C0182/06; C0186/20; C0398/37

utterance (16): A0054/01; A0063/10; A0315/14; A0318/02; A0402/24; A0411/04; A0416/22; A0439/20; A0555/22; A0624/31; B0905/13; B1221/27; B1241/02; B1256/04; C0072/37; C0083/02

uttered (33): A0053/04; A0108/18; A0155/15; A0214/25; A0249/31; A0315/15; A0317/10; A0317/V; A0447/08; A0541/07; A0564/12; A0630/15; A0675/28; B0825/31; B0858/27; B0902/10; B0960/24; B0983/18; B1020/32; B1050/26; B1051/02; B1057/10; B1105/06; B1225/V; B1240/33; B1353/16; C0091/41; C0128/37; C0136/17; C0388/37; C0425/09; C0429/38; C0557/20

uttering (7): A0217/V; B1349/02; C0111/26; C0112/24; C0123/04; C0130/19; C0408/28

utterly (100)

uttermost (5): A0317/06; A0426/04; B0878/08; B0966/04; B1145/11

utterness (1): A0413/V

utters (1): B1250/28

V (38): A0268/01; A0407/24; B1032/16; B1032/19; B1032/21; B1032/23; B1032/26; B1032/28; B1032/31; B1032/V; B1033/01; B1033/03; B1033/06; B1033/07; B1033/09; B1033/13; B1033/16; B1033/18; B1033/33; B1034/09; B1035/16; B1035/34; B1036/08; B1036/12; B1036/16; B1036/20; B1036/27; B1036/31; B1037/03; B1037/05; B1037/12; B1037/23; B1037/29; B1038/22; B1039/05; B1039/11; B1039/19; B1039/29

V— (1): A0093/08

Va. (1): C0055/04

vaat (1): A0365/V

vacancy (4): A0411/08; A0625/08; B0838/03; B1057/22

vacant (6): A0397/13; A0398/13; A0513/24; A0533/18; A0548/25; B0983/10

vacantly (1): B1348/22

vacated (2): B0913/24; C0545/12

vacillating (3): A0214/24; A0556/31; B0962/15

vacillation (6): A0514/15; A0608/08; C0415/18; C0416/32; C0419/41; C0420/01

vacuo (1): C0425/37

vacuum (4): C0207/10; C0404/10; C0410/37; C0411/03

vagabond (5): B1103/11; B1138/06; B1138/12; B1138/14; B1370/17

vagabond’s (1): B1349/22

vagabonds (2): A0389/05; A0389/06

vagaries (3): A0212/08; A0411/08; B0825/15

vague (50): A0054/13; A0054/29; A0063/20; A0063/29; A0080/21; A0098/20; A0141/04; A0156/22; A0190/30; A0210/03; A0217/10; A0225/06; A0225/19; A0229/06; A0324/19; A0327/28; A0400/26; A0413/13; A0496/V; A0536/09; A0555/24; A0609/27; A0612/18; A0612/27; A0614/11; A0643/V; A0664/08; A0664/29; A0683/18; A0685/11; A0686/21; B0723/02; B0748/09; B0766/17; B0834/02; B0943/08; B0943/27; B0943/29; B0955/26; B1031/07; B1280/23; C0064/12; C0080/25; C0109/11; C0182/02; C0392/29; C0412/38; C0429/10; C0530/19; C0565/05

vaguely (2): A0684/04; B1033/V

vagueness (2): A0405/16; A0710/15

vaguenesses (1): B1275/18

vaguest (1): B0900/07

Vah (1): A0047/V

vain (68)

vainly (2): A0608/17; C0125/38

Valdemar (24): B1233/02; B1233/T; B1234/06; B1234/25; B1235/02; B1235/07; B1235/36; B1236/07; B1236/19; B1236/28; B1238/06; B1238/14; B1238/22; B1238/33; B1239/08; B1239/15; B1239/35; B1240/04; B1240/25; B1241/13; B1241/28; B1242/06; B1242/17; B1380/09

Valdemar, M Ernest (1): B1234/03

Valdemar’s (4): B1235/21; B1237/32; B1241/05; B1241/32

vale (14): A0150/M; A0166/11; A0639/09; A0643/12; B0863/02; B1331/12; B1331/18; B1331/25; B1331/34; B1332/17; B1333/11; B1333/22; B1334/26; B1335/04

Valence (4): B0736/02; B0736/04; B0769/11; B0770/13

Valens (1): A0120/28

valet (1): A0159/17

valet (12): A0386/29; A0400/23; A0401/04; A0662/01; A0663/15; A0667/05; B0824/15; B0826/30; B0843/08; B0900/25; B0901/14; B0931/23

valets-de-chambre (1): A0123/19

valiant (1): A0253/16

valiantly (2): A0345/02; A0356/V

valid (1): A0098/26

validity (4): A0530/04; B0751/21; B0752/25; B0752/34

Valley (1): A0608/28

valley (53)

valleys (7): A0195/M; A0406/25; A0545/18; A0600/22; B0817/27; B1328/06; C0572/18

vallisneria (1): B1163/24

valor (9): A0124/28; A0128/24; A0356/17; A0380/33; A0382/31; A0384/02; A0384/26; A0385/13; A0386/01

valorously (1): A0415/20

valourously (1): A0059/12

valuable (15): A0087/18; A0088/07; A0268/06; A0382/10; A0562/26; B0752/11; B0913/20; B0976/24; B1053/23; B1137/03; B1138/34; B1310/25; C0068/05; C0155/31; C0163/35

valuables (1): B0828/11

value (31): A0263/20; A0561/21; A0561/32; B0747/33; B0826/13; B0827/25; B0827/32; B0828/08; B0842/24; B0872/17; B0873/25; B0877/05; B0890/09; B0907/06; B0908/03; B0985/08; B0987/08; B0987/13; B0987/27; B0987/27; B1114/08; B1214/07; B1312/29; B1345/28; B1360/16; B1364/17; B1364/26; B1364/27; B1381/12; C0073/30; C0180/01

valueless (2): A0073/17; B0828/16

values (2): A0526/25; B0987/28

valve (8): B1074/14; C0406/28; C0411/01; C0411/05; C0411/10; C0412/08; C0413/10; C0413/31

Valz (1): C0401/40

van (1): C0570/37

Van/Diemen’s/Land (2): C0156/10; C0161/36

vanes (9): B1070/05; B1070/05; B1070/11; B1070/22; B1070/22; B1070/31; B1080/17; B1081/V; B1164/30

Vanilla (1): C0543/24

vanilla (1): B1092/31

vanilla-perfumed (1): A0640/01

vanish (2): A0546/01; B1034/31

vanished (9): A0212/23; A0410/31; A0682/13; B0842/30; B0969/09; B1374/27; C0198/29; C0413/34; C0575/20

vanishes (1): B1282/11

vanishing (2): B1032/04; B1330/31

vanities (1): A0644/01

vanity (1): A0440/06

Vankirk (4): B1030/22; B1032/14; B1032/30; B1032/V

vapid (1): B0940/23

vapor (17): A0136/16; A0153/02; A0400/02; A0412/30; A0578/31; A0687/02; A0696/02; B1168/30; B1222/31; B1321/10; B1321/10; B1321/13; B1321/29; B1322/16; B1331/09; B1362/23; C0418/50

vapors (1): B1076/18

vapory (3): A0064/02; A0244/03; A0457/26

vapour (9): C0166/12; C0192/40; C0203/23; C0203/27; C0204/19; C0204/35; C0204/40; C0205/02; C0205/22

vapour-like (1): A0036/V

vapours (1): C0444/V

vapoury (2): A0054/35; C0208/20

variability (1): B1314/13

variable (7): A0210/03; A0302/12; A0528/25; B0736/32; C0157/24; C0425/17; C0425/38

variance (10): A0019/06; A0019/23; A0415/13; A0482/27; A0527/V; B0773/11; C0387/04; C0429/05; C0429/06; C0429/46

variation (20): A0399/09; A0528/33; A0530/12; A0613/32; A0641/23; B0773/06; B0841/27; B0940/15; B0984/23; B0984/25; B0985/19; C0161/05; C0161/09; C0163/11; C0164/04; C0164/21; C0166/06; C0167/10; C0172/02; C0401/36

variations (6): A0081/10; A0138/15; A0324/27; B0877/27; B0962/09; C0203/26

varied (15): A0156/12; A0296/V; A0402/20; A0431/07; A0445/26; A0671/27; B0836/02; B0865/04; B1164/32; B1331/14; B1340/20; C0087/22; C0402/15; C0536/13; C0572/09

varies (4): A0270/16; A0275/36; B1281/28; B1303/01

Varietes (2): A0534/02; A0537/02

varieties (10): A0489/11; A0497/10; A0507/34; A0709/32; B1274/34; B1311/30; B1332/11; B1333/31; B1334/22; C0174/08

variety (41): A0024/25; A0111/03; A0128/17; A0163/V; A0273/16; A0296/V; A0341/04; A0367/16; A0509/14; A0514/04; A0531/18; A0583/30; A0592/08; A0663/V; B0827/27; B0850/11; B0871/33; B0923/02; B0945/12; B1009/08; B1019/13; B1038/28; B1179/26; B1215/05; B1292/33; B1330/10; C0089/19; C0153/14; C0155/20; C0156/23; C0159/08; C0173/34; C0427/10; C0538/28; C0552/13; C0553/02; C0554/17; C0559/40; C0568/12; C0572/06; C0573/17

various (62)

variously (3): A0173/16; A0178/25; A0542/22

varlet (1): A0250/34

varnish (4): C0393/19; C0394/41; C0395/21; C0403/03

varnished (4): B1073/03; B1292/26; B1293/05; C0403/02

vary (5): A0490/26; B0985/23; B1038/29; B1167/02; B1193/24

varying (7): A0191/14; A0326/09; B1164/30; B1168/21; B1180/04; B1363/18; C0418/32

vas (3): B0913/03; B0913/04; B1375/19

vase (5): A0164/21; A0165/V; B1340/16; B1340/19; B1340/20

vases (4): A0165/06; A0165/19; A0503/01; B1179/09

vassal (1): A0025/16

vassals (2): A0021/11; A0025/01

vast (135)

vaster (2): B0827/23; B0989/21

vastly (4): A0322/26; B0837/26; B1078/03; C0202/25

vastness (7): A0557/V; A0577/M; A0711/26; B1039/01; B1039/28; B1078/33; B1276/28

vat (15): B0900/V; B0911/27; B0911/27; B0911/28; B0912/12; B0912/12; B0912/16; B0912/22; B0913/04; B1102/06; B1103/02; B1103/08; B1103/08; B1103/28; B1104/02

Vathek (1): B1335/18

Vathek, Rabbi (1): A0089/17

Vaudeville (1): A0096/M

vaudeville (1): B0898/06

vault (17): A0070/11; A0075/02; A0081/19; A0235/28; A0400/14; A0405/31; A0409/31; A0416/15; A0686/18; A0686/18; A0688/20; B0956/24; B0957/23; B0965/26; B0967/28; B1261/06; C0387/15

vault-door (1): B0965/33

vaulted (6): A0028/13; A0087/20; A0321/21; A0401/13; A0503/09; C0405/30

vaulting (1): A0321/24

vaults (6): A0409/18; B1258/08; B1258/13; B1258/29; B1259/30; B1260/09

vaunted (1): A0478/06

veal (5): A0175/19; A0181/08; B1007/23; B1010/21; B1010/31

veered (1): B1079/16

vegetable (5): A0408/06; A0460/11; B0742/27; C0138/13; C0429/46

vegetables (5): B1162/25; B1162/26; C0155/36; C0156/24; C0535/02

vegetation (14): A0459/17; A0460/08; B0807/03; B0862/36; B1282/20; B1331/37; B1332/14; C0150/27; C0165/25; C0199/02; C0566/13; C0574/02; C0576/32; C0577/11

vehemence (2): A0317/27; C0408/28

vehement (2): A0356/24; B1182/29

vehemently (4): A0664/13; B0770/09; B0797/12; B1057/27

vehicle (9): A0057/05; A0058/11; A0066/32; A0068/31; A0081/11; A0460/27; A0494/01; B0908/23; B1329/13

vehicles (2): A0493/01; B1093/12

veil (6): A0397/18; B0795/03; B0924/15; B1275/18; C0206/01; C0428/38

veiled (3): A0035/21; B0924/14; B0945/15

veils (1): A0318/10

vein (4): A0473/19; B1119/M; B1122/10; C0406/36

veins (14): A0078/05; A0218/18; A0227/10; A0231/24; A0316/22; A0327/06; B1167/08; C0060/41; C0172/07; C0172/07; C0172/10; C0172/10; C0172/13; C0397/23

vell (5): B0899/29; B0911/25; B0911/26; B1373/21; B1373/23

veller (1): B1104/18

vellum (4): B0832/19; B0832/27; B0833/15; B0834/27

vellum-paper (1): A0301/06

velocities (2): A0591/33; C0412/16

velocity (36): A0088/17; A0137/32; A0139/26; A0145/18; A0412/25; A0580/09; A0585/23; A0588/18; A0690/13; A0692/13; B1072/10; B1075/08; B1075/11; B1078/04; B1281/13; B1282/22; B1292/16; B1321/19; B1321/20; B1382/25; C0205/34; C0397/01; C0400/18; C0401/33; C0402/30; C0402/36; C0403/26; C0408/35; C0412/10; C0421/25; C0421/32; C0423/01; C0538/01; C0562/38; C0566/34; C0578/29

Veloute (1): A0175/19

veloute (2): A0181/08; B1007/24

velvet (14): A0087/19; A0100/11; A0447/04; A0509/15; A0663/07; A0672/02; A0673/31; A0676/22; B1049/18; B1281/26; B1329/19; B1334/25; C0107/41; C0542/13

velvety (2): B1333/09; B1337/04

Ven (1): A0344/22

ven (2): B0912/07; B0913/06

vended (1): A0510/26

venders (1): B1092/29

venerable (6): A0344/06; A0348/18; A0349/23; A0428/03; A0430/20; A0627/30

veneration (2): B1033/05; B1127/05

Venetian (1): A0155/07

vengeance (11): A0372/11; A0696/23; B0765/02; B1048/04; B1054/36; B1058/16; B1106/18; B1354/20; C0208/27; C0392/04; C0555/31

vengeful (1): B1158/09

Venice (10): A0085/01; A0086/16; A0086/30; A0089/18; A0151/04; A0151/13; A0152/17; A0153/08; A0165/21; A0321/15

venir (1): A0344/23

Venitian (1): A0155/V

venny (1): A0354/31

venom (1): A0434/06

venomous (3): B0950/06; C0126/15; C0174/15

vent (5): A0697/05; B0727/18; B0913/06; B1048/07; C0537/07

vented (1): C0201/20

ventilators (1): A0071/09

ventricle (1): C0404/08

ventriloquial (1): B1059/21

ventum (1): B0889/30

ventur (2): B0819/32; B0820/14

venture (21): A0151/V; A0271/25; A0327/16; A0435/06; A0444/17; A0624/06; A0667/07; A0674/06; B0820/25; B0942/02; B0976/22; B1090/11; B1320/02; C0061/12; C0071/13; C0086/05; C0092/29; C0121/28; C0189/13; C0202/06; C0393/35

ventured (30): A0027/13; A0142/01; A0142/09; A0157/07; A0241/26; A0366/30; A0403/24; A0566/03; A0609/12; A0662/01; B0739/26; B0927/19; B0927/22; B0967/13; B1014/35; B1044/07; B1091/22; B1103/26; B1134/13; B1178/02; B1188/30; B1256/02; B1313/06; C0145/40; C0181/13; C0182/21; C0188/38; C0424/16; C0427/03; C0566/38

ventures (3): B1094/04; B1325/03; C0153/07

venturing (2): B0747/30; B1104/32

Venus (10): A0160/14; A0160/15; A0160/15; A0160/16; A0546/01; A0641/V; B1014/23; B1039/34; B1039/34; C0402/09

Venus/Aphrodite (1): B1123/26

Venuses (1): A0160/V

Ver (1): A0581/20

ver (11): B0912/01; B0912/06; B0912/16; B0912/17; B0912/19; B0912/27; B0913/04; B0913/04; B0913/06; B0913/07; B0913/10

veracity (4): A0143/06; A0625/31; C0055/22; C0569/19

veranda (1): A0501/09

verandahs (1): B0945/10

verb (2): B0869/07; B1383/15

verbal (6): A0295/10; A0406/13; B1069/26; B1345/16; C0207/43; C0208/05

verbatim (3): A0264/35; B1069/23; B1370/03

verbatim (5): A0302/V; B1131/18; B1154/27; B1236/25; B1304/22

verborum (1): A0345/26

verbose (1): B0876/26

verbosity (1): A0629/18

verdant (4): A0320/16; A0602/19; B0877/33; B1385/35

verdict (2): B1054/33; B1224/19

verdure (3): A0612/02; C0150/24; C0575/12

verdured (1): A0602/28

verge (10): A0140/02; A0154/08; A0314/01; A0514/21; A0555/26; A0638/10; B0746/18; B0865/33; B0948/23; B1332/03

verging (1): A0018/10

veriest (6): A0438/15; A0445/28; A0500/13; A0687/31; B1313/16; C0414/33

verified (3): A0138/09; B1293/27; C0207/20

verify (2): B0837/11; C0088/02

verily (9): A0043/12; A0045/14; A0046/15; A0047/08; A0159/V; B0813/25; B1360/01; C0064/30; C0395/31

verisimilitude (1): C0433/09

verisimillima (1): A0091/14

veritable (2): A0053/15; A0062/22

veritable (2): A0433/05; B1333/32

veritably (1): A0429/22

verite (1): B1122/01

vermicular (2): B0950/07; B0950/13

vermin (5): A0319/09; A0694/05; B1158/04; B1158/06; C0142/15

Vernunft (2): A0342/01; A0342/V

verre (2): A0650/06; A0650/07

Versailles (2): A0709/34; B1275/03

verse (4): A0536/V; B1132/12; B1135/16; B1386/08

versed (4): A0627/01; B0983/23; C0404/40; C0404/41

verses (14): A0057/23; A0284/17; A0284/20; A0303/24; A0318/04; A0354/29; A0406/22; B1093/07; B1128/31; B1129/02; B1130/19; B1130/34; B1379/03; B1379/06

versez (1): C0430/36

version (1): C0430/41

version (2): B1152/12; B1360/23

versions (1): B1234/05

vertical (2): B1075/07; C0140/17

vertically (2): B1294/18; B1382/22

Vertu (1): A0160/V

vertu (1): C0430/41

vertus (1): A0119/M

Verulam (3): A0311/30; A0311/V; A0313/02

Verus (1): A0120/27

Ververt (1): A0408/29

very (1311)

vessel (116)

vessel’s (5): C0067/40; C0117/10; C0133/15; C0142/30; C0187/10

vessels (29): A0591/25; B1078/07; B1079/12; B1080/08; B1081/03; B1160/40; C0065/35; C0067/01; C0088/34; C0097/12; C0098/14; C0098/39; C0099/40; C0105/27; C0106/13; C0106/16; C0107/01; C0148/19; C0149/23; C0157/39; C0158/34; C0159/04; C0159/15; C0160/17; C0176/23; C0398/38; C0525/41; C0526/17; C0536/14

vest (2): B1185/34; C0389/26

vested (1): A0108/29

vestibule (5): A0124/11; A0349/34; A0439/03; B1339/12; B1339/16

vestige (3): A0156/25; A0215/01; B1049/05

Vestris, Ronzi (1): A0079/09

vesture (1): A0675/15

vestures (1): A0675/V

veto (1): A0021/26

veulent (1): A0600/01

vex (4): A0434/02; B0795/30; B0852/16; B1224/15

vexation (5): A0434/14; B0872/18; B0897/06; B1056/20; B1104/14

vexatious (1): C0077/11

vexed (5): A0535/26; B0793/12; B0822/34; B0828/29; B0875/09

via (1): B1068/01

viand (1): A0694/07

vibrated (4): A0616/32; A0692/17; B1167/33; C0420/25

vibrates (3): A0020/15; A0150/V; B1038/15

vibration (11): A0104/34; A0136/28; A0157/23; A0691/17; A0691/30; A0692/25; B0742/30; B1038/02; B1213/33; B1213/34; C0075/17

vibrations (4): A0691/V; A0693/03; B1038/03; B1262/15

vibratory (2): B1240/06; B1241/12

vice (7): A0438/19; A0440/11; A0440/34; A0510/14; A0623/09; A0624/07; B1275/27

vice-like (1): C0399/07

Vice-President (2): C0390/33; C0390/38

vices (3): A0440/17; A0622/24; B0906/12

vicinage (2): B0760/V; B0866/05

vicinity (71)

vicissitudes (2): A0102/16; B0843/33

victim (34): A0152/10; A0211/06; A0417/01; A0427/15; A0441/17; A0443/29; A0557/30; A0559/06; A0670/06; B0726/28; B0734/05; B0754/01; B0757/03; B0764/01; B0766/34; B0771/07; B0794/23; B0796/32; B0853/25; B0927/25; B0959/22; B1053/30; B1057/31; B1182/23; C0059/32; C0061/19; C0086/22; C0108/07; C0111/33; C0135/33; C0182/30; C0199/13; C0547/31; C0567/03

victim’s (1): B1224/13

victims (8): A0298/02; A0546/32; A0566/18; A0684/28; A0687/20; B0857/03; B1157/18; B1224/05

Victoria (2): B1068/05; B1069/03

victorious (1): A0254/01

victory (5): A0127/06; A0128/28; A0433/03; A0529/06; C0188/14

vid (2): B0900/01; B0913/08

vida (2): A0344/25; A0650/06

vide (1): A0650/07

Vidocq (1): A0545/10

vie (1): A0378/M

vie (2): A0440/08; A0500/26

vieille (1): B1007/31

viele (1): B1360/21

Vienna (4): A0445/05; B0904/27; B0993/19; B1380/14

vient (1): A0018/08

view (162)

viewed (8): A0071/03; A0511/17; A0709/05; B1076/25; B1274/10; B1378/M; C0109/09; C0430/16

viewing (1): B0750/01

views (21): A0025/22; A0105/13; A0458/23; A0621/22; A0705/34; B0728/24; B0815/24; B0871/35; B0916/05; B0928/13; B1072/23; B1135/28; B1167/29; B1270/34; B1293/21; B1320/01; C0102/01; C0103/19; C0170/33; C0527/19; C0565/06

vigilance (6): A0061/03; A0436/18; A0551/14; B0966/03; C0089/13; C0439/V

vigilant (1): B1334/28

Vigiliae (1): A0409/11

vignette (1): A0664/06

vignetting (1): A0664/16

vigor (16): A0127/28; A0211/18; A0283/08; A0297/05; A0310/M; A0314/27; A0318/V; A0459/12; A0557/12; A0557/14; A0638/01; A0692/02; B0727/11; B0928/04; B1014/32; B1123/20

vigorous (15): A0022/01; A0054/32; A0063/33; A0164/26; A0195/V; A0442/28; A0552/04; A0609/15; B0942/05; B0969/03; B1016/V; B1141/32; B1301/37; C0064/19; C0533/08

vigorously (11): A0329/05; A0329/11; B0944/04; B1225/21; B1237/25; B1249/V; B1262/07; C0082/20; C0091/13; C0144/24; C0561/08

vigour (6): A0296/V; C0101/04; C0122/18; C0130/23; C0194/09; C0197/25

vile (5): A0441/14; B0852/11; B0853/35; B1300/23; B1371/01

vilest (1): A0440/21

vill (2): B0899/28; B0900/01

villa (1): B0866/23

village (40): A0057/02; A0058/01; A0120/20; A0366/27; A0369/20; A0370/15; A0371/18; A0427/34; A0428/28; B0909/20; B0957/24; B0957/27; B0957/34; B1303/07; B1328/12; B1338/10; C0171/06; C0172/18; C0172/34; C0173/17; C0173/23; C0173/38; C0174/16; C0174/35; C0175/35; C0176/14; C0176/31; C0177/16; C0179/35; C0180/13; C0180/36; C0189/01; C0192/07; C0200/14; C0528/14; C0540/30; C0547/01; C0548/12; C0548/13; C0561/06

village/of/B— (1): B1328/06

villagers (2): C0174/23; C0174/30

villages (4): C0172/35; C0560/23; C0565/31; C0565/33

villain (20): A0092/08; A0114/16; A0346/15; A0347/08; A0374/11; A0445/03; A0447/09; A0487/28; A0623/02; A0653/02; B0824/06; B1108/28; B1128/04; B1133/34; B1138/13; B1183/17; C0073/31; C0108/16; C0111/20; C0427/27

villainous (3): A0251/V; B0911/30; B1300/07

villains (9): A0486/22; B0732/16; B0744/22; B0753/30; B0797/28; C0085/33; C0086/25; C0090/38; C0557/05

villainy (1): B0755/01

villanous (2): A0251/24; B1103/16

Villanova (1): A0294/V

villany (2): B0755/V; C0086/15

Villaret (1): A0173/03

villas (1): B0863/37

Vin (1): A0108/V

Vin (2): A0105/V; A0439/V

vin (1): A0096/M

Vin/de/Barac (1): A0165/V

Vin/de/Bourgogne (1): A0098/32

vindicate (1): A0203/11

vindicating (1): C0569/19

vindictive (2): B1207/17; C0201/17

vine (6): A0228/27; A0233/08; A0236/04; A0314/14; A0321/19; C0185/05

vine-leaves (1): B0828/09

vinegar (3): C0141/11; C0141/30; C0142/41

vines (3): C0542/14; C0543/19; C0543/35

vini (1): A0125/05

vintages (1): B1257/13

violate (3): A0251/02; B0852/14; B1039/12

violated (3): A0123/20; A0218/26; B0767/25

violating (1): A0482/02

violation (4): A0703/12; B0769/V; B1039/15; B1268/10

violations (1): A0615/13

violator (1): B0764/05

violence (53)

violent (58)

violently (41): A0092/05; A0111/18; A0315/08; A0416/V; A0439/19; A0442/08; A0447/02; A0459/28; A0498/27; A0563/21; A0584/15; A0594/14; A0686/29; A0692/18; B0810/29; B0814/31; B0854/31; B0911/13; B0967/14; B1057/05; B1223/12; B1226/V; B1242/20; B1262/24; B1349/02; B1353/17; C0059/17; C0062/25; C0063/36; C0074/29; C0082/17; C0094/19; C0107/18; C0112/20; C0121/20; C0134/27; C0139/26; C0140/24; C0144/15; C0197/40; C0204/23

Violet (1): B1294/24

violet (8): A0157/27; A0640/03; A0672/01; A0676/15; B1055/18; B1167/32; B1168/19; B1168/21

violet-coloured (1): A0086/28

violets (4): A0643/09; B1212/32; B1283/08; B1340/22

Virgilius (1): A0111/05

virgin (2): B0942/33; B1363/31

Virginia (7): B0939/01; B0968/10; C0055/27; C0099/04; C0522/27; C0524/18; C0532/12

Virginian (3): B1329/12; C0531/35; C0532/11

Virtu (3): A0160/05; A0174/30; A0705/12

Virtu (1): A0160/V

virtu (2): A0180/21; B1270/11

virtual (2): B1295/33; B1311/33

virtually (3): B0819/03; B0907/28; B0929/03

virtue (6): A0266/02; A0426/15; B0822/35; B1275/27; B1275/29; B1369/05

virtues (3): A0097/30; A0710/28; B0949/32

virtuoso (1): B1257/08

virtuous (3): A0055/23; A0065/06; B0730/20

virulence (1): B1354/08

virulent (1): C0126/07

vis (1): B0989/16

vis (2): A0493/09; A0493/09

vis-a-vis (2): A0105/17; A0384/16

visage (17): A0057/31; A0068/10; A0126/03; A0245/V; A0247/32; A0298/V; A0298/V; A0429/01; A0498/V; A0507/35; A0510/16; A0511/07; A0665/V; A0675/10; B0826/21; B0911/10; B1003/26

viscera (2): A0059/23; A0067/14

visible (63)

visibly (6): A0215/25; A0321/05; A0610/18; A0642/26; A0665/16; B1299/32

vision (59)

visionaries (1): A0209/14

Visionary (1): A0150/V

visionary (4): A0151/10; B0823/02; B1249/27; C0565/07

visions (19): A0151/03; A0166/05; A0210/17; A0210/17; A0326/07; A0327/26; A0328/19; A0427/17; A0436/17; A0638/08; A0683/03; B0865/18; B0889/23; B1106/15; B1385/34; C0065/19; C0065/22; C0066/18; C0125/28

visit (34): A0090/18; A0176/16; A0182/17; A0261/03; A0338/33; A0365/05; A0386/30; A0402/28; A0654/24; B0753/10; B0755/22; B0756/12; B0756/27; B0808/26; B0811/12; B0813/08; B0863/13; B0914/20; B0923/26; B0981/33; B0991/29; B0992/28; B1005/29; B1152/21; B1292/07; C0069/38; C0155/33; C0170/08; C0171/06; C0174/05; C0179/34; C0180/38; C0194/09; C0395/04

visitant (1): C0111/34

visitarem (2): A0209/M; A0218/15

visitation (4): A0090/15; A0459/25; B1224/19; C0111/36

visitations (1): A0081/33

visited (30): A0164/03; A0645/02; B0723/21; B0759/31; B0808/04; B0853/04; B0865/06; B0865/13; B0923/25; B0933/21; B1002/05; B1045/25; B1291/08; B1294/10; C0055/05; C0057/11; C0057/24; C0072/02; C0093/26; C0101/39; C0154/25; C0155/23; C0155/38; C0171/17; C0524/30; C0527/26; C0560/23; C0566/06; C0566/40; C0568/35

visiter (20): A0108/09; A0109/20; A0111/01; A0111/24; A0112/07; A0114/14; A0161/28; A0263/05; A0263/33; A0322/23; A0562/08; A0562/V; B0728/06; B0733/36; B0975/15; B0975/34; B0991/25; B1278/32; B1280/27; B1331/22

visiter’s (5): A0104/31; A0105/10; A0105/21; A0106/07; A0107/27

visiters (5): B0796/26; B0872/12; B0958/30; B1278/28; C0169/22

visiting (10): A0218/V; A0461/16; B0863/13; B0991/02; B1155/21; C0084/07; C0084/22; C0085/09; C0180/13; C0558/01

visitor (8): A0089/20; A0090/05; A0090/21; A0092/31; A0322/V; A0383/10; A0458/31; B0877/14

visitor’s (2): A0091/28; A0104/20

visitors (4): A0532/21; B1005/11; B1019/08; B1019/11

visits (1): B0809/23

vist (1): B1103/33

vista (10): A0036/07; A0316/08; A0602/27; A0671/18; B1247/22; B1280/31; B1281/18; B1282/10; B1282/19; C0198/37

vistas (1): B1212/16

visual (3): A0613/11; B0967/02; C0438/V

vita (1): A0681/M

vital (4): B1187/15; B1298/12; B1312/23; B1317/15

vitality (11): A0157/V; A0321/27; A0322/V; A0401/16; A0601/16; B0955/29; B0957/32; B1188/21; B1235/25; B1240/04; C0072/22

vitally (2): A0458/09; B1316/20

vituperate (1): A0622/22

vituperative (2): A0057/24; A0068/08

vivacious (2): A0401/20; A0402/20

vivacity (7): A0081/03; A0284/08; A0413/18; A0437/26; A0460/05; A0510/28; A0695/32

vivat (1): A0125/04

vivente (2): A0092/34; A0112/11

Vivian (3): A0079/06; A0079/06; A0079/06

Vivian/Grey (2): A0079/05; A0079/05

vivid (34): A0215/06; A0216/19; A0248/24; A0274/13; A0293/04; A0293/04; A0316/05; A0325/26; A0399/31; A0405/18; A0430/33; A0438/09; A0439/26; A0439/27; A0498/11; A0503/02; A0507/13; A0532/07; A0613/13; A0640/10; A0663/20; B1278/35; B1281/01; B1329/21; B1331/08; B1332/33; B1337/33; B1338/32; B1354/03; C0065/08; C0190/01; C0197/33; C0405/22; C0542/08

vividly (9): A0210/30; A0316/16; A0417/09; A0437/16; A0641/V; A0671/30; B0955/14; B1223/11; B1234/29

vividness (1): B0948/17

vivo (1): A0662/V

vivre (1): A0135/M

vivus (1): A0018/M

vixen (2): A0052/01; A0062/03

viz (6): B0744/11; B0761/01; B1077/26; B1299/31; B1358/04; B1383/01

viz. (1): C0207/31

vizier (5): B1152/22; B1152/29; B1152/32; B1152/33; B1152/33

vizier’s (1): B1152/04

vocal (4): A0244/18; B0905/20; B0905/29; B1337/16

vocalists (1): B0904/28

voce (1): A0382/26

vociferate (1): A0075/13

vociferated (7): A0088/25; A0092/35; A0103/04; A0112/V; B0824/13; B0931/35; B1312/04

vociferation (1): B1056/35

vociferations (2): C0175/16; C0201/21

vociferous (1): A0294/V

voice (170)

voiceless (1): A0600/21

voices (33): A0047/24; A0074/31; A0143/15; A0216/23; A0373/02; A0387/02; A0407/22; A0537/16; A0540/07; A0541/28; A0542/21; A0542/28; A0543/02; A0547/22; A0548/27; A0548/28; A0549/08; A0549/10; A0550/21; A0558/17; A0559/31; A0681/05; A0697/07; A0697/V; B0944/31; B1014/18; B1102/07; B1191/12; B1294/23; C0086/33; C0123/24; C0190/22; C0550/21

void (4): A0080/21; A0616/31; A0643/32; B0963/04

voila (1): A0037/08

Voissart (11): B0887/28; B0888/04; B0912/17; B0912/18; B0912/20; B0912/22; B0912/24; B0912/30; B0913/02; B0913/25; B0913/27

Voissart, Victor (1): B0887/27

volant (1): C0430/29

volatile (2): B1168/25; C0537/29

volatilized (1): C0402/16

volcanic (6): B1161/29; B1321/28; B1322/17; C0420/30; C0422/30; C0422/34

volcano (2): B1161/30; B1321/09

volcanoes (4): B1215/28; B1215/33; B1321/V; B1322/V

volition (12): A0315/05; A0478/19; A0612/35; A0613/09; B0941/34; B0948/10; B0948/15; B1034/03; B1037/34; B1038/32; B1039/07; B1241/14

volley (1): A0245/07

Voltaic (2): B1167/34; B1181/16

Voltaire (1): B1345/14

voluble (1): B0871/34

volume (38): A0088/16; A0090/04; A0090/21; A0091/10; A0100/29; A0104/08; A0110/16; A0164/V; A0301/06; A0303/17; A0303/23; A0314/23; A0348/18; A0409/05; A0413/08; A0473/09; A0497/23; A0532/01; A0615/28; A0663/10; A0664/27; B0981/02; B1247/26; B1250/12; B1262/30; B1282/31; B1314/09; B1384/14; B1386/10; C0392/10; C0401/41; C0421/16; C0423/26; C0432/09; C0432/38; C0536/35; C0575/07; C0575/25

volumes (20): A0101/07; A0198/20; A0198/21; A0209/22; A0225/14; A0226/21; A0230/20; A0276/24; A0283/36; A0283/37; A0300/30; A0343/11; A0501/12; B0981/09; B1115/05; B1115/20; B1128/21; B1246/22; C0189/25; C0393/01

voluminous (4): A0088/05; A0102/27; A0641/05; A0643/20

voluminousness (1): A0509/11

volunteered (4): A0540/30; C0127/06; C0136/41; C0179/31

voluptuary (1): C0179/12

voluptuous (9): A0022/01; A0036/11; A0312/20; A0663/V; A0671/15; B0863/02; C0093/32; C0536/30; C0542/04

voluptuousness (3): B1122/08; B1230/20; B1340/02

volutes (1): A0322/12

volution (2): B0730/10; B0766/31

Von (2): A0292/V; A0299/09

von (13): A0372/22; A0372/23; A0372/24; A0372/24; B0912/18; B0912/25; B0912/26; B0912/V; B0913/04; B0913/04; B0913/06; B0913/07; B0913/10

Von/C— (1): A0294/V

Von/Hardenburg (1): B0723/26

Von/Jung (2): A0302/27; A0303/09

Von/Kempelen (15): B1357/07; B1357/T; B1358/11; B1360/09; B1360/13; B1360/17; B1360/26; B1361/04; B1361/20; B1361/29; B1361/33; B1362/24; B1364/04; B1364/22; B1364/26

Von/Kempelen’s (3): B1357/05; B1363/33; B1364/15

Von/Underduk (3): C0390/28; C0390/37; C0426/39

Von/Weber (1): A0405/14

Vonder (1): A0366/09

vonder (1): A0365/V

Vondervotteimittiss (17): A0365/02; A0365/17; A0366/03; A0366/22; A0367/17; A0369/11; A0369/15; A0369/21; A0369/28; A0370/09; A0370/16; A0370/32; A0371/15; A0372/10; A0372/23; A0373/12; A0374/20

Vondervotteimittiss (1): A0366/09

vool (3): B1102/06; B1103/01; B1109/31

Vopiscus, Flavius (1): A0125/34

vor (8): B1102/37; B1103/02; B1103/07; B1103/08; B1103/09; B1103/24; B1103/29; B1104/03

voracious (1): C0143/17

voracity (2): A0694/05; A0694/13

vord (1): B1103/03

vortex (8): A0438/11; A0581/07; A0582/16; A0582/37; A0593/02; A0703/26; B1268/25; B1383/01

vortices (4): A0580/15; A0580/24; A0581/26; A0582/32

vot (3): A0373/14; A0373/16; A0373/18

voted (1): B1299/34

votes (1): B1300/05

Votteimittiss (1): A0366/10

vouchsafe (1): B1381/19

vouchsafed (1): B0817/12

voudrait (1): A0033/19

Vougeot (1): B1017/30

Vougeot (2): B1007/24; B1016/28

vould (1): B1375/V

vour (1): A0372/31

vous (2): A0037/20; A0602/07

vow (8): A0642/09; A0642/14; A0642/21; B1152/14; B1152/18; B1152/34; B1153/25; B1154/08

vowed (4): A0625/07; B1256/02; C0066/04; C0391/36

vowel (2): B1370/32; B1371/15

vows (5): A0644/09; A0645/09; A0654/11; A0673/04; B1107/13

Voyage (1): A0409/01

Voyage (1): C0430/27

voyage (75)

voyager (6): B1079/01; B1279/28; B1280/33; B1281/16; B1282/23; C0432/35

voyager’s (1): B0865/03

voyagers (13): B1075/13; B1081/21; C0535/33; C0539/37; C0540/01; C0540/12; C0544/02; C0545/25; C0547/30; C0551/20; C0560/23; C0561/01; C0564/03

voyages (8): B1074/18; B1164/21; C0068/19; C0099/05; C0148/08; C0432/36; C0534/31; C0550/10

voyageur (1): C0529/18

voyageur (1): C0553/20

voyageurs (1): C0549/07

vrai (2): A0034/08; A0036/05

Vredenburg’s (1): C0067/38

Vredenburgh (2): C0057/15; C0065/30

Vredenburgh, Peter (1): C0163/34

Vrinch (1): B1296/12

vrow (2): A0372/24; C0388/37

vrows (2): A0373/16; C0436/V

vs (1): A0477/T

vulgar (11): A0161/07; A0336/04; A0337/16; A0432/18; A0459/08; A0527/V; A0623/32; B0810/08; B0926/21; B1092/01; B1250/27

vulgarly (3): B1004/14; B1096/20; B1293/01

vull (1): B1109/34

vulnerable (1): A0433/26

vulture (6): A0078/32; A0599/M; B0789/13; B0793/09; B0794/30; B0940/V

vultures (1): A0315/09

Vurrgh (5): A0579/24; A0579/27; A0580/10; A0581/20; A0583/23

vy (4): B0911/28; B0912/V; B1103/09; B1104/02

VI (2): A0268/22; A0407/33

VII (1): A0269/13

VIII (1): A0270/01

W. (25): C0136/05; C0147/27; C0148/27; C0154/23; C0155/10; C0155/15; C0157/08; C0157/09; C0157/10; C0157/27; C0158/14; C0159/16; C0160/07; C0161/39; C0162/05; C0162/24; C0163/04; C0163/38; C0164/19; C0166/03; C0167/22; C0399/22; C0399/22; C0412/04; C0526/07

W./V./B. (1): A0024/01

W— (6): A0057/37; A0058/09; A0058/16; A0068/21; A0068/32; A0069/04

wadded (1): C0533/19

wadding (1): B0979/36

waddle (1): A0070/25

waddled (2): C0388/09; C0388/10

wade (1): C0572/30

waded (1): A0197/13

wading (1): C0536/14

wafer (1): A0268/19

wafered (21): A0270/22; A0271/06; A0272/17; A0272/38; A0274/14; A0274/38; A0275/18; A0276/20; A0276/37; A0277/17; A0277/37; A0278/19; A0279/17; A0281/06; A0281/29; A0282/29; A0283/09; A0284/13; A0284/29; A0285/08; A0285/37

wafted (1): C0124/08

wag (1): C0541/19

wager (5): A0624/25; A0626/09; B0761/19; B0761/19; B0761/22

wagers (1): A0623/24

wagged (1): B1338/23

waggeries (2): A0175/24; A0181/21

wagging (2): A0091/29; A0110/31

wagon (2): B1055/24; B1329/12

wagoner’s (1): A0565/V

wags (2): B1293/36; C0427/16

wailing (1): B0859/03

wailings (1): A0036/13

wainscoting (1): A0447/20

waist (17): A0254/02; A0447/05; A0629/11; B0730/26; B0730/27; B0765/21; B0765/22; B0910/V; B1180/23; B1261/28; B1351/06; C0060/31; C0063/19; C0118/33; C0196/29; C0552/06; C0552/30

waist-coat (2): B0908/V; B0910/V

waistband (4): C0083/14; C0105/06; C0119/20; C0398/04

waistcoat (10): A0509/15; B0809/15; B0830/24; B0878/01; B0908/05; B1049/18; B1049/20; B1051/10; B1052/26; B1058/01

waistcoat-pocket (1): B0851/27

waistcoats (2): A0368/18; A0508/34

wait (22): A0088/31; A0103/10; A0486/10; A0586/35; A0629/28; A0650/26; B0810/01; B0873/27; B0873/30; B0984/37; B1046/30; B1208/34; B1236/18; B1318/05; C0072/04; C0091/37; C0105/34; C0133/38; C0550/01; C0551/20; C0556/19; C0561/12

waited (14): A0105/17; A0138/29; A0413/28; A0483/30; A0693/31; B0754/12; B0794/26; B0808/V; B0923/27; B1208/35; B1318/06; B1352/01; C0168/03; C0176/15

waiters (1): B1010/23

waiting (12): A0035/01; A0043/V; A0046/02; A0164/V; A0400/22; A0468/13; B0908/26; B1372/12; C0067/07; C0079/16; C0186/27; C0187/35

wake (3): A0123/14; B1155/05; B1238/29

waked (1): B1090/34

wakeful (1): B0929/08

wakefulness (1): B0963/30

waken (2): B1242/25; C0416/04

wakes (1): B1090/32

wakes> (1): A0464/08

waking (7): A0327/26; A0437/26; A0638/V; A0664/03; B0944/10; B0946/09; B0965/07

Wales (3): B1072/32; B1075/22; C0063/11

Wales’ (1): C0525/30

walk (25): A0070/25; A0071/30; A0080/08; A0188/M; A0228/27; A0348/20; A0490/25; A0513/04; A0515/26; A0554/06; A0686/14; B0814/23; B0855/11; B0863/08; B0875/18; B0965/09; B1090/14; B1105/21; B1161/28; B1346/07; C0151/17; C0152/28; C0536/09; C0559/20; C0571/23

walked (18): A0071/30; A0174/10; A0174/16; A0196/13; A0510/20; A0512/18; A0512/23; A0514/02; A0515/22; A0546/21; A0563/16; A0641/16; B0818/07; B0858/17; B0872/27; B0943/20; B1225/21; C0181/23

walker (1): B0741/17

walking (7): A0072/20; A0261/04; A0488/13; B1185/34; B1372/12; C0429/37; C0533/26

Walking-Advertisement (1): A0484/08

walking/gentlemen (1): B1045/07

Walking/Advertiser (1): A0484/31

walks (5): A0428/25; B0749/09; B0749/16; B0749/18; B0749/23

wall (85)

walled (5): B0761/13; B0857/03; B0857/V; B0859/15; C0561/33

Wallenstein (1): B1234/05

Wallenstein (1): A0150/V

wallet (3): A0112/24; B0810/37; C0085/28

walls (73)

Walnut (1): B1092/32

walnut (2): B1282/06; C0541/31

walnuts (2): B1332/04; B1332/05

Walsh, Robert (1): A0265/14

waltz (1): A0405/14

waltzers (3): A0672/30; A0674/16; A0675/20

Wampoo (1): C0174/33

Wampoos (1): C0173/02

wan (8): A0198/13; A0227/06; A0231/17; A0234/29; A0311/12; A0319/15; A0401/28; A0412/08

wand (1): B0944/34

wander (2): C0387/M; C0392/06

wandered (6): A0078/15; A0157/19; A0328/04; A0639/24; B1338/10; C0198/07

wanderer (6): A0033/04; A0513/09; A0515/25; B0760/08; B0807/34; B0823/16

wanderers (2): A0407/07; A0457/26

wandering (6): A0320/08; A0347/15; A0567/08; A0599/M; B1247/26; C0551/33

wanderings (2): A0078/16; A0601/32

waned (9): A0197/04; A0197/11; A0197/20; A0197/31; A0326/18; A0411/17; A0411/17; A0614/10; B0796/06

waning (1): A0674/06

wanness (2): A0327/20; A0404/14

want (41): A0091/21; A0110/25; A0246/15; A0261/09; A0274/12; A0284/33; A0387/V; A0388/02; A0401/34; A0402/01; A0487/11; A0497/07; A0497/13; A0508/26; A0625/01; A0650/29; B0766/09; B0806/03; B0818/23; B0819/24; B0871/31; B0872/34; B1034/22; B1072/08; B1076/24; B1143/10; B1206/01; B1219/07; B1220/22; B1347/32; B1348/28; C0067/22; C0081/39; C0084/19; C0097/14; C0141/17; C0183/06; C0404/13; C0420/33; C0425/41; C0537/12

wanted (20): A0097/16; A0370/21; A0370/28; A0371/28; A0372/13; B0878/34; B1105/29; B1105/31; B1157/36; B1236/26; C0070/09; C0110/21; C0156/25; C0391/23; C0411/18; C0419/31; C0428/17; C0432/17; C0530/16; C0568/13

wantin> (1): A0464/05

wanting (17): A0044/02; A0044/23; A0086/17; A0096/16; A0098/24; A0316/17; A0438/25; A0464/V; B0760/26; B0765/10; B1331/06; C0075/23; C0092/22; C0148/23; C0174/24; C0391/16; C0401/19

wanton (3): A0020/V; A0673/25; C0568/14

wants (2): A0478/33; A0609/36

Wappatomies (1): C0551/06

Wappytooties (1): C0551/08

war (12): A0125/35; A0142/17; A0381/17; A0600/21; B0870/28; B1278/19; B1294/04; B1294/07; B1318/12; C0548/25; C0551/37; C0557/14

war-coursers (1): A0021/29

war-party (1): C0561/30

war-whoop (1): A0244/15

wardrobe (2): B1019/20; B1185/31

warehouse (1): B1127/03

warehouses (2): B0871/32; B0872/11

wares (2): A0248/25; B0945/12

warlike (2): C0548/23; C0550/13

warm (29): A0214/17; A0227/27; A0232/13; A0496/01; A0499/03; A0502/08; A0538/12; B0759/11; B0810/16; B0834/30; B0922/10; B0942/16; B0958/27; B1050/02; B1091/18; B1247/21; B1260/04; B1328/09; B1351/27; C0120/11; C0126/30; C0136/04; C0139/36; C0167/01; C0203/13; C0387/10; C0542/22; C0555/23; C0568/06

warm-hearted (1): B1050/18

warmest (2): A0297/13; B0922/14

warming (1): B1073/27

warmly (3): B0965/32; B1054/16; C0166/21

warmth (10): A0328/08; A0401/20; A0709/10; B0956/20; B0962/13; B1054/22; B1123/12; B1257/17; B1280/19; C0127/23





[S:0 - WIPF, 1982] - Edgar; Allan Poe Society of; Baltimore - Works-Word Index to Poe's Fiction (B. R. Pollin) (Index Entries-Letter; A)